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Oh, man. I can't get over|how different we look.
Maybe it's the uniforms?
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
As officers gather evidence|of the crime scene,
you can only ask, what kind of lunatic|would commit such crimes?
Three adjectives which|best describe this killer are,,,
,,sadistic, intelligent and dangerous,
Excuse me.
Do you have any idea|where you're going?
Good afternoon. May I help you?
Good afternoon. May I help you?
- What do we look for?|- His eyes.
- What do they look like?|- Like mine.
I'm just gonna do a little performance|piece with your partner.
I'll be back to do my solo with you.
One... Two.|One, two, three, four.
I could've killed you just now,|but what the hell... I love to play!
- Where's Donovan?|- Don't worry about your friend.
He's chilling out.
Come on!
Come on, copper. Pig. Flatfoot.
- What are you gonna do?|- Game over.
Here's a new composition.
This one's called,|"First suffer, then die".
- You cheated.|- You're absolutely right.
I hadn't actually finished.
Participants are receiving beyond|recommended neural information,
Neural sensor escalating,
Get them out of those|goddamn rigs right now!
- Get them down!|- Call the paramedics.
- Come on!|- We have this under control.
- Hold him! One, two...|- Just get him out!
He's going into shock.
What's wrong with that man?
The sensitivity calibrations|must've slipped just a tad.
- All clear!|- Go.
- We're losing him.|- Go ahead. Clear!
- Anything?|- We lost him.
Time is 15:27.
This is not supposed to happen.
I don't understand how|this could've happened.
- What about the fail-safes?|- They were supposed to be on-line.
They were on-line.|Of course they were.
I think somebody's been|tampering with my software.
Virtual Reality was meant to be safe|to train my law enforcement people.
That's why we're using convicts|to ferret out any glitches in the system.
I want it shut down immediately!
I don't understand.|They said this could never happen.
- You trust too much, Billy.|- Yeah.
Good to see you back in uniform,|even if it was only VR.
He cheated.
- Who?|- Sid 6.7.
Electrocution wasn't a part|of his weapons menu.
- What are you talking about?|- Methods of killing.
Automatic rifle, shotgun, handgun,|his hands, feet, teeth.
- Electrocution wasn't available.|- How do you know?
I checked the database while|everybody waited for Queen Deane.
I'll show you.
What are you doing?|Get away from that!
Hold it right there! Hey!
- I'm pressing charges.|- Easy!
Shut up!
Calm your VR ass down.
I'm trying to get you out of the hole|and you keep digging yourself back in.
- Did you bring my stuff?|- You're a damn ingrate.
I get you nine months off,|and all you can talk about is chalk.
Nine months off won't do me|any good for another 17 years.
- Chalk I can use right now.|- Yeah, but you shot the sushi chef.
You shot him eight times.|You mind telling me why?
- He wasn't real, Billy.|- You're supposed to pretend he was.
And pretend to die like Donovan?
You got a point there.
I'll give them what they want.|I'll be their guinea pig.
You take my advice as a friend.
Pull it together|or you'll pull yourself down.
- You're my only link to the outside.|- You can count on me.
- I know it.|- I'll be there on Tuesday.
Yeah. Me, too.
Step through,
Metallic limb detected,|Metallic limb detected,
Step through,
- It's the wrong door.|- Welcome back...cop.
Wait till I get you, Barnes!
Hey, killer!
You ain't no cop no more!
Motherfucker! You took Donovan|on that fucking joyride!
What? You got nothing to say?
Who wants dark meat?!
Come on!
Pick it up! Come on, pick it up!
You all see him? Huh?
I want everybody to take a good look!
I ain't going nowhere! I'm right here!
I'll get you, boy!|Come on and get me! Come on!
Sid, we're in a lot of trouble.
True genius is rarely rewarded|within its lifetime.
Sid, I know you increased|the neural sensitivity calibrations.
You murdered that prisoner.|Now they have to shut you down.
I can't change what I am, Daryl.
I'm a 50 kilobyte self-evolving|neural network.
Double back-flip off the high platform.
I'm not a swan dive,|and I have to tell you...
Killing for real...|It was a real rush.
- Oh, my God.|- Which god would that be?
The one who created you,|or the one who created me?
In your world, the Lord giveth|and the Lord taketh away.
In my world, the one who gave me life|doesn't have any balls.
You're frightfully inadequate|for a deity, Daryl.
I will not be shut down.
You can't exist without them.|We need their hardware.
- Then we'll get it.|- How?
- Sacrifice...your Queen.|- What?
I'll tell you a secret.
Mr Barnes, I'm Doctor Carter.
I was at LETAC for yesterday's|simulation test run.
- We weren't introduced.|- How are you doing?
Chief Cochran asked me to do|a psychological evaluation of you.
It might help you build a case|for sentence reduction.
I need you to be as honest as you can.
- Do you mind if I take notes?|- No.
I'd like to start by talking about the fight|here in prison yesterday.
I read the official report. I'd like to hear|your version of what happened.
I defended myself.
The guards had to pull you off|the other man. You tried to kill him.
- No. I was defending myself.|- Were you angry about LETAC?
No. I was defending myself.
But looking at your history,|someone could infer...
What? That I was angry,|that I'm violent?
You can infer that I was angry|about not making my school team.
That doesn't mean I killed the coach,|does it?
Attracted to violence as a child?
Yes. The Three Stooges... Every time|Wile E. Coyote got crushed, I...
Parker, if you don't want me|to help you, just let me know.
I knew why I was at LETAC yesterday,|but why were you there?
- You're an intriguing subject.|- Intriguing? Can I write that down?
I was doing research for a book.
I'm a criminal psychologist.|I occasionally consult for them.
How did you know Sid 6.7 would be|in the Japanese restaurant?
Smiley faces. People used to sign off|their e-mail with that.
The programmer always gives you|a clue as a game.
People don't usually die in games.
Depends upon your idea of fun,|doesn't it?
We need to talk about Matthew Grimes.
This one's for you,
He provoked you. He killed your family.|He took your arm.
- If we can prove that what you did...|- What?
Temporary insanity, isn't it?
- Just that it won't ever happen again.|- It won't ever happen again.
It can't happen again.
You see, my wife|and my daughter are dead.
Pawn to position three, Castle,
Bishop to rook seven,|Rook to pawn four,
Queen to bishop seven,
Knight to rook two,
Queen to bishop two,
Pawn to bishop five,
Hi, Clyde, What are you waiting for?
I want you to come inside, Clyde,
I'm so tired of playing alone,
Oh, man. Oh, man. She just|keeps getting better and better.
- She's interactive, Clyde.|- Very interactive,
Sheila 3.2 is collecting information|from 136 aspects of your physiology.
Your heart rate, pupil dilation,|vocal intonation, syntax...
- Any detectable tumescence.|- Oh, yeah,,,
Hey, man, let me use your gear|for a little while.
I want you, Clyde,
Queen to knight seven,
I want you inside here with me now,
Come on,,,
- Program terminated,|- I have a more productive idea.
You've been trying to|incubate a nano-tech android.
Mr Wallace thinks that my software|is the solution to your problems.
May I suggest we begin|by incubating Sheila 3.2?
Brilliant. Genius.|Grab her module and follow me.
Enacting Sid 6.7.
Reilly's right. She's one of your...|finest compositions.
- Nice.|- Yes,,,
Tight cords.
- Do you like this, Sheila?|- You know I do,
- Do you like this, Daryl?|- Come on,
Module out.
Was I bad?
- Are you gonna punish me?|- Be quiet, Sheila.
Why don't you just kill me?
Module out,
If they want to destroy you, Sid,|let them try it in the real world.
Are there any limits to|Sheila 3.2's interactivity?
With me she's become|quite an expert chess player.
With you...well.
Get that fucking thing away from me,|you stupid idiot!
Come here. Check this out.|Did he scare you, Elizabeth?
Watching your people in VR auto-reset|gave me this idea. Put them on.
Millions of nano-machines are|suspended in chlodial solution.
They're absorbing the glass molecules|and using them to generate the snake.
The nano-cells are silicon-based,|so they need glass to regenerate.
But if you separate the character|module from the polymer neural net...
Don't bite, Liz.
You get...
Her module, if you please.
Look how they react to the organising|principle of the character module.
Communicating efficiently.
It's a new world, Daryl.
Hi, Daddy!
No, I'm Oedipus.
Hey-ho, daddy-oh.
A good year.
I like it here.
Parker Barnes is the best cop|I've ever worked with.
He's the only one that|even got close to Sid 6.7 in VR.
I can't put a convicted murderer|on the street.
If you wanna catch Sid,|I'm afraid you don't have a choice.
These were taken inside LETAC|a little more than an hour ago.
The victim's name is Clyde Reilly,|one of the company's young turks.
Surveillance cameras caught a picture|of the perp as he left the building.
You recognise him?
Somehow Sid 6.7 got himself out|of the computer and into an android.
A nano-tech synthetic organism,|to be precise.
Mr Barnes...
This is a full pardon.|It authorises your immediate release.
You catch Sid 6.7 for us|and you're a free man.
And if I don't?
You serve out the remainder|of your sentence.
- What if I try to escape?|- You can't.
They'll tag you|with a micro-locator implant.
We'll know where you are every second|for the rest of your life.
Y'all got me out of my bed for this?
You want me to be tagged and|to risk my life to clean up your mess.
If Sid doesn't kill me|and I don't catch him,
all I got to look forward to is|my 17 back in the penitentiary.
That's the deal...for your freedom.
Ready to begin?
I already have 80 officers|out on the street looking for Sid.
Meanwhile, Mr Daryl Lindenmeyer|has made himself very scarce.
Implant is ready.
Ready for incision.
Establishing entry point.
- Synchronise it.|- Hold it right there.
Secure it.
Ready for verification.
- Initiate signal code.|- Received and locked.
Increase resolution to magnitude|500...1 ,000...5,000...10,000.
Host's location confirmed to|within 0.25 metres of actual.
- I'd like to go with him.|- What?
- No way.|- Why?
I can help you find Sid 6.7|and I can monitor Barnes.
Too dangerous. This isn't|a scientific study, it's a field run.
And maybe put a positive spin on|what is decidedly a PR nightmare.
Or maybe I should just go public now?
If she gets run over, hit by a car,|get shot, whatever, it ain't my problem.
- I told them.|- It's not my problem.
Here, I pulled this out of mothballs.|Figured it might come in handy.
I pulled out the personnel files|on Daryl Lindenmeyer.
There may be something here|we can use.
We should start at his apartment and|try to find erasures of the Sid program.
They may give us an insight|into his behaviour model.
Where's my gun?
They won't let us bring|our cameras any closer...
Our understanding is that Mr and|Mrs Edwards have been murdered.
It's Sid.
Oh, God.
He's armed himself.
Charles Manson.|It's the LaBianca murders.
"Death to the pigs" was scrawled|in blood across the walls of their house.
He's copy-catting.
,,the unimaginable fate|of the Glendale couple,
One police source said the heads|had been severed and a message,,,
"Death to the pigs." You have no idea|what you're up against.
The LA police still don't have|a single suspect in custody,
Jesus Christ! What the hell was that?
- What the hell are you doing?|- I'm very sorry.
- You been inside?|- We're waiting for a search warrant.
- You're waiting for a warrant?|- That's right.
Stop. Next hex.
- Couldn't find a keyboard?|- It's voice-actuated.
- It's what?|- Voice-actuated. Open files.
Next hex. Open Sid 1 .3.
This is using some kind of|genetic algorithms.
Sid's too complex to design.
He had to grow him up like a real|person with a personality disorder.
The program learns like a child|but much faster.
He put killers in Sid's nursery and|let him watch them killing each other.
And only the strong one survived.
Open Sid 6.7.
Looks like there's almost 200|different personality structures.
The battle raging inside him|must be amazing.
Wait, wait, slow that down.|The names, slow down.
- You're not in here, if that's what...|- Right there.
Matthew Grimes...
He killed my wife and my daughter.
He's not necessarily dominant,|he may not even be emergent.
- But he's in there. He's part of Sid?|- Yes.
I'm beautiful.
I'll make this quick.
- Hey, Mum.|- Hey, sweetheart.
Sit with your mum.|I need a hug.
Grimes was a terrorist so why|did he take Parker's wife and child?
Parker was getting too close.
He was cutting Grimes off|from potential targets.
Grimes figured if he murdered|the man's wife and child,
it might distract Parker|from the manhunt.
Grimes was wrong.
- How are you doing?|- Why don't you come inside?
I just...need to listen to the radio.
Do you think it's important|for a first baseman to be left-handed?
You look mighty parched, partner.
To think you constitute|one of my ancestors.
Rum and Coke.
- How about a lime in that?|- I'm vaguely offended by that.
On your fucking knees!
Stand up!
Aim and shoot.
Good girl.
Okay, people.|We got a lot of work to do.
We have a symphony to compose.
- Do you think my mum is pretty?|- Yes, she's very pretty.
So do I.
- Is that a real gun?|- Yes, it is.
Did you ever have to shoot anybody?
78,56, we have a hostage situation|at Sixth and Figueroa,
Description of the perp matches|the photo from LETAC,
Could you go and get|your mother for me?
- There she is. Keep an eye on her.|- He's got a gun!
- What were you doing?|- Talking baseball.
- Gotta go, gotta go!|- Bye, Mum.
- What did I miss?|- Sid's got hostages.
What have you got for me?
Diaphragm! More! Stop.
Well done.
Every orchestra is divided into sections.
Like instruments|sit with like instruments,
What kind of instrument are you?
- We have to find a way around.|- No time.
On four. Two, three, four.
Shut up!
Parker, what...?
Love the suit.
- Police!|- Freeze!
One, two, three and...
Shut up!
One can sense movement.
Let's begin.
Scream. Come on, scream!
Scream louder!
I'm losing too much of myself!
I know you.
Parker Barnes!
Inmate Barnes|interrupting my conversation.
It's him!
That's okay. I've got another little tune|for my friends in crime-buster land.
The symphony of collision!
So, who's that with you, Parker?|Dr Madison Carter, I presume?
A LETAC consultant|on aberrant psychology?
Fuck you!
I love this game!
I've been thinking, Parker. We have|so much in common psychologically.
Wouldn't you agree, Dr Carter?
We have such a history together.|We'd make a great team.
A dynamic duo,
Who else touched the world|with synthetic hands?
Who else has been locked|out of the real world and is now free?
Who else do you know|that's a multiple murderer...
,,just like you?
Here we go!
Reach and hand me that crowd pleaser.
The only way to stop him|is to bust up his software module.
Hey, Parker!
- Ready?|- Yeah.
Come on down!
Out of here!
God, this guy is fun!
Could we at least advise Mr Barnes?
We'd prefer to have Sid 6.7 subdued|as opposed to terminated.
We'll destroy the prototype of|future humanoid nano-technology.
- Have they found the programmer yet?|- Lindenmeyer? Not yet.
You'd think the cops|could at least find him.
Lindenmeyer was your programmer,|Mr Wallace.
- I shot the guy 30-40 times.|- I don't care. Those are real people!
Control yourself|or you're back in the box.
I'm sorry. Shoot me.|I mean, granted...
This is not a game,|but Sid is still from the game.
I can't catch him|if I'm in the penitentiary.
Grimes is a part of Sid 6.7.|There's no doubt in my mind about that.
Last night Sid tried taunting me,|just like Grimes used to do. Look.
- We don't know if he's the dominant.|- I know.
That's how I know, because I know.
Maybe that's what|Sid wants you to think.
Push you over the edge,|make you slip up.
Sid didn't push me over the edge,|and I didn't slip up.
Take a look at this.
Sid from the Media Zone,|taken from their own recording.
He can't get enough of himself.|He's gonna want more of this.
More victims, bigger events,|more coverage. Just like Grimes.
Matthew Grimes was|a political terrorist.
His specialty was bombing|populated targets.
Any mass expression of democracy,
anywhere where a lot of people can die|and it can be recorded live!
This behaviour was never|part of his original programming.
Sid 6.7 isn't bound|by programming any more.
- What does that mean?|- In the real world...
he's free of any behavioural limits|he might've had in VR.
He's evolving...|My God, he's evolving!
Into what?
I'm outside the hottest night club|in LA, the Media Zone,
Last night it was turned|into a living hell,
I want you to describe for me|as best as you can what happened,
Fourteen people have died|in the flooding which,,,
Very typical, right?|A punk comes in with a gun,
We're all intimidated, he starts|shooting, bodies and blood,,,
Another typical day, right?|Mayhem, murder and intimidation,
This guy comes into the club|and he takes my purple suit,
That suit cost me 150 dollars, man!|An original, right,
Takes my suit, kills everybody,|Strips me down to my underwear,
He just started killing people,
He put us in a formation|like an orchestra,
He made us scream|like we were instruments,
He just started holding people|and made me,,,
Don't fuck with me, man.
,,tape it!
Why not?
There's still a few seats left|here at the Olympic Auditorium,
if you want to see the|ultimate fighting championship!
- Play it one more time.|- Sure, ma'am.
Okay, freeze.
You like being in front of the camera,|don't you?
Like a child performing for a parent.
Whoever's operating our closed|circuit camera is in lust,
That beauty in area six has been on|the big screen for over a minute now,
- How far is the Olympic?|- Four blocks east.
- What's going on?|- Live execution!
The bloodiest championships ever,|live at the Olympic Auditorium!
Enough with the close-up, Mr De Mille!
We wanna return to the rumble!
The Olympic Auditorium|has never seen anything like this!
They like you.
I like you, too.|I'm gonna make you famous, baby.
- What the fuck's your problem?|- What? Leave him alone!
Ringside, we have an accident!
Stop that guy!|Clear the ringside, please.
- Hey, Parker! This one's for you!|- Freeze!
I nailed him! I blew his hand off.
Remain calm, Our security personnel|will handle this, Stay in your seats,
Hungry? Hungry? Lick.
All trains heading for Catalina|have been indefinitely postponed,
This is due to earthquake damage|caused to the tunnel last month,
Hey, Parker!
Deja vu! How am I doing?|This ain't VR!
- Get out of the way!|- Flesh and blood!
- Don't do it, Parker!|- Help me!
Don't do it!
Don't do it, Parker, don't do it!
- Drop it! Freeze!|- He shot that woman!
- He's a cop!|- He did it in cold blood!
You go back to prison|until this is sorted out.
I had a shot, I missed.|I didn't shoot that woman.
Hey, Parker, This one's for you!
Grimes taunted me with that line.
Every time he killed, he'd say,|"This one's for you."
It was like he needed me.
- All right, move it!|- Hey, Billy, listen!
- Billy, listen.|- What do you want from me?
Somebody set me up.|I didn't kill that woman.
Believe me! You lock me up,|you'll never get him.
- I'm sorry.|- Don't lock me up!
Cochrane, I just checked|the woman's body.
She was shot from the back.|Parker couldn't have killed her.
How do you know|she was facing him?
I saw it happen.
Fifty witnesses say|Parker shot her dead!
- How do you explain it?|- Maybe she turned.
Maybe you weren't looking.|There was a lot going on.
Sid 6.7 is still out there.
You're locking up the one man|who may be able to stop him.
Hey, Parker! This one's for you!|Hey, Parker! This one's for you!
To the majority of our viewers|you are known as a mass murderer.
To some you're considered|a political terrorist.
And yet to a surprisingly|large number of your supporters,
you're considered a hero.
In our so-called democracy|a handful of people own everything.
A whole lot of other folks|have got nothing.
- Help!|- Mummy!
Why have you chosen officer Barnes|as a target of your vengeance?
First of all, I did not choose Barnes,|he chose me.
Parker! We're here! Hurry!
- Parker! Help!|- Baby...
Time's running out!|Get us out, baby!
Would you mind saying|your signature phrase?
Parker...this one's for you.
- What was that?|- The sound of the end of futility.
God dammit,|you're supposed to be dead!
Stay down!
Get off of me!
Hey, buddy. How's the wife and kid?
Still dead, huh?
That's reality for you.|No saving, no resetting.
You killed them, Barnesy.|Just like that bitch on the train.
You got too greedy.|You leaped before you looked.
You reached your old arm|in there and...
Boom! Boom!
Come on.
I enjoyed killing your family,|but it doesn't mean we can't be friends.
Seeing you just brings Grimes...|oozing to the surface.
That's all.
Say thank you.
Oh, come on, Parker.|I'm giving you your freedom.
Short-lived though it may be.
There's a little known fact about the|locator implants for released inmates.
They contain a pinhead capsule|of neural toxin.
The tracking satellites can also trigger|the release of the toxin.
After transmission, the implant's host|dies within 30 seconds.
So, let's see... You've killed two guards|while escaping.
How long will it take to get|the termination implemented?
And who should you really|be going after, killer?
Them or me?
You're the only guy|on my dance card, Parker.
The best we can do|is try to contain him.
We'll double our detail|and hope that Sid surfaces.
Parker Barnes just escaped|from prisoner transport.
- Both the guards are dead.|- I don't believe it!
- The fail-safe is still on-line?|- On-line, and at your disposal.
,,bigger than any live television|event in years, So let your voice,,,
Hello? Parker?
- I didn't kill those transport guards.|- Where are you?
Sid let me go. See, he's interactive.
He only enjoys the game|against his favourite opponent: me.
- Tell me where you are.|- Listen to me!
Did you know about the poison|they put in my head?
- Yes.|- When were you gonna tell me?
I never thought they'd have|a reason to use it.
I can't help you|unless you tell me where you are.
I'm with my family.
Parker? Parker!
- Madison Carter, line one.|- Cochran here.
- Parker's out,|- No shit.
- He says he didn't kill the guards.|- You were right about the woman.
I'll have trouble convincing|the Attorney General,
She's got every SWAT team|out for a Barnes hunt,
You should know something|about the locator implants.
- Mum! Your keys!|- Thanks! I'll be back as soon as I can.
Suspect in Hollywood,|Sunset and Vine,
Enhancement,|South to Santa Monica,
- East on Gower, Located,,,|- There he is.
Go for it.
- What the fuck are you doing?|- Anybody using this chair?
What are you doing?
I told Cochran about the neural toxin.|He's taking care of it.
See, Grimes used my Linda|and Christine to get to me.
And now Sid, he...used my guilt|about losing them.
He's attacking your weakness,|just like he did in VR.
But he's not Grimes, see.
His expanding.
He craves feedback.|He needs a larger...
He needs a larger audience.|I know where he is.
I wanna live! I wanna live!
Authorities refuse to comment|on rumours
that a former LAPD officer,|now serving time for homicide,
has been released from prison|to help with the manhunt,
They must be really worried.|They let out Barnes.
He scared you, didn't he?
If you get scared,|you might do something foolish.
LA County residents are flocking to|gun shops throughout the area,
Where would you go?
The immigration issue is|politically sensitive,
The closing of the American borders|is also a possibility,
This is certain to guarantee a TV|audience of unprecedented size,
Close our borders! Close our borders!|Close our borders!
,,not to have their culture overrun|by refugees from the Third World,
Even poverty would be preferable|to the living hell of their own worlds,
As you speak, I'm reminded of|another group of immigrants,
The Puritans, Let us speak|with an open mind,
If you close off U,S, borders,|you close off your soul to the future,
This country will be doomed|to cultural extinction,
What's going on?|We just lost New York!
You guys asleep?
Ladies and gentlemen,|my fellow Americans! Welcome.
- What the hell's happening?|- No!
To Death TV.
Death TV,
- Move back, now!|- Get back, go!
All you have to do,|sweet viewers, is to ask,
So, what do you want?|Strangulation? Mutilation?
Cannibalism? Gunshots? Stabbings?
I'll slice, dice, julienne,|What about hanging by the testicles?
Before we begin, a word to the|parents of our younger viewers,
The following programme|contains scenes of violence,
It will not be suitable|for small children,
The rest of you won't be able|to take your eyes off the screen,
Don't fucking move.
And now,,,on with the show,|A Death TV special segment,
- On what floor is the studio on?|- The 38th.
Our first little contestant comes|from our own City of Angels,
- At only nine years old,,,|- No! No, no, no!
,,a lover of macaroni and cheese,
Daughter of criminal psychologist,|Madison Carter,
You sadistic son of a bitch!
It's my fault! That's my little girl!
Listen! As God is my witness,|I'm gonna find your daughter.
I need your help. You gotta find out|who's in charge of the building.
Get them to cut off all the phone lines.|Can you do that?
Go, go! Move it! Move it inside!
This little beauty's got two hours|until she's blown into little bits,
Madison! I'll find your daughter for you.
Help me.
There's Barnes.
Go, go, go!
While we wait and watch|the demise of Karin Carter,
Iet's have a talk|with our studio audience,
You're the supervisor?|You can do it.
I need you to cut every phone line|that leads into this building.
Imagine, if you can,|just for a moment,,,
That she is your daughter,
The child you have given birth to,
- Oh, my...|- Where's my daughter?
I don't know.
And what will you do now? Shoot me?
Folks at home, Ed,|Ed, folks at home,
Enjoying the show, Ed?
At moments like this,|I bet you're thinking, "Where's God?"
I have the same dilemma,|Look at the response, They love you,
What I am is not my fault,
It's not even my choice,
I came to be,|because of what you are,
They love you so much,|they want you dead, Ed,
Face it, folks, to kill,,,|is in your nature,
The phone lines?|Where's my audience?!
Put down the weapon,|or we will open fire!
Call them off! I want that goddamn|helicopter down here right now!
Yes, sir!
Fuck you, Parker.
I am made of everything!|I am the future! And you...
You're losing your sense of humour.
Come on!
Come on, Parker!
- Where's the girl?|- It's not the same this time.
She's not your daughter!
Come on, Parker!
Come on!
Where's the girl? Where's the girl?!
Jump, Parker!
Come and get the little girl, Parker!
Come on, you can make it!|Come on. Yeah, attaboy!
You can do it. Come on.
Okay, Parker! This one's for me.
Now...where is the girl?
Where's the girl?
Blow me, Parker!
Parker, Parker, Parker, Parker...
So, Mr Barnes,|you've destroyed Sid.
You've effectively lost any chance|of finding the little girl.
Yeah! You made it.|Come on, Parker, come on.
Come on, you can make it.|Oh, goody.
Hey, Parker, this one's for me.
Hey, Maddy. You just missed Parker.
Where is she?
- You can't kill me, Maddy.|- Where is she?
She's waiting, Mommy.
Show me Madison.
- Tell me where my daughter is!|- You see.
Sid assumes he's still|in the real world.
- Come on, Maddy, forget the kid.|- Where is she?
- You really wanna know?|- Yes.
- You really, really wanna know?|- Yeah.
Just click your heels three times.
Oh, Karin! Mommy's here.
- She's here?|- Yeah, she is.
She's been right here all along?
- You're dead.|- And you're back in the box.
- This is VR?|- That's right.
- Get us out of here, Billy.|- Get them out now.
Madison first.|You have to help me lift her out.
Daryl? They couldn't have done|this without you!
- Lower it.|- I'll go lower Barnes.
Daryl? I'm back in the fucking box? !
Smart. That's my boy.
Any time now, Billy.
Daryl! Daryl! Help me, Daryl!
I'm back in the box. Help me, Daryl.
Why did you betray me, Daryl?
Judas! Judas, Daryl!
- Billy?|- No!
You're in my world now!
Get away from there!|I'll kill you, too!
Get in here! Come on!
What's going on here? I don't know|what you think you're doing...
Coward! Parker, I wanna play!
I wanna play!
Let's get your little girl.
Watch your step!
- Karin!|- Don't!
- It's booby-trapped.|- The bomb squad's five minutes away.
We don't have five minutes.
Listen, I'm gonna get you|out of there, okay?
Hang on, sweetheart, I'm coming.
Just stay right where you are.
It's all right.|I'm gonna get you out of here.
- Are you gonna get me out?|- Yes!
Be careful, Parker!
- Hi, Mom... Hurry!|- Okay. Wait, don't move!
Hello, Parker, That can only be you,
What should be completely clear|is that I've thought of everything,
And I thought obit first,
So I made this recording just for you,|in case you got clever,
Let me move your hands back.|Stay where you are. Don't move.
He's got you sitting on a pressure plate.
Now, if you stand up,|it's gonna be very bad, okay?
Be still, honey. Don't move.
It's okay, baby. Hang in there.
Don't move, honey.
- Mom, get me out of here.|- We will, baby.
Everything will be okay.|Just stay still.
- Mom... Mommy?|- Hold on, baby.
- Okay, just talk to Mommy.|- Mom.
I'm right here, sweetie.
Try to get into the main operating|system and reset the internal clock.
I thought of that one, too,|Better try again,
Oh, God!
Hang on. Everything's gonna be okay.|I love you, Karin.
Connect this side to the input...
..and this one goes to the output.|Which one's the output?
Let's see.
Eeny-meeny-miny-moe... No.
Now, output, output...?
Maybe this one right here?
Be it, please.
I thought of that one, too,|Better try again,,,faster,
Faster! Faster!
- It's not working.|- Mommy.
I thought of that one, too,
I thought of that one, too,
- It's working.|- I thought of that one, too,
- It's working.|- Working? We're okay?
- We're okay.|- Oh, my God.
- Mommy!|- Baby! Oh, baby.
Thank you.
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