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Subtitles for Utopia 2003.

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Utopia 2003

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Listen, Samuel, are you alone?
I can talk. What is it?
He's going to do it again
I've seen him
It was Daniel
What'll we do?
Listen, Adrian
I know it's difficult
but you have to go to the police
There's no alternative
I hope you know what you're doing
Trust me, Adrian
My colleague wanted to beat you up
I said there were other ways|to make you talk
Have you ever seen|an alcoholic with delirium tremens?
First the walls crack,|then insects appear everywhere
That's nothing compared to this
When this takes effect,|you'll wish you'd been beaten up
Someone from Spain wants to see you
It must be important
I'm going to see|this very important person
I can practise my Spanish a bit
Then I'll have a quiet lunch|with my family
And if you haven't recovered|your memory, we'll try this
How about lunch?
I can't today. Tomorrow
Julien! Come on, love!
Mama, I've made some new friends!
In recent weeks,|there were four murders
Only four?
Look in the paper, you'll see a lot more
You didn't want these ones reported
if what you say is true
and I'm not saying it is
what do you know|about these murders?
The victims have got|nothing in common
Not their ages, not their jobs, nothing
Except for a note left behind|by the murderer
with the same word
What's the word?
Have to come to tell me what it means?
But I can help you find the murderer
In exchange for what?
You destroy those notes
You remove any reference to Utopia
Utopia has got nothing to do with this
What is Utopia?
That doesn't matter now
We have to stop him.|He's going to kill again
Where are they?
Where are your wife and son?|Right there. Why?
There's a bomb
(Six years later)
The sun goes down,|you come through the door
I'm amazed
Always so punctual
Do you mind if I leave early?
Fridays seem to go on forever
The change is here
I couldn't stand the night shift
Aren't you sick of it?
I like it
You don't have to talk to anyone
Don't say you were passing by,|I don't believe it
We have to talk.|About what?
I've had nothing to say to you for years
(Dream with monster)
You don't want to look|but you can't help seeing
Leave me alone
Samuel has had a heart attack
That's him, isn't it?|Yes
He came here two years ago,|more or less
How does he get on with|the others in the orphanage?
A few weeks ago he told a boy who's|picking on him that he'd burn in hell
The next day, the boy burned himself|with a lighter
It blew up in his hand
Since then, the others don't go near him
Shall we go to my office?
Where are you taking him?
To Salamanca
Here it is
This is your new home
You'll like it
Go on in
All these books are|full of fantastic things
All of them could see things|that passed through their minds
Things that hadn't happened yet
They were people like you
Like me
He's here
Everything gradually disappears
as you've done in the last six years
Have they started again?
You can't reject your visions, Adrian,|they're part of you
of the world around you
Don't let them turn into nightmares
There is...
a girl...
in South America
She's holding a dead child in her arms
And it keeps repeating
What else?|There are people with guns
She couldn't prevent the child's death
Her name is Angela
You have to find her and bring her to me
It's important
For whom?
For us
For Utopia
You haven't understood
My life has got|nothing to do with that now
Daniel went crazy, but|that doesn't mean it'll happen to you
You can't deny what you are
And you can't stop me seeing...
how people die|without being able to help them
Map of South America
Pin board with photos.|Her as a child with an adult
her father, I guess, in army uniform
There are also hunting photos,|a few postcards...
Nietzsche, Freud, Che Guevara
Contemporary History|of South America
Psychology, anthropology.|Religious books?
Yes, Sociology of Religion
New Age?
A Bible?
Yes, there's one on the shelf
Untouched, from her First Communion?|Exactly
Photos of her mother?|There's one hanging behind you
Describe the frame
and also the frame of the photo|by the computer, if there is one
A gold frame, and it's a studio photo
And yes, there's a computer|with a photo
It's a small photo,|wooden frame, ethnic motifs
It's Angela with an Indian child
And she looks happy
That's enough for now
The report from Bolivia|about Angela's kidnapping was false
Angela set it up
She took the ransom money|and gave it to the sect
The sect?
I thought they were guerrillas
There are many groups there|who mix arms with Christianity
This is what we know about groups|in the area where Angela diappeared
There are about twenty
Black Light, Mayayas, the Jaguar...
The rubber companies hire|paramilitaries to exterminate the Indians
How do you know|my daughter is still alive?
This was taken two days ago|in Barajas airport
She's with some men|and we suppose they belong to...
What exactly do you do?
We bring back people|captured by sects
The police can't interfere|if they are adults
It's against freedom of worship
I meant your methods
We track down the follower
We kidnap him
and submit him|to a deprogramming process...
to turn him back into what he was
And if it doesn't work?
Why does Angela have|a photo of you hidden away
as if she'd like to forget it?
You gave it to her yourself
After hearing what we're going|to do to your daughter
do you want to hire us?
Find my daughter and bring her back
Or whatever is left of her
Who is Angela?
You kept repeating her name all night
How long have I been like this?
A whole day
What did you see?
They're getting stronger
It's as if someone...
were beating my head open|so as to make room for her
I feel her fear
as I've never felt it before
You're both afraid
Do you really think we can stop this?
You must have faith, Adrian
We have to help Angela
I need you to bring her here
We've had visions...
Well, Adrian!
We woke you up
This is Adrian.|Hello Adrian
They're all friends of mine
They're booksellers too
Some have come from far away...
to look for clues among the lost books
that will help us to know the people
who will be important for humanity
That's why we're here, Adrian
Utopia finds those anonymous people...
who, unknowingly, will do something|to change the ways of the world
Only by seeing the future...
can we know who they are
to look after them, so that they may|become what is not yet written
We were very keen to meet you
We'd heard about you
He asked if what you write|in your notebook are your dreams
Can we show it to him?
Do you write down dreams|you've had when you're asleep
or awake?
Very good
Continue like that
At night, we only dream|what we've experienced
what has happened
But the dreams we have|when we're awake...
tell us about things|that haven't happened yet
And that's what matters
We're sorry about the state Samuel is in
This is a bitter time for everyone
Our knowledge is being lost
What's the use of|knowing who to protect...
if there are less and less of us to do it?
It's as if everything were falling|from our hands
and there's no one to pick it up
Will you go to look for Angela?
It's the last thing I'll do for Utopia
We respect your decision
You know where to begin?|Yes
What do I have to do with her?
You'll know when you find her
Sleeper train from Paris|arriving at Platform 7
Hey! Hey!
Herve Gvedian?
Herve Gvedian?|No, Herve Guedian
Right. I'm Ramiro Munoz.|The Captain sent me
My pleasure
Captain Serrano|My pleasure
Are you nervous about|working for a blind man?
No, not at all
Are you sure?
You had to dry the sweat on your|right hand before you greeted me
May I?
I'll take you to your hotel, it's very near
You bastard!
Always the same routine
Everyone is nervous about|working for a blind man
What do you get out of it?
At least I know what tone|people use when they lie
What are these photos, Samuel?
Is that your family?
The photos help me to dream|when I'm awake
to see things
things that you and I can see|about others
So can I see whatever I want?
If you look at sky at night
can you decide which stars you see?
You can only choose between|opening your eyes wide
or closing them
and saying that the stars aren't there
Keep looking
Some faces will be familiar
as if you'd seen them already|in a dream
Look at them
Yes, you saw that. Don't turn around,|keep looking
Don't be scared
I'm still here with you
Just look at them
Some haven't even been born yet
But sooner or later|they'll all cross your path
and then you can help them|with your ability to see the future
In a way you still don't understand,|they're in your care
Because they're special
and fragile
No, Adrian, no!
Take it easy, Adrian
I don't want to see anything.|You'll learn
I've got a list of companies operating|in that area with offices in Madrid
Drug companies, hotels
and an engineering group
What are they building?
A dam
Let's start there
That's where we're going
We'll need all these things
Any problem?
Well, yes, I didn't know I was going|to be an errand boy
What do you suppose your job is?
As far as I know, it's to find some kid
put her in the trunk and, at most
beat up whoever gets in our way
you don't mind that part?
Well, I prefer beating people up|to running errands
Forget the list, I'll do it
Where did you find that guy?
Global Concept is a multinational...
with 1,000 employees in 13 countries
This dam is their biggest project|to date...
There are some steps
Now the area|where Angela disappeared
They say that the engineer...
A revolving door, here
That the engineer building the dam|is a genius
He's called Ernesto Villa
Give me strength, give me power,|give me clairvoyance
Give me strength, give me power,|give me clairvoyance
How are you, big eyes?|You look well, captain
I called you right away
Where did you find him?|On a garbage tip
Obviously he had no I.D.
But I'd say he'd involved|with your investigation
He's a man of about thirty,|with Indian features
His abdomen has been slit open|in a very irregular way
I suppose they did it with a large knife
But that wasn't the cause of death
His digestive system is full of drugs
A mule?|Yes, one of the bags must have burst
They took out the rest|before he was even cold
Cocaine or...?
What killed him was a pure|concentrate of dimethyltryptamine
Dimethyltryptamine is ayahuasca,|the shamans' drug
It makes you think you've contacted|your spiritual being
And the price is sky high
That's it, thank you
Hey, you two!
We haven't finished yet
A little present
A jaguar
I've found her
Just keep an eye on her
I'd need a minimum of contact with her
Wait for instructions
How is Samuel?
He's still the same
Excuse me
Give me one reason not to kill you
Fr. Ochoa worked for years|on the Bolivian border
My source says he knows|the local groups too well
What do you mean?
He might have joined one of them
The Order used his illness|to bring him back to Spain
What doe he have?
Cancer of the Colon. He's very ill
I've never seen her
What do you know about the Jaguar?
It's a sect that operated in your area
Why are you asking about them?
You didn't answer me
Neither did you
We think Angela joined them and|is now in Spain with some members
No, that's impossible
There's an Indian in the Morgue,|tattooed like a jaguar
He died smuggling drugs|into the country
Are they that dangerous?
We're talking about the jungle,|it's a strange place
Some go there trying to give meaning|to their lives
But if they can't live with|gratutious death and injustice
they get confused
They may even go mad
Is that what happened to Angela?
No, it isn't just that
There are infiltrators...
who use the Indians|for their own interests
For example, to bring out ayahuasca|and distribute it
Is Angela an infiltrator?|I don't know!
I told you I don't know her
It isn't right for a priest to lie
You're wrong
It's the most important part|of our job
It isn't just drugs.|There's something else
They're getting ready to kill someone
But she doesn't even know about it
We can't go to the police
We'd be sending her to jail
We learned a lot from your experience
Angela's family have hired|Herve Guedian
Now he deprograms people|captured by sects
I told you to keep away from her
I saw myself with Angela
in the place where they're hiding
I know I have a chance|to talk to her alone
They'll interrogate you. They'll kill you
If it weren't worth it|Samuel wouldn't have sent me
Have you ever had a vision|of your own death?
Not of mine
You're lucky
Hello, Angela
Get down on the floor!
I'm alone and I'm not armed
Who are you?
Who are you?|I just want to help you
Help me?
How do you know my name?
Are you a policeman?|No
Who are you? Who are you?
Who are you?
My name is Adrian
and I want to help you, Angela
Stop calling me Angela
Did my mother send you?
You work...
for my mother
No, but when they come, tell them I do
You have to get away
Get away from who? From you?
You shouldn't be with them
Come with me
Give me one reason not to kill you
What did he say?|Nothing
How did he get in?|I don't know
He was here when I arrived
It's obvious, my mother sent him
He's a danger
Anything wrong?
Get some rest. I'll take over
When you came in I recognized you
You were following me the other day
But I saw you before that
How did you know about Caonabo?
was the boy who was always with you
He died in your arms
But you weren't there
It's true, I wasn't
You're the only survivor
the only one who knew that name.|So how do I know it?
I've seen a lot of thngs about you
I've seen a floor...
covered with blood
A man tied up
and that guy going up to him with a knife
Shut up, will you?
You know all about me, don't you?
You know that the paramilitaries|held me incommnicado for months
and beat me up?
And that guy as you call him
saved my life
Then I knew the only way to defend|myself was with a gun in my hand
I don't know why I'm telling you this
when all that I've told you|starts to happen
run away...
before they kill you or force you to kill
When will you do it?
It has to be tomorrow, on the way
This thing is getting out of control
You can't sell ayahuasca
You told me that
Are we traffickers?
Why are we here?
Why are we here?|Yes, why?
We're here to teach a lesson
to assert ourselves
The firms who send those engineers|have to pay a price...
for going into our territory
That's why we're here
That's why the plan is only|to kidnap that engineer
I know you're strong
I wanted you to come with us|because you need someone...
to help bring out what you've got there
inside you
I did it for me too
You scare me
Yes, you
You're going to do it
Come on
Keep going
Keep going
Angela...|Keep going
Listen to me, please.|Turn around
Shut up, and don't look at me
Everything I told you is true!|Keep going!
you really think the princess will do it?
Give me your gun
Angela, listen to me
Angela...|Don't look at me
Don't look at me!|You must believe me
Keep going
Keep going!
You don't have to kill me, please.|Move!
Go on! Kneel down!
Kneel down!
You needn't kill me
Hey.|Where's Chambers?
That way
Fuck it!
Hey, Chambers
Hey, man
Anything new going around?|There's nothing new here
Ayahuasca?|You sure?
Following the trail of the drugs|won't help you
Who are you?
Who are you?
I'm nobody
They're nice.|Yeah, they are
How much?|85 euros
And if I ask for your papers?
If I do that, how much?
Take them
There's nothing here
How did you get this number?|What does that matter?
It isn't important
The people with Angela|are going into action
Why are you telling me this?
Santa Isabel Street
Opposite the market
Tell me, what people? Hey! Hey!
No, not you
You've done enough today
Come on!
You needn't kill me
Are you all right?
Don't move
Don't move
What's going on?
What are you doing here?
I've got money
I'll give you what you want
That isn't the reason for our visit
Is there anyone else here?
Check it out
I swear I'll say nothing
You ask God for help now
when one of His greatest creations|is going to be destroyed by your dam
your fucking dam
Don't say a word
Give me strength, give me power
give me clairvoyance
Can you run very fast?
Then run and don't stop. Run!
Give me strength, give me power,|give me clairvoyance!
It happened like you said
Hello, Angela
Don't hang up
I know what you're looking for
The money isn't there
there are things|you still don't understand
But you do know that|you can't leave us
You know that
What difference is there|between you and all that I hate?
There's nowhere you can hide.|I'll find you
Let's go!
I've got no idea
She's with some guy
I'm following her.|Understand
Yes?|I've got the engineer, he's dead
They've found the engineer, he's dead
I'm still here. No, Serrano,|will you listen?
I'll tell you where to look,|but leave Angela out of this
He's a young man,|but I can't see him clearly
What is it?|We're being followed
This way!
They're heading for the tunnels!
Follow them, I'm on my way
This way!
This way!
Ramiro!|Ramiro! They're here!
Yes, I've lost them
They're going down a level.|Roger
'"Roger'"? Turn off the TV, Ramiro!
Stop! Police!
Ramiro, no guns!
You, lie on the ground.|Wait a minute
C'mon, sister, down on the ground.
Get down on the ground!|On the ground!
Hold it
Can you move?
Don't move
Come on.|Take it easy
What are you doing?
Come on!
I can't believe she's left us
Shut up!
Give me light, give me strength,|give me power
Give me light, give me strength
give me power
Tell them we've lost one of ours
Someone call his wife
someone to see you
There are some plastic bags|full of drugs
bundles of banknotes, cigarette ends...
Can you tell me what's going on, Herve?
Ritual killings
What have you found?
Just two men. They're over here
and they're dead
You'll find prints of the girl|I'm looking for
Get rid of them
Are you crazy?
You know what you're asking?
Yes, and I know that it's hard
She's not involved. I told you,|keep her out of this
There's something else
There was someone with her.|We need to know who he is
Can I take a look?
Get everyone out of here
You heard
There's a room with two mattresses|and some clothes
Here's another one
There's at least three of them
Did you kick the door open?
Yes, it was locked
From inside?
Could a man get through that window?
Give me strength...
I took some clothes
This was the only medicine I could find
You don't have any furniture.|You don't have anything
Drink up
Drink up
You live like a monk
I bet that's your first drink
Let me see
I've done this before.|I've taken out bullets.
Delivered babies...
Over there, the government|doesn't send docotors
They let the Indians die
You're lucky. It's just a scratch
Right, that's it
How are you?
Take it easy
What the fuck...!
What is this?
What is this?
These photos help me
These photos help you
In this photo, I'm two years old
In this one, with my father
I was five
And this one, and this one...
I don't remember this photo
Who took this?|I don't even remember it!
You've got my whole fucking life|here in photos!
How do you know things|no one can know?
Because other people help me too
Who is helping you?
Utopia helped me to see more
To see what?
What we're not allowed to see
The future
The future
I saw my parents' death|before they left home
Utopia helped me develop that ability|to see things that hadn't happened yet
with that gift
to be able to help people in secret
People like you,|who'll do things, change things
Like me?
You saw something in me?
Samuel saw it
That's why I want you to meet him
He's the person who taught me
How do I know it's true?
I knew you'd come
How long have you known that|we were here
They were asking me about you
They were looking for Angela
Look at me. I'm rotting away
Do you think I care?
I said no one could leave
And so you've come to kill the traitor?
Forgive me, father
for what I'm going to do
Forgive you for killing me?
Fuck you!
The priest is dead
My bosses know that,|apart from those butchers
someone else is involved
She's armed, a drug dealer,|an accomplice to murder
What are you asking?|You want the one who got away?
I'll get him for you
Tell me who the boy is, who's with her
Adrian Vega
You know him
I don't know the name
Too bad
I want to know at all times|everything you know
Herve, in this case|I can't look the other way
Does that affect your rates?
Don't fuck with me, eh?
We've lost police coverage
is Adrian Vega the one who...?
Did you have one of your dreams?
What did you see?
Do you always bleed?
I try to deny them
Did you see how it ends?
He won't stop until he kills me
Wait here, I'll get the keys
Good afternoon
Good afternoon
What do you want?
To help you, I told you already
I left an envelope for you at Reception
with an address in Salamanca
You'll find Angela there
Is Adrian with her?
Yes|Why are you telling me this?
How do I know you're not lying?
There was an envelope...|Where is he?
The man who was talking to me
There's no one here. Who was he?|Utopia
Something's wrong
He said he'd wait here
Let's go
With Ramiro?
We'll call him from Salamanca.|He must be scared to death
He isn't the only one who's scared
Come on
What do you know about the man|who's helping us?
What if it's a trap?
Forget about what happened to you
Drop it, Herve
Forget it
Let's go home
I can't.|I can't
You can drop it if you want
I'm going to see it through
It was my family
And what am I?
I wasted six years trying not to see
And I didn't see that|Samuel was going to die
I only had to learn to think
and to do something real|with what I see
I've spent...
a lot of time fighting against what I see
Now I just want to stop
to understand
I don't know if the place|I imagined really exists
Utopia means '"without a place'"
Not that it doesn't exist
but that it still doesn't have a place
that it doesn't have a place yet
but it will
It's going to happen?|It's happening here
so that it will happen here
So that it will exist.|So that it will exist here
Like you
First you were here,|and now you're here
With you
Let's go away
No, I can't protect you. They can
Let's go way now, anywhere
This time it's my turn|and I don't want to die
Will you be with me?
Hello, Adrian
When did Samuel die?
Three days ago
I couldn't tell you.|You'll understand later
What matters now is that|you don't move from there
Don't leave the bookstore.|We're on our way
Adrian, do you hear me?
What did they say?|Wait here
Don't move
Bring Adrian here
Yes, I only need a few hours
And then I'll start on Angela
Bring Adrian here!
get out of this room as soon as you can
As soon as you have the slightest|chance, get out of this room
and don't come back in here
What are you doing?
You're coming with me
Where? And Angela?|She's staying here
She can't stay in this room,|you have to get her out of here!
Stand up
It's Herve who wants to talk to you
Leave us on our own
How did you find us?
What does that matter now?|They're using you
Who?|But they don't know what I know
What do you know?
Angela is going to die in this house
We have to get out of here
It's possible
Your warnings come late
but they're usually right
Don't move
Don't move, or I'll shoot you
And bring me home dead?
That would really upset my mother
Do you think so?
I think she couldn't care less
Untie me
You're an accomplice to murder
That should never have happened
What does he want?
What does he want from Adrian?
Something he'll never find
Do you have a wife and children?
We have to get out
out of here
Imagine that someone told you|you'd never see them again
that you had to open your eyes|very wide to hold on to them
Would you have done it?
I did
That morning,|you said there was a bomb
I turned, and the last thing I saw|was my family being blown up
When the glass shattered
my eyes were wide open!
You can tear me apart
but you won't get inside my head
Do they train you for this in Utopia?
It hurts, doesn't it?
What I know is important to you
Get us out of here|and we can start to talk
Not a chance!
There's no time.|She's going to die in this house
Get us out of here.|I've got all the time in this world
Get Angela out of here
and I'll stay with you
Did you know who my family was?
Did you know about the bomb?
The self-fulfilling prophecy
The person who planted the bomb...
was a member of Utopia
Tell me what I don't know
Having all that power drove him mad
How did it drive him mad?
He ended up causing...
what he knew could possibly happen
He must have seen our next|movement, he knew I would...
be in the police station and...
He wanted to kill himself|in front of me
Why my wife and my son?
It's too late
They're here
Why did he kill my wife and my son?
Bad luck, Herve
That's all it was
Your family happened to be|passing by
Until I went into your office|I didn't know who they were
I saw it as clearly as I am now seeing...
that they're coming to kill us
Bad luck
That's all
Bad luck
That's it, that's it
We have to get out of here
Come on
Why, Angela?
Why are you forcing me to do this?
I saved your life
And now you're going to kill me?|Get out of the way
Drop the gun
Don't be stupid
Are you all right?
You're alive
years ago I told you you couldn't control|the number of stars you see in the sky
That's true
but it's also true that some stars die
and while their last glimmer|is travelling towards us
we think they are still there
Now you know that|some of your visions
some of them, are no more than that
The image of something|that doesn't exist
And you can do something|to change them
My flight leaves in a few hours
A friend is waiting for me in Bogota
It's important that I go
Until I met you
I thought the future couldn't be changed
Samuel knew I'd take that step|only for you
Shall we meet again?
You know that because you've seen it
No, because I want it
Samuel asked me to give you this|when you got out of hospital
If you're reading this letter,|it means all has turned out well
even though I'm not there to see it
In all that has happened
Samuel told me exactly what I had to do
I know
Do you understand, Adrian?
Not acting and letting ourselves|be carried along by life...
is what can drive us crazy
No one can put an end to your gift.|This is impossible
What I do hope is that|I have ended your nightmares
That depends only on you, my boy
It depends only on you
Utopia, Utopia, Utopia...
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