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Subtitles for Vampire in Brooklyn.

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Vampire in Brooklyn

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A long, long time ago, Nosferatu, the undead,
the race of the vampire, were driven from Egypt.
Most fled to the mountains of Transylvania
but others of better taste, including myself,
travelled south through Africa and over the Atlantic
to a beautiful island in the Bermuda Triangle.
There we lived for happy centuries feasting on the blood of travellers,
until discovered by the hunters once again.
Then, the blood that spilled Was our oWn.
I alone escaped but a vampire alone is a vampire doomed.
My only chance was to find the one known offspring of our tribe
that had been born in a foreign land -
a woman somewhere in this place called Brooklyn.
Family Feud brings you the world's first War Of The Showgirls!
Atlantic City versus Las Vegas.
Here's my show! Come on, baby, you make me ex cited.
Name something a playboy might have made out of silk.
- She ain't gonna get it. - Put me down for ten on the Knicks.
You betting on the Knicks? When will you learn?
Call me! I'm gonna take you for an eight-piece special with biscuit!
Sheets, baby. Sheets! You make me ex cited.
Come on down.
S-H-E-E-T. Sheets!
- That's what I'm talking about! - Oh, shit.
- The bitch said it! - Let me see...sheets!
Earthquake! Earthquake!
This ain't no earthquake, this is New York, fool!
What was that?
- Oh, shit! - What the fuck is going on?
What the hell happened?
Is this how people come, disrespecting your shit, man?
Ain't that a bitch? What...?
It's a bird!
Get the hell away from me! Good God, what the hell's happening here?
Damn. Look at this ugly thing.
Who the hell's piloting this vessel, Stevie fucking Wonder?!
Must be a DUI. I don't see no lights.
I don't see no people, either. Damn, look at the time!
I gotta bounce, Unc, I'm supposed to be at my lady's crib.
- Julius, bring your ass back here! - I don't know about this!
I run numbers, you check out spooky-ass ships!
- Go ahead with your bad self. - Chump!
I'm not supposed to be scared, huh?
Ahoy there! Hello!
Ahoy, motherfucker!
Son of a bitch.
Oh, y'all the silent type?
Well, somebody's gonna buy me a new TV!
16-inch colour.
Ahoy there! You in there, somebody?
Is this a joke?
Arrogant motherfuckers in here don't wanna say nothin'. Shit.
I'm too old for this shit. Ahoy!
Help me! Help me!
Oh, help, somebody! Help me!
Help me, please.
That sure as hell wasn't Lassie. Big motherfucker!
Jesus, Mary and Jo-Jo.
Jesus, Mary and Jo-Jo!
Get the hell outta here!
Don't be bringing your nappy black ass back here!
- My Adidas! Damn, what' d I do? - You was snorin'!
- Everybody snores! - Not while they fuckin'!
- Piece of trash! - Eva, come back! I was restin'!
Rest this!
You'll be beggin' me back tomorrow. That's all right.
- That's Julius. He owes you money? - I see him.
Oh, shit. Pizza Man.
- Comin' through! - I'll get you!
You better run! I'm coming after you!
Run, baby. Run!
I'm comin' after you, baby! Yeah! I want you!
Hey, get off my hood, man!
- Mind if I borrow your hat? - Go ahead.
Thank you.
Come on. Hey, man.
Ain't as fast as you used to be, huh, Julius?
- Tony, I didn't know it was you. - Are you mental?
How many times have I gotta tell you? I'm Anthony. He's Tony.
Oh, yeah, that's Tony. Right.
You know. All you gumbas look alike to me.
- You got our money? - Yeah.
- Oh, shit. I had it a minute ago. - Then you're a minute too late.
You don't have to do that to me.
- Who 'll take care of my kids? - You don't have any kids.
I'll start.
Don't worry about it, Julius. Nobody's gonna miss you.
Do it.
I wouldn't do that. You might miss the heart.
You aim between the eyes, that way you get a nice, even spray.
- What the hell? - Who the fuck are you?
I'm Maximillian, a connoisseur of death, you might say.
No one takes pride in the art,
it's so rare you come across a clean kill nowadays.
You got two seconds to beat it
or you're gonna share a coffin with Carl Lewis.
- I already have a coffin of my own. - Come on.
- He's no fun. He fell right over. - Some fuckin' wackos in this town.
Let's get back to you, Julius.
I guess you're out of bullets, huh, man?
No, I kept one special just for you.
I've been stabbed and I've been hanged
and I've been burned, even broken on the rack once,
but I've never been shot before.
It kind of itches a little. You have quite decent aim, though.
But next time...
put a little heart into it.
Oh, shit!
Don't go away.
He's gonna get it with the gun! No, don't!
Holy shit!
He ain't gonna get me!
I've seen it all. I'm getting my ass the hell out of Brooklyn.
I'm going to the islands, somewhere peaceful.
Coney Island. Ryker's Island. Devil's Island.
- Let me light that for you. - Oh, shit!
Hey, yo, I don't know how you know me but...
everything is everything, I ain't seen nothing.
So you jump back through the window
cos I ain't really seen you, I'm blind!
I got cataracts, I mean contacts. I got astigmatism, man. I'm blind.
Where you at? See? Where you at?
I saw you at the docks. You're a liar, a thief and a cheat.
No, that's my brother Miles. I'm honest.
Well, that's unfortunate because that's what I liked about you.
Hey, easy, bro. You ain't got to pull that Blacula shit with me.
If you're hungry, I'll run you down the KFC and get you a two-piece.
I already had Italian.
You're going to make me think you don't like me.
Wouldn't want to do that, now, would we?
I got nothing but love for you, baby.
Hey, what the fuck are you doing?
Welcome to the party, Julius.
- Oh, shit! - It hurts, doesn't it?
Pain is an underrated experience but it happens to be my speciality
and like it or not, you belong to me now.
H-hey, bro, why you do that? It feels kinda...kinda right.
Because I need your eyes in the day and your services at night.
But first I need my coffin. Come!
Wait! Where you going?
What's up? You ain't gonna be sucking my neck?
Why? You're my ghoul now. I need you to help me find a woman.
A woman? You came to the right spot. Brooklyn's full of hos.
I'm not interested in your hos. I'm looking for a special woman,
one of my kind, the only one like her in the world.
As I've come to her, she'll soon come to me like a moth to a flame.
So you're checking for a vampster bitch?
Half vampire and she's ignorant of it.
The other half sleepwalks in humanity
but I can cure that if I find her before the next full moon.
- Here? - Yes, here. Somewhere in Brooklyn.
This night shift is kicking my ass. How come you never get tired?
I've always been more of a night person myself.
This is a good one, listen up now.
"Your faith will be tested as a loved one dances with death.
"Beware the dark stranger
"and when all's lost, look to your soul for the answers."
- I wouldn't wanna be you this week. - This is your horoscope, not mine.
That's my horoscope? Oh, shit.
We have no information on the cause of death
but all bodies so far seem drained of blood.
- What the hell is this, Captain? - Love Boat came in a few hours ago.
There was 18 that we know of. Whole gang's DOA.
Aw, jeez. Ship's log?
Sort of - half rotten and it's in a strange language.
Sent it to NYU to see if they could figure it out.
- Witnesses? - Night watchman, Silas Green.
Let him tell you what he thinks he saw.
All right.
- Hey, Rita. - Hey.
- How's your new partner holding up? - She's cool, she just needs time.
She's had three months already.
I know her mother just died in a nuthouse but she's got a job to do.
She's a good cop. She'll surprise you.
That's what I'm afraid of.
- I got it. - Kinda narrow here.
- Watch your step, lady. - Ex cuse me.
My back is killing me. How many more we got?
15 of them left.
- Careful there. - Give me your light.
You need a cast-iron stomach.
So you say you saw a...a what?
It was a wolf, goddammit! Big, black-ass wolf!
Motherfucker jumped off the boat, ran over there
and the son of a bitch turned into a man! Did the flip-flop shit on me!
Just like a whore I knew in Detroit in '62, '63.
I' d go over her house Saturday night,
I come through the door, she's a man! Flip-floppin' and shit!
You ever had a motherfucker flip-flop on you, going crazy and shit?
So the wolf you saw looked something like that?
The wolf? That's a chihuahua compared to the motherfucker come at me!
You're crazy. You seen a wolf, man?
- Yeah. - To the 25th power!
You people belong behind the line!
- Hey, B, where's your coffin at? - It's on the boat.
On the boat? Shit, we can't get it now, look at all these cops.
And you people, you people better keep back. Killer loves to bite.
And so do I. Jump!
-, boy. - Oh, shit. Lovely, dude.
Someone here?!
It's you.
Someone there?
Shit. Damn!
- Chill. It's just me. - Shit!
- Did you see him? - There's nobody here but us.
Someone's here. I saw him or it.
It? What the fuck... hey, what's wrong with you?
There's a coffin.
In here, come on. Right in there. Look.
What? I don't see anything.
- l-I could've sworn... - Rita, are you OK?
I'm fine. Absolutely fine!
Good, cos that's exactly what I told Captain Dewey - absolutely fine.
- Right. - You all right?
Let me out of here.
What is that?
It's an ear.
A rotted-off human ear.
Yeah, but my ear? Look!
My fucking ear done fell off!
You've another on the other side.
Besides, the benefits of being a ghoul outweigh the drawbacks.
What benefits? Benefit my fucking ear back on!
You put me in the monster union? I'm on Blue Cross?
I meant Blue Shield, brother.
I have taken refuge in some sorry places...
This is a bargain. My Uncle Silas is the landlord...
What the hell is all this damn noise?
Julius, is that you?
- It's me. - You little scared piece of shit.
I ought to whoop your ass for booking out on me.
- You wouldn't believe what I saw. - Oh, I bet you I would.
Nobody believes me. I know a big-ass wolf when I see one!
- What the hell's going on?! - Just...
Who 's that?
- That's my boss. - You got a job?
What do you mean? Of course I got a job! I got a good job, too.
- He just need a place to lay low. - Rent's double.
- No, what? - Triple.
- You know you missing an ear? - That's just a trick I'm working on.
You can't triple the rent. You got...
Night started off like shit but... end up pretty good.
I don't turn nothing down but my collar. Howdy do.
Welcome. Trash man comes on Tuesdays.
God loves you, God loves me, bye.
Good thing you ran into me. I'll hook you up.
I'll make sure everything we do is gonna be right.
First, we in Brooklyn now, man. You gotta get rid of this thing.
You ever heard of a futon?
Lighter, comfortabler, better for your back, good to fuck on.
You gonna scratch your ass fucking on this.
A couple of things to know.
One, never sit on my coffin.
Two, I want to find the girl tonight!
Sounds good, yeah. Is there a three?
I don't like mirrors!
Got it.
Maybe I am going crazy.
What's happening to me?
Justice, it's not just the bodies or the ear, I got a feeling.
You got a feeling about everything and what do I say?
"Everything by the book."
But if it ain't in the book, going by the book won't solve it.
All I'm saying is give something to intuition.
We've got a development in that boat-people mess.
A couple of stiffs on Bates Street. One guy was ripped to pieces.
- What about the other guy? - He's in one piece
- ex cept he's missing a heart. - Two blocks from the docks.
- Very good. - What about the ship's log?
The university couldn't make sense of it so they sent it to this Dr...
Zeko. Apparently, some sort of specialist.
- Zeko. What's the address? - 315 South Rockaway.
That's a tough neighbourhood. What kind of doctor is he?
I don't know, maybe he's a heart specialist.
- Let's check it out. - I didn't finish my coffee.
Take it with you. Go. Come on.
Captain, here's the latest figures on the boat.
Zeko 's, huh? Yeah, I got me the 411.
I got the info and a Happy Meal.
Things were progressing well.
Rita's vision of herself dead in my coffin
was a certain sign she was destined to be my mate.
Even my ghoul was performing well those duties only a ghoul can do
when the cursed sun drives a vampire to the shelter of his coffin.
In return, he would enjoy all the perks of ghouldom,
maybe someday make vampire himself, all with only minor side effects.
Shit! What...
What are you... What are you doing sitting there?
- You got the dropsies, I think. - Got no dropsies.
So, tell me, uh...tell me what you think of these wheels.
I say lucky it's an automatic cos you don't have enough hands
to shift and drive at the same damn time.
- A wedding? - A funeral.
- Very nice touch. - I knew you' d like it.
I used to look like that in '62. Same hair. Same clothes.
Stop harassing the man.
If I was you, I' d take a dick check quick.
It's all there. It's all there.
Thank God for small favours, and I do mean small.
See that?
Young punk.
Max, why didn't you bite this bitch when you had the chance?
She has to give herself to me voluntarily.
Hey, this is Brooklyn, baby.
Don't nobody give up shit unless you got some cold cash or a hot slug.
In this case, I know more about her than she knows about herself.
One dance with me, one dance, and she'll be mine.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now you're talking, player.
I bet you dance that Hammer shit. Show me what you gonna do
when you get in there.
Show me that old Hammer shit you gonna do. That's some good shit, man.
Am I gonna be able to disappear in the mirror too?
I'm warning you. Drive the limo and shut your fucking mouth.
- Shut up! - Hey, man, not while I'm driving!
- Shut the fuck up! - Shit! I'm driving...
- Goddammit! - ...and you give me a brain aneurysm?
You put somebody eye out!
I had the lab do a check on that seaweed that was all over the boat.
Seems that type only grows in an isolated area of the Caribbean.
My mother did her studies down there before she had me.
How come you don't talk about your mother?
The paper said she was incredible.
There's nothing to talk about. I never really knew her.
She flipped. They stuck her in the institution, me in a foster home.
- How' d your father handle it? - He didn't.
He was murdered down in the islands before I was born.
I wish I had known him, at least something about him but...
- Wait a minute. - What?
- If we're right, that's Dr Zeko 's. - That's one funky doctor's office.
- So where is this guy? - I don't know.
- Closer than you think. - Dr Zeko, I'm...
I know who you are and why you're here.
You know where this ship came from?
Any one of 100 isles in the swells of the Sargasso Sea,
in an area you call the Bermuda Triangle.
- Sit down. - The Bermuda Triangle?
Dr Zeko, what does the log say?
It spoke of a voyage filled with sickness and nightmares.
- They believed an evil was aboard. - An evil?
I thought they killed the last of them
but these men warn us from beyond - he is here.
Nosferatu. The undead. The vampire.
Look, nothing personal, my man,
but this is a murder investigation, not a witch-hunt.
Now, that boat's crew are sleeping at the morgue, they are not...
cruising the boulevard sucking necks.
The world is full of false notions, Detective.
Vampires are a race, not a club you join by being bitten.
Yeah, yeah, a race, not a club.
- Of course(!) - Beware, Detective.
This is more deadly than anything your job has shown you.
A vampire has no mercy, no regrets. He can change shapes.
He could be sitting next to us now and we wouldn't even know it.
Yeah, well, I would know it. Rita, I'm gonna call in.
All right.
Dr Zeko, how do you know so much about this?
On my island...
I faced one over a woman.
I lost. She was taken.
Here's my best advice and please listen carefully.
Keep your faith, Rita. If I know one thing, it's this -
you'll need it.
Do you have a problem, pal?
- There's a killer on the loose. - You don't say.
And what might you know about him?
Well, he's very smart, very quick
- and quite deadly. - Do you know where this killer is?
He's right behind you.
- It's all right. - Oh, I'm gonna die.
No, not quite yet.
They're very much like us, you see...
Sorry. This never happened before.
That's unbelievable.
- Thank God you were here. - God had nothing to do with it.
- I'm Max. - Rita. Rita Veder.
I think...
You know, I know this is gonna sound like a line
but I really feel like I've seen you somewhere before.
- Do you believe in the supernatural? - I might.
Well, I had this dream...
What kind of dream?
There was a beautiful woman...
a woman with a smile so lovely it could brighten the darkest night.
But she was trapped.
She was trapped in a prison where the moon never shined.
She couldn't escape because she didn't know how.
And then I came and I set her free.
Did you?
The woman was you, Rita. I recognise you.
How did you set me free?
I set you free with a dance.
Let me show you.
What am I thinking? I can't. I'm on duty.
On duty? Sounds like a personal problem. Do you know who this is?
This ain't Nick Ashford, this is Maximillian, all right?
This mofo 's got a pussy surplus. Solid as a rock!
All right, fuck it, then. He want to get it on with you, see?
So just be nice and show my man some respect cos he'll put it on with you.
- She's straightened out, boss. - I'm sorry.
No. Who knew you were so popular? But it's a good thing,
cos I wouldn't dance with you if you were the last man on earth.
- You ready? - Yeah. More than.
- I'll see you again, Rita. - In your dreams, Max.
- She's one of a kind. - She is. Not your kind, though.
Fuck them. I got these two...
This tongue of yours has complicated a very simple plan.
If it happens again, I'll hang you with it, understand?
I'll have to take drastic measures, time is short.
Hey, you the boss...
Gimme a break. You saying some kind of evil spirit stowed away on board?
- What if I am, huh? You want cream? - No.
Dewey heard you, she' d have you in a straitjacket.
Sometimes I feel things, all right?
Now, I didn't ask for it, I don't understand it
but you can't explain it all by the book.
You finally get a man back here and you're gonna kick his ass.
Interesting approach.
Uh, Justice, this is my roommate, Nikki.
Nikki, my partner, Justice.
From the way y'all was arguing, I' d swear you was in love.
- No. - Good.
Look, I'm gonna go on back to the crib, cos, um...
- it's getting a little late and... - Wait a minute.
- You don't want the coffee? - No, you can buy me some tomorrow.
I've had my fill of superstition.
Next we'll be seeing little green men.
Right. Sure, whatever, OK. You can find your way out, right?
You sure you don't want coffee?
No, I'm breaking out. Who painted this?
That's Rita's.
She paints things she sees in her nightmares.
Rita's got weird taste in art but good taste in men.
It's real late. Gotta go.
Freud would say that if you leave something this important behind,
it means you really don't want to go.
Two words - cold shower.
Thank you.
Now, he's obviously a man of poor taste.
My sentiments exactly.
You sure ain't from around here.
Yes, you could say I'm a long way from home.
Mine's upstairs. Would you like to warm up with some coffee or...
some other refreshment?
But I wouldn't want to keep you up.
Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me!
Oh, baby. Say my name, baby.
Keep it coming!
I feel...I feel like...
Damn you, Justice.
- Goddamn you. - I'm coming!
- I'm coming! - I do not believe you.
Let me see your face. Let me see your face!
This part of the seduction is quite simple, really.
Just take away everything she has, then give her everything she needs.
Rita. Girl, I finally found a man who can make the room spin.
Moving out to find a place of my own,
cos we're gonna need the room to roam. Ciao baby, Nikki.
Oh yeah, you, like, figure out what she's into
and then fuck her head up with it?
In a manner of speaking, yes.
But church. She had to go to a church.
My pops said the quickest way to a woman's heart is through the church!
It's through the rib cage but that's messy.
No, there are much more interesting ways to her heart.
Through her fears, for instance, or through her faith.
- Ex cuse me. - Just a second, son.
And if you've been misbehavin', Preacher Pauley's here for savin'.
I think that I'm beyond saving.
- Going to church? - I just wanna catch Preacher first,
is he still in the parking lot?
Preacher. I'm Preacher Pauley.
Yes, how are you tonight? Rita Veder, how are you tonight, girl?
I've been tossing about this case I'm on.
- Tossin', right. - I've been having these...
really strange feelings.
I felt I needed to talk to someone that I could trust.
You come to the right place. Tossin' and havin' strange feelings.
- And then I heard the voices. - You heard voices.
- Yes, like they were inside my head. - In your head?
Really. Does this make sense? Is it possible?
You' d be surprised what's possible.
I'm just afraid of ending up like my mother, afraid I'm losing my mind.
Afraid you're going crazy, that's good. It's good to get that out.
You fear you're going crazy, tell people. You need an outlet.
- I get it out in my paintings. - You paint?
- Yes. - It's good to paint.
You know, when I was young, I used to paint...
Preacher Pauley! Come on. Everybody's waitin'.
- I don't know if right now's... - Go ahead.
The Lord waits for no one. Get your butt in here.
Right now is not a good time!
What did he say?
God damns anybody who doesn't glorify in His work!
It's a hell of a night outside. Let's do the sermon on the lawn.
Come on, sister. Goddamn! Shit. Ex cuse me.
Can we bring it down just a little, please?
Brothers and sisters, please quiet down. Thank you.
We come here time after time and we talk about the same old same old.
Hey, quiet down.
- We talk about Jesus. - That's right.
Jesus said and Jesus wept.
Jesus heard and Jesus walked over.
I don't wanna talk about Jesus.
Cos as the big man teaches us, there's two sides to every story.
Not one but two. A story is not one-sided.
A story has duality. There's two sides to every story.
Which brings to mind the phrase "necessary evil".
I know many of you hear that phrase and say,
"That don't even make no sense to me.
"Can't be no such thing as necessary - how's evil necessary?
"That don't match. That's plaids and stripes, evil and necessary."
You see, because without bad, there is no good.
Without light, there is no dark, you need both these things.
You hear what I'm saying?
If every day is a sunny day, well, then, what's a sunny day?
Well, the bottom line, what I'm trying to tell you tonight,
is that evil...eeeevil... is necessary.
Evil is necessary, thereby, if it's necessary, evil...
- Evil... - ...must be good.
Evil is good.
That's what I think. Evil must be good, must be good.
- Let me hear y'all say it... - Evil is good.
Evil is good. Take Brother Brown, one of our strongest deacons,
pillar of stability.
Brother Brown was on Bushwick Avenue last night with a two-dollar whore.
- I didn't know she was no whore! - You lyin' dog,
- you said you was at your mother's. - Now, that's evil.
When you tell your wife, "I'm going to see Mama,"
then you go get you a two-dollar ho, that's evil.
But Brother Brown had a good time with that two-dollar ho.
You can push a two-dollar ho and she don't have no limits!
Evil and good walk hand in hand.
- Evil is as evil does. - I thought I' d find you here.
- What are you doing here? - The captain has something for us,
info on those stiffs in the dumpster. What's wrong?
- Remember Nikki. - You fucked her, didn't you?
We got us another one!
- Fucked who? - You know damn well who. Nikki.
- You know damn well! - What?
Nikki! The whore of Babylon. That's what she was.
- The whore of Babylon. - I never touched that girl.
Then you should change your shirts more often.
- Her lipstick's on your collar! - Lipstick on his collar!
What kind of man are you? It's a shame and a shock!
- It didn't happen like that. - Tell her.
Don't be ashamed of yourself, boy.
Don't be ashamed cos you went out and got you a little ass!
- Ass is good! - That's right!
I know many of y'all may be saying, "How can he say ass is good?"
How y'all think y'all got here?
Ass is good! Evil's good and ass is good.
And if you get you a piece of evil ass...
Rita, where are you going? Rita, you buggin'.
- This is ridiculous! - Then forget it.
No. I left after you went to bed!
- You don't have to explain. - No, she bumped into me.
I was at the station. Five guys'll swear it.
Hey, she borrows everything else of mine...
Of yours?
Did you say yours?
- That came out wrong. - No, you said yours.
Forget it. You got your own rules, you play by your own game.
Rita, you and l, we see things different, we know that,
but that don't have to be a bad thing,
it just means we have a lot to learn from each other.
Now, look, I came here because I got a line on those two John Does.
- Guess what? - What?
They worked for Kitty Caprisi.
- The mob boss? - Bingo.
Now, it's getting ready to rain. Wanna get in the car?
Heads up, y'all. Hallelujah!
Get out of here, you piece of shit!
- You ain't got the balls, Guido. - You made your point, Bear.
I could be a good stick-up man, Bear. I'm the fucking best.
- Here's a hot piece of ass. - You kiss your mama with that mouth?
I didn't know she was with somebody, I'm sorry.
- Sorry for the trouble. - Get out of here, man.
Andrew, could you do me a favour?
- Get the fuck out of here. - I'm going, all right?
Bravo! You should get a Oscar for that shit, you the man, boy.
One minute you's you, then bam! You're Al Sharpton!
- Like taking candy from a child. - Can you teach me?
It takes a master vampire to transform oneself into a human,
especially to absorb their thoughts - you have such messy minds.
Boss? I got an idea. Change into her partner. That'll fuck her head up.
There must first be a doorway of evil.
I've yet to discover such a thing with this man Justice.
Frankly, it's beginning to annoy me.
- Me, too. - "Ristorante Italiano ".
Perfetto. If one is to wine and dine a woman,
he must know what to wine and dine her with.
- She's in there with that cop! - And we're all going for a ride.
That's what I'm talking about! Let's heat it up!
Rip off his head and shit down his neck, boss!
- Act like a vampire! - Where did you get that?
Bloomingdale's. I broke the window and took it off the little white man.
I can use it more than he can. Look.
You're improvising. Very good.
You're turning into my best ghoul ever.
Get your fuckin' hands up, Sambo! Move it!
- Move your ass! - Take my hand, it's all I got.
Shove it up your ass, Meadowlark. What are you, a magician?
- Give me your fucking wallet. - Brooklyn...
- Come on! - ...I love this place.
Jesus Christ. Oh, you fucking...!
- Holy shit! - Dumbass.
They was making a pick-up on, let's just say some business proceeds.
- A pick-up from who? - A punk numbers runner,
name of Julius something or other.
I seen his girlfriend kick the living snot out of him once.
It's some big broad named Eva. Lives on Court.
So you think this Julius could've iced your boys?
- Iced our boys? - That putz couldn't ice tea!
He's almost as big a chickenshit as Guido.
Drop your shit on the floor. Nobody be smart.
Put your fuckin' guns on the floor! Come on, let's go! And you!
Empty the cash register right now! Hurry up, do it!
OK, here we go.
Hey, there's a lot of fuckin' love in this room.
Speaking of which, do you believe in love at first sight?
- Get the hell away from me. - Playing hard to get?
Lemme work on you. Watch it, Shaft, I'll put a hole in your afro.
You're gonna be my new girlfriend. Here we go. Is that register empty?
What's with this shit? Get rid of this fuckin' garlic.
Garlic bread, signore?
The next person to offer a garlic product is gonna get one in the ass.
Tell that fuckin' cat to shut the fuck up or I'll whack him!
Easy, Sugar.
I'm starvin'. You want take-out? What's your favourite pasta?
- Fusilli. - Mine, too. We need pasta here!
Garlic boy, get us some fusilli, two to go.
- Move your ass! - It's coming.
Fuckin' music is making my ears bleed. We need wine, too, honey.
- Red. - Joey, red wine. Move your ass.
This place is making me itch.
The fuckin' cat had it coming, hissing and making claws...
- Mama mia! - Son of a bitch, I'll kill him!
- I like cats. - You should have said so, dollface.
Not so tight, Mr Tibbs.
- Hey, lover, you're coming with me. - I'm going with her, OK? Let's go.
- Bear, who 's got the balls now, huh? - Fuck you!
- You always gotta be the hero. - It was an impulse, OK?
This guy had a .38 to your head, he could've killed you.
- It was a .45. I resent that. - Shut up.
Hey, I know you. Didn't I see you at Jugs on 5th Street, that titty bar?
- Shut up! - Look, I brought him down.
- Why can't you give me that? - Because he's an asshole!
- Shut up! - You were out of line
and you know damn well you should've waited for me.
She don't need you, Soul Train. Tell him.
Shut up! Look, I was at the right place at the right time, no big deal!
The city of Brooklyn shall be judged as the city of Babylon!
It says here, "She bears a golden cup filled with her abominations
"and the filth of her fornications."
We are supposed to be partners, look out for one another,
- but you just don't get it, do you? - Get what?
I care about you a little more than I'm supposed to
but I can't help that.
Nikki! That's where I know you from!
Nikki from Bed-Stuy told me some cop named Justice beast-fucked her.
- You're the beast that fucked Nikki! - Shut the fuck up!
It was you. You beast-fucked her. You know you did it.
I don't know what he's talking about.
- Veder, in my office right now. - You did good. He's an asshole.
He deserved every piece of palm that hit him.
Hey, take it easy. What's the matter with you?
- Hey, police brutality! - Do something with this fucker!
Soul Train, me and you right now, huh?
You been informed of your rights?
- Two days' suspension! - What? Two days?
Yes, I've been informed of everything that I need to know.
Another nutcase. All right, move it.
Try and kill the cop.
Sinner! Sinner!
What is wrong with...?
He went that way.
Why don't you guys do a job, huh?
What are we doing on the floor?
Watch it!
- Idiot! - Watch where you're going, lady!
Yeah, thanks.
Aw, jeez. Sunday drivers.
- Hey, you're... - Mr Popular.
But my friends call me Max.
- Well, I'm... - Rita. I remember.
I was just going by and you needed help.
You're bleeding.
You know, that's twice I owe you. You always gotta be the hero?
I just happened to be in the right place at the right time,
it's really no big deal.
Look, the bar thing...
- Oh, that was my fault. - No.
I apologise. My friend was drunk that night.
It was, really, it was one of those days, you know?
Kinda like today.
I understand. I'm more of a night person myself.
Really? So am I.
I' d better get going. I'm starving, too.
- Thanks. Good night. - Good night.
Do you like Italian?
I make an ex cellent fusilli.
Actually, that's my favourite
but I really think I ought to take a raincheck.
Oh. There's someone else.
Not any more.
If there's no one else, then I would love to have you for dinner.
Look here. I'm a cop.
- The police. - The law.
Which means if you try anything funny, I'll shoot you.
Do I look like I would bite you?
You better not. Not after the day I've had.
Can I send my car to pick you up in a half hour?
Your car. Well, then, let's make it an hour.
I'll see you then.
Look, Rita, I got a few things I need to say
cos this is real hard for me and... Shit.
I never said nothing like this before and I... Damn.
Look, I'm the man
and I got a few things I gotta set your ass straight on.
You're gonna do what I say do!
I must be crazy...
So what are you doing here?
I was just...
- Where are you going? - Dinner.
Dinner? Dressed like that?
- Who you going with? - A friend.
A girlfriend? I'm just saying, cos damn, you look good.
Can I give you a ride or something?
- I've got one, thanks. - Damn, that's your ride?
- Miss Rita, good evening. - Good evening.
Gotta go.
Oh, did you want something?
I... I was just gonna get a pizza and you know, I thought...
- Just have a good time, that's all. - Thanks.
- Enjoy your dinner. - Yeah. You, too.
You thought you was gonna get some ass tonight.
Take your ass to Blockbuster, get a video.
Pizza place.
Ain't no pizza place around here, you lyin' motherfucker.
See ya. Need to lighten up, stand there lookin' all mean.
Get your lyin' ass out of the street!
- Are you sure this is it? - Yeah, that's it.
Right down that hall to the right.
A minute earlier, she' d have caught me casting every spell I knew
on Julius's pigsty of an apartment
but by the time she arrived I had the place in reasonable shape,
if I do say so myself.
Please ex cuse my building, I just acquired it.
- This is incredible. - No, you are. You look fabulous.
Thank you. I don't get to dress up too often.
That should change. You like red wine?
- Yes. It's the only one I drink. - Really? We share similar taste.
Van Gogh. He's my favourite painter.
Have a closer look.
Is that the original?
Yes. He's my favourite, as well,
so torn by visions that no one around him could appreciate.
I'm strangely drawn to his art. It's sort of an outlet for me.
I know what you mean.
- It's beautiful. - Yes, it is.
To the beauty...of the night.
Right here, I got it for you.
- Go away! - Police officer.
Just wanna ask you a few questions, ma'am.
What are you trying to do, break my door down?
Show me your shield, not like it'll mean shit.
Just wanna ask about a friend, goofy-Iooking guy,
- numbers runner for Kitty Caprisi. - Julius? He in trouble? Come on in.
I feel as if you know me.
We do have a lot in common, don't we?
Some things, yes, but you've been to so many places,
you've seen so much, you've had such an ex citing life.
You might say that I've had several.
Sometimes I wonder what's out there, beyond the skyline, beyond Brooklyn,
past everything I've ever known.
- There's no place you can't go. - No place the subway doesn't run.
But what about your dreams, Rita? Your dreams of another life?
And another world? Another you?
Everyone has those dreams.
You've a hunger never satisfied and a need never fulfilled.
God only knows what I need.
And I know. You need to give me this drink...
and give me your hand...
- and come dance with me. - Oh, no.
- I'm not a good dancer. - Come, please. Just one dance.
Come, come.
Oh, Max. This is crazy.
There's nothing wrong with being just a little crazy.
I've never danced like this before.
And now, you'll never stop.
I haven't felt like this since... I've never felt like this.
How would you like to feel like this every night?
Is that a trick question?
To go to places you've never been?
- Yes. - Drink the wine you've never tasted?
I can give it to you, Rita.
A world where no one laughs at you for what you feel,
what you see, what you are.
All you have to do is just...
say the word, say it.
- Looking for the girl? - The girl? What girl?
You're a cop, you're supposed to remember faces.
The night watchman down at the dock?
Right. I'm also the proud landlord of this residential type place,
so I do know who comes and I do know who goes.
I'm looking for a brother named Julius. Julius Jones.
Jones, Jones... I knew a Latoya Jones once.
Called her Mrs Butterworth cos she had a ass flat like a pancake.
I haven't seen her around lately but I have seen your partner,
yes I have.
You seen my partner?
Musta done some serious bumpin' last night with that cat.
- What cat? - Some suave motherfucker.
New tenant. He's been tapping that top-shelf booty!
I'm talking bang-bang-bang!
When she walked out this morning, she was bow-legged.
- So you know where she went? - I' d say she went home to sleep.
Course, she didn't get none last night. Bang-bang...
13 Fox, come in, over.
- Shit. - Justice, where are you?
- 13 Fox, what's up? - A DOA at Brooklyn City Hall.
Female, late twenties, Captain requests you on the site.
- Hey, Connie. - Hey.
God knows who or what got her up there.
Let me see that thing.
Looks like a bed sheet or something she's wrapped up in.
Damn. Nikki.
If there's one thing a vampire has, it is patience,
especially with those of his own kind.
But even that, in time, runs out and then in the family of darkness,
blood will prove thicker than water can ever be.
Rita, wake up! Rita, wake up!
Damn, girl! I musta called here 50 times! Did you sleep all day?
I'm thirsty. What's going on? What are you doing here?
It's about Nikki.
- Whatever happened between you... - She's dead, Rita.
- What? - But it's more than that.
The way she was hanging was exactly the way you painted it.
- No, it was just a dream. - No, it's real.
Everything that you believed in and I didn't is real.
Justice, you saw her?
- Then somehow I'm not crazy. - No.
No crazier than the rest of us.
Why me? Why is this happening to me?
I don't know...
but we'll figure this out, together.
Now, we make mistakes and we have differences but...
that's OK, we're only human, right?
- You know what you're doin'? - No.
I'll make it up as I go.
I want this but...
Damn! Oh, damn!
Easy. Honey lamb, now ain't a good time to fuck with the man...
- Oh, shit, he got you too? - I'll handle this.
I'll be in the kitchen.
- Want a cappuccino? - Welcome home.
Do you still take red?
After last night, you'll want something with a little more bite.
- What have you done to me? - Only what you asked.
- I didn't ask for this! - No, but you wanted it.
You needed it and now you can feel it, look at you.
You feel more alive than you've ever been, stop fighting it.
- Death becomes you. - It was you, wasn't it?
All the murders, the alley, the boat, Nikki.
It's a gift but you have it too, I just unwrapped it for you.
- Gift?! Of what, death? - Of life!
- I have given you eternal life! - This isn't happening.
It's happening as we speak. Can you feel it?
Come here! Listen. Listen to me!
Do you hear that? Do you hear it? That is the sound of the night
and it's calling.
Not to me. Not to me!
Frightening, isn't it?
Yes, you are.
I meant freedom
to do anything you want, any time, anywhere.
I know it's terrifying at first.
I passed terrified about half an hour ago.
All your life you wondered why you felt things that no one else felt,
why you never caught a cold, never broke a bone.
This is just a dream, right? Soon I'm gonna wake up and...
And I will be there.
I'm not going to be alone again. I' d perish without you.
I gotta go back, go back to my life,
you can't stop me. You can't.
Then go. Go back to your little shoe-box apartment
filled with those empty dreams.
Go back to church and don't forget the collection,
the preacher's whisky is running low.
Go back to your job! Where they laugh and call you crazy!
Or you face the truth -
that you have no place left to go but to me.
What do you know about truth? You lied to me from the beginning.
- Your father sent me to you. - What?
That's the truth. Your father.
If I had told you that when I first met you,
if I had told you what you were,
would you believe me
if I told you that you were the daughter of a vampire?
- You're lying! - You' d have loved your father.
Your mother did before they killed him.
Who? Who killed him? Who?
Humans! Humans fear what they don't understand and hate what they fear.
He sacrificed himself so your mother could live. It drove her insane.
But what if I don't want this?
What if you do?
What if you do?
Who 's there?
Step into the light.
- Detective Justice. - You were expecting me?
You or the dark one, could have gone either way.
- Personally, I'm glad it's you. - I need your help.
- Things have changed. Sit down. - Rita has changed.
She's seeing things in her dreams.
- Now she's missing. - What kind of dreams?
Nightmares. She paints them.
A girl was murdered and it was exactly the way Rita painted it.
And then...then I saw this.
This is the last one she did.
Then it's true there was a child.
I knew Rita's mother. I was in love with her years ago.
She studied the vampires of my island. I was her guide.
I saw her succumb to the powers of the dark one and Rita
is the result.
It's like, just clean my house, I don't care if your kid's sick...
- Please don't. - We must. Besides, she deserves it.
We must feed, Rita, or we die.
- Well, here's my shortcut. - Bye-bye.
This one is the last.
He needs her. He has to move very, very quickly.
- I'll kill him if he hurts her. - You have to.
To save her, you must kill him before she abandons her humanity and feeds.
Much as she is human, she is now also a predator.
What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
I have pepper spray and I'll use it!
But I want you to know I understand the Negro people.
You've been chained by the oppression of white capitalist society.
Yes, well... then you'll understand this!
Your turn, Rita. Taste her. Taste her and quench the hunger.
- I won't do it! - You don't have a choice!
No deposit, no return, no going back.
Help me.
I'm not going forward!
You can't run from your hunger! There's no place you can hide!
Forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil!
Help me!
- Where are you taking me? - You need rest.
We have a long journey ahead.
- Where we going, boss? - Home! While she rests, you pack.
We try to leave by dawn.
- Can I talk to you about my head? - Drive!
Ready my coffin.
She don't look ready, she need a nap.
I'm readyin' the coffin cos we gettin' the fuck out of here. sweet.
- You must feed or you'll die. - I want to die.
I won't let you. I'll find someone for you.
Hey, hey, the Knicks won! Julius, goddammit, you owe me $50!
Good God, he's a bad motherfucker.
Julius, where's my $50?
You ain't Julius. You that cop's girl.
What's wrong, baby? You look sick. Had too much pork, huh? Bad pig meat.
Want some cod liver oil? Tell me what you need.
What she needs...
- is some fresh blood. - Blood?
I'll go to the Red Cross, get all you need.
- Shut up! - Hey, brother, what's the idea?
- The idea is dinner. - Dinner? What we havin'?
- You. - Me? Don't do it, baby.
- You don't have to resist. Do it! - Don't! I got high blood pressure!
High as the motherfuckin' moon!
- Police! Police! - It's OK.
- Police! - Rita, it's over. Just walk away.
- Hey, coffin's all ready, B. - Take care of that one.
I got him. All right, Supercop, you better get the fuck outta here
or I'm gonna put this shit all over you.
- You better shut up. - Oh, you're not afraid.
That's my fuckin' eye!
Come back here. Shit.
You're quite a bulldog but Rita belongs to me now.
Motherfuck you, man.
The heart. This is my stomach.
This is my heart, this is my stomach.
You should know the rules, Zeko.
Not him.
Are you OK?
My leg! I think he broke my leg!
Fuck your leg, have you seen my eye? Easy, B, I need my eye!
- Your eye? - Came out of my head.
Oh, damn! Watch yo ' step, nigger! You done mashed my shit all up!
- Coast clear? - Yeah. Come on, give us a hand.
I gotta find a eye doctor.
I want y'all to get outta here and get him to a hospital.
- I'm not leaving without Rita. - Remember the painting.
If she joins with him, she'll strike you next.
Let her go. Bitch tried to suck me like I'm a 40-ounce of malt liquor!
- Kill him. - Thanks, Doc.
God is with you.
- I'll keep that in mind. - You gonna need Him.
Come on. We'll get you outta here too.
I ain't going. My homey's taking care of me.
Have you seen yourself lately? Let's get the hell out of here.
- Don't rip my shirt. - Now, look at this shit!
That my arm!
- You put that back on! - Now you're The Fugitive.
You put that back on!
I need this! You can't just snatch a brother's arm.
Right through your black heart!
You shouldn't have come.
It's too late for me.
Rita, we... Oh, shit! Look at you!
- Now it's too late for you. - Still don't believe in vampires?
I'm taking Rita. It's not too late for her.
You should be worried about yourself.
- Hey, bitch. - Rita, get away from him!
I can give her everything! Why deny her that?
She doesn't belong with you! She's not a killer!
- It's in her blood! - But not in her heart!
- Are you sure? - I'm sure you're ugly.
Come, you bastard.
That's it! Goddammit! Idiot!
Get the fuck away from the knife. Get... Come here!
Not in her heart, you say? Why don't you ask her what she is?
I'm hungry.
- Tell him. Is his blood good enough? - He'll do just fine.
Forget it, Justice. Time's up.
It's too late. It's much too late.
This is your destiny.
And yours.
- Take him. - Part of me loves you so much...
but that part of me must die.
It must die.
I told you that you were...
a killer.
Come on, Rita, let's go. Come on!
Let's go!
We'll be OK!
Where did all...?
You did good, Rita. You OK?
Cross my heart...
and hope to die.
- Come on, let's go. - I'm with you, G.
I gotta find myself a safer job. Like the bomb squad.
Hey, Unc, at least you got your health.
Well, thank you.
And at least you got your...
well, you know, you got...
- you got a limo. - That's right! I got a limo!
I got the front seat, now. Let me drive.
No more drivin' the limo for me. My little ass is in the back.
Unc, talk to me.
Cruise control, power steering, power brakes, power windows,
power seats and we surrounded by leather.
Let's see what we got here.
Look at... Hey! Some brother lost his mood ring.
Oh, shit. No. No, man, this is Max's shit.
Max ain't gonna need this, Max is spread out all over Brooklyn.
I'm gonna wear this in great Max's honour.
We gotta represent our homey the vampire.
- Hey, check it out. GQ or what? - Macaroni.
Jesus, Mary, Little Bo Peep's Mom, what's wrong?
Ain't no smoking in the limo, Julius.
Good God Almighty. You done flip-flopped!
Shit! Unc! I got my shit back, man.
I got my hand back, I got my arm back,
I got jewels out the ass, look at these jewels.
Look at these fly shoes, man!
Max said being a ghoul had benefits but goddamn!
I ain't no ghoul!
Welcome to the party. Now, let's get this show on the road.
- Well, you the boss. - That's right.
There's a new vampire in Brooklyn and his name's Julius Jones.
I ever tell you I won the Indianapolis 500?
I beat a man called AJ Fittipaldi.
Yes, I used to dress like that in '62.
- They called me Pretty Willie. - Pretty Willie, drive the limo!
Oh, goddamn, man.
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