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Uzak CD2

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It's empty.
Have one of these sailor cigarettes.
How can you smoke that shit?
There's still sun coming.
Raise it a little. It seems okay.
Don't you see that?
Now, there it is.
Raise that light a little.
Leave it.
Didn't you see me do that before?
Why did we stop? Open that window.
God, what a place to photograph!
It's best to shoot from the top.
Sheep in front and the lake behind.
Shall I set up the camera now?
Shall I?
Fuck it! Why bother?
I'll set it up right now. Forget it.
Kamil, put it down on the rug.
I'll take it from there.
Mahmut. This is your sister. Mom is sick.
We're rushing to emergency. Call me back.
Mahmut, where the hell are you? Mom's been hospitalized.
She'll be operated on tomorrow.
I'm staying with her. My kid's suffering and so is my work.
You could at least come and help.
How can you refuse to get a mobile?
You're so irresponsible!
God, I'm tired. Take this.
Isn't it too much?
In that case, give some back.
If you take more photos I'd like to come along again!
What's wrong, Mom? Can't you sleep?
It hurts. Right here.
Maybe it's just gas.
Do you think I should walk a bit?
All right. Let's give it a try.
Take the serum, too.
Come on, now.
Hold the serum up.
Higher. Higher.
Or else, blood comes. Easy, now.
It hurts more when I lie down.
Sickness comes when you least expect it.
And you smoke so much!
I don't understand why you smoke so much.
I can't stop, Mom. I've tried...
Yes, you can. First cut down, and then give it up altogether.
Just a bit more, sweetie.
I can't find anything in this house.
I'm closing the door to keep the noise down.
Yusuf. Are you there?
It's Mahmut.
If you're home, pick up the phone.
Hey Mahmut.
Where were you? I've called you all day.
Well you know, I went to...
How's your mom doing?
We brought her home. She's resting. Listen...
I've got something going on at my place tonight.
Can you get lost until ten or so?
Sure. I'll go to Beyoglu or around there.
I've got this thing to do. I got it.
Son of a bitch!
Look at that.
Little prick!
Filthy son of a bitch!
Is she gone? Is who gone?
You know.
Did you smoke in the living room? No, I didn't.
Come on, stop lying. It reeked here when I came in.
And there were ashes on the floor.
Remember that day when we smoked together?
I thought you smoked here, too.
Listen to me!
When I turn my back, you take advantage of it.
I often told you to flush the toilet, for instance.
No, you didn't. Do I have to tell you this?
At your age, haven't you learned yet?
When you're a guest, you have to be a little careful.
I'm not home for a day and you shit everywhere.
I've got lots of worries, and now I have to clean your shit?
No more smoking in the kitchen, either. I've quit.
What do you think?
I bought it for my niece.
Isn't it great?
What happened with the ship job?
Nothing definite yet. I'm waiting for some final word.
When will you know for sure? I don't know.
I keep running after jobs.
They all say they'll let me know in a few days.
Will you go back home, if you don't find a job?
No way. So what the hell will you do?
If I return to the village now, I'll never get out.
And there's no work at the factory.
So what are your plans?
Shut the fucking thing off.
I'm asking you something here.
Could you get me a job at the tile factory?
Sure, they're just waiting for you.
Don't you think the recession has hit here too?
Maybe they need a guard, or something like that.
A guard? Two days alone here, and look what happened.
You have no credentials.
What work could you do if they did hire you?
Plant beans, work as a steward or what?
Come on, Mahmut. Don't be so hard on me.
I just want you to ask them. I'd do the same for you.
I've never asked them for anything.
This town has changed you.
Listen kid, ever heard of pride?
You can't just throw it on a garbage heap.
What would you lose by trying?
You don't know shit. You're running off at the mouth.
You think it's that easy?
I've taken photographs for them for ten years.
And I didn't even get a discount for the tiles on the balcony.
You come in from the country and look for someone with pull.
You don't worry about learning any skills.
You start looking for a cousin, an MP or whoever.
You want it all on a platter.
I did everything by myself here.
I came to Istanbul without a cent.
You hop on a bus without thinking ahead, and you become a burden.
That fucking mouse doesn't leave the kitchen.
We get caught, but the fucker doesn't.
Shut it off!
Do you have any Sezen Aksu music? No.
Who's that "Bak" on all those CDs over there?
What are you looking for?
A watch. Have you seen it?
What kind?
A silver pocket watch.
No, I haven't seen it. Are you sure?
I'm positive.
If I had, I would tell you. Why wouldn't I?
Where did you keep it?
In the middle drawer of my desk.
When did you put it there?
Just a month ago.
I used it as a prop on my last shoot.
I swear, I haven't seen it.
Maybe you put it somewhere else,
or gave it to a friend.
Forget about it. It's not that important.
Of course it's important. Just drop it. Okay? Fuck it.
Hello? Mahmut, hi, it's me, Nazan.
Hi Nazan, how are you?
We're leaving tomorrow and I wanted to say goodbye.
Tomorrow? That's so soon.
Yeah, on the 9 o'clock plane.
We may never see each other again.
I wanted to thank you again for signing the paper.
Forget about it. It was nothing.
Can you hold for a second?
Okay, we can talk now.
When I left that day, I had a terrible feeling.
I don't want to leave feeling like this.
I was somewhat distant towards you
because of my emotions. But after all these years
there's no need for that.
It doesn't matter. Forget it.
Nazan, listen...
I think Orhan's coming. I have to hang up.
All right... What were you going to say?
I'll tell you some other time.
Take care.
Okay. Bye. Bye.
I swear I never saw it.
OK, enough! I didn't even know where it was.
Stop chewing on it! I don't want to hear about it any more.
God, what a character!
Leave it. The janitor will take care of it tomorrow.
It'll be squeaking like this all night.
What can we do? Can you handle it?
Yes, I can. But how can I get it unstuck?
No need to. Put the whole thing in a plastic bag.
Close it and throw it out in the trash.
Alive like that?
What else can we do?
For Ebru.
SubRip: KaraGarga DivXForever Team
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