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Visible Secret

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You'll see your parents again
when they pay me
Someone's been knocked over!
What's your name?
What is this?
Never you mind
I wasn't asking you
What do you mean?
He's my boyfriend!
He's your boyfriend?
Then who am I?
My ex-boyfriend
I don't believe this!
Are you crazy?|Kissing strangers in public?
I told you, he's my boyfriend
But you don't believe me
Why don't you believe what I say?
Let's split!
Huh! Is that your ma?
That way!
Where are you going?
Out! Where do you think?
So ''out'' means karaoke!
Why don't you sing?
I still don't know your name
I'm June
That eyepatch looks great,|where'd you get it?
Let's go! Why?
You don't like singing
Let's get out of here!
We haven't paid!
Pay outside, just get out of here!
Shall I see you home?
Let me
No photos of yourself?
Don't like being photographed
What's with all the rushed exits?
I was scared
Scared of what?
You wouldn't believe me
Try me
You don't drink?
Only when I'm happy
Can't you cheer up for me
Most people drink when they're down,|but not you
You're weird!
No, I'm not
I have many friends|who drink when they're happy
Creep, he never believes me
If two people don't believe each other...
...what's the point of staying together?
I do believe you!
I believe whatever you say!
So what?|You aren't my boyfriend
That's true
What's the use of believing you?
I thought Coco would|stay with me forever
But she dumped me
Can't you cheer me up?|It's all you, you, you!
Should we be switching roles?
Should I cheer you up?
What's up?|What are you doing here?
''What's up''
Where's June?
She's gone,|what have you been up to?
What the hell do you think|we were up to!
Haven't you ever tried this?
Come, see for yourself
Come on
You lost some money?
How much?
Fifty thousand?
Just fifty dollars
Wow! Shall we call the cops?
Why didn't she steal this too?
Who knows?
Your girlfriend is a loan shark?|Why the red paint?
Your girlfriend!
Your father?
Watch out...
Isn't your dad in an old people's home?|How come...
I don't know! Ask him
Dad, are you alright?
I guess it's true,|what they say about Alzheimer's
I don't have Alzheimer's!
Dad, what are you doing here?
I don't have... Alzheimer's
Has he lost it completely?
I said, I'm not ill!
I'm possessed!
By what?
By a ghost!
Sure... Right...
You don't believe me?
Don't stare at me?
I'm not your son, he is!
You don't believe me?
Since you insist, I do
I tell you, I am not crazy or ill!
I was possessed!
Take your hands off, dad!
No, loosen your teeth!
My nose...
Mr Lo has told us before...
...that he's possessed by a ghost
A ghost?
Is the place haunted?
They start imagining things|when they're lonely
Visit him more often if you can
Sorry, I have to leave
See you I'll see you out
Thanks, Miss Wong
Sorry, my father...
Forget it
Your friend?
Dad, mom, uncle
It's Cher
Your niece,|don't you recognize her?
He's busy,|he hasn't seen her for ages
Since Ma died,|we hardly ever see him
Didn't you know you had|a real pretty niece?
Oh no, Peter always comes home|for the New Year
Except last year...|and the year before
And the year before that...
Anyway, Cher's always out
So he could easily miss her
Wong Choi
Don't call me that!|Call me Peter!
You're off today?
Why can't you speak clearly?
I want an apple
When did you start liking apples?
Your mom said apples|are good for us
so I tried
lt seems he can't eat them anyway
How many times have I told you... mustn't take anything|that doesn't belong to you
or else you'll feel uneasy|all your life, understand?
I know...
But me... I'm old...
My life is almost over
So apples are really delicious
I'll buy you more apples from now on
I'm really glad...
...that your ma married me
Back then, we were neighbours
She was living in the front room
and I was in the back room
It was common then... share apartments
Your ma was very pretty...
You haven't finished?
It'll soon be done
Peter's our most|hard-working stylist
Right, he takes great care
No need for anything fancy
He's only a kid|Just cut it short... that it's right for school
But really
you needn't make it so ugly
This hairstyle is trendy this year
Yeah, this is called ''the Bowl''
I've booked Peter to cut|that style for me
Peter, you'll have time for me?
Yes, sure...
Well... okay
Well, get a move on,|I'm in a hurry
Blood! He's...
It'll soon be done
This is a great comic!
The action is really cool!
You find all that blood cool?
Madam, in fact...
Where are you going?
You're already here,|why don't you stay?
I've been fired,|I'm in no mood for fun
Didn't Carmen say|she'll find you a job?
They'll interview you|the day after next
Poor guy, you got fired
And you asked for an advance... you won't get compensation
Since you're here...
You might as well rent a room,|lock the door...
...and kill yourself
I dare not die before you
That's the spirit!
Let's go
You've kept us waiting
Let me introduce you
You needn't die now?
Candy, you know her?
Let me be frank,|everyone knows Cheung Chau is haunted
Be prepared
Don't worry about me!
Didn't you say you were leaving?
Let's go
Didn't you say you'll leave?
No, I never said that
You talk like a politician
Move! Move...
Target is there! Move!
Does anyone know...
...why this place is haunted?
As I heard it...
Years ago, some girl quarreled|with her boyfriend
She came here
And called him up,|saying she would kill herself
She was just trying to scare him
Didn't really want to die
She thought he'd rush over|to save her
So she cut her wrists a little
But the boyfriend didn't|believe her anyway
And he did nothing
So she died?
Lots of people have seen her ghost... the room where she died
So the owner has changed|all the room numbers
And it's business as usual
Why are you so scared?
People say...
...if the ghost story you tell is real
the ghost will appear...
What are you trying to say?
I'm scared!
Damn you!
What a scare!
Let's go swimming
Shall we wait till next year?
You're ready?|We don't have swimming trunks
Where are you going?
They're going to change
You change first, OK?
I'll walk with you, it's too quiet
Of course I'll change
''I miss you''
''I recall the past''
''The old days''
''All the love and pain''
''Today I can't see you again''
''In this life, no more love for me!''
Watch out!
Any tissue?
I don't have any, either
I'll take a look in the toilet for you
You're not feeling well?
I need to take a shit
There's no toilet paper in there
I have some tissues
It's for me!
At last you smile
You expect me to laugh at nothing?
I took $50 from you last time for a taxi
I'm not old-fashioned
But I don't sleep around either
No, I mean I...
I'm not used to|''One Night Stands''
I'm not uptight
I'm just not used to this
But if you're always like this,|don't mind me
Don't get me wrong...
Don't look at me like that, or l...
...or I can't help kissing you
''I miss you, I recall the past''
''The old days,|all the love and pain''
''In this life,|no more love for me!''
''I miss you, I recall the past''
What is it?
Are you alright?
I'm fine, what is it?
Let's go
What are you doing?
You're stabbing your thigh!
Get lost!
She's not Fatso...
She's possessed
Where are you going?|You're bleeding
It's you?
Why are you so late?
What do you mean?|No, I...
I came here with you
I know I'm capricious
But you love me anyway,|don't you?
Yeah... right
I thought if I tried to kill myself...'d rush here to save me
But you didn't believe me?
I didn't really want to die
Do you know how long|I've been waiting for you?
Sorry, I...
You say ''Sorry'' to me?
You never say ''Sorry''
It means nothing!
I don't mind saying it lots of times
So you do still love enough?
I haven't waited in vain!
So that's what he's been up to!
I only question his taste
She's gone...
Let's help her inside
Have a Coke
Who's cares for one?
I like to drink and enjoy myself
But I don't like...
...mixing pleasure and work
That's why you avoided|me at the hospital
Not you, I was avoiding Mrs Yeung
She came back to see Aunt San
Which Mrs Yeung?
She was beside Aunt San|at the hospital
Why avoid her?
Because she's died
She got on well with Aunt San
I always leave the lights on for them
Otherwise they'd get lost
How do you know|Mrs Yeung comes back to see...
Aunt San
Right, Aunt San!|How do you know?
Can you see ghosts?
Yes, through one eye
I can see them with my left eye
You don't believe me?
I believe you... it's just...
...I've never seen any myself
Don't they scare you?
Of course they do
That's why I wear|dark glasses all day
I fear seeing them all the time
I've stuck some black tape to this side
I used to see them when I was little
Luckily a priest made me an amulet
It limited my vision
The amulet's starting to lose its power
Why don't you go back to that priest?
I don't know where to find him now
Give me back my glasses
What's wrong?
There's one behind you
Come on
In fact...
...there's always one around
I can go up myself,|you needn't see me to the door
No need
Can I see you again?
We'll see, bye
''I miss you, I recall the past''
So you've been playing
You're all sweaty!
It's dinner time, so say bye-bye
You love children a lot?
You love arriving late?
No, I... I was only kidding
Where shall we eat?
How about Japanese?
I know a good place nearby
But I want to eat hotpot
I know a good hotpot place downtown
I know a better one,|I'll take you
Let's go
The best hotpot in town
We'll never finish all this!
Take your time
This is... done
I'll cook you some beef
Why don't you eat?
Yes, sure...
Don't just stare at me and say ''Wat''...
I don't mean that
Don't get me wrong,|I'm not that kind of guy
You have fine hair
Shall I cut for you?
Does it hurt?
It's a birthmark, it doesn't hurt
This birthmark is very special,|what is it?
It's a tattoo
Why did you tattoo a letter ''C''?
I'll tell you, but don't laugh
I was getting an eagle tattoo
But when the guy was doing the beak... hurt so much, I fainted
So it's not a letter ''C''
It's part of the eagle's beak
Is your name really Wong Choi?
Yes, Dad gave me that name
I don't know why it amused him... give his son a dog's name
At least it's memorable
My eldest brother's name|is even easier to remember
What is it?
Wan Da
I'm so happy! I haven't flown|a kite for a long time
You like it?
Let's come back here|every weekend
They say that if two people|love each other's like flying a kite
No matter how high it flies...
...just pull on the string...
...and the kite comes back to you
From now on,|can you call me Siu-Kam?
Alright, Siu-Kam
This is for you
For me?
Let me put it on for you
What are you up to?
Wailing like a bloody|ghost in the night!
I couldn't shout, it's too late
...Would've woken the neighbours
Why are you staring at me?
What's wrong with you?
You and your girl sure work hard
Mind your health
Right, Simon...
Right, I don't have money|to lend you this month
I must save up to buy a cellphone
I've finished,|what do you have to say?
Goodnight then
I used to come here|and play when I was small
l loved the roundabout|and the seesaw
They've gone now
This swing is all that's left
But they install new games|for children
But I do miss...
...things from the past
You seem upset today
I'm not
Let me join in!
1 , 2, 3, Light's red,|Mind how you cross!
1 , 2, 3, Light's red,|Mind how you cross!
1 , 2, 3, Light's red,|Mind how you cross!
1 , 2, 3, Light's red,|Mind how you cross!
1 , 2, 3, Light's red,|Mind how you cross!
Come take a picture, here
Step back...|step back a little
1 , 2, 3
Step back...
Quick, OK
1 , 2, 3
OK, cheese, 1 , 2, 3
One more...
Why aren't you wearing shades?
Didn't you say you were|afraid of seeing things...
...if you didn't wear them?
There must be lots of them|around here
Aren't you afraid?
What is it?
Don't block the way,|we came to visit a friend
You've been bitten?
You're good at catching snakes
This is my first time
Don't your work in|your family's snake shop?
Yes, I do
But they really scare me
They really do
Thank you
I'll buy you dinner
Don't worry,|you'll get that job for sure
Look what he's done!
Let me see
It's not too bad
Like a fool
I'll fix you up later
Sorry, Mr Lo
Our salon is not suitable for you
How can I see people|looking like this?
Wong Choi
Uncle Chan
How are you?
Long time no see
Right, where's our family's|snake shop?
Snake shop?
Don't you know?
Your brother turned it into|a snack bar years ago
Hurry, time to go to school
You haven't had breakfast yet
These two boxes, please
One for each of you?
Separate boxes
Fatso, where's your sister?
At school already
Study hard
Dad, how come...|you're here?
Are you having bad luck?
No, but why...
Why can't you speak clearly?
I asked you, is your bad luck
I often tell you:|one must be righteous must also admit his mistakes
I haven't achieved much myself
I had little education,|and I don't know how to teach you
but no matter what happens
...I'll support you
However, if you dare tell lies to me
I'll be heart broken
I know you like these chocolates
So I bought these for you
Thanks for coming, let's eat
This is really all I came for!
Let's eat
How come you're here?
How come you're here?
I'm here for dim-sum, of course
What's wrong with you?
Something horrible is following me
Don't panic, I'm here
I'm leaving
Siu-Kam! Siu-Kam!
I'm not sure if I should tell you this...
I went to see your dad|the night before he died
And there was a nurse staring at him
He was staring right back at her
This went on for a full five minutes
Not a word was spoken
I kept trying to talk to them
It was as if they couldn't hear me
Did you recognize the nurse?
Sure, she was just here
Your friend
Seeing her here reminded me
She's so weird
I'll go to the toilet
The French toast is great here
I didn't recommend it|to you last time
Didn't you?
It's really nice
You made another rushed exit yesterday
Why did you stare|at my father at the hospital?
Did you know him?
Who told you I did that?
Miss Wong
Not that it makes any|difference who told me
Did she say what else I did?
No, she said you didn't|do anything, except...
...except stare into my father's face
That's all?
Does that seem odd? Why?
You don't know why?
If we all knew
what we are actually doing...
...the world would|be totally different
What's wrong?
What is it?
Where are you going?
Chung, why are you crying?
What's happened to your mother?
It's Ma... I'm scared!
Peter, please help her
Don't cry
Let's go to your place
and see what we can do
Who are you looking for?
We're Chung's...
We're doing family visits
Family visits?
Do come in
Please sit down
Sorry, nothing to offer you...
That's all right
Oh, where's Chung?
He must be out playing somewhere
Come, have some tea
Sorry the place is a mess
Chung is... very worried about you
Sorry the place is a mess
Madam, are you OK?
Sorry the place is a mess
Sorry the place is a mess
What are you looking at?
She's possessed
Aunt, have tea
Cousin, have tea
Don't be afraid
Third Aunt, have tea
Uncle, have tea
Please don't make trouble
It's not easy for me|to come to Hong Kong
You ask me to leave?
I found out that I was|a concubine only when I got here
But it doesn't matter
As long as he loves me|and cares for me...
...I'll be content
I never thought he'd die so young
So suddenly
I have no friends or family here
Bitch! We're neighbours
No need to spread rumours|that I seduced a man
I swore...
...I'd take her with me if I died
I must take her with me!
What good will that do?
You mean... you're on her side?
Yes, I'm on her side
Whatever wrong|Chung's mother has done...
...Chung is innocent
Why must you harm to him?
I know you and a hard life
But why make others suffer too?
Let's run...
There is a...
A what?
A ghost was following us|when we came here
Where is it now?
It's gone
Give... back...
She's possessed!
Give me back my head!
Give back!|Give me back my head!
Get away!
How do you feel?
It's none of your business
Where are you talking me?
Take your hands off!
Give it back!
Take your hands off,|or else I'll beat even a woman!
Give the body back to me|and I won't fight with you!
Take your hands off!
Run, they're fighting for the body
What body?
Hurry up
Give me back my head!
Take your hands off!
Bitch, don't hinder me!
Must I beat you?
Bitch, will you leave or not?
Are you OK?
Give it back!
No... don't!
Will you leave or not?
No one shall win!
They're gone
Thanks, Peter
Sorry, I wasn't much help
Go and see your mother now
I just find him
He has fallen down for hours
Did you know Chung was...
I'm going
Why didn't you tell me?
There's nothing you|could have done
But you knew and didn't tell me!
Why must you keep|everything secret from me?
l don't
Who was fighting for|the body just now?
I really don't know
Why did you bring me|to eat French toast suddenly?
Why did we run up against|so many things?
Frankly, how much do|I know about you?
Whenever I take you home... don't even let me|near your door! Why?
Where are you now?
I'll come right away
I'll beat you!
Curiosity killed the cat!|Stay away!
Maybe I dropped my report card|somewhere here?
I was careless,|I didn't realize I'd lost it
My scores weren't so bad either
But they weren't so bad either
Somewhere in the middle
Wong Choi, as I say,|one must be righteous
One should admit|his own mistakes
I haven't achieved much myself
I had little education,|I don't know how to teach you
But no matter what happens...
...I'll support you
Because you're my son
But if you dare to lie to me...'ll break my heart
I know you like these chocolates...
So I bought these for you
Sorry, father
Here's the report card
I don't know why|I did so badly in the exam
Just impossible
I guessed
Sorry, father
I miss you so much, father
Don't miss me, son
I'm dead already
What happened?
Come and change your clothes
How much is malted milk?
When were we last together|in the shop?
When you were small,|you used to break things
No, don't pick it up
You cut yourself whenever|you pick up broken glass
Leave it, I'll clean it up
I'll get you some ointment
Sit down
Let me see
Will that work?
Of course
It healed all your cuts|when you were little
No, the question is...
This seem to be the|very same bottle
How come?
At you naughty tricks again!
It's a shame I couldn't keep|the old snake shop
When did father begin to fall ill?
Remember you took another|kid's report card by mistake?
You thought you'd done badly,|you were scared to tell Dad
He fell ill around|the end of that year
Don't you remember?
It was the year of that street accident
A guy's head was severed
It was reported in|newspapers, horrible
Do you remember?
Headless man in WEST POINT
Does it hurt?
It's birthmark,|it doesn't hurt
I went to see your father|the night before he died
and I saw a nurse staring at your father
and your father was|staring back at her
I told you,|I don't have Alzheimer's!
I'm possessed!
Now you say she's linked|to your dad's death
Or that she's somehow linked... some accident|and a severed head
Or that she's out to get you
Isn't this all a bit far-fetched?
That's all!
Thanks for comforting me
but I trust you
In fact, I've thought about...
...going to ask her|about the whole thing
If you do that...
...I'll really think you've lost it
Think about it!
If someone wants to get you...
...would she really|tell you so up from?
If you ask her outright...'ll play right into her hands
I was only thinking
What if you're completely wrong?
I'd say all you need to worry about... finding a new job, fast!
...because you're in deep shit|already, financially
No, I'm in deep shit already
I'll die if this goes on
Don't say I didn't remind you
Love and career can|come together any time
What a coincidence!
Oh, come on
I'll have a beer
Carmen, you timed it just right
You've found him a job, right?
Why not sit down and chat
I'll talk to the girls
Hey, have you thought over?
What else? Of course the job
Yes... I'm interested
There's one thing I must tell you
I don't know how to say this...
It's related to you
So I really ought to tell you
I know...
It's good you know
Let's go to your home
To my home?
The interview's tomorrow,|I should coach you for it
That'll give you a better chance
This is it
Cut this hair style for me
You must make it|at the interview tomorrow
I'm brave to let you cut my hair
I hope you understand
I understand
OK, I'll begin
Come on
Come on, I haven't got long
Excuse me
That thing... it's here!
The ghost from the housing estate,|I told you about it
I think it's here to get you
I think it has come|to do you harm
What did you say?
You'd better be careful
Carmen, Siu-Kam
Siu-Kam, why don't you go first?
Don't go, there's no need
Siu-Kam, why don't you leave?
But you're really in danger
You'd better leave
You're really in danger now!
It's most dangerous|to be with you!
Wver since we met...
...there's been one|strange thing after another
Sorry to bother you,|I'll leave now
What is it? You...
What are you doing?
Are you alright?
How come?
What... have you been up to?
Why must you do this?
No... it's not me
I never want to see you again
Stop a while
Did you tell her you have AlDS?
Looks like I'm even scarier than AlDS
Sure you are!|What is it now?
It's Siu-Kam
She played a loan shark last time
It's happened again?
Hang on, weren't you with Carmen?
Yes, anyway...
Now she's painted|the whole place red
So serious?
We can't go home now
I think it's time to visit my ma
She catches ghosts?|I never knew
My ma sells electronic|gear to tourists
She cheats foreigners,|she doesn't catch ghosts!
So why do you want to see her?
We have to sleep somewhere!
Would you rather sleep in the street?
What are you looking at?
Frankly, at you...
Am I so horrible?
Not too horrible at first
...but it's scary when you shout
Wven so, why don't you start the car?
You won't take us?
Man, times are hard,|how could I refuse you?
The problem is,|I have two flat tyres
Then why did you stop here?
I can't move, I have to stop here
And you two happened along
You could have stopped us getting in
How could I stop you both rushing in?
How could I stop you talking nonstop?
I couldn't get a word in edgewise
You be careful
I hate taxi drivers most!
Mind my door, man!
My parents must have gone to China
So we have the house to ourselves
I'm gonna buy shares in|a 7-Eleven, interested?
Shares in 7-Eleven?
Some sign of life at least
I thought you'd turned to stone
Of course not
Take a shower, freshen up
What's wrong?
Did Siu-Kam do this?
Are you OK?
Of course I'm OK
I asked you if Siu-Kam|did this to you
It was you!
It was you!|You pushed me down!
You looked horrible just now
You were a different person
Don't you remember?
Tell me what happened
An hour ago I bought|back some drinks...
And found you painting|the place red
I asked what the hell you were doing
Peter, what are you doing?
None of your business!
Peter, it's me...
It's me!
Then you came down and asked me
Simon, what are you doing?
Did Siu-Kam do this?
That's all
I have a feeling|the red paint last time...
...maybe Siu-Kam didn't do it
Maybe it was you
So I've been wrong|about Siu-Kam?
Not necessarily
Maybe you did it|under her influence
Come on
I just hope not
Doesn't it hurt to go on like that?
What do you mean?
Talking helped me to forget the pain
Are you going?
You haven't blacked out,|and you have a phone with you
Dial for an ambulance yourself
Well that makes sense
Who are you looking for?
No such person!
But she lives here
I said, no such person here!
I am looking for June
I recognize you now
Who... are you?
I'm Peter, June's friend
I'm also June's friend
I'm her good friend
Come in
I'm Kow
Mother and I live next door
June is my buddy
If anyone bullies her
...I'll stand up for her
Haven't seen a beauty before?
Kei-Kei, she's June's friend
Big deal!
This is June's room
I recognize you now!
Don't beat me...
Don't beat me,|I didn't mean it
Where's June?
She's not in?
I remember now,|she went up to the roof... hang clothes to dry
Drying clothes|at this time of night?
Of course,|you only dry clothes on the roof
What else? Stupid!
I can't go up to the roof with you
Mom wouldn't let me
Then sit here and don't run about
Don't leave me,|I really love you
Go away!
What if I don't stop?
I'll teach you a lesson if you don't!
What if we begin again?
I'll believe in whatever|you say from now on, OK?
You're crazy!
Trust me
Give me back my head...
He seems to be possessed
Are you sure?
You've just said you'll|believe whatever I say!
But it's hard to make me believe this
Give me back my head!
Help! He really is possessed!
That doesn't mean|you have to hit my head!
Give me back my head!
My head hurts!
It's me!
What are you doing?
So pretending being|possessed works!
Sorry, I didn't trust you
It's luckily you were here
But I have to ask you one thing
What is it?
Why were you staring at|my father at the hospital?
How come you know?
I've asked you before
Never mind, someone saw you
Why exactly?
I really don't know
You don't know?|Impossible
You were staring at him|for a long time...
You don't know?
I didn't know your father at all
I learnt afterwards that|he was your father
I only found his eyes very familiar
I felt I'd seen them|somewhere before
At the street accident in|West Point 15 years ago
Were you there?
15 years ago?
I feel that...
...all these strange things|recently are linked to it
If I tell you|I've lost all the memory
of my childhood
...will you believe me?
OK, come with me
Only that priest can|help us now, I think
You found him?|The one who drew the amulet for you?
This is it
Where is he?
Why are you laughing?
Girlie, don't you ever take a shit?
Still laughing?
You're the priest who can exorcise ghosts?
Have some tea
In fact...
...She used to be scared|because she often saw ghosts
So I just drew her an amulet
Just something to comfort her,|to ease her fear
After I was sent to prison...
You see, I was a pimp
Worked for a brothel
After I was sent to prison
Girlie here sent word to me...
...that my amulet really worked!
ln fact, I don't know a thing
I just scribbled something for her
Anyone who gets rid of|ghosts is an exorcist
You can do that,|so you do have the power
She said so again and again
Finally I started|to believe it myself
So I turned professional
So that's what you were doing
the other day?
You saw me? I didn't see you
So you were the guy they beat up,|Kow told me
How come you were there?
It's a long story
It's not important... anyway
I'll explain to you later
ln fact I'm an atheist
who uses religion to turn a buck
Kind of swindler
l just give the people|what they want
Many, many people|believe in me
There're no ghosts|in this world indeed
People just make things up
He doesn't even believe in ghosts!
How can he help us?
We're here not to discuss this
You keep asking stupid questions
I only want to know... did you find me that day?
He picked me up in the streets
Picked you up?
Are you alright?|Why are you asking this?
I want to know
OK, use this plastic bag
What's that for?
I'll begin
Why a plastic bag?
I remember that day,|I had nothing to do...
I walked around...
...and fond myself in West Point
There was a serious street accident
Someone was knocked|down and killed
His head was severed
A headless man?
That came up well!
Need another plastic bag?
Girlie, are you OK?
Then I'll go on
By the time I got there...
...the ambulance had already left
And I know is what heard|from onlookers
They said the car|knocked the victim's head off
And the man's body staggered|some way before it fell
His head was under the tram
I guess people exaggerated the details
Anyhow, I saw girlie crying|alone on the sidewalk
I asked her name
but she didn't know how to answer
I asked where she lived,|she said she didn't know
I took pity and brought her home
Soon I learnt she lost her memory
You couldn't remember anything...
...when he brought you home?
So if you could recall what happened...
...the whole thing could be explained!
What is it?
That thing...
He has come?
You're seeing those things again?
What exactly do you want?
Say, what exactly do you want?
Peter, what's wrong with you?
Didn't you say he's here?
I was too frightened just now,|I couldn't move
He was just next to me
Girlie, he was next to you then...
Where is he now?
There's nothing to fear|about ghosts
If you don't harm them,|they won't harm you
I have no quarrel with him...
May heaven be with me!
Obey my order!
Whoever disobeys must perish!
You say he has no power?
He may be doing incantations...
...but that doesn't mean he has power
Give me back my head...
No! I can't leave the priest!
The priest is not his target
He'll be alright if we leave, hurry!
Six for $1 00
Or $20 each
Don't look back? Run!
Look out!
How come I'm here?
Girlie, why are you staring|at me this way?
Don't tell me that thing is here again
I said it wouldn't spare us
Only the girl sees it
Maybe they're in this together,|to scare me?
Don't be afraid...
Is he after us?
I have to catch my breath,|whatever happens
I feel that he won't spare us tonight
Who are you?
What exactly do you want?
What exactly do you want?
Leave her alone,|get me if you dare!
Come get me!
Someone's been knocked over!
You're the one?
The one under the tram?
Maybe he pushed you...
...but you can't blame his son!
Spare him
Nothing to do with his son?
We collect debts,|whoever owes us money...
...will bring harm to his family
He owes your money?
He owes me my head!
I beg you, spare him!
I... I'm starting to remember
He didn't push you!
It was really an accident?
I've been getting you wrong,|please forgive me
Getting me wrong?|How?
Yeah, we'd better forget the past
Not necessarily
Sweet memories can be cherished
Last time you... dropped it|and I picked it up for you
It's mine?
It was a gift from me
You gave it to me?
I gave you this when|we went kite-flying
I flew a kite with you?
Don't you remember anything?
You've forgotten it all?
Madam, what are you doing here?
She was my daughter
I'm visited her grave
Your daughter?
She killed herself|in Cheung Chau...
...over some worthless man
Grave of Wong Siu-Kam
This was her favourite song
I play it for her|every time I come
Do you miss me?
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