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Usual suspects The

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How you doing, Keaton?
I can't feel my legs...
What time is it?
It all started back in New York
sixx weeks ago.
A truck loaded with stripped gun parts
gotjacked outside Queens.
The driver didn't see anybody,
but somebody fucked up.
A voice - sometimes that's all you need.
Mr MlcManus.
Christ! Don't you fucking guys ever sleep?
We have a warrant for your arrest.
Fuck you, pig.
Todd Hockney.
Who wants to know?
New York Police Department.
Freeze! Hold it!
Sure you brought enough guy s?
It's quite simple, really -
a restaurant that changes with the taste
without losing the overall aesthetic.
In other words,
the atmosphere will not be painted on the walls.
Let me give you an example.
This I had to see for myself.
David, I'm in a meeting.
Time for another one.
Everyone, this is David Kujan.
Special Agent Kujan, U.S. Customs.
These gentlemen
are from the New York Police Department.
You look good, Keaton.
Better than I would have thought.
A problem, Monsieur Keaton?
A small matter of a stolen truck
Ioaded with guns.
Mr Keaton?
Will you excuse us for a moment?
We have some questions to ask you downtown.
You're going to be a while.
No, no. Please, please.
Please sit down.
This is...
this is a small problem.
Enjoy the meal.
I'll talk to you later.
Qu'est-ce qui s'est passé là?
Je ne sais pas.
Tout va bien.
C'est la police, n'est pas?
It didn'tmake sense thatl'd be there.
Theseguys were hard-core hiijackers,
butthere I was.
Atthatpoint, I wasn'tscared.
Iknewlhadn't done an.ything
theycouhddome for.
Besides, it was fun.
Igottomake hike I was notorious.
All right. You all know the drill.
When your number is called, step forward
and repeat the phrase you've been given.
Number one, step forward.
"Hand me the keys, you fucking cocksucker."
Number two, step forward.
Gimme the fuckin' keys,
you fuckin' cocksucker motherfucker!
Knock it off. Get back.
Number three, step forward.
"Han' me th' keys, ya cocksucka."
In English, please.
'Scuse me?
In English.
Han' me th' fuckin' keys, ya cocksucka.
What th' fuck?
Number four, step forward.
It was bulhshit.
The wlhohe rap was a set-up.
"Hand me the keys,
"you fucking cocksucker."
It was the cops'fauht.
You don'tputguys like that
into a room together.
Who knows whatcan lhappen?
"Hand me the keys,
"you fucking cocksucker."
This has really got to be embarrassing
for you guys, huh?
They drilled us allnight.
Somebody waspissed about thathiijacking,
and the copshadnothing.
They werehoping somebody wouldslip up.
Theyknewlow tolean on us.
Our riglts went out the window.
It was a violation, disgraceful.
They went afterMcManus firs t,
top-notch entryman.
What truck?
The truck with the guns, fucko.
He was a goodguy - crazy, though.
Want to know what Fenster told us?
Say who?
He told us another story.
Is that the one about the hooker with dysentery ?
Fensteralwa.ys worked with McManus.
He was a real tight-ass,
buton theijob, he wasriglton.
What are you saying?
He'll flip you.
He'll what?
Flip you - flip you for real.
I'm shaking. Answer my questions.
Can you hear me in the back?
I want my lawyer.
I'm going to have your fucking badge, cocksucker.
Todd Hockney - good witl explosives -
the one guy who didn 't give a fuck aboutanybody.
You guys don't have a fucking leg to stand on.
You think so, tough guy?
I putyou in Queens
the night of the hijacking.
Really? I live in Queens.
Did you put that together yourself, Einstein?
You got a team of monkeys working on this?
You know what happens
ifyou do another turn in the joint?
I...fuck your father in the shower,
then have a snack.
You going to charge me?
I'll charge you when I'm ready.
With what?
You know damn well, dead man.
Keaton was the realprize for them.
It was your mistake, not mine.
Did you ever stop to ask me?
I've been walking around with the same face,
the same...the same name.
I'm a businessman.
What's that, the restaurant business?
From now on,
you're in the "getting fucked byus" business.
I'm going to make you famous, cocksucker.
Like I sald,
it was your mistake,
not mine.
Now you charge me with this shit,
and I'll beat it.
Let's get back to that truck, asshole.
Somebody's got to do something about this shit.
Somebody's got to do something about this shit.
They put me in holding every five minutes.
So I did some time.
That mean I get railed every time a truck crosses the line?
Fuck 'em.
Fenster, will you relax?
These guys don't have any probable cause.
You're fucking-a right.
No PC. You're god-damn right.
You do some time - never let you go.
They treat me like a criminal.
I'm not a criminal.
You are a criminal.
Why'd you got to do that?
I'm trying to make a point.
Well, why don'tyou make your point?
You're making me tired.
I fucking did.
I heard you were dead.
Well, you heard right.
Word was you hung up your spurs.
What's this?
Rumour has it Keaton's gone straight.
I hear he's tapping Edie Finneran.
Who's that?
She's a heavyw eight criminal lawyer from uptown.
I hear she's Keaton's meal-ticket.
How about it, Keaton?
You a lawyer's wife?
What kind of retainer you giving her?
Hey, Fenster,
do y our friend a favour.
Tell him to keep quiet.
Dean Keaton...
gone clean, huh?
Say it ain't so.
Or was ityou that hit that truck?
You get to talk to your lawyer?
This whole thing was a shakedown.
What makes you say that?
How many times you been in a line-up?
It's always you and four dummies.
P.D. pays homeless guys 10 bucks a head.
There's no way they'd line fiive felons in the same row.
What's a voice line-up?
Public defender could get you out of that one.
Why was I strip-searched?
That was the Feds.
A truckload of guns gets snagged,
Customs comes to NYPD looking for answers.
They come up with us.
They're clutching at straws.
I had a guy's fiinger up my asshole tonight.
Is it Friday already?
Yeah, lover boy.
You want a piece?
Jump in. I'll love you.
So, who the hell stole the fucking truck?
What did you say?
Who stole the fucking truck?
I don't want to know.
Who asked you, workingman?
What I want to know is, who's the gimp?
He's OK.
What about it, pretzel man?
His name is Verbal -
Verbal Kint.
Roger, really.
People say I talk too much.
I wasjust going to tell you to shut up.
We met before.
In County . I was in for fraud.
You were in a line-up. What happened?
I walked.
So you did it.
All right. Now look.
We've all been put out by this whole thing.
I fiigure we owe it to ourselves
to salvage a little dignity.
me and Fenster heard about a little job.
Why don'tyou calm down?
What do you care what he says?
I'm just talking here.
Seems to me like
Mr Hockney wants to hear what I got to say,
and I know Fenster's down.
What about you, guy?
I'm interested. Sure.
There. See?
So I'd like to exx ercise my right to free assembly.
Why don'tyoujust shut up?
You're missing the point.
YOU'RE missing the point.
I don't want to hear anything from you.
I don't care about yourjob.
And, um...
I want nothing to do with any ofyou.
I beg y our pardon,
but you can all go to hell.
Dean Keaton...
gone the high road.
What is the world coming to?
Fuck him.
And tat was hhowitstarted,
the fiive ofus broughtin on a trumped-up charge
to be leanedon byhalfwits.
I really can't talk about it much here.
What te copsnever figuredout -
and whatlknownow -
was thatthese nmen would never break,
never bendoverfor anybody.
Who are y ou?
AgentJack Baer, FBl. How many dead?
15 so far. They're still pulling bodies out of the water.
Any survivors?
Yeah. There's two.
One guy's in County Hospital.
He's in a coma.
The D.A. has the second guy,
a cripple from New York.
The chiefwants this place sealed off.
This is David Kuijan.
I'llbein LosAngehes untih Tuesday.
Ifyouneed to reachme,
ofthe San Pedro Pohice Department.
Have a nice day.
Why can't I see him?
Dave, I told you,
the D.A. was here last night, ready to arraign
even before moving him to county.
Kint's lawyer shows up.
Five minutes later, D.A. comes out of the offiice
Iooking like the bogeyman smacked him around.
They take his statement and cut him a deal.
Did they charge him with anything?
Yeah - weapons, misdemeanour two.
What is that?
I give the D.A. credit for gettlng that much.
Excuse me, sir.
This whole thing has turned political.
The mayor was here last night.
The chief.
This morning, the governor called.
This guy's protected from up on high
by the Prince of Darkness.
When does he post bail?
Maybe two hours tops.
I want to see him.
No, Dave.
Do this for me.
I came a long way for this.
Dave, please.
Even if I let y ou talk to him,
he won't talk to you.
He's paranoid about being recorded.
He knows the rooms are all wired.
I quit.
It's not an interrogation, just a friendly chat.
He won't go into the interrogation room.
Someplace else, then.
Where? No, no.
Ifit's a dope deal, where's the dope?
Ifit's a hit, who called it in?
I'm sure y ou have a host ofwild theories.
You know what I think.
That's crazy.
He's got total immunity. His story checks out.
He doesn't know what you want to know.
No, not exactly,
but there's a lot more to his story.
I want to know why 27 men died on that pier
for what looks to be $ 91 million in dope
that wasn't there.
And above all,
I want to be sure Dean Keaton's dead.
He's dead.
Come on. Two hours.
Just till he makes ball.
They're all dead.
I don't care how tough Keaton was,
nobody on that boat could've come out alive.
Is he talking?
He regained consciousness an hour ago.
He spoke - not English - then lapsed.
It might have been.
Most ofthem were Hungarians.
Put this on.
Burn victims are very susceptible to infection,
and there's no smoking.
Keep your mask up. Don't touch him.
Is he going to die?
He has burns over 60% of his body.
Call hospital security. Put a man on the door.
Is he dangerous?
Do it. Do it now.
Joel, Baer at L.A. County.
The guy they pulled out of the harbour
is Arkosh Kovash.
Yes. Yes, I'm sure.
No. He's all fucked up.
What? What?
I can't hear you.
Will you shut up? I'm on the phone.
Not till I put a man on the door.
Send me someone who speaks Hungarian.
He's talking like a Thai hooker.
Keyser Soze.
Keyser Soze!
Keyser Soze!
No shit?
Call Dan Metzheiser over at Justice
and fiind Dave Kujan from Customs.
this is Agent Kujan from Customs.
Nice to meet you.
He wants to ask you a few questions
before you go.
What about?
About Dean Keaton mostly.
I'd like to start at the line-up in New York.
Can I get coffee?
In a while. The line-up...
I'm really thirsty. I'd dehydrate as a kid.
Once my piss came out like snot.
It was all thick and gooey ...
I'll get your fucking coffee.
Get me one, too.
That guy is tense. Tension is a killer.
I used to be in a barber-shop quartet
in Skokie, Illinois.
The baritone was this guy Kip Diskin - big fat guy.
I mean, orca fat.
He was so stressed...
Verbal, we're tryi ng to help you.
And I appreciate that.
I want to help you, Agent Kujan.
I like cops.
I would've liked to be a Fed myself...
Verbal, you're not telling us everything.
I know you know something.
I tohd the D.A. everything lknow.
Verbal, lknowyou like Keaton.
Iknowyou tink he's a good nhan.
Iknow he wasgood.
He was a corruptcop.
Sure, h5years ago, buthe was a good thhief.
The cops wouldn't let him go legit.
Dean Keaton was a piece of shit.
Are you trying
to get a rise out of me, Agent Kujan?
Ijust want to hear y our story.
It's all there.
May I have a cigarette?
According to your statement...
I need a light.
According to your statement,
you're a short-con operator,
According to your statement,
you're a short-con operator,
run-of-the-mill scams.
It's been suppressed.
Anything in there is inadmissible.
Sweet deal you have - total immunity.
Well, I do have the weapons charge.
I'm looking at six whole months hard time.
You know a dealer named Ruby Deemer?
You know a religious guy named John Paul?
Ruby's in Attica.
He didn't have my lawyer.
Ruby's big on respect.
He's a good friend of mine.
Your testimony is sealed.
Ruby's got a lot offriends inside,
do favours for him.
What if he found out you dropped his name to the D.A.?
There's nothing in there about Ruby.
First thing on the job, know what I learned?
How to spot a murderer.
You arrest three guys for a killing,
put them in jail overnight.
The next morning, whoever's sleeping is your man.
Ifyou're guilty and you're caught, you drop your guard.
Let me get right to the point.
I'm smarter than you,
and I'm going to fiind out
what I want to know,
and I'll get it from you.
I'm not a rat.
Back when I was picking beans in Guatemala,
we used to make fresh coffee -
right off the trees.
This is shit, but, hey, it's a police station.
Can we get started?
What happened after the line-up?
The desk sergeant was trying to tell me
The desk sergeant was trying to tell me
he couldn't release you.
Can you believe that?
You weren't even charged.
Damn police.
I want to have pictures taken ofyour face.
Take them to the D.A. tomorrow morning.
Forget it.
I'll have this thing before the grand jury.
I don't want to talk about it, Edie.
So, what did Fortier and Renault say?
They wanted more time to think about investing.
Damn it.
More time for what?
No matter how you cover my tracks,
they'll find out about me.
Give me some credit.
I gotyou this far.
This won't stop if we don't...
It's never going to stop. Period.
By next week, every investor in the city
will be walking away from us.
It's finished.
I'm finished.
Don't give up on me now, Dean.
It's never going to stop.
I love you.
They ruined me in there tonight.
I love you.
Do you hear me?
Let's just go to my place.
We'll worry about this tomorrow.
Let's go.
FensterandMcManuus hada cage.yproposition -
a fast-ijuump, hhigh-risk, long-noney.
We alh knew itcouldbe done.
The waylfiigured,
to do it wrong neantkihling.
To do itrighht tookfive nen.
Five menmeantKeaton.
Keaton took convincing.
New York's Finest Taxi Service.
They don't operate anymore.
McManus has a friend in the 14th precinct.
They're coming out for onejob.
They're picking up a guy smuggling emeralds.
McManus already has a fence.
Fence? Who?
Some guy in California. His name's Redfoot.
Never heard ofhim.
You have to come.
What's it to you?
They don't know me.
You do.
They won't take me unless you go.
Look at me. I need this.
Oh, you're telling me you don't need this?
Is this your place?
I'm not knocking you.
You got a good little scam going
with this lawyer.
It's OK. It's OK.
You say it's the real thing?
That's cool.
You OK?
I was out of line.
But they're never going to stop with us.
You know that.
As clean as you could ever get,
they'll never let you go.
We hit the cops where it hurts
and get well in the meantime.
You sure you're OK?
I'll be all right.
Look, l, uh...
sometimes I get...
Forget it.
I'll probably shit blood tonight.
So, uh...
how do they want to do it?
McManus wants to go in shooting.
I say no.
Fenster? Hockney?
They're pissed off. They'll do anything.
I got a way to do it without killing anyone,
but like I say,
they won't let me in without you.
3 million?
Maybe more.
No killing.
Not if we do it my way.
New York's Finest TaxiService
was not yournormal taxi service.
It was a ring ofcorrupt cops
thatran ahigh-profitracket
drivingsnhugglers and druug dealers
all over the city.
Fora fewhundred dollars a mihe,
you gotapolice escort.
Aftera while, sonhebody startedasking questions,
and te taxiservice shutdown.
InternaIAffalrs had been waiting
to catch them in the act.
That's where we canhe in.
How was the flight?
Fucking great.
Will this get me to Staten lsland?
This will get you to Cape Cod.
McManus cane to us with thejob.
Fenster got the vans.
Hockney supplied the hardware.
Ifiiguredaplan so no one gotkilled.
Keaton puton the finishing touch,
a litthe "fuck you"
from the five ofus to the NYPD.
All right.
Watch this. Whoa. Whoa.
Careful. Careful.
Come on, asshole.
Holy shit!
Don't move, you fucker!
Drop it now, motherfucker!
Drop the gun. Drop it!
Don't fucking touch a fucking thing.
What do you guys want?
We're cops!
Stupid assholes!
Watch the glass!
You want a buckshot shampoo, chubby?
Shut up!
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Aw, fuck.
Afternoon, my little pork chops.
Give me the shit.
Give him the fucking shit!
Give him the shit! Give him the thing!
Hurry up!
Now the money.
There's no money.
Give me the money!
Give him the fucking money!
Give him the money!
Give him the money.
Hurry up!
You know who the fuck I am?
You people know who the fuck I am?
We do now, jerk-off.
Walt a minute. What's that?
What the fuck...
Holy shit!
Keaton made an anonymousphone cahl.
Thepress was on the scene before the police were.
Strausz and Rizzi were indicteddays later.
Withhin a few weeks, 50more cops went down.
Everybodygotit rightin the ass,
from the chiefdown.
It was beautiful.
I owe you $2.50.
Dr. Keaton.
There's more here than I thought.
When's the fence coming?
Redfoot never comes to see me.
I go to him.
In California?
Yes, Verbal, in California.
Fenster and l...
Walt. Hold the fucking phone.
You and Fenster? No, no, no, no.
You fucking kidding me?
OK, so who's going to go?
We all go.
What's your fucking problem, man?
My fucking problem is thatyou and Fenster
are honeymooning in California
while we're here holding our dicks.
Hey! Thejob's over.
Cool it.
L.A.'s a good place to lie low for a while.
You want to dance?
I would like to propose a toast.
There you go.
To Mlr Verbal.
The man with the plan.
We're going to miss the flight.
Don't do this.
Send her a note - something.
I said we'll make it.
We're going to miss the plane.
She'll understand.
That's heart-warming.
I'm weepy.
Jeff, you want to walt outside?
You guys wanted to know
what happened after the line-up.
I'm telling you.
Who do you think you're talking to?
You expect me to believe he retired?
For a woman?
Keaton was using her.
He loved her.
I'n supposed to believe
hitting the taxiservice wasn'this idea.
It was all Fenster andMlcMlanus.
Keaton was a cop forfouryears.
Who'dknow the taxiservice better?
Edie hadhhim turnedaround.
Let me tell y ou something.
I know Dean Keaton.
I investigated him for three years.
He was a cold-blooded bastard.
IAD indicted him on three counts ofmurder
before he was kicked off the force.
Don't sell me the hooker with a heart of gold.
You got him all wrong.
Do l?
Dean Keaton was under indictment
a total ofseven times
while he was on the force.
In every case,
witnesses either reversed their testimony
or died before they could testify.
When they fiinally did
nail him for fraud,
he spent fiive years in Sing Sing.
He killed three prisoners inside.
Ofcourse, I can't prove this,
but I can't prove
the best part either.
Dean Keaton was dead.
Did you know that?
He died in a fiire two years ago
during an investigation
into the murder of a witness
who was going to testify against him.
Two people saw Dean Keaton
walk into a warehouse he owned
just before it blew up.
They sald he went to check a leaking gas main.
It blew up and took all of Dean Keaton with it.
Within three months ofthe explosion,
the two witnesses were dead.
One killed himselfin his car.
The other fell down an open elevator shaft.
Agent Baer...
Let's get this show on the road.
This is not what we discussed. There's too many people...
Doctor, I promise we'll be out of here
before he blows his porch light.
Five minutes.
Everyone, just calm down.
Ask this man about the shoot-out in the harbour.
Uh, he says they were buying...
Dope. We know.
He doesn't know what they were buying, but not dope.
He needs guarantees.
What is he talking about, guarantees?
He says his life is in danger.
Uh, he saw the Devil,
Iooked him in the eye.
I'm on my way.
No. Wait a minute.
Ask him to tell him what he told me.
The Devil...who's the Devil?
Keyser Soze.
Keyser Soze?
He was in the harbour, killing many men.
He saw Keyser Soze?
He...he saw his face.
Tell him to tell her what he looks like.
Describe him.
Six weeks ago, I get an anonymous phone call
telling me I could fiind Keaton
eating at Mlondino's with his attorney, and there he is.
Because he never profiited from his alleged death
and because we convicted someone else ofthe murder
we tried to pin on him, we had to let him go.
He was dead just long enough
for the murder rap to blow over.
Then he had lunch.
I don't know about that.
Well, I don't think you do.
But you say you saw Keaton die.
I think you're covering his ass.
He's still out there.
I think he's behind that circus at the harbour.
He's using you because you're stupid
and you think he's your friend.
You tell me he's dead. So be it.
I want to be sure he's dead.
He wasn't behind anything. It was the lawyer.
What lawyer?
What lawyer, Verbal?
Back when I was in that barber-shop quartet...
What did you leave out ofyour testimony to the D.A.?
I could be on the phone to Ruby Deemer.
The D.A. gave me immunity.
Not from me. You get no immunity from me.
Every criminal I've put in prison,
every cop that owes me a favour,
every creep walking the street
will know Verbal Kint's name.
Talk to me, or that precious immunity
wouldn't be worth the paper
the contract on your life
is printed on.
There was a lawyer...
Is he the one that killed Keaton?
No, but I'm sure
Keaton is dead.
Convince me,
and tell me every last detail.
We arrivedin LosAngehes
and nhetMlcMlanus'fence, Redfoot.
Seemedlike a goodguy.
Stihl, we shouldhhave known better.
How you doing?
Good. You?
Not bad. Can't complaln.
How's it going, Fenster?
Don't need to open it, right?
You must be Keaton.
Redfoot - Dean Keaton,
Todd Hockney, and Verbal Kint.
Verbal, the man with the plan, huh?
You guys interested in any more work?
We're always looking for extra work.
We're on vacation.
Oh, well, that's too bad.
I've got work and no good people.
What's the job?
There's this jeweller out of Texas named Saul.
He rents a suite in some downtown hotel.
He does free appraisals for people.
Sometimes he buys. Sometimes he doesn't.
The word is, he carries around a lot of cash.
So I fgure I keep the merchandise,
you keep the green.
What about security?
A couple ofbodyguards.
Nothing you couldn't handle.
Give me time to check it out?
I expect nothing less from you, man.
Good to see you. We'll call you.
Enjoy L.A., huh? Get yourself laid.
Hey, uh...
A friend in New York tells me
that you know - knew Spook Hollis.
The way I hear it, you did time with old Spook.
A good man, wasn't he?
I used to run dope for him.
Too bad he got shivved.
I shivved him.
Better you hear it from me now than somebody else later.
I appreciate that.
Just out of curiosity,
was it business or personal?
A bit of both.
Well, like I said,
you give me a call ifyou're interested, all right?
Is there a problem?
One job - that was the deal.
One job?
One job?
That's a good one, Keaton.
Keaton foughtit,
buta man can't change whathe is.
He can convince anyone
he'ssomeone ehse, butneverhimself.
It took one day with McManusnagging,
and we wentback to work.
So I get out ofmy car,
and I look in the back seat ofthe other car,
and this woman is totally naked.
Get in the car, Saul.
Freeze! Stay right there!
Here we go!
Here's something.
Give me the case.
Give me the fucking case.
Give me the fucking case.
I'm telling you for the last time.
Give me the fucking case!
Hey! Hey, don't move!
Now, just hand over the case.
Hand over the fucking case.
Come on, let's go!
Come on!
Bad day. Fuck it.
Come on, let's go!
Let's go! Let's go!
Looks like a lot ofChina to me.
Guys, come on.
What are you doing?
I'm going to kill him.
We did it your way. Now we do it mine.
I'll deal with him.
You better deal with him.
Just shut up.
What am I supposed to do with that?
I don't know. Feed it to the gimp.
I don't know what that is.
What do you mean?
I got thrown this job by some lawyer.
Yeah, who?
I don't know - some Limey.
He's a middleman for somebody.
He doesn't say. I don't ask.
You're full of shit!
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
We want to meet him, OK?
That's funny.
He called me last night.
He says he wants to meet y ou guys.
OK, we'll meet him.
I'll call you.
Good. Do that. No problem. Let's go.
I don't like it. One more thing, tough guy.
Any more surprises, and I'm gonna kill ya.
Such a tough guy.
Do me a favour, right?
Get the fuck off my dick.
Put a leash on that puppy .
You know, it's an awful shame
about Saul gettlng whacked.
Cops will be looking
for the guys who did it.
Sooner or later, they'll come asking me.
You have a sweet night, ladies.
Fuck you.
So this lawyer...
So this lawyer...
Came from Redfoot.
Why leave this out when you talked to the D.A.?
Dave, someone to see you.
I've been looking all over for you.
You still after that coke
that walked out ofthat bloodbath in the harbour yesterday?
You can stop looking. There was no coke.
I've been in L.A. County, talking to a guy
they pulled out of a drainpipe in San Pedro.
He came to and started talking.
He's part ofa Hungarian mob.
They were dealing with some Argentinians.
He says it's defnitely not a dope deal.
This Hungarian tells me the whole bunch
was pulling stumps for Turkey the next day.
They had no time to negotiate or means to move it.
What's the money for?
He didn't know.
No one knew except for a few key people.
They're all hush about it.
Whatever it was, it was very sensitive.
I don't get it.
They tell me you got the cripple here.
Did he mention Keyser Soze?
Just bear with me here.
Who's Keyser Soze?
Ah, fuck!
We've been going over this for an hour and a half.
What we need to do is find Redfoot
and get out of here now.
What we need to do is think.
Think back.
with power,
somebody who was capable oftracking us
from New York to Los Angeles.
What are we doing?
We're waiting.
Sit down. Sit down.
No. It's hot, and I'm fucking bored.
Mr Hockney, do stay.
Mr Keaton.
Mr Fenster I recognize from his mug shots,
as well as Mr McManus.
I can only assume that you are Mr Kint,
the gentleman who disposed ofSaul Berg.
My employer sends his gratitude -
a most unexpected benefit.
I am Mlr Kobayashi.
I've been asked by my employer to bring a proposal
to you gentlemen.
What do you want?
My employer requires your services, gentlemen.
One job...
one day's work - very dangerous.
He doesn't expect all of you to live,
but those who do
will have $91 million to divide between you
in any way you see fit.
Who's your boss?
I work for Keyser Soze.
Who's Keyser Soze?
Judging by the sudden change in mood,
I feel sure your associates can tell you.
I come with an offer directly from Mlr Soze -
an order, actually.
What do you mean "an order"?
In 1981, Mr Keaton,
you participated in the hijacking of a truck
in Buffalo, New York.
The cargo was raw steel, steel which belonged to Mr Soze
and which was destined for Pakistan
to be used in a nuclear reactor -
a most proftable violation of U.N. regulations.
You had no way ofknowing this, Mr Keaton.
The fellow shipping the steel was working for Mlr Soze
without his knowledge.
Earlier this year, Mr Fenster and Mlr MlcMlanus
hijacked a two-prop cargo flight out of Newark Alrport.
The plane was carrying gold and platinum wiring,
also set for Pakistan.
Two months ago, Mr Hockney stole a truck
carrying gun parts through Queens,
gun parts to be destroyed by the state of New York.
They were to be lost in a weigh station
and re-routed to Belfast.
Again Mr Soze using pawns who had no knowledge.
Which brings us to Mr Kint.
Nine months ago,
one of Mr Soze's less than intelligent couriers
was taken in a complicated confidence scam by a cripple.
He was relieved of $62,000.
Now, it has taken us some time to fiind you.
Our intention was to approach you
after your apprehension in New York.
You set up the line-up.
Yes. You were not to be released
until I had seen you.
It seems Mr Keaton's attorney, Miss Finneran,
was a little too effective
in expediting his release.
Holding the rest became a moot point.
What about Redfoot?
Mr Redfoot knew nothing.
Mr Soze rarely works with the same people for very long,
and they never know who they're working for.
One cannot be betrayed if one has no people.
So why are you telling us?
Because you have stolen from Mlr Soze, Mlr Fenster -
all of you.
Thatyou didn't know you stole from him
is the only reason you're alive.
He feels you owe him.
You will repay your debt.
Fuck the debt, and fuck you.
How do we know you work for Soze?
I don't think that is relevant, Mr Hockney.
All five ofyou
are responsible for the murder of Saul Berg and his bodyguards.
Mr Redfoot can testify to your involvement.
We'll see to it he will.
What's your point?
The offer is this, gentlemen.
Mr Soze's primary interest
is narcotics.
He has been competing, shall we say,
with a group ofArgentinians for several years.
Competing with Mr Soze has taken its toll.
These Argentinians are negotiating the sale
of $91 million in cocaine in three days time.
Needless to say, this purchase
will revitalize the diminishing strength
oftheir organization.
Mr Soze would like y ou to stop the deal.
Ifyou choose, y ou may wait until after the buy.
Whatever money changes hands is yours.
Mr Soze would like y ou to get to the boat
and destroy the cocaine on board.
Then you will be free ofyour obligations to Mlr Soze.
Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you now.
A gift...
from Mlr Soze.
Good day, gentlemen.
They got my whole life in here,
everything I've ever done since I was 18.
They fucking know everything.
Everybody I've ever worked with or did time with.
This isn't right.
I don't know.
Who's that guy
who used to talk about Soze in New York?
Bricks Marlin.
Yeah. He didjobs for him - indirect stuff.
He said he made five times more money
than thejob was worth.
This guy's a pipedream.
Kobayashi's using him for window-dressing.
I don't know. This is bad.
No. It's bullshit.
This guy could be LAPD. It's a set-up.
The way I hear it, Soze is some kind of butcher -
a peerless, psycho, fucked-up butcher.
There is no Keyser Soze!
Who is Keyser Soze?
He's supposed to be Turkish.
He's supposed to be Turkish.
Some say his father was German.
Nobody ever believed he was real.
Nobody ever knew him
or saw anybody that worked directly for him.
To hear Kobayashi tell it,
anybody could have worked for Soze.
You never knew. That was his power.
The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled
was convincing the world he didn't exist.
One story the guys told me, the story I believe,
was from his days in Turkey.
There was a gang of Hungarians that wanted their own mob.
They realized to be in power,
you didn't need guns or money or even numbers.
You just needed the will to do what the other wouldn't.
After a while, they come into power and come after Soze.
He was small-time then. Just running dope, they say .
They come to his home
in the afternoon, lookingforhis business.
Theyfindhis wife andkids
and decide to waitforSoze.
He cones home to findhis wife raped
and chhildren screaming.
The Hungarians knewSoze was tough,
not to be trifled with.
They let him know they meant business.
They telhhim they wanthis territory,
all his business.
Soze looks over the faces of his family.
Then he showed these men ofwill
what will really was.
He telhs thenm he wouhd rathersee hhis familydead
than live another day after this.
Helets the lastHungarian go,
waits until hhis wife
and kids are in the ground, then goes after the mob.
He kills their kids. He kills their wives.
He kills their parents and their parents' friends.
He burns down the houses they live in
and te stores they work in.
Hekillspeople thatowe themmoney.
Andlike that...
he's gone.
Underground. Nobody's ever seen him since.
He becomes a myth,
a spook story that criminals tell their kids at night.
"Rat on your pop, and Keyser Soze will get y ou."
And no one ever really believes.
Do you believe in him, Verbal?
Keaton always said, "I don't believe in God,
"but I'm afraid of him."
Well, I believe in God,
and the only thing that scares me
is Keyser Soze.
You give any weight to this?
I can introduce you to Dan Mletzheiser from Justice.
He's got a file on Soze in D.C.
It's been a hobby of his.
Guys equate him to that reporter oniThe lncredible Hulk.
You've heard ofhim?
- On the street? - Yeah.
A few times. Outside stuff.
Somebody working for a guy who worked for a guy
who got some money from Keyser Soze.
It could be an old badge,
a hex sign to keep people from fucking with you
back when a name meant something.
But you're here.
Shit, yeah. A guy tried walking out of a hospital
on a fried drumstick because he's afraid of Soze.
Yeah, I'll run it up the flag-pole.
I told it like it happened on the boat.
So what if I left out how I got there?
You got what you wanted out of me.
That's whyyou never told the D.A.?
Well, you tell me.
If I told you the Loch Ness Monster hired me,
what would you say?
Turn state's evidence.
I've got immunity. What can you offer me?
Ifthere is a Keyser Soze,
he'll come looking for you.
Where's your head?
Where do you think the pressure's coming from?
Keyser Soze knows where I am right now.
He's got the burner under your ass to let me go
so he can scoop me up.
Immunity wasjust a deal with you assholes.
Why play into his hands? We'll protectyou.
Oh, gee, thanks, Dave.
Bang-upjob so far - exx tortion, coercion.
Pardon me if I ask you to kiss my pucker.
The same fuckers that rounded us up are balling me out?
You think you can catch Keyser Soze?
You think a guy like that
comes this close to gettlng caught
and sticks his head out?
If he comes up for anything,
it'll be to get rid of me.
After that, my guess is
you'll never hear from him again.
What happened next?
We woke up the next morning, and Fenster was gone.
He couldn't handle the idea ofslumming for Soze.
He left a note wishing us good luck
and took some money.
Then what?
McManus was furious.
He talked about ripping his heart out,
all sorts of shit.
That night, we got the call.
What call?
Kobayashi told us where we could fiind Fenster.
All right, let's get the fuck out of here.
We got to bury him.
With what?
With our hands.
Oh, this is nuts.
It's dry fucking sand, McManus.
When he rots,
the surfers will smell him a mile away.
What are we going to do?
This fucking guy is going to kill us.
I can run, peg-leg.
I got no problem with that.
Kobayashi doesn't seem
to have a problem with it either.
You run, and we'll be digging a hole for you.
You got that?
This aln't my boy we're buryi ng.
I don't owe anybody,
so fuck you.
He was my partner for five years.
We did more jobs
and I saw more money than you can ever count.
So fuck you!
Because now it's payback!
It's not payback!
It's precaution.
You want payback, you want to run,
I don't care.
I'm not doing this for Fenster.
I'm not doing it for you.
I'm doing this for me.
I'm going to finish this thing.
This Kobayashi bastard isn't going to stand on me.
And after they killed Fenster, nobody would run?
I wanted to. I thought we could make it.
Why didn't you say anything?
I tried. Keaton wouldn't have it.
It was too far-fetched for him.
Keaton was a grounded guy, an ex -cop.
To a cop, the exx planation's never that complicated.
It's always simple.
There's no mystery to the street,
no arch-criminal behind it all.
Ifyou got a dead body
and think his brother did it, you'll find you're right.
Nobody argued with Keaton.
Theyjust set their minds to whacking Kobayashi.
They're coming up.
Didyou hear me? He's coning up.
He's on his way down.
Don't move.
Press 20. Do it now.
The answer is no.
Mr Soze will be most...
Listen, you cocksucker. There is no Keyser Soze.
Mention his name again, I'll kill you now.
A strange threat. I assume you've come to kill me anyway.
We know that you can get to us,
but now you know that we can get to you.
I'm giving you one last chance to call this off.
Mr employer has made up his mind.
He does not change it.
Neither do we.
You got Fenster,
but you won't get all of us before one gets you.
I believe you, Mlr MlcMlanus.
I most sincerely do.
You would not be chosen were you not so suitable.
But I cannot make this decision.
Whateveryou threaten me with
is ludicrous in comparison to what will be done to me
if I do not carry out my orders in full.
I'm the guy that's going to getyou.
Ijust wanted you to know that.
I'm so sorry, Mr McManus.
I implore you, Mr Keaton.
Believe me.
Mr Soze is very real and very determined.
We'll see.
Before you do me in, Mr MlcManus,
you'll let me finish my business
with Miss Finneran fiirst,
won't you?
What did you say?
Edie Finneran -
she's upstalrs in my office
for an extradition deposition.
I requested she be put on the case personally.
She flew in yesterday.
No matter.
Kill away, Mr McManus.
You're lying.
Am l?
Miss Finneran's escort while she's here in Los Angeles.
Never leaves her side for a moment.
I thought you'd be glad to know she's in good hands.
Now, get some rest.
The boat will be ready for you on Friday.
If I see you oryour friends before then,
Miss Finneran will fnd herself
the victim ofthe most gruesome violation before she dies,
as indeed will your father, Mr Hockney,
and your Uncle Randall in Arizona, Mlr Kint.
I might only castrate Mr MlcManus' nephew David.
Do I make myselfclear?
We will take care of the two bodies downstalrs.
We'll add them to the cost of Mr Fenster.
Ifyou'll excuse me, gentlemen.
It's a logistical nightmare.
Close quarters. 10, maybe 20 men.
There's no telling
how many more are going to be below deck.
Can we stealth these guys?
Nah. With all that coke,
they're going to be ready.
Which brings me to sunny point number two.
Even if one of us jacks the boat,
we still got nothing.
What if we wait for the money?
10 more men at least.
Look, in my opinion, it can't be done.
Anybody who goes in is not coming out alive.
I'm going to wait for the money.
Me, too.
Did you hear what hejust said?
If I'm going in, I want a cut.
Me, too.
There's nothing that can't be done.
Ijust can't believe
we're going to walk into certain death.
The news sald it's ralning in New York.
What language is that?
I don't know.
Russian, I think.
The package has arrived, gentlemen.
You kids ready?
I would be if I didn't have to stop and answeryou.
I'm ready.
McManus, you better be set up in 10 seconds.
I'm ready.
I want you to stay here.
I'm supposed to cover...
Ifwe don't get out ofthis,
take the money and go.
Keaton, I can't...
Tell Edie what happened. Tell her everything.
She knows people. She knows what to do.
If I don't get Kobayashi my way,
she'll get him her way.
Just do what I say.
Tell her that...
Tell her I tried.
McManus, he's on his way.
I'm there.
1, 2,
3, 4,
5, 6, 7.
Oswald was a fag.
How you doing?
Is there a... Is there a problem?
¿Quierse ti?
Old MlcDonald had a farm
E-l, E-l, O
And on that farm, he shot some guys...
Ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing bang boom.
Elvis has left the building.
Hold fiire. Hold fire.
Oh, man.
Why didn't you run?
I froze up.
I thought about Fenster
and how he looked when we buried him.
Then I thought about Keaton.
It looked like he might pull it off.
A boy came across a body on the beach,
thrown clear when the boat burned,
shot twice in the head.
Two guys from the Bureau just identifiied him.
His name was Arturo Mlarquez,
a petty smuggler from Argentina.
He was arrested last year in New York for traffiicking.
He escapes to California.
They pick him up in Long Beach.
They're setting up extradition,
he escapes again.
Now get this -
Edie Finneran's brought in
to advise on the proceedings.
New York faxed me a copy of his testimony.
He was a rat.
Yeah, a big fucking rat.
Arturo was very opposed to returning to prison.
So much so that he named close to 50 people.
Guess who he named in the finale.
Keyser Soze.
There's more.
I'll tell you what I know.
Stop me when this sounds familiar.
There was no dope on that boat.
You, stay quiet.
He's here. I know he's here.
That's him.
I'm telling you. That's him.
I know he's here!
You can't understand. That's him.
Shut up.
You hear me?
I'm telling you, it's Keyser Soze!
Where's Hockney?
I don't know.
There's no coke!
You heard me, you dumb fuck.
There's no coke!
What the fuck you mean there's no coke?
I've been in every fucking room.
There is nothing!
Don't you fuck with me.
There is no fucking coke!
I'm out of here.
I told them nothing.
I swear.
I told them nothing.
what the fuck is going on?
The strangest thing.
You saw a man in a suit with a slim build.
You saw a man in a suit with a slim build.
Walt a minute.
Are you saying you saw Keyser Soze?
You told the D.A. you didn't know who it was.
I know there was dope on that boat.
You know what I'm getting at.
Get out of my face. I got immunity.
I don't have to take that shit.
You know what I'm getting at.
The truth.
Tell me you saw someone kill Keaton.
I did.
You're lying.
You've known this whole fucking time.
I did see Keaton get shot.
Then why didn'tyou help him?
You had a gun. He was your friend.
Because I was afrald.
Afraid of what? Afrald ofwhat?
I knew it was Keyser Soze.
It was Keyser Soze, Agent Kujan.
I mean, the Devil himself.
How do you shoot the Devil in the back?
What if you miss?
All right.
Let's get back to the pier.
Arturo Marquez - ever hear of him?
What? No.
He was a stool-pigeon for the Justice Department.
He swore out a statement to Federal marshals
saying that he had seen and could positively identifyy
one Keyser Soze.
It says right here in the report.
"He had intimate knowledge ofhis businesses,
"including, but not exclusive
to drug traffcking and murder."
I never heard ofhim.
His own people were selling him
to the same Hungarians that Soze all but wiped out in Turkey.
The money wasn't there for dope.
The Hungarians were going to buy
the one guy that could incriminate Keyser Soze.
I never heard ofhim.
But Keaton did.
Edie Finneran was Marquez's exx tradition advisor.
She knew who he was and what he knew.
There were no drugs on that boat.
It was a hit,
a suicide mission to whack out the one guy
that could fiinger Keyser Soze.
So Soze put some thieves to it,
men he knew he could march into certain death.
You're saying Soze sent us to kill someone?
I'm saying Keaton did.
He left you behind for a reason.
Just do what I tell you.
Ifyou all knew that Soze could fiind you anywhere,
why did he give you the money to run?
He could have used you on the boat.
So I would live.
A one-time dirty cop without a loyalty in the world
finds it in his heart to save a worthless cripple?
No, sir. Why?
I don't buy that reform story for a minute.
Even if I did,
I certainly don't believe
he would sendiy ou to protect her.
So why?
Because he was my friend.
No, Verbal. He wasn'tyour friend.
Keaton didn't have friends.
What are you doing here?
He saved you because he wanted it that way.
It was his will.
Keaton was Keyser Soze -
the kind of man who wrangled the wills of men
Iike Hockney and MlcMlanus,
who could engineer a police line-up
through years ofcontacts at NYPD,
the kind of man who killed Edie Finneran.
She was found yesterday
at a hotel in Pennsylvania,
shot twice in the head.
What do you think about Keaton now, Verbal?
He used all ofyou to get him on that boat.
He couldn't get on alone.
He had to pull the trigger himself
to make sure he got his man,
the one man that could identify him.
This is all bullshit.
You said you saw him die.
Or did y ou?
You had to hide when you fiirst heard the police cars.
You said you heard the shot before the fire,
but you didn't see him die.
I knew him. He would never...
He programmed you
to tell us what he wanted you to.
He knew we were close. You said ityourself.
Where was the political pressure coming from?
Why were you being protected?
It was Keaton.
Immunity was your reward.
Why me? Why not Fenster or MlcManus or Hockney?
I'm stupid. I'm a cripple.
you're a cripple,
Because you're stupid.
Because you're weaker than them.
If he's dead...
if what you say is true, then it won't matter.
It was his idea
to hit the taxi service in New York, wasn't it?
Come on. Tell me the truth.
It was all Keaton.
We followed him from the beginning.
I didn't know.
I saw him die.
I believe he's dead.
Oh, Christ.
You're not safe on your own.
You think he's...
Keyser Soze? I don't know, Verbal.
Keyser Soze's a shield
or like you said, a spook story.
But I know Keaton,
and someone is out there pulling strings for you.
Stay here and let us protect you.
No way. I'm not bait. I post today.
You posted 20 minutes ago.
Captain Leo wants you out of here ASAP
unless you turn state's.
I'll take my chances, thank you.
Ifsomeone wants to get you,
they're going to getyou out there.
Turn state's evidence.
You might never see trial.
Maybe so,
but I'm not a rat, Agent Kujan.
Fucking cops.
Excuse me.
Can I use your fax machine?
You'll have to sign for these, Mr Kint.
One watch, gold.
One cigarette lighter, gold.
One pack of cigarettes.
Thank you.
We still got nothing, Dave.
I know what I wanted to know about Keaton.
Which is nothing.
No matter.
He'll have to know how close we came.
Keyser Soze or no Keyser Soze,
if Keaton is alive, he's not coming up again.
I'll fiind him.
Waste of time.
A rumour's not a rumour
that doesn't die.
Man, you're a slob.
Yeah, but it all has a system, Dave.
It don't make sense when you look at it right.
You got to stand back from it, you know.
You want to see a real horror show?
See my garage.
Convince me.
Whenl wasin thatbarber-shop quartet
in Skokie, llhinois...
What weneed to do is think back.
Bricks Mlarlin.
It's all there,
and I'm tehling it straight. Iswear.
Some gu.yin California. His nanhe is Redfoot.
A gift from MrSoze.
What aboutRedfoot?
Mr Redfoot, you're nothing.
A big fatguy, like orca fat.
So this lawyer Kobayashi...
Whenl waspicking beans in Guatemala...
Iknowyou tought he was a goodnan.
Iknow he wasgood.
You tehlme everylastdetaih.
The strangestthing.
How doyou shoot the Devihin the back?
Thisgu.yis protected from up onhigh...
Pretzehman, what's yourstory?
There was a lawyer.
Whatlawyer, Verbal?
I am Mr Kobayashi.
Tell me every hastdetail.
Convince me. Convinceme.
Everycreep andscumbag
that works the street for a living
wihlknow the name ofVerbal Kint.
The cripple, did you see him?
Which way did he go?
He went out that way.
Iknowyou know something.
I'n smarter thanyou,
and I'm going to findout whatl want to know.
Youknow what I'm getting at!
There'sno arch-criminah behinditall.
Somebody withpower whois capable...
I'n talking aboutKeyser Soze!
Doyou think a guy hike that
gets this close to getting caughht
and sticks hhis headout?
Becauseyou're stupid, Verbah.
Becauseyou're a cripple.
Keyser Soze.
You've known.
You've known the whole fucking time.
Ifhe comes up foranything, giveit to ne.
I can'tfeehmylegs...Keyser.
First tingllearned on thejob
washow to spota murderer.
Yougot the cripphe. Hemention Keyser Soze?
After that,
myguessisyou'll never hearfronh him again.
Thegreatest trick the Deviheverpuhled
was convincing the world he didn't exist.
Andlike that...
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