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Dance with me?
In your dreams, loser!
Will you dance with me?
Will you dance with me?
I'd rather be boiled alive.
Hi, Kate.
Want to dance?
Maybe later, Jeremy.
Okay. Maybe later.
Hi, Dorothy.
Do you want to dance with me?
Check it out. Thick and thin getting it on.
-you like it, Buffalo? Getting hot? -Stop. Get away from me!
Did Pervert attack you?
Jeremy attacked me. He attacked me!
Pervert jumped Buffalo.
-I didn't know! -Pervert.
It's simple, really, Shelley.
you see, from an evolutionary point of view...
...Jason looks for an attractive young woman because he wants healthy kids.
And a young woman, like yourself...
...looks for a successful man like Jason because she wants to feel safe.
Jason has some spinach in his teeth.
Anyway, and so the species survives.
What else is there, really, in the end?
In the end.
...there's the check.
-Check, please. -yes.
-Could you get my car? -Of course.
Thank you.
No dessert?
No, I'm sorry. I have finals.
That's too bad.
-Thank you very much. -Thank you.
Muy expensivo.
Let's see, you had the salmon...
...and the crab cocktail. I had the chicken and the salad.
And that would be....
Okay, well. Thank you, Jason. It was nice to meet you.
What, that's it?
-What's it? -Don't I get a kiss?
-Excuse me? -Just a little fricking kiss.
Oh, God.
This hard-to-get shit doesn't play with Jason.
Jason, I'm not a doctor yet...
...but it's my considered opinion you seek psychiatric help...
Says you!
Jason likes your dress.
Okay, Chad, it's just you and me now.
I promise to be gentle.
Oh, the strong, silent type.
How refreshing.
Transversus abdominus.
Someone there?
-Oh, my God! -you scared the shit out of me.
Oh, wow.
It's awfully late. Will you be okay in here all alone?
Oh, yeah, I've got Chad. My corpse.
Good luck tomorrow.
-Thanks. you, too. -Thanks.
"The journey of love is an arduous trek
"My love grows for you as you bleed from your neck"
That's nice.
That's really nice.
Oh, my God! Stop!
Stop fucking around.
Come on, Kate, you promised!
Paige, today at work I wrote a column about computer monitor dust wipes.
-Isn't that enough pain for one day? -This isn't painful.
Painful is blind dating...
...or meeting someone on the lnternet and finding out 6-foot-ish is really--
5'4" with loafers, I know.
Kate, you'll meet 30 guys tonight.
you get 30 seconds apiece, unless you want more. It's brilliant.
It'll be fun.
I haven't really completely broken up with Adam yet.
But you will. Believe me, relationships don't make U-turns...
...and Adam's a drunk.
He's not a drunk.
He's a borderline addictive personality...
...who happens to like alcohol a lot.
All right, fine. Let's just do it already.
My mother's family dates back to the Mayflower.
I traced it myself.
She makes her own turtlenecks.
She had nine children.
Awesome, huh? She's....
She's a pretty amazing woman.
Left me out of the goddamn blue.
Says she can do better.
...l don't fulfill her needs...
It's obvious to me.
The girl's got to be a dyke.
Greatest team in the history of professional football: 49ers!
The Bible.
The Bible is the foundation of morality and marriage.
I know what you're thinking.
-you do? -you want to get the hell out of here.
That's pretty good.
Hi there.
Hi there.
I'm Paige.
Brian, did my friend mention that she's in a serious relationship?
No, actually, she didn't.
But I'm free.
you're appalling, you know that?
-Hey, you had your thirty seconds. -Twenty-four. you took my last six.
Dorothy, you won't believe what Paige made me do.
Oh, my God.
Shelley Fisher was taken long before her time.
We mourn not her loss, but ours.
And so this is the time for those of us left behind... share our burden.
I never know what to do in situations like this. I'm really bad at it.
I know that we're supposed to be taking a break and all.
I just thought you needed a friend.
I'm glad you're here.
What do I do?
I'm sorry.
Front page.
Kate, that's for Spencer Marks.
you remember. We both started on the paper together.
He just got lead reporter on the Giants... I got it for him as a gift. That's all.
-I'm sorry. It doesn't matter. -Of course it matters.
Look, I haven't touched a thing in three weeks.
I'm doing really good, Kate.
you think that we can get together this week?
Dinner or something?
-I don't know. -It's just dinner, not a marriage proposal.
Adam, the last time we had dinner...
...we ended up in a Lake Tahoe hotel for three days.
Oh, yeah, right.
-That. -yeah.
-I'll call you, okay? -yeah.
He looks good, huh?
Kate, that boy always looks good.
Was that Adam?
Don't give me a hard time right now.
Jesus, Paige, it's a funeral.
Did you see the police are here?
I know.
So awful.
How are you doing, Lily? Are you okay?
I don't know.
I can't believe she's gone.
Excuse me, ladies.
I'm Detective Vaughn. Are you friends of Shelley?
We've known her since we were kids.
Okay if I ask a few questions?
-Sure. -yeah.
When did you last see her?
About a year ago.
-More like two for me. -Same here.
She was really busy with med school.
you know anyone named Jason Marquette?
Who's that?
Shelley was with him the night she died. Now he's missing.
Listen, ladies.
you think of anything, anyone...
...just give me a call.
Okay, ladies. Take care.
"Roses are red
"Violets are blue
"They'll need dental records to identify you! "
Hey, Dorothy.
Hey, Campbell.
Come in.
Cozy little place you have.
Is everything okay?
Actually, I feel a little weird about this.
I tried calling you earlier, but you weren't home.
I need to ask a favor.
My roommate left town without paying his share of the rent.
When I got home today, all my stuff had been thrown out on the sidewalk.
Skis, CDs, clothes, everything just gone.
The timing couldn't be worse. Every penny I have... invested in this startup.
-Can you please make up a guest room? -No, I couldn't--
-Did your father say? -No. I said.
-Dorothy, I'm embarrassed about this-- -Don't be ridiculous.
Go get yourself settled in, and I will be right there.
you are the best.
-Thanks. -you're welcome.
Who's your friend?
He's Campbell. I met him at yoga and he's off-limits.
Let my dad know he's staying here.
Is he the reason you're always on the treadmill?
Kim, you're not my girlfriend or my mother.
I'm just taking an interest in your life.
you know, as your stepmom.
When you're old enough to rent a car, we can discuss your role as my stepmom.
In the meantime, don't talk about my sex life.
you have a sex life?
I do. And I don't charge by the hour like you.
How dare you!
Get your hands off me, you mail-order bride from hell!
Hey, break it up, you two!
She just called me "a mail-order bride from hell."
Who knows what she just called me?
It's okay, sweetheart.
you have to show more respect to my wife.
But, Dad! She--
Not today!
It's Murray the super. Leave a message.
Murray, it's Kate in 403.
I don't have any water, and I need to be at work in half an hour.
I've got crap in my hair and--
Damn it!
Murray, are you there?
Perfect timing, Murray.
Hello, Kate.
Hi, Gary.
you look great, Kate.
How about a date, Kate?
you can be my mate, Kate.
you're scary, Gary.
This could be our fate, Kate.
Hey there, Lily.
Hey there yourself.
ThanŽk you for requesting my tape. My name is Lance.
Hello, Lance.
I thinŽk I'm perfect for you.
I'm outgoing, I'm fun, I'm 6-foot-ish.
I liŽke board games.
I play a lot of ocean sports. You Žknow, ŽkayaŽk--
Goodbye, Lance.
Better luck next time, Lance.
Who is it?
Who is it?
There's nobody there!
It's probably Lance. He doesn't clear the peephole.
-That's strange. -They were fast.
I bet it's from Max.
The rose.
Let's see it.
"'Tis a well-known fact that beauty is skin deep
"Savor the taste you are what you eat"
Well, that's sweet. I think.
It's the strangest valentine I've ever seen.
Oh, look. It's not from Max. Look, "J.M."
-Must be for you. -Why?
you've covered much more of the alphabet than I have. Who's J.M.?
Bite me. It's definitely for you.
you say it's for me, it's for me.
-John McCrite. -Never even made a pass at me.
Jeff Mallick?
Not his style. Jake Matheson.
Who was the guy who sent you the computer virus?
Beckett Broda.
Damn. J.M.
Jeremy Melton?
Who's Jeremy Melton?
I'm kidding.
No, who's Jeremy Melton?
Come on! Sixth grade.
Pervert. Sixty pounds.
Buck teeth. "you look so pretty, Paige! "
-He can't still live in town, can he? -Lily, I'm kidding!
No, I know, it's just.... What do you think happened to him?
I don't know. What does it matter?
It doesn't.
God, we were so horrible to that kid.
All I know is that was nasty.
I'm talking maggots. Actual live worms inside the chocolate.
At least he left it at the door.
I swear there was someone in my apartment.
you must have left your door unlocked.
We were all so looped when we left.
But it still freaked me out. you should've seen this mask.
Look what we have here.
He's subtle.
you want to come over?
I guess not.
-'Bye! -Hey, guys.
This is Max.
Hi, Max. I'm Kate.
Hello, Kate.
That will do, Max.
I'm just being polite, Paige.
So, isn't the show great?
yeah, it's great. Cheers.
Better than your last one.
you hate it.
It's all right. I hate it too, sometimes.
But an artist has got to explore.
Max, I'm sorry. We're having trouble with the video playback in the maze.
Forgive me.
I'll be right back, you guys.
-Hi! -Hello.
I'm Paige.
Hi, Paige. I'm Campbell.
So, what brings you to this fascinating cultural event, Campbell?
That's a very good question. I'm here with--
Hi, guys! I see you've met Campbell.
Paige was just hitting on him.
Sorry, I didn't know.
Campbell, this is Kate and Lily, and I see you've already met Paige.
Nice to meet all of you.
We all had headgear and braces together.
Really? you all seem to have turned out all right.
-Can I get you a drink? -yes, please.
Dorothy, what else have you been keeping to yourself?.
Valentine's Day.
What does it mean?
What's it really about? Celebration of true love?
It was really strange. A cupid mask, like a cherub.
Like at that Valentine's Day dance?
What dance?
Junior high. God, Jeremy Melton.
Oh, my God, this is so weird. We were just talking about him this afternoon.
So, ladies and gentlemen...
...l hope you enjoy your blind date.
If you would, I need the ladies to go to the left and the men to the right.
Ladies one side, men the other.
Ladies one side, men the other.
What do you liŽke to do?
What do you liŽke to do?
-What is wrong with this guy? -Dorothy!
-Look at that one. -Sorry.
What do you liŽke to do?
What do you liŽke to do?
This is like a lingerie commercial.
That's his point. It's art. Just keep going.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
Love me.
-What? -Who's that?
Hey, Amy.
That's Amy.
What do you mean, "that's Amy"? Get her out of here!
But I invited her here.
Excuse me?
-Jesus, relax. -What the hell are you doing?
It's not like we're in junior high school.
Look, I have to go.
I have an early flight tomorrow. Forget this!
-Great. What's the matter? -"What's the matter?"
The problem is, you turned out to be a cheap, hypocritical sleazeball.
yeah, but you knew that.
So, does this mean you won't be my valentine?
I said I want my money back.
Hey, leech, I'm talking to you.
I don't know what you're talking--
-Oh, really? -That's right.
-Is everything okay? -yeah.
-If it isn't the latest victim. -Excuse me, who are you?
-That's none of your business. -She's no one.
No one.
Just the idiot who's still waiting for the return on her lnternet investment.
What did you call that again? ""?
That's nice. Let's go, Dorothy.
Watch your back, leech.
-Sorry I didn't go. -you didn't miss much.
Except for some crazy woman attacking Dorothy's boyfriend.
And some really bad art.
The stuff was basically porn.
Sounds okay.
Things have just been really weird lately.
Today, I find this cupid mask in the elevator.
I turn around and there's my creepy neighbor leering at me.
"Don't be late, Kate. you're first rate, Kate." Him?
yeah, him.
Every time I do laundry, he's there. Day, night, it doesn't matter.
Knock it off.
yesterday, my underwear was missing.
Don't worry, that was me.
I like to try them on, you know?
Makes me feel free. Tap into my, you know, feminine side.
-What's it gonna be tonight? -Can I have a Corona?
Just a club soda, please.
Actually, make that two.
...what do you say?
I'm just asking you for a chance, that's all.
I want to, Adam...
...but you drink, and you get out of control, and it scares me.
I've stopped. I've changed.
So, it won't make a difference if you wait.
I don't get it. We told you we haven't seen Shelley in over a year.
-How are we gonna help you? -Humor me.
Wasn't there another one of you?
She's out of town.
These are remembrance cards sent to the parents.
Look at this.
It's odd.
-Jeremy Melton, jeez. -Who's Jeremy Melton?
This loser from sixth grade.
-He and Shelley were friends? -No.
We haven't seen him in years. Why would he send a card?
Because it's him.
It's Jeremy.
I got an awful valentine the other day...
...saying they were gonna kill me, signed "J.M."
Ours, too. The card and our chocolates.
you both received threatening notes signed "J.M."?
I say I'm looking for a Jason Marquette, you don't mention it?
I thought it was a joke.
Why would Jeremy want to hurt you?
He attacked me at a dance. He got sent to reform school because of it.
That explains why he threatened you. But why Shelley? Why your friends?
-I don't know, but he is. -you don't know that.
Some kid that you teased in the sixth grade... probably not worth getting all worked up over.
But I'll go check it out anyway.
you do that.
-I'm next. I know I'm next. -What are you talking about?
Because Jeremy got sent to reform school because of me.
Dorothy, he attacked you.
He did attack you, right?
He didn't.
-I just said that he did. -Why would you do that?
you guys wouldn't understand.
Do you remember what I looked like back then?
you were bigger.
you were big-boned.
-you were plump. -I was fat, okay?
The only guy that looked at me that night was Jeremy.
And when those guys came up and saw us making out...
...l couldn't bear it and so...
...l lied.
And I said he attacked me.
Why didn't you say something about this to Vaughn?
I just couldn't.
Dorothy, I really wouldn't worry about this.
Jeremy Melton couldn't manage a water fountain without screwing up.
I don't think he's capable of an intricate revenge plot.
you scared me! What are you doing here?
-I thought we were having dinner. -We are?
We are. I'm sorry. I completely forgot.
I'm just a little distracted.
What's up?
It's probably nothing.
you wouldn't believe me if I told you.
you think it's far-fetched?
This whole Jeremy Melton Revenge of the Nerds theory.
I don't know.
What should I do?
I'm thinking Mexico, the two of us, until this all blows over.
-you want to come up? -yeah, I do.
Believe me.
I do.
I don't want you to do something...
...that you'll write off as a weak moment tomorrow.
So get upstairs before I lose my will.
Don't worry about it, all right?
Everything's gonna be all right.
First, you guys get Melton shipped off to reform school.
A year later, he lands in juvenile hall.
Six months after that, a state-run mental hospital.
That's awful.
you must have done some number on him.
Where is he now?
All we know is that his parents died in a fire a couple years back.
-Was he involved? -I don't know. Ruled an accident.
I want to show you something.
I pulled a file photo, and I ran some enhancements.
Here we go.
That's him.
But know anybody that looks like this?
Or this?
Or this?
Or this.
Brown contacts, blue, green...
...beard, goatee, mustache? Ten years is a long time.
And there's the possibility of plastic surgery.
Do you have more recent photos?
Don't you think we'd be looking at them?
The point is, this could be anyone. Where's your friend Lily?
We told you. She's in L.A.
What do you know about Max Raimi?
Just that he is an artist. A bad one.
I know, I've seen his work.
What about the rest of you? Any boyfriends?
Paige, for example?
The short answer is no.
What about you?
Sort of. But I've known him a while.
Meaning what?
Meaning, we used to work at the same paper.
He covers the Giants.
His mother is a lawyer, his father is a teacher. They're from Seattle.
How's that?
What about you?
I have a boyfriend.
But I can guarantee you he's not Jeremy Melton.
-Why don't you let me decide? -His name is Campbell.
And he's very smart. He's starting his own lnternet venture.
How long have you known him?
-A month. -Where did you meet him?
At yoga. But it's a very exclusive gym, okay?
I thought Campbell is staying with you.
Well, he is.
His roommate didn't pay the rent, so....
Dorothy, you met this guy a month ago and he's staying with you?
There have been guys whose last names you didn't know...
...that you let into your pants. I'm just letting this guy into my house.
you don't have to be bitchy.
So while we're on the topic, Dorothy...
...what is Campbell's last name?
you know, that's it. This is bullshit.
I don't have to answer these questions.
I'll see you guys later.
That went well.
-I got to go. -Me, too.
Paige, actually, I'd like you to stay a moment.
Am I in trouble, detective?
-you want to interrogate me? -It will just take a second.
-Talk later? -Sure, if I'm not under arrest.
Please take a seat.
So, what are we gonna do about this?
I thought that was your job. you're the detective, right?
I'm not talking about the case.
Don't be coy. I'm talking about this.
The tension?
The sexual tension.
Let's be frank.
Detective Vaughn, please remove your hand from my thigh.
All right. Where would you like me to put it?
How about up your ass?
Have a good day.
So, you'll get back to me on that?
Who the fuck are you?
It's not what it looks like, brother.
Take it easy. I am not well.
Here you go.
Happy Valentine's Day.
-Happy Valentine's Day. -I came by to drop off a gift.
I'd have been here earlier, but I was with that detective.
It was very romantic, actually.
-I wanted to explain. -Nothing to explain.
-He's talking to everybody. -Kate, don't worry about it.
Do you need a date for Dorothy's party tonight?
you don't want to go to a Valentine's party alone.
So where's my gift?
I picked it out myself.
It's very cute.
I got you something, too.
-you got my suit cleaned. -Turn around.
This is outstanding.
-I love that. -Can't get that at the mall.
-What the hell are you doing? -What are you doing here?
Detective Vaughn is a disgusting, lecherous scumbag.
-What happened? -After you left he put his hand on my thigh.
-Did you ask him to? -What do you think?
I don't know.
-Hello? -It's Dorothy.
Hold on, Dorothy. Paige is here, too.
Hey, Dorothy.
Kate nearly clubbed me on the head with an iron.
They came for Campbell.
I Žknow. They questioned Adam, too.
Did they call Adam or did they question him for two hours?
They've requested that Campbell not leave town for a few days.
It's humiliating.
Did you give Vaughn his name?
Then how did he get it?
He's a detective.
You go bacŽk and forth about Adam. "Should I or shouldn't l?"
Campbell is all I've got.
I don't want to be dumped before my party.
Just hang up the phone and make it up to the guy if he's so upset.
What do you mean?
Use your imagination.
-Thanks, Paige. -You're welcome.
She's so ridiculous.
-Do you need instructions? -It's Detective Vaughn, Kate.
Sorry, detective.
Good news. We picked up Marquette.
-Does this mean that it's Jeremy? -We haven't questioned him yet.
But if it isn't Melton, you'll keep looking?
We'll Žkeep pursuing every angle. Meantime, be careful.
Stay with your friends. I'll let you know when I have more.
Thank you, detective.
Picked up Marquette.
What do we have here?
Plan is to have this up and running by tonight.
I'm sorry about this morning.
Don't even worry about it, really. It's not a big deal.
Happy Valentine's Day.
Dorothy, what--
I had no idea we were exchanging.
I'm embarrassed. Do I open it?
Put it on.
you like it?
Do I like it?
-I love it. -yeah?
Don't worry about it.
It's just that--
I'm gonna go take a shower.
Now it's my turn.
It's so beautiful.
Thank you.
Listen, I have that investor meeting--
-you're leaving? -Just for drinks. It'll be an hour, tops.
you have the militant Millicent here.
She's got her army of caterers and workmen so you'll be just fine.
yeah, I guess.
Well... you care to join me now?
Tempting, tempting...
...but I want to work out before my meeting.
But I promise you I'll be back for the party, okay?
Evan Wheeler. Account number 3-1-6-5-9-3-6.
Look, we've been over this three times already.
And I realize it's the entire account.
February 16, 1940.
Mother's maiden name? Sather.
Any other questions?
San Francisco.
What's that?
Don't tell me where the fuck I was born. Just transfer the damn funds!
yes, Dorothy?
We lost the hot water in the main house.
Could you do me a favor and relight the pilot in the basement?
Sure, that's no problem.
Fucking perfect. Now I'm on the staff.
Damn it!
Fucking perfect.
I think that's worth at least a Porsche.
There you are. Excuse me.
There you are.
-Any luck finding a date tonight? -I'm playing phone tag with Brian.
-Who? -Brian.
-Remember the guy from Turbo Dating? -Right.
-I'm gonna go look around. -Okay. Have fun.
Still no Campbell?
Well, it's only...
...1 1 :00.
He said he'd be here before the party.
I'm not an idiot, Kate. I know when I'm being dumped.
-you're not getting dumped. -Right.
-Happy Valentine's Day, ladies. -Hey, Adam.
-you look great. -So do you.
yeah, you look great.
-Nice party, Dorothy. -It blows.
Everything okay?
yeah, everything is fine. It's just that men suck.
That's no offense to you, Adam.
None taken.
Okay. Excuse me.
He'll get here, Dorth. Don't worry.
Don't ask.
Are you doing anything later on?
Actually, I'm busy.
I'm gonna hook up with a young stud. Get a little action.
Really? Sounds good. Anyone I know?
I'm young, reasonably good-looking.
It shouldn't be that difficult finding volunteers.
yeah, you'll do.
Hey, hot stuff.
you came.
I like how you move.
Why don't you join me?
you know...
...l'd much rather take you upstairs.
What's upstairs?
Something I want to show you.
It's a surprise.
I love surprises.
We're upstairs now.
yes, we are.
you had a surprise for me?
yes, I do.
you brought me up here to show me your penis.
That's so sweet.
What are you waiting for, honey?
Wax it!
-you're unbelievable. -Paige.
Relax, okay?
It'll be fun.
All right.
Take off your shirt.
All right.
Don't forget your pants.
Now lay down.
What are you doing?
Never mind. It's a surprise.
I knew it.
Knew what?
First time I saw you, I knew you were kinky, Paige.
you still want me to wax it?
yes, I do.
God, Paige! Bitch!
This party sucks.
Things didn't go well with Brian?
Oh, my God.
-This is a private party. -Get your little paws off me.
-What is she doing here? -She was just leaving, Dorothy.
That's my necklace!
What? Campbell gave this to me.
And what are you supposed to be? His valentine?
I don't think so, sweetie. That necklace was stolen!
Along with half the rest of my jewelry.
Hurts, doesn't it?
He loves me.
He loves your trust fund.
-Trust me. -Time to go.
Watch the jacket!
Now this party officially sucks.
No kidding.
Where are you going?
To chill out.
Hello again.
Wait a minute. Where are you running off to?
What do you want, Max?
Easy, sweetness.
I wanted to know if you've seen Lily.
She's in L.A. And don't call me "sweetness."
Well, sweetness, Lily is not in L.A.
What are you talking about?
I called her office, and they said she never showed up.
Are you sure?
About what?
Hello. Max, about Lily.
How long have you known this?
you're really at home in this outfit, girl.
you just look yum.
What are you supposed to be?
I was just....
-Are you okay? -yeah.
Listen. That Max guy said that Lily never showed up in L.A.
Have you heard anything from her?
But I bet Paige has.
-Do you think he's here? -Who?
-Jeremy Melton. -God, I hope not.
My dad's got a gun in his study.
That's a good way to get us both killed.
It's Detective Vaughn. We had to let Marquette go.
What do you mean?
We didn't have enough evidence to hold him.
He could be anywhere, like your party.
What? What happened?
Listen, our friend Lily never showed up in L.A.
Stay put, stay in groups, I'm on my way.
They had to let Marquette go.
So now they've got nothing?
Come on.
Which one of the Twelve Steps is this?
There you are. I've been looking all over for you.
I wasn't at the bottom of a bottle?
Don't be mad! It's Valentine's Day.
Get away from me.
Does someone want to be my valentine?
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
All right, get the fuck out.
Get off of me!
Stop it! Stop!
-Kate! -yeah?
Shit, we blew a fuse.
Come on. Grab Stephanie. Let's go.
Jesus, this place cleared out fast.
Where is Paige?
Probably in the hot tub. She always ends up in the hot tub at parties.
-Where's Adam? -Did you check the wine cellar?
-Could be him, you know. -What could be him?
-Come on, Dorothy. -No, don't "come on, Dorothy" me.
Why the hell not?
Because I know Adam.
He's no angel, but he's not a murderer.
you didn't know he was an alcoholic when you first met him either.
I don't know if I trust your judgment.
That's enough!
Come on! With a little working out and some plastic surgery...
...why couldn't Jeremy Melton become Adam Carr?
Then by the same logic, why couldn't Jeremy Melton be Campbell?
...should take that back.
Look, Dorothy.
I'm not saying it's true. I'm saying if we're gonna be pointing fingers....
I mean, you heard what that Ruthie woman said.
How well do you really know Campbell?
you don't even know his last name, for God's sake.
-you really can't stand it, can you? -Can't stand what?
That I found someone just as good as your boyfriend.
Just as smart and just as good-looking.
-That's ridiculous. -I mean, why?
Why should l, why should the fat girl, get a turn?
-What? -Come on, Kate!
you were always the popular one, and Shelley was the brainy one...
...Lily was the fun one and Paige was the sexy one, and I was...
...the big, fat one.
As far as you're concerned, that's exactly the way that it is.
you know what?
Screw all of you.
Come back!
Come on!
Come on, Vaughn.
This is Detective Leon Vaughn, SFPD. Leave a message.
It's you.
-It's me. -you're still here.
Still here.
I heard a noise. I thought something happened to Dorothy.
Dorothy's a big girl.
What do you mean?
Dance with me, Kate.
-I just want to find Dorothy. -I'm asking you nicely.
Dance with me.
Don't make me beg.
I screwed up.
you had a few drinks. It's not the end of the world.
No, you're disappointed.
I'm just worried that you'll hurt me.
Hurt you?
Hurt you?
No, baby, I love you.
you're the only good thing in my life.
All these other people, they can just die as far as I care.
But you... mean something to me.
What's the matter? you're shaking.
I don't want to hurt you either, Adam.
I understand.
But I will.
What the hell's going on?
What happened back there, I just want to talk about this.
I'm sorry.
I guess I was just a little upset about the drinking.
you were doing so well.
Why do you want to hurt me?
I love you. Always loved you.
-Stay away from me! -Come on.
-Adam, I'm sorry. -It's all right.
I'm so sorry!
All right. It's over.
It's over.
-No, don't look! -It's all right.
Don't look at her.
It's at the top of the street on the right, please hurry.
Police are on their way.
I don't understand.
A few weeks ago, she was so happy.
Happier than I'd ever seen her.
It's okay.
I just don't understand.
All I can think is when someone is that lonely...
...or that angry...
...they can learn to hide it.
But inside, it never dies.
It just stays there.
Eats away at you.
Until one day you have to do something about it.
But we all liked her. We were her friends.
Sometimes that's not enough, I guess.
I am so sorry for the way I was before.
None of that matters now.
I love you, Adam.
I love you, Kate.
I always have.
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