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Subtitles for Vertical Ray Of The Sun.

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Vertical Ray Of The Sun

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X1:167 X2:549 Y1:412 Y2:436 THEVERTICAL RAY OFTHE SUN
X1:278 X2:441 Y1:412 Y2:442 Lien, wake up.
X1:292 X2:427 Y1:376 Y2:442 Little sister! Get up!
X1:285 X2:435 Y1:412 Y2:439 Lien, it's late.
X1:221 X2:498 Y1:412 Y2:442 Let me sleep a bit more.
X1:206 X2:510 Y1:376 Y2:442 No way. Today is Mom's memorial.
X1:177 X2:540 Y1:376 Y2:436 You have to help our big sisters in the kitchen.
X1:203 X2:517 Y1:376 Y2:436 Remember yesterday when we were in Cha Ca Street?
X1:211 X2:506 Y1:376 Y2:442 It was crowded. And I had a weird feeling.
X1:320 X2:398 Y1:412 Y2:436 What?
X1:222 X2:497 Y1:376 Y2:442 I thought that people mistook us for a couple.
X1:184 X2:537 Y1:412 Y2:442 Haven't you ever noticed that?
X1:340 X2:380 Y1:412 Y2:436 No.
X1:314 X2:404 Y1:412 Y2:436 In fact...
X1:215 X2:505 Y1:376 Y2:442 maybe that's how people always see us.
X1:289 X2:429 Y1:376 Y2:442 Knock it off. Go wash up.
X1:240 X2:479 Y1:412 Y2:442 Let's go, big brother.
X1:289 X2:430 Y1:376 Y2:442 Hurry up. I'm starving.
X1:216 X2:502 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Sit opposite me. - Let me sit next to you...
X1:205 X2:513 Y1:412 Y2:442 so we see the same things.
X1:268 X2:449 Y1:412 Y2:436 You're horrible.
X1:208 X2:509 Y1:412 Y2:436 You never do what I want.
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:412 Y2:442 We look good together, right?
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:376 Y2:436 - Don't talk garbage. - What for?
X1:182 X2:534 Y1:412 Y2:436 We were made for each other.
X1:170 X2:549 Y1:412 Y2:442 Everyone knows you're my sister.
X1:182 X2:540 Y1:376 Y2:442 Better think about what to buy with our big sisters instead.
X1:170 X2:548 Y1:412 Y2:442 I don't decide what we're eating.
X1:172 X2:546 Y1:412 Y2:442 It's always the traditional dishes.
X1:317 X2:403 Y1:412 Y2:442 Exactly.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:412 Y2:442 So don't forget anything.
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:376 Y2:436 I'm sick of running to the market for two lemons.
X1:193 X2:527 Y1:412 Y2:442 Probably a couple of shallots.
X1:299 X2:419 Y1:376 Y2:442 - What? - Nothing.
X1:170 X2:550 Y1:412 Y2:439 Khanh, do I throw out the seeds?
X1:217 X2:502 Y1:376 Y2:436 No, cook the rice with it. It will be nicer.
X1:259 X2:459 Y1:376 Y2:436 And the pate? One inch or two?
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:376 Y2:436 - Let's see. Too thick. - One inch is fine.
X1:312 X2:405 Y1:412 Y2:442 Agreed.
X1:208 X2:513 Y1:412 Y2:439 Lien, those shallot shoots?
X1:263 X2:456 Y1:412 Y2:442 My God, I forgot.
X1:227 X2:490 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Kien could buy some. - Let your husband be.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:376 Y2:436 Writers only know about the human soul.
X1:170 X2:549 Y1:412 Y2:436 He can't tell shallots from chives.
X1:244 X2:475 Y1:376 Y2:442 But my husband, he knows his plants.
X1:286 X2:431 Y1:412 Y2:442 You're right.
X1:237 X2:479 Y1:376 Y2:436 You should send Hai. He'd love to do it.
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:376 Y2:436 Okay. If the elders are chatting, I'll send little brother.
X1:173 X2:546 Y1:376 Y2:442 I photographed this fruit in Hue. I'll spare you its scientific name.
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:376 Y2:442 It's eaten with pickled prawns. You only find it in Hue.
X1:190 X2:530 Y1:412 Y2:442 Hai, go buy me some shallots!
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Lien says you love the market. - Yes, that's right.
X1:209 X2:511 Y1:412 Y2:442 Kien, can I take your bike?
X1:238 X2:479 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Is the cafe open? - No, only from 6:00.
X1:175 X2:541 Y1:412 Y2:442 Auntie Mai, bring me two trays.
X1:175 X2:541 Y1:412 Y2:442 Auntie Mai, bring me two trays.
X1:268 X2:448 Y1:412 Y2:442 Yes, right away.
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:376 Y2:442 Quoc, the other day you said that apart from business...
X1:193 X2:523 Y1:412 Y2:442 you take photos for yourself.
X1:200 X2:517 Y1:412 Y2:442 Why don't you show them?
X1:212 X2:507 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'd really like to see them.
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm not happy with them.
X1:248 X2:470 Y1:412 Y2:442 I say that because...
X1:148 X2:571 Y1:376 Y2:442 in your photos for the Botanical Society, there are no faces.
X1:194 X2:522 Y1:376 Y2:436 And in your personal photos there are?
X1:275 X2:441 Y1:412 Y2:439 Yes, of course.
X1:210 X2:507 Y1:412 Y2:442 They are mostly portraits.
X1:203 X2:516 Y1:376 Y2:442 But I think photos of plants give me greater pleasure.
X1:233 X2:484 Y1:376 Y2:442 In these pictures there is a tranquility...
X1:226 X2:490 Y1:412 Y2:442 you can't find in a face.
X1:209 X2:509 Y1:376 Y2:442 It's tranquility I look for in a photograph.
X1:260 X2:459 Y1:412 Y2:442 I think I get you...
X1:258 X2:460 Y1:412 Y2:436 but all the same...
X1:210 X2:507 Y1:376 Y2:442 in my opinion, you have a real problem with faces.
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:412 Y2:436 I will demonstrate...
X1:247 X2:471 Y1:376 Y2:442 that your opinion is a writer's fantasy.
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:376 Y2:442 - This is my favorite part. - It's strange.
X1:215 X2:503 Y1:376 Y2:436 Satisfying and disgusting at the same time.
X1:148 X2:570 Y1:376 Y2:442 It's true. We women are condemned to disgusting things.
X1:172 X2:545 Y1:376 Y2:436 In the old days, we couldn't touch a man's head.
X1:191 X2:526 Y1:412 Y2:442 That noble part of the body...
X1:172 X2:546 Y1:412 Y2:442 must not be soiled by our hands.
X1:209 X2:511 Y1:376 Y2:436 But men have always liked and allowed us...
X1:223 X2:494 Y1:412 Y2:442 to touch another thing.
X1:317 X2:403 Y1:412 Y2:442 Exactly.
X1:162 X2:557 Y1:412 Y2:442 So is that thing considered noble?
X1:178 X2:539 Y1:376 Y2:436 We must conclude that it isn't since we're allowed to touch it.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:376 Y2:442 It must be classified as a disgusting thing.
X1:176 X2:543 Y1:376 Y2:442 I don't find it so very disgusting. On the contrary.
X1:242 X2:475 Y1:412 Y2:442 What do you mean?
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:376 Y2:442 Oh, well, you could call it a culinary fantasy.
X1:320 X2:398 Y1:412 Y2:436 What?
X1:197 X2:524 Y1:376 Y2:442 Listen. I always thought that fried with a little garlic...
X1:164 X2:555 Y1:412 Y2:442 it must have an amazing texture--
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:442 both tender and crunchy.
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:376 Y2:442 It's not easy to talk about a photo point-blank.
X1:154 X2:564 Y1:376 Y2:436 I'd accept that excuse from anyone, but not from a writer.
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Words are your business. - You exaggerate.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:376 Y2:439 Are you open, Quoc? Oh, hello, Kien.
X1:273 X2:445 Y1:412 Y2:439 Come in, Toan.
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Lien will make you a coffee. - No, I just came to say hello.
X1:195 X2:522 Y1:376 Y2:442 So, Kien, when is your first novel coming out?
X1:240 X2:477 Y1:376 Y2:442 Oh, there's no hurry. I'm working on it.
X1:251 X2:470 Y1:412 Y2:442 But it's going well?
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:412 Y2:442 In fact, I'm nearly finished.
X1:210 X2:506 Y1:376 Y2:436 There's little left to write, but I'm blocked.
X1:222 X2:497 Y1:412 Y2:436 It's about an encounter.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:376 Y2:442 Usually, that happens at the beginning or in the middle.
X1:223 X2:497 Y1:412 Y2:439 But here, it's at the end.
X1:167 X2:549 Y1:412 Y2:442 The protagonist meets a woman.
X1:207 X2:514 Y1:376 Y2:442 I want to write it concisely and end abruptly.
X1:237 X2:481 Y1:412 Y2:436 I can't wait to read it.
X1:249 X2:468 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Big brother Toan. - Big sister Lien.
X1:269 X2:449 Y1:412 Y2:436 An iced coffee?
X1:187 X2:532 Y1:376 Y2:442 Make up your minds, you two. It's getting ridiculous.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:376 Y2:442 She calls you ``big brother" and you call her``big sister."
X1:249 X2:470 Y1:376 Y2:442 It isn't done. It's actually absurd.
X1:186 X2:531 Y1:376 Y2:442 - What's the problem? - We were born the same day.
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:376 Y2:442 I find Quoc so proper, so perfect...
X1:256 X2:463 Y1:412 Y2:436 he's almost bland.
X1:230 X2:489 Y1:376 Y2:442 It's as if every desire had deserted his body.
X1:192 X2:526 Y1:412 Y2:436 Some live out their fantasies.
X1:168 X2:549 Y1:376 Y2:436 Others, like me, are content to write about them.
X1:183 X2:536 Y1:412 Y2:442 But Quoc is 100%fantasy-free.
X1:191 X2:528 Y1:412 Y2:442 Not an ounce of imagination.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:376 Y2:436 Anyway, Suong told me that she's not satisfied.
X1:250 X2:470 Y1:412 Y2:442 How do you mean?
X1:297 X2:419 Y1:412 Y2:436 You know!
X1:249 X2:468 Y1:376 Y2:436 - I'm not surprised. - Don't show off.
X1:230 X2:487 Y1:376 Y2:442 You've got work to do in that department.
X1:274 X2:445 Y1:376 Y2:436 How annoying. You moved it.
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Should I put it back? - Absolutely not!
X1:167 X2:550 Y1:412 Y2:442 Just when did you get in my bed?
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:376 Y2:436 In the middle of the night. I was cold.
X1:234 X2:485 Y1:376 Y2:436 Next time I'll toss you on the floor.
X1:182 X2:534 Y1:412 Y2:442 You know you'd never do that.
X1:223 X2:497 Y1:376 Y2:442 Because of you I fell out of bed this morning.
X1:221 X2:499 Y1:412 Y2:442 Forgive me, big brother.
X1:190 X2:528 Y1:412 Y2:436 It's not nice to fall out of bed.
X1:281 X2:437 Y1:412 Y2:442 Oh, poor you.
X1:209 X2:509 Y1:376 Y2:442 What do you want to eat? Sticky rice?
X1:194 X2:528 Y1:376 Y2:442 Excuse me? Two portions for my brother and one for me.
X1:244 X2:476 Y1:412 Y2:442 Daddy's going away.
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:412 Y2:442 He'll be back in a few days.
X1:229 X2:490 Y1:412 Y2:442 See Daddy over there?
X1:186 X2:533 Y1:376 Y2:436 - When is Quoc coming back? - In two weeks.
X1:213 X2:504 Y1:412 Y2:442 The radio says it will rain.
X1:244 X2:473 Y1:412 Y2:442 What do you think?
X1:251 X2:466 Y1:412 Y2:439 Yes, it looks like it.
X1:284 X2:435 Y1:412 Y2:436 Little Mouse!
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:376 Y2:436 I have an errand this afternoon. I'll be back around 5:00.
X1:282 X2:437 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm pregnant.
X1:279 X2:439 Y1:376 Y2:442 Is that right? Are you sure?
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:376 Y2:436 It's strange. All of a sudden I'm exhausted.
X1:240 X2:479 Y1:412 Y2:442 I think I'll take a nap.
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:376 Y2:442 You go sleep. I'll wake you for lunch.
X1:222 X2:495 Y1:412 Y2:436 You're white as a sheet.
X1:220 X2:500 Y1:376 Y2:436 Remember the last time I was like this?
X1:180 X2:537 Y1:376 Y2:442 Yes. When I said I would marry you.
X1:206 X2:514 Y1:412 Y2:442 Have you told your sisters?
X1:277 X2:441 Y1:376 Y2:436 Not yet. It's our secret.
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:376 Y2:442 Let's keep it for a month or two, okay?
X1:248 X2:470 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Mom, can I draw? - Yes, go ahead.
X1:212 X2:506 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Where? - On the wall, if you want.
X1:330 X2:391 Y1:412 Y2:436 Lien?
X1:335 X2:382 Y1:412 Y2:436 Yes.
X1:220 X2:498 Y1:376 Y2:436 I'm going out now. I'll be back around 5:00.
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:376 Y2:439 - Okay. - Little Mouse, come here.
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:412 Y2:436 I want us to talk.
X1:239 X2:480 Y1:412 Y2:442 I can't take anymore.
X1:239 X2:478 Y1:412 Y2:436 This vow of silence--
X1:221 X2:498 Y1:412 Y2:442 I can't stand it anymore.
X1:267 X2:450 Y1:412 Y2:442 We meet again.
X1:151 X2:566 Y1:412 Y2:436 We love each other without a word.
X1:176 X2:542 Y1:412 Y2:442 I know nothing of your life now.
X1:215 X2:502 Y1:376 Y2:436 I miss the days when all we did was talk.
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:412 Y2:442 If you don't speak, I'll go crazy.
X1:179 X2:539 Y1:412 Y2:442 I can't stop looking at your lips.
X1:254 X2:466 Y1:412 Y2:442 Have you noticed?
X1:214 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:436 I want to see them move.
X1:173 X2:545 Y1:412 Y2:442 You want to tell me something?
X1:282 X2:436 Y1:412 Y2:442 If you speak...
X1:264 X2:454 Y1:412 Y2:436 one more time...
X1:273 X2:443 Y1:412 Y2:436 we won't see...
X1:287 X2:430 Y1:412 Y2:436 each other...
X1:296 X2:421 Y1:412 Y2:442 ever again.
X1:270 X2:448 Y1:412 Y2:436 You're serious?
X1:234 X2:483 Y1:412 Y2:442 Okay, I'll stop talking.
X1:241 X2:479 Y1:412 Y2:442 But give in just once.
X1:204 X2:514 Y1:412 Y2:442 I want you to say my name.
X1:279 X2:439 Y1:412 Y2:442 ``Tuan." Say it.
X1:326 X2:391 Y1:412 Y2:436 Tuan.
X1:226 X2:493 Y1:376 Y2:436 - Is that the 13th shot? - Yes.
X1:183 X2:536 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Nhan, you want some water? - Yes, please.
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:412 Y2:436 I could do with some food.
X1:226 X2:490 Y1:412 Y2:442 There's nothing to eat.
X1:265 X2:453 Y1:412 Y2:442 Are they biting?
X1:254 X2:464 Y1:376 Y2:436 Big brother Hai, turn off the alarm.
X1:259 X2:459 Y1:412 Y2:442 What about you?
X1:171 X2:548 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm smoking because it's raining.
X1:201 X2:518 Y1:412 Y2:442 In fact, I don't really smoke.
X1:232 X2:487 Y1:376 Y2:442 The new painting-- Is it Vu's self-portrait?
X1:223 X2:495 Y1:376 Y2:442 This place is turning into a museum.
X1:226 X2:492 Y1:376 Y2:442 - I fell out of bed again. - Oh, poor you.
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:412 Y2:442 In the middle of the night.
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:376 Y2:442 I didn't hear you get up this morning.
X1:253 X2:465 Y1:376 Y2:442 Makes sense. I slept in your bed.
X1:257 X2:460 Y1:412 Y2:442 Oh, so that's why.
X1:151 X2:565 Y1:412 Y2:442 You took up all the room in my bed.
X1:231 X2:488 Y1:412 Y2:442 I had to sleep in yours.
X1:306 X2:412 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm sorry.
X1:236 X2:481 Y1:412 Y2:442 Will you do my nails?
X1:188 X2:532 Y1:412 Y2:442 Bring me the file and clippers.
X1:168 X2:550 Y1:376 Y2:442 Good thing it's raining. I have a scene in the rain tonight.
X1:250 X2:468 Y1:412 Y2:442 What type of part?
X1:182 X2:534 Y1:376 Y2:442 The usual. The bit part that they edit out.
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Don't be silly. - I'm not being silly.
X1:205 X2:512 Y1:412 Y2:442 This will be my 17th film--
X1:165 X2:554 Y1:412 Y2:442 17 tiny parts that nobody notices.
X1:161 X2:556 Y1:376 Y2:442 Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and tell me what happens instead.
X1:263 X2:454 Y1:412 Y2:442 Okay, here goes.
X1:163 X2:555 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm the heroine's one-night stand.
X1:222 X2:496 Y1:412 Y2:436 I'm a mistake in her life.
X1:190 X2:527 Y1:412 Y2:442 A meaningless affair for her...
X1:217 X2:504 Y1:376 Y2:436 nothing but the memory of a farewell in the rain.
X1:222 X2:495 Y1:376 Y2:442 That's the scene we're shooting tonight.
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:376 Y2:436 - A parting in the rain? - I know.
X1:154 X2:564 Y1:376 Y2:436 Don't tell me you've seen it a million times. That would be true.
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:376 Y2:436 No, it's lovely-- a farewell in the rain.
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:376 Y2:442 - You think so? - Yes, I mean it. I really think so.
X1:223 X2:497 Y1:376 Y2:442 Come on. I want to play the scene with you.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:412 Y2:442 I haven't finished your nails.
X1:259 X2:460 Y1:376 Y2:436 It doesn't matter. We'll do it later.
X1:186 X2:532 Y1:412 Y2:442 So you're my one-night stand.
X1:241 X2:475 Y1:412 Y2:442 A mistake in my life.
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:376 Y2:442 - So, what are my lines? - You don't say anything.
X1:304 X2:414 Y1:412 Y2:442 And you?
X1:241 X2:476 Y1:376 Y2:442 I don't speak either. There's no dialogue.
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:376 Y2:442 Then what does it say in the script?
X1:206 X2:511 Y1:376 Y2:442 You have your back to me, you look ahead of you.
X1:249 X2:471 Y1:412 Y2:442 No, you look down.
X1:139 X2:579 Y1:376 Y2:436 I pull you by the arm, you turn around, and we look at one another.
X1:292 X2:425 Y1:412 Y2:442 Okay. Wait.
X1:303 X2:415 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm ready.
X1:303 X2:415 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm ready.
X1:166 X2:551 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'm hungry. The rain gives me a taste for boiled sweet potatoes.
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:376 Y2:442 You know, I'm having trouble ending my novel.
X1:161 X2:557 Y1:376 Y2:442 Finding out about your mother's Toan would do me good.
X1:230 X2:491 Y1:376 Y2:436 It would take me away from the book...
X1:166 X2:551 Y1:412 Y2:436 so I'd return with a fresh outlook.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:376 Y2:442 I think it's a good idea. What do you say?
X1:178 X2:540 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'll only be in Saigon for a week.
X1:224 X2:492 Y1:376 Y2:442 Your nails are too long. I'll cut them for you.
X1:170 X2:550 Y1:376 Y2:442 Don't worry. Mui and Auntie Mai will manage.
X1:217 X2:501 Y1:376 Y2:436 But there are a lot of customers in the cafe.
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:376 Y2:442 I told Mui to call if she needs help.
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:412 Y2:442 It's getting in my eyes.
X1:229 X2:489 Y1:412 Y2:442 I've finished your nails.
X1:136 X2:588 Y1:376 Y2:439 - Little Mouse, do you want some che? - Yes, some che?
X1:176 X2:542 Y1:412 Y2:442 What are you doing in the rain?
X1:246 X2:474 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'm looking for Ho. Have you seen him?
X1:238 X2:483 Y1:376 Y2:442 He wasn't in class. Did you try his place?
X1:335 X2:382 Y1:412 Y2:436 Yes.
X1:254 X2:466 Y1:376 Y2:436 And Cafe Quynh? He could be there.
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Thanks. Is Cafe Quynh that way? - I'll take you.
X1:259 X2:458 Y1:376 Y2:436 - Ah, Ninh. Hello. - Lien.
X1:243 X2:475 Y1:376 Y2:442 - How are you? - I'm looking for Ho.
X1:169 X2:549 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Want to come in? - I'm too wet. Have you seen Ho?
X1:228 X2:491 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Did you try his place? - Yes, an hour ago.
X1:157 X2:559 Y1:376 Y2:442 With this rain, if you don't find him at his place, you should go home.
X1:245 X2:472 Y1:376 Y2:442 Thanks, but I'll wait outside his place.
X1:262 X2:455 Y1:376 Y2:442 You never know. Bye.
X1:273 X2:447 Y1:412 Y2:436 Did Lien leave?
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:412 Y2:436 She's still downstairs.
X1:200 X2:519 Y1:412 Y2:442 Listen, Ho, I'm warning you.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:376 Y2:436 I won't help you anymore. I think it stinks.
X1:218 X2:500 Y1:376 Y2:442 Lien doesn't deserve it. What did she do to you?
X1:284 X2:434 Y1:412 Y2:436 I don't know.
X1:280 X2:436 Y1:412 Y2:442 Just a feeling.
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:412 Y2:436 I'm older than she is.
X1:144 X2:575 Y1:412 Y2:436 But she seems more mature than me.
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:412 Y2:442 I still don't follow you.
X1:231 X2:485 Y1:412 Y2:442 You're my best friend.
X1:199 X2:520 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm not ashamed to tell you.
X1:210 X2:508 Y1:412 Y2:436 I think she dominates me.
X1:270 X2:446 Y1:412 Y2:436 You're an idiot!
X1:165 X2:551 Y1:376 Y2:442 Just now, I asked Lien to come in. Luckily, she refused.
X1:172 X2:547 Y1:376 Y2:442 Ho heard you were waiting here. He's busy. He can't make it.
X1:212 X2:508 Y1:376 Y2:442 He'll meet you tomorrow, 3:00 at Cafe Quynh.
X1:234 X2:484 Y1:376 Y2:439 Thanks, Nghia. 3:00 tomorrow, then.
X1:223 X2:494 Y1:376 Y2:439 - That's right. Bye, Lien. - Yes, thanks.
X1:281 X2:438 Y1:412 Y2:442 Let's go, Lien.
X1:240 X2:479 Y1:412 Y2:442 Hai, let's go this way.
X1:266 X2:451 Y1:376 Y2:436 - Give me some. - Dream on!
X1:229 X2:487 Y1:376 Y2:436 Hai, look. You didn't believe me.
X1:206 X2:510 Y1:412 Y2:442 They think we're a couple.
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:412 Y2:442 Big brother, I'm so sleepy.
X1:182 X2:535 Y1:412 Y2:442 We'll go home when it lets up.
X1:249 X2:468 Y1:412 Y2:442 That's lucky! Cyclo!
X1:254 X2:467 Y1:412 Y2:436 No one lives here?
X1:243 X2:477 Y1:412 Y2:442 No, not a living soul.
X1:212 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:442 This place would suit me.
X1:244 X2:475 Y1:412 Y2:436 Not me. It's too sad.
X1:270 X2:449 Y1:412 Y2:436 I don't think so.
X1:260 X2:457 Y1:412 Y2:436 One should live...
X1:170 X2:547 Y1:412 Y2:442 where one's soul is in harmony--
X1:232 X2:485 Y1:376 Y2:442 where it is in accord with its surroundings.
X1:199 X2:521 Y1:376 Y2:436 Harmony can sometimes be a consolation.
X1:233 X2:484 Y1:376 Y2:442 I didn't realize you were so unhappy.
X1:230 X2:490 Y1:376 Y2:436 I know that living here isn't the solution.
X1:185 X2:533 Y1:376 Y2:442 Right now, I'm torn between two places...
X1:188 X2:529 Y1:412 Y2:442 that pull me with equal force.
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:376 Y2:442 If I choose one place, even temporarily...
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:412 Y2:442 I feel guilty toward the other one.
X1:182 X2:535 Y1:376 Y2:436 With time, a guilty conscience turns into sadness.
X1:188 X2:530 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm sorry that I can't help you.
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:376 Y2:442 What do you do when sadness overwhelms you?
X1:224 X2:496 Y1:376 Y2:436 I go down to the village to look for a woman...
X1:222 X2:495 Y1:412 Y2:442 and I snuggle up to her.
X1:232 X2:486 Y1:376 Y2:436 One of them is sweet and she likes me a lot.
X1:190 X2:526 Y1:412 Y2:436 When I'm sad I send for her...
X1:211 X2:506 Y1:412 Y2:436 and I lie down beside her.
X1:217 X2:500 Y1:412 Y2:442 That warm, damp flesh...
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:412 Y2:436 those soft hairs--
X1:263 X2:453 Y1:412 Y2:436 All of a sudden...
X1:174 X2:543 Y1:412 Y2:442 a terrible pain crosses my chest.
X1:240 X2:476 Y1:376 Y2:442 Then I thank heaven and I fall asleep.
X1:233 X2:484 Y1:376 Y2:442 If I have the bad luck to wake in the night...
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:412 Y2:442 and find her at my side...
X1:191 X2:528 Y1:376 Y2:442 the sadness I feel then, nothing can make it go away.
X1:203 X2:517 Y1:412 Y2:442 Flight VN183 from Hanoi...
X1:245 X2:476 Y1:412 Y2:442 to Ho Chi Minh City.
X1:157 X2:564 Y1:412 Y2:442 Flight time is one hour 45 minutes.
X1:192 X2:532 Y1:412 Y2:442 We wish you a pleasant flight.
X1:235 X2:481 Y1:412 Y2:442 This is Bui Kim Ngan.
X1:162 X2:558 Y1:412 Y2:442 Did you reserve room 324 for me?
X1:295 X2:422 Y1:412 Y2:442 Thank you.
X1:296 X2:423 Y1:412 Y2:436 Excuse me.
X1:321 X2:399 Y1:412 Y2:442 Daddy!
X1:321 X2:399 Y1:412 Y2:442 Daddy!
X1:236 X2:483 Y1:412 Y2:436 Don't move a muscle.
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'm going back to Hanoi tomorrow. I must speak to Suong.
X1:215 X2:504 Y1:376 Y2:442 Are you sure it's the right thing to do?
X1:219 X2:500 Y1:412 Y2:439 I don't know, but I must.
X1:219 X2:499 Y1:412 Y2:442 I don't want to stop you.
X1:240 X2:478 Y1:376 Y2:442 For four years I've held my breath...
X1:224 X2:495 Y1:412 Y2:436 both here and in Hanoi.
X1:195 X2:523 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm torn up inside, dried out.
X1:318 X2:401 Y1:412 Y2:436 I know.
X1:210 X2:509 Y1:376 Y2:436 I know you're no different in Hanoi.
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:412 Y2:442 The burden on your heart--
X1:172 X2:547 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'm afraid of losing the moments when we are together.
X1:228 X2:490 Y1:412 Y2:442 I must speak to Suong.
X1:230 X2:486 Y1:412 Y2:436 Then leave tomorrow.
X1:178 X2:542 Y1:412 Y2:442 But don't promise me anything.
X1:271 X2:447 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'll wait for you.
X1:253 X2:466 Y1:412 Y2:442 If you come back...
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:412 Y2:442 it will make me happy.
X1:331 X2:388 Y1:412 Y2:436 Kien!
X1:242 X2:477 Y1:412 Y2:442 Hien? It's been ages!
X1:298 X2:421 Y1:412 Y2:442 Big sister...
X1:216 X2:503 Y1:412 Y2:442 can I ask you a question?
X1:335 X2:382 Y1:412 Y2:436 Yes.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:442 It's very important to me.
X1:251 X2:467 Y1:412 Y2:442 So please answer...
X1:166 X2:552 Y1:412 Y2:442 even if it's an indiscreet question.
X1:267 X2:450 Y1:412 Y2:442 Okay, go ahead.
X1:308 X2:412 Y1:412 Y2:436 Has the...
X1:214 X2:505 Y1:376 Y2:442 idea of cheating on Quoc ever crossed your mind?
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:442 Why do you ask me that?
X1:282 X2:434 Y1:412 Y2:442 Just because.
X1:256 X2:463 Y1:412 Y2:442 I was wondering...
X1:206 X2:512 Y1:376 Y2:442 under what circumstances the thought might arise.
X1:187 X2:533 Y1:412 Y2:442 Does it bother you to answer?
X1:314 X2:407 Y1:412 Y2:436 Does it?
X1:334 X2:386 Y1:412 Y2:436 No...
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:412 Y2:436 it doesn't bother me.
X1:187 X2:530 Y1:376 Y2:436 The idea of cheating on Quoc occurred to me once.
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:412 Y2:442 It all started four years ago...
X1:185 X2:532 Y1:412 Y2:442 or two years after we married.
X1:255 X2:463 Y1:412 Y2:442 I can tell you now.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:412 Y2:442 I was two months pregnant.
X1:260 X2:458 Y1:412 Y2:442 Only Quoc knew.
X1:279 X2:437 Y1:412 Y2:436 We decided...
X1:246 X2:472 Y1:412 Y2:442 to keep it a secret...
X1:204 X2:513 Y1:412 Y2:442 and only to tell you when...
X1:220 X2:499 Y1:412 Y2:442 I was in my third month.
X1:199 X2:517 Y1:412 Y2:442 That's why you never knew.
X1:200 X2:518 Y1:376 Y2:436 Quocwas away on business and I miscarried.
X1:195 X2:525 Y1:412 Y2:442 He came home immediately.
X1:148 X2:568 Y1:412 Y2:442 And something in him had changed.
X1:178 X2:541 Y1:412 Y2:436 It was as if his life were on hold.
X1:188 X2:531 Y1:412 Y2:442 I couldn't get through to him.
X1:202 X2:515 Y1:412 Y2:442 And our marriage suffered.
X1:156 X2:564 Y1:412 Y2:439 Later, after Little Mouse was born...
X1:183 X2:534 Y1:412 Y2:442 the situation hadn't improved.
X1:255 X2:462 Y1:412 Y2:442 That's just when...
X1:285 X2:434 Y1:412 Y2:442 he appeared.
X1:239 X2:480 Y1:412 Y2:442 It was one morning...
X1:300 X2:417 Y1:412 Y2:442 very early.
X1:172 X2:544 Y1:412 Y2:436 As soon as he entered the cafe...
X1:221 X2:498 Y1:412 Y2:436 I felt a fondness for him.
X1:174 X2:545 Y1:412 Y2:442 It was a pleasure to wait on him.
X1:280 X2:439 Y1:412 Y2:442 I told myself...
X1:189 X2:529 Y1:412 Y2:436 that I wanted him to love me.
X1:298 X2:420 Y1:412 Y2:436 And then?
X1:192 X2:525 Y1:412 Y2:436 And then we met elsewhere.
X1:220 X2:500 Y1:376 Y2:436 He told me he loved me. And it was true.
X1:244 X2:476 Y1:376 Y2:442 Did you and he have a thing together?
X1:256 X2:463 Y1:412 Y2:442 No, obviously not.
X1:285 X2:432 Y1:412 Y2:436 A few kisses.
X1:219 X2:498 Y1:412 Y2:439 A few cuddles, that's all.
X1:242 X2:475 Y1:376 Y2:442 That's all. What do you mean?
X1:220 X2:499 Y1:412 Y2:442 He went back to Saigon.
X1:229 X2:491 Y1:412 Y2:436 He was a businessman.
X1:248 X2:472 Y1:412 Y2:436 He came to Hanoi...
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:412 Y2:442 to set up a branch office.
X1:207 X2:509 Y1:376 Y2:436 When the work was done, he left...
X1:244 X2:474 Y1:412 Y2:436 because I told him...
X1:239 X2:479 Y1:376 Y2:436 that our relationship had no future.
X1:194 X2:527 Y1:412 Y2:442 Do you still think about him?
X1:335 X2:382 Y1:412 Y2:436 Yes.
X1:247 X2:473 Y1:412 Y2:436 His name was Tuan.
X1:326 X2:393 Y1:412 Y2:442 Right.
X1:263 X2:456 Y1:412 Y2:442 Let's go to sleep.
X1:236 X2:481 Y1:412 Y2:442 Thank you, big sister.
X1:182 X2:535 Y1:412 Y2:442 This time you got into my bed.
X1:224 X2:492 Y1:376 Y2:442 You lie. You got into mine first.
X1:250 X2:469 Y1:412 Y2:442 I had to take yours.
X1:212 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:442 And then you came back.
X1:219 X2:497 Y1:412 Y2:442 That's how it happened.
X1:211 X2:507 Y1:412 Y2:442 I don't remember a thing.
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:412 Y2:436 I remember too well.
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:412 Y2:436 Sometimes I wonder...
X1:184 X2:534 Y1:412 Y2:442 if it isn't time you got married.
X1:268 X2:450 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm not kidding.
X1:248 X2:468 Y1:412 Y2:442 You're old enough.
X1:255 X2:464 Y1:412 Y2:436 It's not a bad idea.
X1:233 X2:485 Y1:376 Y2:436 First of all, I'd have to find a man.
X1:142 X2:578 Y1:412 Y2:442 My ideal would be someone like you...
X1:187 X2:532 Y1:412 Y2:442 because you're good like Dad.
X1:190 X2:527 Y1:412 Y2:442 You really think I'm like him?
X1:275 X2:441 Y1:412 Y2:439 Yes, of course.
X1:244 X2:475 Y1:412 Y2:442 I know you too well.
X1:174 X2:544 Y1:376 Y2:442 The problem is to find someone who is like you.
X1:243 X2:478 Y1:376 Y2:436 But what will you do once I'm married?
X1:207 X2:511 Y1:412 Y2:442 Who'll wash your clothes?
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:442 Who'll make your meals?
X1:211 X2:508 Y1:376 Y2:442 If that's what worries you, I'll manage.
X1:198 X2:520 Y1:412 Y2:436 I'll do even better than that.
X1:196 X2:522 Y1:376 Y2:442 At least I won't have to look at your stained panties...
X1:199 X2:518 Y1:376 Y2:442 next to my clean shirts when you have your period.
X1:277 X2:440 Y1:412 Y2:442 So ungrateful!
X1:278 X2:438 Y1:412 Y2:436 You're horrid.
X1:286 X2:433 Y1:412 Y2:436 Baboon face.
X1:209 X2:509 Y1:412 Y2:436 Come and dance with me.
X1:239 X2:479 Y1:376 Y2:442 Suong, Quoc is back. He's upstairs.
X1:257 X2:461 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'll go up. Can you manage?
X1:218 X2:499 Y1:376 Y2:436 Yes, Khanh will help me. Go ahead.
X1:263 X2:454 Y1:412 Y2:442 Quoc is upstairs.
X1:239 X2:480 Y1:412 Y2:436 I know. Lien told me.
X1:210 X2:510 Y1:412 Y2:442 Have you been back long?
X1:287 X2:433 Y1:412 Y2:436 Half an hour.
X1:179 X2:541 Y1:412 Y2:442 Do you want something to eat?
X1:340 X2:380 Y1:412 Y2:436 No.
X1:219 X2:501 Y1:412 Y2:442 Lien gave me some fruit.
X1:230 X2:488 Y1:376 Y2:442 I wasn't expecting you for four more days.
X1:257 X2:461 Y1:412 Y2:442 What's going on?
X1:284 X2:434 Y1:412 Y2:436 You're back?
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:412 Y2:442 What are you doing?
X1:239 X2:478 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'm washing up and going up to bed.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:412 Y2:436 I'm exhausted.
X1:195 X2:525 Y1:412 Y2:442 Did you work late last night?
X1:260 X2:456 Y1:412 Y2:436 Worse than that.
X1:241 X2:477 Y1:412 Y2:436 I worked until dawn.
X1:221 X2:497 Y1:376 Y2:442 I put away my pen and went to the airport.
X1:261 X2:457 Y1:412 Y2:442 Oh, poor darling.
X1:228 X2:492 Y1:412 Y2:442 Do you like to kiss me?
X1:199 X2:520 Y1:412 Y2:442 So, you finished your novel?
X1:257 X2:459 Y1:412 Y2:436 That's wonderful!
X1:157 X2:559 Y1:412 Y2:436 You've been stuck for two months.
X1:236 X2:482 Y1:376 Y2:442 And presto-- in two days, it's done!
X1:164 X2:553 Y1:412 Y2:442 The protagonist meets a woman?
X1:210 X2:510 Y1:376 Y2:442 Did you end it in 17 pages as planned?
X1:303 X2:417 Y1:412 Y2:436 Nineteen.
X1:258 X2:461 Y1:376 Y2:442 It's still very close to your estimate.
X1:235 X2:482 Y1:412 Y2:442 You are a real genius.
X1:234 X2:485 Y1:376 Y2:442 Not necessarily. I haven't reread it yet.
X1:226 X2:493 Y1:376 Y2:442 Maybe when it's edited it will be 17 pages.
X1:305 X2:412 Y1:412 Y2:436 Show off!.
X1:314 X2:404 Y1:412 Y2:436 Go rest.
X1:174 X2:544 Y1:376 Y2:442 When you wake up there will be good things to eat.
X1:243 X2:476 Y1:376 Y2:442 Have you forgotten to tell me anything?
X1:214 X2:504 Y1:376 Y2:442 Hien called me. She told me everything--
X1:274 X2:442 Y1:412 Y2:442 what you ate...
X1:259 X2:457 Y1:412 Y2:442 what you drank...
X1:225 X2:491 Y1:412 Y2:442 what you talked about.
X1:259 X2:460 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm very annoyed.
X1:325 X2:392 Y1:412 Y2:442 Why?
X1:210 X2:507 Y1:376 Y2:442 It appears that you talked about the good old days...
X1:255 X2:466 Y1:376 Y2:442 but that's not why I'm mad at you.
X1:181 X2:537 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'm mad because you told Hien that I'm pregnant...
X1:230 X2:489 Y1:376 Y2:436 when we agreed that it would be our secret.
X1:280 X2:438 Y1:376 Y2:436 Forgive me. I was tactless.
X1:290 X2:427 Y1:376 Y2:442 It's okay. Go to sleep.
X1:207 X2:512 Y1:376 Y2:436 I'm going to tell my sisters in a little while.
X1:229 X2:488 Y1:412 Y2:442 We've talked all night.
X1:221 X2:497 Y1:412 Y2:442 I've told you everything.
X1:243 X2:475 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'm going back soon to finish my work.
X1:236 X2:480 Y1:376 Y2:442 I want to know what you've decided.
X1:264 X2:456 Y1:412 Y2:442 For a long time...
X1:208 X2:511 Y1:376 Y2:436 I've known you had a child with another woman.
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:376 Y2:442 I went through your things and it was easy to figure out.
X1:177 X2:543 Y1:376 Y2:442 In the photos you brought back from your trips...
X1:198 X2:522 Y1:376 Y2:436 I watched the child grow up as if I had raised him.
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:412 Y2:442 In everything you've said...
X1:156 X2:561 Y1:412 Y2:442 the only thing that matters to me...
X1:166 X2:554 Y1:376 Y2:442 is that you can't love me anymore because of your dishonesty.
X1:193 X2:526 Y1:376 Y2:442 I'm not asking you to give up this woman and your son.
X1:312 X2:407 Y1:412 Y2:436 I know...
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:412 Y2:442 that you love them as much as us.
X1:253 X2:464 Y1:376 Y2:442 In a few days, when you return...
X1:219 X2:497 Y1:412 Y2:442 we'll start our life again.
X1:230 X2:490 Y1:412 Y2:442 Here's what I hope for.
X1:275 X2:443 Y1:412 Y2:442 I am your wife.
X1:186 X2:535 Y1:376 Y2:442 I expect you to love me better than you have loved me.
X1:165 X2:553 Y1:412 Y2:442 I want you to be the man I knew...
X1:218 X2:501 Y1:412 Y2:436 before we were married.
X1:303 X2:413 Y1:412 Y2:436 That's all.
X1:217 X2:504 Y1:412 Y2:442 Khanh, can you help me?
X1:157 X2:559 Y1:412 Y2:442 Yes, I'm just back from the market.
X1:238 X2:482 Y1:412 Y2:442 I wanted to tell you--
X1:282 X2:437 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm pregnant.
X1:292 X2:428 Y1:412 Y2:436 How's that?
X1:282 X2:437 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm pregnant.
X1:233 X2:486 Y1:376 Y2:442 I forbid you to smile! It's serious, you know.
X1:288 X2:430 Y1:412 Y2:436 Whose is it?
X1:198 X2:521 Y1:376 Y2:442 I won't play guessing games with you.
X1:288 X2:430 Y1:376 Y2:436 Say it! Whose is it?
X1:139 X2:581 Y1:412 Y2:442 His name won't mean anything to you.
X1:238 X2:478 Y1:412 Y2:436 You don't know him.
X1:228 X2:491 Y1:376 Y2:436 He's married with kids, is that it?
X1:254 X2:464 Y1:412 Y2:436 What does he do?
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:412 Y2:436 Studies architecture.
X1:202 X2:518 Y1:412 Y2:442 He knows you're pregnant?
X1:335 X2:382 Y1:412 Y2:436 Yes.
X1:277 X2:442 Y1:412 Y2:442 I just told him.
X1:213 X2:506 Y1:412 Y2:442 Unmarried and pregnant!
X1:228 X2:488 Y1:376 Y2:442 When the baby arrives what will you two do?
X1:147 X2:572 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Me and my baby? - Who said anything about the baby?
X1:258 X2:461 Y1:412 Y2:442 He's not born yet!
X1:230 X2:489 Y1:412 Y2:436 I meant the other one.
X1:186 X2:531 Y1:412 Y2:442 We haven't decided anything.
X1:194 X2:524 Y1:412 Y2:442 Which means what, exactly?
X1:181 X2:536 Y1:412 Y2:442 Why don't you say something?
X1:211 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:436 Talk some sense into her!
X1:314 X2:405 Y1:412 Y2:436 Khanh...
X1:305 X2:413 Y1:412 Y2:442 don't cry.
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:412 Y2:442 I'm happy, you know.
X1:245 X2:473 Y1:376 Y2:442 I know it might look terrible to you.
X1:257 X2:463 Y1:412 Y2:436 But I'm confident.
X1:188 X2:532 Y1:412 Y2:442 Everything's going to be okay.
X1:184 X2:535 Y1:412 Y2:442 Khanh, instead of blubbering...
X1:266 X2:452 Y1:412 Y2:436 reason with her.
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:376 Y2:442 What am I supposed to say when I'm pregnant myself?
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:376 Y2:442 And I suspect that Kien cheated on me in Saigon.
X1:199 X2:520 Y1:412 Y2:442 Enough! I'm through crying.
X1:215 X2:505 Y1:376 Y2:442 Khanh, how do you know you're pregnant?
X1:284 X2:433 Y1:412 Y2:436 What's that?
X1:224 X2:493 Y1:376 Y2:442 How can you tell when you're pregnant?
X1:163 X2:556 Y1:412 Y2:442 So what makes you think you are?
X1:214 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:442 Because two weeks ago...
X1:305 X2:414 Y1:412 Y2:436 he and I...
X1:309 X2:408 Y1:412 Y2:436 we did--
X1:225 X2:492 Y1:376 Y2:442 - Was it the first time? - Yes, and the only one.
X1:243 X2:476 Y1:412 Y2:442 So what did you do?
X1:322 X2:395 Y1:412 Y2:436 Well...
X1:282 X2:436 Y1:412 Y2:442 first, he put--
X1:263 X2:455 Y1:412 Y2:436 What did he do?
X1:258 X2:460 Y1:376 Y2:436 - He kind of put-- - What?
X1:208 X2:510 Y1:412 Y2:442 I don't know how to say it.
X1:276 X2:443 Y1:412 Y2:442 Right, that's it.
X1:231 X2:485 Y1:376 Y2:442 Tell me when you had your last period.
X1:287 X2:429 Y1:412 Y2:442 A week ago.
X1:182 X2:534 Y1:412 Y2:442 Tell me if I've got this straight.
X1:205 X2:512 Y1:376 Y2:442 Two weeks ago you and he did something.
X1:238 X2:480 Y1:376 Y2:442 And a week ago, you got your period?
X1:335 X2:382 Y1:412 Y2:436 Yes.
X1:294 X2:423 Y1:412 Y2:436 Good Lord!
X1:177 X2:542 Y1:412 Y2:442 So, do that mean I'm pregnant?
X1:241 X2:478 Y1:376 Y2:442 What an idiot! It's not complicated!
X1:229 X2:487 Y1:412 Y2:442 This girl is really thick!
X1:216 X2:501 Y1:412 Y2:442 We're going to have fun.
X1:171 X2:547 Y1:376 Y2:442 Today my sisters and I are doing everything ourselves--
X1:201 X2:517 Y1:376 Y2:442 the memorial dishes and the meal for 30 guests.
X1:177 X2:541 Y1:412 Y2:442 Quoc and Kien will lend a hand.
X1:203 X2:514 Y1:376 Y2:442 You're excused for reasons of incompetence.
X1:167 X2:549 Y1:376 Y2:442 Why is the anniversary of a death so important?
X1:156 X2:562 Y1:376 Y2:436 We didn't celebrate Dad's birthday while he lived.
X1:213 X2:505 Y1:412 Y2:436 It was the same for Mom.
X1:201 X2:516 Y1:376 Y2:436 When it was their birthday, all we said was...
X1:224 X2:494 Y1:412 Y2:442 ``Oh, it's your birthday."
X1:262 X2:454 Y1:412 Y2:436 And that was all.
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Vibrator 2003
Victor Victoria
Victor Victoria CD1
Victor Victoria CD2
Vidas Privadas 2001
Vierges et vampires
View From The Top 2003
View To A Kill A
Vij 1967
Vikings The
Village The
Village of the Damned
Villain The 1979
Villmark Dark Woods
Violent Cop 1989
Virgin (2003) CD1
Virgin (2003) CD2
Virgin Spring The
Virgin Suicides The
Virginian The
Virtual Sexuality
Visible Secret
Visiteurs Les
Visitor Q
Visitors The
Viskningar och rop - Cries and Whispers
Viva Villaveien
Viva Zapata
Viva la Muerte
Vivement Dimanche
Vivre Sa Vie (Its My Life 1962)
Vizontele CD1
Vizontele CD2
Vodka Lemon 2003
Voices Of A Distant Star (2002)
Vojna (2002) CD1
Vojna (2002) CD2
Volle Maan (Full Moon)
Volveras (2002)
Von Ryans Express
Voyage to the bottom of the sea