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Variety Lights

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Captain, if I don't catch her, At least I have my wife
Who looks like a parrot, And even has an aquarium
Who saw my pretty, pretty, pretty Pretty parrot
Green, yellow, with a rolled beak She's so pretty, only for me
I've lost my goose, she was So beautiful...
When she ran she looked like a ball So beautiful...
But it doesn't matter... I'm happy enough if I catch her
... with my girl, she's crooked low, and her neck sticks out
She looks like a goose, pretty...
When she runs she looks like a ball She's so pretty, just for me...
Come here immediately, the hotel owner confiscated all the takings
- The hotel owner? - Yes - Who knows him? -Come here
Variety lights, shining like stars Because I love you so
The magic of love is in the heart
Variety lights, May you have love and happiness
This is happiness...
I had to give another encore, the audience loved me
- You are so fanatical - The audience must be satisfied
But how can you give my company's pay to a stranger?
We have the company's administrator who knows the code
I'm a stranger? You've never seen this face before?
- What happened? - The money was confiscated
- Young man, you can't take my pay - Mine either
Sir, they've paid the debt, my friend here fed you for two years,
and after two years he hasn't received his pay yet
- It's a postal delay - A postal delay? Here's the rest
One moment, young man, I must be paid, I'm a national star
And I sweat blood up here and don't get a penny
Excuse me, but this is disgusting
How can we all go, dear sir?
- Why should I care? - You should care
- There's nothing we can do - You must be reasonable
I'm cancelling my contract, and I want my pay. I'm a star
You want your pay? Here
Get your hands off me, I worked even with a high temperature
- Yes, we have a fever - What do you want from me?
It's a debt we all have together, we all ate, you most of all
- Me? Me? - The money
- I don't remember - You don't? - I want my pay
Wretch? Cuckold
Let me explain, director, don't go away, just one word
- Excuse me, are you the impresario? - What impresario?
We'll have to withdraw from our savings
No need for that
Take this
- What is it? - An aspirin for your fever
- Do I have one? - A little
The dog is hungry
- Don't throw yourself on me. - Who is touching you?
Write down your regrets
You write them, and say we don't have a penny
- When will you come back? - How should I know?
The train is arriving, come on
Master, master, the train
Alfredo, this is Righetto's bicycle
- Can you return it tomorrow? - Fine
- Thank you, bye - Bye
Come on! Damn that dog, damn it
Come on, hurry up, the train is leaving
I only have 10 tickets, you and the maestro have to stay in the toilet
- Really? - Damn
Are you the boss?
If you want, I'll stay with you
This is my diploma
I danced for 70 hours. I had to stop
because the others did, but I wasn't tired at all
I won a prize for interpretive dance,
a little bit Indian
That's me in a bathing suit, I was elected the Beach Queen
You can't see well, but look
They wrote in the newspaper that I have legs like Maresca
Go back to your compartment, I'll join you in a moment
Let's stay here, we can talk easier
They did a good job giving you the prize
You have the most beautiful legs and I know what I'm talking about
I'm a talent scout
Show biz is hard, but I always had faith
You shouldn't do that, all I want is to get into show business
It's always been my passion, since childhood
If you don't want to help me, fine, I'll manage on my own, like always
I don't know how to say it but once I saw you on stage,
I felt I could trust you
I thought you would understand me,
that you could help me, at least in the beginning
I'm a fool, I was so wrong
My dear, theater is a very serious thing
- Is the ticket collector coming? - Spanzia and I want to breathe
If you would rather die...
- Hey, Remo, come here - What is it?
He wants money for the ride. The owner said nothing to him
We want respect, that's in the contract
Good man, didn't the owner charge you to take my company?
- No - Will you take us? - No
- What a mess - He'll tell you later. Get out
- No, I need the money - Don't you have any?
- Do you? - And how...
Well, I know a shortcut, in a half hour we'll be there
It's 3 miles. Tonight you'll dance the boogie-woogie
- What agony, this fat man - It won't end here, you hack
Are you moving?
Hey, look how pretty they are
That's my savings account, too
It's in both names, these are our savings
Look, it's better to change the subject before I get mad
How ungrateful. Our savings?
- 50 thousand... - You invested only 200
49 thousand and 800 are mine
And if it were the opposite? You have only given 200
Anyhow, we only touch it in 10 years when we open the market
- Sure, I'll be selling salami - Look, he's hiding something
But what's this bastard come to?
How beautiful these creatures have been
for a hundred years. Holy saints, holy saints
It's seems only yesterday I had my first communion
Yesterday ...
I love you more, a mild sentiment
When will we get there?
In the divine cry, the silence of... Dante
Carletto, you're shameless
Stop it with those hands
I'll take off my shoes
A carriage
Are you going to town? Get on then, it's here for you
Miss, my company thanks you
Get on
Move it
You're very kind, thank you. May I? Melina Amour, artist
Valeria del Sole, artist. I'm here with my fiancee
Move over there a bit
Look at her
All aboard
How lovely, I'd love to be a dancer so much
I spoke with the director
- This one wants to be a dancer - What?
The director wants to make her a dancer
He's crazy
What kind of ideas did she give him
- Miss, there's a misunderstanding - I think so too
I understand your passion for show business,
but my company's administration can't take on more staff
- It doesn't have to - Of course - That's just what we need
No, no, why do you take her in? We're falling apart here
We share the pay already
And it's already not enough for us
But the director told me...
- What director? - Mr. Dal Monte
I told her
The girl has an artistic talent that should be encouraged
- It's not only your money at stake - Excuse me, then what is it?
I have been on stage for 30 years, and it's not
the first time I fired someone - Fired? Who exactly did you fire?
Look, I don't want to get paid, I'll work free for you
- And the food? - A place to sleep? - And the train?
But who is she anyway? What does she want? Who sent her here?
Go, go away babe. Come on, girls, let's go, take this stuff
Do you want to be a dancer? Stay home, as long as you have one
I wish I could
Right, get yourself a ticket back home, and go
How will I pay for the ticket? I don't have a penny left
Put it down
Commendatore, are you following the theater lights?
- Good morning, commendatore - What a pleasure
My dear commendatore, always so young
Long time no see. But you were always in my mind
Where is the company?
Oh Lord, here it is
But I wrote fifteen acts
Manager, manager of the company, the theater contractor
A pleasure
- This is the programme you sent me - Fine
- An international fantasy entertainer - That's me
- Melina Amour - Right there
Valeria del Sole, a possessed show girl
- Here she is - I am the king of songs
Francis and Denis, the tango virtuosi
That's Checco and his lady
- Liv, famous imitator - Checco's wife
- The audience favorite
Better to give up
You won't fool me anymore
The twelve dancers are seven. See you tonight at pay time
He counted me, too
Come on guys, let's rehearse
Ungrateful heart
You took my life
It's all history
And you don't think of me anymore
Stinking audience
And it's raining
They're too tight, I've already tried them on
don't you see what you did? - The microphone? -Over there
What is she doing?
Shut up, the contractor included her in the show
And now everyone's in bikinis on the island of song and love
Sweet Molokai
Oh, sweet Molokai
I would never forget you The pearl of the Hawaiian islands
Over there, in the delight Of that blue sky
A song of passion... - I don't know the steps -Go
A harmony of love for you
I would like to be back there
Never leaving you again
You are the queen of my heart, A paradise of happiness
- What happened? - She was left there in her underwear
What have you done?
How do I know? My skirt was torn
You ugly fanatical parrot. This donkey wants to be in the show
- I won't go out there anymore - We'll discuss it tomorrow
But it's not my fault
You, it's your turn. Come on, hurry up
Now, "A mysterious girl" presented by the magician Edison Will
Get lost
Ladies and gentlemen, before the civil authority and soldiers
- I will now perform an experiment beyond science
And now, gentlemen, Loca Spazia will sing for you
"Beautiful dreamer"
What do these donkeys want?
It's my turn now, the show is saved
And now, everyone to Spain with Francis and Denis
Start playing "El Muchacho"
20 years in show business and this never happened to me
- Get lost - I am Melina Amour. The Melina Amour
- These ways aren't civil - Not civil?
Don Pedrito, what a rich man What a husband
Oh mamma, mamma You know why my heart's beating?
I saw a handsome guy, I saw a handsome guy
Oh mummy, I'm so much in love
Good evening...
- Who are you looking for? - Are you the girl's father?
Which girl? "I saw a handsome guy, I saw a handsome guy..."
- The husband?
- So where is her dressing room? - It's here, but wait
Liliana, a man's looking for you
- She's getting dressed - Who is it?
I am your fan, your biggest fan. Brava...
Could you ask your friend to accept a dinner invitation?
- I don't even know you - It's all right. May I?
Attorney Renzo La Rosa... this is Dr. B. Antonini, brilliant journalist
- The dancers of my company - A beautiful company
Marvellous show. Where is the girl? Here you are
- Agreed then? - Where?
Where? My place, at my den
- Alone? - If you want to bring... someone
I'd love to, of course
I'll write an article in my paper
We'll be out of the theater in 5 minutes. Good evening
- And who'll take me back home? - Good night
We'll all go then, young lady
- Where is the carriage? - I sold it
A little stroll is good for your appetite. And the rain stopped
Checco, wait for me
- What a beautiful moon - Well, guys,
the train is leaving at 7:35. Don't miss it
I'm hungry
We'll be there in five minutes
Slowly, slowly. You can slip here
This estate is so beautiful
Nice voice
Listen, listen to this passage
- I'm hungry - The theater was my vocation,
if I'd studied
- Is it still far? - No, a few more minutes
Be careful, don't be afraid
Watch out, daddy
Who's that? Where is he taking us?
He's taking us to the North Pole. I'll find a shortcut now
Don't move, don't move, are you crazy? Keep walking
My shoes are broken
Here we are
We've arrived
We've finally arrived
You'll see now, you'll see the villa. Our lawyer is great
Come in friends, come in, make yourselves at home, please
How beautiful this property is, it seems to be the Sforzesco Castle
Hey, Checco, we have drinks here tonight, have fun
I'll write an article
Do you know what women called me when I was young?
The Milanese women, however, used to call me "Dew Eyes"
A momento of this beautiful evening
Dear friends, it's very late
Please forgive us, but we have to go
- What? Why? - Are you the ship's captain?
So what? It's 3 a.m. We have to go to Rome to get a hotel
Hotel? But Mr. Renzo invited us to sleep here
Sleep here?
Yes, yes, there's room for everybody here
There are 8 bedrooms, 8
And if you feel sleepy, you can take a nap on that nice sofa
Do you hear that lovely waltz?
Excuse me, may I?
What a face
Angry with me?
Why are you behaving like this? Have I done anything wrong?
It has nothing to do with me
Are you worried about me?
You are free
You're not my daughter. I can judge you on stage
I can say that you don't dance well because you don't
That you can't sing because you can't
Maybe in a while, with hard work I can set you up
as I've done with many other girls but then, after that...
you can do as you wish. I have no right, have I?
I'm going over there
Aren't you sleeping here?
No, I'd rather go over there, good night
- What happened? - Where?
Why are you here? What about her?
- Liliana is sleeping. - Sleeping...
You should've stayed with her...
- Why?
Because she's a young girl and we're responsible for her
I was the third wheel over there
and instead we can stay here together
I'm not tired at all
Checco, what a dinner
Hug me
Your hands are freezing, are you cold?
- Why were you the third? - Those two have an agreement
That one is a slut, my dear, worse than Valeria
Have you seen Valeria? What a woman
And the duke didn't know how to turn her down
He's so polite, I told him you were my husband
We'll get married sooner or later won't we?
What is it?
That? It's Mr. Renzo's door
He was down the hall, waiting for me to leave
It's not true
Good night to all dreamers
Excuse me, just a minute
- Where are you going? - Wait...
Listen, excuse me...
Excuse me... listen... Come here...
- What do you want? - Just one minute, come
- What...? - Come here - Don't move and leave me alone
- Quick - She's not the type, you're mistaken
Get lost
You're not getting in here. She's just a child, shame on you
Don't be ridiculous
- Who is it? - You ate here,
drank... what the hell do you want? For Christ sake
I ate, drank... I am a gentleman, I'll pay for all, how much?
- Clown - Tell me how much
Mr. Checco...
This beggar, ragamuffin clown
I have to take orders in my own house now
Out, everybody out
What have you done?
- Melina - I'm here
Checco, help me
- Good-bye - Good morning
Why do I work with this? I work in costume, my friend
It's so good to see you. I came just the other day. I'll call you
- He was one of my team - Really?
- Maestro, dear maestro - Who are you?
- I heard you're forming a company - Yes, good bye
May I introduce you: Liliana Antonelli, we are a team
- Please I'm talking to the lady - I'd like to show you some pictures
- Leave me alone. Understand? - All right...
Calm down. What kind of behavior is this?
Wait a second. Sir... dear sir
- ...just one word, please - Tomorrow...
Nice guy, you know?
Yes, we'll find a way for an agreement, no doubt about it
Everything will be set up just the way you want it
- Are you done? - One moment, miss
It's all right, so long as it stays on tonight
When will you be back tonight? I lock the door
- Give me the keys. You like it here? - It's nice
It's for me...
Hello? Mr. Checco?
I'm ready. Hurry up because it's getting late
I rented it for a low price but it looks very nice
In 15 minutes, half an hour?
Did you talk to Parmisano?
- Well, did you or not? - Yes, of course
He'll come. They'll all come, it's a place for artists
In 20 minutes then
- Mr. Edmondo, I demand my suit now
- For God's sake - Don't you touch me
Don't curse and don't be a hero, I'm not a fool, tomorrow, tomorrow
Enough now! When you pay I'll give you the suit
- When will you pay me? - Leave it
Oh Lord
I'm closing the motel, you'll see what I'll do to you
Cry, cry, baby, it's good for you
Good evening
Thank you
- Please
Is Parmisano here?
I can't say, there are so many people
- Would you like to order?
But I didn't eat, I thought we would eat here
Well, I ate already, order a small dish for yourself
Soup, appetizers, turkey steak,
oysters, pheasant, partridge?
Well... actually... something a bit lighter?
- Lobster? - That's it
- But the lobster.. - Lobster... and wine?
- That one over there - Champagne
- And you sir? - Rhubarb cordial
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen
My friends and I are actors, this is the truth
We've traveled all over, we were even in Belgium, England
We traveled all over, doing what we'll do here tonight
So if you like us, do this with your hands
I mean applaud, give us some compliments
It tastes just like soda
Waiter, bring me some beer without the foam
- Fine - So, is this Parmisano here yet?
One moment
Ladies and gentlemen, good evening
I present Cocoledo, the biggest world attraction
Cocoledo will say good evening to Caballeros
Cocoledo will say a poem of the great Carducci
- I love you more... Mum... - Are you making fun?
A penguin
- A penguin? - Where?
Cocoledo, it's not a penguin, it's a nice gentleman
- Do you like the penguin?
- Who do you like then? - The female penguin
- The female penguin? - Yes
The devil
- Shall we dance?
You said you knew many people, but instead...
They'll be here later
See, what did I tell you? One moment
Sir, please
Sir, one moment please
Enough, you two. Come, Patrizia, let's dance
Yes, yes, we met already last September in Stresa
- Maybe - Are you an actress?
- Well, I... - I've seen you somewhere before
But I can't recall
I always have my head in the clouds
May I? Adelmo Conti
- Are you a movie actress? - No, variety, dance
Like our great Wanda I probably saw you there
- No, I've actually begun now. - Scotch, I've already had three
However, I won a 70 hour competition
Then they crowned me Beach Queen
You're beginning now, poor girl
You'll need help... I am Parmisano's partner
- What are you doing here?
Do you know Liliana Antonelli? You know that we... dear Adelmo
It's so nice to see you, it means that you're not in jail
Nice guy, always joking
Adelmo, let's get out of here, it's too hot
- Yes, we're molding here. Coming? - With pleasure
- Have you met Dal Monte the comedian? - The penguin? - The penguin
Maria, Luigino, Nadeli, Patrizia: my friends
Liliana won a 70-hour beauty contest on the beach
What a piece of a girl Checco found. Come on
She's not only pretty, she can dance, sing
I'm giving her a part and I wanted to talk to Parmisano. Could you?
Sure. I'll do even more for Liliana. Let's go
The cheque sir, please
One moment, I'm not running away, am I?
1,000, 250
- 200 lira, sir? - Keep it...
- No, 200 are missing. - Look for them
So, is there room for me?
No, we're too many already
Excuse me, have you seen the girl with two guys in a big car?
He came here, then he went left, he went that way
- Where did he go? - I don't know
- Thank you - You're welcome, good evening
- Great artist
What are you doing wearing this suit? Working in cabaret?
There's a party, they're waiting for me
Can I borrow 50 Lira in small coins?
I have to take a cab
What are you doing? A 48-year- old man
- 42- - 45- - Fine
- Did you hear the gossip? - What?
- About what a fool Checco is - Who says so? - Everybody. Mostly me
- Jealousy - Wasn't Melina good enough for you?
- This is my business - She was honest, caring
She loved you, washed for you, cooked, had savings
All you needed was Liliana Antonelli. She uses you
Uses me? Come on
Listen to those who care about you, she's cheating on you
- What did you say? - She's cheating on you
- Repeat it - Cheating -You're wicked
You don't understand, she's a woman of class
She loves me. She should be respected. And you'll see
You'll all see our success. All over Italy
Go away, poor man
Mr. Checco, we looked all over for you
Your friend is nice, we had so much fun I don't know how to thank you
- He'll wait outside for us tomorrow - Open up
Will you call me? Good night
Come on
What are you doing? Mrs. Rosetta is sleeping now
My child, what did you have in mind?
I've always respected you, do you think I'm a fool?
Look there, count them, They are 32 women
Each one prettier than the next and they all loved and respected me
they made a great fuss over me, and you... Give me that
I understand you, you're calculating
you're nothing but a cold calculating person
So I'll make my calculations. I did some things for you
Because I like you, I really do
So let's go then
But you...
So it's...
Did you understand what I said?
- Damn it
Wait, don't go like this, come up for a moment
If you need to hit me to release it, go ahead then
You don't wear a beret with this suit
You actually shouldn't have worn it in the first place
You're a nice guy, you know?
So did you conquest all 32 girls with this beret?
Don't get mad, I'm joking
I'm doing it because I care for you
It's my way, understand?
You don't have to be jealous of those who want to help me
You and I have a long way ahead
I know you were unlucky and that you're talented, very talented
Think of it, Mr. Checco, what a success
- Where? - Everywhere
We'll have shows in all the theaters,
with big signs, colored...
...with my name this high, and yours too, shiny,
on top of the theater roof, flicking on and off
And the theater is packed...
And I walk down the stairs, all covered with feathers
Look, Mr. Checco, I've got goose bumps
"Raining, raining over the thirsty dead trees, over the myrtle"
I'm an artist. So are you, you've got spunk, spunk
You'll see, you and I together, always. I will be the performer
I don't need anyone, I will form the company, I promise you
May I?
Good night
I'm going to rest a little bit
Yes, this is it, Liliana
I can feel it
Good morning...
I work with this. I wear a costume my friend. With this,
we'll debut in Rome, then Naples, then Salerno... Pescara and maybe Sicily too. A great turn, right?
And the script... all French spirit, American stuff
- Who wrote it? - It's mine. It's all in my head
The title is "Stars and Sparks"
There's a fantastic part. Better than Beckett
Sure, but let's talk money now
Absolute news: no more salaries
Nothing, we'll be one society, a family
- Good-bye - Where are you going? - I'm leaving
- Who'll be the boss? - I will
What... well?
Waiter, how much is it?
I will pay for the coffee and I won't speak to you again
You want to form the company and make a dancer out of this cod?
You know what I say? Form the company with her
and don't mess with people who work
- Who's the codfish? - You know very well
The boss
You're a vulgar piece, but the end for you, my dear
As an actress you're dead
Even worse, you never started
40 years in business, 50 that they sneer at him
Huckster, wretch, beggar
Leave me, someone has to tell him the truth
Have you seen him on stage? "I bought a goose..."
You're nothing but a cheap courtesan
I will show you who Valeria del Sole is
Pretends to be the boss
Melina, what happened?
- I'm an artist and I don't want to compromise -What do you care?
What did they do to you?
Nothing, we just spoke
- Do you like it? - Nice
It was very cheap, I only paid 5,000 now, the rest next week
I had 3,000 left
Here, it's yours, for you
No, let me do that
Look at them.! Unbelievable
It looks beautiful
Very good
- And the company? - We'll do it
We'll do it. We have to
I want to see where he's sleeping, the owner locked his room
Mr. Edmondo!
Stop it!
Mr. Edmondo is sleeping, my dear, sleeping. Understood?
You don't pay, so you don't come into my house ever again
I'll report you for holding my belongings
It's no doubt against the law and against the constitution
You'll receive a registered letter in the morning
- Enough - Go kill yourself
Edmondo, mean man
What a district, what characters
What are you laughing at?
- Beautiful - Here. Bad times for artists
- You, an artist? - Checco Dal Monte: Company boss
Come to my place with me
- Where do you live? - Rome is my home
All the squares, all the streets are mine
I'm homeless just like you
Granada, my love Sadness...
- Wilma! - Hi!
I'm staying with your sorrow and I don't care about life
This one's a great Brazilian artist: Wilma
I like to meet at night with people free like you, mad like me
In America, I was a chemical engineer
But I like music, so I came to Italy
This is my place, I feel free here
I can come here, go there, with no money,
like a swallow
- You play... - A very typical song
Let's hear it
My lemon, my lemon tree, I ask for a jacarand tree
We'll listen to the song for a while
- ...but lower your voice - Thank you
My lemon, my lemon tree I ask for a jacarand tree
One time with a tindo le-le Other time with a tindo
Tindo le-le, a promise An adventure starts
With a smile of love
The day is breaking The day is beginning
Enough, tramps
Tramps? We create art here
Sure, art
- Very good - Play more quietly
You two are mine, don't deal with anyone else, I'll book you
I know many great artists, all poor
Hungarian choreographer, a great Russian musician
A cowboy who shoots a tiny fly from a distance
- Where is that man? - He's at the hotel for the poor
The hotel for the poor?
Always the same, the best are always poor. Let's go
Enough with the usual professionals, conceited, pretentious
This is the time for unknowns. You'll be the stars of my new show
You are invited to the premier
Good night partner, good night...
- What do you want? - A friend
A friend...
Wake up, it's morning
You want to perform? There's a great manager
You are a lucky guy, show me what you know
Well done
I told you she's sleeping
Who is it?
Good morning, sleep well? I came early because...
I'm disturbing you?
I'm sorry but I met some wonderful people last night
I'm tired, can't you understand? Let me sleep please
- Who are they? - Those are the artists
This is John, he plays trumpet, listen to this. Come, play
And this is Billy, a pistol shooter
Nothing but international figures, it's a hit, the company is formed!
It's done, Liliana, it's done
Have you finished?
What is it?
Do me a favor and leave me alone
Talk to the landlord because the room here is quite expensive
I can't go on like this, she won't give you the keys
The toilet is always broken and I want to move to a hotel
- You want to move to the hotel? - Yes, why?
I think I've waited too long, I was at your disposal
I've done everything to help you, even rejected a proposal,
and I'm still at the same point without a penny
A proposal? From whom?
Leave it, you'll break it
Please, take those guys away
- Liliana, what's wrong? - Can't you see?
You should let me sleep, I came back at 5 a.m, I'm tired
You want to form a company but you'll need money, a lot
I'll find the money, Liliana
Giuseppe Verdi
Girls, on stage
See what a darling? He's here for money
- Don't make a fool of yourself - Watch it, I don't want to see him
Let me handle it
I'm forming a company
Dear partner! Great show, great
How are you, friend?
- And Melina? The dressing room? - That one
May I...
- Come on - I have to talk to you
Speak, speak loudly so everybody will hear you
I have to talk to Melina, it's business, I'm forming a company
And Melina has to pay, right? Aren't you disgusted?
Go away
There's a misunderstanding, it's a deal, a capital investment
Go away, get the money from that woman
Melina, I'll be at the pizzeria with your father
I'm coming
That wicked idiot, what did she do to you?
Wasn't it better with me?
So why did you leave me?
I couldn't...
I don't know, I don't know, she bewitched me
Idiot. And why should I give you my money?
No, no, don't give it to me
Don't. I don't deserve it, I don't deserve anything
I'm a dead man anyway
It was my last chance and you know it, Melina
Because the theater means life to me, I was born and will die here
This company had to be mine. Everybody was against me
Envy, jealousy
In thirty years on stage, it had to be the decisive solution of my life
Melina, I have everything, you know: all the scenes,
and the black guy, and Buffalo Bill, and the script,
and I have to furl the flag because I'm a poor bastard with no money
I just need a small amount
Take it, but go away and don't show up ever again
You are great, Melina
I'll give it back to you, with the interest
My first profit will be yours, only yours,
because you'll take a part of my company, won't you, Melina?
Melina, look at this
Bill, the daisy
1, 2, 3, 4, stop, it's horrible, no good
There's no rhythm, this thing here is nothing
Please join in too! Again
1, 2, 3, 4...
I present Liliana Lilli, the star of the company
Liliana, here is your company: Valeria, a magnificent soloist
Boema, a Brazilian gypsy
The famous maestro Dubrioski, a celebrity
Mucci, the Hungarian. The choreographer
Girls, the dance
Maria, Lucia, Rudi, Dedi and Tanio
Our Tanio, the golden idol, you'll see
- What is this stuff? - The company's poster
I've ordered some bigger, nicer ones
Don't you think my name should come first?
It should
Now let's start the rehearsal with "A Night in Paris"
In line, in line
Calm down...
Stupid morons. 1...
2... Stop. What is this?
Can't you raise a leg? Like the rest of Italy
You know nothing about art here
Again, please, 1...
He's a great Russian musician
What do you want from me?
I play what I feel like playing, got it?
- What does he want from me? - Calm down...
My contract says I can play whatever I want, right?
- Otherwise I'll drop everything - Try again
I am the choreographer, I always did what I wanted to
Dear sir, Dal Monte, it's a pleasure
I'm pleased to present you Torello, the producer of the Excelsior
He gives us the honor of seeing a rehearsal
Lilly is missing, she's the star, my discovery
I called... try again
- She left 2 hours ago - She'll get fined
Shall we start?
This way, please, come girls, we're starting
The Hungarian is really something
Gentlemen, I'll give you a brief explanation
This dance has meaning
There is a struggle between good and evil
- I'll go in alone - Fine, Liliana, I'll wait here
If you need me, call
What is this tired face? I passed night by night
I don't feel tired because I'm inspired by dance
But you have to change your expression
All the moves are wrong
Please, do it again... go... yes
Liliana, where have you been?
Get dressed, we have the general rehearsal, the theater man is here
Mr. Checco, I have great news
No, wait, do you remember our dreams?
Rome, Milan, Paris... I'm really going to Milan and maybe to Paris,
with Parmisano's company, I've just signed the contract
And it's all thanks to you, I could never thank you enough
I'm so happy, Mr. Checco!
Your friend, Mr. Adelmo is out there
He wants to talk with you about the fine
Shall I call him?
There won't be a fine
The rehearsal is going well, right?
I'll come here tomorrow to watch
Don't you have anything to say to me?
You did the right thing
Follow your destiny
Will you come to my debut?
Damn, I have to make these improvements
Girls, I can't see the fire, please
You have to be like a tree
Come over here, please... Come, right now
This is your position, please. Come on
- Yes people, please people... - Checco, what's wrong?
What is this child doing? Come here, please
Be careful, madam
She's coming. Move away
From here
Hurry up
Start the elevator, go
- Beast - I wish you'd fall
I fear that I still love you
Desperately, you're still In my heart
- It's this one? - Yes, it is
Good evening
How do they go?
- Take the cat - Thank you, dear
Which newspaper would you like?
Epola, Bis, Bolero and Today
Departure on 4th platform
Direct to Florence-Bologna-Milan
I'm going to Milan, we debut there
- Very well... - I had a great success, you know?
Me too. I produced a beautiful show
I signed a Viennese ballet company
The premier is tomorrow, we debut in...
Express train on track 3 is departing now to Foggia
Hurry. Get on, sir
2 days in Bisceglia
One in Molfetta
- And Trani? - Trani only gives movies
- Sure? - Who'll give you that?
I love you, can't I love you?
Come on
Excuse me, is this seat free?
Do you want some coffee?
I'll get it from the maestro
I didn't say anything
Sorry, I thought you...
Are you an actress?
Strange, you are just the type
I know what I'm talking about. I am a director
Are you?
I have a variety company
Thank you
Very pretty
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