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Subtitles for Vargtimmen - The hour of the Wolf (1967).

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Vargtimmen - The hour of the Wolf (1967)

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A painter, Johan Borg, disappeared some years ago
from the small frisian island of Baltrum.
His wife Alma since gave me Johan's diary, found among his left papers.
This diary and her stories
are the basis of the film.
Silence! Take!
Camera !
I can't tell you this.
You were given the diary..
You wonder why I stay on here ?
We lived here for 7 years, together.
This winter, I can go to the mainland
to work in the shop, like I did before,
when we were short of money.
The baby will be born in a month.
I went to see the doctor before going out here the last time.
It was on a friday I remember.
Quite late, at 10 I believe.
But it was still light outside.
I plan on staying here until August.
We wanted to be completely alone.
He did not want to see anyone here.
He was scared...
He liked that I was quiet.
He liked...
We arrived here at 3 in the morning.
On the beach, there was a shed.
We were happy to find the
apple tree in bloom.
Later, we found footprints
outside the kitchen window
Johan didn't like that,
but we didn't think more about it until...
We were happy.
Happy to be at home again.
Johan was a bit uneasy
because his work was not going well.
It had been like that for a while.
He slept poorly.
He was afraid.
Scared of the dark in a way.
It had become harder in the last years.
I have an idea !
I want to draw you.
Go sit over there.
Move over !
Back up a bit.
Are you cold ?
Sit like you use to.
Pull down your robe a bit. Disclose your shoulders.
Release your hair, so I can see your neck.
That's it. Where are my glasses ?
Good. Sit like that.
Like I patiently draw you day after day.
I never showed this to anyone.
This is the most common.
Practically without defense.
I think he is homosexual.
The old lady
threatening to remove her hat.
Do you know hat will happen if she does ?
Her face will follow with it !
Here, this is the worst of them.
I call him the Birdman.
I don't know if it is a real beak or just a mask.
He is very fast.
As if he were related to Papageno in The Magic Flute.
The others, the carnivores, the insects...
especially the spidermen.
And the school teacher, with his stick...
And then these...
tattling metal-hard women ...
I have to stay awake awhile.
In an hour it will be day...
then I can sleep.
A minute is really a long timespan.
It starts...
10 seconds.
Oh, these seconds !
See how long they last !
Still not a minute.
There it is !
Now it is gone.
Say something.
Talk to me, Alma.
I've been thinking about something for a while...
Are you listening ?
Our life together for seven years...
No, that's not what I was going to say.
I know.
Isn't it so that people living together for a long time
start to resemble one another ?
The develop so many things in common.
Not just their thoughts...
Their faces get a similar expression.
Why do you think that happens ?
I wish for us to become so old together
that we start thinking eachother's thoughts.
And develop similar, dried-up wrinkled faces.
What do you think about that ?
Are you sleeping ?
Let's go, Johan.
Let's go to bed.
Don't look so alarmed. I'm not dangerous.
Give me your hand.
Do you feel my hand now ?
The fingers, the veins under the skin ?
At my age, the hands are a bit cold.
Anyway, I'm 216 years old.
No, I wanted to say 76 !
I should be going.
Wait ! What was I going to say ?
I remember.
In his black bag,
under the bed Is the book with drwaings....
One more thing.
In the same bag is his diary.
Read it !
Wednesday, 22 of July : I've been sick.
Nothing serious, but quite unpleasant.
Sorry for disturbing you. I have for several days,
been looking for a way to approach you .
I've chosen to go straight at you.
I'm baron von Merkens.
As you may know, I own this island.
I live in the old castle on the northern part.
Would you and your wife like to have dinner with us ?
That's very kind.
It would be very simple, but I can offer a good wine,
and the salmon here is well known.
My wife and I are amongst your admires,
possibly your warmest admirers !
Thursday, 27. of July :
A very hot and hazy day.
I still feel bad from my illness.
Do you see this mark ?
Be careful, my dear.
Or it will end in disasterl.
Don't you remember?
I was going to a party and was wearing by green robe.
Afterwards it was difficult to set up my hair again.
Then I forgot my gloves.
I have to speak to you about something.
I need to show you a letter I got.
It was sent yesterday.
Here's how it goes.
"You don't see us, but we see you.
"Horrible things can happen.
"Dreams can become real.
"The end is near.
"Tears will dry up.
"Other liquids will wet your white clothes.
This has been decided.
I almost felt ill reading it.
How warm your hands are !
Do you have a fever ?
Always when I'm going to meet you, I'm so troubled.
I walk around like in a dream all afternoon.
Everything is unreal, meaningless.
Help me with the zipper of my robe, please.
It always gets hooked up.
I blows a lot, but it is splendid, don't you think ?
Perfect for a painter.
You have been living here for quite some time.
You return to the scene of the crime, so to speak !
To commit new crimes.
You look tired. Do not exhaust yourself.
At your age, be careful.
The young are more robust.
I know what I'm talking about. My name is Hebrandt, curator.
I'm examining the souls. And what do you get to see ?
I won't teach you anything. You're an artist.
You do it in your facial studies , not to speak of your self-portaits.
Why do you look at me like that ? Do you hurt ? Are you nervous ?
Anything bothering you ?
Shut up !
I have to ask you for more money.
The ones I got are almost out.
I will pay the Ferners next time on the mainland
we owe them 176,50.
And then the milk.
Don't throw the money at me like that Look at my accounts.
It is important, at least for me.
You gave me 500 on the third of the month.
Then you gave me the quilt, which cost 35.
It is good to have when I lie alone
Then, there was a large bill from the shop :
sugar, flour, conservates.
That was 200. 219 !
And then pocket money, and stamps
and my bicycle chain new batteries for the radio...
and the potato peeler...
Soap, detergent.
You really need a new toothbrush, the one you have looks terrible.
Then 50 for your son's birthday.
Stamps 75
Total : 500.
Remaining : 7,36.
You can count to check it.
We are invited to the castle on friday.
I know.
How do you know ?
Good afternoon. May I introduce my wife Corinne ?
My mother, the Countess von Merkens.
My brother, Ernst.
Im' pleased to meet you.
Mr. Lindhorst.
I'm one of your warmest admirers.
And Mr. Hebrand.
I believe we met already.
Would you like a drink ?
We are so thrilled you could come.
Such a horrible servant, but cheap of course.
My brother has no money.
We always stay here now. We used to travel a lot.
Do you like to travel ?
"Alma", is an uncommon and beautiful name.
...incapable of agression...
...a certain desire to revenge...
...enjoys the humiliation...
I bought a painting by a known artist
At that time.. I have no comments, Ernst my friend..
I hung the painting upside-down in my livingroom, invited the artist to my house
with some friends who understand a good joke
How we laughed that time How we laughed
What do you think, artist, wasn't that a good joke !
The wounds never heal.
The infection is chronic,
it all depends on the heart.
I constantly loose weight.
I consult specialists all over the world.
Sometimes it stops. Like this summer.
But then it starts again. My husband says it is psychic,
that it started when we lost our fortune.
When I lost the family fortune.
I, the guilty one.
Why is Lindhorst at this table ?
Why can't we sell it all ? My fault.
It is all my fault !
Then I scream : to hell with your medicines !
It does not pass.
You must operate, cut it off. I'm an old woman.
There are limits.
Then, the stupid professor,
says to me
"No ! Countess ! I dont know any limits !"
Yes, we have children, two boys.
Not here, no ! They live with their uncle.
I believe you know them.
You know Veronica Vogler, don't you ?
A very beautiful woman.
Veronica Vogler very charming. Do you know her ?
A hatred like in those eyes !
Let's have coffee in the library.
Ladies and Gentlemen !
A small puppet theatre for your enjoyment !
May we turn off the lights ?
Our guests of honour. Our invited guests of honour !
The Magic Flute is the great example !
Tamino's companions have left him in the dark palace yard,
outside the temple,
he cries in despair :
O eternal night, when do you end ?
When will light again touch my eyes ?
The deadly ill Mozart, knows the intensity of these words.
And the choir responds :
Soon, young man, or never !
The most beautiful and troubling music
ever composed.
Tamino asks :
Does Pamina still live ?
The invisible choir responds :
Pamina still lives !
Listen to the strange, ingenious partition of the syllables.
This is no longer the name of a young woman,
it is a magic formula,
an incantation.
A naive text, a commanded work,
And yet the highest manifestation of art.
What do you think Mr. Artist ?
Excuse me. I call myself artist, short of a better word.
In my creative work, nothing is evident,
rather it is a compulsion.
Without me wanting it, I have been classified as something "exceptional",
5-legged calf, monster.
I have never fought for that position,
nor am I fighting to keep it.
Sure enough, I have felt megalomania lick my forehead
but I believe I am immune.
It is sufficient to think about the small importance
of art in today's world.
To cool down. Yet my compulsion remains.
What an artist !
What bravery ! How clear-minded !
I want to propose a toast to our, not just a genious,
but an equally strong thinker !
A rose in your hair...
Oh ! I scrathed you with my nail !
You're bleeding. Here, my handkerchief.
It is clean. How could I be so clumsy ?
Relax. You have drunk too much. Come be with me now.
He has insomnia, that's why he can't take much alcohol.
Let us get some air on the terrace.
The core of the castle is from the 14th century.
It has been in our family since the end of the 15th.
We were a bit elated back there, it is because we live so isolated.
We scared you. But you won't leave us now ?
Look, Corinne, our castle looks nice this time of night.
At night, yes.
Oh ! My stocking ! Turn away Mr. Hebrand.
Where were you, Ernst ? Where did you walk ?
I took a different path.
I'm ashamed that our park has been neglected.
19 years ago, it was a paragon of parks !
We never kiss eachother, did you think about that ?
I can almost count our kisses.
One thing scares me innsanely.
I meet a stranger on the road.
We talk about various things.
Suddenly he turns around, and strikes me on the cheek.
His face and eyes filled with hatred.
I don't understand a thing, my nose is bleeding.
I stutter some excuses...
and I ask myself when he has disappeared.
Is it like that ? Does it have to be like that ?
I can never forget the man's eyes...
Are you leaving already ?
Before you leave you must see where I put the painting of Veronica Vogler.
Alma dear, come with us.
She is asleep. We must not disturb here.
No , I'm not asleep.
You want to leave ?
Come both of you.
Alma, now you will see something beautiful created by your husband.
There it is. Opposite my bed.
I watch it morning and evening.
It is a part of my solitude.
I love her.
Were you together for a long time ?
Pardon my indiscretion.
5 years.
Oh ! He told you !
He loved her, didn't he ?
I don't have to ask that.
Quite a scandal at the time. But how romantic !
Jealous ?
I don't think so.
My husband is jealous. But an excellent lover !
Look at this mark.
Form another man's "advances"
An eternal source of excitement.
Trivial, of course,
but stimulating for me !
But I will have to find something else.
This mark is not sufficient forever.
Will you help me please ? Don't be angry, Alma, please.
I'm joking ! Silly, wasn't it ?
Let us join the others.
I have purchased a significant part of your husband !
Don't you think ?
I want to tell you : I have read your diary.
It filled me with fear. No, let me finish.
I want you to hear what I've been thinking these days.
Here it goes...
I can see something terrible happening,
But dont think I will run away.
I won't run despite my fear.
One more thing: They want to separate us.
They want you. As long as I'm with you, it is harder.
Johan, you can't make me run away, however much you try.
I'm staying...
Johan, answer me !
Listen to the silence ?
There was a time when nights were for sleeping...
deeply, without dreams.
To sleep, and awake without fear.
Tired ?
Not yet.
We've been avake until dawn, every night.
But this hour is the hardest.
Do you know it's name ?
The old ones called it "the hour of the wolf".
It is the hour when the most people die,
and the most are born.
At this time, nightmares come to us.
And when we awake...
We are afraid.
We are afraid.
What is it ?
Nothing. I was thinking about something from my childhood.
A form of punishment.
I was thrown in the wardrobe, the door was closed.
Without any sound, in the dark.
I was insanely scared and pounded the door.
They had told me a small person lived in the wardrobe,
who could bite away the toes of bad children.
When I stopped the pounding, I could hear a sound in a corner...
I believed my time had come.
In panic, I started climbing
inside the wardrobe.
On shoeboxes and shelves, I tried to lift myself up by the hands.
I lost my grip and fell.
I fought wildly to keep the creature off me...
and all the time screaming with fear...
asking forgiveness !
Finally the door opened and I was allowed to come out...
in the light.
My father says : "Your mother assures me you ask for pardon."
I shout : "Yes I do !"
"Let's go to the sofa then", he said to me.
I went to the green sofa in my father's room,
took a couple of cushions, put them on top of eachother
I then fetched the stick, unbuttoned my pants,
and lay myself over the cushions.
My father said : "How many strikes did you earn ?"
I answered : "The maximum."
Then he beat me,
hard, but bearable.
After the punishement, I turned towards my mother
and asked her : "Can you forgive me now ?"
She cried and said : "Sure I forgive you."
She gave me her hand,
I kissed it...
Are you sleeping ?
No, I'm not sleeping.
My back aches.
All the pain still...
How quiet it is.
Strange when.. the ocean is calm and quiet
Eerie in a way.
Are you crying ?
No, I'm thinking about the child.
And of the big silent darkness,
as if the day will never come back.
Poor you.
Give me your hand.
That is better.
Do you remember when I came home and told you I was bitten by a serpent ?
It was no serpent.
I was thinking I would never tell anyone.
Tell me.
You must never tell anyone.
No, I promise.
You remember the place where the water is deep ?
We were there sometimes in the beginning of summer.
Did you lock the door well ?
I checked it twice.
Good morning. Pardon me for disturbing you.
It looks like there will be a storm. I thought I would make a visit...
I have a message too.
May I sit down ? I won't be long.
There is an invitation from the castle.
We are having a small party.
Nothing big, just us pitiful people
enjoying eachothers company.
One of the invited will interest you.
Veronica Vogler. She is coming. Are you ?
Good. We will see you then.
One more thing... Von Merkens and I
have discussed how to defend you..
from the little dangers on this island.
That is all for now. See you later my friends.
Hope to see you at our party.
Wont you lock away your weapons ?
No, why ?
What shall we do today ?
Talk to me about Veronica Vogler.
What can I say ? It went on for 5 years.
You already know. It was discovered, it was a big scandal.
Then it was hushed down. That was the end of it.
This is not what it says in your diary.
"My obsession with Veronica became a torment to us both.
"I followed her around, spying, in jealousy.
"My suffering was stimulating for her, I think,
"but she was passive and indecisive.
"There were some frightening scenes,
"without sense or reason.
"We traveled from town to town,
"to avoid her relatives and their lawyers..."
"We certainly lived by the word of the Bible :
"Of man and woman as one flesh.
"Then her husband came to get her.
"I was taken to hospital.
"We did not see eachother for several years."
You once said to me what you liked about me was,
I was conceived as one piece by God.
That my thoughts and feelings are whole .
You said it is important that there are people like me.
I thought that sounded so nice.
I was so happy.
I was wrong.
I understand nothing.
I understand nothing. I don't understand you.
I'm just afraid.
Do you think I want to stay here, risking being beat to death ?
Do you think I want to see you running after that woman ?
Talking to your phantoms, do you think I want to ?
But I stay.
Rise up from the table.
Go to the door.
Go outside.
Go dow the stairs. It is no longer dark.
You can see clear.
What a surprise !
Carry these plates for me please.
Thank you. This is my night-table you see.
Lindhorst, who knows the worlds, says old trollops
develop an insatiable appetite !
Do you really not want anything ?
Isn't there a party here tonight ?
As far as I know, yes.
Don't leave !
Help me with my stockings, please.
You like touching me.
I can feel it.
I don't understand you !
Veronica Vogler has arrived.
Only I can tell you where she is.
Look good at my feet, dear artist !
Did you ever see younger-looking or nicer feet ?
Look good. Look at my heel.
How smooth and nice.
My strong toes, with their bautiful nails.
Kiss my foot.
That's it !
I will tell you where she is.
Look in the western gallery.
She was there 5 minutes ago, anyway.
You are always welcome, my friend.
You come, you stay, you are free to do what you like !
Let us be honest : you are looking for Veronica Vogler.
Before you meet her I should tell you
that she has been my mistress for several years.
I have been told about your common past.
I suffer, I can assure you.
This night I will stand by your bed.
Each word, each kiss, each movement of your bodies
nothing will escape me.
Come, I will show you the way.
It is just my jeaolousy. Go away, please.
Of course, I will leave.
It is Mr. Kreister who is playing.
A virtuoso on his instrument !
Dont you think Veronica has waited sufficiently long now ?
She started preparing for your viset early this morning.
She is more beautiful than ever.
My husband suffers.
He is jealous.
And your touching little companion.
Three shots, of which one was fatal.
How wonderful the music !
I must take off my hat to hear better.
It really smells of glue !
Even if she says it is all synthetic,
Ordinary glue is what it is !
We know our tricks, don't we ?
Let's see if we are indeed presentable.
How pale you are, my friend!
Your lips blue, like blueberries !
What shall we do...
A curve like Amor...
sensously swollen lips...
Your eyes are red, put these on..
Dear you.
Some eyeliner...
A bit of coulour...
What next ? Take my robe.
Looks good on you.
A nice pyjamas belongs with it !
Some perfume ?
No ? You prefer your real oduor, of course.
Each has his own.
A little shower is nice on anybody.
Look at yourself.
You are yourself and yet not yourself.
The ideal premise for an amorous encounter.
Let us go. This way.
Look at the object of your desire.
Don't care about them.
I thank you.
The border has finally been crossed.
The mirror is broken,
But what is reflected by the pieces ?
Can you tell me ?
Yes, he fired three shots :
One of the hurt my arm, I have a scar.
I fell over, perplexed
I found it best to lay still.
I could hear him walking back and forth,
The he started running along the pathway.
I stood up, walked inside, and washed my wound.
I hid the gun, and sat down to wait.
He was gone a few minutes.
Then he came back.
I hid myself to be sure.
He looked crazy.
He walked around the livingroom, talking to himself.
He took out his diary, and started to write.
He wrote for hours.
Then he packed his bag
And walked towards the forest.
I thought it was best to follow him, since he could hurt himself.
Can't you see me ?
Where is he ?
I know where you can find him.
Shout for him.
I,ve been wondering about one thing :
Are you in a hurry ?
I want to ask something.
A woman who lives with a man for a long time,
does she not end up like the man ?
She loves him, attempts to think like him.
See like him.
It is said such things can change a person.
Is that why I started to see the other ones ?
Or did they really exist ?
I believe...
if I had loved him less
and not worried so much about what surrounded him,
Would I have been better able to protect him ?
Or was it that I did not love him sufficiently,
which caused my jealousy ?
Is that the reason those "cannibals", as he called them...
Is that why things went so bad for us ?
I felt so close to him.
Sometimes he would say he felt close to me too.
One time, he said so decisively.
If only I could have followed him at all times !
So many things to think about...
so many questions.
Sometimes you dont know in from out, and you turn completely...
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