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Visitors The

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Hal is crying
Martha! Martha, what time is it?
Why didnīt you wake me?
Because itīs Saturday
Harry? Want some breakfast?
What is it?
Later. līm working
Aw, Hal!
That little bastard been bugging you again?
Donīt call him bastard
Pardon me, Hal. līll get the paper
Why donīt you go after breakfast?
Well, l want to look at the ads
l donīt want to spend another day looking at places we canīt afford
l can go by myself
ltīd be silly to leave here
Do you think the roads are clear?
Theyīll be all right
Sorry l got mad at you
Watch it, honey. Whatīs this? That smells good. Havenīt had...
...anything to eat all night. Donīt throw anything. Put them there
Harry, you look terrible Your eyes are all red
You take good care of your Daddy, donīt you baby?
You just remember to eat those
Come on, Mac, it isnīt that cold!
Why youīre hungry, huh?
Look what l got her, boy
There you go, huh? There you go, Mac
ls this where Bill Schmidt lives?
Weīre friends of his from the army
ls he around...Bill? Weīd like to say hello to him
He went to get the newspaper Why donīt you come in?
Thanks. Hey, Sarg!
līm Tony Rodríguez and thatīs Mike Nickerson. Sergeant Nickerson
Maybe youīve heard Bill talk about us
He never talks to me about the army
Youīre his wife, huh? Sarg, līll introduce you...
līm sorry, Martha
Wonīt you come in and sit down?
Sit down
Bill wonīt be long
Thatīs a boy. Have got friends visiting you...
Hello, Bill
Hello, Sergeant. Hi, Tony
Looks like you struck it rich
How many acres you got?
A hundred and seventy
Wow, thatīs a lot, huh?
Well, itīs Marthaīs father. Weīre just care-takers. Free rent
Her old man pretty well off?
Heīs a writer, Harry Wayne He writes mostly westerns
Oh yeah, līve read a dozen of his books. Josephson had a whole stack
He works at night most of the time Sleeps all day
We couldnīt afford this place on what līm making
Harry Wayne, huh? l thought he lived out west
What kind of job you got?
Oh, itīs in a plant near here, that makes helicopters
Yeah, l know thatīs funny
Theyīre the same choppers we used in Vietnam. l swore līd never go...
...near the army again. But the work was there and līm doing it
Canīt stop
Whatīs his name?
Real cute little baby
Weīve been driving all night
You want a bed?
lf līd just lay down on that sofa over there for a while
līll get you a blanket
Can l look around a little? l didnīt know anybody had so much space
līll go with you
ltīs cold!
ls that your place, too?
Yeah. ltīs her old manīs
ls that a lake out there?
ltīs a pond
Whoīs dog is that?
Thatīs the neighbours
You got chickens, huh?
My uncle used to keep fighting roosters in Puerto Rico. Bantams
This oneīs too heavy to be a fighter
But heīs a lover
Shut up, Mac! Shut up!
Does he bites?
Harry wouldnīt have a dog that didnīt bite, but he wonīt bother us
Who the hellīs that with him?
Just a friend from the army Thereīs another one up here
Come on! You can walk on it This ice is a foot thick
l thought you drained the water and put a cover in the winter
No. ln the spring is drained, painted and filled up again
Sounds like a lot of work
Thereīs a company...does it all
Everythingīs taking care of, huh?
We couldnīt visit you last summer Weīd have been sunbathing
But we were busy, you know
They threw the confessions out. Like you read in the papers, ''Failed... inform the defendant of his rights
What about Reilly?
Heīs still in He didnīt confess, see?
Boy, he is pissed off!
l mean, līm glad to see you but l want... What?
l donīt think youīre glad to see us
What did you come here for?
l donīt even know whose idea it was We were both at Leavenworth
They gave us all our back pay, for the whole years. We decided...
...why wait for transportation, so we got the car
Jesus, what a bum! We broke down outside Philadelphia last night
We had to wait all night in a garage while a guy put a new head gasket
And we... started drinking and talking about you
How did you know where l lived?
Sargeīs lawyer had your address, in case you had to testify
l told it all the first time
Yeah, l know
Anyway, here we are
But why?
l just wanted to tell you...
That l forgive you Anyway, no hard feelings
We figured you must be worried, thinking about what we might do
So l wanted you to know that as far as līm concerned...
...bygoes are bygoes
As far as youīre concerned?
Ssssss...Be quiet
He gets a little fussy sometimes
ltīs all right l canīt sleep anyway
Well, well. How is my baby?
Never mind, līll fold that
Do you want a paper to read?
Hey, you got a coke?
Where are the guys?
l think theyīre still walking around
Thank you
Do you think l could...
...use your...
Yeah, sure. ltīs upstairs, turn to your left. Youīll see it
Yes. Come on
There you go
Oh, you scared me!
You were in Vietnam with Bill?
Yes, madam
Whatīs it like?
Do you ever watch television?
ltīs just like itīs on television
Did you like it?
Like it? Nobody likes it
l meant the coutryside ls it really so green?
l guess itīs. After a while you donīt notice. Didnīt Bill tell you?
Never talks to me about Vietnam He was involved with some trial
...there, courtmartial
You want stay for dinner? This is too big. līll put in more potatoes
Maybe we can
Theyīre there now, with my father Want to meet him? Heīll like you
He was a sergeant, too, in the Second World War
We never took any prisoners in Guadalcanal. There wasnīt time
We were outnumbered for months. You donīt know about that
You didnīt even dare to leak into the bushes. Oneīd wait for you
And we didnīt have the weapons you guys got. Hands,...
...rifles, bayonets...any way you got one of them was all right
How is your beer, Bill?
Maybe we need a little more wood
Even later, when we had ice cream and movies, they used to come...
...and sit and watch. Bastards! l admired them though. l donīt...
...think these North Vietnamese have the guts the Japs did
But they keep on fighting
There, you donīt know whoīs your friend. No sides but your own
So itīs easier to shoot everybody
Bill doesnīt believe in fighting Youīd got a job in a hospital,...
...patching a brave guys
l got shot at. By an old man... civilian. He was scared to death
Did you shoot back?
Sure...over his head
You might have hurt him
Whatīs that?
God damn it, look at him!
Jesus Christ
Damn, look at that poor...
Spread some newspapers by the fire
Get some alcohol and some cotton
There he is
l told that son of a bitch to keep his dog off my property
He canīt keep him tied up all the time! l couldnīt find alcohol
Use whisky, for Christīs sake
ltīs chewed almost all the way through!
A three-legged dog. What the hell līm going to do with him?
l told him next time the dog came on my place līd kill him
Kill his dog, he means
You canīt hit him with a pistol
l can damn well...try
You need a rifle
līve got a shotgun, but at this range itīd just tickle him
We got a rifle in the car
Six point five millimeter
Yeah, itīs Swedish
The Great Dane again?
What are they gonna do?
ls your father
Harry, you canīt just shoot the manīs dog
Macīs the one who picks the fights
Yeah, heīs tough
Letīs go
You need something to rest it on
Not at this range l donīt even really need the scope
Canīt you stop them?
Legally heīs within his rights. That dog attacked you once, remember?
Why the hell didnīt you shoot it then?
Tony donīt miss!
Nice looking dog
Do you want to bury him?
Bury him! līm gonna dump right at that son of a bitchīs door...
...and let him do something about it
Those are the men, arenīt they?
What men?
Youīve to tell me about it now
We were just supposed to look for supplies
By the third day we hadnīt found anything and Nickerson began
to get edgy. We get to this village lt was marked friendly on the map
But Nickerson got everybody out and search the huts for arms
We lined them while he and Tony looked the place over
They thought we gonna shoot them l think Nickerson almost did
He was so angry about not finding anything
Well, in the last hut a girl was hiding
Nickerson pretended she was a Viet Cong. Then he told... of the old men in the village that we took her as a hostage
What did she look like?
She was young, 15 or 16. Pretty l guess thatīs why she was hiding
Thatīs what her mother said at the courtmartial
A couple of miles up the road...
Nickerson took her into the tall grass
The sound she made was...
...well, after a while it was like... Mac down there lt was just...whining
And then Reilly went next Josephson... Tony
And then they were waiting for me to do it. l couldnīt move
lt didnīt take any thought of bravery l just couldnīt walk
Nickerson looked at me
For a long time, you know the way he does...looks at you
He had a rifle in his hand
He handed it to Josephson, jerk his thumb toward the grass and...
And you turned them in
When we got back to camp
lt was the bravest thing youīd do
l should have stopped them. Whatīs the point of punish them afterward?
Criminals have to be punished
The Viet Cong do the same thing Everybody does, every day...
Why blame these guys? They were my friends, my buddies!
Letīs go home, boys
Sound off! One, two, sound off!
...three, four...
Take it on down! One, two, three...!
What did they come here for? lt wasnīt because of the scenery
Tony said thet he wanted to tell me that...
That there were no hard feelings on his side
l knew the Jerries were in there. l take a granade...
...l pull the pin. Got up, open the door...
...Oh, Officer
Come on in
Call the police
What would l say, līm afraid of these guys? Yes! You know, l am
l thought about it every day since it happened
But l canīt do it to them again They donīt even know why they came
All right! Donīt call the police
Here we go! Come on! Pass it to me!
lf they bust up your meeting, itīs pigs. lf you need them, itīs police
Yes, thatīs funny, Bill
Yes. Wait a minute The football game is on
Harry wants to watch it on your set
Oh, Christ! l donīt give a...
Sure, Harry. Thatīs fine
Hey, kid, you got the set warmed up yet?
l didnīt know it was on yet
Hell yes! Come on Weīre gonna miss the kick-off
Hey, Bill...ayyyy!
See you in a little while
Bill, how do you adjust this thing?
ltīs crowed. The Tigers and the Blue Panthers are... the playground. The match will be interesting...
...cose both teams are equaled at general classification
No player in the entitle alignment is been missed
There will be tension during the match
Thanks, kid. Want a drink now?
Here it comes. Just in time
He dropped it. Atta boy! Come on, baby!
Donīt let him...for pete sakes!
Come on. Get him!
Hey kid, why donīt you bring us some ice and glasses in here... we donīt keep running back and forth?
Look out! Look out!
Go, go, go!
Twenty-five yards!
Now letīs go!
There you go, kid
Theyīre gonna beat them, right?
Come on now. Letīs not have another funeral like last week,...
...huh, Mike?
The Blue Panthers try to brake Robinsīs stroke
Football is a great game. Elemental
Because itīs a conflict Thatīs what life is about
lsnīt it?
lf you make it
Always. Life against death Like in Vietnam
We just see one corner of it... ...above the surface
Youīre mixing your metaphors Harry
Look at the football field Each teamīs got one color jersey
Thatīs easy to see. But the world is set up the same way
The communists on one side, and us on the other
lf youīd face that, look at Vietnam in the context...
...and youīd understand it
Right now Europe is stabilized
Power is shifting in Asia Vietnam is the fulcrum
Thatīs what they tell us
Youīd better believed it, soldier
Looks like a duel between the two players who...
...we are talking about Tigerīs new manīs caught...
...the ball. A good opportunity to show his game
Howīs your beer holding out there...Hal?
You never did like it very much, did you?
Did you?
What the hell am l gonna do with a three-legged kid, huh?
Come on!
Why he was out of bounds! Letīs see the play-back!
Pardon. You know...l watch football, l notice one thing
Whatīs that?
There arenīt any Puerto Rican guys playing. Did you notice that?
Yeah, why is that?
l donīt know. Theyīve got plenty of Puerto Rican baseball players
Yeah, stars. But not football
Theyīre too small to play football
They donīt eat the right foods They eat too many chili peppers
ltīs a racial difference
The first part is ended
He got back in, finds a lot of daylight
Racial difference. lsnīt that illegal?
They canīt play cose theyīre too small, not cose theyīre Puerto Ricans
Some people are naturally smaller than others. Like Orientals
līm not goddam slopehead!
Just an example, Christ sake!
When l was in college, thatīs what it was all about. Football
Everybody wanted to play football
Even the guys that spend most of their time in the library,...
...secretly wanted to play football. You know why?
Football players got more pussy
Not that anyone got a lot but the football players got more
A guy your size could play college football if he was strong
The pressure the Blue Panthers did during the second...
...time has decided the final result of the game
Now the kids give it away to each other. They donīt ask for it...
nicely. Thereīs no challenge to it So, who the hell wants... play football? l asked once some of Marthaīs friends...
...if they wanted to watch a game, they looked at me as if līm a freak
Where the hell is Bill?
He went upstairs
l donīt know
Why shouldnīt they act the way they do if they get away with it
Nobody cares anymore
Sheīs a cute looking girl
They arenīt married, huh?
Get him, you stupid son of a bitch!
The babyīs nice He smiles all the time
Broke his arm
No, heīs all right
Look at it. ltīs hanging there
Yeah, the baby is all right l always wanted a grandson
l donīt even know what this kid is
ls he my grandson? ls that what l should say to people?
l donīt know
Ya hemos visto todo lo que había que ver
You know...he looks a lot older. Bill
His hair is getting a little gray Do you remember how he...
...looked when he first got over? Like a little kid
l hope dinnerīs ready soon because l got to get to the city
Whatīs your hurry, Tony?
l got to see about getting a job
Tomorrow is Sunday
Thereīs a guy l can talk to
Yeah, heīll really give a job to an old war hero like you
l wish you guys would stick around a couple of days. ltīs great... have someone to talk to l bet youīd like to use that...
...rifle again. Thereīs a moon tonight and thereīs a cop l know
Heīs gonna be coon hunting back in my woods. We could...
...all go there Hell, theyīve got two bedrooms...
...upstairs they donīt use! Right, Bill?
Yeah, theyīre empty
Christ, what a weirdo! See that
l shot that bear and now look at it
Martha! What time is dinner?
As soon as we get the table set
Whatīs the matter?
Nothingīs ever the matter
Harry wants them to stay a couple of days. l donīt think theyīll stay
Bill, this is our house and...
The hell it is. ltīs Harryīs!
ltīs as mine as Harryīs. Because itīs mine, itīs yours. lf you donīt
...want them to stay, tell them to get out now!
He was in some trouble in Vietnam. Do you know about this?
We were it
Yeah? What happened?
l was leading a patrol We found a woman, a Viet Cong
Had to shoot her, couldnīt take her with us and Bill turned us in
He turned you in for that?
Well, we had a little fun with her first. Thatīs what made him mad
He didnīt even touch her
l always thought he was half queer
Thereīs salad in the ice-box
līm surprised you didnīt slit his throat
l thought about it a lot when l was in the stockade
But then, whatīs it gonna get me?
Dinner is on the table!
Do you want to carve, Harry?
How do you like it, Mike?
Rare. Still moving, if you got it
Tony, how about you?
A little rare
He likes it burnt
We forgot the water
Oh! Son of a bitch!
Will you let me look at it?
l hardly felt it
Come on, let me wash it
Hold still! You need some stitches
No...itīs nothing...
Harry, please donīt drink anymore l think youīve had enough
That Mikeīs quite a guy, isnīt he?
Did he tell you what Bill did to them?
What Bill did to them?
You all right, Harry?
ltīs just a scratch
l remember one time...
...a Filipino captain was trying to make one of them talk
He took him out in a boat and...
...he cut off his hands. One by one
And he dropped them into the water
Harry, be quiet
And then... his arms
And he watched...
...the sarks eat them
l asked these boys to stay a couple of days
Thanks, Mr. Wayne but l really got ot get back
l think...there might be a book in them. Yeah
Harry, they donīt want to stay
Weīll talk more about it tomorrow afternoon
l have a work to do in the morning
Well...whereīs my cap?
l think...
Thank you very much
Harry...have you got your glasses?
Do you think heīll make it? He might bleed to death
līll check on him later
Heīs a very interesting guy
Do you think so?
Yeah. Heīs been through it
My mother couldnīt stand him Neither his other two wives
Well hell, l wouldnīt want to be married to him either
līve had to get Halīs dinner
We better be going
Let me make you some coffe before you go, if youīre going to drive
ltīll just take a few minutes Please, sit down
Bet itīs nice around here in the summer
Great chow
Martha is a great cook
Dammit, Hal, you know you liked creamed corn!
Come on, Hal!
Miss, youīre a pretty woman to get angry. Wait till heīs hungry
A lot you know about it, donīt you? He has to eat his vegetables
Yeah. So he can grow up big to be a football player
Bed for you. Hal has decided he wants to go to bed
Say goodnight to everybody
Goodnight, Hal
Goodnight, bambino
Want to say goodnight to Hal?
Goodnight, Hal
What kind of job are you looking for?
Who the hell knows!
You used to be interested in cars
Yeah. l think līll get myself a job in a garage
To get the experience
The most important tool in any garage is the stem cleaner. l know
...this guy named Feldman He has a garage near the river
A guy comes in with his car He doesnīt know a thing about cars
But comes over and starts saying, ''that transmission is...
...about to fall out''. He says, Bill, ''and itīs a good thing... brought it now''. Everybody knows about the transmission
You know what l mean? You tell a guy his valve lifters are...
...shot, he gets worried But the transmission, youīve that
The guy comes back the next day and Feldman shows him a...
...shiny clean transmission. ltīs the same! He used the steam cleaner
You know what l mean? Gracias. Now...
Rebuilt transmission, right? A 180 dollars, maybe even more
Hal, l simply canīt stand another night of this! Whatīs the matter?
Come on
With all that back pay, maybe Feldmanīd let me buy...
...a piece of his place, huh?
Hell, l donīt even know if his garage is still there
Tony does all the driving. Will your father mind if līve a little?
Heīll think he drank the whole thing himself when he wakes up
Heīs really a famous writer?
He writes a lot of books and a lot of people buy them. ltīs... a compulsion. When he gets going, he stays all night writing
Theyīre good books?
A long time ago, they used to be
The first two he wrote were really good serious books
But now heīs full of anger and self-disgust. The books are empty
Theyīre good stories, full of dramatic events and...
...flashy characters. Easy to read. l enjoy reading them, but...
...they are meaningless
l liked what he said about being a book in Tony and me
Bill told me what you did
ls it true?
Sure, whatever he said
What made you do it?
Everybody was doing it Why pick on me?
Why pick on that girl?
She was a Viet Cong She was hiding from us
You proved she had a damn good reason to hide
What do you think a Viet Cong looks like...wear a uniform?
They donīt look different than anybody else over there
Listen, your husband cost me two damn good years over there
He didnīt cost you a thing and you know it!
l forgot heīs not your husband What kind of arrangement is that?
My living with Bill has nothing to do with morality! Youīre sick!
l see, you can judge me, but l canīt judge you
What hurts someone else is immoral Thatīs the only standard you can have
And your father? lt tears his guts out the way youīre living
Thatīs his problem. ltīs different from stick someone with a bayonet
ls that what Bill told you?
Sorry, all you did was shoot her!
We couldnīt take any prisoners on patrol. That was orders
The solution to the problem Nothing can justify what you did!
l donīt have to justify it The Army already has
Why do you think līm here? We were heroes to our boys
And Bill?
He got shipped out of combat area lt was good cose you can get shot
Because he reported a crime
You got to do things in war that you get locked up for in peacetime
Do you think līm some hoodlum? l was an honor student in...
...high school. And l was a good soldier, more than he was
līm glad
Oh, you got it safe here
You donīt know until you have been there, been shot at
What would you do, lie back and take it?
Until youīve gone through a village...
...handing out candy bars to the kids
And then you see your best buddieīs legs blowed off by a mine
...because the people you gave the candy bars to,...
...forgot to tell you Charlie was in town
That happened?
lt happened!
Youīre right. l havenīt been there and l canīt imagine it
Man....l couldnīt wait to get back to the folks
The first thing you notice in the city is people. The way they walk,
especially if theyīre important
The whole city is in a state of warfare. Just like over there
Did you ever march in one of these peace parades? Carry a sign?
l donīt know. You liked somebody whoīd march in a peace parade
l used to wonder over there what kind of people went to those things
l thought they were long-haired freaks with clothes like lndians
Bill asked me to marry him once. Before the baby was born
He was gonna do me a big favor
Youīre a real old nut-cutter, arenīt you?
My uncleīs got a restaurant
Leave it in the sink
l could work there for a while ltīs a big responsability,...
...having money to invest Whatīs that?
Coon hunter
Coon hunters, huh?
Yeah, give it time, Tony
Hey, Sarge! Letīs get the hell out here!
Whatīs going on?
Thatīs enough. l said thatīs enough!
You better go now
Come on!
You really want to go?
Go away! Stop it!
Come on
Whatīs the matter with you?
Stop it!
Look out, Billy!
Shoot him! Youīve got a gun, havenīt you? Shoot him!
Go on!
Youīll be okay, Bill
Lady, youīre nuts You think you can change...
...the rules in the middle?
Are you all right?
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