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Visitor Q

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Have you ever done it with your dad?
You want to know the truth about teens today.
They tell the future of Japan.
That hopeless future.
Do you do this a lot?
Do what?
Why are you here?
l told you to stop. l said stop it!
ls it on?
l can't do this.
Touch me.
This is wrong.
You're hard. No.
Yes you are.
Wanna do it?
50,000 yen to do it. A blow is three. l play with myself for two.
Video's an extra three.
Five to do it.
This is wrong. We can't do this.
No fooling around on the job.
Hurry up and get undressed.
Take off your clothes.
Stop it, will you?
Don't do that at work!
Are you sure?
That feels so good!
What's that?
You smell so good.
Let's fuck!
This is incredible! lt's too much!
Here l go!
That's good.
l'm coming in you!
l'm coming!
This is no good.
What am l doing?
What am l doing?
You can't tell anyone.
Early bird.
You came too soon!
Does it matter?
Early bird!
Stop saying that!
ls this a hard job?
How much? - 100,000 yen.
100,000 yen?
Coming early is 100,000.
Have you had many guys?
Just you.
You're lying. Liar!
l only have 70,000 yen.
l don't believe this!
l'll give the rest to your mom.
Promise to keep this a secret, ok? lt's our little secret, promise?
lt's our little secret, okay?
You should stop doing this.
You should study in your spare time.
lt's been on the whole time!
What for?
Early bird!
Stop it!
You're all hard. You want to do it, don't you.
Have you ever been hit on the head?
Have you ever hit your mom?
That's the wrong brush!
l told you what brand to get! Do you want to my gums to bleed!
Don't fuck with me!
Please, not my face!
No Entry
See you tomorrow.
You'd better be at school!
Organic Kale Extract
l want more.
Get with it!
This is my friend. He'll stay here a while.
Go ahead, don't care about me.
What are you waiting for?
Why are there commercials showing?
l went out. l'm sorry.
l told you to stay at home and work nearby the TV!
l'm sorry!
Shut up, bitch!
Ow! l had business!
l'm off to bed.
Good night.
l'll do it right next time!
Shut up!
Ow! l'm sorry! Don't hit my face!
Fuck your face!
Don't hit my face!
Not my face!
Good evening, l'm Asako Murata.
l'm Masashi Shimizu.
The newborn raccoon at the zoo got a new name yesterday.
Her name is Helen.
Could l have some ice?
lsn't she cute!
Just a little.
There has been a fierce discussion between ruling party members...
following the Prime Minister's off-color remarks...
at a reception yesterday.
Take off your pants.
Want to do it?
What? ls there something wrong?
Not tonight. l'm not feeling well.
l don't feel good.
You forgot something.
You're so neat!
l'm impressed.
Stop it!
Come here.
There's a girl's room downstairs. Whose is it?
My big sister's. She left, but her room is still there.
Don't look like that.
Excuse me.
l'm doing a report about young people today.
Say what?
Hey, are you putting this on tape?
Stop recording immediately!
Didn't you get it? No more recording!
What the fuck...?
Howl, bitch! Let me hear you howl!
You look good, old fart! Pretty good!
''l'm interviewing people.'' Sounds good.
l'm done.
See you later.
Have a nice day.
l'm off.
Good morning.
Thanks for coming.
What happened?
l don't know. l got hit twice.
Maybe some of those young punks again.
May l take your order?
Coffee please.
What's up? We agreed not to meet for a while, right?
l've got an idea that's guaranteed to boost ratings.
Another one?
This one's for real. A bullied son and his father.
That's nothing new.
That's not all.
Don't you remember the scandal?
You need to get away from work.
You even showed that video. Remember what a fool it made of you?
This time l'm covering my son. l'm the father.
lt can't get any truer than this. l mean, this is the real thing.
Here's the title. l'm going to call it ''True Bullying''.
l thought it was strange.
A nice lady like you turning tricks.
You know, it's different with someone who limps.
ls that so?
They feel different inside. You know what l mean?
lt's difficult to explain.
l wonder what yours looks like. l didn't get a good view at it before.
Beer? - No, thanks.
Who did this to you?
What is all this? Does it hurt?
lt looks really bad.
You should go to the police. l mean, a woman like you...
Does he beat you if earnings are down?
How much is it?
30,000 yen would be enough, right?
Could you whip me with this one?
lt's fine. Hit me again.
That's good.
More. Go on please, whip me as hard as you like.
Welcome back.
l'm home.
What do you want?
Why don't you...
take a little rest here?
How did you make me do that?
lt's amazing!
This is so good.
lt's so crispy, so crunchy.
Just look at this. Look at the juice.
lt's out of this world.
l want some more.
And this is great too.
Here you go.
What is all this?
Someone's birthday?
Ow! That was hot!
l said leave my face alone!
Come out!
They're here!
Everyone, can you see this?
Can you see this? Everyone, this is my home! My home!
Did you see that? The big strong bullies are here!
This is my wife! She's a lovely little wife!
Dinner was delicious!
This is... l don't know who this is! We're not acquainted!
This is my home!
Watch! lt's amazing, truly amazing!
What a scene! My wife threw this knife!
This is it! How should l feel? l don't know how a father should feel!
But l know my family is being destroyed!
So what do you think? How do we judge this wonderful bullying?
l'm burning! l just saw fireworks in my head! lt's hot, so hot!
What's taking you so long? Hurry up and shit!
Take a shit, you little turd! -l don't want to!
Think you have a choice?
Dump it!
Hurry up and shit! Answer me when l speak to you, fucker!
What are you doing?
You're filthy!
This is nothing. They're just beating him up.
Don't you mind getting hurt?
lf that happens, l want you to go in. That'll be the main story.
You're the brave girl reporter entering the spotlight.
Here's the plan.
You better listen, too!
Zoom in on Takuya if he's in danger.
Then zoom out, slowly.
l want a close-up of her expression. Can you look really determined?
Then l open the door slowly, and start walking over powerfully.
l'll stare at them the whole time. l'll yell ''Stop!'' as hard as l can.
This is stupid! - What's up?
You can't use it.
Why not?
Think about what you're taping.
Stop it! Who the hell are you?
He asked me to come.
What's wrong with you?
l'm fed up with this. - What?!
l don't love you. l just feel sorry for you.
l can't stand you any longer.
l thougt you liked my idea! What happened?
l want to go home. Let go of me!
Hey, wait!
Who do you think you are? Bitch!
Stop it!
lt's because l come too early! Just because l come too early. Bitch!
That's why l'm full of hot air. lt's very simple.
You like it that much? You like them to last, huh?
ls extensive sex really that good? Huh?!
l'll give you an extensive screw! Come on, hold still!
Take off your clothes! Now!
Fuck you, bitch! Don't you fuck with me!
Always laughing at everyone! Look, this one will last long enough!
Come on, get your clothes off!
Okay, now you will come! l'm screwing you, long and hard!
Come on, pant! Pant, bitch, pant!
l want to hear you moan! Moan like if you're enjoying it!
Let's do it long and hard!
l'll do it long. Long and hard!
What happened? Come on, make a noise!
Make a sound, do it!
We got a lot of things to do.
Follow me. Let's go!
Ready? We'll chop her in small pieces and put them in a plastic bag.
Keep taping until we throw her into the garbage.
Get a bin liner! Hurry up!
You can see it, can't you? We can't have that.
Bin liners?
Here you are.
Wait a second. Look, l learned how to squeeze them myself.
l realized something when you were holding me.
l'm not special or pathetic. l'm just an ordinary woman.
Look,see how they're squirting?
Do you see it? Look how much comes out!
See how they're squirting?
We'll make a straight cut from the shoulder.
Then scoop out the breasts.
The nipples, too.
We'll draw on her arms here, and cut them at the wrists.
Her legs will come next.
Let's cut them off right about here.
l've been covering how my son gets beaten up.
This has allowed me to explore my feelings as a father.
l never knew how l really felt inside.
But now l finally understand.
lt was neither anger nor sadness.
l felt it right here, and l wanted to have sex.
Some things are truly strange.
Come on, let's do it. l don't care if you're a corpse.
Corpses are good enough for me. Let's do it extensively and hard!
Here l come. Are you ready?
Don't be nervous. l haven't felt like this in ages.
l'm nervous, too. Shit, l can't undo my buttons!
This is good, really good. l like how you've gotten all tight.
Everyone, what do you think now?
Here's a father whose son gets beaten up.
Here is a real father whose son gets beaten up. lsn't it wonderful?
What do you think? This feels so good!
l'm going to come early again! That's no good!
l can do it, l can do it! Just watch me do it!
l'm really doing it! Here l go!
Yes, you're wet! You got wet! You're dead, but you're all wet!
The mysteries of life are amazing! Even a corpse can get wet!
This is amazing! Amazing!
Hey, this is shit!
lt's not a mystery of life, it's shit!
What the fuck did you eat?
You stink! God, do you stink, bitch!
You wanna do this? God, do you stink!
You're dead, and you still want to fuck with me.
Do you want to shit on me, bitch?
Ow! What the hell...?
Why'd you get so tight?
ls it rigor mortis? This is no good.
l can't pull him out! What the hell... Oh, fuck!
What the fuck do l do?
Hey, Keiko!
Keiko! Help!
Help me, Keiko!
Keiko! Help!
Are you sure this will really help?
They say it softens your body.
Wouldn't warm oil be more effective?
At least it would be easier to clean up afterwards.
Ow, it hurts! Keiko, please do something!
l don't have a choice, do l? Wait a second.
Excuse me.
What's up with her? She hasn't been that resolute since we got married!
You don't understand a thing.
Understand what?
Ow! She's even getting smaller!
Give me your arm.
What for? - Just give me your arm.
Stick out your thumb. Hold on tight.
What's in the syringe?
Don't worry.
l got out.
There... Aren't you happy now?
This is my wife Keiko.
Okay, let's put her down here.
She's getting stiffer and stiffer.
Keep filming! Get this part.
She's beautiful. This is really good. She's so stiff.
What's wrong? Do you want a leg? Do you like this part more?
No. She smells.
She smells? You're right, she's started to stink!
You promised to bring it today!
Wait! Why are you running away?
Just look at yourself!
They're here... They're here!
They're all here! Do your best! ls the battery charged?
Okay, come on!
Here we go!
One more!
lt's just like a big party!
''This product contains no fragrance.'' This deodorizer doesn't smell.
Not bad, and it's only silica gel.
Sounds too good to be true.
That's enough. Let's go inside.
Look at him! He's all yellow, he's beautiful!
We can't take care of them all at once.
We'll work steady, one by one.
l marked her. Slice her wrists, then chop off this joint.
Then take the bone inside... Slice the skin...
What's wrong?
From today on, l'm going to study.
l have to pass some entrance examinations next year.
ls that so?
Tell me why you really came to our place.
You came to destroy it, didn't you?
That's what l thought all the time.
Thank you.
Her belly's softer than her head.
Of course it is!
She's squirting just like you!
Would you look at that!
Her entrails start appearing.
They're beautiful.
The white parts are so white...
She's resolving!
Are you okay?
l'm fine. l'll wash it for you afterwards.
Want to have sex?
You get a special discount for being good-looking.
A screw costs 30,000 yen; a blow job 20,000. What do you say?
l need money.
The sea's so endless You can't see anything.
The waves build up slowly, then they start to break.
There are tiny bubbles everywhere.
They're born, sparkling and shinig in the sun.
They move around slowly, they're floating and sinking.
They kiss and become one and then they float apart.
They slowly grow, then they burst...
and sink back into the sea.
Endo Kenichi
Uchida Shungiku
Watanabe Kazushi
Nakahara Shoko
Fujiko Muto Jun
Produced by: Nkajima Susumu Arakawa Reiko
Kobayashi Seiichiro
Script: Era ltaru Photography: Yamamoto Hideo
Sound: Yoshiya Obara
Music: Endo Koji
Ending theme ''Bubbles of Water'' Performed by Real Time
Lyrics: Kasai Tsugumi Music: lkeda Ryuji
Production: ClNEROCKET Trustech Japan Co., Ltd.
Director: Miike Takashi
Subtitles: Sarah Teasley
Ripped by SOUTHSiDE
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