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Valami Amerika CD1

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Thank you.
Good morning.
Not muesli again?
I thought you liked it?
I do, but we could|have omelet sometimes.
So much for organic food.
What's the time?
Bloody hell!
Why didn't you wake me up?
You know we're filming.|I'm supposed to be there by 8:00.
I didn't have the heart to...
Thirty people waiting for me,|and you know I hate being late.
You're the director,|they'll wait for you.
If Timi's in it, you won't|start before ten anyway.
Why aren't these in the oven?
Leave me alone.
- Don't get cheeky with me!|- Why do you have to shout?
Because you're scribbling again.|I've had enough, you're fired!
And don't come back.
What about my wages?
I'll stuff them down your throat.
I'm entitled...
Here are your wages!
I'm paying you in kind.
One day you'll bake your|last loaf in the oven of hell,
Who's there?
It's almost 9:00.
Oh, hell. I'll be there|in twenty minutes.
- She just woke up.|- I'll kill her.
- Stunning.
How's this?|Isn't this good for you?
No, it's great, but I have to|get dressed or I'll be late.
Couldn't you hurry up a bit?
There's a difference between|hurrying and rushing things.
Okay then, I'm off.
Oh. Good morning Mrs Terka!
Sexualizing at|this time of day?
Can I have lift?
- Where to?|- You?
Do I look okay?
- Stunning.
- Really? - No.
Aw, you're not angry, are you?
- At you? How could I be?|- Of course you couldn't.
Anyway, you were|late too. I heard.
Get on stage.
You've got a massage.
This is a rehearsal.
Lip-sync music!
Ákos! I got you out of the|1 0:00 meeting by saying you
were negotiating with retailers|all day and probably...
- Coffee...|- Coffee.
- were exhausted.|- Livia.
- You've been tidying again.|- Just a little.
An itty bitty little bit.
Cleanliness. Order. Pedantry!
Fuck you.
You'd have got soaked|if I hadn't picked you up.
Shall we go on,|or have a break?
Come on guys, keep it together!
The interim report shows
that we exceeded our
targets in the first half,
because investments|were realized faster than
our research had indicated.
Our new molding technology
has proven successful,
but we can't rest|on our laurels,
in view of the successful market|gains of our competitors,
which naturally also affects|our own market share.
But, regarding the next steps:
let's hear what Ákos has to say.
Ladies and gentlemen...
Let's stop for a bite.
I've looked forward to a real|Hungarian sausage for 1 7 years.
You used to get them fried at|the butcher's, with bread.
They burst when|you bit into them,
so you had to cut them|up with a penknife.
Can you still get fried|sausage at the butcher's?
I don't know.|We eat at McDonald's.
America needs some fresh blood.
They've got soft and stupid.
The whole country|works by internet.
They eat gene-manipulated food,|children shoot each other.
I'll try my luck in Budapest.
Me too.
Will I be able to stand this?
You get used to it after a while.
How long?
Depends on you.
Isn't it hot in there?
Yes, it is.
- Is this fur? I'm allergic.|- You can't afford to be.
- Pays well?|- Has until now.
How long have you|been doing this?
Two days. You have to|dance right through the shift.
The owner lives across the|street, and keeps an eye out.
Will you show me what to do?
No way. I've got to study.
Shower before work. That's|my skin you're putting on.
Any infectious diseases?
I've already had it. Ciao!
Do you understand what|this means, honey bun?
Your man is going|to direct a film.
A real, wide-screen movie,
with real actors, characters,
a beginning, middle and end.
But what about the money?
He says he'll only pay half.
I knew it. Can't you at least|pretend to be happy for me?
I am. I just worry about you.
Well don't.|I know what I'm doing.
Tamás, you've only directed|adverts and music videos.
I'm fed up of being mucked|around by 20-year-old yuppies,
and pretending to like it.
So now you'll have this|American to put up with.
Right. I'll make your lunch.
Where are you going? Hollywood?
Somewhere I'm appreciated.
Where's that kid?
Does he know where we are?
I left a message on his pager.
How is he these days?
A few weeks ago he was|going to be a baker.
András is a true misfit.
He'll either be a nobody|or somebody really famous.
Just like you!
- Has the American called?|- Not yet.
- Is he in Budapest?|- Yes.
- Call him.|- Can't do it.
- Your scared.|- Don't have his number.
And he's bringing all this|dough from America,
just to spend on your film,|"Giddy City".
Guilty! Fuck it. "Guilty City."|It's the only film I wrote.
Can't you even|remember the title?
- Doesn't matter.|- Yes it does.
And he thinks you're|putting up half the money.
What'll happen when he|finds out you're totally broke?
Did you find the place easily?
No problem.
Remember this place?
This is where we celebrated|your high-school graduation.
Right, what do you want?
Do I get a few more bucks for|signing another bogus invoice?
Your big brother|will be a director.
He is already, isn't he?
- A real movie this time.|- Of course, "Giddy City".
Guilty City. But whatever.
Hey, I haven't seen that|masterpiece here before.
Your favorite subject.
Tell me, have you|been layed this week?
This month? This year?
Leave him be. Your hormones are|flowing out of your ears again.
Oh, you saint!
Not everyone's a|pussy-addict like you.
Don't say to aren't playing|around with those model babes?
What makes you think|your behavior is the norm?
Are you telling me off?
Can I bring you something?
You already have.
Anything else?
Can you improve on that?
Can I bring you something?
Can I ask you something?
That's what I'm waiting for.
- Call me Ákos.|- Three beers, Ákos?
Would you like to work for me?
I'm sure you're talented.
- You must have a huge... IQ.|- Three beers, then?
Write down your phone number.|I'll be in touch.
Three beers.
We're looking forward to them.
So, why this family reunion?
- My film.|- In other words: money.
So where do I come in?
I need both your help. The|Guy's coming from England today.
So is he English or American?
He's American, but he's|coming from London by car.
He's making several films|in Europe at the same time.
So he's traveling around.
So how can we help?
He's here for a week.
We'll take him partying,
show him the|sights, lick his ass.
We never spend any|time together anyway.
If I take him partying,|you'll never start filming.
I'll take him partying.
- That's not the problem.|- So what is?
Tamás is supposed to|put up half the money.
Oh God.
That's him.
Don't shit yourself.|Want me to speak?
Shut up...
Let's go. He's waiting|for us in the Art Hotel.
Oh my God! I'll stink of beer.
You're not on a date,|just going to swindle someone.
Want some chewing gum?|It's an American habit...
Hey, sweetie!|The bill.
Has Alexander Brubeck arrived?
Not yet.
We'll wait in the lobby then.
If you really must.
I heard you became a baker.
I've changed job.
To what?
Entertainment, catering,|that sort of thing...
You opening a casino?
Not yet, but soon.
Yeah, as soon as your|lottery system starts working.
Go on, laugh.|Jupiter's in my ascendant.
Doesn't that hurt?
It means that sooner or|later I'll strike lucky.
Probably later in your case.
That's him.
That's exactly what a|producer looks like.
I think he meant the next lift.
It carries three.|There are five of us.
You don't count.
Then there's still four of you.|You'll all die.
Keep your mouth shut.|Your breath smells of beer.
It stinks in here anyway.
I could make it even worse|by grabbing his balls...
They're close to hand.
I can't believe this.
So I can't even belch?
Inwardly and silently.
Then I'll fart.
I didn't really have to fart.
Fuck it.|I might as well sit down.
Relax, kiddo.
He understands that. Idiot!
What, shouldn't I say "kiddo"?
See? He knows the title.
And it's going to|cost him a fortune.
Let's go.|He's had enough of us,
and he needs a shower.|He smells a bit cheesy.
Hey! What about|sending him a chick?
A good screw might|straighten him out a bit...
Cut it out.
Only trying to help.
Well, they could have|given it a bit more thought.
I can't believe it.
Can I fart now?
I'm not taking you|anywhere ever again.
Why not? I think he liked me.
Yeah. His life would|be so empty without us.
I'll come to the shoot tomorrow.
I'll butter him up|while you're working.
No solo missions, okay?!
Okay, but I can still|check up on my girlfriend.
Timi'll be thrilled.|Not to mention me.
Don't go easy on her|just because she's mine...
Don't worry about the money.
Let me sleep on it,|and I'll figure something out.
I know how much|"Guilty City" means to you.
See? I know the title too.
Good evening.
But I still think "Giddy City"|would be better.
Come on. I'll give you a lift.
No thanks. I've still|got some things to do.
Can't you sleep?
I had a nightmare.
Why aren't you asleep?
You know I can't sleep|if you can't.
I'm so glad you stayed.
I nearly didn't.
You creep.
So why did you stay?|Because you love me.
Because I don't have a key.
So either I lock you out,
or leave the door open,|for the burglars.
You beast.
You're the beast.
- Come here.|- You come here.
Do you want to be a big|spoon or a little spoon?
Little spoon.
You let me sleep in again!
And you know how|important today is for me.
If I wake you, you say you feel
like a sack of shit all day.
I can't stand the way you have|an explanation for everything,
so you're always in the right.
- I am in the right.|- No you're not.
Of course I am.
If you can't stand me,|why do you stay with me?
No idea.
Why not pick up one of those|little whores from the shoot?
They're younger, prettier,
and happy to lick your ass to|appear in some advert
or one of your crap videos.
That'll happen in the end,|wait and see.
I can't wait!
My videos aren't crap.
I've always loved|speed and danger,
but they always made|me sweat profusely.
Since I started using Ambadeo,|nothing's impossible.
- Cut.|- Stop rolling.
That's terrible.
I'm not paying for that.
We're not finished yet.
It should be much|more authentic.
I want to feel the speed,
a love of the product,|the magic of the brand...
Be patient, she'll|freeze if tell her off.
Okay, that was better.
Try to be even more convincing.
Show how super you feel.
Come on!
Quiet please!
Let's take it from the top.
Camera... Go!
I've always loved|speed and danger,
but they always made|me sweat profusely.
Since I started using Ambadeo,|nothing's impossible.
No good. Relax!
I've always loved|speed and danger,
but they all... alright... al...|always made me...
Why can't I remember this shit.
I spent all night learning it.
Can I have a smoke?
Only tobacco.
Stop rolling.
Listen up, please.
I'd like to introduce Alex|Brubeck, American producer.
With any luck we'll be|working together soon.
Be very nice to him,|it's important to me.
Cigarette break over.|Timi, take your position.
Cigarette break over|Timi, take your position.
Timi, stay cool for|a couple of minutes, okay?
Just concentrate on that|one simple sentence.
Say it like you're buying|spam in the supermarket.
I don't go shopping.|Mrs Terka does it.
Well the beautician,|or the solarium.
I don't give a shit, sweetie.
Since I started using Ambedeo,|nothing's impossible.
Get it?
Of course. Keep your hair on.
So let's try.
Okay, let's take|it from the top.
I've always loved|speed and danger,
but they always made|me sweat profusely.
Since I started using Ambadeo,|nothing's...
Cut. You're all tense.|What am I going to do with you?
Stop rolling.
A tonic, American recipe.|Down it in one.
You could have|thought of that earlier.
- Jocó|- Yeah?
How are you going to look|like Timi with that body?
Easy, Géza. Only my head|will show, in profile.
Intellectually,|you're very similar.
You're asking for it.
He's only kidding,|leave him alone.
Let's do it now,|or I'll sing the words.
Okay, let's take|it from the top.
Quiet please!
Camera... Go!
I've always loved|speed and danger,
but they often made|me sweat profusely.
Since I started using Ambadeo,|nothing's impossible.
That's a wrap.
If we got that, we|can do the next scene.
Hopefully the|stuntman's in make-up.
Ákos has been promising|me a car for months.
The producer sees red when|I hand in my taxi receipts.
It wouldn't ruin your marriage|to take a bus, like us proles.
I wish I had one to ruin.
I don't want to end up a spinster.
You? Me, more likely.
That hair suits you.
I keep telling him,|but he doesn't believe me.
It's bloody hot, this...
You have to suffer|for your beauty!
Do you need me any more?
I'd like to get|something to eat.
Go ahead.
It'll take a while to make|a woman out of Jocó.
Ah! Hello everyone.
Nobody doing|anything, as usual.
That wasn't exactly|what I asked. Where's Timi?
He was just talking about her.|She's in make-up, I think.
You'd better stop that if|you want to keep your face.
Hey Barbie, can't you|take a compliment?
- Get the hell out of here!|- Hey, did I bite too hard?
Hey boys, what's|all this rough stuff?
Let me introduce you.
Ákos, Jocó.|Jocó, Ákos.
I'm Géza.
Where's Timi.
She just went for a quick...
...bite to eat.
You're lovely.
Maybe I'll switch.
I'll be right here.
You? Here?|You didn't say you were coming.
- I came to see Tamás.|- I won't bother you then.
Stay, you silly thing.|Of course I came to see you.
I can't stand an hour without you.
Then marry me.
You still here?
Do you know each other?
Only in passing, but better|late than never, eh Jocó?
I want double danger money|because of your brother.
What have you done this time?
Entertain our American guest,
but watch out,|I'm keeping an eye on you.
A good brother|helps any way he can.
I've slept on it.|I've got a plan.
Forty-something female|marketing executives.
I don't understand a word.|Don't worry, just count the money
that your uncle Ákos will|get you by the weekend.
Will you be long, darling?
No, just the car scene to do.
I'll take you out to lunch.
At last!
Are you sure you want to|take me to meet the American?
We should have left ages ago.
Answer my question.
Would I be here otherwise?
At my age it takes|time to get presentable.
Oh come on, you're only 28.
- So?|- Nothing. Alex wants to see you.
- Why? He doesn't even know me.|- That's why.
- And you?|- I know you.
Very funny.
If Alex didn't want to see me,
would you still take me?
Don't torture me, or|I'll bite your ear off.
I heard that's a family trait.
We're late.
Men find women more exciting|if they have to wait for them.
Now, what should I wear?
If it was up to me,|nothing else.
Timi's the sexy|provocative one.
No point in competing with her,
so I'll be simple and decent.|A natural wild flower.
Okay, okay. Just get dressed.
- Hey, I've turned you on.|- No.
The evidence is|here in my hand.
Schnell?|Okay, but really schnell.
Snap it on, I'll be|back in a minute.
Makes it look smaller.
Sex on the Beach?
That's for me.
Ask him how he likes Budapest.
- He's only been here one day.|- That's okay.
Ask him. I can't speak|English in the evening.
He doesn't really know,|he's only been here one day.
But has he seen the er...|the parliament building?
Eat the olive.|It's good for your skin.
We could talk about the film.
Yes, the film!|Tamás is making a film, and
I'm playing the lead role.
- Who told you that?|- I did.
You said the lead role|was based on me.
I'm a born actress.|The camera loves me.
Everyone knows that.
I'm the only one who loves you.|Shut up.
- András, have you got a job?|- Yes.
Any good?
- I'm quitting.|- Good idea.
May I recommend this|Villányi Cabernet Sauvignon?
We saved it for you.
Make some kind of a toast.
- Who said?|- You.
- When?|- Today.
- I don't remember.|- But I do.
Help me out.
Tell him I made it myself.
He said it can't have taken|long, it's so skimpy.
This is the 21 st century.
You're so behind the times.
Come to the office tomorrow.|We'll do our sums,
and I'll have the|money in a flash.
Maybe we don't|even need this joker.
You know what? I'll chip in|too, if my numbers come up.
Tell Alex about your|winning numbers.
Relax. Don't overdo it.
Can I have dessert?
Your turn in the jungle.
I've had enough exhaust fumes.
- What are you writing?|- Nothing, just private...
This is fucking cool!
- You can rap to it.|- It's just a parody.
Write a few more of these, and|we'll be the kings of rap.
I though you were|going to college.
To hell with college|if I can make money.
I don't agree.
Then just wag your|tail and dream on. Bye!
Good morning.|You've had two calls.
Someone from Porsche-Hungária|wants to know if you'll be able
to make the salon opening...
- Coffee?|- Coffee.
I put the documents, and|something on your desk, and...
- ...and my brother's here.|- Yes.
That old hag drives me crazy.
She's always|tidying up after me,
and I can never find anything.
Do me a favor and screw her.
She's crazy about you.
You've had women that were|crazy about me before.
Twice, but only as a favor.
- You bastard. I only knew about one.|- Only one, but I screwed her twice.
- Livia!|- Happy name day, Ákos.
You really shouldn't have.|Get me the phone numbers
of all the marketing directors|we deal with.
What do you think of Alex?
Foreign, cautious.
A bit strange.
Do you think he's gay?
He's got the hots for Eszter.
- You're imagining it.|- You didn't see how he looked at her.
Well, nothing's free...
So, how much do we need?
Sixty million Hungarian|forints. In five days.
This Alex hit us like|a bolt from the sky.
That's the film industry.
A den of iniquity.|Full of swindlers and thieves.
That's why you get|on so well with us.
You might be right.
- Coffee?|- I've only got two hands.
And what big ones!
Livia, I never noticed how|big everything is on you.
So, here are the ones|I have to convince.
And how?
Either through logic|or my male charm.
You're going to screw all|the marketing managers?
No, only the women.
"But you don't care about that."
"You didn't care at all.|You pretended to be in love again..."
- Hello.|- Mrs Terka. It's me, Ákos.
- Who's this?|- Who wants to be a Millionaire?
Turn off that bloody thing.
Ákos! I didn't|recognize your voice.
Hold on, I'll switch|off the vacuum cleaner.
Why did he have to call now?
Now I'll never know|what Eulalia said to Rodrigo.
Hello. What's up Ákos dear?
I'm having a party this evening,|put out the glasses and plates.
Don't worry about|hoovering the carpets.
- I've already done them.|- Well roll them up then.
What was on TV this morning?
Ákos, you know I don't|understand these modern ones.
Okay. That's settled then.
And please come tomorrow,|there's bound to be a mess.
- Can I get back to work now?|- I'm gone.
That bastard Rodriguez.
Always stirring the shit.
Your attention please!
All the way from America,|Alex Brubeck.
Treat him like one.
This is Alex, my producer.
Let me introduce you to Éva.
A tourist guide in Africa.|We dated two years ago.
Timea, singer.|Now he's dating me.
I don't envy you.
I really don't envy you.
Do you get on this|well with all your exes?
My one true love! Can I help it|if I can't split acrimoniously?
That gives me great|hope for the future.
I can't afford not to|chase after rich guys.
- I won't translate that, okay?|- Why not? At least I'm open about it.
Come on, let's dance.
What? You're turned|on by my Polski Fiat?
Why so late?
I've been working.
Did you say you're a baker?
Not any more.
Hi András.
But you still won't|say what you do.
Not now, please.
You want me to drown|my sorrows in cake?
I wonder what's in it...
Wow. Sneaky!
You know which of|your adverts I like best?
I think you're|about to tell me.
The one where that guy|can have all those silly wishes
and wants to turn into a frog|and all that...
And that one where the four|guys in hats tell jokes...
I didn't do those.
What's wrong with you,|surrounded by all these chicks?
They're for people like you:|directors, managers, producers.
Incredible party, isn't it?
I've invented a|new computer game.
Cool! I've got a hard on.|What about you?
What an incredible chick!
If she wasn't mine I'd be|totally crazy about her.
She seems to be|enjoying herself.
Let's not disturb her.|Come on.
The screen shows|a yuppie party.
A load of wankers and their stupid|tarts. Crap music is playing.
Stupid flashing lights, and|dickheads dancing badly.
You have to move among|them with the joystick.
You have a bloody|great baker's shovel,
which you use to brain the|ones that irritate you most.
The graphics would be best when|the shovel smashes their heads.
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