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Subtitles for Veronika Voss 1982.

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Veronika Voss 1982

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Help me.! Help me.!
I can't stand this pain.!
It's tearing me apart, devouring me,
destroying me.
I beg you.! Have mercy.!
I'll give you everything I possess.
Everything I am.
- Everything? - Everything.
Very well, then. Everything.
Thank you.
Now I belong to you.
Everything I have belongs to you.
All I have left to give you is my death.
All I have left to give you is my death.
Thank you.
I can do without a cheap present like that.
Insidious Poison, 142, take 5.
Tail slate.
Bravo. Thanks, Veronika.
You were marvelous. Heartbreaking.
It's my job to break hearts.
I'm so proud of you.
And I'm very grateful.
You must thank him.
I'd be nothing without him.
Your screenplay works very well indeed, Mr. Rehbein.
Darling, I don't think you quite understood.
It's not just his screenplay.
It's his love that gives me strength.
His love.
Okay, we'll break for lunch.
We continue at 2:00.
Lighting technicians should go first.
May I offer you my umbrella?
Safe haven in a storm.
Call it what you like. Safe haven in a storm, if you wish.
Next stop: Grosshesseloh Bridge.
Take my coat or you'll catch cold.
Thank you.
What's your name?
Robert Krohn.
You're very kind, Mr. Krohn.
Shall we sit down?
There are seats free at the front. - No. Let's stay here! Please!
People would recognize me, understand?
They'd stare at me and talk about me.
Some might even want to start a conversation. Do you understand?
Yes, I understand.
Thank you
very much.
It's the phone.
For you.
My God.
Why don't you drink your beer instead of spilling it all over?
Hasberg here.
To hear at night things that were never heard:
No. He's asleep.
the hundredth name of Allah,
the drumbeat not noted down when Mozart died.
When? Where?
Conversations apprehended in the womb.
Yes, I'll tell him.
Thanks. Good-bye.
A woman wants to meet you for tea this afternoon.
5:00 at the Privilege.
A Mrs. Voss.
I don't know her.
She obviously doesn't know you either.
She said what a charming man you were.
- Your health, sir. - Thank you.
You're a sports reporter. That must be exciting.
People who fight are always exciting.
Victories are exciting. Defeats --
What do you fight for? - Me?
Yes. Tell me about your triumphs.
My life's pretty humdrum, you know.
No victories.
No defeats anymore.
Was that your wife on the phone?
My girlfriend.
Do you love her?
Do I love her?
We get along.
I may call you Robert? - Of course.
I'm sure you felt bad.
- Felt bad? - For not recognizing me.
You didn't recognize me immediately, did you?
No, not at once.
You see! You can't fool me.
Let me tell you,
it was a joy for me that someone should take care of me
without knowing I'm Veronika Voss,
and how famous I am.
I felt like a human being again.
A human being.
The movies are not reality, of course.
Waiter! The lighting here is terrible.
light the candles and turn that off.
Certainly, madam.
Thank you.
Light and shadow: the two secrets of motion pictures.
Did you know that?
I don't go to the movies much.
You can study it on me.
Do you think I'm a beautiful woman?
Yes, very beautiful.
I think you're a very beautiful woman.
A woman with both light and dark sides.
Do you have 300 marks? - 300 marks?
- I saw a brooch. - Yes, I think so.
Such a cute little brooch.
And when I want something, I have to have it.
- Here you are. - Thank you.
You will wait for me?
I want a brooch for 300 marks.
My God, hurry up. Any brooch for 300 marks.
That can't be so difficult.
How about...
How about this one, madam?
It costs almost 300 marks. 285 to be precise.
Guess who it is.
Am I a mysterious stranger, or...?
Your beer, sir.
No, you'd never guess.
I'll guess who you are.
You're a man who has ordered a beer,
because over a beer he can consider
whether he should cheat on his girlfriend with a mysterious lady.
Am I right?
No, don't say anything. You wouldn't tell the truth anyway.
No, please. This is on me.
The rest is for you.
It was marvelous getting to know you.
I must be going now.
I have an appointment with my producer.
My movie producer. You know how it is.
He made his first million with me. Now he's after his second.
I don't really want to make another picture yet,
but I can't refuse him.
It's a pretty brooch, don't you think?
It's a dream role.
What should I do? And the part's good, too.
My husband wrote the screenplay.
Obviously, he writes only good parts for me.
You must come and visit us sometime.
But I must run now.
Good-bye, Robert.
You may call me Veronika.
Good-bye, Veronika.
Why are you staring at me, you slob?
Veronika, darling! What's wrong?
Aren't you feeling well?
No, I feel fine.
The man it was meant to please didn't like it.
The man it was meant to please didn't like it.
What should I do with a brooch
that doesn't serve its purpose?
You see? You can't say.
So give me my money back.
Maybe you didn't understand me.
Veronika Voss.
I recognized your voice immediately.
I can't tell you how delighted I am.
Of course Miss Voss can have her money back.
You remember?
1944, I think it was. In Berlin.
Yes, I remember,
but the movie was shot in 1943.
The premiere was canceled,
and I had bought this lovely fur for it.
I remember it as if it were yesterday.
Your husband was so nervous about the air raids.
He was proven right in the end.
Two months later I was bombed out of my store.
I managed to rescue your picture,
but in the rush, you forgot to autograph it.
Even so,
it was a lovely time.
Every time is lovely.
I'm making a new picture soon.
I'll give you an up-to-date photo when I have one.
I would be very pleased.
And I'll buy my jewelry for the premiere from you.
I hope my husband's not so nervous and we don't forget the autograph.
I'll make sure myself.
My regards to your husband.
Three hundred marks for a cocktail.
I think I'll become a con woman, too.
What was that?
...fight with all our might...
against the war treaties
of the Eisenhower government andAdenauer's allies.
Is she attractive?
Did you say something?
1951, 1950, 1949.
I told you, her best time was during the war, with UFA.
She had something going on with Goebbels, I think.
Goebbels barred her from acting. - Nonsense.
She was his protégée. She made one movie after another.
But after the war she claimed the opposite,
and the culture vultures believed her.
Where did you get that from?
- The culture vultures. - You see. They're blind.
Actors are stupid, dishonest and vain.
The culture vultures are --
Since when do you talk to them?
I'm interested in the arts.
Bull. What do you want from Voss? She's no good at soccer.
Maybe I want to go out with her,
for a drink, or--
More like the latter.
She hasn't made a movie in three years.
You'd make a good pair
at the bar.
You mean she drinks?
All actors drink.
And when they don't have any work, they hit the bottle.
It's a law of nature.
Her marriage is finished, too.
Is that true, or just gossip?
Another law of nature, my boy:
The gossip you hear about an actor is always true.
Because they're stupid, dishonest and vain.
Thanks, Grete.
If I can do you a favor anytime...
Not likely.
Sports are always about the winners,
and I'm interested in the losers.
You wouldn't have Voss' address, by any chance?
She's one of your losers.
I'm only interested in them as long as they're losing,
not after they've lost.
Ask her agent.
Karla Petrowitsch, 240533. - Thanks.
Excuse me. Could you answer a question?
Why should we, young man?
Don't be mean,Jenny.
He asked very politely.
They are polite nowadays, that's true.
But that's no reason to forgive them everything.
Are you looking for someone?
Yes. A Miss Voss.
I was given this address, but --
People sometimes change their addresses, young man,
without informing those who might be looking for them.
Perhaps they don't wish to be found.
There are people who try
to make their lives a mystery.
Believe me, young man.
Oh, I believe you. And thanks for the ''young man.''
We are old, and you are young,
and old folks know all the secrets the young have yet to discover.
What do you think,Jan?
Should we help him?
I think so. He was so polite.
Inquire there.
If anyone knows people's secrets
besides us old folks, it's the doctors.
And especially that kind of doctor.
Good-bye, young man.
By appointment only.
The sign downstairs is quite clear.
I just wanted to know if a Miss Voss lives here. Get lost.
Veronika Voss.
- I don't know her. - Okay. Thanks.
What do you want anyway? Who are you?
I'm a reporter.
Why didn't you say you weren't a patient?
Please come in. - Thanks.
Have a seat.
I'll tell the doctor there's a reporter here.
The doctor will see you now. This way, please.
It won't take too long? - I don't think so.
Miss Voss is one of my patients.
But that's all I can tell you.
You understand?
Did you want to write a story about her?
She owes me 300 marks.
I'd like them back, that's all.
And how did you happen to come to me?
That's a professional secret.
You make it sound so ominous.
No need to fear.
It's not really a secret. Just a manner of speaking.
More a coincidence really. - That's reassuring.
Any famous actress has good reason to keep her address secret.
Yes, and so does a debtor.
Artists are different from us ordinary people.
They're wrapped up in themselves,
or simply forgetful.
Not as attentive to detail as you and I.
Though in money matters,
Miss Voss is very correct, to my knowledge.
I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.
That's reassuring.
Thank you, Dr. Katz. You've been very helpful. Good-bye.
If you need money,
you can ask me, can't you?
Whatever you need,
you must ask me, mustn't you?
We don't want someone like that coming between us,
do we?
I'm your best friend, aren't I?
Whether Mr. Praetorius is really in a meeting
or just told me to say he's in a meeting
is neither here nor there, Miss Voss.
In the past, I would have smacked you one for your impertinence.
That wouldn't have been necessary.
In the past, you'd have gotten an appointment.
Don't take it so personally.
He wants a different type for the role.
A completely different type of person.
Veronika. What a surprise!
Why didn't you call first?
I phoned three times. You weren't here.
Nonsense. Of course I was here, but --
I wanted you for the part, but the director--
You know how directors are today. They do what they like with you.
He insisted on his floozy. - Is that her?
Very attractive.
And much younger than me.
Less talented, too. If it were up to me --
Does she have a mother? In the movie, I mean.
Yes. Why?
Let me play her mother. The mother of the floozy. Please.
Let me.
It's a tiny role.
Two or three days' shooting.
I'd never have dared offer you something like that.
That's why I have to ask.
What are you doing here?
- Picking you up from work. - You've never picked me up before.
You never thought another woman was more beautiful than me.
I said ''beautiful,''
not ''more beautiful.''
Are you writing letters to each other?
''Drained of memory,
I was five glass spheres,
devoid of foliage or prospect.
Yesterday would have been a good day to die.
Today, the devil take the hindmost.''
It's a nice poem, Robert.
But so sad.
How many times have I told you not to read my poems?
Besides, they're shit! - Stop it!
''Dear Mr. Krohn,
Enclosed is the small sum you kindly lent me.
I'll be away for some weeks, or I'd have returned it personally.
Sincerely yours,
Veronika Voss.''
Doesn't sound very intimate.
She could have signed it herself, couldn't she?
If she'd been gracious enough.
Was Mr. Krohn exaggerating somewhat
in describing his rendezvous?
Did you want me to pick you up from the office
and invite you to dinner?
Who knows?
Your plan succeeded.
But as punishment,
you can invite me to dinner.
If they played for 1860 Munich, I wouldn't have to get up so early.
But they don't play for 1860.
They play for Kaiserslautern.
What I don't understand is
why they're both called Walter, although they're brothers.
Not ''although.''
Because they're brothers.
It's perfectly natural. - You're driving me crazy.
If they're brothers, they should have different names.
One would be Fritz and the other Walter.
That's what I said:
Otmar and Fritz.
And Walter?
Then you have to do three interviews?
As you say. With Otmar, Fritz and Walter.
You're quite right, my dear.
This staircase lighting isn't very flattering for women.
Don't you agree, Miss von Hasberg?
you do have a car?
Yes. Why?
I want to spend this night with you.
But my house is in Starnberg. That's why.
Men always have to ask why.
Don't they?
Isn't your husband here?
Would I have come here to be alone with you if he were?
It was to have been our first vacation together in years.
Then this telegram arrives from my producer.
But a contract's a contract. There's nothing you can do.
So my husband's alone on Capri.
I could try to screw in the fuses.
No, please don't. Leave the candlelight.
He's like that.
When we go away, the furniture has to be covered, the shutters closed,
and the electricity turned off.
It's like people who know they're dying
and have to put everything in order first.
Do you have idiosyncrasies like that?
I don't think so.
And you?
I like to seduce...
defenseless men.
You are a defenseless man, aren't you?
Darling, turn that awful radio off!.
I'm listening to the news.
If, in the present war, the old balance of power can be retained...
We don't need news here anymore.
The war can't reach us here.
Play some nice music.
Just for us.
The former is only feasible and can only function
if Germany does not fight for itself alone
but wins this struggle on behalf of all of of Europe.
And turn off the light, please.
It's always the same crap.
You always have to be doing something, always setting something up.
Can't we just be the way we are?
Why don't you understand me?
When an actress plays a woman
who wants to please a man,
she tries to be all the women in the world rolled into one.
And she needs music and light.
And liquor
and pills.
Yes, why not? Liquor and pills, too.
Haven't you had anything to drink?
Oh, come on.
Sure, I have.
But there's a big difference between my drinking and yours.
I drink to turn off.
You drink
to give yourself a boost.
To make yourself big, beautiful,
seductive, unique.
My vase.
My vase is smashed.
What are you doing in my house?
You smashed my vase!
You want to destroy my house!
You want to destroy my life!
Don't touch me. I don't know you.
I'm Robert.
You're Veronika.
We slept together.
I need a doctor. I'm sick.
You must drive me back to town. Now. Quickly, please.
We'll leave at once.
Can you dress yourself?
I'm in pain. That's all.
The vase --
You must buy a new one.
The same one. No. 5 Gabrielstrasse.
The man's name is Treibel.
But don't tell him where you got the pieces from.
Don't even show them to him.
Promise me you won't.
When you have it, take it to my house
and put it in the same place. Here are the keys.
You will go now.
Maybe she's not there.
Or she won't open the door.
She will be there.
She's been my doctor for many years. I know her.
She will let me in.
Please go now.
I won't go in until you leave.
I'll call you.
Thank you...
for everything.
How many pills have you taken?
So tired...
You think these pills help you, don't you?
- Bitter. - Yes, they are bitter.
You can remember that. Come on, quickly.
Why is that man waiting outside?
What man? I don't know any man.
I'll believe you because you promised me.
Me, your best friend.
I am your best friend, aren't I?
Yes, you are my best friend.
Help me.
In a moment.
First you must cough up those pills.
Then we'll give you a shot.
You must spit up all those bitter pills first.
You don't want to die, do you?
You may die only when I say so.
The doctor asks if you'd like to join her for breakfast.
She loves this room.
It gives her strength.
''My refuge,'' she calls it.
Does she live --
I mean, is she here often?
In emergencies, when the pain becomes unbearable.
Or maybe I should say -- Take a seat.
Maybe I should say
when she fears
it will become unbearable.
Do you understand?
What kind of pain is it?
Psychosomatic or physical?
With nervous disorders, it doesn't make much difference.
Real or imagined,
the pains simply exist for the person who feels them.
Do you think
this illness is curable?
In Miss Voss' present condition,
it's impossible to say.
She told me she plans to make a new movie soon.
Maybe that will help her.
But it could also harm her.
We just don't know.
At least you've seen her now.
Otherwise you might think
I was keeping her hidden from you.
Or was even going to bump her off in the end.
Taste good?
Thank you.
What I've told you is,
of course, not for publication.
Of course not. ''Off the record,'' as we say.
Very good.
I must be going.
Thanks a lot.
What a shame.
Let me ask you a question.
Is your interest in Miss Voss
of a purely professional nature,
or are other motives involved?
Believe it or not,
I'm not sure myself.
- Good-bye. - Thank you.
are you spying on me?
Not on you. On her.
How did you know?
I've lived with a journalist long enough.
A sports reporter, by the way.
Damn it!
Otmar, Fritz and Walter will be mad at you.
- Otmar and Fritz Walter. - Whatever. They'll be mad.
Did you have a nice night?
I don't know.
Are you in love with her?
I don't know.
What do we do now?
Buy a vase.
Always finish what you start. Understand?
One way or another. - No.
What do you mean, ''no''?
I don't understand you.
It doesn't exactly look like a housewares store.
Your new lover has expensive taste.
The woman's crazy, I tell you,
and you're headed down the same path!
Don't shout. I know him.
Great. Maybe you'll get a discount.
I mean, I've seen him before.
Outside that house.
My God, it's all so complicated.
I agree.
No, I don't agree at all.
I'll go in and buy a vase for my boyfriend's lover.
Should it be the same or something special?
Like this one. It has to be just like it.
But he mustn't find out where you got the pieces.
Say you found them or something.
Found them.
I just happened to find them. - Or it's for one of your girlfriends.
One of my girlfriends.
That's good. I must remember that.
Heaven sends an angel
to try me.
Do we deserve this trial,Jenny?
At least we can pass it with dignity.
Tell our mutual lady friend
that we have carefully counted the stones of this house,
and that we know which ones still belong to us.
All I wanted was --
Take the vase...
and go.
It is precious. Handle it with care.
Does that frighten you, my angel?
It is more precious than a human being.
And still I shall not ask for more than...
a moment of bliss.
Is everything else here just as cheap?
I beg you.
For you, there are many paths to happiness.
But not for me.
I have only --
Tell our lady friend
he has kept account of the joy that is still due him,
and we know there are only a few pages left in the book.
Allow me to open the door to your world.
My world is the world of dreams.
Tell our friend
I long for her final benevolent act.
Let me show you something.
What is it?
Didn't our friend tell you?
I see she keeps her vow of confidentiality.
Do you understand now
why I want nothing to do with your world?
My angel.
What now?
I don't know.
What I don't understand is...
why he thought I came from that doctor
when the vase belongs to that damned Voss woman.
Oh, I'm sorry. I mean your...
I don't know.
Did your newspaper fire you?
You don't know.
Do me a favor?
Take the vase to her house.
Why not?
I've always wanted to see
what a movie star's villa is like.
Ex-movie star.
What if she's there?
She won't be there.
Why don't you go there yourself? You could smell her undies again.
I'm sorry.
I must get to the office. Work must go on.
And how do things go on with us?
You don't know.
I've been chasing a story.
But not in Kaiserslautern.
We've known each other a long time, haven't we?
My God.
Don't start with that.
I just wanted to say
I'm on to a story
and that you can trust me.
There's nothing about trust in your contract.
It says you're responsible for sports, not movies.
It also says that in exceptional cases --
Upon prior consultation with your editor.
That's what I'm doing now. Don't be so uptight!
It's a story about
aging movie stars, once in the limelight but now in the shadows.
You know, UFA and all that.
I specifically told you --
For Robert?
I'll have a word with her myself first.
Your story's chasing after you.
Hello, ma'am. It's wonderful to hear your voice.
My name's Borsoy. I'm the managing editor.
I was introduced to you years ago at a movie gala.
You won't remember me...
but I certainly remember you.
I beg your pardon?
Oh, yes. I'll give him to you.
But a word of warning:
The man's a lady-killer.
What's that?
That was very good.
My regards, ma'am.
Hello, Miss Voss.
How are you?
Thanks. Me, too.
Of course I'd be interested.
Bavaria Studios, stage 3.
Okay. I'll be there.
Thanks for your call.
Good-bye, Miss Voss.
''Good-bye, Miss Voss.''
That's no way to speak to a movie star.
Not even a former one.
Wouldn't you rather let the people from the arts page handle it?
Have it your way.
Find out what's really behind this psychiatric clinic.
Isn't it because her husband left her?
How do I know
why they put an actress in a mental institution?
Am I writing the story or you?
I am.
Is that the unit manager?
Veronika Voss speaking.
I beg your pardon?
Oh, that doesn't matter.
I wanted to ask when the car will be here.
The car to pick me up, naturally.
Oh, I see. No car.
Spare me the sermon!
I know I'm not the leading lady. Thanks, you smart-ass!
Where's the key?
- What key? - Give it to me at once!
Does he have it?
By mistake.
He put it in his pocket by mistake.
He has the key to my house?
It's not your house. Not yet.
I'm still alive.
And I'm going to work again.
Two days' shooting. Don't be ridiculous.
When are you seeing your lover again?
During shooting.
Very well.
Afterwards, you'll hand the key over to me. Understand?
And you'll never see him again.
Is that clear?
That's my business.
Is it?
Then I'll have to inform him myself
about your business.
If you do that --
Yes. What then?
Robert will stand by me.
Of course.
Men are just crazy about women addicts.
You need a shot for your comeback? - Naturally.
I thought so.
And how do you intend to pay for it?
From my salary.
Besides, I still have my jewelry.
Your jewelry?
Maybe I don't like your jewelry.
I won't need a shot.
I'll make it without.
Maybe I'll never need another shot,
or you either.
I see.
It seems all my patients are deserting me today.
Wait here a moment, or there'll be such a crowd in the waiting room.
My God, are you still here?
I told you no.
I've done all I could for your husband.
Now it's up to him to do something.
She's right,Jenny.
When you've read a book to the end,
it's time to close it.
It was a lovely book, Dr. Katz.
Good-bye, then.
Okay, folks. Quiet, please. We're shooting.
Okay, folks. Quiet, please. We're shooting.
Blue Skies, 336, take 11 .
Wait a moment. Your tip.
Not enough tears, huh?
Shouldn't we use glycerine?
No, no. I have my pride.
It'll be okay this time.
Let's hope so. And once more.
Quiet, please. We're shooting.
Blue Skies, 336, take 12.
I'm sorry. I wasn't concentrating.
Doesn't matter. We'll do it again.
Once more.
Quiet, please. We're shooting.
Blue Skies, 336, take 13.
Wait a tip. Your moment.
The tears were right this time.
The tears were right, but the lines were wrong.
We'll do it with glycerine this time, Miss Voss.
Believe me, it has the same effect,
and you can concentrate on the scene.
Once more.
- Makeup. - Yes?
Glycerine drops.
Quiet, please!
Unit manager, see that all those not involved leave the set.
Oh, my God!
- She needs a doctor. - She needs a special doctor.
Here's the address. - Who are you?
I'm a screenwriter.
And I was her husband once.
Do you understand me?
Do you understand me?
How can I understand you?
I love her.
Ah, I see.
You love her.
Then there's nothing one can do.
For one night of bliss,
I would give everything.
Although -- - What?
I just thought, if you were to find...
another woman, for example.
Any woman.
It must be possible to find a girl.
I already have one.
You do?
You already have one?
Then there's nothing one can do.
There's nothing one can do.
She'll be your downfall.
There's nothing you can do about it.
She'll destroy you, because she's a pitiful creature.
Because she's...
an addict.
Maybe she'll be up here,
or down there. Who can say?
That stuff costs a fortune.
And when she can no longer pay,
she won't get anymore, and she'll be dead.
Dead as a doornail.
It's terrible...
but it has its logic.
You mean this doctor takes her money?
What do you think?
Do you think
her health insurance pays for it?
For morphine?
Where are you going?
Stay here.
Stay here.
Where are you going?
I'm going to save her.
I won't let them destroy her.
Good luck, my friend.
All the best.
Let me see her
or I'll kick the door in!
I'll call the police!
You're holding a woman captive here!
he's drunk!
What you're doing is trespassing.
That may be.
But what you're doing is murder.
Your mind's confused, Mr. Krohn.
Maybe it is.
What's that you're going to give her?
Then it's true!
Do you want me to let her die in agony?
I thought you loved her.
Give me your hand, dearest.
You've been drinking beer, haven't you?
You wanted to help me.
Safe haven in a storm.
Kiss me.
Go now. You can't help me.
She will help me.
Please excuse me.
I'll overlook it, Mr. Krohn,
because your emotions are confused,
but your mind is, too.
You should get informed about the use of opiates.
Surely that's the duty of a journalist:
to be informed.
Mr. Treibel, may we?
Why are you screaming, miss?
They've both found the peace
they sought for so long.
I knew it yesterday evening...
when they asked me
to make them a cup of tea with honey.
They often said they wanted to take the pills with tea and honey.
Because the pills are so bitter.
They wanted to leave the world with a sweet taste, they said,
not a bitter one.
Did you call a doctor?
Yes, as soon as I found them.
Dr. Katz?
Not Dr. Katz.
Dr. Katz treated their nervous disorder.
They're not suffering from nerves anymore, are they?
You should still inform her...
that the house and everything here now belong to her.
How do you know?
You didn't know Mr. Treibel, did you?
But I know Dr. Katz.
Now we go to the police.
No, not to the police. To the Public Health Department.
An extremely tragic affair.
Excruciating pain.
Ten years of excruciating pain.
The attempt to alleviate it,
and then suicide.
A deliverance, so to speak.
And his wife followed him in death,
having for 10 years --
What treatment did he receive?
The medical profession hasn't much choice, unfortunately.
Now and then an alternative painkiller, usually an opiate,
but mainly morphine.
But you'd have to speak to his doctor to find out more.
Just a minute.
Dr. Katz.
I'm responsible solely
for the supervision of drugs.
Isn't it possible he was addicted?
A morphine addict?
That's what I'm here for.
All prescriptions for opiates land on my desk.
Otherwise anyone could set up his own drug ring.
It's the responsibility of the state
to protect people from themselves, ultimately.
You couldn't protect the Treibels from sleeping pills.
You're right. Our scope is limited.
But how would you suggest we do that?
If people hoard medicine for years to commit suicide --
There's nothing wrong with the monitoring system.
It's people who aren't perfect,
I'm afraid.
Or should I say fortunately?
Have I answered your questions to your satisfaction?
Not much of a story, journalistically speaking, is it?
The Treibels left their doctor their entire estate, I hear:
their villa, their art collection, everything.
Really? I didn't know that.
- But I did. - Of course. You're a reporter.
That's not so unusual.
For many patients, their doctor is the one person they trust the most...
and to whom they owe the most.
Their death, for example?
The person who stood by them
until the hour of death, yes.
I think legacies of that kind are the finest expression
of the relationship of trust between doctor and patient.
Don't you think so?
You two work together?
I'm a photographer.
Do you want to put my picture in the paper?
No, not really.
As you said, it's not much of a story, journalistically speaking.
Marianne? It's Achim.
You were right. They were here.
- Would you really do it? -Sure.
Tomorrow I'll try to get an appointment with her.
Act the part of a wealthy lady.
Rich, lonely and unhappy...
with some undefinable pain.
Apart from the rich bit, it's all true.
Somehow it's not right to ask you to do it,
since it involves your rival.
And you live all alone in this house?
And you live all alone in this house?
Since my divorce, yes.
I have household help, of course.
How do you spend your time, if I may ask?
I have a small circle of friends,
but they were mostly friends of my husband.
You know how it is.
I turn things over in my mind a lot.
That's not good.
No, it's not good.
No one forgot that Germany is becoming a new member
of this community because KonradAdenauer wishes it.
It's not good to be so alone...
alone in your big house.
Yes, I've considered whether I shouldn't
look for some occupation.
I'm very well situated, but --
An occupation
cannot replace feelings.
NATO was founded, after all,
when the West disarmed after the last war.
But the East was not prepared to follow suit.
The pains started after the separation from your husband?
Yes, immediately afterwards.
I shouldn't really prescribe morphine,
but someone to love you.
If the pains recur, come to see me at once.
At the first signs.
I certainly will, Dr. Katz.
- Good-bye. - Good-bye.
Robert, I have the prescription.
No.Just like that.
Morphine! Can you imagine?
No. I have it in my purse.
I'll pick you up at your place.
We'll go to the police and tell them everything.
Afterwards we'll go to our place
and tell each other everything.
Everything we know about each other.
I love you.
She killed her.
I beg your pardon?
Why won't you believe me?
Who else would have killed her?
Just calm down.
It was an accident.
No one murdered your girlfriend.
Why would anyone want to kill her?
Because she was a threat to her.
She had proof that she deals in morphine.
Morphine! Surprises you, doesn't it?
Now I have proof. Give me her purse.
There, in black and white.
Signed by her personally.
Morphine. What do you say now?
Radix valerianae.
What's that? - A light sedative.
Valerian, in other words. May I see?
Yes. I prescribed it this evening.
I know who the deceased is.
The man is suffering from shock.
Excuse me, please. For the records.
It's been a great shock for you, Mr. Krohn.
You need some rest.
She'll be the next one to be killed!
When her money runs out, she'll be murdered!
She's being kept prisoner here!
please tell them.
Who are you, ma'am?
My name is Veronika Voss.
Oh, you're Veronika Voss.
I'm pleased to meet you, ma'am.
Do you know this man?
Not that well.
A reporter, I believe.
He wanted to interview me.
But he confused the situation with a personal conversation.
You understand what I mean? - Perfectly, ma'am.
I had to break off our talk.
What's the matter, Marianne? - Nothing. I'll tell you later.
Something terrible has happened.
I'll tell you about it later.
I'm calling the police.
Come along, Mr. Krohn.
Thank you.
I thank you.
You did what had to be done.
Anyone in your position would have done the same.
His girlfriend had an accident.
She's dead.
Are you afraid?
It must be strange to die.
Life itself is strange.
What was that? No.
What should I be afraid of?
I just feel a little dizzy.
She's slowly becoming a danger,
along with this reporter.
Do you really think so?
She has become unpredictable,
hasn't she,Josefa?
I've been saying that for months.
And she's still quite famous,
in a way.
What do you suggest?
We must get rid of her.
Once and for all.
What's your plan?
She must have a grand exit, of course.
Publicity, glamour, a big party.
Then we'll go away for Easter...
and she'll be alone in the apartment.
Without any morphine, of course,
but with plenty of pills.
I dreamt about our farewell party.
It was very nice. - Yes.
It was very, very nice.
Farewells and arrivals are the nicest things in life.
You've given me a great deal of happiness.
I sold it to you.
I have always known where I stand with you.
Now I belong to you.
All I have left to give you is my death.
What was that?
Just a line from an old movie. From my old life.
You will be all on your own now.
I'll sleep.
I'm interested in United Artists most of all.
No, with a U. United Artists.
Artists united in their work.
Don't you think all artists should unite?
You mean a kind of union?
Good heavens, no.
For the freedom of art. Art needs freedom.
How should it liberate people otherwise?
I don't know.
And the other film company?
Just write MGM.
I'm also negotiating with 20th Century-Fox.
Just say
I'm negotiating with the three big Hollywood studios,
but I haven't yet decided.
What will your decision depend upon?
Your salary? - Money, money!
Is that all people think about these days?
Do you know what it's called over there?
The dream factory.
A factory in which dreams are made,
not money.
Just imagine.
One can make dreams. Make them.Just like that.
But, Robert,
you're not confusing me with a lamb?
I simply said tomorrow is Good Friday.
And the cross?
Do you think I shall bear the cross, too?
You've been bearing it the whole time.
You'll manage the last few yards.
What a strange man you are.
I never hoped
you'd accept the invitation to my farewell party.
You have to finish what you start.
But after all that's happened...
Has anything happened?
I didn't feel a thing.
Aren't you going to Hollywood, too?
Feeling better now?
Yes. Everything's all right now.
If you have any more material -- You've done so much research.
We could run another article.
And you could write it this time.
It's not much of a story, journalistically speaking.
The soup.!
Josefa makes fantastic soups.
Thank you.
Everything's very pleasant now.
Back to Munich. To the 1860 stadium.
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