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Valami Amerika CD2

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Stupid. And what's the goal?
Smash all the assholes|and their ugly women,
and make off with the hot chicks.
Is it just me,|or have others noticed
the psychopath hiding behind|that timid, intellectual mask?
What does this remind you of?
You, with horns|on your forehead.
Fuck you!
No heart-to-hearts,|it's party time!
Come on. Come on.
I'm off. I don't want|to be in the way.
Hey! Are you really a baker?
Fuck you.
I'm allergic to animal hair.
Let's slip out.
Don't you want to?
Wh... What?
I'll explain in a minute.
Relax, it won't hurt.
Timi. Tell me honestly.|Is sex good with me?
Who the bloody hell was that?
Why don't you sleep.|It's still early.
I'm sleeping.
The hell you are.
I'm thirsty and hungry.
I'll see if anything's|left over.
Do all pharmacologists|speak such good English?
Only the ones that learned it.
Like a plague of locusts,|nothing's left.
I'll go to the shops.
I'll go.
You get yourself together,|you look terrible.
Oh my God what a mess.
I'll be here until the evening.
What's wrong, Mrs Terka?
Never seen a naked man?
I've forgotten.
Was it such a shock?
Not exactly a pleasant sight.
Mrs Terka's criticizing my ass.
What do you think?
What's the time?
Can you see?
I don't want to see anything,|especially no more naked men.
Couldn't you all|just go to work?
We'll be gone in a minute.
Be careful with those.
They cost a fortune.
I'm warning you.
I thought you didn't|know how to use the TV.
I just sat on this... thing,|and it came on.
Is there a connection?
Who knows.
Just don't forget to|sit on it again when you leave.
Everything'll be tidy|when I come back?
You know me, Ákos.
That's why I asked.
Are you still here?
This evening?
Why not take him to|that new place by the opera?
Will you sober up by then?
What for?
Tell the kid, too.
Hey, I'm performing|at the Stone tonight.
You promised to|come and see me.
She's right.|I did promise.
Okay, we'll go there, then take|him to our favorite place.
And who's going to keep|me happy until tonight?
Your middle finger.
Didn't you say you were|going for a manicure?
See? Even Alex understood that.
Alex, you've got to sign the|internet contract with PSINet,
the director's impatient|for the marketing plan,
and Mr Majoros left|a message that...
I want a mess.
Dr Hámori?
She'll be here at ten.
Send her right in.
Mr Majoros says you|can transfer the first payment,
the internet contract|is ready to be inked...
Dr Hámori's here.
Good morning,|I'm 90 seconds late. I apologize.
Good morning. Please come in.
Can I get you a soda?|Coffee? Tea?
No thank you. I'd rather|we weren't disturbed.
Don't let anyone in until the|deputy state secretary leaves.
Come here you animal,|let me smell you at last!
What was with the official tone?
Sorry, in my position|appearances are everything.
You're certainly doing well.
But you're still my Rambo.
And you're my Rambina!|My Barbie doll. My little muff.
Yes, and I'm yours,|my little G.I. Joe
G.I. Jane!
- Take me, you animal!|- I am.
Why did you call me?
I'm older than you,|but not stupid.
You think I'm using you?
Yes, but I love that in you.
I need sponsors.
No, my brother's film.
Is it any good?
It'll be a box-office success.
How much do you need?
Five million.
Haaah. . .
Okay, okay, six.|You're generous.
Excuse me for a moment,|we have to submit the annual...
Livia, can't you|see I'm in a meeting?
...the annual report.|It still needs typing,
but we have to|check the data...
...because if we're late...
...if we miss the deadline|the boss will eat us...
They suit you.
Can't it wait five minutes?
Okay, I'll transfer the money.
Sure you don't want a coffee?|Tea?
Doesn't that battleaxe|get on your nerves?
Of course she does.
A lump of dead meat,|to put it mildly.
Screw her once and she'll|eat out of your hand.
I'd rather become gay.
You owe me a screw.|This is costing me,
so I want my money's worth.
Six million then?
He's all yours, darling.|Keep trying.
Those barons have|eaten everything.
Straitened circumstances|always improve a real artist.
Did you make an appointment|with my secretary?
What appointment?|What secretary?
I'll fire her.
I told her to call you to|make an appointment.
But what luck that we're here.|Let me introduce Alex Brubeck,
porn producer. Oscar|winning porn producer.
He's looking for talented girls|with exceptional IQs.
Me too.
But top notch.
The director.
The director of photography.
I'll have to ask my boyfriend.
I really like this place, why|do you have to get us banned?
I'm casting. Casting.
My boyfriend.
Good friend, Good friend,
Good friend, Good friend.
Vali told me what it's about.
We can discuss it.
But only with me, too.
Only I can screw her.
I'll have to discuss|this with the producer.
We need to know your er...|parameters.
I have to show you?
I think it's unavoidable.
If you're shy,|let's just forget it.
Maybe with a telephoto...
No, a fish-eye lens.
We'll have to zoom in on it.
You great clot!
Can't you see|they're making fun of you?
Get out of here.
Why? Everything's fine.
Spaghetti, three beers,|peach juice: 1 7,800
I'll kill you, Rodriguez,
you bastard.
Fuck you.
Let's go.
You. What did you say?
I'm sorry.
Ohne accent.
Are you Hungarian?
I got out in '84.|What's the problem?
So it's Sanyi!
No-one asked, and it's|none of your business.
But you took us for a ride.
So the whole thing was an act?
So aren't you a producer?
Why? Just because|I speak Hungarian?
I live in America,|I'm an American citizen.
What's changed?
I swear I'll hit him.
Don't do that again.
You understood every|fucking thing we said.
That's your problem. Sorry.
I think I'll hit him again.
How granny stares.
Muppet show?
One, two, three...
Other side!
One, two, three...
Hey, after them!
Don't get the idea|we've forgiven you.
Of course not, but we'll lose|the chicks if we make up now.
Fucking hell, I forgot.
Stop the car.
I've got to work.
We'll take you there.
No, here's fine.
Stop please.
I'll be in the Stone at 1 1,|I promise. Just stop.
It'd be better if|we gave you a lift.
Where have those pussies gone?
Okay, I'll be right there.
An ambulance has|gone for Mrs Terka.
The Hi-Fi was on full blast,|she was singing out loud
and she's molesting all|the male neighbors.
What have you drunk?
Mrs Terka, isn't it?
Look!|It's that cute Dr Ross.
Are you on medication?
My sweet Hussar!
What terrorist|organization sent you?
A quick dance?
The music, the music,|I need the music...
Mrs Terka, what's going on?
My dear Ákos.|Turn around.
Your ass is bare again.
What do you think?
I haven't a clue.
She might have drunk|something on medication.
What'll you do with her?
We'll take her in and|pump her stomach.
They'll take care of you.|You know how important you are to us.
Only because I'm a woman.
And what a woman!
Easy girls,
I'm like Spanish flu:
easy to catch.
I thought you'd forgotten me.
Mrs Terka got stoned,
and had to go into detox.
You're having me on.
She scoffed the hash cakes.
She must've been|high as a kite.
Any hot chicks around?
None with any brains.
You want to talk to them?|I'd rather screw them.
Anyway, Timi's here.
She'll just do her|turn and leave.
Anyway, it's a guy's night out.
Another whisky, please.
Look. These are my poems.
Really good.
You can rap to them.
- Wanna hear?|- Not really.
It's loud in hear.|Try reading them.
Are you mad?
Listen, do you want|to be in a film?
I'm making a film.
- It's called "Guilty City".|Interested? - Uh huh.
I'm the producer.
I'm American.|My name's Alex.
I'm looking for girls with|exceptional IQs, like you.
I've heard that patter|somewhere before.
Hey, be quiet.
Routine inspection.|Your documents please.
Good evening, Comrade officer.
Are you drunk?
As a skunk.
What makes you think|you're capable of driving?
I'm not capable.
You know you shouldn't|have even got into the car?
They bundled me in here,|there were six of them.
It was assault,|Comrade Officer.
Crawl out and show|me your papers.
But Officer,
I don't even|have a driving license.
Have you got legs?|Get out.
Excuse me, Officer.
Please don't interfere, Sir.
I'm driving. Here's the|wheel in front of me.
Go and check the|steering wheel.
Why? Isn't it in its place?
This is most unusual.
Routine inspection,|your papers please.
Thank you.
It's not in Hungarian.
- English?|- American.
But you speak Hungarian?
Does it seem otherwise?
- Have you been drinking?|- No.
- Sure?|- Ziher.
If you speak Hungarian,|do it properly.
Why don't you mix|with your own kind.
You're right, Officer.
You're a decent|person, like us.
Have a good journey.
And sort out this|little lot ASAP, okay?
Everything's allowed|these days.
And everything else.
Do you need this?
- I can't take it any more.|- What?
The whole thing.|Shit work for pin money.
I'm leaving.
- Where to?|- America.
Just like that?
I've been to an interview.
They said I had a real chance
because I'm the only|one with experience.
And what's the job?
I'll be Mickey Mouse|in Disneyland.
If I'm really good
I might get|promoted to Donald Duck.
And when you get old you'll|be made into Uncle Scrooge.
What a career!
What's wrong with you?
Are you blind?|We almost crashed.
Stupid ape.
What is it?
Slammed my tail in the door.
Pull it in.
Oh God. You again?
Sorry my CD's selling so well.
Thanks to your first video.
I've thanked you|a thousand times.
It's not my fault it made|me so successful.
Should I call you Sanyi,
or just stick to Alex?
You won't keep on about|this all afternoon, will you?
You got over it easily enough.
I've explained it to the guys,|don't make me do it again.
So, what's today's program?
A city tour.
But you grew up here too.
A lot has changed in 1 8 years.
I'll tell you some stories.
- I like your dress.|- I know.
- Hello girls. Ice cream?|- Who are you?
He's got no brain, just a...|...thing up front.
Where've you been?
In the lab.|It was a long experiment.
What experiment?
An important one.
You want the details?
You never used to care.
You look good.
Is your phone broken?
I rang you at work and on your mobile.
Was it that important?
Do you want supper?
Do you want supper?
No, thanks.
And me?
No thanks, I'm|not hungry any more.
No, I'm tired.
What do you think of Alex?
What do you think of Alex?
He seems okay.
More specifically?
More specifically?
Alex is intelligent, sensitive,
charming, polite.
And he thinks|you're very talented.
You talked about me?
Why? Isn't it allowed?
- Do you think he'll help?|- I'm sure of it.
At what cost?
You'll make a deal.
Over you?
You're so tasteless.
- Me?|- Yes you.
We did everything in front of|you, and you knew everything
but you didn't do|anything to stop it.
If I was a bit more important
than your fucking film...
So don't blame me|for nothing, okay?
Have you slept with him?
Did you make him a|black coffee as well?
If I see the situation right,|I've been dumped.
So I don't know why|you're still here.
Nor do I.
Well I sure fucked that up.
Mrs Terka! I'm here.
Some stray electricity?
I don't know.
It must have come on while
I was dusting the remote.
That's why I love you so much.
Because of your sharp mind,|not because you clean well.
You're always pulling my leg.
Have you got any cake?|You know what kind I mean...
God forbid, Mrs Terka.
But seriously,|I'd like you to go.
- Why?|- You can take the TV.
I've got an important|business meeting.
And does Timi know about it?
I'll get it.
Who shall I say is calling?
I've come to see Ákos.
On what business?
I'll take it from|here, Mrs Terka.
And if she's a burglar?
We both know she isn't.
- Mrs Terka was just leaving.|- Oh yes.
Don't you need anything?|Drink, nibbles, coffee,
- A4 paper?|- A4 paper? What for?
For the meeting.
You look better than ever.
If only I knew why|you thought of me.
Ákos, I almost forgot. There's|cabbage stew in the fridge.
I made it for you.Your favorite,|but only enough for one.
Thanks, thanks.
- Where were we?|- You've got a strange maid.
And she's not even stoned.
A drink?
He knows.
Kentucky Bourbon
Did you hear what I said?
Who knows what?
Tamás, about us.
What about us?
What's between us.
What is between us?
Don't you thing|there's anithing!
I can belive it!
You might be the most beauti...
What are you talking about?
But I live in America,|you live here.
You said you don't|live anywhere.
I'm afraid we don't|have a future together.
You were just playing with me?
Alex, answer me.
Did I lay a finger on you?|Did I kiss you?
Ask you for anything?
So? Why do you say|I played with you?
Tamás played with you.
What do you mean?
You think our meeting at the|butcher's was a coincidence?
What an idiot I've been.|I'm such a stupid idiot.
Bloody hell!
You can't even fuck|in your own home.
What is it?
We need to talk.
I've been kicked|out of my apartment.
This isn't a good moment.
Oh, is Timi here?
Something... something similar.
Come back later, okay?
Okay. I just hope|it's not too late.
Kid, do you need money?
What a pair of|hopeless brothers.
My brother wants to|make a great film.
And I'm helping him raise money.
You are?
He's very talented.
Is he?
And we thought that|Marcus Insurance Co...
could perhaps|sponsor the film.
Yes, but I don't work|there any more.
They fired me|a couple of weeks ago.
Go on.
Isn't the kid with you?
No. Why?
He was here half an hour ago,|seemed pretty down.
But I was working|in your interest.
I though he'd gone to you.
I'm worried he's done|something stupid.
He's probably reading his|poems to drunks in the pub.
I'll pick you up|in ten minutes.
How could you let him go|if he was really that down?
Should I have given|him two candles?
"Here, see how to|have a good fuck?"
He's got no job, no apartment.|No chick.
His problem is that he doesn't fuck.
Is that all you think about?
Nothing else matters.
You'll realize eventually.
And you're his role model...
No. You're his role model.|You're the artists.
I'm just a stupid economist.
Crap, you're the|family success story.
Not for long,|you little Spielberg.
Which way now?
Look over there.
What's he doing?
Keep going, don't startle him.
I'll get out and talk to him.
He'll jump.
He hasn't got the guts.
Don't start needling him.
Relax. I studied psychology.
Yeah, advertising psychology.
He'll notice the car.
Take it home.
This is a job for the|head of the family.
I'll be home in half an hour.
Agree with anything he says.
Can you drive an automatic?
Hello kid.
Can't I get some|peace even here?
You wanted to chat. Here I am.
I don't want to any more.
Then let's go home.
Piss off.
Are you offended?
You know I always|follow my dick.
The dirtiest whore is more|important than me.
I'm doing it for|the family movie.
You're always doing|it for something.
Just like Tamás,
just like our father.
All except me.
- Your talents are different.|- What are they?
You were always the favorites.
'A' students,|'A' sportsmen,
'A' Casanovas.
You had the good jobs|stacks of money.
Brilliant careers.
You don't look at me|for months on end.
You bought me a pager
so you could reach me when I|was needed for some scam.
But you don't give a shit how I am.|Especially you.
At least don't interrupt now.
I'm wasting my breath anyway.
You can't change after 30.
We've grown up,
no-one can change things.
I've had enough.
I just want to|change this situation.
So farewell...
This is great rap.|You're a brilliant poet.
Better great than never!
I'm looking for Alex Brubeck.|Could you page him?
He's checked out.
Just now.
For good?
For good?
It seems that way.
Did he leave alone?
Who was he with?
An exceptionally|pretty young lady.
At least don't interrupt now.
Are you still awake?
Of course. Where are you?|In Hungary?
I'm at your place.|Where are you?
But why? How?
I found my keys, and I miss|you, and I love you, stupid!
Say that again.
Not that.
Can't I tell you in person?
I'm at Ákos' place, come over.
What are doing there at|two in the morning?
We are in deep trouble.
Okay, five minutes.
- Hello.|- Hello.
Isn't he with you?
He just popped out,|he'll be here soon.
Thanks. Keep the change.
What's this? A surprise party?
My family.
- I could have drowned.|- No you couldn't.
It's not career-specific,|you idiot.
It just occurred to me that|you can swim, and I can't.
And anyway, my allergy...
The little wanker threw|me in the river.
I didn't have any subtler|means of convincing him.
I've got the money!
I've got the money|for the film.
Half the budget.
Bloody hell.
It was here yesterday evening.
Where's Timi?
"Good morning dear."
"Just ringing|to say don't look for me."
"- Who're you phoning?|- Oh Alex. Just my ex."
"Are you crazy?"
"Hang up for God's sake.|We've got to leave."
Bloody hell. Look at this!
Police are searching for US|citizen Antal Mikó,
on suspicion of fraud under the|alias of Alex Brubeck...
...US authorities want him|for embezzlement,
and say he's probably operating|under the same name in Hungary.
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