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Subtitles for Versus CD2.

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Versus CD2

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Who are you?
What does this have to do with me?
Say it!
... lt's your destiny.
You're destined to fight him.
Destiny? I've never met him before.
... You have.
The Resurrection...
W e'll talk later.
lt's time.
You said something about Resurrection...
The power of getting the dead|soul back to the body.
It can be used only in|the Forest of Resurrection...
Now what?
Here is the Forest of Resurrection.
I don't understand.
He is resurrecting the dead|with the power.
I have killed them.
That's because...
Who's that?
Another one. Is she dead too?
No, she's alive.
What are you?
Don't kill her!
I was only trying to help.
Help? I never lose.
What the hell... ?
They're around here...
I can smell...
I smell...
Like a top dog breeder.
Smell? Like a dog breeder?
I smell...
An escapee.
Here is the death warrant!
This way...
You're not...
You're not...
Let me talk, bitch!
You're not a monster yet, right?
You neither, aren't you.
Hold it! I was just taken here...
It seems we are the only survivors.
... Baby.
What's going on?
I don't know, let's get out of here.
With you?
Come on, I know this place!
One wrong move
and you're dead.
You changed.
Get up.
Don't you remember?
Remember what?
About me...
Never seen you before.
Why did you help me then?
I didn't mean to help.
You came after me... and saved me.
What did you mean by destiny?
I will tell you.
Good... You're still alive.
So you caused all of these.
I knew you could survive.
I don't know you.
Fuck off.
Your soul does...
Whatever. What do you want?
Time has come.
Give me the girl and come with me.
What are you both talking about?
He really doesn't remember|anything at all?
Leave us alone.
No, I've waited...
What do you want?
He wants me dead.
Come, I'll grant you a power.
Let's talk between us.
What's going on?
The girl's blood gives me a power.
This is the Forest of Resurrection.
The gate.
Portal to the other side.
Where the dead become zombies...|that's about it.
The real power of the forest is|much greater.
There are two keys to open|the gate to the other side.
One is human sacrifice,
the other is the Blood of Resurrection.
I found them...
500 years ago.
You're totally insane.
Come with me. l'll show you|the power of darkness.
Don't tell me what to do!
Just listen.
You can't kill me.
Shut up.
You made me wait 500 y ears for|the girl to reincarnate.
But I forgive you.
l've waited for her to|reincarnate and mature.
Today, the forest and her blood will open|the gate to the other side.
I found you in jail. I never expected you|to be serving a life term in prison.
Why did you want me?
I like you better as a criminal now.
You use to be an awful man of justice.
You really made me suffer.
But you've changed.|That's why I brought you here.
Don't let me down this time.
Get lost...
Your instinct changed you.
So far, you've killed 43 people.
You are just like me,
little brother.
Feel the power of the forest?
People are born...
and die.
The darkness after death is what's real...
Come, I'll guide you.
Let your evil instinct overcome you.
I'd rather die than live with you.
Then die.
As I planned.
Get the girl.
Don't you dare touch me.
Kill me.
Still a bitch.
He could never save you,
and never will.
You finished with your roll.
You never grow up...
l've waited...
I have returned after years.
And I offered you blood.
Open the gate, and grant me a power.
Why? This can't be...
My blood works only once.
I've already used it.
Can you wait till I reincarnate again?
l'll kill you!
Well, did you think I'd really kill you?
You can't fool me.
You can't stop me.
Your blood is not enough to|open the gate.
You know why?
Do you understand this?
Why did I bring him?
Yes... You resurrected him...
His resurrected blood is the true key.
Cry in despair!
You talk too much.
Here is the last key...
Now I remember...
Here I am.
Don't touch my girl, fuckin asshole!
So you wanna play a little|before we start?
Wait for me...
Don't worry. I never lose.
Stay there.
Wait here for one of us to return.
He's different now.
You might lose this time.
We'll see what happens...
No pain, no gain.
I said freeze!
Leave the car.
What! What! What! You runt!!!
We're taking your car!
Out of my way! Bugger off!
So... You are a Fighter.
Quiet, I'm sick of this place!
You short ass bitch!
Come on! Get in!
Let's go!
Not my fault!!!
You! Prisoner number KSC2 - 303!
Give me my right hand back!
I'm not left- handed!
You can't hit me!
I have 500 times faster reflexes|than Mike Tyson!
Come on!
No chance.
Your power is not enough.
The darkside has chosen me.
I told you,
I never lose.
You came back because of|the forest and my blood.
You might die if you leav e here.
We'll see what happens...
I should have been on your side.
There's nothing left to destroy|in this world.
Take me to the other side,
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