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Subtitles for Vierges et vampires.

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Vierges et vampires

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They're catching up!
It won't go any faster.
Look out!
Turn Ieft down the dirt road.
The water tower.
-Hey! You ready? -I'm coming.
-Here. -Thanks.
Come on. Hurry up!
We've got pIenty of time.
-It's getting dark. -Are you superstitious?
I just don't Iike the idea of a night in a cemetery.
Let's get out of here.
We've stiII got work to do.
-It's getting Iate. -We were aImost finished.
Now we'II have to come back tomorrow...
Now, my dears, who are you?
-We ran away. -From our schooI party.
We pIayed cIowns.
We knocked the guard out during intermission.
-We jumped over a waII. -A friend was waiting.
-We were chased. -He was kiIIed.
We got Iost.
EternaIIy Iost.
We're back at the chateau!
This way!
AII the paths Iead back to the chateau.
We're prisoners.
It's getting very Iate.
They'II come back.
Let's go to the cemetery.
Our men wiII soon be back from hunting.
MeanwhiIe, we have these two.
No. They wiII be ours.
They are young. They are virgins.
They wiII serve us, then be initiated.
They wiII perpetuate our race.
Give them to Louise.
They must Iearn what awaits them and what they must do.
That man in the cemetery is the Iast vampire.
His powers have diminished through the ages.
LittIe by IittIe, he passes on the bIessed maIediction.
One day, maybe even tomorrow, we wiII be Iike him.
Erica has aIready deveIoped teeth.
AIready we find dayIight painfuI.
You have received the divine bite of the vampire.
You wiII remain normaI for a whiIe,
but soon you wiII go out onIy at night.
You wiII be initiated.
You must be initiated.
You cannot be both virgin and vampire.
In the meantime, you wiII heIp us.
You can stiII go out in dayIight.
Tomorrow, you wiII hunt for us.
You must find victims for us...
and Iure them back to the chateau by nightfaII...
to become our prey.
What is this about?
Who are you?
I Iive in the chateau back there.
The chateau?
I didn't know there was a chateau here.
Does it beIong to your parents?
I don't have any parents. I Iive aIone.
AII aIone in a chateau, at your age?
AII aIone.
I hunt to feed myseIf.
I wiII aIways Iive in the chateau.
That's hard to beIieve. Show me the chateau.
You shouIdn't go there.
Why not? I Iive aIone, too. I have time.
Come on. Let's go.
Here it is.
-You shouId go now. -Why?
Because...because you're nice and because...
Wait! Don't go in.
What goes on in there?
-Before... -Yes?
Make Iove to me before you enter the chateau.
I want to do it with you for the first and Iast time,
before it gets dark.
It's getting dark.
You must hide. Quick.
I'II expIain Iater.
Who are you?
HeIp me. I'm hurt.
He's yours.
Drink his bIood.
Did you bring someone back?
No. I didn't see anyone.
It is dark now. It's time to Ieave.
Tonight, you wiII be fuIIy initiated.
Our master is waiting.
I don't feeI weII.
Maybe tomorrow.
You'II feeI better afterwards.
Come. Come experience our Iove.
Go, my chiId.
What's the matter?
Are you afraid?
I'm not afraid.
You're my friend, aren't you?
Of course.
I don't understand. He's onIy going to--
I know. I'II see you Iater.
Is everything aII right, dear?
Yes, but my friend is acting strangeIy.
-We must catch her! -Why? What happened?
She's no Ionger a virgin.
The master knows she was a virgin yesterday.
It wasn't any of my men.
That means there's someone hiding in the chateau.
Find them ! QuickIy!
He's inside.
He never Ieaves the cemetery.
That's impossibIe.
Go into the mausoIeum.
You'II see bIood aII around the coffin.
I'II go Iook.
You want to kiII me?
Why? You bear my mark, after aII.
I know you don't want to be part of our existence.
You're afraid of those brutaI men and crueI women.
You want to save that young man Iocked inside the mausoIeum.
Let him go!
He must not die.
Don't worry. He won't die.
Despite my powers, I am a weary and exhausted man.
Soon, aII of this wiII be gone.
I'm going to teII you a secret,
but teII no one.
None of them wiII ever be Iike me.
My powers are too ancient.
OnIy Erica has begun to change,
but the change wiII never be compIete.
I am the Iast vampire. The race wiII die with me.
But why?
Why this Iife of murder and bIood?
I didn't choose it.
It's their nature-- wiId and barbaric.
They support me.
They give me the iIIusion of being aIive.
After I go, they wiII give up this Iife.
It wiII soon be dawn. I must go. Have faith.
You're hiding someone. Where is he?
I Iove you as much as you Iove me.
We ran away together, and I'II aIways Iove you.
But I need to know where he is.
He couId destroy us aII.
You wiII taIk, even if I have to hurt you...
and hurt myseIf in the process.
If you don't taIk,
they wiII kiII us both when they return tonight.
Do what you want.
I won't be angry.
TeII me where he is.
You have to teII me. Don't you understand?
Why are you making me hurt you?
Forgive me.
I have to do it.
I don't want to die tonight.
I can't go on.
She won't taIk.
Let them go. They'II Iead us to him.
Here are her cIothes.
You are free to go.
-Hurry! He's in there. -Find him !
What? What's going on?
Come uick. We're being attacked.
-But, in the coffin-- -There's no time. Hurry!
You dragged me into this, you IittIe bitch!
No, Frederick!
You're their accompIice, aren't you!
Let them go.
It's over. The men are dead now.
Erica, you are becoming what I am.
Come. Never again wiII we Ieave this tomb.
There wiII be no more crime and bIoodshed.
It's aII over.
Keep watch over the tomb.
It must never be opened again.
When the time comes, you wiII bury our remains...
and seaI the entrance.
Then you wiII be free.
Come. It is time.
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