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Sister Viridiana!
Your uncle wrote. He cannot come to your profession.
Very well, Mother.
You don't seem to care.
I saw him only once, ten years ago.
Still, he invites you at his place.
I had rather not go out, Mother.
I think that he isn't very well.
He is your only parent. You should bid him farewell.
Before taking your vows.
But he never took care of me.
He paid for your studies, he has just sent your dowry.
It is huge.
I wish i'd never see the outside world again.
But if you order me to do so...
You will be recluse soon .
You can leave tomorrow then.
Your belongings for the trip are in your cell.
Try to show him some affection.
Stop it, now.
Do you like this rope?
Yes, it has handles.
Go now, play.
Leave it!
- Hello! - How do you do?
Welcome, Miss! I am Ramona, the maidservant.
Nice to meet you.
Excuse Me.
- How do you do? - Fine, fine.
The bus was delayed, no? Did you have a nice trip?
First rate.
it's so beautiful here... So calm...
That will remind you of the convent.
how long will you stay?
I have been granted only a few days.
Were those hard to get?
Not at all. The mother superior actually forced me to come.
Then you didn't feel like seeing me?
To tell the truth, not really.
I do not know how to lie.
I Have gratitude for you, but nothing more...
No human warmth.
None at all.
You're right. Solitude has made me selfish.
And now it is too late, isn't it?
Yes, too late.
Your fields are neglected, uncle.
It took twenty years for the scrub to overgrown them all.
The spiders proliferate too, except on the first floor.
I hardly go out.
it is true!
When he goes out, he makes me jump.
Come on, little one!
Who is it?
My maindservant's daughter.
A wild child.
You look so much like yout aunt! The same gait...
You said that to me already.
Unbelievable! Even your voice...
She made her bed on the floor, mister.
She has some sort of thorns in her suitcase.
A night shirt in crude lin. I bet it's scratching.
So fine a skin...
Go, you can withdraw now.
Yes, Sir.
Good night.
- Hello, Moncho. - Hello.
Hello, Rita. Will you behave today?
I will.
Would you bother giving some to me?
No, madam.
it is difficult?
Not at all.
Try it!
I would't know.
Sit down.
Pull strongly!
- Hold tight! - Shut up!
Grab firmly.
Don Jaime does it very well!
- Go away! - No!
Collect these buckets that drag there!
Don't be afraid.
Shall i guide you? Come on, pull!
I can't.
I saw you in your shirt!
Yes, I saw you.
She's a liar.
her hairpins toppled all over the floor
and she collected them.
Where were you?
On the terrace.
it's bad to spy.
- Will you come to the hen house? - I don't feel like going.
Hello, uncle.
- You are up early today! - I take advantage of your presence.
I'll bake you a cake.
You spoil me too much. What shall I become when you leave?
Isn't that what you wanted?
What do you mean?
Nothing. I meant nothing...
Don't you trust me? Speak...
Allright, I don't like to hide things.
Is It true that you have a son?
How do you know?
My mother told me.
So it's true?
Yes, it is true.
What do you know about life? You cannot understand.
You should have taken care of this child.
His mother wanted to keep it. An humble woman.
I was in love with your aunt. I should have told her.
I kept it a secret, for fear of loosing her.
What about the poor innocent?
It will not be forgotten!
You find me monstrous?
No, my uncle, life is so sad.
That poor thing was going to drown itself.
who's there?
Is she up?
She has been for hours. I must prepare her things.
Her last day here.
I will not see her again.
Ask her to stay a little longer.
She won't, that ungrateful one.
Sometimes I could batter her...
As soon as someone speaks about the convent, she becomes...
Ramona, come closer.
Sit down.
I need you.
At your service...
Let me remove that. Sit down.
Will you sit down!
You like me, do you?
Of course, Sir.
You took care of us.
Good, good, let's not speak about that.
What would you be willing to do for me?
All what you'd ask of me.
Then speak to her.
A women to women chat.
Tries to convince her to stay two, or three days.
You are a good person, Ramona. Speak to her.
No need to say that if you succeeded,
I will not forget about you, and your girl .
She cares little for a servant's opinion.
of course, but something must be made.
Find something
and I will help you with all my heart.
In this furniture, on the top,
there is a small blue phial without any label.
It contains white pills.
This one?
Put It there. Go back to your work. I'll let you know.
I never knew how to do that.
Last night, You should have awaken me.
it is dangerous.
Nonsense. last time, years ago,
someone slapped me,
and see, I am still alive.
But there are ashes on your bed...
It is not that weird.
Just some sleepwalker habit...
Ashes are a sign of penitence...
and of death.
Penitence for you, who shall become a nun,
dead for me, for i am much older.
Tomorrow, I will go with you in the village.
This evening, we will say good bye to each other.
As you wish.
I want you to grant me an innocent wish.
There is nothing i can refuse you.
Then... will you do it?
Yes. Order me.
Just a moment...
How stupid.
I do not dare to ask.
You are wierd.
When I asked you, you got upset.
And now you fill me with happiness.
Thank-you, my girl.
I do not like masquerades
but I gave in to your whim.
This is not or a masquerade or a whim.
I will entrust a secret to you.
Your aunt died in my arms, the night of our wedding
wearing this dress.
You look so much like her...
You must take me for a fool.
I am happy to please you
for I see now that you are a good man...
If only you knew...
As a young man, I was full of ideals.
I wanted to accomplish great things,
to prove my love for mankind.
But as soon as I tried it,
I dreaded beeing mocked, the ridicule
and I retired into my shell.
Are you a coward?
facing a true danger, I do not tremble.
I have checked it.
On the other hand, the visit of an stranger
is a great cause a concern to me.
I like to look at you...
Comes, let us be sitted.
I do not leave you without any regrets.
It is only up to you to stay.
It is my fault.
If I had paid you visits, invited you here for holidays,
Everything would be different.
-Maybe... - I have an idea.
If I was asking you...
Well, if I was saying to you that...
I can't.
He wants to marry you, miss.
Excuse Me, Sir, but since you didn't dare to ask...
He likes you a lot, he deserves it, He is such a good man...
Are you serious?
I want to keep you by my side.
You have lost your mind.
I was so happy... You ruined everthing.
I am going in my room.
Forgive Me. Stay with me a little longer.
Promise me you won't bear a grudge against me.
I won't bother you anymore.
I'll put music, we'll drink coffee.
there you go!
That should do you some good.
Why are you crying?
I'm scared.
Don't make a fuss! To bed!
- A black bull came. - A black bull...
- It is very big... - Very?
Yes, very big.
larger than the door...
And how did it get here, silly?
through the closet.
You liar. Leave me alone!
I'm scared.
Well! Call for your mother, if you have nightmares.
Go away, you're getting on my nerves.
You seem exhausted.
You should go to bed.
don't have a poor opinion of me.
I do it to keep her close to me.
Ramona, go away.
What are you doing here?
Don Jaime kissed her.
Well yes, she's his niece. I do kiss you as well.
You should be in bed.
- I saw a bull. - Shut up!
Come on, I will put you to bed.
I am thirsty.
How are you feeling?
I have a headache.
It's nothing, it will pass.
What happened to me?
Yesterday evening, you passed out.
We had to carry you.
Was i asleep for a long time?
Yes, do not worry.
Give me some water.
Leave Us!
Go away!
I beg you... I have to leave...
You cannot anymore.
You promised me not to talk about that anymore.
An old hermit and a girl devoting herself to God:
Are we that different?
Why don't you shut up!
Let me get dressed.
For you, I forgot everything, even the love of my life.
Leave! Stand up!
You drove me crazy.
I believed that you would accept my proposal.
It is time for you to leave.
I had to force you.
So i was able to hold you in my arms.
You are lying!
while you were sleeping, last tonight, you've been mine.
You cannot return to the convent.
You are not the same anymore.
You will have to stay with me.
Everything i have is yours.
If in spite of everthing, you still refuse to marry me,
your presence at my side will be enough for me.
Think about it, take some time.
Leave Me alone!
She glanced at me in such a way. She hates me.
I have made a big mistake.
Nothing will make her stay.
Speak to her again. Explain her a little better.
So she can glare at me again?
I cannot.
But you, you can persuade her.
Tell her I lied, that I did not insult her honour.
I just intended to.
I spent the night thinking,
I made that up to dissuade her from leaving.
Tell her so.
Tell her. Go!
Sir, come!
Let me through.
First, you must listen to me.
I have heard enough.
I lied to you. I did not want you to leave.
I outraged you in my mind only...
I cannot bear the thought of you leaving this place hating me.
Tell me you believe me.
You disgust me, even if you what you said is true.
Then... You do not forgive me?
You, do you believe me?
Yes, Sir.
Do not lie. You do not believe me.
All this is so strange...
Good, Good, my girl...
I just missed, but you'll see.
Can you do it?
Oh, it goes high!
Leave me alone!
If I had not dropped it...
The car is ready, Miss.
The suitcase.
- How do you do? - What's the matter?
You have to stay.
A great misfortune has arrived.
Come with Me.
He's here.
It's mine!
Beware, if you do not respect the dead.
don't play under this tree.
Don Jaime liked it very much.
IF anything bad happends, it will be your fault!
Won't you eat something. There, milk.
This evening, I will bring you some meat.
You don't look very well.
The maire took care of you,
so go to the village.
You need to meet some people.
You have a visitor, madam.
Leaves Us, Ramona.
Hello! You didn't expect me...
You must have suffered, my child.
I was worrying.
We heard the news yesterday.
We were worried.
I took the first train with Mother Consuelo.
Why didn' you write? I would have come immediately.
I had so much to think about...
You should have warned me.
At the village, the priest told me
how it happened.
Why such a crime against the Lord?
do you know why?
My uncle was a great sinner, but I am also guilty
of his death.
what did you say?
You, responsable for a suicide?
I am your Superior, so I demand that you confess it all to me.
I won't return to the convent.
I don't owe you obedience anymore.
Do you have serious reasons?
It must be it, for that it gets in the way of your vocation.
I don't blame myself.
I simply changed.
Though i am weak, I will follow the way of the Lord.
Such pride in your words!
What will you do with your time?
I know my weakness, I will try to remain humble.
But the little that I will do, I want to do it alone.
Very well.
Since you won't let me help you, I am leaving.
I'm sorry i have disturbed you. *** Farewell, my girl.
Forgive Me.
You are forgiven.
Is she coming?
She made the sign of the cross, but she won't get up.
what a prayer wheel!
I heard that she intended to give money to us.
Kind souls! Have mercy on the blind!
charity for a poor crippled blind person.
Be charitable!
there she is!
It is over, for you, sitting around like that,
Beeing molested by the childrens.
Give her to me! In my arms, pretty!
Are You ready?
Whenever you want.
Then let's go!
You look like an angel. Too bad you can't see her.
Spare me your compliments. I do not like that.
here they are!
- are You the last ones? - Yes, miss.
Fine then, follow me!
What a stange man!
I would have liked to meet him.
Nonsense, he was an egoist!
Especially towards you.
I am not angry at him.
Love doesn't always last, it's rather common.
I wonder why he finaly decided to recognize me legally.
Mister was very good. Better than anyone knew.
Why did he kill himself?
I don't know.
It is not healthy for one to be always alone.
Am I like him?
Come on! You always look for company.
- what do you mean? - Well, you know...
Please, do not play...
Mister spent most of his time playing.
We would devoutly listened to him.
Allow me, I am bringing the other suitcase.
The air is pure, here.
And behind these pines, the earth is dry, in fallow land!
there is a lot of work to do.
And no one to order me.
- Aren't you happy? - Yes.
But I would have prefered not to come.
It is huge!
Good for us. How many floors?
- Many windows? - Many!
balconies and two great church towers.
So it is a respectable house.
Did you repair the windows?
Yes, they close well now. The blankets are ready.
Show Them the rooms.
She is the embodiment of kindness!
Yes, but she's a little crazy.
men an one side, women on the other.
We we'll have our meals together.
Tomorrow, we"ll dress you up.
- Miss! - Jorge?
Jorge, Don Jaime's son.
The notary wrote to me. I was waiting for you.
Here is Lucía, a nice girl.
- what's your name? - hands off!
Or You'll sleep in the farmyard!
Let's go!
If I catch one of you nosing about,
you'll have to deal with me.
We are poor, but worthy, my old one.
I am not the brother of a bum.
Good heavens! Even the servants think highly of themselves, here.
I'll smash your face in!
What's the matter, Moncho?
This lousy one is trying to pick a quarrel with me.
- Lousy yourself! - Come on!
The hell with your bigotry!
- Behave yourself! - fucking cripple!
Calm down! Come back! Show him the way, Moncho.
Leave her.
What have i done to you?
Come on now,that's enough!
If you want to stay here You'll have to behave yourself,
be more humble.
Really? Then, Good bye.
It is only because I am poor...
Never before have i walked that much .
It relaxed me.
Let me do it.
I didn't get him used to it properly.
You can take away the bowl.
Dinner is ready.
- What's wrong? - Nothing.
- Are you in a bad mood? - This Viridiana is getting on my nerves.
- She's insane. - A religious bigot, yes!
As soon as she only minds her own business...
In fact, you'd like
her to take care of you.
Good God!
Look what you did!
Ah, Ramona!
Quick, go get something to clean that up.
This girl is becoming more and more foolish.
at last!
I think i'm gonna have some more...
Pass Me the bread.
there you go!
before being hard up, I was selling pigs.
Damn i was honest!
I was told you spent your life in an hospice.
- Say that again! - he's a real handfull.
Do you know what MR. Zequiel told me yesterday?
"When it itches him, how does he do
to scratch itself, since he's blind?"
Tell Him that it is his mother that comes to scratch me.
Eat and shut up!
Good old Poca! But i like you, Amalio.
- good evening! - Good evening, miss!
Come in, Come in...
Sit down here.
And you, there.
Here are our new companions.
You must be hungry...
God bless you!
Did you enjoy your meal?
With all due respect respect to our holy benefactress,
these green beans are sourish.
- What does that mean? - Sour!
No at all, they are fine!
I believe you, Don Zequiel.
We shall find a solution to that tomorrow.
I have good news:
tomorrow, everybody works!
Don't panic.
Everyone shall work according to his strengh and preferences.
Some entertainment and exercise.
Unlike others, I know to cook.
I usually cook rosted meat and custard cream...
I made some, last year...
Very good...
...I cooked them a dish made of croutons and chorizo...
You can help me to keep the accounts.
I know how to paint ex-voto.
I knew how to write, but due to this calamity, I forgot.
I know to do wave baskets, but these rheumatisms...
- And what about you, Manual? - I do know how to make people laugh.
All right, but I don't want people to laugh at your expense.
And i can do some gardening. Ask the priest.
Believe Me, you won't be short of things to do.
it's disgusting!
Let me see.
Get him out, miss.
have him leave the place.
Show Me.
These are varicose veins i didn't cure.
Is it contagious?
At the hospital, They told me it was not.
He's lying, miss, I know him.
This is not leprosy!
I will take you to a doctor.
it is mild.
Treat him like a sick brother.
Pity his misfortune.
Now, finish dinner.
At eight o clock, everyone is to go to bed.
You will show the rooms to the new ones.
Good night to you all.
Good night, Miss.
Go away or I'll beat the shit out of you.
You have no rights to drive me out.
Miss said I could stay.
Kill him if he doesn't leave!
calm down, friends.
They are going to expel us.
get rid of this scumbag!
I'm going out.
Fine, but I won't leave the property.
Give Me something for tomorrow.
I will meet you tonight.
No, what about the little ones.
Leave Them to Refugio.
Non, they are screaming. And there is a new one too.
tomorrow then, in the fields...
Pass Me the salt.
Who is it?
You scared me.
It is high time we spoke.
Is it so urgent?
Yes. For once you are not
with your poors, or praying...
I can never find you.
So what is it about?
I want to install electricity.
The posts are installed, but we still live in middle age times!
I want to do renovations.
And I can't bear to see the fields in fallow land anymore.
- These are mathers i know nothing about. - But what is your opinion?
Do for the better.
- Is that all? - No, far from it.
It is stupid to live under the same roof,
and not knowing anything about one another.
Then what do you know about me?
That you once worked with an architect.
And what about my experience with my mother?
If my father had taken care of us, I would be an architect now.
How can you live that way, so lonely?
I am not married, like you are.
I am not married.
I do not need to be blessed to live with a woman.
I see that you...
Well, I am leaving you.
Next time, knock and wait for my answer.
If i use too much yellow, it gives a sick air.
I have cramps.
I'm almost done.
I have the fidgets.
You sure know how to get rid of it...!
You look awfull here.
don't listen to him.
I didn't expect to look like the Virgin Mary anyway!
You're unseless, except in a bed. As for a Virgin, I prefer Miss.
Yes, you are so pretty. I'm hurring up.
This ex-voto shall be dedicated to the Virgin of the deprived.
You seem to worship the Virgin.
Well, every one of us has its beliefs...
With all this misery, this calamity,
if I didn't have faith...
Did you sleep well, miss?
Very well.
God bless us...
When will you have your baby?
Well, so i can warn the doctor!
I don't know. In four months maybe. But I am not sure.
She is not even sure of the father.
She says it was too dark...
No need to let everyone know about it!
Shut your trap! Speak decently in front of our holy guardian,
a young decent woman.
I feel pity for you.
Do You have any other children?
No, miss. It is the first one.
- We are on our way to the village. - With your permission.
Get some patates, bacon and rice.
Wait, do not dawdle on the way like yesterday.
Could you buy tobacco?
tobacco makes him sick...makes him spit too.
The cigarette buts, i mean.
I'll tell you what makes me sick sick, you...
Buy some tobacco. I'll distribute it.
Thank-you, Miss.
Come and have a look at the painting.
Very well.
Thank-you. the eye is missing.
It doesn't matter.I like it.
- how much? - Fifteen meters.
Fifteen by seven?
That's good.
Thanks a lot. Be seeing you!
At your service.
That dog can't take anymore.
You can make it climb, now.
Well, that way it doesn't disturb anyone!
Untie It, it will follow you!
And if a car runs it over?
I'll buy it then.
It catches rabbits.
It knows it. If it doesn't hunt, it won't eat.
how much?
Well... as you please.
Come on, untie it!
Thank-you and come what may.
Let's go!
the less it eats, the more it hunts.
- what is its name? - Canelo.
Where are you going? Come here, Canelo!
come here!
Come on, don't be afraid.
What are you going to plant?
After letting the land lie fallow for so long, a good fertilizer...
and anything will grow.
It is a good land to grow wheat. And corn too.
- And what about the orchards? - It's rich land!
An apparition!
Are you coming to check around?
I am useless in those matters.
These lands are my favourite.
Things are going to change.
And if you help me, it will go even faster.
What are you doing here? Scram!
Leave him alone!
You won't achieve much with them.
That's old fashion now, all of it. Get rid of them.
Do they disturb you?
Very much.
Especially for you.
It's like a drop of water in the sea anyway.
I am a realist person.
I want to create an hospice to bring shelter to the poor.
place to sleep, meals and human warmth.
And this'll be your life?
I am not sure yet.
I went through a great shock. I am only begining to recover.
I might go back to the convent.
Stay away!
You lout!
Don't you have any pity?
I don't know. Ask him.
Demons! He disgust them so much,
they make him carry that thing so they can spot him more easily.
I will tell you where to amble along, until you recover.
The weather is so nice... So i am having a walk!
How do you do?
better and better, or so it seems.
Stretch your arm.
The doctor told me it was going to be long.
But with God's help, we'll get rid of it.
It is all about wind. God punished me
for having been with a woman on a very windy day.
You are the first Saint I have meet.
Are you parents still alive?
Parents are useless!
- Shut up! - That's the truth.
Don't listen to that nasty guy.
He wants you to catch his disease.
At church, he puts his arm in the stoup
"Let's hope they catch it, those females!"
The priest doesn't let him come inside anymore.
Just you wait, Bloody liar!
- wait! - Fucking liar!
Ask the priest.
Go with the others, and don't come back!
And you will have to learn to deal with your anger.
I got it from my grandfather.
wake Me up, tomorrow morning.
What will you do?
What I always do, but earlier.
Beautiful knife!
What a Beauty!
You are happy?
It's not forbidden, is it?
You, on the other hand...
I get bored, lonely all day long. I have nothing to do.
But there is plenty to do, here.
Come closer and listen.
So, what do you say?
Do you like your cousin?
She is not my cousin.
Who cares, you like her anyway.
I knew i shoudn't have come.
I should leave right away.
Good. We 'll talk about it some other times.
How do you set this watch?
I'd better leave tomorrow.
Don't be a fool.
Why the rush?
See, you don't care.
That's life.
It brings some together and separates others.
You can't do anything about it.
Don't cry, Lucía.
Come on!
What a strange idea!
Where did he found that?
Ramon, wait!
Shall we do another travel?
Not me, don Jorge. It is six o'clock.
Hurry up and finish, guys!
When do you leave?
Tonight, but I'll come back tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
The angelus!
The lord's Angel announced to Mary... she conceived by the Holy Spirit.
Hail Mary, full of grace,
the Lord is with thee
Mary, Mother of God,
Blessed art thou amongst women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus
Holy Mary
Mother of God
the lord is with you
pray for us sinners
now and at the hour of our death, Amen.
Goodbye Sir.
See you tomorrow.
Are they going to do some roadwork here?
We won't disturb you.
I'll see you tomorrow morning, at the notary's place. The car will be there.
I will be ready.
Will you stay here any longer?
Yes, why?
You can come back to live in the big house.
I am alone, I can settle anywhere.
What about your girlfriend?
will she come back?
Why do people leave one another?
I'am certainly not the right person to talk about that.
I could frighten a bigot like you.
you're leaving then?
Well yes!
How can i make you stay?
You don't like the compagny of the poors.
What are you going to do?
He's going to come to live with me.
As you wish...
I am sorry about that.
Thanks for everything, Moncho. God Bless you!
of course!
Here are the lacking furnitures.
They are in a such a poor condition!
Weird guy, my father!
I think he has never set foot in here before.
What about in here?
old curtains and hangings.
there must be nests of rats.
Tell Me: you spend seven years serving my father...
Did he ever speak about me?
I don't remember.
But he loved you, that's for sure.
Otherwise, you would't be here.
The chairs are alright.
If we cover that one, varnish it,
and it will be perfect.
And these bags?
I do not know.
They've always been there.
Plaster! It's absurd.
It can still be used.
And there?
Tomorrow, tell the foreman
to come and get them.
What's the matter?
Why do look at me like that?
You know what, Ramona?
If you tided up yourself a little, you could be pretty.
Small teeth, fleshy lips.
What else could a man want?
What about sitting here for a moment...
Are we leaving?
Don Jorge is expecting you at 4 h at the notary.
You are reliable, I'm counting on you: keep an eye on them.
Don't worry, I will.
Do You want anything else?
Bring Me a flute. I want to learn music.
They are going to hurt me.
You will survive!
let's Go!
Have a good trip, miss!
Get in!
Shut up!
Damned kid!
- I am not going to kill them! - Considering what they are going through...
They would be better in paradise.
Put her in the sunlight, with her sister.
They left.
And now we are going to guzzle two roasted lambs!
What do you say about that?
Well if that it is suitable regarding the house...
And the girl?
She won't know anything about it.
If you insist...
It takes four hours.
We have plenty of time!
And what about that famous custard cream of yours?
Why noy.
Fine, go get me eggs and milk.
I am taking care of the lambs.
Well! We are alone.
- So? - Don't bother to work.
Shut up.
You hide your schemes well.
I am the one in charge instead of Miss. I don't want any fuss in here.
I'am talking to you...
Why is the old fogey suspecting me?
MR. Zequiel, Refugio, come here!
Bloody women! How did you get in?
through a window.
Where are you going?
Come and take a look, there are treasures in here.
We are just having a look...
But do not touch anything!
You southern dove. You are wounded!
What is your name?
There you go!
- Go away! - Or I'll break your neck.
I hope you'll catch my desease!
This lady that looks like our Miss,
She was the women of that guy, the one that hung himself.
Hang himself! Where do they get such ideas!
Beeing that well off ...
It is because of asthma. Old rich bastards always get it.
How luxurious!
Good God, Jesus, Marry, Joseph!
What a superb tablecloth!
Come on, let's display it!
That must be awfully expensive! At least a hundred box, no?
more than a thousand, you idiot. This is French lace.
Stop, we're going to damage it.
We are not doing anything wrong.
Smoking mister's tobacco, that's worse.
MR. Zequiel is right.
What if the servants arrive and catch us...
They're only coming back tomorrow. The driver said so.
I won't die before having eaten on such fine a tablecloth!
Don Zequiel, damn you!
Swearing brings bad luck.
Don't worry, we'll wash it all.
Pass me the bottle!
Tell us, Don Amalio...
Too much squawking in here! We cannot hear one another!
Guess, guess, who is the bird that...
Let Don Amalio speak!
Please, tell us MR. Amalio...
The both of us were begging under the porches.
Only near loaded churches.
And some women...
passed by and we could smell their perfumes.
That's too bad: beeing able to smell but not to touch.
But since then, you don't get along anymore...
Shut your mouth! Another question!
Tell us more.
Well, he began to rob the suckers from the church.
with a knife.
How you knew about it?
Yes, because of the noise of the coins.
that day, we didn't get anything.
Do you know what i did?
I denounced him!
Because he refused to share,
You sneak!
Well, the judges thanked me.
One of them, he said i was...
What was it?
Scumbag, Grass, That's what I would have called you!
"Civic", this was it. "Civic", there you have it.
To this fine bunch!
Fucking kid!
Just you wait. You better shut up!
What did you expect?
Why the fuck are you crying?
Don't touch my girls.
They're getting on my nerves!
I'll smash your face, i will.
Don't touch me, you disgusting slob!
That's allright now, leave her alone.
Stop it!
Let me go, Don Amalio!
Leave her alone!
Don't mind her. Education first!
At your place!
My custard cream.
Hands off, you thief!
I won't forget that! I swear it!
Let me go!
- Enedina... - Yes, What?
Enedina will take a picture, as a souvenir.
With what?
A camera my parents offered me.
Move to the other side!
Stand still.
When I say "Now!", no one is to move anymore.
Come on, faster, faster!
Refugio, your hairs! Get them off your face!
Answer my riddle!
Which is the bird that lays in the barn?
The hen!
Don't move.
Look at this one! He sleeps right on the table.
Enjoy the cream!
You have a good taste, Enedina.
This is not Enedina!
Southern Dove...
Enedina! Come and have a look!
There you are, drink.
Here, Enedina.
- Back there, behind. - What is it?
Lean forward so you can see.
Look at that. What a shame!
Let Me go!
Let Them fool around.
It strengthen friendship.
You, You are drunk!
- Don Amalio. - What is it?
- Enedina and Paco. - Yes, what about them?
They are "gathering mushrooms" behind the couch.
- Which couch? - That one.
Lead the way!
Lead the way!
Let me find the bastard!
Lead the way, I'm gonna kill that scumbag.
He ruined the party.
Holy Mother of God! What are we going do?
let's Leave before trouble comes.
You're right, we'd better be seen at the village.
If he was my man i would understand. But he's not really...
You're right.
And now, everybody, clear off!
Good night! He is a little sick.
Good night, Don Jorge. We were about to leave.
Weren't you supposed to come back tomorrow?
I see Don Jorge, i must be dreaming.
Beat it!
Bless be the good masters of this house...
for they have given shelter to a poor blind one.
may God bless them for that!
Did you hear that?
Get out!
Come on, out!
Don't be afraid,
I won't harm you.
I got him! I got him!
Oh my God! What have you done?
He got what he deserved.
But why? Why?
No need to cry.
You lose one man, you get ten of them!
Let Me go!
Jose! Stop him!
Don't be afraid. We are decent people.
Let's warn the people of the village.
They won't go very far.
Get in, Rita.
Give up. It was going to happen for you, sooner or later...
Come closer!
I hope i am next.
Come here!
If you help me, i'll make you a rich man.
Me, rich? You're pulling my leg!
there is plenty of money in this house.
If I were to betray you, you could kill me.
Forget it then, if you don't believe me.
kill him! You'll be well paid.
Where is the money?
You kill him first.
thousands of pesetas...
Kill him, you idiot!
There you go, you scumbag!
Where is the money?
Here, in the closet.
It's open.
On the top shelf.
Under the linen.
Up there.
Let's go!
The switch goes in the living room, here.
And the plug, there.
Are you feeling any better now?
a plug for those lamps in the bottom too.
Get me a towel.
Who's there?
Where are you going? wait!
Come in!
Is there something you want to tell me?
May i help you?
Come in!
I did not expect your visit.
We were playing cards.
That's my way to have fun.
Nights are long, here. Got to find something to do.
Well, sit Down!
Stay, Ramona!
Mlle is a simple person. You won't disturb her.
Will you play, dear cousin?
Sit down!
I'm sure You'll like it.
Sit down too!
At night, everything is permitted.
Do you like this music?
It's a popular tune.
Like this.
The first time I saw you, I thought to myself:
my cousin Viridiana will end up playing cards with me.
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