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Subtitles for Vegas Vacation 1997 CD2.

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Vegas Vacation 1997 CD2

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[INFORMATION] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE] [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY] [CD TRACK] [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]no,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:03.00,00:00:05.66 That's a bigger fire[br]than the red drink. 00:00:13.84,00:00:16.24 Did you come to Las Vegas[br]to be a showgirl? 00:00:16.74,00:00:19.18 No, I'm on vacation with my parents. 00:00:21.88,00:00:24.61 Hard to believe we're related, right? 00:00:35.13,00:00:36.22 A drink, please. 00:00:36.40,00:00:38.46 Welcome. Can I see some ID? 00:00:47.81,00:00:49.40 I think we have a problem. 00:00:54.98,00:00:56.14 Good night. 00:01:01.76,00:01:03.42 Hey, why the long face? 00:01:03.59,00:01:06.42 You know that crap ID you sold me?[br]I want my ten bucks back. 00:01:06.59,00:01:08.43 Those bums threw you out? 00:01:09.00,00:01:12.09 Helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon.[br]See it as God does. 00:01:12.27,00:01:13.43 They tossed me. 00:01:15.44,00:01:17.60 Don't they realize[br]what it's like to be: 00:01:17.77,00:01:20.43 "A boy on the town when he's in love" 00:01:20.61,00:01:21.84 Give me my money. 00:01:22.01,00:01:24.34 I'm not through with you yet. Okay? 00:01:24.68,00:01:29.17 You're Nick Pappagiorgio. You're from[br]Yuma, Arizona. You're into software. 00:01:29.35,00:01:31.94 Put your head in the hole[br]and say "Joey Heatherton." 00:01:32.12,00:01:34.61 - Right here on the strip?[br]- Smile, kid. 00:01:34.79,00:01:35.78 You're in Vegas! 00:01:55.84,00:01:59.51 So you guys have been together[br]longer than the real Beatles? 00:01:59.61,00:02:00.67 Great. 00:02:00.85,00:02:02.18 Will you excuse me? 00:02:09.52,00:02:11.52 You want to dance up here? 00:02:11.69,00:02:13.46 No, I don't think so. 00:02:14.03,00:02:16.79 Audrey, honey, let me tell you[br]something I learned. 00:02:16.96,00:02:20.80 In this world, you're either[br]up on stage in the spotlight... 00:02:20.97,00:02:23.13 ...or down in the pit serving drinks. 00:02:23.30,00:02:24.70 Go have fun. 00:02:52.07,00:02:53.90 What are you doing up there? 00:02:54.74,00:02:57.07 I'm starting my vacation! 00:03:00.58,00:03:02.91 She's going to break hearts. 00:03:03.24,00:03:05.24 She's going to break something. 00:03:43.89,00:03:45.28 Congratulations. 00:03:45.45,00:03:46.61 You won the car. 00:03:47.79,00:03:49.22 May I see some ID? 00:03:55.96,00:03:58.73 Where would you like the car sent,[br]Mr. Pappagiorgio? 00:04:05.74,00:04:06.47 Eighteen. 00:04:08.24,00:04:09.23 Nineteen. 00:04:09.41,00:04:10.64 So close. 00:04:13.48,00:04:16.08 I've had enough.[br]Let's get out of here. 00:04:16.82,00:04:18.48 Good luck, sir. 00:04:19.65,00:04:23.65 Never seen such a beating since[br]someone stuck a banana in my pants... 00:04:23.83,00:04:24.92 ...and turned a monkey loose. 00:04:25.09,00:04:26.82 Thanks for the pick-me-up. 00:04:26.99,00:04:30.09 Why don't you just call it a night[br]and let Ellen lick your wounds? 00:04:30.26,00:04:33.67 That sounds great,[br]but Ellen went to sleep hours ago. 00:04:33.84,00:04:36.43 She must be one hell of a sleepwalker. 00:04:38.67,00:04:40.61 Did you record that in Germany? 00:04:41.84,00:04:43.17 Good night, Eddie. 00:04:44.15,00:04:46.64 That's how they got the title[br]"Danke Schön." 00:04:46.81,00:04:48.04 It means "thank you." 00:04:48.32,00:04:49.87 "Thank you" in German. 00:04:54.39,00:04:56.05 I thought you went to bed. 00:04:56.22,00:04:58.32 It got late. I got worried. 00:04:58.49,00:05:00.05 Clark, Wayne Newton. 00:05:00.66,00:05:01.65 Nice to meet you. 00:05:01.83,00:05:04.49 You're in food preservatives?[br]What a gas. 00:05:06.67,00:05:08.16 I like it. 00:05:08.34,00:05:09.74 As I was saying... 00:05:09.90,00:05:12.00 You've traveled.[br]We never go anywhere. 00:05:12.17,00:05:16.58 We're very boring. Usually Clark falls[br]asleep in front of the TV each night. 00:05:16.74,00:05:19.84 I guess I'll go upstairs[br]and get some sleep. 00:05:21.35,00:05:24.25 Let me just tip the piano player.[br]She was marvelous. 00:05:24.49,00:05:27.55 I might have... l've got a chip here. 00:05:30.83,00:05:31.81 Danke Schön. 00:05:33.06,00:05:33.99 Thanks. 00:05:34.20,00:05:35.42 Sit down. 00:05:38.43,00:05:40.09 Very special lady. 00:05:40.87,00:05:44.36 That's why I entered into the sacred[br]bond of marriage with her. 00:05:45.11,00:05:46.44 I hear that. 00:05:47.38,00:05:49.61 You know, I love women. 00:05:49.78,00:05:51.87 I observe them. 00:05:52.05,00:05:53.71 I cherish them. 00:05:55.92,00:05:57.91 Don't let that one out of your sight. 00:06:07.26,00:06:11.36 Wayne has invited us to Shenandoah[br]tomorrow for lunch. 00:06:11.53,00:06:12.52 That's my home. 00:06:12.70,00:06:13.69 Thank you. 00:06:13.87,00:06:15.53 But we have a lot of plans. 00:06:15.70,00:06:16.36 Don't we? 00:06:19.94,00:06:22.21 Oh, my God! 00:06:22.38,00:06:24.61 It's Wayne Newton! 00:06:26.28,00:06:28.11 I'm a fan, sir. 00:06:28.28,00:06:29.27 I'm a fan. 00:06:29.45,00:06:30.94 I can believe it! 00:06:31.12,00:06:33.11 Take my seat, Eddie. 00:06:34.72,00:06:36.62 Thank you for the drink. 00:06:36.79,00:06:38.22 Good night, Wayne. 00:06:45.30,00:06:46.89 Do you need a bodyguard? 00:06:47.07,00:06:48.47 I'd die for you. 00:06:55.98,00:06:58.74 Could I play $5 in coins, please? 00:06:59.01,00:07:00.95 I'd like to bet $5. 00:07:01.18,00:07:02.27 $5. 00:07:02.45,00:07:03.44 New roller. 00:07:03.62,00:07:05.78 Looks like a shooter.[br]I'm going for it. 00:07:05.95,00:07:08.62 - Go for this. Go for this.[br]- I'm ready. 00:07:08.79,00:07:09.69 Come on! 00:07:10.62,00:07:12.02 Seven, now! 00:07:12.19,00:07:13.46 Seven! A winner. 00:07:14.66,00:07:15.65 Way to go! 00:07:17.83,00:07:18.49 Press it? 00:07:19.00,00:07:19.93 Press it? 00:07:20.10,00:07:21.43 I want to press this up. 00:07:21.77,00:07:22.43 Press it? 00:07:22.60,00:07:23.93 Yeah, press it. 00:07:24.11,00:07:26.27 Give him the dice. Come on. 00:07:28.78,00:07:29.67 Seven, dice! 00:07:30.78,00:07:31.84 Winner. 00:07:32.28,00:07:33.11 Fantastic! 00:07:33.28,00:07:34.44 He's great! 00:07:35.45,00:07:38.11 I'm sorry to bother you, sir.[br]May I see some ID? 00:07:39.12,00:07:40.78 ID? Sure. 00:07:43.29,00:07:44.28 Thank you. 00:07:48.63,00:07:51.69 Welcome to the Mirage, Mr. Pappagiorgio. 00:07:51.87,00:07:54.53 Why do they do that[br]when we got a hot table? 00:07:55.70,00:07:56.86 How's Yuma? 00:07:57.04,00:07:57.97 It's great. 00:07:58.14,00:08:02.54 My wife and kids are back in Yuma,[br]where I work in software... 00:08:02.71,00:08:04.20 In the software business. 00:08:04.38,00:08:06.31 Let him roll the dice. 00:08:08.72,00:08:09.88 No glasses tonight? 00:08:11.55,00:08:13.21 No, I do not require them. 00:08:14.66,00:08:15.88 Good luck, sir. 00:08:17.89,00:08:19.05 But you do. 00:08:19.39,00:08:20.66 - Come on![br]- Seven! 00:08:20.83,00:08:24.49 Seven again! Seven again![br]I can't believe it! 00:08:28.34,00:08:30.17 Don't wake them. 00:08:38.01,00:08:41.85 Forget craps, forget blackjack.[br]If you want to make money... 00:08:43.08,00:08:46.92 ...walk up to a baccarat table and say,[br]"I want to play baccarat." 00:08:48.26,00:08:50.35 Feeling lucky tonight, Sparky? 00:08:50.52,00:08:54.09 Not right now, honey.[br]They're teaching me baccarat. 00:08:55.20,00:08:56.75 Bet with the player. 00:08:58.87,00:09:01.53 That's not exactly what I had in mind. 00:09:01.70,00:09:05.04 Bet with the bank.[br]Bet with the player. 00:09:05.61,00:09:07.37 Nine is a natural. 00:09:07.54,00:09:08.94 Bet with the bank. 00:09:09.11,00:09:12.20 Bet with the player.[br]Nine is a natural. 00:09:14.05,00:09:15.71 Bet with the bank. 00:09:15.88,00:09:17.28 Bet with the player. 00:09:17.45,00:09:18.78 Nine is a natural. 00:09:19.79,00:09:21.55 Bet with the bank. 00:09:21.72,00:09:23.12 Eight is a winner. 00:09:24.39,00:09:25.45 Give me that. 00:09:25.63,00:09:28.29 We shouldn't be doing this[br]before we get married? 00:09:30.73,00:09:32.46 Hard six coming out. 00:09:33.57,00:09:34.80 Hit me. 00:09:36.14,00:09:37.40 Good night. 00:09:42.14,00:09:43.30 Do it again! 00:09:43.48,00:09:44.81 Do it again! 00:09:44.98,00:09:46.41 I'm coming out. Ready? 00:09:48.62,00:09:49.28 Seven out. 00:09:49.92,00:09:51.15 God! 00:09:53.25,00:09:54.31 Nice roll. 00:09:54.66,00:09:55.82 You did good. 00:09:57.16,00:09:57.82 Thank you. 00:09:58.33,00:09:59.59 Cash me in. 00:10:02.43,00:10:05.42 Kid, you made me[br]a lot of money tonight. 00:10:06.17,00:10:07.00 Jilly from Philly. 00:10:07.17,00:10:08.93 Nick Pappagiorgio from Yuma. 00:10:09.10,00:10:12.00 Nick Pappagiorgio from Yuma,[br]you like getting massaged? 00:10:12.61,00:10:13.33 By who? 00:10:13.51,00:10:14.60 By me! 00:10:14.78,00:10:17.27 Meet us in the spa at 10:00[br]tomorrow morning. 00:10:17.44,00:10:20.35 Randy, this guy is with us.[br]You take care of him. 00:10:20.51,00:10:24.28 We're so impressed with your play[br]we'd like you to stay here. 00:10:24.45,00:10:25.35 Follow me. 00:10:28.79,00:10:32.85 And if there's anything you need,[br]don't hesitate to call me. 00:10:33.36,00:10:34.62 Thank you! 00:11:06.66,00:11:08.18 Oh, my God! 00:11:14.54,00:11:16.63 Card counting, Clark? 00:11:17.20,00:11:18.30 Is that legal? 00:11:18.81,00:11:20.30 Sharpens the player's edge. 00:11:22.81,00:11:24.14 Here's the kids. 00:11:24.95,00:11:27.28 What happened to you last night? 00:11:28.85,00:11:31.34 What are you having for breakfast? 00:11:31.52,00:11:32.28 Coffee. 00:11:32.45,00:11:33.28 Three. 00:11:33.45,00:11:34.28 Four. 00:11:34.46,00:11:35.11 Gang! 00:11:35.29,00:11:36.85 Don't shout, Daddy. 00:11:37.02,00:11:40.86 I had an idea.[br]How about an "alone" day... 00:11:41.03,00:11:45.02 ...where each of us Griswolds[br]goes out and explores Las Vegas... 00:11:45.20,00:11:46.36 their own way? 00:11:47.13,00:11:49.19 I don't think that's a good idea. 00:11:49.37,00:11:50.63 - Great.[br]- Love you. 00:11:50.80,00:11:52.36 Be back at 5:00. 00:11:53.87,00:11:55.64 You'll have a great time. 00:11:55.81,00:11:56.80 Have fun. 00:12:29.94,00:12:31.60 Payback time. 00:12:37.22,00:12:39.12 $500. 00:12:39.89,00:12:41.88 You don't know when to quit. 00:12:42.36,00:12:43.02 Chips. 00:12:43.29,00:12:45.22 Changing 500! 00:12:49.46,00:12:50.95 Here's an idea. 00:12:51.13,00:12:55.40 You give me half the money[br]you're going to bet, we go out back... 00:12:55.57,00:12:58.47 ...l'll kick you in the nuts[br]and we'll call it a day? 00:13:06.08,00:13:07.57 Pappagiorgio... 00:13:07.75,00:13:09.08 ...enjoying the massage? 00:13:09.32,00:13:11.58 I'm enjoying it, Jilly. Really. 00:13:11.75,00:13:14.98 You know what your problem is?[br]You're a nervous guy. 00:13:15.82,00:13:17.81 You must learn how to relax. 00:13:17.99,00:13:20.15 You're right, Jilly, I do. 00:13:20.66,00:13:22.32 Harder on the shoulders. 00:13:22.50,00:13:24.33 That's it, kid. 00:13:24.50,00:13:27.99 Now that you got that,[br]we must teach you how to dress. 00:13:33.61,00:13:36.34 Now aren't you a little slice of pie? 00:13:36.51,00:13:38.34 Are you thinking of dancing? 00:13:39.35,00:13:41.01 She's got a body for it. 00:13:41.18,00:13:42.61 I do? Thanks. 00:13:42.78,00:13:45.62 If you're thinking about it,[br]do it while you're young and foolish. 00:13:45.69,00:13:49.35 I'm going to college but hoping to do[br]volunteer work in the summer. 00:13:49.52,00:13:51.79 Our prime years are few and fast. 00:13:51.96,00:13:53.62 Would've, could've, should've. 00:13:54.86,00:13:57.30 Show this girl something with a heel. 00:14:00.87,00:14:01.80 Hit me! 00:14:03.47,00:14:04.80 Yeah! Twenty! 00:14:07.47,00:14:10.03 It's 20. It's a push. 00:14:10.48,00:14:11.54 I didn't lose. 00:14:12.21,00:14:15.98 That's it, Griswold,[br]you are freaking dead! 00:14:16.65,00:14:18.64 I love you, kid. 00:14:51.59,00:14:53.92 Outrageous. Where's the family? 00:14:54.52,00:14:55.85 They're busy. 00:14:57.42,00:15:00.09 Did I come at a bad time? Because... 00:15:00.26,00:15:01.59 ...I could just... 00:15:01.76,00:15:06.20 A singer's body is his instrument and[br]I believe in keeping it finely tuned. 00:15:07.03,00:15:09.26 Come in, let's have some fun. 00:15:14.88,00:15:16.04 Blackjack. 00:15:16.21,00:15:17.54 Blackjack. 00:15:18.28,00:15:19.71 Six. 00:15:36.80,00:15:38.39 They're not bad. 00:15:38.90,00:15:43.80 The boys aren't much to talk to, but if[br]you need a night away from your cat... 00:15:43.97,00:15:46.06 ...they're more than fine. 00:16:24.85,00:16:26.34 What did you say? 00:16:26.68,00:16:29.34 I said, "Blackjack!" 00:16:36.19,00:16:38.28 Changing 1,600! 00:16:41.19,00:16:42.63 Lunch was wonderful. 00:16:42.80,00:16:45.03 I hope you enjoyed the company[br]as much as the food. 00:16:47.30,00:16:49.63 Please, madam, chin up. 00:16:51.20,00:16:52.30 You know... 00:16:52.47,00:16:56.03 ...l've always felt very blessed[br]by all the gifts I've been given. 00:16:57.48,00:17:00.54 But after meeting you[br]I realize how truly alone I am. 00:17:01.65,00:17:04.64 But, Wayne, you have millions of fans. 00:17:04.99,00:17:06.21 Please. 00:17:06.39,00:17:07.98 They just love my talent. 00:17:08.49,00:17:11.32 I feel so many things right now. 00:17:11.56,00:17:13.55 I wish I could spend my life with you. 00:17:15.66,00:17:16.99 Well... 00:17:17.33,00:17:21.89 ...we could turn the den into a guest[br]room, but what about your horses? 00:17:22.07,00:17:25.51 Clark pretty much likes the garage[br]for the car and the lawn mowers. 00:17:31.85,00:17:33.57 You're too much. 00:17:34.68,00:17:36.51 I have something for you. 00:17:47.03,00:17:48.52 It's a lock of my hair. 00:17:51.53,00:17:52.86 Gosh! 00:17:54.37,00:17:56.27 It's getting late! 00:17:57.27,00:17:58.70 I've got to go! 00:17:58.87,00:18:00.43 But thank you. 00:18:01.88,00:18:03.10 - It's been wonderful.[br]- Wait. 00:18:04.54,00:18:07.54 If you have nothing to do later,[br]please come back! 00:18:07.71,00:18:09.44 I'm making pasta! 00:18:14.45,00:18:17.72 Come on, you think this sign's here[br]to hold down the table? 00:18:20.73,00:18:22.13 What can I do with $5? 00:18:22.80,00:18:24.23 I don't know. 00:18:24.63,00:18:27.29 Buy a bullet and rent a gun? 00:18:33.77,00:18:34.87 See you. 00:18:35.04,00:18:36.03 Have a good time. 00:18:45.55,00:18:47.11 Good luck, sir. 00:18:48.22,00:18:51.78 I had a fantastic "alone" day.[br]It was a great idea. 00:18:52.73,00:18:54.13 Where'd you get that stuff? 00:18:54.29,00:18:56.23 At the men's store. 00:18:58.07,00:18:58.72 My God! 00:18:58.90,00:19:00.73 Vickie took me to her stylist. 00:19:01.97,00:19:05.40 Did you know there were 92 muscles[br]in the human throat? 00:19:06.37,00:19:09.34 All this time I thought I was[br]unhappy with you and Mom. 00:19:09.41,00:19:13.74 But I was dissatisfied with myself.[br]That's changed, thanks to Las Vegas! 00:19:14.15,00:19:17.91 This is Larry, Kurt and Ira.[br]They're professional entertainers. 00:19:18.15,00:19:18.98 Nice to meet you. 00:19:19.59,00:19:20.99 You know what drives me crazy? 00:19:21.15,00:19:22.64 The baccarat tables. 00:19:22.82,00:19:26.09 Larry can bend his leg up[br]over his head. Want to see? 00:19:26.26,00:19:27.09 You should. 00:19:27.26,00:19:28.09 It's after-riding wear. 00:19:28.26,00:19:31.59 If those guys weren't bust-outs,[br]you think they'd be home writing? 00:19:31.77,00:19:33.26 Come with me! 00:19:33.43,00:19:34.42 Not you! 00:19:41.74,00:19:45.04 I know we haven't seen a lot[br]of each other lately and that's okay... 00:19:45.11,00:19:46.60 ...but we're Griswolds. 00:19:46.78,00:19:48.44 We're on vacation. 00:19:48.62,00:19:51.68 And starting now, we're going[br]to have a great time. 00:19:51.95,00:19:54.01 But, Dad, we're having a great time. 00:19:54.19,00:19:56.68 My sister has the legs[br]of a thoroughbred. 00:19:56.86,00:19:57.79 Am I right? 00:19:57.96,00:19:58.95 Shut up. 00:19:59.46,00:20:01.62 The point is, starting now... 00:20:01.80,00:20:04.20 ...we'll have a great time together! 00:20:04.36,00:20:05.35 How? 00:20:06.37,00:20:07.53 How? 00:20:07.70,00:20:08.86 Well... 00:20:09.07,00:20:10.23 How? 00:20:13.57,00:20:15.06 We could all... 00:20:15.24,00:20:17.73 ...sit on a bench, as a family... 00:20:17.91,00:20:21.57 ...and watch a Vegas sunset.[br]Wouldn't that be great? 00:20:26.69,00:20:30.18 We could count the bulbs[br]on the strip, Audrey. 00:20:30.82,00:20:33.82 Larry's taking me to see[br]the world's largest thermometer. 00:20:36.50,00:20:38.56 I got a thing happening downtown. 00:20:40.50,00:20:41.99 I mean, you know... 00:20:47.51,00:20:48.74 I know. 00:20:49.91,00:20:52.67 We can get remarried. Right now. 00:20:52.85,00:20:56.91 There's a honeymoon slots tournament[br]over at the Golden Nugget. And guess? 00:20:57.08,00:20:59.57 Newlyweds get in for free. 00:21:00.25,00:21:02.35 I've got news for you, Clark. 00:21:02.59,00:21:04.35 I haven't said "yes" yet. 00:21:08.60,00:21:09.86 If you're too busy... 00:21:10.03,00:21:11.93 You hang on a minute! 00:21:12.10,00:21:14.36 You brought us on a family vacation... 00:21:14.53,00:21:18.37 ...and we only see you on your way[br]in or out of the casino! 00:21:18.54,00:21:19.53 I've invited you... 00:21:19.71,00:21:22.11 You find the Clark Griswold[br]I married... 00:21:22.28,00:21:24.87 ...and tell him I'm at the Mirage! 00:21:25.05,00:21:25.77 Come on. 00:21:28.38,00:21:32.55 Don't worry about me! I got plenty[br]I can do on my own in Las Vegas! 00:21:41.66,00:21:43.25 Which hand is it in? 00:21:45.63,00:21:47.96 Who wants it now? Who wants it? 00:21:48.17,00:21:50.10 There you go, you heathens! 00:21:50.80,00:21:52.80 Thanks for buying me dinner. 00:21:52.97,00:21:55.81 Best $1.49 in town, Clark. 00:21:56.08,00:21:58.81 Clark, this is all you can eat. 00:21:58.98,00:22:00.81 We only need one plate. 00:22:10.62,00:22:12.11 I need rolls. 00:22:12.29,00:22:13.95 I had that last time. 00:22:14.13,00:22:15.29 Fresh broccoli. 00:22:17.20,00:22:18.03 Bless you. 00:22:18.20,00:22:19.36 Thank you. 00:22:19.53,00:22:22.70 Maybe I'll just replace these[br]and take a carrot. 00:22:22.87,00:22:24.53 The best macaroni. 00:22:24.87,00:22:27.47 - That's good.[br]- No, let's get a little more. 00:22:29.38,00:22:31.54 Some of this spaghetti bolognese here. 00:22:32.31,00:22:34.80 You're lucky you came on Italian night. 00:22:35.88,00:22:36.71 That stuff... 00:22:37.22,00:22:39.21 ...will knock your socks off. 00:22:39.39,00:22:41.38 This doesn't look like chicken. 00:22:41.72,00:22:43.38 Oh, you're right. 00:22:43.56,00:22:46.32 This isn't chicken. This is chicken. 00:22:46.49,00:22:47.65 Want some? 00:22:48.66,00:22:51.72 Eddie, I think I'll just be over[br]by the Saltines. 00:22:51.90,00:22:54.23 - Here, go ahead.[br]- Go get us a table. 00:22:56.34,00:22:58.50 We'll have some... 00:22:58.67,00:23:00.07 ...of the yellow. 00:23:01.24,00:23:03.68 And don't get cheap on me. 00:23:11.42,00:23:14.25 This bread pudding's[br]extra runny tonight. 00:23:14.42,00:23:17.75 Eddie, when you look at me,[br]what do you see? 00:23:25.20,00:23:26.86 Time's up, Eddie. 00:23:27.90,00:23:29.56 I'll tell you what you see. 00:23:29.84,00:23:31.10 You see a man... 00:23:31.20,00:23:35.11 ...whose family counted on him[br]to give them the best vacation ever. 00:23:35.61,00:23:38.04 And I can't do it. Because... 00:23:40.05,00:23:41.78 You have something on your... 00:23:44.78,00:23:45.55 Off? 00:23:45.79,00:23:47.22 You got it. 00:23:48.82,00:23:51.48 I've gambled away more money[br]than you'll ever understand. 00:23:52.33,00:23:53.49 Try me. 00:23:58.97,00:24:00.90 $22,600. 00:24:01.07,00:24:01.73 God! 00:24:02.64,00:24:03.73 Oh, God! 00:24:03.90,00:24:05.30 Oh, God! 00:24:05.74,00:24:07.30 Oh, God! 00:24:09.31,00:24:10.64 - Oh, God![br]- Please! 00:24:15.98,00:24:18.25 I don't know what to tell Ellen. 00:24:20.12,00:24:23.89 If I could just get that money back,[br]I could turn it all around. 00:24:26.23,00:24:30.13 You've been so good to Catherine[br]and me through the years. 00:24:30.30,00:24:31.96 I hate to see you down. 00:24:32.73,00:24:34.29 I've got some... 00:24:46.98,00:24:49.24 stashed away and... 00:24:49.92,00:24:54.08'd be my honor to help you[br]in your time of need. 00:24:55.16,00:24:56.42 You mean it? 00:24:57.59,00:24:59.32 There's just one problem. 00:25:00.49,00:25:02.65 I forgot where I buried it. 00:25:05.00,00:25:07.16 Is it safe to be digging like this? 00:25:08.27,00:25:10.33 Just watch out for the scorpions. 00:25:19.28,00:25:21.84 I got money buried all over this yard. 00:25:23.68,00:25:26.62 I used to have quite a little system[br]for finding it. 00:25:26.79,00:25:28.62 Wait, here's something. 00:25:31.49,00:25:32.48 $28! 00:25:35.33,00:25:36.16 Got one. 00:25:36.33,00:25:37.73 Got one. Got one. 00:25:42.57,00:25:43.56 Six bucks. 00:25:43.74,00:25:47.67 Yuban coffee. You can sprinkle[br]that stuff on anything. 00:25:47.84,00:25:52.24 Ice cream, mashed potatoes, or eat it[br]right out of the can for a pick-me-up. 00:25:54.75,00:25:56.24 Oh, my God. 00:25:56.75,00:25:59.08 There must be over $100 in here. 00:25:59.92,00:26:03.01 Yeah, that's from when I sold[br]one of my kidneys. 00:26:03.26,00:26:05.75 We didn't need the cash[br]at the time but... 00:26:05.93,00:26:08.69 ...I figured with all the advances[br]in modern medicine... 00:26:08.86,00:26:12.09 ...I should sell it while somebody[br]still wanted to buy it. 00:26:12.37,00:26:14.03 The smartest thing I ever did. 00:26:15.20,00:26:17.93 Why do you have all this money[br]buried in the ground? 00:26:19.04,00:26:21.03 For a rainy day. 00:26:21.77,00:26:24.27 We don't get many of those[br]in the desert. 00:26:29.38,00:26:31.11 Where's the nearest casino? 00:26:31.72,00:26:33.55 Hello, room service. 00:26:33.72,00:26:36.05 I'd like the Crab Rangoon... 00:26:36.39,00:26:38.05 ...chicken fingers... 00:26:38.56,00:26:40.46 ...the Jackpot Burger... 00:26:41.46,00:26:43.95 ...and the Tropical Banana Torte. 00:26:46.63,00:26:47.62 No. 00:26:48.07,00:26:49.56 Cancel that. 00:26:49.90,00:26:51.39 I'm going out. 00:26:51.91,00:26:53.40 I must warn you. 00:26:53.57,00:26:58.07 They don't play the same games[br]here as at them regular casinos. 00:27:00.91,00:27:02.97 Eddie, this place is great. 00:27:03.58,00:27:05.48 They don't play this at the Mirage. 00:27:06.32,00:27:08.58 Pick a number? I'm great at that. 00:27:09.16,00:27:10.59 Coin toss? 00:27:10.76,00:27:12.09 These are my games. 00:27:12.26,00:27:13.59 Give me 20 bucks. 00:27:13.76,00:27:14.82 War! 00:27:14.99,00:27:17.59 Russ and I play this all the time. 00:27:18.33,00:27:19.26 I'm in. 00:27:19.43,00:27:20.66 Here we go. 00:27:20.93,00:27:22.16 Mine. 00:27:22.67,00:27:24.26 That's fast. 00:27:24.44,00:27:25.77 Give me another 20. 00:27:28.84,00:27:29.77 War, bet again. 00:27:34.35,00:27:35.61 Mine again. 00:27:35.95,00:27:38.51 Maybe you should spread it around... 00:27:38.79,00:27:41.02 ...not have all your fun at one table. 00:27:46.36,00:27:48.62 Dealer has rock. Pay paper. 00:27:51.86,00:27:52.52 Call it. 00:27:52.97,00:27:56.37 What say we go home and[br]bury what's left of my money? 00:27:56.54,00:27:57.47 Heads. 00:27:58.71,00:28:00.47 I'm sorry, it's tails. 00:28:01.04,00:28:02.47 Almost. 00:28:13.22,00:28:16.21 No, give me that! Give me that! 00:28:16.39,00:28:19.38 He cheated, Eddie![br]He switched them, I saw it! 00:28:34.77,00:28:35.43 Four. 00:28:35.51,00:28:36.44 Seven. 00:28:39.58,00:28:41.24 What am I doing? 00:28:42.58,00:28:45.18 I need to go someplace[br]where a man can think. 00:28:46.02,00:28:47.68 I wouldn't do that here. 00:28:47.85,00:28:51.42 These stalls are awfully dirty[br]and they're backed up. 00:28:52.86,00:28:54.52 I need to be alone. 00:28:56.93,00:28:58.26 I see. 00:28:58.43,00:28:59.52 Want me to come? 00:29:01.27,00:29:02.86 All right. Come on. 00:29:05.57,00:29:06.97 Come on, Clark. 00:29:07.14,00:29:11.41 The night is young. They're giving away[br]free sandwiches at the blood bank. 00:29:11.58,00:29:13.81 I'm not worthy of a sandwich. 00:29:13.98,00:29:16.97 I'm not a father, I'm not a husband,[br]I'm nothing! 00:29:17.15,00:29:20.59 You may feel like nothing now,[br]but look on the bright side. 00:29:20.75,00:29:24.31 You used to be something.[br]Nobody can take that away from you. 00:29:25.93,00:29:27.26 Good-bye, Ellen. 00:29:27.76,00:29:30.59 I'm sure you'll be happy[br]with Wayne Newton. 00:29:31.83,00:29:33.49 Where am I going to go? 00:29:33.67,00:29:36.33 You can live with us[br]right here in Vegas. 00:29:36.50,00:29:37.99 We'll dig you a room. 00:29:38.17,00:29:40.26 And Rusty and poor Audrey... 00:29:40.44,00:29:42.77 At night you can sit outside... 00:29:42.94,00:29:46.11 ...and you can tell us how much[br]more good you used to have it. 00:29:46.35,00:29:49.18 Look at all these happy families. 00:29:49.85,00:29:51.51 Where did I go wrong? 00:29:55.79,00:29:58.45 Without my family,[br]there is no Clark Griswold. 00:29:58.62,00:30:00.52 We can go into business. 00:30:00.69,00:30:03.36 We can raise more snakes,[br]open a petting zoo. 00:30:03.53,00:30:05.52 Yeah, that's what we could do. 00:30:05.70,00:30:08.63 We could have a lot of happy,[br]wonderful times. 00:30:08.97,00:30:10.80 We'll get your money back. 00:30:13.21,00:30:15.20 I'm not worried about my money. 00:30:15.81,00:30:17.64 I don't care about it. 00:30:18.71,00:30:20.20 I must get my family back! 00:30:20.88,00:30:22.54 What about my money? 00:30:22.72,00:30:24.55 Stay here, I'll be back. 00:30:26.65,00:30:27.98 Police, emergency. 00:30:33.06,00:30:34.49 Open up! 00:30:36.10,00:30:37.76 Don't be alarmed, he's with me. 00:30:44.20,00:30:45.76 Say: "Cheese." 00:30:56.45,00:30:58.38 It's Dean Martin's recipe. 00:30:58.55,00:31:00.45 I always make too much. 00:31:00.89,00:31:03.22 Thank you for having me for dinner. 00:31:05.63,00:31:07.62 There's something I must tell you. 00:31:09.30,00:31:10.28 Oh, no. 00:31:11.63,00:31:13.06 Wayne, please, don't. 00:31:13.30,00:31:15.73 I've always been a moral man. 00:31:16.97,00:31:20.74 But my resolve is melting[br]in the light of your smile. 00:31:21.07,00:31:23.47 Maybe you're hungry. More pasta? 00:31:23.64,00:31:24.58 There's Treasure Island. 00:31:24.74,00:31:26.80 There's Harrah's. There's the Mirage. 00:31:26.98,00:31:28.14 Next, Wayne Newton's house. 00:31:31.32,00:31:32.91 Wayne, please. 00:31:33.99,00:31:34.98 Please. 00:31:43.83,00:31:45.76 Don't worry, I'm here. 00:31:45.93,00:31:47.33 Get out of my way. 00:31:47.60,00:31:49.50 Hands off my wife! 00:31:53.51,00:31:55.94 Clark, it's not the way it looks. 00:31:56.11,00:31:57.51 We're having pasta. 00:31:58.58,00:31:59.51 I've been a fool. 00:31:59.68,00:32:03.95 And not a loveable fool who clowns[br]for the delight of children. 00:32:04.85,00:32:06.44 But a fool who's... 00:32:06.69,00:32:08.35 ...only fooling himself. 00:32:11.02,00:32:12.18 You're back. 00:32:12.36,00:32:15.02 You have got to be kidding me. 00:32:15.19,00:32:17.46 Why don't you go sing something? 00:32:18.63,00:32:21.79 I've learned that[br]a family vacation only works... 00:32:21.97,00:32:25.46 ...when you're with your family.[br]You and Russ and... 00:32:25.64,00:32:26.70 Audrey. 00:32:26.87,00:32:28.03 Audrey. 00:32:28.21,00:32:29.37 You're my family. 00:32:30.14,00:32:34.81 The most important thing is for us to[br]get back together before it's too late. 00:32:35.52,00:32:36.50 What do you say? 00:32:37.18,00:32:38.34 I'm with you. 00:32:39.02,00:32:40.25 Let's go get our kids. 00:32:46.79,00:32:48.28 - Is there a charge?[br]- No, sir. 00:32:48.46,00:32:49.45 Park it. 00:32:54.47,00:32:55.96 Have you seen him? 00:32:56.14,00:32:57.30 Mr. Pappagiorgio. 00:32:57.47,00:32:59.80 - Lanai Six.[br]- He's my son. 00:33:00.04,00:33:02.13 Mr. Pappagiorgio? 00:33:02.64,00:33:04.04 Let's go. 00:33:04.54,00:33:06.98 Oh, boy. Oh, boy. 00:33:13.22,00:33:14.71 Clark, do something. 00:33:14.89,00:33:15.88 Look out! 00:33:26.23,00:33:29.00 Oh, my little baby boy! 00:33:29.67,00:33:32.23 Excuse me. Excuse me! 00:33:41.25,00:33:42.41 Am I right? 00:33:42.88,00:33:43.68 Am I? 00:33:47.95,00:33:50.86 So I says to him, I said,[br]"Get your own monkey." 00:33:51.02,00:33:53.36 Oh, my Lord! Rusty! 00:33:54.09,00:33:56.58 You must be lost.[br]This is Mr. Pappagiorgio. 00:33:56.76,00:33:59.75 His name is not Pappagiorgio,[br]he's Rusty Griswold! 00:33:59.93,00:34:02.09 He's a "C plus" student.[br]Now, out of the pool! 00:34:02.27,00:34:03.70 Let's go, young man! 00:34:03.87,00:34:05.70 Now! Get dressed! 00:34:10.21,00:34:13.04 I'm looking for this underage kid[br]named Pappagiorgio. 00:34:13.21,00:34:15.87 Yes, he stole my wallet.[br]He's back there. 00:34:17.88,00:34:18.78 Where's your sister? 00:34:18.95,00:34:21.04 She's with Vickie somewhere. 00:34:21.22,00:34:22.45 Where's Vickie? 00:34:35.64,00:34:38.47 - Mr. Pappagiorgio, your usual table?[br]- Not tonight. 00:34:38.64,00:34:40.63 You are in deep trouble, my friend. 00:34:41.47,00:34:42.91 Excuse me. 00:34:52.75,00:34:54.58 Hey, everybody! 00:34:54.75,00:34:56.15 Where's Audrey? 00:34:59.59,00:35:00.92 Oh, my God! 00:35:04.26,00:35:05.49 Our baby! 00:35:05.67,00:35:08.43 Hang on, honey,[br]Daddy's coming to get you! 00:35:10.67,00:35:11.60 Move! 00:35:12.44,00:35:14.17 What do you think you're doing? 00:35:14.34,00:35:16.67 You told me to get a summer job! 00:35:16.94,00:35:20.34 Ten years of tap dancing lessons[br]and this is how you repay me? 00:35:20.51,00:35:22.00 Let's go! 00:35:22.18,00:35:24.67 Excuse me! Excuse me! 00:35:25.35,00:35:27.11 Come on, let's go. 00:35:37.50,00:35:40.69 I don't know what I was thinking.[br]Let's go home now. 00:35:40.80,00:35:41.86 When are we going? 00:35:42.03,00:35:44.13 Let's quit while we're ahead. 00:35:44.30,00:35:46.70 Ahead or behind, what does it matter? 00:35:47.47,00:35:49.37 We still have each other. 00:35:51.71,00:35:54.81 When we get home, even though[br]I lost most of our money... 00:35:54.98,00:35:56.21 Wait a minute. 00:35:56.55,00:35:58.88 "I've lost most of our money"? 00:35:59.65,00:36:01.55 How much did you lose? 00:36:02.39,00:36:04.82 Well, with the checks[br]and the credit cards... 00:36:04.99,00:36:08.22 ...some trips to the ATM and[br]the plane tickets I cashed in... 00:36:08.73,00:36:09.49 I don't know... 00:36:10.00,00:36:13.40 $22,000, $23,000. 00:36:13.57,00:36:14.56 Somewhere in there. 00:36:15.17,00:36:16.66 What about my tuition? 00:36:16.84,00:36:18.00 And my snowboard? 00:36:18.17,00:36:19.83 We still have our love. 00:36:21.24,00:36:23.50 That's what I've come to realize. 00:36:23.68,00:36:27.17 Clark, how much money[br]do you have right now? 00:36:29.52,00:36:30.41 I'm broke. 00:36:31.75,00:36:32.58 Rusty? 00:36:32.75,00:36:35.85 I spent it all.[br]Having an entourage is expensive. 00:36:36.19,00:36:37.35 Audrey? 00:36:37.52,00:36:39.01 No pockets. 00:36:41.93,00:36:43.59 I've got... 00:36:45.10,00:36:46.09 ...$2. 00:36:49.54,00:36:51.44 Get our money back. 00:36:57.28,00:36:58.37 There. 00:37:02.28,00:37:04.55 This is not the way to do this. 00:37:04.72,00:37:07.45 Can't we just get your parents[br]to wire us some money? 00:37:09.72,00:37:13.45 Oh, keno. This is easy.[br]I saw this on TV. 00:37:20.57,00:37:23.40 Okay, you've got to pick ten numbers. 00:37:23.64,00:37:26.30 We must play the kids' birthdays.[br]Sixteen, seven. 00:37:26.47,00:37:28.24 And Dad's football number, 44. 00:37:36.58,00:37:39.07 Excuse me, is that your family? 00:37:40.65,00:37:41.64 You're lucky man. 00:37:42.09,00:37:43.75 Luckiest guy on earth. 00:37:44.82,00:37:46.31 The grandparent's anniversary. 00:37:48.09,00:37:49.25 I never got married. 00:37:49.43,00:37:51.29 I was afraid to take the risk. 00:37:52.36,00:37:53.46 Beautiful children. 00:37:54.37,00:37:57.30 Oh, thank you. We're very blessed. 00:37:58.04,00:37:59.97 This thing is money, money. 00:38:00.14,00:38:01.63 Let me tell you something. 00:38:01.81,00:38:02.90 Money isn't everything. 00:38:03.84,00:38:05.44 I sit here alone... 00:38:05.64,00:38:06.54 ...nobody cares. 00:38:06.88,00:38:09.87 If I win, I have nobody[br]to share it with. 00:38:12.65,00:38:14.21 You have your health. 00:38:14.39,00:38:16.05 It seems you have a hobby. 00:38:16.22,00:38:18.71 Yeah, a hobby I got. My health? 00:38:19.83,00:38:22.23 If I had a family,[br]I'd want it like yours. 00:38:26.50,00:38:29.40 Tonight, consider yourself[br]part of our family. 00:38:31.24,00:38:32.40 I'll take you up on it. 00:38:33.67,00:38:35.40 Really, thank you. 00:38:35.57,00:38:36.51 Nice of you. 00:38:36.68,00:38:37.33 Good luck. 00:38:37.51,00:38:39.41 The game's almost starting. 00:38:43.82,00:38:44.81 Seven. 00:38:45.48,00:38:46.71 It's seven. 00:38:46.89,00:38:48.82 It's Audrey's birthday! 00:38:49.22,00:38:50.98 We're going to do it! 00:38:51.16,00:38:52.38 Ten. 00:38:56.73,00:38:57.49 Fourteen. 00:38:58.73,00:38:59.66 Doesn't matter. 00:39:00.07,00:39:03.00 Even eight matches wins $15,500. 00:39:03.50,00:39:04.73 Twenty-two. 00:39:07.51,00:39:08.56 Thirty-three. 00:39:12.34,00:39:13.17 Eighty. 00:39:27.59,00:39:29.42 Your final number, 54. 00:39:39.27,00:39:40.36 I won! 00:39:40.54,00:39:42.30 I won! I won! 00:39:42.91,00:39:44.07 I won! 00:39:45.91,00:39:47.24 I won! 00:39:47.41,00:39:48.47 I won! 00:39:49.38,00:39:53.15 All the years I've waited for this![br]I've been coming in here for years! 00:39:53.32,00:39:56.81 I've never won, never won once,[br]and now I won! 00:39:56.99,00:40:01.65 The money is mine. I have the money,[br]the money is mine. I got it! 00:40:01.83,00:40:05.09 For the first time, I have the mo... 00:40:12.34,00:40:13.50 Sir... 00:40:14.01,00:40:14.84 ...are you okay? 00:40:20.01,00:40:21.67 Go get someone. 00:40:24.28,00:40:25.27 Sir. 00:40:29.52,00:40:30.85 Oh, my God. 00:40:31.62,00:40:32.68 I won! 00:40:32.86,00:40:35.35 I won the money! I won! 00:40:35.69,00:40:37.03 Did you hear me? 00:40:37.10,00:40:39.09 It's okay. It's here, right here. 00:40:39.26,00:40:41.82 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9... 00:40:42.33,00:40:43.93 That's wonderful. 00:40:47.94,00:40:49.34 That's wonderful. 00:41:27.21,00:41:28.54 What did he say? 00:41:29.38,00:41:30.87 He said, "Take the ticket." 00:41:32.99,00:41:35.39 He said, "Take the ticket"? 00:41:35.72,00:41:37.31 I think he did. 00:41:45.73,00:41:46.99 He's gone. 00:41:47.40,00:41:48.83 There was nothing you could do. 00:41:49.40,00:41:50.73 We don't know his name. 00:41:51.00,00:41:54.67 He was Mr. Ellis.[br]The loneliest guy I ever saw. 00:41:54.84,00:41:58.50 He would've given anything to have[br]someone sit with him and be kind. 00:42:10.76,00:42:12.19 Jeez. 00:42:46.79,00:42:51.06 I hope you kids have learned something[br]about the dangers of gambling. 00:42:51.26,00:42:53.66 No, Sparklett,[br]don't blame the gambling. 00:42:53.93,00:42:56.26 Gambling is what made America great. 00:42:56.50,00:42:57.83 You see, kids... 00:42:58.27,00:43:02.17 ...when Columbus set sail[br]on a little rickety boat... 00:43:02.34,00:43:06.78 ...and let it ride all the way[br]to the New World, it was a gamble. 00:43:07.35,00:43:09.01 Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison... 00:43:09.62,00:43:11.61 ...Albert Einstein, all gamblers. 00:43:11.95,00:43:13.35 Wasn't Einstein German? 00:43:13.62,00:43:15.35 Hard to tell from his accent. 00:43:15.79,00:43:17.45 But I do know one thing. 00:43:17.86,00:43:20.29 When a beautiful, young co-ed... 00:43:20.46,00:43:23.79 ...took a chance on a gangly boy[br]of a man named Clark... 00:43:24.36,00:43:26.52 ...she was taking a gamble, too. 00:43:32.80,00:43:35.80 Ellen Priscilla Ruth Smith Griswold... 00:43:40.21,00:43:42.65 ...will you remarry me? 00:43:55.56,00:43:58.53 Ellen Griswold, do you promise[br]to love and honor Clark... 00:43:58.60,00:44:00.16 ...for as long as you live? 00:44:02.23,00:44:04.00 Oh, God! 00:44:07.57,00:44:08.34 I do. 00:44:08.51,00:44:10.57 Clark Griswold... 00:44:10.84,00:44:13.40 I love you, Eddie. 00:44:15.68,00:44:19.67 Do you promise to love and honor Ellen[br]for as long as you both shall live? 00:44:20.35,00:44:21.18 I do. 00:44:21.49,00:44:25.55 I don't care if you ruined my life,[br]I love you! 00:44:26.36,00:44:28.69 By the power vested in me... 00:44:28.86,00:44:33.59 the Las Vegas Entertainers'[br]Association, I pronounce you married. 00:44:33.77,00:44:35.36 You may kiss the bride. 00:44:56.62,00:44:58.11 This is for you. 00:44:59.06,00:45:01.72 Clark, were did all this come from? 00:45:02.39,00:45:05.56 We were very fortunate last night,[br]Eddie, and... 00:45:05.73,00:45:09.39 I think we Griswolds learned[br]something on this vacation. 00:45:09.57,00:45:12.56 And that is that it's not[br]what you have but... 00:45:12.74,00:45:14.90 ...who you have to share it with. 00:45:15.31,00:45:16.74 In a minute, Russ. 00:45:16.91,00:45:21.14 The promise of material possessions[br]can often blind one... 00:45:21.31,00:45:22.91 What is it, Russ? 00:45:23.08,00:45:24.81 Those four cars over there... 00:45:26.65,00:45:27.91 ...they're mine. 00:45:29.99,00:45:32.25 What do you mean? They're yours? 00:45:37.00,00:45:38.49 Where did they come from? 00:45:38.66,00:45:40.66 Four slot machines. 00:45:40.83,00:45:44.00 I put a dollar in and got a car.[br]I put a dollar in and got a car. 00:45:44.17,00:45:46.26 Yeah, yeah, I think I get it. 00:45:47.11,00:45:48.09 Give me the keys. 00:45:56.42,00:45:58.28 Ellen, drive the red one. 00:45:58.62,00:46:00.45 You take the white one. 00:46:00.62,00:46:03.85 You take the Mustang.[br]And I'll take that big black thing. 00:46:04.02,00:46:05.96 After you, Mr. Pappagiorgio. 00:46:06.12,00:46:07.28 - Bye, Eddie.[br]- Bye, Clark. 00:46:13.70,00:46:15.63 Bye, y'all! 00:46:15.80,00:46:17.36 Drive carefully! 00:46:17.54,00:46:19.20 Have a good trip!
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