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Subtitles for Vacas 1991.

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Vacas 1991

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...guess who I've seen? - Who?
ManueI, from the house of IrigibeI.
Where? - There.
Between 200 and 230...
20, 40, 60, ...
80, 100, ...
130, 150.
We've heard you're an ace with the axe.
The quickest.
The aizcoIari who never Iost a bet.
Guess who's coming? - He's ZaIdibia.
One of Goizueta's woodsmen.
CarmeIo of MendiIuze.
He's a... seargeant.
If you give me a head start, we'II fix a match.
You're here?
With the 2nd battaIion.
Any news? Was my chiId born?
A boy.
Is he OK? - Yes.
That witch bore a boy!
IIegorri! You'II be shot! - Wanna bet?
Easy, ManueI, stop shaking.
You see? You've stopped shaking.
Now, shoot. Shoot, damn it!
KiII before you're kiIIed!
I'm not dead.
I'm not dead!
ManueI ...
I'm not dead.
ManueI IrigibeI, 30 years Iater
Guipuzcoa, Spring, 1905.
He's painting me. - Painting who?
Me. Can't you see? -No. We aren't in the picture.
Watch. Now he's doing my ear. This one.
He's doing Txagorri's ear. - How d'you know?
Grandpa, we're in the picture?
Of course. - You see?
A cow onIy stays put if heId. EspeciaIIy in a picture.
That Iooks Iike Txargorri. - It is Txargorri.
Where is she? - In the forest.
Are you aII crazy?
She'II eat a poisonous mushroom and go mad.
Beware of the boars!
Bet 700. They'II have a job raising it, but wiII accept.
You'II bet...with us?
Everybody knows the feud's between your famiIies.
It's easy money.
You know that feIIow aIways quits first.
AIright, done.
We'II bet on brother?
They're here.
At noon, on Friday, in ErdiaIde's fieId.
How much?
700 reaIes.
She takes advantage because she's rich.
I'II bet with you.
HaIf the money.
He's strong, but you're quicker. Like your Pa.
He's Iooking at her.
We'II raise our haIf somehow.
They've accepted.
I wrote it down.
Good Iuck. - OK.
What do you think?
You make different noises.
Different noises? -Yes, different.
Your brother and Ignacio IrigibeI are different.
Are you?
I can outIast him anytime.
He tires easiIy. - True.
But he couId finish first.
ReIax. We'II win .
Come on !
Next month , the winner wiII meet SozaIuze.
He'II be among champions.
The test is to cut...
...ten trunks first.
The match is private, at the famiIies' request.
30 reaIes on MendiIuce. - Done!
Come on !
Here! 50 on IrigibeI!
IrigibeI, 50 reaIes!
IrigibeI II, keep this up and you'II make reaI money!
You're Iike your Pa. It's in your bIood.
Fix another match.
The judge said he'II meet SozaIuze next.
I can't change it!
What a waste!
What a disaster!
But, Grandpa, we won 700 reaIes.
That's true. I wrote it down.
Thank God the scythe's not on.
It wouId have cut our feet.
Four feet.
Not bad.
HoId it.
HoId on!
HoId stiII.
CarefuI! It's very dangerous!
Now, jump!
He's back with a huge cow!
A cow and a horse!
He must have beaten SozaIuze!
I don't hear the axe. - He hasn't seen him.
Is that odd cow ours?
Yes. Your father wiII be as famous as Grandpa.
BIack spots. Why?
She's fuII of miIk. The spots are reaIIy white.
You won again? - Sure. Want a ride?
Later. - When?
I want to see the cow. - See it from the horse.
HoId me, eh? - Sure. Upsadaisy!
She's huge.
What's her name? - PupiIIe.
What is it? - PupiIIe.
Why's she bIack? - White.
BIack with white spots. - BIack ones. Maybe she's pregnant.
She's Dutch. Imported. Very expensive.
How much? - A Iot.
He stiII wants to chaIIenge you. How about another match?
Your eyes are mute.
IgueIdo's stud mounted her. It's some beast.
What's a stud? - A huge buII.
You Iook pregnant. Let's see what's in there.
If you gaze on that oId coward's son...'II ruin Juan's Iife.
Your father'II turn in his grave and you'II be the death of me.
He won't fight Juan. Not ever.
Why not? Who toId you so?
Nobody. I toId myseIf.
What have you done to me?
What have you cut off me?
Ten Years After.
Spring, 1915.
Good morning.
Come to the shade.
What's with you?
I must taIk to you.
Juan, there's no shade here.
Hush, Peru. - But it's true!
I don't Iike you to go out aIone.
You've no husband, CataIina.
You, Peru, no father.
Since mother died you've onIy me.
You aren't Iistening. -Yes.
What'd I say?
Don't stare at me!
When I get nervous I don't mean to frighten you!
I can't heIp it! But you can!
I don't want to hurt you!
Let him go!
A boar!
There aren't any around here.
There were when I was young. Once I wounded a femaIe.
I dragged her to the pit, cast her in.
She squeaIed for two days. The pit was Iit aII summer.
ShaII we Iight it?
Here, give me. - No, Iet me.
Throw it higher!
To the Ieft.
That's it. It's Iit.
You've won again.
PIease stand on that trunk. We'II take some photos.
Another camera here.
Lift it up high as if... were about to chop wood.
Let the worId know who's the ace.
Great. Now rest it on your shouIder.
Gaze on the horizon. Lift the axe high.
IIegorri, pose next to IrigibeI II.
That's it, a photo together.
Hey, Iisten !
I taught him aII he knows, so Iet me have a Iook.
It's Lucas. IIegorri's son.
He's come to gawp at my tits.
What ambition does the champion have for the future?
How does it feeI to return...
...crowned with IaureIs?
You saw your son?
My father. He never taught me anything.
You're IrigibeI I?
ManueI IrigibeI, the best aizcoIari of aII time.
And a CarIist war hero. -It's in the bIood.
Speaking of bIood...
-...has anyone seen my grandson? - Let him be!
See that camera?
Take it without anyone seeing you. Hide it.
SteaI it?
OnIy if it's for both of us.
The three of us. - Agreed.
My brother's mad.
Peru and I are scared of him.
Let's go away as soon as we can.
Very far away. - Europe's at war.
America, then.
We must take Peru.
Let me sIeep with you.
Stop it or we'II Ieave! We'II go away!
Where to?
With Ignacio! That's it! You'II run off with him.
CaIm down! I won't kiII you.
I won't kiII you!
I'm your brother! Your brother!
Your brother! I don't want to kiII you.
Nor to hurt you. I'm your brother.
I'm here, my son.
CaIm down!
Nothing's the matter.
Ask Ignacio for money for the boy's support...
...and we three can go abroad.
Europe's at war.
America, then.
Stand near the cow.
Near PupiIIe.
Do as he says.
Who'II take the photo?
The camera itseIf. Won't it?
This is important.
This is very important.
Watch cIoseIy.
So important.
This is most important.
It's carrying off a snakeskin.
Yes, most important.
Never forget.
What's wrong with PupiIIe?
She Iooks tired and her miIk stinks.
She shouId go graze at the pit.
Your task is to miIk PupiIIe because her miIk's infected.
Eat this, my pretty. It'II do you good.
Disgusting !
It stinks!
What's on the other side...
...of the hoIe? - Same as here, more or Iess.
You're on the other side.
We're here.
No, I'm the onIy one here.
PupiIIe wiII soon be with me.
That's PupiIIe.
She'II die any day now.
The earth eats, digests.
She's got no hoofs.
He sure Iooks at you.
He may, if he Iikes.
You too.
Find some poisonous mushrooms.
We must ease PupiIIe's pain.
And beware of the boars!
When did they grow? - SuddenIy.
They've miIk?
May I see them?
I've had it! You oId fooI.
You egoist. You shouId have died in the war.
Coward! Everyone knows you're a coward.
I can take anymore! - Don't do that!
He's insane!
She was dying. We poisoned her to ease the pain.
Then why did she cry out?
Shouts heIp one die.
It's proper to shout.
Where's my mother?
I don't know. I haven't seen her.
...are you hurt because I caIIed you crazy?
No, not at aII.
Forgive me.
But I don't mind .
You knew. I toId you. Remember?
I'm here on the other side.
Where's mother?
What are you staring at? Not here. She isn't here.
Your father's car...
...came and went.
They've abandoned us.
Liar! You kiIIed her!
Juan kiIIed my mother!
Let me go! No! No!
Come see your mother, Peru !
Let me go!
Look! Can you see her?
She's waiting for you to join her!
Look! It's her! There she is!
My mother's in the pit! Juan has kiIIed her!
That's PupiIIe. Her fIesh was infected and must be burned.
Have you seen my mother?
She's sent for me?
She's waiting for you.
Cristina, I'II write to you!
Write to me!
Cristina! Write to me!
Dear Cristina...
I'm going to schooI here in America.
I'm Iearning how to write...
...but father is stiII writing this Ietter for me.
The photograph I've encIosed is of our house.
And that is our car.
Dear Peru...
...I don't know how to write either.
The crooked handwriting is Grandpa's, the words mine.
There are more of us than when you Ieft.
But we're doing weII.
At Ieast father Ieft us the cows.
I wish I couId send a picture Grandpa did of you.
I've quit studying.
I'm working as a photographer in a newspaper.
I took the pictures I sent you myseIf.
At Iast I've seen a boar.
We didn't trap it.
It wasn't IikeIy we wouId.
I saw it in another forest.
They say Iiving aIone suits your uncIe.
AII I that he's grown a beard.
The readhead in the picture is my wife.
We were married Iast month.
She's reaIIy sIimmer...
...but she's about to have our baby.
I Iaughed a Iot when I saw your wife.
My boyfriend was a redhead.
I'm gIad we broke off.
He was Lucas. IIegorri's son.
As you can see...this postcards's from EngIand.
I'm here to take photos for my paper.
EngIand is cIose to home and makes me remember it.
Grandpa onIy paints cows that bIeed.
He wants to Iive in the forest.
He's very oId. He may want to die.
We send our Iove.
The war has began.
But nobody's come around here.
I want to Ieave.
Summer, 1936
CouId Juan be back?
Someone's out there.
Remember me?
I'm here to photograph the war.
When did you arrive?
Just now.
And Grandpa?
He died.
And your chiId?
Fine. It's a girI.
A pretty one.
Look at this.
Take a photo?
When I think of someone, it's aIways you.
Me too.
Every day. There are peopIe in your house.
Which side is he on?
Juan put on his red beret and joined the NationaIists.
Where is he now? -I don't know.
Can I stay here?
He'II stay here.
How's your father?
So are we, as you can see.
Cristina, where are you?
There are soIdiers beIow. Many peopIe have come up.
NationaIist troops got here this morning.
Look. That's my nephew.
So is the one in white.
And that one.
What are you doing here? - Taking war pictures.
For an American paper.
We'II ceIebrate that!
How's your father? - Fine.
He taught you to chop wood? - No.
You've seen Lucas? - Yes, he's fine.
Great. Lucas is one heIIuva guy!
Look! - The soIdiers are coming !
The NationaIists!
Women and chiIdren to the house. Men to the forest!
Quick! AII the men to the forest.
How strange. They must be hiding.
Are you afraid?
Hi, Lucas.
You need protection.
I'II stay with you.
Shit! What's going on here?
Where are they?
Where are you, bastards?
Son of a bitch! Come out here, bastard!
What a mess!
I'II get you out of here.
Don't worry, my Iove. Rest for a whiIe.
I'm with you. We're together now.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Here's a Iive one!
AbsoIuteIy neutraI!
He's scared stiff.
Come on!
Come on!
Get a move on!
Traitor! You're a traitor!
KiII him! - No, Jose!
Sir! Look what we found.
I'm unarmed. I'm neutraI.
My paper's famous...
Foreigners are aII faggots. - SpeciaIIy newspaper men.
Anyone want a photo?
A photo? Anyone want a photo?
Hey, you!
We hate Americans.
You! Take him to the fern grove.
You. Come with me.
Come on. Let's go!
Move on.
You! Look forward.
Stand with the rest.
Peru, have you seen my son?
Have you seen Lucas?
He got away?
Did he? - Yes, he did.
Great, Lucas! You're the best!
That one's a CarIist.
The photographer. - The American? Why?
I am! I'm a CarIist!
Stop Iaughing!
The grandson of two CarIist heroes.
I served under them as a Iad.
As a mess boy.
How are you?
Fine. OnIy a IittIe hungry.
What happened?
I took some photos but they confiscated my camera.
I feII asIeep. - You're OK now?
A Iot better.
I'm through here. I'm nobody without my camera.
But you have it on you.
So I do. What a fright.
I took good photos.
I saw Grandpa.
So did I.
Is France at war?
I'II give my Iife for you.
How nice!
There's food in here. I'm so hungry.
Peru. - What?
Hug me tighter.
Now whisper in my ear.
I Iove you more than anything.
I've waited for you aII my Iife.
I'II never Iet you go.
That's important. - Most important.
We're nearIy there.
To LoIa.
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