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Da, Nadia.
- Lonya ?|- Da ?
Yuri !
Alexi !
Captain, winds gusting to 110. If they|get to 130, we're verging category five.
Put her back into the wind, Woods.
Forty-five degrees down swell.
Captain, the barge|is taking on water.
Captain !
I've got eyes,|for Christ's sakes.
I've seen her through worse than this,|so calm down and stand your station.
Woods !
Forty-five degrees the swell.
Green water !
Steve ! Engine room !
Richie, the door's jammed.|I can't get in !
Damn ! If water stalls the engine,|man, we're history.
- Hiko, take the torch and cut the door.|- Yeah, yeah !
- I'm goin' up top.|- Hiko, let me help you with that.
Captain, recommend new course heading:|2-2-9 degrees magnetic.
Captain ? Captain.
Once we're in the eye,|we'll have calm seas for two hours.
We can make repairs,|steady the barge.
Skipper, should I head for the eye ?
What the hell is goin' on up here ?
Captain, the engine room|is taking on water.
Then pump it out, mister.|You're the bloody engineer.
We can't get in. The bulkhead|took a hit, and the door's wedged tight.
Hiko's cuttin' it now.
Jesus Christ, the barge !
- We gotta cut that damn thing loose !|- That's not an option, Mr. Baker.
Skipper, should I head for the breach ?|I need an answer now. I'm losin' her.
- Winds 125, Captain !|- Captain, take a look !
That barge goes down,|we go down with it !
Well, that's a chance I'll take.
I'm cuttin' it loose.
Stay away from that door, mister.
I mean, what's so precious|about your goddamn cargo, Captain ?
The cargo is mine.
I've leveraged everything|I own against it.
And it's not insured.
Christ, what's the matter|with those people ?
So I go out that door, you shoot me ?|I stay here, we're all dead !
Get the tank !|Hold the tank !
Let me tell you something.
You ever put a gun|in my face again...
And you'll what ?
You figure it out.
Sir, what about Foster's idea ?
I can reach the eye.
I've let you down, lad.
The water's coming in|faster than it's going out.
I can't believe we were stupid enough|to sign on with that guy again.
Maricon, ese got a gun on you, man.|I would've decked that son of a bitch.
He had us pullin' 500 tons of lumber|and steel, uninsured, in a typhoon,
a hundred miles|from any normal shipping lane.
And Woods tells me Foster got tossed out|of the Navy for striking a superior officer.
- Hey, Hiko.|- Comin' through.
I'll tell you one thing, Stevie.|It's the last time we make a move...
- for percentage of cargo instead of a salary.|- Damn straight. Damn straight.
- I told you it was a bad idea.|- My idea ? It was your idea.
It was your idea.|What are you talking about ?
How is it ?
- It's bad.|- Define bad.
- We're sinking.|- That's bad.
So does anyone|have any suggestions ?
Mayday, mayday, mayday.|Hello, mayday. Come back, please.
- We got about four days of supplies.|- What is this ?
That's food and that's water.
Put that back, okay ?|We're gonna distribute...
Fifty-mile range. Piece of junk.
Hey, you buy this shit ?
Wait, wait, wait !|I'm picking up a contact.
There might be another ship|in the eye with us.
Twelve miles out.|Speed: zero knots.
- It's dead in the water, but it's really big.|- Let's hail it, Foster.
Ahoy, vessel, latitude 29 degrees south,|Iongitude 1-7-9 degrees east.
This is the Sea Star. We are 12 miles|northwest of your position.
Come back.
So where the hell|is the captain ?
I'm busy.
Skipper,|there's a ship in the eye with us.
Dead in the water,|about 12 miles out.
Dead in the water ?
I'll be there in a minute.
Dead in the water.
Captain ?
Dead ahead, 300 yards.
Hail it, Woods.
Unidentified vessel,|this is the Sea Star...
approaching from the northwest,|300 yards out.
Dead ahead, 300 yards.
Unidentified vessel,|this is the Sea Star...
approaching from the northwest,|300 yards out.
Please come back. Over.
- You see anything ?|- Nope. Not a thing.
That ain't ours, brother.
Unidentified vessel,|this is the Sea Star...
approaching from the northwest,|200 yards out.
Come back. Over.
This is the Sea Star|approaching from the northwest.
Is anybody there ? Over.
She looks Russian.
"The Academic Vladislav Volkov,|missile and satellite tracking ship.
45,000 tons full gross,|642 feet, two steam turbines.
Ship's complement: 300.|Armament: none."
She's fitted for scientific|purposes. Their biggest.
"Forty-two labs, five machine shops|outfitted with advanced robotics.
Three parabolic dishes can maintain|simultaneous communication...
with several spacecraft."
Ahoy, the Vladislav Volkov !
I'm the captain of the Sea Star.
Is there anyone aboard ?
Ahoy ! Baker.
Break out the shotguns,|the flashlights and the walkies.
- We're goin' aboard.|- Shit.
Jesus Christ.|This is kind of stupid, Stevie.
Come on.
Very stupid.
Stevie.|This is very stupid, what we're doing.
Stevie. Stevie !
Those are bullet holes, Stevie.
Shit, I don't like this at all, man.|This is bullshit.
Ahoy, the bridge !
Anyone aboard ?
The bridge is deserted.
What the hell|happened in here ?
What a mess.
Looks like somebody|powered it down, Captain.
Captain ? Captain,|do you see anything ?
You'll be the first to know, Woods.
- What do you think ? Pirates ?|- Russian Mafia, probably.
Pipe down. Check the radio.
It's smashed.
These logs are worthless,|unless somebody reads Russian.
That storm wall is 16 miles due east.|Captain, you've got an hour and a half.
He's, thinking, Foster.
You know, something|you were paid to do ?
You thinking what I'm thinking ?
What ?
Salvage ? Salvage, baby.
You all signed on for a percentage.
But you never figured|I'd bring you this, did you ?
A ship abandoned|in international waters.
Maritime law says|she's a derelict.
All we have to do is tow her to safety,|slap a salvage lien on her,
and the Russian government has to pay us|100/0 of her value to get her back.
Richie, put a number|on her for me.
Well, let's see. There's|three parabolic satellite dishes.
One of them's|kind of fucked up.
Forty-two labs all primed with,|state-of-the-art stuff.
Let's see. We're talking...
two hundred ?
- Three hundred million ?|- $ 300 million.
That's what's comin' our way.
The opportunity of a lifetime|if we play our cards right.
That's what, about 30 grand apiece ?
- Three hundred G's apiece.|- Three hundred G's !
That's at one percent ?
I'm willing to change all that,
cut you in for ten percent.
That's $ 3 million each.
What do you think of that ?
What do you think ?
- Is it legal ?|- Totally.
Totally legal.
- Shit. I'm in if you're in, jefe.|- Hey, I'm good.
What about you, Foster ?
- Oh, Foster, please ! Come on !|- What ?
- Come on ! It's easy money !|- There's no such thing
I'll take that as a yes, Foster.
Baker, find the ship's generator.|We need power to the bridge.
See if you can get the main engines running.|Squeaky, you go with him. Richie ?
Throw a line down to the tug. We're gonna|have to turn this ship into the wind.
Foster, can you see if you can get some|of this navigational equipment started ?
Captain. My father was an admiral.
I know a little something|about maritime law.
If there's anybody alive on this ship,|you can't claim her.
- Then let's not find anyone alive.|- What does that mean ?
Just that. I hope|we don't find anyone alive.
Woods, come back to me.
We're gonna need to turn|the ship into the wind.
It just doesn't add up. You know ?
Russian vessel, middle of nowhere,|dead in the water, crew vanished ?
- I mean, why would they abandon ship ?|- I don't know.
And another thing. Who the hell|do you think we can trust here ?
We're talkin' about an awful lot|of goddamn money, right ?
Listen, the only two guys|that we can trust is just
I wouldn't take a check|from the captain.
Woods is wound up so tight, you couldn't pull|a pin out of his ass with a tractor.
And Hiko is like...
I don't understand|what the hell Hiko is.
Richie's crazy like a fox, Stevie.
But, you know, I think|he just might be there for us.
And Foster's good.
"Good" ?
What do you mean by "good" ?
I mean she's solid, on the level.
What'd you think I meant ?
Sounds like you think she's hot.
Course I think she's hot. Don't you ?
- Right here, Steve. Right here.|- Got it ?
Yeah, that's it.
- Aw, shit.|- No go ?
- What's wrong with this thing ?|- Here's your problem right here.
Looks like somebody trashed|the control panel. Oh, yeah.
These three relays are unplugged.
Let's hustle, Squeak. We got|no power to the rudder in a typhoon,
- we're screwed.|- I'm hustling, all right ?
- Go ?|- Give it a shot.
- That's more like it.|- Captain ?
I'm on my way, Woods.
What the hell is that ?
Good job, Baker.|You lit us up like a pinball machine !
Tell you something.|We're gonna be rich.
You're gonna be a rich man, Hiko !
Captain ?
Somebody's running this.
Looks like it's running itself.
Computers don't run themselves.
I don't know much about computers,|but that's an anchor.
Emergency on top deck ! Emergency on|top deck ! Anchor went down on the tug !
Baker, did you copy that ?
We need you up here...|Oh, Jesus.
- Baker, we need you on deck now !|- Already on my way.
- Hey, Squeak, you catch that ?|- What the hell happened ?
You just sit tight. Any sign of trouble,|you don't be a cowboy.
- I'm not gonna, but don't leave me here|for too long. - Stay on your radio.
Woods !
Tell you what.|I'm gonna go get some help.
Woods !
I can't swim !
Woods !
Get back here, goddamn cocksucker !
Hiko ! Hiko !
- What are you doing ?|- Leave me alone !
Steve !
Steve !
I got you.
No, that anchor|didn't just drop by itself. No.
- Somebody else is on this ship.|- I hear that.
Oh, God.
- I'll be all right.|- Not without stitches, you won't.
Lift up. Lift up !
What are you lookin' at ?
Hey ! It could've been me !
Stevie, what's goin' on up there, man ?
We lost the tug, Squeak.
- She's gone.|- That sucks.
- How we doin' down there ?|- I'm doin' fine.
This whole thing is automated.|It runs by itself.
Negative, negative.|We got somebody else on board.
Repeat. We got somebody else on board.|That's who sank the tug.
Now, I want you to bolt the engine room|door shut. You understand me ?
I copy that.|And hurry up, will you ?
Listen, I think we should|split up into two groups.
- Root 'em out.|- I agree. I just have to fix his leg.
Hold your horses, mister.|I'm still captain here.
You left this on the bridge.
You were captain of the Sea Star.|She just sank, right ?
I'm ranking officer.
Listen to me, Baker.
For $ 30 million I'm willing to overlook|all that's come between us.
How about you ?
- Good man. Richie !|- Yeah.
Take Woods.|Go to the engine room.
- Shit.|- Back up Squeaky.
We're gonna take Hiko, get him to|a sick bay. Gonna get that leg fixed.
- Stay away, Woods.|- Go with him, Woods.
Let me tell you something. You get me|killed, I'm gonna kick your ass.
Now, take my shit.|Let's go.
- Wait up for us, Foster.|- All right.
It'll be down that corridor.
Where's this go, Richie ?
It goes down. Come on.
Hello ?
Hello ? Listen,|I'm a friend. All right ?
I'm Cuban. I'm not American.
Anybody in there ?
Hello ?
Weapons locker.
What the hell is this all about ?
Put him up here.|Come on, Hiko.
All right. Tighten that down.
- All right. This is gonna hurt.|- It's all right. Just get on with it.
- You have a high pain threshold.|- Yeah, I usually do it myself.
No, really.
Hey, Hiko.|Some dry clothes.
- Yeah, thanks.|- Oh, man.
All right. Here we go.
Ah, come on, Richie.|Isn't that enough guns ? Damn.
Woods, let me tell you three things.|You can never be too rich,
too thin or too well-armed.
Yeah, let's go.
Oh, man.
Get the green bag.
Green bag ? Oh, man.
Goddamn, I'm carrying too much.|I got a bad latissimus, Richie.
I'm tellin' you, Richie. My back|isn't gonna let me do this anymore.
I can't deal with it.|I get hung up on everything.
I'm tellin' you,|I'm gonna get rid of some of this crap.
Hey, Woods,|what do you make of this ?
I have no idea.
Tactical short-range|surface-to-air.
This is beautiful, man.
Oh, I'm thrilled.|Can we go now ?
- In a minute. Look around, man.|- Damn !
Hello, Mr. Cable.
- Hey, Woods. Look at this.|- What ?
It looks like some kind|of ejection seat or escape vehicle.
Oh, launch buttons. Cool.
- Richie.|- Yeah.
Look at these doors, man.
That's an awful lot|of blood, Richie.
- Now can we go ?|- Yeah, yeah.
- Oh, Foster.|- Yeah ?
What are you gonna do|with your three million ?
I don't have it yet.
What about you, Hiko ?
Three million ?|Probably open a school.
A school ? For what ?
Kura Kaupapa.|It would be choice.
- Lots of little kids reading, writing,|learning Maori. - That's sweet.
Yeah, it's a dream thing.
- How about you, Baker ?|- Oh, I don't know.
Always loved the sea.|Probably buy an island.
Oh, yeah ?|Does it have a beach ?
Beautiful white sand.|Hammock, sailboat.
- What about a house ?|- How about a villa ?
Thatched roof,|overlooking a lagoon.
It sounds nice.
Yes, lovely.|When you two gettin' married ?
- Hey !|- Gee ! Take it easy, mate !
No, you take it easy, mate.
Get off my leg !
Geez !
Is she dead ?
What's this shit, Richie ?
Somebody doesn't|Iike electricity, Woodsy.
Come on.
Well, it looks like somebody|tried to rewire the ship.
- You okay ?|- Yeah, I'm all right.
- So that's done.|- What's all this weird stuff in her bag ?
She's got videotapes,|cigarettes. What's this ? Hair spray ?
Hey, watch out ! Watch out, watch out !|Thermite grenades.
- What ?|- Thermite.
One of those things blows, burn a hole|right through the deck. Be careful.
- Be careful, really careful.|- What's she trying to do ? Sink the ship ?
- Squeaky, talk to me.|- How does it feel ?
- It's good. Thanks.|- Are you gonna be able to walk ?
Yeah. I'll be okay.
Squeak, que pasa, buddy ?
Where the hell are you, man ?
Richie, Woods, come back.
Steve, this ship's got a missile rome.
I don't give a damn about any missiles !
I left Squeaky in the engine room and he's not|answering, so get the hell down there.
- Yeah, yeah. We hear you. - We've got a crew|member up here who just unloaded an Uzi on us,
- so you better watch your ass.|- Yeah, copy that.
- I'm goin' to the engine room.|- We'll see you on the bridge.
Steve ? Watch your back.
Hey, Woods, you comprehend|this Cyrillic crap ?
It's like chicken scratches to me.
Richie, Richie, help me !
Here, Woods.
That thing smells|Iike dog shit, Richie.
What is it ?
It's robotic, Woodsy.|High-tech robotics.
Where'd you learn how to sew ?
- My grandfather.|- Yeah ?
It's all right. It's okay.|We're not going to hurt you.
Power. Turn off the power.|Shut down the ship.
- You're all in danger.|- What's she going on about ?
I don't know.|I don't know.
Captain, please.
What's your name ?
What's happened on this ship ?|Where're the rest of your crew ?
- Dead.|- Dead ?
You must turn off the power.|It needs power to move through the ship.
What... needs... power ?
- It. From the MIR.|- The MIR space station ?
- Yes.|- She's a fruitcake.
- Come on, Captain.|- She's a nutter, which is perfect.
Hiko, come on !
Drop it.
Drop it !
- It's okay.|- You don't understand.
Look. I'm not gonna hurt you.
My name's Kelly Foster.|I'm a navigator.
I'm Nadia.
Nadia Vinogradova,|Chief Science Officer.
Nadia, what happened ?|Where's your crew ?
I told you.|Dead or deserted.
Three hundred crew members are gone ?
What happened ?
Eight days ago, during a transmission|from the MIR space station,
something came onto the ship.
We thought our transmitters and receivers|were malfunctioning, so we shut them down.
It took control|of computers, scanned all information.
Language, encyclopedias,|medical data. It was learning.
Learning what ?
How to kill us.
My captain, Alexi, and me|were the last to survive.
We cut their cables,|smashed them...
Wait a minute.|You just said "them."
Before you said "it."|Who's "them" ?
Machine. Machines.
- I'm telling you the truth.|- I know. I...
- Foster ?|- Yeah, I'm in here.
It's okay. Nobody's going to hurt you.|It's okay. It's okay.
She's nuts.
But something scared|the hell out of her.
I say we get her|up to the bridge. Hiko.
Give me the flashlight.
You're gonna be okay. It's okay.|We're gonna get you something to eat.
Come on. Come on.|Watch your head. It's okay.
- Are you okay ?|- Yes.
- Go !|- No !
- You got her ? Okay, go.|- I'm not a threat !
I'm not a threat !
I used to go turkey huntin',|you know, with my dad.
It beats the shit outta this, man.
You hear that ?
It sounds like|somebody's working down there.
Hey ! Anybody in here ?
Quiet, man. Be quiet.
Stay down.|There might be somebody.
Hey, Woodsy, there's|another one of those things, man.
Let's go, man !
I'm outta here.
Richie, Woods,|where the hell are you two ?
Hey, Steve, listen. There's|a machine shop down here with,
- state-of-the-art robotics. - I already told|you twice to get your asses to the engine room !
- You hear me ?|- Yeah, yeah.
We're comin'.
Come on, Woodsy.
I'm not...|I'm not comin'.
Hey, little buddy.
- Richie, let's go.|- Hey, hey, Woodsy.
No, it didn't.
Richie ?
Hey !
Goddamn, Richie !
I'm sick of this !
- Oh, God. - Steve, this is Richie.|There's another Russian down here.
The son of a bitch shot at us !|And Woods is hurt.
- So watch your ass. You copy ?|- Copy that. How is he ?
Just tell him it's bad.
- Bad ! - He'll live,|but he ain't in a good mood, man.
Just get him to the damn engine room.|And no more sightseeing, all right ?
Yeah. Copy, copy, copy.|All right.
Get up. Get up.
Squeaky ? Squeak ?
Holy shit. What the hell ?
Oh, my God.
Jesus Christ ! Squeak ?
Squeak ? Open up !
- Don't shoot ! It's us !|- Where the hell have you two been ?
Back from your holiday ?
- Jesus Christ. Woods, you're a mess.|- Thank you.
- You said a Russian did this ?|- No, a machine did that with a nail gun.
Yeah, that's right. You're not|gonna believe it till you see it.
There's some really weird shit|goin' down on this ship, man.
- Weird ain't the word.|- I'm in need of some proper medical attention.
- Shut the fuck up !|- I don't belong on this ship.
- Somebody just welded the engine|room door shut. - It's welded ?
- Squeaky's still missing.|- Weird.
Richie ?
Richie, it's that smell again.
- Squeak ?|- Hey, Squeaky !
- Squeak, man.|- Is that you ?
Shit !
- Go !|- That bastard shot at us !
You're all going to die.
You hear that, Foster ?
We're all going to die,|because there are aliens on this ship.
That's all the grounds I need.
One of my men is missing.|And I want some answers !
And no more|of this Twilight Zone stuff.
I don't know anything|about your man.
Rubbish.|I'm gonna give you five seconds,
and then I'm gonna|blow your brains out.
- One... - She couldn't|possibly know where Squeaky is.
- She was hiding in sick bay. - She knows.|She dropped an anchor on my tug.
She fired at us. Two.
Captain !|Hiko, come on !
- That anchor nearly killed me. I'm not|feeling too sympathetic. - Me neither.
- Three.|- Shoot me. I don't care.
Captain, she's not gonna|tell you what you wanna hear.
Hey, Captain. I'd like to hear|what she has to say about this.
Up here on the chart table, Richie.
Fake bastard !
What the bloody hell is that ?
It beats the hell out of us.
It's Alexi, my captain.
Hell, whatever it is,|it tried to kill us.
Squeaky's still AWOL, and somebody|welded the engine room door shut.
We're not alone here.
She's got another friend down there.
Can someone explain|what the hell is goin' on ?
Finish your story, Nadia.
The energy that came|from the MIR...
infested all of the ship's|electrical systems.
Mainframe computer,|the labs, the machine shops.
It activated fire extinguishers.
Sixty-seven died|from halon gas poisoning.
Quarter of the crew.
It cut us off from machine shops|and started building.
The little ones first...|the gatherers.
Yeah. We saw a whole room full of them.|That's what nailed Woods.
Then came something...|more dangerous.
Half man, half machine.
A biomechanism. Engineering|beyond our comprehensions.
The rest of the crew deserted,|taking their chances in the sea.
Only Alexi and me stayed,|cutting cables.
What does cutting cables|have to do with it ?
The machines are controlled by|the electrical energy in the computer.
If we can cut their source|of power, they'll die.
We cut these to get him here.|What the hell are you talking about ?
What is this thing that's|inside the computer ?
It's a life-form|unlike anything we know.
Not cellular but electrical in nature.|Extremely intelligent.
You mean it's like|Iightning that can think.
It has no form, no shape,|but it's giving itself what it lacks.
It's creating|a new life-form...
using parts of the ship and crew.
Blood is still pumping|through this brain.
There's been|no decomposition at all.
Yeah. Here, right here.|See ? There's...
some kind of coil or self-contained|power supply built right into it.
This brain is still alive.
Hello ?
Stop fucking around|with the damn thing, Richie !
I'm just looking at it, Steve.
Alexi ?
Touch it again,|I'll cut your hands off.
I can respect that.
It's still Alexi.|It's Alexi.
Rubbish ! You're listening|to a pile of Russian rubbish.
And I for one won't listen|to any more of it. There's no alien.
Something their government cooked up.
It all went wrong, didn't it ? You're afraid|the rest of the world's gonna find out about it.
Dr. Igor Fuckin' Frankenstein there.
Alexi was no medical experiment.
- He was my husband.|- Rubbish.
Could someone please come and take|a look at the nails in my shoulder ?
Woods, stop whining !
God !
Oh, my God. Captain !
Brace yourselves !
We gotta turn her into the wind !
The steering doesn't answer.
We could steer the ship|from the engine room.
- I thought you said the door was welded.|- We'll cut the damn door.
Right. Bring her.|I wanna keep her in my sight.
I gotta get off this ship.
- All clear ?|- Clear.
Did you feel that ?
The ship's turning.
We just turned 20 degrees into the wind.|The ship's steering itself.
- Ships don't steer themselves.|- She's altered her course.
- Let's go. Come on.|- Engine room's one deck down.
What the hell was that ?
- Could be Squeak.|- I don't care who it is !
I said it could be Squeak !
Jesus Christ.
Careful, Richie.|- Yeah.
It's too weird, man.|You can't open that door.
- What is it, Steve ?|- I don't know. What you got, Richie ?
- I don't know. It could be Squeaky.|- Let me see. Let me see !
What the hell is that ?
- Open the door ! - Steve !|- Don't open the damn door !
Squeak ?
Steve !
Richie ! God, Richie, help me,|for God's sake ! Richie !
Shit !
Richie !
Steve !
- Out this side !|- Go ! Go ! Go !
- Come on. This way !|- Steve.
Come on !
- Where are we ?|- Communications room.
Good ! I'm callin' for help.
- Did you trash this ?|- We destroyed every transmitter
- You didn't smash this one.|Mayday, mayday, mayday ! - Don't !
What the hell is wrong with you ?|Are you out of your fuckin' mind ?
No one else is gonna claim salvage|on this vessel but us.
You're no longer in charge.
Come here !
- What do they want from us ?|- It wants to kill us.
- No, they want something. - It wants|to mutilate us just like it did Woods.
Did you see Squeaky ?|That thing wants something from us.
Why don't we talk to it ? It's in|the computer. We could talk to it.
- What ?|- Talk to it ! It's in the computer.
What the hell ?|What do I do ? What do I do ?
Nadia, please help me.|I need English, please.
"Who are you ?"
I am aware.
Is that it ? Is it ?|Is it the thing ?
"We mean you no harm."
Life-form analysis complete.|Species is destructive,
invasive, noxious,|harmful to the body of the whole.
- "What species ?"|- Man.
You are virus.
Great. Just great.
It thinks we're germs.
"What do you want from us ?"
Viscous neurological transmitters,
oxygenated tissues,|Aponeurus Superiorus Papelbrai.
"Superior..."|What the hell is that ?
- It's part of an optic nerve.|- What ?
Spare parts.
It wants us for spare parts.
- It must be destroyed.|- How ?
- You said it was electrical,|Iike lightning. - Yes.
- What happens when Iightning hits water ?|- It grounds out !
That's right. It grounds out, dissipates and dies.|That means we can kill this thing.
- We have to sink the ship to do that.|- It's in the computer.
- Where's the mainframe ?|- D deck. One deck below.
She's right. We gotta get to the|computer if we're gonna kill this thing.
We gotta get|the hell outta here first.
You people want a way out of here ?|I'll show you a way outta here.
Spare parts, my ass, man.|That ain't gonna happen to me.
I ain't goin' up against those things, man.|You people can do what you want.
- I'm outta here.|- Get down !
You're crazy !
Who's gonna carry my shit ?|Who's gonna carry my shit ?
- He's gone postal, man.|- Come on. Let's go !
- You coming ?|- You hit a superior officer, Foster.
You punched me !|You're crazy !
- Fuck you !|- You're all gonna get yourselves killed !
Wanna talk to me, do ya ?
I knew you did.
is the dominant life-form.
I am Everton."
"I will help you...
bring this ship to port.
New Zealand,
anywhere you want."
"Workroom 14."
It's not gettin' me.
My brain is not becoming|some hard drive...
for some biomechanoid, alien mother...
Oh, I can use this.|This is a good part.
That door down there leads|to the main computer room.
I thought you said this was|gonna be well protected.
- It's gone.|- Gone where ?
Fuckin' thing moved itself.
Robert Everton, Captain,|the Sea Star.
Thank you.
Th-They're planning to sink the ship.
Of course, you know that,|don't you ?
It's pretty amazing,|what with no head and all.
Twenty-five years,|him and me...
Are you Everton ?
Are you the dominant life-form ?
How can I be of assistance to you ?
Help me to survive.
It's welded.|We just came through here.
We've been set up.
- This way.|- Let's go !
Six years in the navy|as a weapons specialist.
I graduated top of my class.
I'm gettin' out. I got a plan.
It thinks it's smarter than me ?|It's gonna get a surprise.
- Where we going ? - The storage room.|We can get out through here.
- It's welded. What's down there ?|Nadia ! - Dead end.
Steve, I need something|to pry this. Hurry !
Steve !
Hiko ! Steve, over here !
Hiko !
Hiko !
- Hiko, come on ! Move !|- Hiko !
Let's go, go, go, go !
Nadia, which way ?
- The antenna control room.|We'll be safe there. - Okay. Steve !
Right behind you !|Go ! Just keep moving !
You stay close, Foster.
Keep going, Hiko ! Keep going !
Hiko !
Help me, Hiko !
- Foster, hang on !|- Hiko !
Come on, come on !|Take my hand ! Come on !
I got ya !
Come on !
Steve !
Hiko !
- Hiko !|- Foster, come on !
He's gone. Keep moving !
Maybe he made it|to another part of the ship.
Not a chance.
Not a chance.
Just a little good-bye gift.
We gotta find out|where it's taking us. Steve !
Give me a hand.
We need a light.
We're headed here on this vector.
North-northwest.|Lord Howe lsland ?
- Lord Howe ? Why ? There's nothin' there.|- There is.
There is a British intelligence station|there. They have digital linkups...
to all the military and commercial|satellites in the Southern Hemisphere.
If it gets into the transoceanic|Pacific cable, it could go anywhere.
This is the vessel Norfolk to|the vessel at 29 south, 79 east.
Received a mayday at 0800 hours.|We have you on radar.
Richie's mayday got through !
If you are receiving but cannot transmit,|please respond by signal flare.
- We need a flare gun ! - No, no !|If anything, we need to warn them away.
- Why ? - Because this thing|is isolated on the ship, Steve.
- We can't let another ship near us.|- Right.
We gotta sink this ship.
How ?
Flood the hold with fuel|and detonate it.
Let's do it.
Jesus Christ.
Foster, get back !
You don't recognize me.|What's wrong ?
I'm still your captain, Foster.|You must treat me with respect.
We know where you're going.
I know you do.
There's a whole world|waiting out there.
Steve ! Foster ! Grenade !
Get down !
Through your captain, it knows what|we are planning. We must hurry. Come on.
Come on.
- Good. Okay.|- So, which way ?
Oh, God ! Jesus Christ,|you scared the shit out of me !
- Put the gun down.|- Richie, man, it's us !
- How do I know that ?|- Put it down, Mason.
We're gonna blow the ship.|You come with us, all right ?
I got my own plan.
What the hell are you|talking about ?
Richie, don't be a fool ! Richie !
Come on. Let's go. Let's go.
That should do it.
I gave us 15 minutes.
- Let's go.|- We should warn Richie.
Richie, Richie, if you can hear me,|we're leaving the ship.
Richie !
- Do you speak English ?|- Fuck you.
- English. Where is the detonator ?|- I don't remember.
The detonator...
where is it ?
Cut her down.
Steve, buddy, you okay ?|I got ya.
We gotta go. We gotta go.
Steve ! Richie !
Come on, Foster.
- Richie !|- Foster, this way, this way.
It's not coming.
Foster, Foster, look.
Survival suits.|Maybe we have a chance.
Put it on. Put it on.
Richie !
Oh, my God.
Richie ?
Oh, man.
We thought|you bailed on us, bro.
We thought|you weren't comin' back.
Shows you how smart I am.
Hey, Steve. Now, there's still|a way to get off this ship.
- What ?|- But you gotta get to the missile room.
- Missile room ?|- You'll understand when you get there.
Mason ! Mason ? Shit.
Nadia, stop ! Nadia !
- There's no time ! - I'm not leaving,|not until I know it's dead.
- The ship's gonna blow any second.|- I've got to make sure.
- Nadia, it's suicide !|- I don't care !
Nadia !
Foster. Foster,|get to the upper deck.
Get off the ship. You have|to tell people what has happened here.
- No. No.|- Yes, go. Go !
Are there more of those devices|aboard this ship ?
Just one more.
No !
No !
It's me, Baker. It's me !
It's okay.
- Come on. We're gonna get outta here.|- No, I can't.
I don't wanna hear it ! You don't have|a choice ! Get the hell up ! Let's go !
Come on !
- Where are we ?|- The missile bay. Check that door.
It's blocked.
Foster, look at this !|It's a rocket motor !
Looks like some sort of ejection seat.
- Come on. Let's go ! Get in !|- No. No !
- No, I'm not going without you !|- Just get in !
- No !|- There's no time !
Richie rigged this for one, okay ?
And you're it.
Let's go !|Come on, come on, come on, damn it !
- Foster, go !|- Not without you.
That's one hell of a flare.
Hiko !
Foster, it's all right.
It's okay, you hear me ?|We made it.
Come on.
All right ?|We made it.
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