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pepa, every nlght
I will llght a candle for you
I will open a bottle for you
Your death Is a flame
that will never go out
Luis, come here.
Have you seen Caco?
Here, for your mother.
Look after Pepa's tomb.
Tres, the bottle!
Alejandro, the steeple needs repairing.
I'll see to it.
Not again! where's Diego?
what's the matter?
where's Diego?
Asleep. what is it, boy?
Let me go out.
I want to have a good time.
No, stay in your room.
I want to go out.
when I say you can.
Pepe there?
Tell him to come.
How are things?
The money
and the list.
I've got somebody
to buy your part of "El Rey."
Yeah, who?
He wants to remain anonymous.
lt's not the Caravacas?
If it's that scumbag family,
I'd rather torch the place.
Got that? I won't have anything to do with them!
oK, Pepe...
See you later.
'Bye, kid.
Hey, Fernando.
How's it going, Caco?
You know my nephew?
My brother Mario's kid.
- He's tall! - You still managing La Caita?
- Can you contact her for tonight? - Sure.
I wanna arrange a party for the kid.
He just loves La Caita.
Tonight, at "La Venta."
And the musicians' pay?
See my cousin Alejandro about that.
You two work it out. Good to see you, man.
So, Catalana?
How you doing?
You oK?
Listen, Catalana,
I got a special favor to ask you.
It means a lot to me.
I'm here with my nephew.
I want you do to something, and do it really well.
If you do it, I'll never forget it.
Not professional.
If you do it professionally, don't bother.
My nephew Diego... La Catalana.
what'll you have?
A pint.
Lolo, a pint and a gin.
How are you, Diego?
wanna stay with me a while?
Gotta do an errand.
I'll just be 30 minutes.
oK, 45 minutes.
Don't you go away. See you in a bit.
See you later, uncle.
Don't mind staying with me?
what do you like best about me?
Your eyes.
You have lovely eyes, you know?
real beautiful.
I really like to have a good time.
Do you?
- And women... - Really? you.
No one ever said that like you.
You look a lot like...
- Like who? - Like Pepa.
who's Pepa?
My uncle's daughter.
- You like Pepa? - A lot.
- And me, too? - Yeah.
- How much? - A lot.
Tell me more.
is dead.
See that?
one hell of a woman!
Hey, "Bunny"!
I weep for Tokyo
Caco wants you.
Caco wants you.
Caco wants you, Bunny.
A real mouthful!
I prefer a dildo.
And you, honey?
Look at her body.
Just skin and bones.
And you get fatter and fatter.
who asked you?
Come to your uncle.
So, got anything to tell me?
And I bother bringing you to Seville!
I can't believe this!
Nothing to tell me?
You ashamed?
How did it go with the girl?
Don't wanna tell me? what happened?
It was good
but it wasn't love.
It wasn't love?
That ass, those breasts... what d'you call that?
what more do you want? Cut it out, fella.
You got your rocks off.
You want a woman just for yourself, who stays at home?
It wasn't love.
Shit, you're too much!
In the street of wlnds I devoured you
Down to your beauty mark
In the street of wlnds
In the street of hurly-burly
Your body and mlne
Came together
La Caita, pure gypsy!
You know I love you.
I love you a lot.
Hurray for art!
Hurray for flamenco!
True flamenco!
Alma, join us!
Dance with my nephew.
my little girl...
Your death burns me.
what's the matter?
This tree's got duende. Sounds like a lament.
This tree's got duende.
It sings like El Chocolate.
we found Pepa's favorite tape.
Play it for me.
Let me...
who's singing?
I dunno.
when she listened to it,
she always used to cry.
Enjoy the party the other night?
what group d'you want next time?
Las Cigalas from Jerez.
Ask Alejandro and Antonio to bring them.
what're you doing here?
Anselmo, I told you never to leave him alone!
My uncle
wants you to get this group for the party.
oK, I'll handle it.
what is it, Alejandro?
Caco wants this group.
I just saw...
some terrific looking girls!
Long live Andalusia!
we had a few glasses.
what artistry!
She's so beautiful!
Porinas was one hell of a singer.
The best
was Camarón.
oK, but Porinas was the best in the Extremadura region.
Yeah, but...
the best was Camarón.
These flowers!
They're all faded!
See these flowers, Mercedes?
lt's a soulless garden.
They're fading.
Be quiet, my uncle's sleeping.
All right.
Someone scrawled over the walls of my village.
It wasn't us.
They wrote: "Sandro, you will be avenged."
Lots of people liked Sandro.
My brother had lots of friends.
I was fond of him, too.
we want to christen Sandro's daughter.
what am I supposed to do?
lt's a shame her father's dead.
A real shame.
Your brother Mario
killed Sandro.
where's Mario?
where's your brother?
You go see my brother Mario.
Give him this mobile. He has to call Diego.
Tell him "m afraid for him.
Give him these 200,000 pesetas.
where is he?
I didn't tell anyone.
Count on me.
At the Atlas Hotel, in Chefchaouen,
in Morocco.
Tell him I care about him.
That we love him.
Aunt Pilar never stops crying.
Diego thinks about him a lot.
It feels like rain.
lt's good for the soil.
I am jealous
of the rlver
Whlch reflects your face
I don't feel up
to my songs
I don't feel up to my thoughts
I don't know what It Is
But "m really stuck on,,,
The one-armed crlpple's face
Tell your uncle.
I was really in love with Pepa.
You were?
Really in love.
- Did you tell her? - I didn't say anything.
Let's change the subject.
I'm worried.
what about?
Because there's a rumor going 'round
that the Caravacas
want to kill me.
who told you that?
lt's not true.
Listen, Diego...
If anyone tries to hurt you, I'll cut his balls off.
And I'll burn everything down.
Here, Diego...
I'm taking you to a christening.
Put this ring on. It was Pepa's.
Never take it off. You promise?
Give your uncle a kiss.
Hello? Don't hang up.
I'm trying to pick you up.
Don't hang up.
I'm not receiving you. I can't hear anything.
Don't hang up.
Alejandro, who is it?
Dunno, Morocco...
Don't hang up. Just a second!
I'm trying to pick you up.
I hear you better now.
Mario! How you doing?
Go get the kid!
Tres, go on. Run, quick!
we're always with him, Tres, Antonio and me.
whatever you say, Mario.
whatever you say.
with him every day. Caco is never by himself.
Right now?
Know where I am?
In the middle of the road, the only place I can receive.
Hold on.
Go play Pepa's CD.
Is it winter there yet?
Cloudy skies?
The weather's fine in Andalusia.
Diego is fine, really.
I come from nowhere
I have no landscapes
I have no homeland
Wlth my flngers, I can start a flre
Wlth my heart, I slng to you
And my heartstrlngs throb
I was born of love
Beautiful, isn't it?
whenever you want.
No, you can't talk to Caco now.
He's totally smashed.
He can't even talk.
Yeah, he drinks all the time.
Here comes handsome.
I'll put your kid on.
Your father.
Stand here! This is where you can hear him.
How are you?
I'm oK.
You coming home soon?
I want to see you real soon.
I think...
a lot about you.
I love you, Papa.
The kid's on the phone.
lt's important, he's talking to his father.
lt's the only place he can hear.
Just a second, please.
Caco, you can't go on board. The Caravacas are there.
we do as you say.
I don't give a shit about them.
Hey, how are you?
why do you let that family on board?
Long live Moors!
And pretty women!
She's a whore!
why'd you take his money?
what's that?
It was a gift.
Take it back!
Lay off the Caravacas!
No scandals on my boat!
I don't want any bloodshed here.
You have to leave.
I'm not afraid.
Please don't stay here.
I'm not afraid, I said!
But you're afraid of God.
Not even God.
No one!
Get out!
Now get lost!
You love me...
You understand me, don't you?
Lie down.
The Caravacas' bodyguards want to talk to you.
Good to see you.
I wanna discuss some business
we have to settle with Caco.
You know we've got nothing against you,
just against Caco.
My brother and I respect you.
You're almost part of the family.
we knew you as a kid.
You know that Mario killed my brother.
we looked for him everywhere, in Andalusia and abroad.
Tell us where he is,
or his son will pay.
He has to pay.
Someone will pay for my brother's death!
- I don't know anything. - Fine.
Paco, serve him what he wants.
Have something to drink.
Ugly business, eh?
It doesn't concern us. The Caravacas are our employers...
A beer.
For me, too.
I work for the Raíz del Cante label
as musical director.
This is our latest CD.
La Paquera of Jerez. You can have it.
- Tell me what you think. - For me?
You did the sleeve design?
Yeah, "m a graphic artist.
I do the jackets, the posters...
You outdid yourself.
So, kid?
Chatting with the buddies?
we're having a drink with our pal from Jerez.
Jerez, my ass!
- You're nuts! - No, you are!
You fools!
You swine!
You got it wrong.
Don't touch me, for chrissake!
You're just dirt!
You and your family!
Get your knife out.
C'mon, get it out!
Someone's gonna get hurt!
He doesn't know a thing.
over here, boys! There are plenty here.
There are plenty over here. Come on!
You gonna eat all that?
No, it's to play soccer with.
what's the matter?
Things are getting worse.
Starting to stink.
it's not nice to play with food.
Hello, cousins!
Alejandro, a cigarette, please.
You oK?
I need a smoke.
what's the matter?
we're going to Jerez tonight
to party... Tres, Antonio, you and me.
There're gonna be gypsy musicians and some gorgeous dancers.
we'll bring them here.
I'm gonna throw a party.
A party so grandiose everybody will be talking about it!
Just to bug the Caravacas.
Know how we'll pay for it?
I sold "El Rey."
To some real hot Germans.
And they paid it all in cash.
I'll give you 15 or 20 thousand pesetas.
You know how, you can organize it.
what's the matter?
what the hel"s the matter?
I've always told you the truth.
Tres found out that the Caravacas
want to hurt Diego.
Hurt Diego?
They want to kill him.
He's Mario's closest kin.
Let them just touch the kid
and I'll torch their casino.
I'm gonna need you.
whatever you want, when you want.
Have pity on me. Just a little.
Just a little bit.
You see how "m suffering.
Help me a little.
May God keep you pure.
Hello, Enrique.
Long llve your motherl
Long llve she who begat youl
who let you in?
Shut up! we want to talk.
This is a family affair.
we're here as family. we're in good faith.
Good faith?
I brought my nephew.
- He wants to hear La Paquera. - Your brother killed mine!
You'd better leave! This is an insult to us!
- Come over here. - No way!
Did the women send you? You a coward?
No, leave!
we have to talk.
- I won't go anywhere with you! - C'mon.
we don't want to talk to you!
we grew up together. This has to end.
Not this way.
Your brother is the cause of all this!
You're just here to piss us off!
No dignity, no tact!
You piece of shit! You swine!
You and your whole family.
Calm down, you lunatic.
I won't calm down. You know what you've done.
will you calm him down or not?
They're talking.
That's enough! Let them talk.
we're not thugs or animals.
we're not animals! we're here to talk!
we're not animals!
we just have to wait.
This is a family affair, goddammit!
You're not here to talk,
but to insult us.
You're the animals!
You're animals,
incapable of reason. You don't understand anything.
our grandfathers were like two brothers.
Your grandfather and mine worked the fields together.
Let's stop making a spectacle of ourselves here.
Know what it cost me to come here?
An arm and a leg!
Think it doesn't cost me anything?
Know what you are? You're backwards.
You live in another age.
I never should've come to see you.
You're a bird of ill-omen!
He said what?
lt's not gonna be easy.
It will need time.
Still, I think we calmed him down a bit.
- where we right to come? - Sure.
I hope it was worth it.
I really enjoyed the party the other day.
A lot.
- You always like parties, Diego. - I sure do.
Pull over here.
I'm getting out here.
I need to be alone.
with Pepa.
You sure you'll be all right?
Sure, "m sure. Everything's fine.
- Really? - with you "m always fine.
- Not lying to me? - Not at all!
Give me a kiss.
Is he really all right?
what is it?
Get back in the car.
You'll get Diego worried.
Can't I be alone?
All alone, with myself!
what's the matter with you?
what is it?
Get in the car.
we'll wait here.
No, Antonio. lt's oK.
Come back later.
My soul,,,
It hurts so bad
Because I wept and wept
My soul,,,
It hurts so bad
I'm telllng you all
Because "ve loved
Too much
His presence is an insult to my husband's memory!
Murderer! Criminal!
Let go of him!
I want everyone to know that my husband will be avenged!
Go away!
This doesn't concern us!
Let's go, kid.
I come from nowhere
I have no landscapes
I have no homeland
Wlth my flngers, I can start a flre
Wlth my heart, I slng to you
And my heartstrlngs throb
I was born of love
I have no place
I have no landscapes
And I have no homeland
Subtitles: Lenny Borger
Subtitling by TVS - TlTRA FlLM
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