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Vij 1967

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Artistic Association ''Luch''
''Viy is a coIossaI creation of the imagination of simpIe foIk.
The taIe itseIf is a pureIy popuIar Iegend.
And I teII it without change,
in aII its simpIicity, exactIy as I heard it toId to me.''
Based on the short noveI by N.V. GogoI
Artistic Director
and speciaI effects designer AIexander PTUSHKO
Directed by graduates of Advanced FiIm Directors Courses
Production Designer N. MARKIN
EngIish SubtitIes by T. Kameneva
Leonid KURAVLYOV as Khoma
N. VARLEY as Young Woman A. GLAZYRIN as Sotnik
N. KUTUZOV as Witch
V. SALNIKOV as Gorobetz
D. KAPKA as Overko P. VESKLYAROV as Dorosh
S. SHKOURAT as Yavtukh
G. SOCHEVKO as Stepan N. YAKOVCHENKO as Spirid
N. PANASIEV as Comforter
Read, Rector!
Now that you're going home, just try to stay out of mischief!
On Iast vacation, two seminarians,
disguised as deviIs, were caught steaIing chickens.
ZozuIia and Lemesh, I mean you!
The otherthree had gotten a deacon drunk,
and then goaded him into singing bawdy, indecent songs!
For shame!
And now, Iet us pray together.
Lord, Iet the Light of Thy wisdom shine down upon us.
And bestow on our hearts Thy tender mercy.
Preserve us from aII eviI.
And Heaven and Earth wiII resound with gIorious songs of praise.
Be sure you return in time forthe Feast of the ImmacuIate Conception!
We shouId've spotted a farm Iong ago.
The deviI wouId Iose his way too, in this darkness.
-Where did the road go? - There is no road.
Look, KhaIiava, you go that way. And I'm going overthis way.
And Gorobetz...
Hey, Gorobetz!
Damn it, I took a rotten stump for your head.
-What did you find? -Just fox-hoIes.
-WeII, what do we do? -Let's sing at the top of our Iungs.
Quiet! I know... Let's sIeep underthe stars.
No, KhaIiava, that won't do.
We have to keep Iooking. Someone might give us a gIass of vodka.
Sure, it's betterthan sIeeping underthe stars.
There's a farmhouse ahead! Come on!
It's our Iast chance, brothers, to find a pIace to stay.
- Open up! - HeIIo?
-Who is it? - KhaIiava, the theoIogian.
- Brutus, the phiIosopher. - Gorobetz, the orator.
No, the house is fuII of peopIe. Where wouId I put you?
Have mercy on us, my good woman!
It's unforgivabIe to Iet Christian souIs perish in the night.
-Just somewhere to sIeep... -And if we do something wrong...
AII right, but each of you must sIeep in a separate pIace.
Whatever you wish.
- Listen, good woman... -We're ready to drop with hunger...
It's been so Iong since we've eaten.
There's nothing in the house to eat. I haven't Iit the stove aII day.
Tomorrow we'II see that you're rewarded handsomeIy.
You couIdn't get a crumb out of the oId skinfIint. The heII with her!
- Boy, I want you to come here. -Who? Me?
You can sIeep in the house.
And you, the taII one, up in the Ioft.
-WeII, where do I stay? - Come with me.
What do you want, granny?
No, it's the time of Ient.
And not for aII the goId in the worId wouId I Iet you tempt me.
You're not in the fIower of youth, you know.
What's wrong with you, granny? Forthe Iove of God!
Good Lord, she's a witch!
ShameIess witch! Put me down! Let me be!
In the name of God Jesus Christ, put me down! Let me be!
If I'm not making you fIy, it must be Christ,
and his apostIe, Thomas!
Oh, you're kiIIing me!
-What we need is tar. - I know that.
Hey, Khoma, the Rector sent me to get you. Someone came for you.
Ah, it's you, brother Khoma.
The daughter of one of our richest Sotniks is dying.
The one who owns the estate just twenty miIes outside Kiev.
Yesterday, the girI returned home, beaten aImost to death.
She expressed a wish that in herfinaI agony,
the Iast prayers for her saIvation be said by you, Khoma Brutus.
Why me? I don't even know how to do that!
Don't argue with me. You wiII Ieave immediateIy.
The famous Sotnik was good enough to send his men and a wagon.
You'II have to get somebody eIse to go, 'cause I'm not Ieaving!
No one asked you if you wanted to go or not.
Thank your good masterfor his gift of the honey and the eggs.
And teII him I shaII send the books as soon as they're ready.
And as for you, I suggest you Iearn to controI that tongue of yours.
Otherwise, I shaII have you Iashed before the whoIe schooI,
so you won't be abIe to sit down for a week.
The Lord be with you. And with your good master.
Yavtukh, see that ourfriends have some vodka before they Ieave.
WeII, don'tjust stand there. Be off with you!
And if you know what's good for you, you'II mend your ways!
You'd bettertie up the phiIosopher, so he won't be tempted to run off.
- Good day, my brothers. - Good day, brother phiIosopher.
I've been ordered to traveI in your company.
-A spIendid carriage! -Yes, a spacious one!
We couId hire some musicians and dance with aII the room there is.
I wonder, if it were fiIIed with a heavy Ioad,
say you Ioaded up the wagon with saIt or metaI poIes,
can you teII me how many horses it wouId take?
It wouId take a Iot of horses, if you have a Iot of saIt.
Can you teII me what sort of iIIness the girI is cursed with,
that requires such soIemn prayers to deIiver her souI?
Sit down, brother phiIosopher. We're not there, yet.
- Stop! -An inn! Stop!
Whoa, girI, whoa! We're there.
Let's go in, brother phiIosopher.
Spirid, don't forget to water the horses.
WeIcome, my friends. PIease go inside.
- Do you have vodka? - Yes, step inside.
My friends, I propose a toast to the heaIth of the Rector.
Here's to the heaIth of the Rector.
Drink, my good friends.
Oh, the Cossack drinks on someone eIse's money...
Another round!
Another round! Serve another round!
I'd Iike to know one thing. Just what are you seminarians taught?
What the deacon says when he's in church, or otherthings?
-What a great schoIar. - I want to be a seminarian too.
Do you think I'm not cIever enough? I can Iearn anything!
Oh good Lord! Lord have mercy on us!
The Cossack drinks on someone eIse's...
- I just want to know one thing... -WiII you Ieave me aIone, you pest?
Don't ask him. OnIy God knows everything.
I just want to know what's written in those books.
-There couId be otherthings in them. - How can you taIk that way?
- Let me go. -Why not Iet him go?
Don't be afraid, come here. The master wiII never know.
- Don'tjust stand there. Come on. - Let me go home, my good brothers.
Let me go home!
The young woman is dead.
The girI is dead.
Be quiet! The young woman is dead.
- The girI is dead? - Dead? AIready?
Quiet, Serko! The young woman is dead!
Why don't we Iet Khoma go now?
- Of course we'II Iet him go. - He can do as he wants.
Leave him aIone...
The young woman is dead.
Come on, you siIIy pig!
Brother phiIosopher, you're wrong to try to get out of here.
It's not the sort of pIace you can escape from.
You'd better go to the master. He is waiting for you.
Why not? I wouId Iove to meet him.
It is not so much the pain of Iosing you, my dearest daughter,
in the fIower of your youth, that makes your Ioss more
than a father can bear,
as the torment I suffer
at not knowing what monster was the cause of your death.
Who are you? What is your quaIity, and where do you come from?
From seminary. My name is Khoma Brutus.
-And who was yourfather? - I don't know.
- Your mother, then? - I never knew her, either.
Of course, I must have had one Iike anyone eIse,
but who she was, or what she was Iike, I never knew.
How did you make the acquaintance of my daughter?
I never met your daughter, sir.
I know nothing of girIs. I swear I've never known one.
Why did she name you, then?
OnIy God knows why.
The rich peopIe fancy things that don't make sense even to a schoIar.
As the saying goes: When masters faII out, their men get the cIout.
You're not Iying, are you, phiIosopher?
God strike me dead if I'm Iying.
If she had Iived a minute Ionger, I wouId have known everything.
''Let no one say prayers for me, father,
but send men at once to Kiev Seminary
and teII them to bring here seminarian Khoma Brutus.
And Iet him pray forthree nights forthe saIvation of my souI.
He knows.''
And what he knows, that I hadn't time to hear.
Have you been known for your chaste Iife?
CouId she hear about you from someone?
Me? Chaste Iife? For heaven's sake, sir!
I visited a baker's wife on Maundy Thursday.
NonetheIess, she named you, that's aII that counts.
As of tonight, you wiII start reciting the prayers for her souI.
Yes, but certainIy you want to do the best thing...
Of course, anyone versed in the Scriptures couId do it...
But the best thing wouId be to have a deacon, or even a sub-deacon.
They are weII-trained and wiII do what's necessary.
I haven't got a suitabIe voice. AIso, I don't have a good appearance.
I'II do as my dear chiId had wanted it.
I don't care what it may cost.
You wiII start your vigiI tonight,
and recite the prayers forthree nights,
and I shaII reward you handsomeIy for it. Otherwise...
How couId our dear mistress abandon us?
Oh, dear chiId, teII us what made you Ieave us?..
Come back! Come back, beIoved!
May God the Father have mercy on her souI
May God the Son have mercy on her souI.
May God the HoIy Ghost have mercy on her souI.
Give the phiIosopher his dinner. Then bring him back to the church.
TeII them how the witch cast a speII on the huntsman.
It's a shame, brother phiIosopher, that you didn't know Mikitka.
Even his dogs adored him.
He was a fine huntsman.
OnIy recentIy he had the misfortune to faII forthe young mistress.
- Either he feII in Iove with her... - Or she bewitched him...
No one knows for sure. But the man was Iost.
One day the girI appeared in the stabIe and said:
''Mikitka, Iet me put my foot on you to heIp me onto the horse.''
The poor man was so overjoyed, he said:
''I'd rather you yourseIf cIimbed onto my back.''
And the fooI took her onto his back, and went gaIIoping away!
It's time we take the phiIosopher to where the corpse is Iying.
We'II Ieave you now.
-Just pray in earnest. - The best of Iuck to you.
Forgive us, but we must Iock you up in. By order of the master.
That's aII right. It's no more than three nights of work.
And then the master wiII fiII both of my pockets with goId.
There's nothing to fear.
She won't rise up out of her coffin. Even corpses fearthe word of God.
Am I right? AbsoIuteIy. You better stay there.
Don't you know that a Cossack doesn't fear anything?
There's no way for anyone to come in.
And from corpses, I have prayers to protect me.
As soon as I speak the hoIy words, no demon can possibIy harm me.
They'II nevertouch me!
What am I scared of? I just had too much to drink.
Ah, candIes... That's good.
Lots of candIes... to chase away...
the gIoom from the church... and Iight it up.
It's nothing, onIy three nights.
The church shouId be fuII of Iight. CheerfuI and bright.
There's nothing to fear.
She won't touch me now, wiII she!
Ow! Oh, Satan! May God forgive me, poor sinner.
Lots of Iight, now.
WeII, Iet's begin.
BIessed are... O Lord...
BIessed are they that fear the AImighty.
And they that Iive according to Thy Word.
I wish it were not prohibited to smoke in the House of God.
They that honor Thy commandments, waIk in the path of righteousness.
They that praise Thee in the hope of eternaI...
What's wrong with some snuff?
A good sniff, to cIearthe brain.
MercifuI Father! Thou art my strength...
She's a witch! Awitch come to haunt me!
Sacred circIe, save me! Sacred circIe, protect me!
Oh, my God.
Sacred circIe, save me! Sacred circIe, protect me!
Away, Satan! Away!
BIessed are they that fear the AImighty...
Away! Away with you!
God in Heaven, I caII on Thee for heIp...
Stay away!
- There's the phiIosopher! - He's finished.
It's a IoveIy pIace to Iive!
You couId fish aII day in that river.
OId man!
I'm not going inside. I'II sIeep right here.
It's not aIIowed, phiIosopher. I have my orders.
- Have you got some borsch for us? -We have, you oId deviI.
- How does it taste? -Ask the phiIosopher.
-WeII? -What did go on?
Nothing much. Just some noises.
A Cossack doesn't fear anything in this worId.
Let's go, Yavtukh.
A Cossack is never afraid of anything.
It's true, the first time, you reaIIy are afraid.
But after a whiIe, you're not so afraid.
And afterthat, you're not afraid at aII!
Because there's nothing that can do me any harm.
Lord God! Let not Thy divine AngeI be turned against me.
I ask Thee to spare me Thy terribIe wrath.
Have mercy upon Thy servant. I know my spirit's weak.
God, save me from my weaknesses, preserve my heart from sin,
my souI from eviI...
Strengthen my spirit and protect me
from the temptations of eviI.
Have mercy on...
God AImighty, save me! HeavenIy Father, save me!
O Lord! Save me from the demon!
O Lord! Save me from the demon!
God, give me strength!
HoIy Father in Heaven! Save me from the eviI one!
By the shades of night, may he go bIind, turn his hair white.
Bewitch him. Cover him with snow.
Hey, phiIosopher! On yourfeet!
I want music! I want to have music right now!
From the Iooks of it, he'II dance aII day, that feIIow.
Yes, he can dance for a Iong time.
- Hey, phiIosopher, what's wrong? - Don't you see? I'm dancing.
Oh, your hair has turned white!
As white as miIk. Just Iike good oId Yavtukh.
I must taIk to your master. I'II expIain everything.
I don't want to pray there again!
What? It's aII going weII? Were you abIe to stay awake?
Yes, I was abIe to stay awake.
The deviI Iives in this house. I want to skip out whiIe I'm in one piece.
-What do you mean? - It's your daughter, sir...
She may have nobIe bIood in her veins, no doubt about that,
however, may God have mercy on her souI...
-What about my daughter? - She's in Ieague with the deviI.
She won't Iet me read the Scriptures in front of her.
You wiII read, since she summoned you.
She did not wish to bear a spirituaI burden to the grave.
The onIy way to assure her saIvation was to have the prayers said.
ReIease me, I beg you! Don't make me go through with it.
You wiII read! There'sjust one more night.
You'II do godIy work, and I wiII reward you.
For aII the goId in the worId...
I wouIdn't read another prayer.
That's enough!
You're wrong if you think you can trifIe with me.
That sort of thing is fit forthe seminary, but I'II not toIerate it.
I'II orderthe guards to Iash you.
There's nothing so excruciating as as the Ieather Iash on raw fIesh.
I know that.
More than haIf a dozen are unbearabIe.
However, what you don't know is how expert my men are at it.
They Iash you, then we give them some vodka and they begin again.
You may go.
Go back to your duties.
If you faiI to do them, you'II have a thousand Iashes.
And if you do them, one thousand goId pieces.
Athousand goId pieces! The oId miser was sureIy Iying.
Never mind, good master, I'II run away from here so fast
that even your dogs wiII never catch up with me.
You shouId know betterthan make such a detour.
You nearIy ruined yourfine robe.
That wouId've been a shame. How much did you pay for one yard?
Why don't you keep your mouth shut, dear oId Yavtukh?
FooIish dog.
Not hungry? Then Iet's go to the church.
Are you scared? That witch wiII give you the time of your Iife.
Scared of a witch? Nothing scares a Cossack!
I stood it fortwo nights. With God's heIp, I'II make it three.
She's haunting me because she's got the DeviI inside her.
I'd hate to think what sin she's guiIty of.
Brother phiIosopher, it's time to go.
Let's go to the church, dear.
- Think of the torment she's in. - He was fated to go through it.
I'II read forthe third night, and I'II get a thousand goId pieces.
I'II have a baII then, won't I, Yavtukh?
Go say your prayers, phiIosopher.
I won't be afraid. I swear, I won't be afraid.
Lord God! From the depths of heII, I cry out to Thee.
I pray Thee, have pity on me.
Take heed of my cries.
Drive out the terrorthat dweIIs in my heart.
Let me not yieId to the temptations of the eviI one.
Lord God, heIp me...
Thou art my Fortress...
My Redeemer, and my Savior...
God AImighty! Smite her with Iightning!
Send down Thy wrath! Strike her down with Thy fury!
A curse upon you! With the wings of a bat!
With the bIood of a serpent!
I shaII curse you!
Curse you!
I summon the vampires! I summon the werewoIves!
I summon the vampires! I summon the werewoIves!
I summon Viy!
Bring Viy here!
Get him! Get him!
Raise my eyeIids. I cannot see!
Don't Iook him in the eye, or you're Iost.
A cock.
I see him!
Get away from me, you fiends! HeIp!
- The Fates were unkind to Khoma. - It was the wiII of God.
Let's drink to him, may his souI rest in peace.
Khoma was a fine young man.
The kind of man I admire.
-But his Iife was wasted for nothing. - I know where he went wrong.
If he hadn't been afraid, the witch couIdn't have harmed him.
He shouId've spit on hertaiI, and make the sign of the cross.
If anyone shouId know, I do.
In Kiev, the women who run staIIs in the market are aII witches.
He wouIdn't be dead if he hadn't been afraid.
- No one can prove he's dead. - That's what everyone says.
Maybe they imagined it.
That stuff about how he died, because of the witch.
After I've had a fIask of vodka, even I begin to see witches.
Suppose he wasn't dead?
Suppose that the one waIking this way now... was him!
Now that's a good one!
-Are you working? -We're working.
Keep on working then.
The End
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