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Subtitles for V - The Miniseries CD2.

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V - The Miniseries CD2

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No, don't shoot me!
- Where is everybody? - They're gone.
- How long ago? - About three days.
You've been alone since then?
Well, you're not anymore.
What happened?
Lots of people tired of what the Visitors are doing.
Bunch of ranch hands came in and threw a bomb underneath a squad vehicle...
...with the local supervisor guy inside.
They blew it up and killed him.
But he was shouting about how we're in America...
...and they weren't gonna stand for these Visitors.
And there was clapping and cheering and then there were these lights...
...pouring down.
Some people screamed and ran.
Some shot guns.
They kept on coming, the shock troopers.
A lot of them. A whole lot of them.
I lost my mom and dad...
...but Sean's mom grabbed me.
She pulled us into the house.
But there were these lights and noise. She slammed the door.
Get back!
But they were everywhere outside.
And then I saw...
...these awful eyes.
That's okay, kiddo.
You're all right now.
Then what happened?
They broke through the door and took them.
He fought really hard and kicked at them to leave his mom alone.
He fought and said his dad would get them.
He was real brave, Sean was.
But me...
I hid back in the closet.
I was scared.
I'm sorry, Mr. Donovan, I should have helped.
Hey, come on. Don't beat yourself up about it.
There wasn't anything you could've done.
What happened then?
They took them, everybody, to the square.
There was a lot of shouts and crying. Then the lights were gone.
And so was everybody.
Everyone but me.
"I only have escaped alone to tell thee. "
Mr. Donovan, will I ever see my mom and dad again?
You bet.
Josh, when I came to visit Sean I brought him something.
Yeah, I remember.
What'd he do with it? Do you know?
Yeah, it's over here.
What is it?
It's a key.
That's gonna get you into what?
The belly of the whale.
Come on, kiddo.
Champagne for breakfast.
- Where'd you get it? - From a local merchant.
One who knows the value...
...that a friend can be.
And now...
...a toast.
To my engagement.
- To whom? - To Robin Maxwell.
But she's gone away.
...not that far away, huh?
What does Robin think about this, Dan?
She doesn't know about it yet, but...
See, I want her.
Just like I wanted this champagne.
And I will get her, won't I?
Otherwise, I'll just have to turn her whole damn family in.
- Come on! - Stop it! You're crazy.
- I'm not going! - Come on!
- You freak! - Daniel! Daniel!
...I am sad for you.
We both are, Caleb.
You get away!
I don't want you here.
But, Caleb...
- Go on! Get out of here! - He felt bad, and we wanted...
- You go on! - Papa, come on.
You people killed my boy!
You killed him.
Now you get out of here!
Willy, come on. You tried.
You go on back where you belong!
You people killed my boy!
Go on now! Go on!
- But they'll grant my family amnesty? - It's just like we arranged.
Who is this family that's in hiding?
It's just a bunch of scientists.
- Is everything all right? - It's okay so far.
Now we have to run the roadblock.
Katie, honey, be quiet. It's all right.
We won't make it with her crying.
Okay, try these. They'll help.
- You come prepared. - I've had some experience at this.
- Hello? - Hello.
I have a question.
If I thought I knew someone, a scientist perhaps...
...was being smuggled out...
...what should I do?
Well, I'm not interested in a reward, of course.
Katie, be quiet.
Mom, Dad, keep her quiet.
Hi, officer.
- How are you? - Where are you headed?
- El Tepeyac. - What?
El Tepeyac.
El Tepeyac? What? I know all the towns around here.
Where's El Tepeyac?
It's a restaurant, best food north of Ensenada.
El Tepeyac? I never heard of it.
What's the story back there?
No story.
It's okay.
- Let's move it out then, Pedro. - Thank you, officer.
Careful. It ain't gonna be easy, walking down here with that cane.
Well, I'm gonna have to get used to it.
The tunnel runs down underneath the city...
...connects up with some really nifty places.
It ain't the Beverly Hills Hotel.
But there's a lot of space down underneath.
Some bums sleep here sometimes.
We'll take anyone we can get.
I'm glad to hear that.
- The electricity doesn't work. - I'll handle that.
- It's okay then? - It's perfect.
Dynamite. While you get moved in...
...I'll go rap with the Angels. This is their turf.
- You think you can get them to help? - You kidding?
You are talking to the Henry Kissinger of East L.A.
- I'll catch you later. - Okay.
Yes. Hello.
Yeah, this is Daniel.
Who took my father?
They said "arrested"?
But they promised amnesty!
They said...
Yeah, hi. Lynn Bernstein, please.
Wait. What time did she go to lunch?
Well, that was four hours ago.
She's not at home!
Yes, I'm sure! I'm at home alone.
Here comes our boy, back from El Tepeyac.
He had somebody hidden back here, but they're gone now.
What is it?
Just a token of appreciation for your hospitality.
Oh, Steven!
So, what's the plan?
Well, Josh needs to stay with Fran.
It's okay with me.
- Do you like spaghetti? - Sure.
Okay, we'll get along just fine.
- There's a rebel camp in the hills... - Like in El Salvador?
Just like El Salvador, where a bunch of doctors and others are holed up.
There's another downtown, but I don't know where.
We'll find it, but first I want to see what this unlocks.
They must have some Achilles' heel, something we can use against them.
We need to find out where the people are who disappeared.
I know you must be disappointed in me.
My superiors decided to take your family in for questioning.
They'll be home soon.
- They will? - You have my word.
Grandfather too?
He isn't well.
He's with our doctors. They're very good.
They hope to help him feel better.
How about you? You feeling better now?
Yeah, I guess so.
Well, I have some news that ought to help.
You're getting promoted.
To my second-in-command.
- What? - Yes.
That's not all.
When I informed Diana of your loyalty...
...she gave me this reward for you.
- Brian! - I'm glad you like it.
And I'm proud to have you in my unit.
You know how to use that thing?
I'm sort of winging it.
This thing controls intensity.
How strong a jolt it shoots. You prime it here.
- It has extra batteries? - They're rechargeable.
- Clever, those Japanese. - Look out!
How we gonna handle him?
How about the direct approach?
Excuse me.
Look, I'm sorry to bother you, but I'm on my way to Korea...
...and my shrimp boat gets a flat tire... I really need an inner tube.
Okay, let's go.
Go! Go!
All right.
- Same drill. - Only this time, I won't trip.
- I can't make this stupid thing work! - The safety's here!
Up the catwalk. Go!
Mike, my eyes!
Tony. Tony!
Okay, Roy, it's around the corner, the second door on your left.
Juliet Parrish? Robert Maxwell, anthropology.
- My daughter, Robin. - Hello.
They said you were organizing here.
- They did? - Yeah.
Well, come on.
We're preparing to bring down all of our equipment from the mountain camp.
We're trying to make it livable or just plain safe, at least.
- Julie, where's the water cutoff? - I don't know. Try that room.
- I don't think any place is safe. - You're right.
The picturesque toilets are through here.
- I'll bet. - Thi is our poor man's BBC.
The kitchen's over there.
- Robin, be careful of the elevators. - Yeah, I see the holes.
Well, she's thrilled to be here.
It's not the Galleria. She'd go crazy at the mountain camp.
A lot of good stuff up there. Electronic micro...
All of our sophisticated equipment. We gotta get it down here.
- Julie, where do you want this? - Julie, what about this?
Elias, put that in that room. Brad, over there.
Robert, here.
Julie, I can't find the water cutoff.
Here, let me help you.
Juliet, are you all right?
Oh, Ruby.
I can't handle this.
I'm supposed to be a scientist...
...a doctor...
...not a plumber or a rebel.
They all look at me like I know what to do.
And you're just as lost and scared as we are.
"These are the times that try men's souls. "
I'll tell you why we look to you.
You're a natural.
A natural leader.
- I don't feel that. - You don't have to.
All you need to do is trust your instincts.
Trust yourself as much as everybody else trusts you.
If I can't?
Fake it. We won't know.
How you feeling?
How would you feel?
Where's Tony?
- She's ready for him. - Who is?
Several times you've caused a bit of trouble, Mr. Donovan.
Nothing to the trouble you've caused, lady.
"Lady. " That's a good one.
You'll soon have no more worries, Mr. Donovan.
I'll be with you in a moment.
You know, Diana, rather than putting Mr. Donovan away...
...he might prove very useful to us as a convert.
My instincts say he'd be too difficult.
That's why I decided not to bother.
Take him to the final area.
But you thrive on challenges.
I do, but I like better odds.
That's curious.
I would've thought you'd find the difficult game far more interesting.
But you're probably right.
I don't think even you with your abilities...
...could ever turn this head of his.
Martin, wait.
Don't take him to the final area just yet.
Perhaps I would enjoy the challenge of converting him.
Well, as you wish, Diana.
- We'll get you out of here. - You'll what?
It's dangerous, but no more dangerous than if you stay.
You talk her into converting me and you expect me to believe you?
I was buying time, you idiot.
I'm sorry, Mike.
...some of us, a very few of us...
...don't believe in our leader...
...or his plans. - What are his plans?
I can't say now. I gotta get you out.
- With Tony. - That's impossible.
- I'm not leaving him without... - Mike!
It's too late for Tony.
- What'd they do to him? - Quiet!
If that dragon lady can bend minds, why does she need a blowtorch?
Conversion is a very difficult and time-consuming operation.
When Diana needs some information...
...then she'll do what's most effective. And efficient.
And she likes to do it.
God Almighty!
Help us.
Be ready.
Take your shoes off.
Your shoes. Hurry!
Martin couldn't come. You'll wear my uniform.
- I'll never... - It'll stretch enough to fit you.
- You don't look like an iguana. - What?
Bad taste.
- Why are you doing this? - Because it's right.
- How many more of you are there? - Not enough, not nearly.
One less if you don't hurry.
What happens next?
Take these.
A shuttlecraft is on the way up now.
You can slip aboard.
Keep your glasses on and your mouth shut.
Yeah. My voice is sure a tip-off.
Can you use this?
Like the rifle, yeah?
- All right, now shoot me. - What?
It's necessary, or they won't believe my story.
- Will you live? - Of course!
At least I hope so.
I don't even know your name.
It's Barbara.
Godspeed, Mike.
Please, do it.
Do it.
Trooper Units 14 and 15 to the Red Room, please.
Trooper Units 14 and 15 to the Red Room.
Trooper Unit 36 and Technician 31... squad shuttle in Bay 12, Level 1.
Trooper Unit 36 and Technician Unit 4... squad shuttle in Bay 12, Level 1.
No, I don't mind the duty down there.
Do you mind the duty down there?
He says he doesn't like all those angry people.
But I tell you, they don't bother me.
They bother you?
I haven't seen you around before. What unit you with?
Nice talking to you.
Aren't you gonna say goodbye?
You hear me? I want to hear you say goodbye.
Yo, Angels, come here!
Check it out, man.
You hardly ever see them alone.
Julie wants to study one close up. Find out what makes them tick.
What say we pay the Visitor a visit?
All right.
Hey, Julie!
Julie, special delivery.
Pulverize him!
- Let's get this dude. - Let him out.
Be careful of his gun.
You bunch of stupid bozos!
- What are you doing? - He doesn't sound like one.
- He's not. - Damn right I'm not!
- But he might be a sympathizer. - Sympathi...
I don't suppose you have a bandage I could borrow?
Over here.
Put your guns down, for God's sake!
Who's in charge?
I guess you'd say that she is.
Who is? Her? That kid?
She's one smart kid.
Are you coming? Or would you like to keep on bleeding?
You walk with a cane.
- You get hurt too? - A little.
- Where'd you get the uniform? - They had a sale.
- You did that on purpose. - I did not.
Where'd you get the uniform?
Aboard their ship. A couple of them helped me to escape.
They did? Why?
Beats hell out of me.
- Sounds like a setup. - I don't think so.
- Don't you have any Novocain? - I do, but I have to save it.
You are a doctor?
- More or less. - That's comforting.
You don't think it's a setup, why?
They seemed so damn sincere.
- They'd have to, wouldn't they? - Look, you weren't there, okay?
- And why were you? - I'm highly motivated.
That's enough!
I'll tell you why I went up there.
My kid and my ex-wife and everyone in their damn town are up there!
They got my partner up there, and God knows what they did to him.
And you call me a sympathizer?
Kid, I ought to take those bandages and shove them right down your throat!
I guess we should believe you.
You seem so damn sincere.
That's it.
I wouldn't, Mr. Donovan. You see, we're also short on bandages.
You have to understand our point of view.
You were among the first to board their ship.
You worked in close proximity with them...
...and three nights ago you saw Kristine Walsh.
You escaped from somewhere no one has escaped from, wearing...
I know what I'm wearing.
How'd you know about Kristine?
Because I was there. Outside.
- Now, you talk about a setup. - Yeah, I know, I saw it.
- Why didn't you warn me? - I didn't know whose side you're on.
I'm on the right side, kid, believe me.
Why don't you tell us what you know.
I'd have to get my tape to show you, but that's close.
Reptilian. Amazing.
No, not really. This could've happened here on Earth.
Up to 60 million years ago...
...the reptiles ruled the Earth.
Bam, a meteor punched a hole through the crust that sent up dust and heat.
- Iridium. - That's right, iridium.
Iridium was in that meteor.
It kept out the light, kept in heat, like the greenhouse effect.
As the temperatures went up...
...the biggest, smartest reptiles...
...who weren't equipped to handle heat, like mammals are, died.
So, what are you saying, man?
We just gotta turn up our barbecues and poof! Kentucky-fried horny toad.
Extra crispy.
It's not gonna be that easy, but heat can be effective as a weapon.
Cold sure ain't. The Visitor who saved me took 300 degrees below.
Right, they're equipped to handle cold.
Light, bright light might be a weapon.
The eating scene you described is consistent...
...with the biochemistry of reptiles we know.
Yes. Live food, or just-killed animals.
What about the poison spray?
It's not unusual for reptiles on Earth to spray their venom.
From the symptoms you described, I'd say it's neurotoxic.
It attacks the nervous system.
That causes your heart to flutter and affect your lungs.
Can you make an antidote?
Well, it's possible. Procedures for creating an antivenin are standard...
...but we need a quantity of venom.
- Let's add that to the shopping list. - Sure.
Oh, God.
There's just so much...
You know what we ought to do? Define our overall plan of resistance.
- Right. - I agree with that.
Well, how about this?
Firstly, to undermine all Visitor activity.
Impede their progress every way we can.
And secondly, I think we should find out what their hidden goals are.
- Hidden? - Sure, they've lied to us before.
And brainwashed a few of us with that process you described.
It's safe to figure there's something deeper still going on.
And thirdly, we have to find out more about their physicality.
Find their weaknesses.
And let people know of their reptilian nature.
- That tape is important. - Yeah, I'm hip.
The more people know about how alien they are...
The more they'll want to fight.
And last, and probably the most important...
...that we establish contact with others like us.
They're there, in every city in the world.
We have to organize coordinated efforts.
That's the only way we stand a chance of winning.
Now, let's make a list of targets to consider.
Hold it!
Against the wall.
You're out after curfew, buddy.
Another Maxwell.
Brian, good to see you.
We'll talk more later, Kristine.
- I need your help. - Of course.
It's come to my attention that you've developed a relationship...
...with this young lady.
- I know her, but... - Is she attractive to you?
Not like you are.
I see now how you rose through the ranks so quickly.
I'm quite serious.
That's very interesting...
...because I've had my eye on you for some time.
How can I be of service?
I want your help with an experiment.
Medical experiment. Unusual.
Involving you and her.
Please, just tell me where my daughter is.
Where is she?
She's our prisoner.
- In here? - No, the mothership.
- Is she all right? - I'm told that depends on you.
- What? - There's some information we need.
- We think perhaps you can help us. - I don't know anything.
Camp in the mountains.
- I've never heard... - We know of its existence.
We need its location.
I can't do anything about it...
It's too bad. I'm awfully sorry for your daughter.
No, wait!
My wife, my other daughters are up there.
In the mountains?
Yes. Yes.
In the camp.
I can't.
Oh, dear God.
Come with me. I think I can help you.
I understand your anguish and your dilemma.
I have children too.
Suppose I guarantee you the camp will not be taken until a certain time.
That would enable you to get them out beforehand.
You'd do that?
I would. But if you warn the others, Robin would be quite severely...
No! No, I won't.
But, can your people take the camp without...?
It can be done quite easily without harm being brought to anyone.
We won't get there until, what? Four o'clock tomorrow?
Yeah, okay.
You have my promise.
As a father.
I'll get the maps.
Just take it easy. It's okay. It's okay.
- I won't let anybody hurt you. - I want to go home!
I gotta hand it to you, doc.
You really pulled this bunch together.
You juiced them up. I'll tell you something else, though.
You better save some for yourself.
Okay, everybody. One last time.
We all know our assignments then.
Diversionary actions should start at 1:00.
- They'll know we're there. - One o'clock, then.
Followed by our main assault against the armory at 2.
We've got to remember our prime objective...
To rip off as many weapons as we can get.
Right. We have to arm ourselves... we can protect our equipment when we get it from the camp.
Listen, while you're breaking loose all hell here...
...I'll infiltrate the ship to... - Find your family?
But also get a handle on their plans.
That's pretty suicidal, isn't it?
My partner always said I should've been a kamikaze pilot.
He's still up there.
We'd hate to lose you, Mr. Donovan.
I'd hate to lose me too.
Good luck.
To all of us.
Let's do it.
Wait, Juliet. How about a prayer?
How about it, Caleb?
I thought that you would...
All right.
Well, Lord.
We really need Your help on this one.
Please, help each and every one of us to do the best we can.
A lot people are depending on us.
That's all.
- Amen. - Amen.
Let's do it.
- That's 12:30. - I know it, brother.
Hurry up!
I ain't never messed with stuff like this before.
I'd just as soon not get my hands blowed off, okay?
Now, let's go set the others.
I hate when people do that!
Boy, I'd like to stick it in their hair!
Hey, hold on. Wait for me!
All right, right away! Back onboard, everybody.
There's trouble at the plant! Come on!
This one's for Abraham.
- Stand back. - Get the extinguisher!
Get some extinguishers!
Isolated incidence of violence...
...mostly explosions at Visitor installations...
...are being reported all across Los Angeles.
They may be part of an effort by the scientific conspiracy.
Boy, my hands are sweating. Are you scared too?
I hope we don't have any casualties. I'd hate to lose one of us.
Hang on!
Watch for the snakes on the roof!
Guns and ammunition! Check it out!
Let's get it loaded first.
I've got to warn the camp of an attack.
- What? - I tried to protect Robin.
- But too many lives are at stake! - Robert!
- Donovan! - What's going on with those tanks?
- You've been there? - Yeah.
It's all water. Where's the chemical?
There's no chemical.
Then what the hell are...?
Oh, my God.
That chemical's just a smoke screen.
- It isn't what you want at all. - You're right.
You're here to take the water.
It's the rarest, most valuable commodity you can imagine.
Unlike most planets, ours included...
...Earth is blessed with an abundance of it.
We need it, Mike, for our sustenance.
To power fusion generators and the leader's weapons.
- We could've shared it! - It was proposed.
But our leader wants it all.
Other ships like this one are already on their way.
The plan will take a generation.
But he'll have his way.
And the Earth will become a desert...
...and humanity will die.
There won't be any people left by then.
There's something else I have to show you.
...I'm sorry about the...
Where's Grandpa?
We never saw him.
What's with your arm?
I burned it.
What is this?
They're your people.
Just this side of death.
Metabolism slowed extraordinarily.
Diana's... work.
The people who disappeared.
My son.
Is he here somewhere?
Or in another ship like this one.
Why are they being taken?
Stored like this? Why not just killed?
The leader needs them living.
Some of them will be made into troops for battles with his enemy.
- What enemy? - The force that defeated him before.
So that makes them our friends.
- I don't know... - It's something to go on.
You said some of them would be his troops.
Not all?
- No. - What about the others?
In addition to the water...
...there's another basic shortage on our planet.
How did someone like that get to be your leader anyway?
Circumstances, promises.
Not enough of us spoke out to question him until it was too late.
It happens on your planet, right?
I guess it does. How's Barbara?
She's recovering.
This won't be pleasant for you. Are you sure you...?
I'm sure.
She's authorized some...
...medical experiments.
I want to kill her.
You're not alone.
Who are you?
A friend.
They tried to make me talk.
But my grandfather...
...he fought with Zapata.
I tell them nothing.
I spit in their faces.
Where's your friend?
There's a hostage being used to make her father a spy.
Here he comes.
Get in. I don't have time to explain.
- Let's go. - You're coming too?
- I can't stay here. - You ought to.
- But... - You'd be more valuable to us here.
I've gotta fly this for you.
I'm a pilot. I've ridden in enough of them to try.
- Listen, Mike... - Martin.
Say it, man. You're scared.
It's very dangerous for me now.
And he looks like a day at Disneyland? Barbara and Tony were scared.
We're all scared. Every damn one of us.
But we've all gotta help out in the best way we can.
Now, how about it, man? Are you game?
It'll tend to overcompensate.
The control's are very sensitive.
But if you let it, Mike, it'll almost fly itself.
I hope so.
I'm proud to be your friend.
I hope we live to be old friends.
Hold it!
Hang on!
Get another fighter and follow me.
If they don't kill us, my driving might.
Pull up!
Yeah, I'm working on it.
All right! Let 'em have it, Cisco!
Well done, captain. Their mountain camp.
This should give your troops a little exercise.
It's not 4:00! They lied! They lied to me!
Billy, get over here!
Come on, Sancho! Nail that sucker!
I will, I will! But I need a little luck.
We're gonna hit the mountain.
Not with any luck.
Where'd you learn how to fly?
Move back! Move back!
Bring them over here!
Come on, we've gotta stop them! All right, get them out.
We gotta save all the equipment in that building, okay?
Let's go, let's go!
Hurry up! Come on!
Yes! All right! All right!
Here they come again!
Come on, hurry up!
Julie. Julie!
Help me! Do something.
Do something. Please!
What should I do?
Another pass. I want to get that woman.
- Return to base! - Right away.
All units return to base.
Oh, God! This wasn't going to happen. Not to anyone.
I tried to fight them.
Where are the girls?
We fought good, huh?
Yeah. We fought good.
Mr. Donovan.
It's good to see you.
You too.
What did you find out?
We did it! We saved all the equipment!
You see them run?
How about this lady? Right in the thick of it!
Shoot! They ain't so tough!
- Huh? - They ain't so tough.
Are you crazy?
We'd better focus on destroying as many motherships as we can.
Destroying? I don't think you get the picture, doc.
There are thousands of people up there. Our people.
Yes, I understand.
Elias, get the trucks out!
And we will try to save as many of those people as possible...
- Try? - Yes, try.
Damn it, you've got to understand.
We may have to sacrifice the thousands to save millions, even billions.
I don't like it any more than you do. I hate it.
My life has been devoted to saving lives.
We may not have a choice.
Brad! Help me get the equipment out.
Elias! Get the other trucks going.
Get the ammunition out first. Then the biomedical equipment.
Well, it's not the Holiday Inn but it'll have to do.
You sound like Mom.
Guess I'm gonna have to, huh?
- You still feel sick? - Not like this morning.
Every morning for the past three days in a row.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
- Was it scary up on that spaceship? - Yeah.
It was really scary.
But it was also very interesting.
Okay, everybody, go brush your teeth.
You sound like Mom, all right.
Oh, really! That's the most outrageous story I've ever heard.
Whether you believe it or you don't...
...the truth is my son, your grandson...
...and 10,000 others are all prisoners of your "friends. "
Don't tell me you don't know what went on in this town all week!
Of course I do. I'm not a fool.
- Then why won't you...? - I'm a survivor, Michael.
Or I never would have gotten here from that Louisiana hick town...
...or survived your father's drunkenness.
It's not the same thing!
I'm a survivor.
If you're going to be, you better change your ways.
I know the Visitors aren't saints. But they're in power.
They are power.
You and I are in unique positions. Don't you see that?
Why not take advantage of...
I can't survive at the expense of other people. It's not right.
When I was a kid...
...there was a woman who taught me what was right...
...and what was wrong.
I wonder whatever became of her.
I said, halt!
- Why have you come here? - Please.
- I have to talk to you. - You have to leave!
Our son may be here any minute, understand?
- He's the one... - I know.
- But the Resistance needs your help. - What?
We want this to be a safe house, where we can hide occasionally.
You're out of your mind!
We've already been arrested once.
Look how he's suffered. They tortured him.
And our son is an informer!
Yes, and all of that is why this is an ideal place.
Lightning's struck here once already.
Believe me, they won't look here again.
We can't!
They only let us go so that we would warn others of what could happen.
- The next time, they might kill us. - They killed Kathleen!
We've got to stop them.
I decided that it would be all right for me to die myself...
...if millions, millions could be saved!
Oh, please!
My God, we need your help.
We can't.
I'm truly sorry. We can't. We simply can't...
What's this?
My father left it for us. Read it.
Read it to him.
"My dear family: It's painful knowing that I'll not see your faces anymore.
But I must take this stand for what I know is right.
You may think that an old man wouldn't be afraid to die...
...but this old man is very frightened.
I'm hoping that I'll find a little of your mother's dignity and strength.
So far, I'm as frightened as a child who fears the dark.
But we must fight this darkness that is threatening to engulf us.
Each of us must be a ray of hope and do our part...
...and join with the others till we've become a blinding light...
...triumphant over darkness.
Until that task is accomplished, life will have no meaning.
More than anything, you must remember which side you're on and fight for it.
Your mother and I will march beside you...
...holding hands again.
We'll sing your song of victory.
You'll feel us in your hearts.
Our spirit..."
"Our spirits will be with you always.
And our love. "
We have to help.
Or else we won't have learned a thing.
Okay, Kenny, start it now.
So that's a call for help?
Yep, in mathematical code.
If the Visitors have an enemy, they should be smart enough to translate it.
How long will it take to reach them?
Depends on how far away they are.
- A few years probably. - God, years?
We're gonna keep on transmitting day and night, right, Kenny?
I hope they got their ghetto blasters tuned in on us.
And if they do, let's hope they're on our side.
So we just hang in there for a couple more years, right?
But the reality we have to face is that help may never come.
We may end up having to rely completely on ourselves.
We done all right. The first battle's been won.
That's right.
But the war is just beginning.
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