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Subtitles for Vampiras Las (1971) - Lesbian Vampires.

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Vampiras Las (1971) - Lesbian Vampires

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-You're very excited. What's up? -Oh, nothing.
Linda... Linda... i'm calling you.
After that, everything gets dark around me-
-and she moans and embraces me.
Then I suddenly awake with a start.
Every night I have this dream. It's always the same.
And yet, I've never seen the woman or the place where it happens.
It's always the same place. as if I'd been there before.
Every time... every time I get scared.
The strange thing is that the dream arouses me.
More than once I've reached orgasm.
Last night, Omar and I went to a night club.
There was a woman performing.
I can't tell you how shocked I was when I saw her.
It was her. There's no doubt about it.
It was the woman who appears in my dreams.
My dear Linda...
You mustn't think your problem is unique.
Many women are sexually frustrated.
Let me tell you the best cure.
Find yourself a lover...
... a better lover.
-Sorry, it took so long. -Did you see Dr Steiner?
-What did he say? -Nothing much.
At least, nothing important.
I'm scared, Omar.
Let's spend the next few days together.
-Hello. -Hello.
This is from the boss. It's urgent.
Mr Simpson says it's confidential.
He feels our office should establish a higher profile in Turkey.
I'm going to Anatolia to see Countess Carody about an inheritance.
Hi, I'm Linda Westinghouse.
You are to take me to the Kadidados Islands.
We knew you were coming, but you're too late.
-The boat has already left. -Is there anywhere to stay?
Countess Carody has booked a room for you here.
Have you come all the way from Istanbul to see her?
Show the lady to her room, Memmet.
It's on the first floor.
-I gave you the best room. -Thanks.
It's nice and clean. I got it ready for you myself.
See you tomorrow. Thanks.
-Call me if you need anything. -That's very kind of you.
I'm sorry. Please...
I didn't mean to scare you, but... must not go to the island. -Why not?
Death lives there. Madness and death rule the island.
-Come to the wine-cellar later... -Wait!
Hello, is anyone home?
Please, come here.
I'm from Simpson & Simpson.
-Are you Countess Carody? -Yes.
-You are Miss Westinghouse. -Yes.
-I was told you were coming. -You have a nice view.
This is my favourite spot. I love the isolation.
It's strange. I have the feeling...
... I've been here before, and that I know you.
I have the same feeling. It happens quite a lot.
You must be tired. Would you like a swim before we get down to business?
-Yes, that would be nice. -Let's go together.
Come on, come on.
-I didn't bring my swimsuit. -There's no need to be shy.
Don't worry, nobody can see us here.
Come on in, the water is wonderful.
It's a long time since I sunbathed.
It's fun to lie naked in the sand.
-Especially with another person. -Yes.
You look delightful in that suit.
Take a seat.
Your inheritance is unusual, Countess.
-I've never seen a will like this one. -I can believe that.
It wasn't easy to transfer the property to you.
-It always belonged to the Dracula's. -I know.
Could you tell me more about Count Dracula and his family?
They came from Hungary, like me.
In his will, he left everything to me...
... to the woman who made his life worth living.
Unfortunately, not everybody is so generous.
It is wonderful how much he had to give me.
One day, I will pass it on to somebody who deserves it.
Maybe I can be of assistance?
Yes, that's quite possible...
Perhaps even sooner than you think.
I love this red wine.
-What's the matter. -I have a terrible headache.
Why don't you lie down?
I'll show you the room. Nobody will disturb you.
Thank you. Please excuse me.
I don't usually drink wine.
Pull yourself together, do you hear me? Agra!
There, that's better. Calm down.
She's coming back. I knew it.
She will take hold of me again. I'm so happy.
I sense her closeness.
-Help me, so she won't leave again. -Yes, I'll make sure of it.
"The moon will be red as blood, and the undead will step...
... from the dark, looking for victims, ruthless and cruel."
Dr Seward, could you come? Agra had another fit.
The symptoms are always the same.
We'd better give her an injection.
Agra, how are you feeling?
Do you feel any better?
-You were hallucinating again. -Yes.
-Was she here again? -Yes.
I lost myself completely in her.
She was me, and I was her.
What is her name?
Don't you want to tell me?
Tell me. Who is she?
My friend is the Queen of the Night.
I see.
Who are you? Tell me where I am.
Listen to me... I want to know what it all means.
Wait! Don't go!
Good morning.
I'm glad you are with us again.
How are you? I see you're feeling better than yesterday.
What's going on? Who are you?
Where am I?
I am Dr Seward. You are in my private clinic.
The man you saw is my assistant.
May I know your name?
I don't remember.
You're a foreigner, aren't you?
-I don't know. -What happened?
I don't know. I don't remember anything.
-Yes? -Can I speak to Dr Seward?
Please, take a seat.
-What can I do for you? -I saw your ad.
-What's it got to do with you? -A girl was found on the beach.
-I think she's my girlfriend. -What's her name?
Linda Westinghouse. She works for Simpson & Simpson.
Why do you think it's your girlfriend?
-She disappeared. -What do you mean?
She left the hotel without a word, and didn't return.
Did you have an argument?
I'm sorry, but I have to ask.
If it is her... She's suffering from severe shock.
But now she's a little better. You can go and see her.
Come with me.
It was terrible, Omar.
I don't remember what happened on the island.
My memory is blank.
I only remember that I was on a boat.
Aroynd me was only the sea.
And then there's nothing.
All I can see is a woman, a naked woman lying dead in a pool.
It was Coyntess Carody.
Omar, is it possible that it was no more than a dream?
Don't think about it.
You must try to forget it.
We should go on holiday.
-I'll try to get time off work. -Thanks, Omar. Yoy're very sweet.
It was my parent's house.
Was it hundred or two hundred years ago?
I was very young and all alone.
From my window, I saw soldiers looting-
-and raping the women in the street.
They forced their way in and grabbed me.
I struggled desperately and cried in agony.
Suddenly, the Count appeared... Count Dracula.
He stuck his knife into the soldier lying on top of me.
The man screamed...
... and I felt his blood running down my body.
He was the first man in my life. It was horrible.
I thought I was going to lose my mind.
I noticed the Count leaning over me. He whispered:
"I will take all your suffering away."
When I woke up, he was lying next to me.
His body was cold, but his lips burnt like fire.
Night after night, he came and took my blood...
... to replenish his life.
When he realized...
... that I was losing my strength...
... he shared with me the secrets of the vampires.
Why did he do it?
He was addicted to my body. It was he who initiated me.
Men still disgust me. I hate them all.
Many were captivated by me. Many women.
I bewitched them. They lost their identity.
I became them.
But then I met Linda.
Now I'm under her spell.
I have to...
... initiate her into our circle.
I was waiting for you.
This is blood...
Did you realize it was blood?
You are one of us now.
The Queen of the Night will bear you up...
... on her black wings.
Kovec nihe trekatsch.
Kovec nihe trekatsch.
Save me.
He's lost a lot of blood, but it's not serious.
Maybe what happened to him is my fault.
You are a charming girl-
-but you haven't got the slightest idea about occultism.
You can't influence the supernatural.
You should've seen how pale he was, and he had marks on his neck!
I'm sorry to disturb you, but Agra's having an attack.
-Could you come over? -Right away.
I've spent a lot of time studying vampires.
Would you like to come with me?
I know who can get in touch with these forces, and who can't.
Your friend will never cross over to their world.
That's why he won't fall victim to these forces.
With you, Linda, it's different.
-You are in danger. -I thought as much.
I find myself in strange situations and do inexplicable things.
It's like a call from nowhere.
You have been chosen by the Spirits of the Night.
I'm frightened of these powers-
-and yet, I have to study the phenomenon.
I'm one of the few people who know how to protect themselves.
I will let you in on my secret...
-...if you want me to. -Yes, I do.
It depends on the desire to live and to free yourself.
If you succeed in killing a vampire, the body will vanish into nothing.
The brain must receive a deadly blow.
You have to split the head with an axe...
... or pierce it with a bar.
What's the matter?
What's up? Please, calm down.
She was inside me.
And now she's gone.
-Nobody can save me! -Why not?
Because she's left me.
But why can't you be saved?
You must trust me and tell me everything.
No, no. It's too late, much too late.
You can't help me now, Doctor.
Okay, fine.
She just told me she's coming back.
She wants to come back to me-
-because she wants to meet you.
-How are you? -Better, thanks. May I leave now?
You can leave whenever you want. You're not in danger.
I'm worried about Linda, Doctor.
She's been very strange lately.
She doesn't reply to my questions. It's as if she's miles away.
When she does say something, it's mostly incoherent.
She's better. There's no need to worry.
But why is she growing weaker every day?
She won't survive another attack.
I told your girlfriend what she has to do.
It just depends on whether she is strong enough to resist.
If she is, she'll soon be out of danger.
-That's a promise. -Thanks.
-Goodbye. -Goodbye.
Don't go!
You must help me. They won't let me talk to anyone.
I escaped. They locked me up, because they think I'm crazy.
Why did they lock you up?
Because they're idiots who don't know-
-that there are supernatural powers, and I'm in touch with them.
You have to...
You have to go to her house. Do you know it?
The old house of Uskalan, up on the mountain.
Tell her, she's got to help me.
She's here now.
Tell her, but be careful.
She'll hate you, because you're a man.
Go on, lock her up!
Did you escape again? That was the last time, I swear.
Get out! I don't want to see you here again.
-Where is Miss Westinghouse? -She left.
-When? -She checked out yesterday.
-Where did she go? -I don't know.
The more I study the phenomenon of the vampires...
... the more I'm drawn to their world.
Its powers stem from unknown depths...
... powers that are inaccessible to most of us.
I can barely resist the temptation...
... to cross over into the dark world of the supernatural.
-I'm sorry to disturb you, Doctor. -What is it?
-Will there be anything else? -No, thanks.
-I'm finished now. -Agra is calmer. She's sleeping.
-See you tomorrow, Melnik. -Good night.
Who are you?
You know, so why ask?
I've been waiting to meet you.
But why? What do you want?
I want to enter your world.
Only with your help can I enter this world-
-and contact the supernatural.
You want to take Linda from me.
That's why I won't aid you.
I wanted you to come to me.
What do you want from me?
I want to be one of you. Help me to fulfil my wish.
-Kovec nihe trekatsch. -Shut up!
Our words have no power when you say them.
He who is our enemy, will lose the battle...
... and will never join our empire.
Why did you come here?
Because this is the hour of your death.
You will never succeed!
Sanctys spiritus benedictus...
...aberatio aberni mandati noiet.
I've come to say goodbye.
I have to leave you forever.
"The famous scientist Aidon Seward was killed last night."
"Two people dressed in black were seen leaving the scene."
Oh, it's you.
How's your girlfriend?
-Did you see this? -Yes.
They killed the charlatan who studied vampires.
-What's it to you? -Linda has disappeared!
She's got to be in the hands of the killers.
Your imagination is running wild.
She's probably with another man.
There was another murder.
A dancer killed her partner by biting through her jugular.
This dancer will lead us to Linda.
I managed to find out where she lives.
-Where? -In an old house in Uskalan.
You shouldn't go on your own. I'm coming.
You are here to meet Dracula's heirs.
You will be mine in this night of darkness.
You're beautiful when you're scared, but even more so in death.
Go on, scream. Nobody will hear you.
Since my wife left, I've been searching.
Her name was Agra. She went to the woman on the island.
When she came back, she was crazy.
The doctor locked her up.
Your death will be sweet.
You will beg me.
You will beg me to kill you.
In death, you'll kiss me-
-and tell me you can't live without me.
I want your blood.
Your blood, your blood. I want to hear you scream.
I'll take the ropes off, so you're free to feel the pain.
-Leave me alone! -You will beg for love, not hate.
My hate and my love for you are infinite.
Your blood... as red as death!
As red as...
Your beauty... godlike and yet so deadly.
I will inflict pain on you. You will love me!
I'm not the one who will hurt you. It is your choice.
Will you obey me like the one before you?
She was happy. Come, you can meet her.
She felt happiness in my arms, through my torture.
-Her death was love. -I love you too.
-Yes, my little dove. -I love you.
Yes, in agony, they all love me.
It was like a game when I hanged her.
I will play the game, by your rules.
It'll be like never before.
We'll both be perfect and enjoy my pain.
I want it too! I'll do what you want.
But you'll have to free me.
-Yes, I will. -Do it.
It'll be nice for both of us, yes.
You are so beautiful...
Nadine, open up!
Nadine, open up! Don't you hear me? Please...
What is it? What's the matter?
The end has come... for me.
-Is there anything I can do? -Yes.
Only you can help me.
Only through your blood will my strength return.
No, I don't want to belong to you.
You... You want to leave me?
This is the end. It has to be the end.
No, I don't want to be like you.
That's why I have to do it.
Come on, Dr Steiner. Here she is!
I don't understand...
I don't understand...
it was a bad dream, Linda. Nothing more.
No, it wasn't a dream, ynbeiievabie as it may seem.
Even if there is no expianation.
The pain wiii fade in time...
... byt the memory wiii remain...
... for as iong as i iive.
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