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Vampire Princess Miyu

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Shinma are supernatural beings|that devour the hearts of men...
and lead them to ruin.
Long ago, they were sealed|in the Dark World.
However, there are stray Shinma that|live secretly in the human world.
They lurk in the division|between night and day.
The Guardian who sends the stray|Shinma back to the Dark World...
is the beautiful vampire, Miyu.
No one knows her true face.
They said that all the blood|was drained from her body!
-Oh, no!|-Scary!
l'm frightened to walk through that|park on my way home now.
They don'tget it at all.
It's the work of a vampire.
I know because I met her.
We have a new student.
You, come in.
I'm Miyu...
Anyway, take a seat.
Let me see...yes, right over there.
Y...yes sir.
You can sit next to him.
How do you do?
What are you nervous for,|Machiyama?
The nerd boy can't|say hi to a real girl?
Is this for real?
"I contemplate, the evil creed|of the coming era...
the magic of the Christian God,|the kapitan of the black ship."
This "kapitan" means...
It means captain in Portuguese.|Right, Miss Maiko?
It's equivalent to captain in English|but rather than translating it to...
Yes, you're right.|May I proceed?
Oh yes, yes please.
What's this?
Just a note.
Just? Well quit it!
Sorry ma'am.
Three minutes left.
If you have time, look over|your answers one last time.
Anything specific you want to know?
Miss Yanagihara, she graduated|from this school, didn't she?
Yes, as one of the top literary|students in the Nation.
She even has a Masters Degree, but for|family reasons she became a teacher.
I also know why.
You know a lot about her,|don't you?
Miss Maiko is the only one|who I can talk to as an equal...
so I snooped around.
I think a person should investigate|anything that looks interesting.
These books are interesting, too.
The school has books on vampires?
I requested them,|of course I also have some.
So, you're interested in legends?
l'm interested in reality.
I've seen one.
Probably just a dream or something.
You play tough, eh?
Sorry, l'm late.
I had to attend another meeting.
They think holding a meeting|is all they need to do.
Aren't you hungry?
I've run out...of energy.
After all, you're the|only friend I have.
Teachers cannot be trusted.
And students are...
Yes, they did it again.
Miss Yanagihara, you're just like us.
They enjoy watching me in pain.
I've had enough.
What should I do?
If they reveal that...
Even if I'm not punished,|how would people look at me?!
This is too unbearable!
I wish all those girls were...
I just don't want|them to say anything.
That's all.
But you beeped me.
You sure did!
It said we're gonna|investigate Yoko.
Then who did?
I'll get proof!.
Proof that she's a vampire.
A full moon, the time|for vampires to be active.
Right, let's go hunting.
Sorry, I don't like to be followed.
Miyu, what do you|plan to do with him?
He's a bit of a pain|but he doesn't matter.
Isn't it about time|you thirsted for blood?
Say, Lava, don't you think|I have the right to choose?
He's already passed the graveyard.
Tell me, what did|you trick him with?
He saw only what|he wanted to see.
You always dodge my questions.
Come on, tell me.
Shiina, do you want|to be sealed, too?
You're mean, aren't you?
That nerd's already in the next town.
Do you think the murderer|bears a grudge against them?
Even if he did, why|kill them that way?
I wonder what|Yamanouchi is thinking?
She was friends with them.
The bell has rung.|Take your seats, class.
Miss Yanagihara, do they|know who the killer is?
I can't concentrate on class|after something like this.
Investigating the case|is a job for the police!
Do I need permission|to start my job?
You grow flowers, Miss Yanagihara.
I like flowers since they|don't talk too much.
I like them, too.
I like how they bloom with such beauty...
such innocence.
What do you mean?
That's just what I think.
You're a strange girl.
It's me, Miss Maiko!
ls your house in this area?
You could have a problem!|It's about your class!
You're in danger!
I see. Please come up.
You came to tell me that?
This is not a laughing matter!
You know there were teeth|marks on the dead bodies.
That's what I heard.|But a vampire?
Yamano is after you now.
So we need to do something to|protect you from the vampire.
Thank you for worrying about me.
But it's your imagination|rather than a conjecture.
I don't know if you should suspect|your classmate based on that.
Miss Maiko, you think I'm nuts!
No, not at all.
You're the same as my classmates.
You think everything|is based on common sense.
I'll make some coffee.
I figured she|didn't have a boyfriend.
What girlish taste!
Bad taste in pets, too.
Don't judge it by how it looks.
I mean, I know this kind of pet|is a new trend, though.
It's my friend.
It will listen to the things|I can't tell people.
I agree.|People cannot be trusted.
But you can trust me.
I'm sorry but I need|to grade assignments.
The way she acted...that's not|my favorite teacher, Maiko.
You'd better stay out of it now.
She has a reflection!
But she's a vampire...
Miss Yanagihara, l|brought you a present.
Thanks, thanks.
I'm sure you would|look great with this.
Stop it!
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...
That's all right.|Everybody has bad days.
Good-bye now, Miss Maiko.
See you.
She doesn't like that cross.
So this is the final warning.
Are you serious?
Do you know Eri is still...
No! I can't believe it!
Miss Maiko, you're just like us.
Yamanouchi, what do you mean,|I didn't do any...
That's all right.
Everyone has the urge|to shoplift sometimes.
From now on, you won' t|tell on us, will you?
It was my first and last time.
But they weren't satisfied|with merely gagging me.
They kept prodding|me over and over. more person|and it'll all be over.
One more...
You wanted me|to come here, what for?
that's how you treat|our gifts, Miss Maiko?
I'm not like you guys.|I'll never do it again.
Oh, so then you're|gonna tell on us?!
No, I've decided to silence you.
This is my friend.
He erases everything,|everything I hate.
This woman wished that you girls|would vanish from this world.
So I'll help make|her wish come true!
You've finally shown yourself.
Now you can't escape.
You are...the Guardian!
You've done a lot of bad things,|but you do not belong here.
Return to the Darkness peacefully.
You're a blood-sucking vampire.|You are one of us!
Don't compare me with Shinma|who dwell in the shadows...
and prey on human weakness.
Stray Shinma,|to the darkness with thee!
Everyone's dead.
It's all my fault.
It's not your fault.|Everyone has a weak heart.
The one to blame is the Shinma|who possessed your heart.
But...I'm finished.|I don't want to live anymore!
May you sleep well|in eternal happiness.
That was great!
So, you're a good vampire!|Just like in the novels!
Let's go, Lava.
Make me one of you!
It's boring to live with|these pathetic humans!
I wanna punish bad people, too!
Are you that bored?
You bet! That's why...
Everyone has to live|carrying a burden on one's back.
But you don't carry anything.
And you enjoy judging people?
In spite of the fact|that you're human!
What the heck|are you talking about?!
Don' t follow.
Make me one of you!
Well, you're not bored anymore.
Oh, I'm sorry!
I won't forgive you.
What do you mean?
You are unaware|of your own beauty.
That outfit of yours|and your appearance...
They don't exemplify|your natural beauty.
I am sorry because of that.
Ah...are you a beautician?
I am an artist.
Are you going on a date?
Then, before you go, could you|give me a bit of your time?
I would love to make|you more beautiful.
I'm sure your boyfriend|would appreciate it too.
Let's get off at the next station.
No...not again...
Is that the sound of the wind?
I don't even wanna think about it!
Hey, why don't we|invite Ms. Yamano?
I don't know if she'd want to go.
She seems to have|different tastes from us.
She just transferred|to this school, you know.
We should initiate|conversation first!
If you think so, Chisato,|go right ahead.
Ms. Yamano!
This Sunday, want to go out|to Yashirozaka with us?
Anything special going on?
Nothing, just hanging around.|Let's go. Ok?
Why with me?
'Cause, you look gloomy, and I don't|think you'll make friends like that.
You're straightforward.|Call me Miyu.
That's great, Miyu!|Let's have lunch together.
Yukari is the best|student at school.
Hisae reads the most books.
Don't exaggerate.
Hey, Miyu, what is your forte?
Mine? Do I have to have one?
Not at all!|I don't have one, either.
Well, you are cute.|That's good, isn't it?
Hear that? She said I'm cute!
I guess so, you do have|those bunny-shaped apples.
My mom made these, not me!
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Pretty, isn't it?
Aren't they? Trees are nice.
These are my favorite|trees at school.
Miyu, what do you|do on your day off?
Nothing special really.
Just as I thought, you are gloomy.
You're just too hyper, that's all!
You're always saying that!
What's wrong, Hisae?
This is the last car, right?
Oh, that story?
Huh? What story?
You don't know?
There's a rumor that many|women have gone missing...
from the last car on this route.
No way...a kidnapping?
They haven' t found anything.|I heard all of them were beautiful.
The next stop is Yashirozaka.|The exit will be on the left.
What's wrong?|You look so out of it.
Oh, nothing.
Come on, hurry, hurry!
Oh, I wanna go there next!
Why not? Let's hurry and go.
Miyu, isn't this cute?
Yes, it is.
It's called the icon of friendship...
you two can remain friends|forever when you have it.
Really? Then I'll buy two.
For two, 800 yen will be fine.
Thank you!
Here, for you.
For me?
To our friendship.
Thank you.
Miyu, sometimes you|say weird things.
Are they really so weird?
I mean...
Sometimes you talk like my grandpa.
She must be educated.
Why does the fun|always end so soon?
We have to go back|to school tomorrow.
I wish I could stay a child forever.
Do you think so?
Don't worry.
You'll definitely|stay a kid forever.
You said it again.
What kind of store is that?
Oh, we can go in if you want.
Clothes are expensive there and|more for twenty-something people.
That store is for adults.
Oh, I see.
Well, see you tomorrow at school.
See you.
Doesn't this one-piece dress go well|with your skin tone?
Your body looks more slender, too.
For your bracelet,|this would be good.
You look so happy|with that little toy.
Is that so bad?
I don't see what's so good|about human beings.
Miyu, I don't have to tell|you this often but...
I know.
You shouldn't get|too close to these girls.
You're the one who would be hurt.
I said I know.
Anyway, setting that aside, what are|you gonna do with that Shinma.
I don't like him making|trouble in my playground.
We should send the|naughty boy home.
Recently, around the|Yashirozuka subway station...
many young women have been|disappearing mysteriously.
Mr. Kawaguchi, what do you mean|by mysteriously disappearing?
Use your dictionary!
If you ever see a suspicious person...
report it to the station staff|or the police immediately.
One more thing, don't go out alone!
All right.|Then I'll take roll.
Miss, are you by yourself?.
My teacher told|me not to go out alone.
Do you mind my company, Mr. Shinma?
The Guardian!
Do not try to escape from us.
You're the infamous traitor?
If you insult Lava,|I will not forgive you.
You're a scary girl.
Look out, Miyu!
The next stop is|Yashirozaka...Yashirozaka.
Please exit to your left.
Shall we stop for now?
Perhaps, I might have|been a bit careless.
But remember...
this is my train!
There are two Yashirozaka stations.
This station was constructed|before World War II.
Yet due to the changes|in city development...
this station is now|abandoned and unknown.
This is a good hideout for a Shinma.
A hideout? Far from it.
This place is my gallery.
I wanted to invite people who might|appreciate my beautiful collection.
You are the first guest.
Now, please come inside.
Once there were plans to connect|this underground shopping center...
to the next station.
There are many places|like this in large cities.
I see, you take advantage of them.
I'd prefer you not speaking to|me as though I'm a criminal.
I am an artist.
Please take a look at my creations.
What do you think?
Aren't they dazzling like jewels?
Their brilliance had never been|polished during their lifetimes.
Had these girls continued as they were,|they would have become old and ugly.
But time has stopped for them.
They can stay beautiful forever.
Can you not hear?|Their cries!
What are you talking about?
I was're a Shinma.
You would never understand|true human emotion.
It's unfortunate that we|must say farewell...
before you understand|my aesthetics.
I will be glad to add|you to my collection.
You are a bit too young|for my taste though.
Oh, excuse me.
It is said the Guardian has|transcended the boundary of time...
and remains a child forever.
I have to buy teenager clothes.
W...What's that?!
Your spirit light is deceptive.|It will illuminate nothing.
No truth will be seen with it.
That's because you were|born out of Darkness.
Go back to the Darkness quietly.
Is that all the preaching you've got?!
Why are you fighting against me?|You used to be like me...
I am now fighting with Miyu.
My, my masterpiece!
Stray Shinma, to the|Darkness with thee!
What should we do with these women?
There's nothing I can do for them.
They were charmed into something|they should never have wished for.
Maybe a talent scout would|come and talk to me...
if I walked around|in a place like this.
Don't be such a dreamer!
That'd be so lucky!
A talent scout could have bad|intentions, you know.
Chisato, do you really|think you're that cute?
Yes, I do! Right, Miyu?
Yes...but you're cute|just as you are now.
Miyu, you are so weird!
Is that so?
Yes, yes!
Chisato will say anything!
That pop quiz in|music class wasn't fair.
But you did well, Chisato.
I like music, but not classical.
First off, where is Sorrento?|Is it in Russia?
What's the matter?
Let me introduce you.
This is Yuko Shigeri|from class B.
She's a friend of mine.
Her brother might|be becoming neurotic.
No! That's not it!
Everything started since that|mask came to our house.
Probably just a coincidence.
Your brother is preparing for|the college exams, isn't he?
That's not it!|You'd know if you saw him!
He's been acting really strange!
All right.
I think you're overacting...
but since it's bothering you|so much I'll go see him.
So, cheer up, ok?
Why don't we all go!
Oh...Miyu, do you mind going?
I would like to see|that mask as well.
Your family must be rich, Yuko!
No, not anymore.
Our family owned a big import-export|business a long time ago.
That's why our house is like this and|my father is still a very proud man.
I see.
If he sees this every day, no wonder|your brother dreams about it.
Isn't it, Miyu?
Yes, it is.
but...unlike|any Shinma I know.
What's wrong? was nothing.
Oh, Kouichi, welcome home.
Good afternoon.
Make yourselves at home.
My brother looks like he's|lost some more weight.
You worry too much.
If you keep worrying,|you'll get sick, Yuko.
I'm home.
Welcome home, darling.
Welcome home.
Your friends?
-Hi.|-Good afternoon.
They are interested in that mask.
Oh...that's remarkable|for young women.
It's...from Africa, right?
You're well informed.
A friend in Africa sent it to me.
But doesn't it make you feel icky?
You may not understand,|but it's very valuable.
Does it have something|to do with Shamanism?
Has Yuko told you some story?
Even if it were used in a ritual...
that would have been|several hundred years ago.
It's just superstition.
But...since it came,|my brother has been...!
Kouichi is not so weak|as to be distracted by that!
But my brother said he didn't|want to be a doctor and...
Did he say so?
What a troublemaker.
Uh, excuse me, but why a doctor?
Because he obviously has the ability.|What else could he be?
Yuko and her brother must feel|suffocated with a father like that.
He's hard to talk to.
Hisae, what was it you were|asking him about?
You mean Shamanism?
I was wondering if an ancient magician|might have used the mask.
I saw something similar in a book.
Then it's got a curse or something?
I don't know whether or not this kind|of thing can actually happen...
but the patterns on the mask might|have some kind of hypnotic effect.
What do you think, Miyu?
I think something is|wrong with the mask.
You mean, you've seen|it before, Lava?
It was when I was|still a Western Shinma.
Were you really?
When was that?
You don't remember, right, Lava?
Gee whiz, you treat me|like an outsider.
At the time, I was on|a merchant ship...
pretending to be a European noble.
I was performing reconnaissance...
to establish the power of the|Western Shinma on the New Continent.
That's where he appeared.
Everybody retreat!
He has some kind of magical power.
You must know your|magic doesn't work on me.
You are...Shinma?!
After that, the mask|appeared no more.
However, all the|merchants died violently.
I gave up the plan to|invade the continent...
because the mask's power was|something unfathomable to us.
And the mask has|come after you, Lava?
Why now though?
Even I don't understand|what he has in mind.
One possibility is...
There may be something|in Japan that attracts him.
It could be, many Shinma|have been active recently.
Shiina, do you feel something?
How can I?|I'm just a minor Shinma.
Please, don' t be so sullen.
Looks like that mask|has caused some problems.
Who do you think you are?
Hey, hey, wake up!
Do I look like a frail woman?
What's with the yelling?
You think you're strong enough?
That's enough, boy!
It had to be the work of the mask.
Don't be ridiculous!
Then what else could it be?
My brother could have|killed somebody!
Fortunately that man|forgave him this time.
What are you gonna do about this?
The the
What are you talking about?
It's dear brother.
Is it? That's good.
You still insist nothing|is wrong with him?
Please! Please help my brother!
Well, how can we help?
Hisae, do you have any ideas?
Your father seems to be|the real problem.
I see...
He's the kind of person who|must see it to believe it.
All right!
What are you gonna do?
You'll see if you come.
Should l go?
I don't wanna force you to come.|'Cause things might get violent.
What should I do?
I'll go and see.
Eh?! But...
I don't believe it!
I'm not saying that|I believe it, either.
But if something happens...
Don't you think it's best|to get rid of the mask?
That's nonsense!
Hey, aren't we affected by|the work of the mask?
I think we'll be fine.
Stop acting stupid now!
Wake up!
Where are you going?
Miyu, what's wrong with you?
This is my world.
I won't let you do|as you please here.
Are you a Shinma?
What's your purpose in coming here?
Answer me.
It's useless, Miyu.|He cannot communicate.
Do you remember me?
You seem to remember.
Our fight a hundred years ago,|now I'm going to finish it.
Shinma, to the Darkness with thee!
Miyu, his body isn't real.
I see, Shiina.
My flames can't break through!
Please stand aside.
This is...
my fight.
It is done.
Lava...are you all right?
Thank you very much, Miyu.
Are you all right?
I broke it...
A mask like this had some power?
Perhaps he was in some|kind of hypnotic state.
My dear brother...
Uh, the mask is finally gone...
Anyway, nothing will happen|to him anymore, I hope.
Say, Lava, what do you think?
Was it his heart that|called the Shinma?
Even if it was, there's|nothing we can do about it.
Right, it's not my job to|worry about the aftermath.
Do your wounds hurt?
Lava, do you want to go back to the|world of the Western Shinma?
I fought against my past|and beat it, Miyu.
That's right.
Huh? They're off in their|own private world again.
Give me back the forest!
What is it...Kouichi?
Father, it's about my future...
Give me back the forest!
Reiha, the vicious hunter,|has a cold mind.
She doesn't care if humans|get involved with killing shinma.
She may be right.
But, I can't live like her.
Because I am...
In the next episode of|Vampire Princess Miyu...
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