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Subtitles for Vidas Privadas 2001.

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Vidas Privadas 2001

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Perla, when am I coming back?
Thursday 26 th., okay. Arrange all my meetings for that day.
No, I won't be delayed, my father will be... strong as a bull by then.
You won't have time to miss me. Bye.
I'll pay you for the whole month anyway.
The money is in the kitchen.
- OK, have a nice trip. - Bye.
He's asleep, your mum is with him.
I'm glad. Last night he didn't sleep, Carmen's arrival...
I gave him a sedative, it's risky, but insomnia could be worse.
Come in. What do you think? This is her old bedroom.
It's okay, I guess.
I don't know if I'm the right person to give an opinion.
You know her better then I do.
- I haven't seen her for a long time, 20 years. - My age.
Dad'll kill me, he wanted to be awake when she got here...
...he even asked for a new robe.
- When is she coming? -11:30. She should be here by now.
- Won't you stay for lunch? - I must go to the hospital.
- The flowers. - What about them? - They are too colorful.
Too luxuriant.
There she is, Carmen.
Incredible, she's just the same.
- What's wrong? - Nothing, I'm a bit dizzy.
- I'm so excited. Let's go down. - I must make a phone call.
- Come downstairs. - Is there a phone here? -In the studio.
- Good morning. - Pleased to meet you.
I'm so glad you came.
Dad would have survived without me.
- How is he? - Weak but stable.
He's dying to see you. He was asking questions...
...about you the whole night.
I told mum to keep it secret.
- We tried but we couln't. - You mean you didn't want to.
- Is he upstairs? - Yes, but he's asleep, he's sedated.
Better, people with a heart condition must keep...
...their emotions under control.
- Where's mum? - She's with him.
I hope you like your bedroom. I prepared it myself.
Thanks. Have my suitcases sent upstairs, please.
I'm so happy to have you here.
- What do doctors say? - Will they operate him? - Well...'s very risky due to his heart condition.
It's better to wait and trust medication.
Will you stay longer this time?
We've already talked about that. Who's his doctor?
How is it possible that after 5 years you can't stay... more week? We are all hoping you could.
Alejandro Rosenberg.
Is he his doctor? Answer me, mum!
Lower your voice, please.
You called Rosenberg?
He's one of the best. And he's the only one I know.
He's the only one I can call in the middle of the night and...
...come here in a few minutes.
- What's so wrong about it? - You know why he does it.
I don't care. Thanks to Alejandro we are here...
...not burried in a cementery.
What did you want me to do?
Sit here waiting for you to recommend a cardiologist?
A cardiologist who lives near the Museo del Prado...
...and who doesn't visit his patients at home.
- How can you be so selfish? - He's here, right?
Carmen, I understand, honey.
But you must understand that it's much worse for him.
Despite that, he took care of your dad, he took him... hospital and sent the best doctors to see him.
How are you, Alejandro?
You are...
...great. - Thanks.
- You are not bad either. - No, I mean it.
Your hair cut, your figure...
...even your voice... everything is intact.
If it wasn't for your Spanish accent...
- I've been in Spain for 20 years. - That's just a detail.
Come, try to speak without the accent.
You haven't changed, Alejandro.
You're always asking for something I can't give you.
Thanks for all you're doing for my father.
Don't thank me, it's my job.
My mother has told me you are quite an eminence.
Don't make such a fuss, the heart is such a vulgar organ.
How is my father's?
Broken. Like yours, like mine.
- Like everybody else. - I want your professional opinion.
I'd rather keep it for your mum, who called me...
...and for your dad, my patient.
I'm glad to see you.
- Won't you stay for lunch? - No, I must go to hospital.
- You said that before and you stayed. - That's my problem.
I always ignore myself.
It's a pity you din't try it, it's yummy.
Don't worry, Gladys will be very happy.
Why are you a vegetarian?
- It's the kind of diet I need. - To be so charming?
I can't believe meat is so bad, really.
I don't know what's wrong with this woman, is she deaf?
Sit down, mum. I'll go.
I find meat repulsive not because it's harmful...
...but because it's vulgar.
I'm working, she'll fire me.
Yes, I know you're working. Your tits are huge!
- You are so beautiful. - You are crazy.
You drive me crazy, you! You are goddess!
Lower your pants a bit, come on.
- Stop it! - Gladys!
- Whose idea was the property conveyance? - Dad's.
Are you sure? It doesn't seem like him.
He always thought death was an alien weakness.
His illness changed his mind.
Will it be a long procedure?
It may take months or a year.
I mean my part of the deal, signing papers an all that.
I must be back in Madrid in two weeks, I hope it's enough.
I thought you'll stay longer.
I had thought of taking you to the places I go...
...they are not many but...
I wanted you to meet Javier.
Mum'd be jealous, she hasn't met him yet.
Send me a picture. I'd love to have all the time... the world, but I only have mine, and it's very little.
- Wait and see if dad gets better. - He will.
- He's got an armored heart. - Alejandro doesn't agree.
Alejandro is too sensitive. Don't listen to him.
- What's this? -The properties that will be conveyed.
I know the family properties.
When you have news, let me know. I must unpack.
It's Carmen Uranga. I've booked an appartment from Madrid.
For 2 weeks, yes.
In 48 hours? Great.
I'll pay you a soon as I get the keys. Bye.
If among the millions of phone numbers in the world...
... you dialed this one, you are calling the right place.
Leave your name, number and some hint about your call...
... Roxana Rodˇ will call you back. You won't regret it.
It's Carmen Uranga. I'm in Buenos Aires for two weeks.
I'll call you again later.
Stop it! Baby!
- I'm leaving. - You're leaving. - Yes.
Let me eat those lips...
...before you leave. - Yes, but you must pay me.
I must pay you, I must pay you...
Let's see how much I've got here.
- You didn't do anything you didn't want to. - No.
- Her husband didn't show up. - No.
- She paid you what we had agreed. - Yes.
Then you didn't do good, you did great.
You should give up coffee, it's out of fashion.
I talked to the agency, they're thrilled about the campaign.
You'll have your first interview, it's for the section...
...of new faces of "Identikit".
It's Carmen Uranga. I'm in Buenos Aires for 2 weeks.
- I'll call you later. - Welcome to your country, Uranga.
What's this?
I had them done for you, do you like them?
- Gustavo Gana? - Yes. It's your artistic name.
Trust me, baby. It's sexier than Bertolini, besides...'s good to repeat the first letters, as in...
...Marilyn Monroe, for example.
You can...
...hand them out tonight, there's a party in Las Ca˛itas.
No, tonight I can't.
- Who will you see? - My dad.
I'll take him to the bus station.
I'll do it for the captain.
Why don't you intoduce me?
Uniforms turn me on.
He doesn't wear a uniform any more. He's retired.
- So? - What?
- Won't you say anthing? -What can I say, congratulations?
It's my first job, dad.
Getting naked for millions of people is a job?
- It's an advertisement. - Fuck your advertisement.
Listen, didn't you think of me? No, you didn't.
- Of course I did. - You didn't think of the people...
...who know me. The Bertolini boy, naked...
...with that asshole face for the whole country.
- Dad... - No!
- I have a name, did you know? - That's why I changed mine.
- What? - To protect yours. My name is Gustavo Gana.
- You changed your name? - Yes, it sounds good.
Doesn't it?
It's my artistic name.
The people who are in this business have artistic names.
Believe me.
No, if that's the way you earn your money I don't want it.
Wait, dad, my ID still says Bertolini.
- I don't care. - Don't make such a fuss.
Take it, use to repair the house.
- It's me. - We found it turning over some old stuff.
Your mum sends it to you, not me.
She misses you.
Take this away, please.
Aren't you hungry?
I'd be hungry if you brought me real food...
...not hospital food.
- OK, would you like anything else? - A whisky.
- And a Montecristo. - Dad...
Bring Carmen here, go on.
Doesn't time go by for you?
No, give me a reason to persuade me it does.
Your 20 years in Spain?
Your "lights, eminence, details"
Your success as a businesswoman.
You can't fool me, Carmen.
People like us can't start over. We must live in the past.
You're a great doctor, that's all you are for me.
- I don't believe you. - As usual... know me better than I do.
Why do you avoid me?
- Why did you always refuse to see me? - You tell me.
It's got 3-hour-range lithium batteries.
You're afraid of me, that's why you avoid me.
Do me a favor, Alejandro.
Something only you can do.
Come in, Ana. Save my father's life.
- Has he eaten only that? - He wants to see you.
Now you know your sister. You've just got a crash course.
- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come. - Carmen is right.
I'm the same asshole I used to be 20 years ago.
Don't give me that look. Carmen has already embarrassed me.
Have you fainted before?
- No, no, sometimes I felt dizzy but... - But?
Did you have any relation with Carmen's husband?
He was my cousin.
How odd. I didn't even know you existed.
Why is it odd?
We are in-laws, why hasn't anybody told me about you?
We could say I'm an unpleasant ballast from the past.
But that's a long story, besides I'm the one who...
...asks questions, I'm the doctor.
Are you late...?
- With your period. - It was due 10 days ago.
But nothing, anyway it would be crazy to think...
I depends, some say it's a miracle.
Do you know what to do?
- Here. - You work fast.
Maybe too fast. Shouldn't you enjoy yourself more?
This is the farm in Pilar.
It's so romantic. Have you been there with your boyfriend?
- I hope you don't study all the time. - The pennyless apartment.
- Haven't you sold it? - No, it was rented, but now...'s empty and dad... - What? - He wants you to have it.
Being a hopeless old man you have resuscitated very quicky.
Give your father a hug.
I'd like you to wear perfume again.
Why do you insist, dad?
What's so bad about perfume?
I mean the pennyless apartment.
We had agreed you'd sell it.
- I've changed my mind. - I see.
- Without even telling me. - It's my decision.
- And I think it's the best. - You have no right.
Rent it, sell it, tear it down... what you will...
...but you must do it, if not it'll be useless.
Your life is there, not mine.
My life is in Madrid, 16 thousand miles away.
Afer 20 years, haven't you understood it yet?
...pretend it's just a real-estate operation.
You came to an agreement, right? Mum, you, Ana...
Ana has nothing to do in this.
And this time you've included Alejandro.
What do you want from me?
I'm here, right? And I'm alive.
I can take a plane and come to visit.
I can argue with you. I can come when you're ill.
It's true I don't come as often as you'd like, but... keep my life together I must be where my life is.
I can't neglect what I have achieved.
I can't afford that. And you know it, father.
I know that you are a different person.
Thanks to you.
Survivers are different.
And I am a surviver.
I saved you so that you could stay with you.
Not to desert us.
Close the door. No calls.
How's everything, Roxana?
As you can see, this is great, I can't complain.
But concerning our business I must say I'm almost retired.
- Retired. - I don't run an escort service any longer.
Too much responsibility. People are crazy.
Let's face it, Uranga, the '80s are over.
Nowadays I keep a low profile.
- Do you live with somebody? - I said "low profile", not "dead".
Why do you ask?
Because of that voice in your answering machine.
No, no, you're wrong. We are...
...teacher and disciple. I must prepare the new generation.
So I can't count on you.
You can, Uranga.
You can.
I'd never disappoint my old Northlands schoolmate.
- What do you need? - A partner, as usual.
- What kind? - I don't care.
What about that boy?
- What boy? - Your disciple.
He must do that kind of service too, I guess.
But you don't even know him.
I know his voice.
- That's enough for me. - I see your taste hasn't change.
You must only find him a mate.
- I said you should avoid tension. - Don't tell me.
You're my patient, I can't control all the rest.
I'll have to give you more medication.
She was strange, as if we were doing an awful thing.
Just because dad decided to give her the apartment.
- What apartment? - The pennyless one.
Carmen and Marcos lived there.
Precisely. It must be hers.
I haven't got much experience, but generally heirs get angry...
...when they don't get what they deserve.
Besides dad did it only because he doesn't forget her...
...although Carmen comes once every 5 years.
She doesn't have the right to get angry. It isn't fair.
Don't you think?
I don't know. I can't teach anyone to handle...
...his traumas, I know.
- When will this story finish? - What story?
They lived in pennyless Marcos crossed the street... rainy night and a car run him over.
- Ah... that story - What do you mean?
There's another story, it didn't rain, it was a van, not a car.
Okay, it was an awful tragedy.
But it happened 20 years ago.
You're born to be successful.
Last question, are you a winner?
- We must be finishing, Gustavo is very busy. - Okay.
- Hi, Dylan. - Hi, how are you?
- I'm done. - Everything OK?
- Yes. - If you need something, call me. - I will.
- I have some tickets for you, it'll be a big party. - Great.
- You're cute, Dylan. - You too.
- When will it be published? - In 2 weeks.
- Make it nice. - Don't worry. - Bye. - See you. - Bye.
Read me your horoscope.
Why did you mention my dad?
It's a dark detail, it sells.
I don't think he'll like it.
Honey, I don't think the captain reads Identikit.
There is Vicky. Vicky! Come here, darling.
You do exactly as she says, right?
- Vicky, this is Gustavo, Gustavo, this is Vicky. - Hi.
Chofy! Roll up the curtain!
Okay, you know, right?
Relax, baby. This is the easiest and...
...and better paid job you'll ever do. Please, be punctual.
Okay, go, go.
What sign was he?
"You finally find the wrong person."
Do it better, I can't hear.
Come, on, say something! Do you like it?
Come on, do you like it?
- Yes. - No, not you. I want him to speak.
- Yes. - Yes, do you like it?
Yes, yes.
Yes? Fuck, keep on talking!
You, the girl, sit on him.
Now you fuck her.
I want to feel you are fucking inside my head.
- I'm coming. - No, wait, wait.
That's it, I want to hear you talking.
Keep on talking.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
Talk to me, talk to me.
Now, now.
You can get dressed.
We have finished.
You can't smoke in here.
Your money is in the kitchen.
- Who is it? - The front door is locked.
I'll open it from here.
Next time I want you alone.
The money is the same, but you come alone, right?
Good morning.
I didn't dare waking you up...'s the first time you sleep late. - Thanks.
How did it go?
I'm old, not blind. You went out and your face...
...tells me you had a good time.
What's my face like?
Your face is relaxed, peaceful, trusting.
A face I'd like to see more often.
Hi, honey.
Good morning, Anita.
Come, sit here.
And you, mum, come nearer.
This table is too big for three girls who want... have breakfast together.
What's that?
- Papers for you to sign. - Not now.
- What do you want? - Chocolate.
Yes? You should drink coffee or tea, you're not a child...
...don't have to obey your mum.
Come on, cheer up.
You're my lawyer and my sister too. Remember?
I accept I was very hard with you but you caught me... guard and I behaved in a very dumb way.
I've already apologized to dad, now you must forgive me.
There's nothing to forgive.
Concerning the apartment...
...maybe I should have a look at it. Would you come with me?
- Roxana Rodˇ, the famous one. - They were schoolmates.
They get together when she comes here.
What can they have in comon?
I don't know. And I don't want to know.
- Ask her. - What for?
I'm sure she saw her yesterday. This morning she was radiant.
- If I ask I'll ruin everything. - Bye, mum.
Take the book on the table.
Relax, you just have to read.
Open it on the marked page and read it very slowly.
"You say you'll suck me and you want me to lick your sex."
Read slowlier, read for me.
"You say you'll suck me...
...and you want me to lick your sex... dirty thing. - That's it.
That's it.
"I hope you surprise me when I'm sleeping naked...
...and you assault me with a whore look in your eyes.
You'll unbutton me softly and gently pull out...
...your lover's thick dick.
You'll hide it in your wet mouth and suck it...
...until it bursts in your mouth.
I'll also surprise you in bed.
I'll pull your nightdress aside and open your hot panties.
And I'll lay on you and I'll start licking your pussy.
You'll be excited and I'll lick your pussy's lips.
And you'll moan and pant out of desire.
I'll lick faster, like a hungry dog...
...until your pussy becomes a dirty thing...
...and your body shakes in wild spasms."
It wasn't difficult, was it?
That's all?
Yes, for today. You can leave.
Your money is in the kitchen.
Think of something to tell me.
And look after your voice.
- Pull it towards you. - It doesn't open. - Allow me.
I don't like the blind man's buff. Better turn on the lights.
Blind man's buff. I didn't remember what you called it.
Be careful, it must be a chair.
You must stick yourself to the walls.
That's rule number one.
When I was a child a friend taught me to find... way in the darkness.
We must have been... 7 or 8 years old.
Poor soul...
...she thought she'd be blind.
So she was getting ready.
For years I played walking around the houses in the dark.
I went up and down without...
...touching... not even lightly the furniture.
I was the perfect blind.
I don't know why I can't open this window.
- I never thought I'd be so useful. - You scared me.
On the night they came looking for us...
...the power had been cut off in the building.
I tried to open the window, just as you did... see if there were any lights in the other buildings.
But it was stucked.
I went to the kitchen... get some candles.
I never got there.
When they pulled the door down I was there.
Exactly where you are now.
The 10 months I was kidnaped...
...I was in the dark too.
I had time to practice what my friend had taught me.
What would you do in a place like this?
Why are you telling me this?
- Poor soul. - Why are you telling me this now?
Why have you lied to me so many years?
Why not? I believed those lies too.
It's useless to know the truth if you can't change it.
Well, now the problem is this place. Any suggestions?
I don't know, tear it down, give it to someboy you hate.
Anything I didn't think of?
You could change your hair.
Now I can remember that night when I fucked your ass...
... it was the dirtiest fuck I've ever had.
My dick was hard inside you for hours coming in and out...
... or your ass that sweated on my belly.
And I looked at your face...
Are you OK?
Talk to me, please.
- What did you say? -I thought something was wrong, madam.
- Repeat that, please. - I thought something was wrong, madam.
You had never talked to me on your own will.
You never adressed me before.
I'm sorry, you scared me.
I liked it.
You sound good when you're scared.
Please, don't be so formal.
Do you have to go?
Sing something for me.
Whatever you want.
I never remember the songs lirics.
Never mind.
This is not a contest.
I want to hear you sing, that's all.
Very nice.
How is it?
You may go.
- I want to see you next Tuesday. - See me?
You fool.
It's just a way of putting it.
I think she's seeing someone.
That's impossible.
- Why? - Carmen is psycologically unable... fall in love. - I didn't say love. Milk or lemon?
Even less sex. She's been alone for 20 years.
She's an open wound, she wouldn't stand the...
...slightest human touch. Lemon.
Why are you so sure?
Do you still love her?
I'm not in love, I'm sick.
You seem to be her doctor. You haven't seen her for years.
- You know her so well? -Yes, yes, I don't need to see her.
I know her deeply. Nobody was so near her as me.
Not even Marcos, do you understand?
Please, Alejandro, let her go, burry her, live your own life.
You couldn't have been nearer her than her husband.
My cell was next to hers.
I was there every day, every night, for 10 months.
I heard her cry.
I talked to her... that she wouldn't let herself die.
Y asked them to torture me.
Where do you think I got this souvenir?
After that I doubt anyone can even think about sex.
Uranga, it's me, Roxana. I hope I'm not interrupting you...
... but nobody anwers your cell phone. Listen...
... I'm going to need the "baby" the whole weekend.
I'm opening a hotel in Punta del Este and I can't go alone.
Call me and we'll arrange a new date, okay?
A kiss for you and another one for my disciple. Bye.
- Did you know about the trip? - Yes. - Do you want to go?
- Roxana says this can be very important. - "Roxana says".
Can't you decide on your own?
- It's my job. - And your life?
You must have a life outside, right?
What do you do with the money I give you?
Do you spend it or does she handle your accounts too?
I send it to my parents.
We are making progress. Now I know you're not an orphan.
And that you're a good son.
So you're planing to travel.
I can come some other day.
Am I your only client?
- What has Roxana told you about me? - Nothing.
Come on.
You tremble when you lie.
I don't know... that you live in Spain.
That you met a long time ago.
Has she told you my name?
I knew it when I heard your first message.
Say it.
I want to hear you saying it.
Say it again.
Repeat it, come on.
Now tell me you won't travel.
That you won't desert me.
Say it.
I won't travel.
I won't desert you.
You're a traitor.
I couldn't miss this unique moment, don't you think?
Al least taste it first.
- Delicious. - It's the only thing I can cook.
- Your dad'll die. - My juice won't do what a stroke couldn't do.
I don't know what to buy dad for his birthday. I need help.
Exactly, don't worry about it.
You'll give him this. It was going to be my present...
...but your dad would like it better if it comes...
...from his beloved daughter.
She was very upset. She said I had betrayed her.
- Did you say you were coming here? -She already knew.
- Do you regret it? - No.
- Why did you come? - I need the money.
It's in the kitchen. It's twice what we had agreed.
Take it and leave, if you want.
Did you come for me?
Tell me you came for me.
Can't we start?
We've already started.
I came for you.
Sit down and read.
Very slowly.
"It must be the first time they kiss.
It's them.
Cut out by the coming storm.
While they kiss...
...his hands lie on her breasts.
No doubt they are speaking...
...but in a very low voice.
They must be saying the first love words...
...that come to their lips...
...mixed with kisses... bubbles."
What's wrong?
I don't want tears.
Go on!
You have no right to cry here.
You can't leave! We haven't finished! We haven't finished!
Okay, so I confirm the reservation.
Come in, mum.
Okay. Thanks a lot.
Tell Gladys to pick up suit from the cleaner's.
I have a reservation for Saturday.
- Can't you wait one day? - There's nothing to wait for.
One day! Your father's birthday is on Sunday!
In Madrid there are 20 people who depend on me...
...and who can't wait any longer.
Dad is well now. I have signed the property papers.
I have done everything I came to do here.
When are you coming back?
When you have a free day in your diary?
Or when I get a stroke?
Don't make a scene, mum.
It's Carmen, from the 4th. "A".
I must give you back the keys.
You can pick them up.
Okay, I'll stay here a while.
See you, thanks.
It's me... I must see you.
I need to see you.
I see a light in your window.
I'm across the street, in the telephone booth on the corner.
Carmen, if you are there, please, answer me.
It can't be.
What do you want? Why have you come back?
We left something unfinished.
No, we are through.
Then why did you come down?
- Carmen. - Don't touch me. - I can't touch you or...
...look at you. Why do you hide as if you were a freak?
That's none of your business, we made a deal and... broke it, go away.
- I saved your life. - No.
You have ruined it.
Why do you follow me as a dog? We are finished!
What do you want? Money?
- Is that what you want? - No.
Then why are you here? Why do you humilliate me?
- You should be at home now. - I had to see you.
That's the only thing I know.
I feel sick, I hardly eat or speak, I don't go out.
If I didn't see you I'll stay like that for ever.
Here we are.
Is somebody waiting for you?
I'm awfull, right?
A little wet. But you can blame me if you want.
You're not guilty at all.
So I didn't ruin your life.
But you're not guilty.
Go, you must go now.
- This is the boy. - Your baby's father?
No, the guy Carmen is seeing.
- Do you want anything? - No. - No, Gladys. You may go.
You must have evidence to accuse her.
- I saw them. They came home together. - And so what?
That's the guy I saw leaving her apartment.
What apartment?
The one she rented when she got here. Obviously to see him.
You'd better be wrong.
Stop denying everything like a child, Alejandro!
His father was a military man.
It's so weird, isn't it?
Obviously she doesn't know.
Don't worry, you can't solve anyones's problems now.
I've been thinking...
...I don't know if I'll have it.
I'm gonna tell mum and Carmen that I'm pregnant.
If I keep hiding it I'll die.
That's not a good idea.
You've just told me to take care of myself.
It's dangerous, you have no idea how harmful...
You're just like mum and Carmen, you refuse to face...
...facts. - This is different.
Carmen wouldn't bear ir.
What about me? How long can I bear it?
I've already decided it.
Carmen had a baby.
- She had it and lost it when she was kidnaped. - What?
She knew she was pregnant as soon as she was kidnaped.
I never knew anything.
And I spent 10 months with her.
It was a premature birth, but the baby was born alive.
It even cried, although very few premature babies cry.
That night I didn't sleep.
I heard Carmen cry from the bottom of my cell.
They sent for me...
...I was finishing my career...
...and they used me to check on the prisoners.
I remember I thought...
..."it will survive".
When I got there Carmen was completely lucid.
Her eyes were wide open... if she were blind.
I approached her. I wanted to tell her that...
...I had heard him cry, that he would survive.
But I had no time, she said...
"I'm glad it was stillborn."
It's very late, please go, Alejandro.
- Tell me it's not true. - We had an awful night...
...please go. - For me it's not late, I want to know.
- I saw the baby... - Please, that's nonsense!
- Please, Ana, leave. - What is he saying?
Your father has just died, please go with the family.
That night I couldn't sleep, I kept hearing the baby's cries.
- Is this your father? - Yes.
What a beautiful place.
It's Villaguay, my parents live there.
How old were you here?
Seven or eight, I think.
No, I don't remember.
What trees are these?
When I was 7 my dad used to take me to pick up oranges.
It was like heaven for me.
We used to walk hand in hand trying to keep the same pace... the same time with the same foot like dancers.
When we got to the orange field I left him...
...and started running... if I were drunk.
My father was so young.
He indulged all my whims.
Even the wildest ones.
Mainly the wildest ones.
Once I asked him to promise he'd live for ever.
He said he would.
He would.
He would live for ever.
Leave me.
You're so young I'm ashamed.
Did you blush?
The tea is getting cold.
Did you say he has a son?
Here says "no children".
Here it is, see?
"Gorosito, Bonzi, EstÚvez, Bertolini."
The witness had to find a home for children born in jail.
What's that list?
The waiting list for babies.
Look, Alejandro, if your Bertolini has a child... can be sure he's not his.
I bet you can't find me here.
- Here. - You're a witch, Ana.
It was easier for you than for me.
Ask for whatever you want, you've won.
Can you answer it, please?
She's here.
Hasn't he got a pretty voice?
How are you?
I knew it.
A surprise? Tell me what it is.
At least give me a clue.
Wait, Ana, don't go.
" Boquitas pintadas."
I don't know it.
Okay. On the corner. See you tonight.
- What do you think? - I don't know. I'm surprised.
He seems... young.
I'm crazy, right?
He's 22 years old.
The same 22 years I've been living in a frozen moor.
I only know one thing...
It's the first time I don't feel lonely, Ana.
She doesn't answer my messages. I guess I...
...should consider myself fired.
I see. I could talk to her.
- I've known Roxana for years. - What would you tell her?
I don't know, I'd explain to her how things happened.
- How? - You're right, I don't even know myself.
- What will you do? - Retire.
- Go to my home town. - 22 is a good age to retire.
Go fishing. Save some money and go to Madrid, for example.
What's there in Madrid?
Very little. It's not a good place.
Then why do you live there?
Let's say I had no choice.
Were you kidnaped?
It's an old story. I don't want to talk about it now.
Pour me some wine, please.
You can always choose again.
It's not that easy.
Or the story is not so old.
I could help you decide. I'm the ideal advisor.
I've never been anywhere, I haven't even got a passport.
I only know two places, Buenos Aires and Villaguay.
You have two possibilities. It can't be easier.
Stop it.
Don't make me cry.
Let me see.
It hurts, it hurts.
I hurts!
How's your hand?
Doest it hurt?
I never thought pain could be so nice.
Don't be afraid, I'm trembling.
Tomorrow it can be worse.
I want to know if you went to bed with Carmen.
- I don't understand. - It's simple. Yes or no.
- You're joking. - No, it's very serious. Stop seeing her.
My family can pay what you want. Did you sleep with her?
- Look, I'm healthy. - I don't care, answer me, please.
Why should I answer you?
I don't know you. Are you nuts? Or you are with the mob?
What do I have to do with your family?
I only care about Carmen and I know she's not like you.
You know nothing, Carmen is not who you think she is.
No? Then who is she?
You wouldn't like to know.
Did you sleep with her?
- Is that all you want to know? - Yes.
Tell them I did.
We made love.
Now that I've told you, tell me who is Carmen.
Now it doesn't matter.
No, tell me who is Carmen and why I must stop seeing her.
- It'd be uselseless. - You won't leave till you tell me.
Carmen has another life.
She's married.
She's been married to Marcos Rosenberg for 25 years.
In 1977 they went to Spain, now they live in Madrid.
And now he's waiting for her there.
Marcos Rosenberg.
How do I know that's true?
I need a strong drink.
Do you like it? I bought it for you.
In Madrid I only listen to this.
It sounds a bit old.
You can change it if you want.
Forget it, it's just a CD.
- What's wrong? - Why did you go to Spain?
Why do you ask that now?
That's not the only thing you listen to there.
There you pay to hear people fucking in the next room too.
What? That's how we met.
Don't talk to me like that.
Now all that seems to have happened ages ago... another world. Nobody knows so much about me as you.
Not even your husband, I guess.
- What do you mean? - He must know about your hobby.
In 25 years he must have realized it.
- Don't talk, please. - Isn't Marcos Rosenberg your husband?
It's typical, after 25 years you don't even touch one another.
But you don't dare fucking another man. It's odd, here... seem to be the kind of parents any kid'd like to have.
All that is dead, it died 20 years ago, but...
...I hadn't burried it till now, thanks to you.
I realized I was choking when you gave me air.
I was desperate when I began waiting for you.
I was dying when you gave me the life.
Now I can't go back.
Gustavo, open the door, please!
To intensive care! She's bleeding to death!
. We need six blood units! - We haven't got enough!
Get here ready!
A dose of serum. Turn on the monitor.
Come on!
Come on!
Let's start with CPR. Bring the defibrillator.
Massage five by one.
One, two, three, four, five.
- Again. - One, two, three, four five.
Give her that shot.
One, two, three, four five.
200 joules.
Give me 300 joules.
- Give me 400 joules. - Isn't that too much, Dr.?
Do it, shit!
Please don't die on me!
We have a heartbeat, Dr. A heartbeat!
- The blood. - Yes, Dr.
Send it to the genetics lab.
- And the authorization, Dr.? - It's already been authorized.
What's the security percentage?
99,9 per cent.
Where is he?
- Can you go? I can't go on, I swear. - Yes, yes.
And that's all, I guess.
I think I'm going to puke.
Relax. Relax.
Yes, puke, throw everything out.
Puke, come on.
Spit there, spit.
Are you okay?
I'm very cold.
Come here, hug me, I'll hug you. Nothing will happen to you.
I haven't done anything what can happen to me?
I haven't done anything.
Everything will be okay.
I haven't done anything.
Hey! You seem a war refugee!
I told you he would come. Hey, darling.
Didn't I tell you he'd come?
- Let's go home and eat something. - Yes, yes, darling.
They are delicious, aren't they?
Aren't you going to eat anything?
Don't you like them?
See you.
A halo surrounds the moon.
It seem it's going to rain.
Get up, lazy bones.
- Get up. - Coming.
- Come on, or the fish will go away. - Coming.
I've been talking with your mum, we'll give you the farm.
We only have two things, the farm and you.
Maybe then you'll feel like staying here more often.
...a lawyer will visit you...
...there, in Buenos Aires...
...and you'll have to sign.
What name shall I sign?
Bertolini, what other name? Your artistic name?
What if I signed Rosenberg?
We'll repair the house.
We're already repairing the gallery.
And we're going to paint the shed...
...that will be your room.
And the room you have now could be the guests' room... can use it when you come from Buenos Aires.
You knew this could happen.
- The farm'll be bigger... - Dad.
Your mum wants... grow strawberries - Dad.
...we'll plant...
...some trees on a row that we'll lead to the...
...front gate.
- One after the other. - Dad.
I'm giving you the chance, dad.
Say what you were going to say when the moment came.
- It will be heaven. - Dad.
Why did you have to find out?
I was going to tell you, but...
...I didn't because I didn't want you to leave.
Have you ever needed anything? Tell me, have you?
- Stop it, please. - We gave you everything. - Let go.
Look at me, we gave you all we had.
Why? Come here.
Dad, let me go.
We didn't want you to leave.
- Dad, let me go! - That's all we wanted.
I wanted to have a son, that's all.
I could never have it.
If I lose you...
...I don't care if I die.
Dad. Come on., dad.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Don't go, please.
Where will you go?
I'll find something, don't worry.
We did everything we could to protect you.
- You can't blame me. - I don't blame you.
But I can't go on living in this house, that's all.
Don't do this to me.
Poor soul.
I'm not doing this to you...
...l'm doing this to myself.
For my own sake.
You've always decided for me.
Now it's my turn.
Excuse me, madam, will you have lunch?
Peaceful night on the river
Dreams, work and love
There it goes the old fisherman
Rewinding the line
I'll need a couple of days.
- Is it allowed to smoke here? - Yes.
I had quit 20 years ago, but...
You want one?
You're growing a beard again?
I don't have a shaver.
Here. Ana told me you can't use razors here.
I've also brought you...
...and a toothbrush.
What's up? You've never seen a mother and a son?
Do you need a coat?
No, it's still hot.
Sure, silly of me.
- I've brought you a jersey. - What?
A sweater.
Do you wear high collar sweaters?
I didn't know your size.
It could be worse.
It's not bad. It's not bad, it's not bad.
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