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Subtitles for Van Helsing The London Assignment 2004.

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Van Helsing The London Assignment 2004

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Who's there?
I said, "Who's there?"
Oi, sir!
Ah, dear, dear, dear.
- I have it. Take me to her. - Yes, master.
She's been waiting. As have I.
Oh, Van Helsing, that last target was a civilian.
You know, one of those innocents...
you Knights of the Holy Order are sworn to protect from the dark forces.
Oh, I don't know, Carl. I thought I detected...
a hint of demonic influence in its beady little eyes.
Beady? Van Helsing.
You are needed.
Next tableau.
And there, the second victim.
Next tableau.
Victim three, what they could find of her. And again.
The latest victim.
Those women died at the hands of a monster.
But from eyewitness accounts, one who was once a man.
Keep in mind that this man's soul can still be saved.
Not every soul deserves to be.
Van Helsing, since time immemorial,
the Knights of the Holy Order have served and sacrificed...
as humanity's protectors from an evil so ancient...
all have forgotten it but we few.
That monster showed no mercy to those women.
To remain true to our calling,
we must believe all souls are worthy of salvation.
Stop him? Save him? First someone's gotta find him.
And London's a city of almost four million people. Shouldn't be a problem, Carl.
The murders were committed in the same small section of the city.
And all with a surgeon's scalpel.
Now that suggests the murderer resides in the area and is involved in the study of medicine.
Of course. A scientist. We see this all the time. We do?
When their studies exhaust them, they're tempted to take the easy way out...
to find whatever it is they're looking for.
The unholy way, you mean.
Using the dark arts to change from man to monster.
No doubt calling forth demonic familiars to serve him.
And would you have it any other way?
Oh, this I like.
Put her down!
Happy to oblige.
Oopsie. It's him, I tell ya.!
He's the killer.! Get him, lads.!
Tell the hangman Mr. Hyde says hello.
Don't let him get away!
Bloody hell! He's gone. Like a blooming ghost.
Perfect. A monster that stops to wipe his feet.
Clever, whoever you are,
but not clever enough.
Mum, Dr. Jekyll has arrived.
He may enter.
You're late this evening, Doctor.
We grew concerned. Your Majesty, you should know by now...
that nothing and no one shall ever keep me from you.
We are comforted by that.
We do look forward to your visits.
Whatever medicinal miracle it is...
you conjure up from your concoctions,
we feel better and better after each of your visits.
As do I, Your Majesty.
Truly, we do not know...
what we would do without you.
Oh, my.!
Everything is so... twirly.
I'll take care of her now.
Yes, master.
After you.
Careful, Your Majesty.
I wouldn't want you to fall.
To have you so close to me,
I cannot help but recall the first time I gazed upon you...
so many years ago.
You were the very flower of womanhood.
Newly on the throne.
I was a mere youth.
An impoverished student of the medical arts.
And though I was just one of thousands in the crowd that day,
I knew you saw me too and shared my love.
Don't fret, my dear.
You'll soon remember everything as I do.
But I do remember... something.
I'm... I'm the queen.
And you, my brilliant doctor,
you've been treating me for that horrid illness that makes me feel as if...
as if I were a doddering old relic.
How better to prove the depth of my love for you.
Now welcome, dear heart, to what will soon be our new home...
away from prying eyes,
after our marriage, of course.
Marriage? But am I not still ill?
You shall have your medicine every night...
to keep you young and mine forever.
Could you stop squirming?
If you bought me the proper-sized corset, I wouldn't have to squirm.
There. A vision of loveliness.
I told the cardinal when he got your cable I am not a field man.
There's not much danger of you being mistaken for any kind of man, Carl.
Oh! You put on too much powder.
And this lip rouge with this scarf?
No real lady would be caught dead with... Perhaps not the best choice of words.
Carl, for a friar, you know an awful lot about lip rouge.
Anything worth doing is worth doing well, even being demon bait.
Well, it's not as if I could put an innocent life at risk.
What about my innocent life?
If you truly believe this is beyond the scope of your calling...
Don't worry. I know exactly what I'm doing.
That's what worries me.
Come on, ducky. What do ya say? Let us buy you a pint.
Oh, I don't know.
Would you happen to be a gentleman of medicine?
If that's your fancy, girlie,
I can play doctor with the best of'em.
Physician, heal thyself. Men, they're all the same.
Should we try another street corner?
Van Helsing, where are you hiding now?
- It's about time you showed up. - Sorry to keep you waiting, milady.
I am not a lady!
That's all right. I'm not a gentleman.
You've only got one way out of this.
I know.
You're no priest, man. You don't miss much.
Ah, the fetching lady friend.
Stay there.
Don't shoot! I have no money!
I beg your pardon.
Can you guess what happens next?
This is where you get off.
Van Helsing, how did you get here?
I, uh... I put on the brakes. How did you get here?
Well, according to the map, after 9:00, the Marelybone line...
Let's go see what's left of our friend, huh?
I don't understand. How can I keep losing the trail of something so big?
And what's this? It's my new invention.
La santa pistola de agua.
The holy water pistol? Mm-hmm.
I thought it might come in handy sometime. It might.
It's as if the holy water made contact with something...
Wherever he's going, he's following this sewer line.
We've reached the end of the line.
Decaying flesh and sulfur.
This is his lair.
Exactly how do you propose we cross that flaming moat of certain death?
The same way Hyde must have.
Those stepping stones.
I'll go first, shall I?
I could have been a Franciscan, but, no!
I had to travel. See the world.
Well done.
Carl, look out!
Elizabethan. Sixteenth century. I know those uniforms.
- They're beefeaters. Of the dead!
Carl, in our line of work, there's dead...
and there's dead.
All right, that's settled. They're really dead.
Van Helsing!
Get up the stairs. What?
Carl, the pistola.!
Of course.
That'll work. That'll work.
Van Helsing, listen. I'm truly sorry...
for calling you an arrogant, reckless popinjay.
You never called me an arrogant, reckless popinjay.
Well, not to your face.
Dr. Jekyll, are you there?
Who are you?
Gabriel Van Helsing, miss. And I'm...
You should not be here, Mr. Van Helsing.
Hmph. Well, don't mind me.
I'm not certain you should be here, miss.
Very humorous, sir.
But you please me.
So you may address me as mum.
All right, mum. Who's Dr. Jekyll?
My physician. I've been very ill.
Ill? With what? You look fine to me.
I'm... not sure.
Well, that's something we can talk about later. Right now, you have to leave this place.
- Are you giving me an order? - Pretty much.
Sir, since it is obvious you do not recognize me,
I am Alexandrina Victoria Wettin,
by the grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland,
queen, defender of the faith.
Queen Victoria?
Carl, meet Queen Victoria.
Van Helsing, Queen Victoria is a worthy matron of a certain age.
And this is an unholy lair where all manner of enchantment is possible.
Whatever are you two speaking about?
We know we're looking for someone trained in medicine.
So why not consider the doctor who's been treating the queen?
- The royal physician? - His name is Dr. Jekyll. And we are to be married.
When? Tonight.
And once we are wed, he can give me my medicine every night.
So I shan't ever be ill again.
It fits, Carl!
A man of medicine in love with the queen...
driven to restore her youth looking for the easy way.
If Dr. Jekyll has concocted a potion that uses the life he stole from his victims to give youth to Victoria...
Then if they marry, these murders will never stop.
I have no idea what you're prattling on about.
What murders? Why would I need someone to give me youth?
- I'm only 20 years old! - Your Majesty, you're 70.
And you were married for... for decades.
You also have nine offspring, all grown,
and more grandchildren than any man can count.
I think you and your friend should see a doctor of your own, or...
Dr. Jekyll.!
Stand back, Victoria. I'll save you.
Come, Victoria. Where?
Where we can be safe together.
I admit, I don't have much experience,
But this is not going well, is it?
That way!
A dumbwaiter shaft?
How are we supposed to use it without someone up there to pull the rope?
Fly? Good idea.
Carl, grab hold! Of what?
That worked. Oh, maybe for you.
Please, Doctor.! You must explain.!
Oh, my goodness!
This is Buckingham Palace and that's the Golden Jubilee balloon.
Your Majesty! Victoria, stop! You're in danger!
Wait, Doctor! They said the strangest things...
about you and me.
Lies! All lies!
Into the basket with her.
Cut the rope!
Don't wait for me!
We are carrying extra weight!
Whoever that meddler is, I won't let him take you from me.!
- I won't! - Doctor, what are you doing?
You're safe now.
Why are you doing this? For your... love.
No! He'll never take you! Not from me!
- Victoria. - Forgive me, my love.
- I have no other way to keep you with me.
Stay behind me.
- Who are you? - What you fear most.
You had your chance.
I'm not here to kill you. I'm here to save you.
- Too late. - Good.
Ah, damn you!
Van Helsing, I can't!
Just lie back, close your eyes and think of England.
Well, that wasn't so bad. I agree. It was awful.
Your Majesty, as I understand such things,
the light of day will lift the enchantment and restore you.
So I will bid you farewell.
But wait. There's so much more...
I mean, I... I must reward you.
That's really not necessary. A vow of poverty and all that.
Not all rewards must be material.
For your reward, you may kiss your queen... on the royal cheek.
I would be honored, mum.
Huh? Hmm.
We are not amused!
Guards.! Oh, dear. Let's go, Carl!
Guards! Guards!
You'll need to report to the cardinal in person. What do I say?
This isn't over.
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