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Van God Los

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This film was inspired by|the true story of the "Venlo gang"
The Dutch South in the 1990s
Where I come from, people|show themselves once a year.
For 3 days and 3 nights,|they show their true colours... putting on a mask, that is.
You should see them tomorrow|on Ash Wednesday...
...when it's all over...
...and they'll do as|they're told for another year.
Christ! Shoot!
Shoot, for Christ's sake! Shoot!
But now, briefly they can be|who they really want to be.
Partying until they're blind drunk.
Now the town is theirs, just for today.
They can do as they please.
Not us...
We took the whole year.
I was still at school when I met him.
High school.
I'd rather have done|a technical course.
But my mother wanted me|to get on in life.
Big deal...
I didn't care which school|I dropped out of.
Look after that for me.
I knew who he as.
Everyone in town had heard|of Mike Verheije.
Get in.
Count it.
What's your name?|- Stan.
Stan Meijer.
Meijer the dentist?
We all know each other in this town.
Want to do something else for me?
That was Mike's problem.
You see, he was in love with Anna.
She won't be long.
But Anna's parents hated his guts.
She hasn't mentioned you before.
So I was useful.
We only just met.
Meijer the dentist?
Here at last...
Anna could get anyone she wanted...
...but she wanted Mike.
Because Mike was different.
My mother married a dentist|when I was 6.
Why are you so late?
I was seeing my mentor.|- The mentor, what for?
It was your idea.
It made all her dreams come true.
Get something out of|the freezer. We'll be back late.
And take your cap off|in the house. Bye, love.
I'd rather be at Mike's.
I liked it there...
...with one minor exception.
Hey, wanker...|- Scumbag.
Mike had known him|since they were little.
Sef was a junkie,|but you couldn't say that to him.
Sef thought he was an occasional user.
But he used on any occasion.
I'm going to powder my nose.
Hey Stan...
Wanna come along tonight?
Mike was in "trade", he said,|with Sef and kid brother Yuri.
But he never bought, he only sold.
Sef! Respect people's things!|They're expensive!
Mainly assimilation lamps|used for growing hemp.
What's he doing here?|- That's Stan, a friend...
Stan's okay.
Johan, we agreed 8!|- Eight? Five!
Eight!|- Seven!
Okay, seven!
In those days|I only got a few cents pocket money.
...each month!
Good luck at the dentist's!
Police. You're under arrest!
Show your hands!
What's up?
Don't make me laugh!
Cool man. Hey, Stan!
Where did you get the money?
My pocket money.
I haven't done anything!
Got a minute?
What do I have to do before you nail me?
Two against one! That's assault!
Queers! Stick me in the cell!
Mike had something.
You're one of Meijer the dentist's?
Why are you hanging out|with this scum?
You're lucky it's your first time.
I don't want to see you again.
What?|- Your mother's coming for you.
What about Mike?
And Sef?
Don't forget your pocket money.
You can't prove a thing. Wanker!
I could have walked home!|- Stan, please. Don't!
What?|- Don't walk away from me!
Stan! We'll solve this|together, really! Together!
"Together" meant I was kept|in the house for a week.
I didn't mind.
There was no one to|keep an eye on me.
Bastard!|Where have you been?
Anna!|- My father thinks we're through.
What should I tell him?
Anna, Mike's in jail.|- Seven thirty!
Hey, Anna!
Call me when you wanna go home.
Don't be silly.
Don't you want to be seen with me?
Ain't I pretty enough?
Sure, but...
...but you're Mike's girl.
So what? That makes me less attractive?
Of course not.
Do you ever think of me|when you jerk off?
I thought of her every night...
...and every morning.
Jesus, Anna!
That's nice to know.
I did it for Mike.
Sit up straight at the table.
And take off your cap.
Take off your cap.
Cheap whore.
My mother...
Stan, how about a week's|holiday for the three of us?
A quick break in|an expensive hotel.
She saw things as she wanted them.
If she didn't like what she saw,|she pretended it wasn't there.
I never told my mother|I had found my real father.
I can't remember how long|that took me.
But I knew it was him right away.
I told her I was going to baseball.
She said my father had been a mistake.
That was that for her.
You have to make the most of it.
Can I come and live with you?
We'll have to think about that.
See you next week?
This way I'll always be with you.
My mother and her holiday plans too!
Dutch trucker killed in pile up.
Taken from us in a tragic accident.|Bert Mulder, RIP.
Darling, have you packed your bag?
I'm not going.|- What?
Stan, you're joking.
Are you doing this to annoy me?
After all the trouble I took!
It's not my fault. You're impossible!
I won't let you spoil our fun!|We'll go without you! Herbert!
I assumed my mother would understand.
Where are you going?
And your mother?
Won't she be sad if|you live with your father?
- No. -
Are you sure?|- It's much better.
At first, I thought he was held up|at the French border.
That the French were on strike again.
Or that he'd been arrested in Germany|for driving too fast, to reach me in time.
My father said they were|strict in Germany.
My old dad...
...I never saw him again.
I should have known...
Never let anyone get too close.
I didn't say a thing at home.
We remember Bert Mulder...
You called him to you today, God.
Christ died...
Would he have mentioned me?
What was I doing there?
I hardly knew him.
I looked a fool.
It beats me how he knew.
I didn't even know he was free.
At least he was here.
When did you get out?
This morning.|- Really?
They couldn't make it stick.
I was inside for nothing!
It's a good thing you didn't talk.
Was it hard?
Nobody fucks with Meijer!
Hey, get lost!
Fag! Homo!
That month without Anna|was hard on Mike.
Don't come in me!
Not in me!|- Let me.
On my belly!
But it had also given him some ideas.
It's good...
Time to think about what you're doing.
If only you knew the risks|we ran for a few lousy cents!
We'll do it different, Stan.|You and me.
You missed me.
It's everywhere!
Sef's came up with the hot tip.
Johan Schreurs's had 50,000|stashed at his place.
A caravan he lived in|among his hemp plants...
...and he couldn't go to the cops|if he lost money like that.
A hot tip...
So hot that Mike thought|we could do without Sef.
We'd rehearsed the whole thing.
Inside, tie him up, grab the money|and we'd be out in 3 minutes.
We're just going for a chat, darling.
Then we'll have a drink?|- Sure. Won't be a mo.
What's this?|- What d'you think?
Don't do anything dumb.|- Shut up! Kneel!
Legs together. Tape!
Lie down.
Very good. Arms back.
Tape!|- Coming!
Come on!
Come on!|- I can't!
You have to!|- You can see I can't!
Calm down! Hold him.
Lie down!
Fucking tape!
Your face, stupid!
Your money!|- Christ!
I need a doctor!|- Your money first.
Where's the money?!
In the bank.|- I don't believe you!
Stay with him.
Damn it. Stay with him!
Where's the fucking money?
Call an ambulance.|- Shut up!
I won't betray you.|- Shut it and lie still!
We can solve this together.
Is this what you want, man!?
We could have been|out of here in three minutes!
What are you doing?
Sorry Johan!
What's up?
What happened?|- Nothing, love.
Let's go and have a drink.
What's with him?|- Leave him be.
What happened? You went for a chat.
Nothing happened. Just wait in the car.|- If we don't go for a drink...
...then never mind. I have to go home.
We won't be a minute, okay?
It was an accident, Stan.
Hey! An accident!|We didn't mean to kill him.
If he'd cooperated, he'd be alive now.
It was just a stupid accident.
Don't say sorry!
It's good that it happened.
This was meant to be...
Meant to be...
Now we have to trust each other, Stan.
What happens to you, happens to me too.
Us against the rest!
It's good it happened.
Fucking good!
I thought we'd be arrested any time.
We hadn't even worn gloves.
Problems always come|from an unexpected angle...
They killed Schreurs.|- Really?
Apparently they had quite a party.|- What do you mean?
Mean? They smashed his head in|then shot him. Osman is furious.
Who's Osman?|- How do you know?
The headlines. I can read.|I said he had money.
How do you know about Osman?|- Everyone's talking about it!
The whole town's freaked!
What do you care?
I don't.
Verheije? Did I miss something?
Sef's okay.
Sef, you should have seen his face|when he knew I'd shoot him.
That was my tip, man!
But a dumb one.|There was no money!
Of course there was.|You should have taken me!
Fucking moron!|- Oh sod it!
Sef!|- What?
You should have been there.
How did he look?|- Man, the way that Stan went for...
Who's Osman?|- Some Turk with a coffee shop.
You should have taken me!|- He tore his head apart!
Johan Schreurs, on TV they said|he was murdered!
So what?|- You were there!
Anna, just remember! We weren't there!
You hear me? We never went there.
I was in the car!
It was an accident.
Hurry up. We'll just make the film.
They took Sef!
I should have guessed.
A golden tip from Sef.
We'll catch a later film.
I'll see you later.|- Anna, wait a sec!
What's up?|- Sef's in trouble.
What?|- Fucking Turk!
That fucking Turk was Osman.
Osman Sukur had|a coffee shop and a gym...
...two restaurants, a chain of|snack bars and, oh yes...
...he controlled 3/4 of|local hash production.
He was the boss of Johan Scheurs.
Johan Schreurs was a man|who kept his word.
He never made trouble.
He liked Johan Schreurs.
And then a bullet in his head.|What's the world coming too?
And then he died.
Every man for himself.
I want to know where Sef is.
Sef told us some things.|What happened there?
Where's Sef?
Cocky bastard, eh?
It's a simple question: What happened?
Where is Sef?!|- Just tell me what happened.
We're not getting anywhere. Try the other.
Is Sef speaking the truth?
I don't know what Sef said.
Okay, we know enough.
So what?
So what if I did blow|his head off? So what?
He admits it.
Good, then explain it to him.
We're counting on you.
His name was Hassan.
I never found out|what he'd done to Osman.
But we didn't have much choice.
If we didn't do it,|Osman would get someone else.
So Hassan was a dead man.
Hey Mike, the door's shut!
It's got a childproof lock!
Fucking bastard!
Who's an idiot?
Get him!|- Sef! Calm down!
I am calm!
Let's go!
It's that lock again!
Let me out, I'm suffocating!
Let me out!
If he runs, I'll stab him.|- Open up.
I'm suffocating!
He shat himself!
My car! You stinking Turk!
What do you want?
I didn't do anything.
Walk! Fucker!|- What did I do?
Mike was right.
What happened to him,|would happen to me too.
That's far enough.
But then when you think of it...
I have 5 children.
You just pull the trigger and that's it!
Tell me what I did.
Hurry up and shoot!
Tell me what I did!|- Shoot!
Shoot!|- Come on!
I thought killing someone|would change everything.
You'd bear it with you all your life.
But it's nothing really.
That man meant nothing to me.
As long as you keep your distance.
Don't let anyone get too close.
That's all.
Open it.
Go on.
Put it on!
You and me, Stan! Together!
You can work hard for years|to make them love you...
But you might as well make sure|they're afraid of you.
Christ, Stan!
You're looking at my son.
Let's go!|- Of course.
We'd done well, it seems|so we started working for Osman.
There was a turf war|between Yugos and Turks...
But you couldn't always tell them apart.
We might have picked the|wrong guy, sometimes.
Come on.
Take this!
Steady. With both hands.
Aim, straight arm...|I have to cock it...
Aim properly... See the middle?
Stretch your arm...
Here we go.
One... two...
You missed, Yuri. Again.
When Mike suggested talking to her|parents, Anna finally moved in with him.
Is that all?
What did they say about you leaving?
I said I was going to stay|the weekend with a girlfriend.
I'll write them a letter.
It was hard!
Anyway, I'm here now!
Cool, eh?
That's not all. Come on.
It's the hormones. This is a real one.
Mike prepared seriously for parenthood.
He read all he could.
As a father to be he had to|ensure a steady income.
This is a sure bet. See that house?
They have 150,000 stashed away there.
You know what?
It belongs to two pensioners!
They sold the glasshouses|to Germans. That's how I know!
They can't spend the money!
But where's the money, Sef?
It's hidden in preserving jars.
No... You wouldn't find anything.
How do you know?
Mike, it's junkie talk.
Junkie crap!
Sef, really.
If I ever find you in there...
...l'll kill you.
Sef, no!
Now listen to me!
If you want to go on with this shit,|it's up to you.
I don't trust him.
I'm watching you, kid.
Don't expect any more tips!
She never got round|to writing to her parents.
I looked stupid with those people.
A mother doesn't know|her daughter's living with someone.
Sorry, I wanted to tell you, but Dad...
You like it?
If you want to live together, why lie to us?
I'll make some tea.
Is there anything else I should know?
I just want to be sure you're okay.
I'll find my own way out.|- Mum!
You can explain this to your father.
Did you tell her?
Either Mike really couldn't see|what upset Anna...
...or he just didn't want to know.
However... wasn't my responsibility|to open his eyes.
But maybe I should have.
Hello? Who's there?
Can I give him a message?
I didn't know you were home.
You can hang up.
Stan?|- Hey, Anna...
Come and fetch me.|- Where are you?
At the police station.|- What?
Anna had talked too much.
She'd told a girlfriend that|Schreurs hadn't been murdered...
...but that it was an accident.
That girlfriend had told her parents.|And they'd told a neighbour.
I came for Mrs Sprengers.
We have to follow up all leads.
But it takes so long.
She was so upset, we let her call you.
How could you be so stupid?|- You said it was an accident.
It was an accident...
But you don't go telling!|- That man was tied up, Stan!
What are you talking about?
They had photos on the wall.
It wasn't an accident.|- Rubbish.
Stan, come here!
He was murdered.
It was an accident, sort of...
What do I tell Mike?|- Don't say a word!
It's not enough.
I've paid more than enough.|I'm not the bank.
You had two advances,|and that's been deducted.
Can't we deduct it next time?|I need it now.
There won't be a next time yet.
Why not? What's up?
I told you he'd gripe.|Why not tell him the truth?
I don't need them any more.|That's all they need to know.
We have to let things cool down.
Did we do anything wrong?
The prick asks what he did wrong.
Tell him I don't need him for now.
Not when Grandpa's discussing business.
We'll be in touch.
Something's very wrong.
You know...
We can wait.
There's not much left.
What?|- What d'you think it all costs?
Osman can't just dump us!
Something must have|gone wrong last time.
You know...
Maybe we should lie low for a bit.
...sort things out.
Are we supposed to shake hands|and call it a day?
Have a reunion in a few years?
What can Osman do to us?
We know just as much about him|as he knows about us.
I know it's hard for|a dentist's son, but come on!
He isn't my father!|- I know your real father deserted you!
Is Mike here?|- No!
Where is he?|- How should I know!
Anna, what are you doing?|- What I feel like!
Anna, that's bad for the baby!
I don't want the baby!
I can't have a child by...
Stop it!
Stop it!
Don't do it.
I'll put you to bed.
If only Mike had been there...
...he could have talked to her...
Stan, call my mother.
Where are you going?|- With her!
I never want to see you or Mike|near my daughter. Tell him that.
Where were you?
No! No!
Christ almighty!
Christ! !
I only told him she had a miscarriage...
...and went back to her parents.
I just couldn't tell him...
...that she didn't want his child.
Stan, sorry what I said about your father.
I only saw my father once...
...with a pile of presents for my birthday.
It wasn't my birthday so|he took them all away again.
I'll do it different, boy.
I'll never leave Anna again. Never.
Come on, let's get her.
No. Go away.
My father doesn't know about Mike,|and I won't tell him.
Anna listen.|- Stan!
Mike is going crazy.
No.|- Anna!
Verheije! Calm down!
I'm sorry...
Come home now?
I miss you so much. So much...
I'll never leave you alone again.
Never again, Anna...
We'll have another baby, Anna.
I wanted to tell you everything.
Get out!|- Papa!
Get out!|- Papa, no!
You lied to us all this time!
I was going to tell you.|- Get out! Both of you!
We can talk.|- No! I never want to see you again.
Never again! Out!
From then on, Mike|never left Anna out of his sight.
I told you! Osman is saying|we can't be trusted
He says you talked to the cops.
You were seen there.
Bullshit!|- Of course.
But we can't let him|get away with this.
Or we're admitting it's true.
How could you be so stupid?
I'm going to see him.
If he has anything to say,|he can say it to my face.
Cool it. We have to think hard first!
Not "we". I have to sort this out.|You stay here.
What do I tell Mike?|- Don't say a word!
The toilet...
You stay with Anna.
Bye, darling.
I should never have let him go|on his own.
Grandpa has work to do.|Go and play upstairs.
Stan's not a grass.|- He was seen at the police station.
As if he lived there.
Who says so? Let me see him.
Either he knows nothing,|or he's brazen.
Face it Mike, even if it's true...
...why should we take the risk?|- Because you can't just dump me!
I don't want trouble here.
You'd better go, okay?
Go to hell!
As for you, you shit!
I'll waste you! And you too!
You want to defy me?
In my own house?
I am Osman Sukur!
You son of a whore!
Get lost!
God damn you!
Mike, where are you?|- Stan, I tried to...
I shot, man!
What?|- Don't let the Turk get to us.
He pissed all over us.
Let's take a holiday...|You, Anna and me.
What d'you think?
Mike, don't do anything crazy.
Whatever happens, look after Anna.
I'll call tomorrow.|- Mike!
Let's leave together.
We'll walk out the door...
...and catch a plane to...
Then we'll see.
Impossible.|- Why not?
We just need some money|for a few days. Then we'll see.
Too much has happened.
I can't betray Mike.|- Mike! Mike!
What does Stan Meijer want?
What I want... impossible.
Anna had to go.
Never let anyone get too close.
You're in trouble, eh?
I need money.
That's all right, but money|didn't cause your problems.
It did.
I need money.
No, Stan. That's no good.
Now you listen to me.
You walk in and don't say a word,|I hardly see you.
Then you want money?
That's not how it works.|- Yoka...
Look at me...
It's more important to sort you out.
Go back to school...|- School?
Yes, school.|- I need money.
Herbert, it's okay. Go back to sleep.
Anna had to leave|before Mike got back.
I'd put her on a train with money|for a few days...
...after that she'd have to cope.
I was convinced that, when she'd gone...
...I could bring Mike round.
That he'd understand|I only wanted to help.
I didn't have much to sell.
And there wasn't much time.
Osman's looking for Mike.
That shooting at the Ishmir...
Was Mike involved?
No idea.
That's what's left of 3 Poles|who started their own show.
Two of Osman's couriers|who lost their goods.
Just imagine what he'll do to the guy|who shot his granddaughter.
Do him a favour and tell us where he is.
We're the only ones who can protect him.
As if the police could|protect us from Osman!
Last time the Turk knew|I'd been there at once.
No one could be trusted.
Where were you?
I was out of cigarettes.
Here, put these on.
Come on, we can get|out of town unseen.
You have everything?
Come on, Meijer, let's go!
Mike, why the fuck is he here?|- Put your mask on!
I should have guessed|Mike would go to Sef.
And that Sef would start raving about|the 150,000 in the jars again!
Junkie crap!
There's nothing there.
Sef is always serious|about money. Let's get it.
Stan, please don't leave me alone.
I couldn't leave those old people to Sef.
Good evening!
Where's the money!|- We don't have any.
Oh no? We'll see!
Found it?
Mike, there are thousands of jars!
We're wasting our time!
Come with me!
Your money!|- I don't know what you mean!
No! No!
Your mask!|- What's your problem?
He's fucking with us!
Is this Sesame Street?
On your knees!
Come on.
Let's go!
Shoot her, Stan.
Let's go!
I did it for you, too, Stan. Remember?
Shoot her, damn it!
Shoot! Go on!
I know her...
You know him?
I have money.
I told you, Mike.
He's been fucking you all along.
Look at his fucking face!
Money? What's that money, Stan?
Why? How?
For Anna.
They were going to run off.
He was off with your woman!
You don't understand.
Go and get Anna.
And Osman?
Was he right, Stan?
Not the way you think.
He was right, wasn't he?
How long?
How fucking long?
Move, damn you!
For you, Anna?
Is this money for you?!
It's not what you think.
It's never what I think, is it Stan?
Come on.
Whose side are you on, Stan?
Go on, shoot!
Come with me!
We're going!
Mike, let her go!
Anna won't go anywhere without me.
Anna... go on!
What happens to you,|happens to me too.
Mike! What happens to you,|happens to me too.
Not for a moment.
I learned what I already knew.
What you love... lose.
Even though, very occasionally... seem to have a chance.
As if life can be different.
But it only looks that way.
You have to make do with that.
But on the other hand... no one can get near.
They won't get me any more.
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