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Subtitles for Vesnicko ma Strediskova.

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Vesnicko ma Strediskova

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Directed by
Written by Scrip Editor
Starring|English sub-title by Eva Roubalova
You're trotting about like goat.
Missed it up again, doctor?
- Like hell I have.
- Finished - start her up.
- Thanks.
Good morning.
Let's start feet together,|arms extended,
palms up.
Raise you arms...|- Washed your feet?
I can tell.|Makes a difference for the driver.
What about the ears?
You always forget something.
Those sails must not be neglected.
Yesterday's load was cement.
If it rains,|concrete'll set behind you ears.
They'll have to chisel it off.
You should've been born a horse.
But the Lord changed his mind.
Beneath him the beautiful distant places|lie,
round which the mountains darkly rise.
By woods encircled all around.
Amidst the flower-spattered ground.|The bright lake sleeps in slumber sound.
The waters rippling|to its shores're striving to meet.
Until at last|they marge in one luminous sheet.
Only the turtle-dove does not coo forth|its call to love anymore.
Don't shit yourself, cardboard dude!
Take these for your ears.
If you wear them, the ears'll stick|to your head beautifully.
A pine grove rustles on the lake's|still shore,
Whence glorious psalm of speckled thrush|ascends.
A portly tree stands on the rock -|an old eak.
Through the green vale scattering|the blossoms white,
Guding the wild geese over the woods|in flight.
Aren't you cold?
- I am, but nobody wants to warm me up.
- Why dodn't you say something?|- You're a right one, eh?
You're all smoke and no fire.|See you.
Living it up, eh?
- I wish!|My wife had a boy yesterday.
We celebrated a little.
- Are redheads celebrated too?|I'm surprised.
- What's up?|- A little celebration.
Celebrate, with your work!
- Your mate!
- I didn't see him over there.
- Look at him!|Look at the nitwit!
That... that...|If it was stone, you'd've been dead!
You...|An animal has more brains!
You oaf!
Gone's the furor of that Age|which Time bore far away.
Far-far off even its dream -|as a shadow did it fade,
As the image of white citiens|in the waters'depths arrayed,
As the last thoughts of the dead,
The names that once they bore,|The roll and roar of battle...
That's all I remember.
Feasting on the beauty again, eh?
- I wonder of she has brakes at all?
- Get the rope.
The rope!
You'll come to a bad end, doctor.
- We all will.
The gate-post was one week old.
It cost me 500.
I'm through with Rakosnik.|Take it from me -
let someone else have the pleasure.
- I know it's not easy for you.
But who should I entrust him to?|- I don't care!
I've had this millstone around my neck|for 5 years!
A saint youldn't put up with it!|- I know how you feel.
But who should I entrust him to?|Duda's too young.
Duda's too young.|Can I entrust him
to your husband?|- He'd kill him.
He's terribly bad-tempered.
- It'd serve him right!|- Have you really
flattened the Prague weekender'fence?
- Come on...
You know that...|The boy needs a father's touch.
You've got it.
You can handle him|and he listens to you.
- Nothing doing -|let me have Sestak back.
A moron too, but at least he can sing.
Nobody's truck's as clean as yours.
You can't take that away from Otik.
- Till the hervest's over,|not a minute longer.
There you are.
Here I am.|Been waiting long?
They delivered the meat.
- Who gave them to you?|- Mr. Pavek.
They say he was mad with rage.
He doesn't want you anymore.
The'll hand you over to someone else.
He was fuming.
You'll be Turek's mate - I guess.
You' II have a hard time!|I've brought you some shirts and socks.
You've nothing to wear.
And don't think,|Turek's not going to baby you.
You know.
I'll bring the rest tomorrow -|was too busy to wash them.
Turek's been known to hit his mates.
What's this?|Where's it from?
Come here, Otik!
Did you have woman here?
Come on.
Come.|Swear -
by the picture of your poor late|parents: Did you have woman here?
Look into my eyes:|Yes or no?
O.K., let's go and wash up.
Don't go into the front parlour|too often - it gets untidy easily.
Clear the mess of the table yourself,|after we've washed up.
Why don't you take off this finery?
Let me do it for you.
That's better.
C'mon -
I haven't got much time.
Come on.
A man, and he can't break|a pigeon's neck.
And a pigeon breeder to boot!
Dash it, I forgot|what I wanted to tell you!
It can wait though, I'll tel you later.
The laundry's done.|I'll bring the bedclothes afterwards.
The rabbit and dumplings're in the oven.
Warm them up properly.
Otik!|A superb film - Rumanian.
Have you got a ticket?|No.
You must see it.
Where have I...?|Here.
Good thing I've bought it for you.|Don't miss the newsreel.
Put you suit on, quick.|Let's go.
It's partly travel,|partly erotic.
I'd like to see it once more,
but I must go to a lecture on livestock|instead.
My old box's out of order.
A bad tube, I guess.
Otas!|In no case leave before the film's over!
The end's the best.
Enjoy yourself.
Mrs. Hruskova!|Mrs. Hruskova!
What's it like?
- They nearly cancelled it.
All told, I sold six tickets.
- Jo?|Aha.
Bye then.
What am I picking?|- Nettles, for the Easter stuffing.
- But I don't use that much.
- Is the film showing?
- Yes, but it was nearly cancelled.|- How come?
I myself sent six people.|- They all came.
This'll give me herpes again.|- You beast!
- I couldn't wait to be with you...
Don't be scared, Sonia.|Don't worry.
Just have a bang, Eugene!
- Mind you graves, raven.
Driving forward's easy,|but you got to have a knack for backing.
- Dinner's ready, Dad.
Dad, they say|you bumped into Mr. Rumlena's gate-post.
It isn's true, is it?|- Just eat and mind your own business.
Can't eat with all this singing.
Isn't it enough|to live next to the cemetery?
Of you can't sing anything else,|at least cut it out while we eat.
It's like chewing wreaths.
- Actually,|it's quite a wreck.
We went to look.
- So what?
So what?
- Good evening -
night, rather.
- Goodbye.|Well, see you.
Tuesday at nine then.|- Yes.
Let's go!|- Good night.
- Bring the rum.|- Sure.
- Why the rush?
- It's a PTA meeting tonight.
You must go, I can't.
Didn't get my hair done.|- To school?
- You go...
- I don't mind going.
They should all have their own towels.
Keep an eye on their homework.
That's all for now, thank you.
Good-bye.|- Good-bye.
Make sure they dress properly.
Otherwise, I'm quite satisfied.|Good-bye.
- Good-bye.
- Good-bye.|- Good-bye.
What's the matter?
- What about her writing.|- All right.
It's neat.|- I see.
Gotta any problems?|- Got.
She has problems with pronouns.|Practise them with her.
Personal pronouns in particular.
- Pronouns in particular.|- I see.
Thanks then.
How d'you like it here?
- Quite, I hope I'll get used...
- What's keeping you?|- I'm just going.
- When'll the next PTA meeting be?
- In 3 months.
- Hm.
Good-bye then.|- Good-bye.
They say you ruined|the wekender's gate-post.
Is it true?
- Gate-post?|The whole shed, including the roof!
- Good Lord!
I've no mate, man.
He's either on strike,|or has hanged himself.
Shut up, you beast!
Otik, get up.
You I have lovely ears, but no money.
Get up, we're going for cement.
Water levels:|Brandys nad Labem 146/60,
Melnik 252/115,
Usti nad Labem 180/144,
Decin 175/171,
Orlice-Tyniste nad Orlici 92/10.
Still waiting for you to warm me up.
- It'll happen one day.
Don't eavesdrop - you a spy or what?
Don't forget the meeting.
- Will you watch my back for me?
- What's your mate good for?|- Nothing.
- Put it here.|- No jo.
- You brought fodder?|- Yeah.
- From Kolin?|- Yeah.
- A mix?|- Yeah.
That's not very clever.|- What?
- Putting used matches|back into the box.
- Why?|- You'll see one day.
Mr. Pavek,
I don't want to work with Turek.
- You didn't appreciate me.
When the harvest's over,|you'll join Turek.
- Me?|When the rake starts flowering.
- Take a look at it at home.|It may be budding.
- When the harvest's over, it's Turek.
What is it, Otik?
Look - Otik brought you this.
He likes you, poor thing.
He doesn't know how to tell you.
You should forgive him.
When the pressure falls before a storm,|I feel wiped out.
- So do I - what's next?
- Varicose veins.
- Look at mine.
- D'you wear elastic stockings?|- I do.
- D'you take Anavenol?|- I do.
- That's it then.|Go on.
- I'm serving beer.
Someone asks for the bill.
I turn my head and it won't go back.
- Can you turn the whole body,|like this?
- Sure.|- Turn the whole body then.
Go on.
- I can't sleep.
I wake up at four|and I can't go back to sleep.
- Commonplace at this age.|I'm wakeful from half past three.
What's next?
- My joints.|Sometimes I can hardly get up.
- But you do?|- In the end, because, I have to.
- Why complain then?|There're people who can't at all.
- Doctor, you make light of everything.
I know best how I feel.|I'm not going to be here much longer.
- D'you want spa treatment?
- No, it didn't do me any good.
- Close down the pub|and go to the sea then.
- I went the year before last.|It gives me the runs.
- Go to the High Tatra then.|- I can't stand heights.
- You know where to go then?
Go to Pelhrimov|and have a look at the cramtorium -
so you know what it's like there.
Dear comrade, with reference|to the demanding plan targets...
- A lovely ship!
Where did you get if from?|- The boy made it. the interest|of producer-end-user relations,
our organization needs a driver's mate.
- Your Honza?|- Ships're his hobby.
We'd like to make use of the extensive|experience of your employee,
comrade Rakosnik.
We have offered him a company flat|on a housing estate in Prague
and he has accepted.
METALWOOD, perschnel dept., Koutna.
- Expect Otik going to Prague
to save the producer-end-user-relations?
- Something like it.|What have you to say?
- Me - I'm through with him.
What is there for me to say?
- That's just it.|- What's just it?
- Can you imagine the boy|going to Prague?
Can you just imagine it?
He gets lost in the streets.
All the houses're the same|on the housing estate.
No one to turn to.
That match's not a good idea, Jaromir!
Terrible to think of our Otik stopping|Prague traffic.
To let a truck back in somewhere.
- I prefer not to.
- This letter...
This is the last time you to this!
Tohle bylo naposledy.|What's the big idea?
That I'd be carrying on with her,|at my age?
Another raid like this and you're fired!
This'll give me a stroke!|Co je?
- Just came in to ask who'll pick|the kid up from kindergarten.
- Granny, as always.
- That's what I wanted to know.
- He needs treatment.
That's not normal.
- Sorry.
- This letter did not write itself.
Sure - someone must've written it.|- That's just it.
- You look as if I'd written it myself.
- You didn't - some Koutna woman|wrote it, personnel dept.
But someone must've told them|about Otik, eh?
With my common sense,|it's easy to work out
- Now I see,|- who in this village'd benefit...
- I see.|You think then I fixed it up in Prague...
- I didn't say that.|I'm just asking.
- For 5 years, I've been chained to him.
Taught him to use knife and fork,
to wash, so that he wouldn't fall|under my wheels. he was my own son... they'll suspect me!
Don't take it too seriously, dad.|- Cut it out!
Dancing - when a funeral's on!|Get down!
- Silence please - a funeral's on!
- Mind your business - graveyrad bully!
You're behaving like a ruffion.
Good morning, doctor.
How convenient|to live by the burial pit, eh?
- 'Morning.
- Shine on me the sun...
- And music as well!
The boy'll perish in Prague|within a week.
It's either a crazy idea, or a set-up.
What's it look like on the 7th step?
- They're there.|- How are you?
- Fine, but from the dizziness.
- As you get up?|- Yes.
In the morning, sit up in bed first,|stay like that for some time,
get up carefully.|- Ano.
- Have you still fot the pills?|- Yes.
- Fajn.
What gave you the idea that
the 7th step'd give it|the right temperature?
- Long-term trials.|It's warm on the 6th,
too cold on the 8th.|- I see.
- Karel likes experimenting, eh?
He's fond of trials.
- Good morning, doctor.|- 'Morning.
- How did it go for him?|- He had a beautiful funeral.
Give me a drink, just a drop.
What a lovely day!|- It's so fresh!
Such moments should be remembered,
to fall back on.
To warm you up in winter.|- Look!
Such beauties're becoming rarer,|but there's still something left.
Some woodland, beer's good...|...sometimes...
- I'll fetch the plates.
- And the girls, Karel,
our girls're the most beautiful|in the world.
The Spanish or Italian women can't match|up - they mostly have goat-like legs.
Did you notice how many girls|walk about braless?
- I did.|- Nice fashion, eh?
- Yeah.
- I'm glad it's spread|as far as our village.
- This gravestone artist's a pain.|Fanda -
your diligence's getting on my nerves.
- Tool busy, doctor.
Many cadavers, few engravers.
- Come and wash away the dust.
Where did we leave off?|- That they walk about braless.
- Yeah, looks like|we're not going to conclude it.
- Anything special you're busy with?|- An interesting gravestone -
with no inscription.
It'll be added on when the person dies.
- Did he place an advance order|for a tomb?
- Yeah.|- Who is it?
- I mustn't tell.
- People don't know what to do|with money.
He's got a house, TV, car.|What is there I haven't got, he asks?
A tomb.
Hi.|- Hi.
- Hi.
Your guardian angel's having
a hell of a job.
- The madguard needs replacing, I guess?
- No use, unless you got a rubber one.
In days past,
Czechs were strong and steadfast,
In days past,
"they were, for the eyes, a repast."
Missing your old school?
- I've come to ask|how my sister's doing.
- I see. Going to sit|for your finals, aren't you?
- Yes.|- What'll you do afterwards?
- Go to a dung college, er -|School of Agriculture.
- I'll keep my fingers crossed for you -|don't let the side down!
- I drilled the pronouns with her -
was it any good, I wonder?
Like she din't botch up her dictation|again?
Shal I carry your bag?|- Yes.
Unusual - a brother so interested
in his sister's progress.
- Our parents're too busy.|It's up to me then.
- Hm.
- It's excercise-books, eh?
- Yes, exercise-books.
- What're you laughing at?|- Nothing.
How you're chatting me up through|your sister.
- I'm a nuisance, eh?|- Why?
You should concentrate on your studies|now -
and don't try to sweep older girls|off their feet.
Aunt, are there rooms to let?
- Are you my nephew?
Funny thing, I don't know you!|- Okay,
so how about some accommodation?
- The village's changed, young man.
We don't address each other|as Aunt and Uncle.
We use our first names|and 'comrade'instead.
I wouldn't insist on that.
The customs have changed, though.
Like when a man addresses a lady:
He stands up first and greets her.
- Okay then.
I wish you good morning.|Permit me to ask you:
What about some abode, ma'am?
- C'mon then.
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