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Valmont (1989) CD1

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Cecile, darling.
Cecile, do you remember Madame de Merteuil?
Why, yes, of course.
What a beautiful young lady.
The last time I saw you,|you were just a little girl.
Madame, is it true that I'm getting married?
Who told you that?
Everybody's been talking about it.
I'm not supposed to say anything...
...but yes, it's true.
-To whom?|-I can't say.
-Please, Madame, please.|-I mean, I don't know.
Your mother's been so secretive about it.
But can you try and find out, please?
It's really sweet to see Cecile|so excited about her marriage.
Yes, she's excited, very excited.
-lt almost has me worried.|-Why?
She's been at that convent since she was 11.
She's so innocent, so unprepared.
As long as her husband doesn't mind.
On the contrary.|He seems obsessed by her purity, virginity.
Who is he?
It was he who suggested|that she stay at the convent till the wedding.
That's very thoughtful. I like this in a man.
Who is he?
I'd rather not say.
I agreed to let him make the announcement.
I see.
My dear,|I'd love you to spend some time with Cecile.
She could learn so much from you.
I want her to enter this marriage|as innocent as she is...
...and as wise as you are.
You flatter me.
Do you see how I hold my fan?
Won't you introduce me|to your enchanting friend?
Cecile, if you allow your hand|to be held too long... will take it as an encouragement.
Is this your first opera, mademoiselle?
Should I answer?
If you do answer...
...a man will take it as an invitation.
If you don't,|a gentleman will know he should leave.
So what should I do?
What do you want to do?
Yes, this is my first opera.
-I've never been to one before.|-Do you do any singing yourself?
Monsieur de Valmont,|may I have a word with you, please?
That young lady is the daughter of my cousin...
...Madame de Volanges.
She's about to get married,|and she's under my protection.
So you keep away from her.
How old did you say she was?
Fifteen, you monster.
I just wanted to let you know|that I'm going to leave Paris for a while.
Where are you going?
Do you really want to know?
If you want to tell me.
I'm going to visit my old aunt.
Your old aunt.
My old aunt, yes.
How old is your old aunt?
You know her, Madame de Rosemonde.
Madame de Rosemonde is still alive?
So if you get bored with playing chaperon,|you'll know where to find me.
And if you come, I'll be very happy.
Very happy.
Give my love to Madame de Rosemonde.
Who was that?
Cecile, that man is very bad|for a young lady's reputation.
Your mother shouldn't even know|he was in our box.
Is he your lover?
One doesn't ask questions like that.
Certainly not of a widow.
Widows don't have lovers?
No, they don't.
I want more.
Then... might have to find yourself another lover.
I'm very happy with the one I have.
You're not bored yet?
Unspeakably bored.
When shall I see you again?
Monday. I can't.
I'm afraid not.
I'll have to let you know.
Are you seeing somebody else?
Of course not.
Good afternoon, Madame.
No, it's A in the right hand, not B-flat.
-Madame!|-No. Don't stop.
This is...
I'm sorry.
-Chevalier de Danceny.|-Yes, Danceny.
He's giving me my music lessons.
-Nervous?|-Madame, feel my heart.
Don't be silly. Everyone will love your singing.
That's not it.
It's my husband, my fiance.
I know he's going to be there.|I know my mother's invited him.
Can you try and find out who he is?
My dear.
Cecile is so nervous. Poor thing.
She believes that her fiance is here today. Is he?
See? How does she know that? She's so clever.
-I never told her anything.|-Which one is he?
-You'll keep it to yourself?|-Of course.
Come. I'll introduce you, but...
Why is he so secretive?
I think he has a mistress,|and he's having trouble getting rid of her.
I heard she's a little...
I understand.
Monsieur de Gercourt, may I introduce you|to Madame de Merteuil?
You two know one another?
Do we?
If you remember that we do, madame...
...then your memory must be better than mine.
Then I suppose that we don't.
You couldn't have made a better choice, my dear.
"A knight riding through the glade
"Chanced on a pretty maid
"And as the sunlight played
"He wooed the pretty lady
"'Sir, go thy way,' the maiden replied
"'My lord came today to make me his bride
"'There are others, other roses
"'Leave me to my lord and go'
"Now, he did not believe it true
"Swore he would win the maid
"But her lord came and slew
"Both knight and pretty lady
"Friends, though your rose be so fair..."
She's so adorable.
I can't even feel jealous.
I wish you all the happiness in the world.
Thank you.
Is she...
Just resting, sir. Just resting.
-Shall I...|-No.
Let's take it out.
Is it my turn?
Do you remember me?
Of course I remember you.
-Just jog my memory a little.|-I'm Madame de Merteuil.
Of course you are, my dear.
-I just arrived.|-I know you've just arrived.
Where is my table?
Where is everybody?
There she is.
Give me a push.
May I invite you for a ride?
No, you may not.
-Why not?|-I can't swim.
Neither can I.
No. My husband, he would|never forgive me if I drowned.
-Where is your husband, madame?|-He's in Rouen.
-You live in Rouen?|-No. We live in Paris.
My husband is a judge|and he has an important case in Rouen.
Do you love your husband, madame?
Yes, I love him very much.
-So why aren't you with him?|-Because I'm visiting your aunt.
Besides, when my husband works on|important cases he prefers to be alone.
-Does he often work on important cases?|-Yes, quite often.
-Then you must be an exceptional woman.|-No, it's...
-Not exceptional. Why?|-To love a husband who's never there.
-Are you married, Monsieur de Valmont?|-No.
I'm in love.
-You're in love.|-Yes.
-Then why aren't you with her?|-I am with her.
I'm talking to her right now.
-You shouldn't have said that.|-Why not? Is it wrong to be in love?
No, as long as the feeling's|mutual and legitimate.
Does that mean you don't love me?
Of course I don't love you.
Don't do that!
Monsieur de Valmont!
Monsieur de Valmont, please!
Don't do that. You frightened me.
What does it matter if I drown?|You don't love me.
Look, sometimes my friends|tell me I'm naive, but...
I'm not so silly that I don't see what you want.
Yes? What do I want?
If you don't stop talking that way,|we can't be friends.
All I want is to be near you...
...and to hear you telling me over and over|again that you don't love me at all.
No, I'm not clever enough to talk to you.
Help me!
Help me!
Help! Help!
What happened?
An accident.
So you did come.
Thank you, Azolan. I won't be needing you.
Yes, he will.
Prepare his traveling clothes and pack the rest.
-We're going to Paris.|-Wait.
-Why?|-I need you in Paris...
...very much.
You may go.
What is it?
You remember my little cousin|from the opera?
-You remember she's getting married?|-Yes.
Guess to whom.
How could I guess?
Monsieur de Gercourt.
Where do I fit in?
You're the only one who can help me.
Do you want me to challenge him to a duel?
Vicomte, for what I have in mind...
...I need you very much alive.
You know, little Cecile...
She reminds me so much of myself|when I was 15.
She's naive, innocent...
She's naive, innocent...
I want you to put an end to it.
I want you to take her virginity.
I want Gercourt to discover|on his wedding night...
...that he didn't get there first.
I want to make him the laughingstock of Paris.
You want me to seduce a little girl...
...who's seen nothing...
...who knows nothing...
...who'll probably flop on her back|out of simple curiosity?
You don't need me for that. Anyone can do that.
But I thought you liked her.|I thought I was doing you a favor.
Besides, I can't go to Paris now.
-Why?|-The air here is so fresh.
And you hear the birds singing.|You never hear the birds in Paris.
Who is she?
May I change the subject, madame?
Change anything you want, my dear.
Do you love your husband?
Yes, I love him very much.
Then why are you here?
Why aren't you with him?
I'm afraid the Marquise and I share|the same banal curiosity.
Seems that Madame de Tourvel's husband|prefers to be alone when he works.
Men always say they prefer to be alone,|but I love my husband.
So, I go where he goes.
-Out of love?|-Why else?
Fear, maybe?
Fear? Of what?
-That you might be tempted.|-You mean, I might be tempted.
Shush, my love.
Are you hinting|that I could be unfaithful to my husband?
Not now, but, if you were alone...
Monsieur de Valmont,|you simply don't understand women.
You're right.
If a woman wants a little adventure,|she doesn't need to be alone.
She can manage it perfectly well|right under her husband's nose.
Isn't that true, madame?
That's not at all what I meant, madame.
Monsieur de Valmont,|I know some women might be weak...
...believe me,|there are women who will always be true.
A true woman is a contradiction in terms.
Not always.
I believe that some women stay true.
I find them fascinating.
Men usually do.
I've noticed that.
Why is that?
Because men are always|chasing after visions, my dear.
They want us to be angels.
But in bed, they want us to be demons, my dear.
Yes, indeed.
But there always comes that morning surprise...
...when you wake up in the arms|of an ordinary woman.
Do you agree, Vicomte?
I believed that for a long time.
-And you don't anymore?|-No.
It seems to me, Vicomte,|that you believe one thing in Paris...
...and another in the country.
Maybe I believe one thing when I'm in love|and another when I'm not in love.
There's something|I've been wondering about all evening.
If you had your choice of all the ladies present... whose arms would you spend the night?
No. That's not fair to Monsieur de Valmont.
The question is...
...which one of you ladies|would like to spend the night with him?
We all would?
Not me.
Not me.
I don't think the question is worth answering.
I suppose that just leaves me.
-Good night.|-Good night.
You disappoint me.
That's what's keeping you here? Tell me.
Are you really falling in love?
Would that make you jealous?
Not really.
-Why not?|-Because you're wasting your time.
-I don't think so.|-You'll never have her.
What do you want to wager?
Anything you want.
Your body.
And if you lose?
Anything you want.
I want you to...
...shut yourself in a monastery,|anoint yourself with ashes...
...and repent for all your sins.
I accept.
Good night, my little monk.
I'm afraid you'll be very lonely.
Remember me in your prayers sometime.
You know, I keep thinking about|one thing you said at dinner.
I said so many things.
It had to do with your husband's nose.
And I thought you weren't interested.
Where have you been?|I've been looking for you desperately.
-Why? What happened?|-lt's horrible.
-lt's Cecile.|-What?
Did I show you the cabinet I gave Cecile?
It's an exquisite piece.
I told her,|"You can lock all your secrets in there."
Do you know what she said?
"Maman, you know it will never be locked."
Isn't that the sweetest thing|a daughter can say to a mother?
It's locked.
-I have a duplicate key, of course.|-Of course.
So I looked inside.
Do you know what I found?
Letters. Love letters.
-From...|-From her miserable music teacher.
-That little boy?|-That little snake!
What did you do?
I didn't do anything.
Cecile doesn't even know I've read the letters.
I don't want her to know I have a key.
-Does her fiance know about this?|-Of course not.
Why don't I talk to her|and see what I can find out?
Madame! Where have you been?|I've missed you.
How beautiful you look!
Thank you.
We must go to the opera again sometime.
I'd love to. It was so wonderful to see all that.
And those chandeliers and the music.
You should ask your music teacher|to teach you some songs from the opera.
I'll do that.
You happy with your music teacher?
He's a wonderful teacher, and...
I can't tell you.
...if we're to be friends...
...we must trust each other completely.
He's been writing me letters.
Has he?
He writes so beautifully, madame.
What does he say?
I don't know, really.
He has all these feelings.
He's sad.
He has longings.
Do you love him, Cecile?
No, I don't.
So, should I answer him?
If you don't love him... would be very wrong to encourage him.
But, madame, I lied.
I lied to you. I do love him. I'm so in love.
I don't want to marry my husband, madame.
He's old, and he's ugly.
I love Danceny.
Please, madame, help me.|I don't know what to do.
Let's write Danceny a letter.
I've already written him one.
May I see it?
You're not telling him|what you want to tell him, Cecile.
Get your pen.
-What do you call him?|-Chevalier.
Dear Chevalier...
Your love gives me the courage|to follow my heart.
I long to meet you somewhere...
...where we can finally be alone.
Our biggest obstacle is my mother.
-So?|-There's nothing to worry about.
Do you think so?
You won't believe|how innocent the whole thing is.
For example, do you know how|those letters get exchanged?
-How?|-But please...
...Cecile shouldn't know that I told you.
My dear.
They put them in the strings of the harp.
"Pity the fate of a fair young maiden
"Searching the meadows and woods in fear
"Useless for her to expend all her efforts
"Or to flee when a shepherd draws near
"If at night, as she turns to go home
"He who has watched her will then appear
"She must yield to my magical powers
"She cannot hope to keep her flower safe
"No matter how hard she try
"I'm a great wizard, a wizard am I
"I'm a great wizard, a wizard am l"
When you practice, mademoiselle,|you have to watch out for this passage.
Your rhythm's quavering a bit.
You have to try and keep it steady.
Your daughter's a wonderful student, madame.
Take the cover off, Emile.
Why, maman?
What is this?
What is this?
I don't know.
It's a letter, madame.
It's a letter I wrote to your daughter.
She doesn't know anything about it.|She's telling the truth.
I'm glad to hear that, at least.
Will you wait for me here, young man?|Come along, Cecile.
Sit down.
Now tell me the truth.
You knew about the letter, didn't you?
No, I didn't. I swear I didn't know.
-ls this the first letter he wrote to you?|-Yes.
So why are you locking your cabinet?
Is it locked?
Give me the key.
I don't know where it is.
It's hanging round your neck.
I'm sorry, maman.
Forgive me. Please. I'm sorry.
Please, maman, forgive me.
Young man, you have abused my hospitality...
...and you have abused|the innocence of my child.
You will never be admitted to this house again.
Here are the letters you had the audacity|to give to my daughter.
I want you to send me the letters|she wrote to you and I want them today.
-You may go.|-But, madame...
I don't want to have to call my footman.
Madame, I just want you to know that|I've never abused your hospitality...
...and I will never give back|the letters Cecile wrote to me.
In them, she opened her heart to me, not to you.
I won't betray her confidence.
Her trust means more to me than all your anger.
Do you remember me?
I have a letter for you from Cecile.
My dear Cecile... be alone with you is my greatest desire.
And Madame de Merteuil...
...has devised a plan for us to meet.
She will explain all the details to you.
I'll invite you and your mother to the opera.
But maman has forbidden me|even to leave the house for two weeks.
Which is why you will decline my invitation... a good girl... that your mother suspects nothing.
Do you understand?
Then, when your mother and I...
...are just about to leave for the opera...
...I want you to run in and say...
Maman, may I come with you?
Please? I promise... Maman.
Let me come with you! Please!|I want to go with you so much!
My angel, don't think I don't love you,|but you know perfectly well what you did... stop acting like a silly child|and go back to your room.
So, here's your dress.
Let's change first.
Because you want to look beautiful, don't you?
You want me to change into this?
Madame de Merteuil had it made|especially for you.
Who lives here?
No one.
Take a sip, mademoiselle.
Madame de Merteuil has such exquisite taste.
But my legs show.
They look nice.
Mademoiselle, you look ravishing!
Mademoiselle, do you realize|that we've never been alone before?
Please read it now.
Chevalier, this is a poem.
No. It's a song you know.|I only wrote new words for it.
You stay. Stay.
-What's the matter?|-I can't sit still.
I keep thinking about Cecile.
It just broke my heart to see her so miserable.
I must go home. You stay.
"If you will come to me
"I will be true to thee
"Two lovers true are we..."
No. You're making the same mistake again.
It's A in the right hand, not B-flat.
Is this a long song, Chevalier?
Is this a long song, Chevalier?
It's another 12 verses.
What a nincompoop!
"Flowers bloom in my heart..."
Sorry to interrupt. Cecile has to go.
Cecile, get dressed.
-Why?|-Get dressed.
-Your mother is on her way home.|-My God!
-Don't panic, but we must hurry.|-Madame.
-How much can we trust your maid?|-Madame!
Your mother will question her.
-Yes?|-We want to get married.
-ls this true?|-Yes, it is.
Is it?
I think it is.
Will you help us, please?
Is this any time to discuss marriage?
-Martine!|-Yes, madame?
Where is Cecile?
...she has...
Where is she?
Have you been at your post all night?
Yes, madame.
-Has anyone come in?|-No, madame.
Yes, madame?
Did she go and see that music teacher?
I don't know, madame.|She doesn't talk to me anymore.
She only talks to Madame de Merteuil now.
And she...
Maman. Forgive me, please, maman. Please.
I wanted to be with you so much!
My dear, don't be harsh with her.|She's sorry. She's so sorry.
Of course I forgive you.
Maman! Please, maman. I'm sorry.
Please forgive me. Please!
...I just don't understand her.
Do you think she's ready to be married?
Of course she is.
I even thought...
...of sending her back to the convent.
I would just get her out of Paris for a while.
If you like, I could take her to the country.
It isn't easy to find you.
I have a surprise for you.
Monsieur de Valmont...
...I must talk to you.
-I know a place. Give me your hand.|-No.
Why didn't you ever tell me?
-What?|-That you're such a brilliant archer.
-What are you talking about?|-Come, I'll show you. Give me your hand.
I'm a brilliant archer?
You'll see. Come on.
What are you waiting for?
Good boys.
Here, sir.
-But I've never shot an arrow in my life.|-Put your hand here...
...and your other hand here.
Now let go.
What a shot!
I knew I was right.
You are a brilliant archer.
Now, if you were to take this coin...
...and throw it in that bush,|what do you suppose would happen?
-May I read you something?|-Yes.
This letter is from a close friend of mine.
"All his life,|Monsieur de Valmont has been and is...
"...a consummate master of the art of seduction.
"Hundreds of women,|and I am not exaggerating, madame...
"...have paid for it.
"He has charmed his countless victims...
"...designing his every gesture,|every word, every smile...
" a cold-blooded scheme...
"...that has only one squalid end:
"to destroy the woman's honor."
Is this true?
Who wrote that?
Is it?
Monsieur de Valmont,|don't waste your time on me.
I am not, and I never will be, one of those women.
I know that.
So, why do you keep trying?
I don't even know.
Can we offer you a ride?
Look who I brought with me.
-You remember my little cousin.|-Good afternoon.
Would you like to join us?
En garde.
En garde.
En garde.
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