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Subtitles for Viva Villaveien.

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Viva Villaveien

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What on earth is that?|Synnøve, a hen!
I told you not to run off alone.|And without clothes on!
Camera, Vera. Say "cheese".
- I'll let him know.|- Emergencies. Any damage?
- Gran Canaria? You have any?|- Don't shout so loud.
An earthquake? A rebellion?|I see.
We'll bring them home.|To Oslo. Yes.
- No answer? Try again.|- Jens Otto!
What happened?
She ... she laid an egg.
V ... V ... Vera.
That bitch drives me mad.
Bloody hell ...
Get that hen out of here, or I'll ...|Move it!
Move it!|Go away! Get lost!
Next time I'll break your neck,|you idiot.
Poor dear.
What did Vera do to you?|What do you have against hens?
They lay eggs in my paint.|Go away.
Some of us will burn in hell.|I'll say no more.
This is driving me mad. I can never|work in peace. Crazy neighbours ...
- Dad, can't we do something fun?|- I'm painting the window.
- But I have nothing to do.|- I have.
Where are you going?
To Kløfta. Grandad's sick,|so Mum needs some help.
I'll only be away for a week.|Do you want to come, Arne?
- Yes, I'm not staying here.|- Where are you going?
For a week's holiday with Anne-Bitte,|Roar and Sverre. You forgot?
No, but ...|Nils, are you going away too?
Kåre, Klysa and I are going|to Strömstad.
I told you.|Or did you forget that, too?
No, of course I didn't forget.|I just ...
Wait. Am I supposed to stay alone|in this house for a whole week?
Reidar, we know you're tired|and worn out.
We think you should get away too|for a while.
So ...|This is from all of us to you.
- What is it?|- A week in the sun.
- What?|- Lucky you!
Your plane's leaving tomorrow|morning. Have a nice time.
- What about my job?|- I talked to them. Have a nice trip.
- Have fun.|- See you in a week.
- Buy us something cool.|- Don't you want a lift?
- No, we'll take the bus.|- What if he doesn't get there?
They're just leaving me.
Gran Canaria. One whole week ...
I don't believe it.
I don't believe it.
Bente! Trine!
It's true.
Christ, the plane!
There, there, Vera.|I know Frank is terrible.
But there's no need to lock|yourself in the toilet.
You've been there since yesterday.
Open up, Vera.
I know what we'll do.|I have a great idea.
Good girl.
Good morning, Mr Frank.|Have you seen a crocket ball?
- As a matter of fact, I have.|- Where?
Sigurd, did you see my crocket ball?
- Yes, Synnøve.|- Bloody hell, Vatne!
Synnøve, he's killing me!
Sigurd? Sigurd!
{y:i}Sterling Airways flight 11702|{y:i}boarding now, gate 8.
- I'm so sorry.|- You idiot!
Sorry, but I'm in a bit of a hurry.
- That's about time.|- Sorry, but ...
- Luggage?|- Yes.
No, dammit.|In the car. Wait.
Help! Let me out!
I can't breathe!|I'm choking! Help!
No, but ... Hello, there!|Wait. What are you doing?
I'll miss my plane. Stop writing.|Can't you hear what I'm saying?
- I'll move the car next week.|- Help! Let me out! Help!
- Here you are.|{y:i}- Final call for flight 11702.
I think that was the final call.
Yes. If you'd come earlier,|you'd have heard the first one, too.
Sure. It must've been fantastic|to hear the first one.
Help! I can't breathe!|I'm choking! Let me out!
- That's it.|- Help! Help!
Oh, thank you so much.|That was ... What's that?
That was pretty original, but you'll|get a ticket just the same.
He's mad.|A complete idiot, Synnøve.
- I'll kill him!|- I can't take any more fuss now.
- Have you got a better suggestion?|- It's always you and yours.
You never think about me!
Well, Synnøve, really!
My dearest. Synnøve.
I can't take it any more!
Right. I think everyone's here.|Have you got your bags? Right.
Welcome to Gran Canaria.|I hope you had a pleasant journey.
My name's Donald Kleveland.
You'll get all the information on|the coach on our way to Bahia Feliz.
- Right, your turn.|- Frank, Reidar Frank.
That's right.
Let's see. Here it is.
Here's a map of the area.|We're here, and you're staying there.
- Thanks a lot.|- Enjoy your holiday.
A whole week ... I'll come home|looking like a boiled crayfish.
Nobody cares about what I want.
Nobody to talk to.|I have to be alone for a whole week.
There, in the middle.
I could have stayed with Mummy|at Åkersberga in stead.
Happy birthday!
- What did you think?|- You're crazy, all of you.
- Just look at you.|- You're the best dad in the world.
- You'll make me cry.|- Act like a man, Dad.
I love you so much.|You're crazy, all of you.
- It runs in the family.|- Come on, give me a hug.
Come on down to the beach.
- I want to find magmatic minerals.|- Great, come on!
- Wait. How can I ...|- Cut it out, Dad.
See you at the beach.
"Cut it out, Dad."
Isn't that the most beautiful thing|you've ever heard?
This is the most wonderful thing that|ever happened to me. Thanks, Bente.
- We'll have a fantastic week.|- Three.
- Three? Three weeks?|- Yes.
Don't you think we deserve three|weeks in the sun after 20 years?
I wonder if I'll be this happy|any more times in my life.
- Wait. How much did this trip cost?|- You said we'd be happy.
- But it must be paid for.|- I can't remember such things.
But you know what|I'll be expecting come winter.
{y:i}- Buenos días, señor.|- Yes, but ... What's all this?
I think this just might be an|ignimbrite from the Tertiary period.
- Wait. Are we having this every day?|- No, we're having porridge tomorrow.
{y:i}Siéntese, señor.
- What?|{y:i}- Champán, señor?
I've experienced six fantastic|moments in my life.
The first one was when I was born.
And then when I met Bente.
And when Trine was born,|and Nils and Arne.
And now today,|when you arranged this.
Trine, say that Norwegian thing|you say so well.
Cut it out, Dad.
- What are we going to do tomorrow?|- Collect stones.
- Sleep late.|- We'll do just as we please.
- So how are the Franks getting on?|- This is fantastic.
- You should take a holiday here.|- Right. You've got a point there.
- Enjoy the rest of your holiday.|- Nice fellow.
{y:i}Sí, sí.|People are so nice here.
- There's our luggage.|- It made the journey.
- Are you afraid, Torben?|- No.
But back home in Kollerup|they might be.
That must be because the Hansen|brothers are off on their own.
I'm not afraid. Come on, Torben.
Yes, yes. I quite agree, Sigurd.
Oh, yes. Yes, yes, yes.
This is the sneakiest thing|you've ever done.
I'll never say|that you're selfish again.
What we need now is a good rest,|Synnøve.
Sigurd, where are you going?
Thanks ever so much.|I'm Norwegian, you see.
There. You must be quiet.|Not a word out of you.
Yes, yes. Hush. Don't move.
- What have you got in your pockets?|- Nothing ...
Once more.
- Wonderful.|- Yes, but hot.
Well, then change, Sigurd.
You have to acclimatise in order|to avoid climatic shock, my dear.
You promised to be quiet, Vera.
Vera, you have to see this.
Did you ever|see anything lovelier?
We'll have a wonderful time here.|We really deserved it.
Lovely water. Do it for me.|Don't make such a fuss.
I took you to this lovely place.|Just think how other hens live.
I bought you a bathing ring|and everything. Just try, Vera.
And those lovely flippers I got you.|They weren't cheap, either. Come on.
We'll be happy all three of us.|Let me help you.
Ugh! Go away!|Vera ... What a pig!
It's because I love you!|We'll bade together in the nude.
- Where are you going?|- I'm going to buy us breakfast.
Can I have it in bed?
Kiss, kiss.
- Sigurd? Where are you going?|- To the shop.
And I'll serve you|a glorious breakfast in bed.
- I love you, Sigurd.|- Susse.
I'm going shopping, Vera.
And listen ... Don't let anyone in.|Promise?
Just relax.|Mummy will be back soon.
- Torben, it's time for breakfast.|- Yes.
Two beers, please.
Hey, you? Want to write a post card|to Knud Larsen in Kollerup?
But what should we write?
"Hi, Knud.|All the best, Torben and Preben."
Good one!
"All the best, Torben and Preben."
What's the matter, Torben?
- I need a beer.|- Yes.
What's the matter, Preben?
- Oh, pardon.|- Don't worry.
{y:i}Tenga la vuelta|{y:i}y hasta mañana.
{y:i}- Muchas ... gracias.|{y:i}- Qué?
{y:i}Much ...|Thanks a lot.
{y:i}Un momento, por favor.
{y:i}Qué pasa?
I'm sorry. I have these|neighbours back home in Norway ...
- I'll tidy it up.|{y:i}- No, señor, déjalo.
- Have you got goat's cheese?|{y:i}- Qué?
{y:i}- Haben Sie ...|{y:i}- Qué quieres?
{y:i}- Käse ...|{y:i}- Qué quieres?
- Cheese. Cheese, yes.|{y:i}- Eres un burro!
The man must be mad.|I'll complain to the travel agency.
Don't stand on the table|during meals. You know that.
That's nothing. Wait, I'll put some|on your beak, so you don't get ...
It's always such a fuss with you.|Wait, wait.
Have it your way.|Get sunburned.
You're in the food again.|Stop it. Behave yourself.
- Hello! Where are you?|- In the bathroom.
- Where's everyone else?|- On the beach. We'll make breakfast.
"There he was. Timothy.|The new Plymouth Rock-cock."
"Dorothy looked down shyly|and felt a rustle in her feathers."
"Suddenly she felt someone|looking at her. She turned round."
"It was Timothy.|What did he want?"
This is a bit too much for you.|We'll read some more another day.
Isn't it exciting?|Yes, Vera.
- There's been a complaint about you.|- What? How dare you?
We're guests here.|We mustn't insult the locals.
Brawling and obscene gestures.
Obscene gestures? I asked him|if they had goat's cheese, but no.
I'm sure it's a misunderstanding.|But the shopkeeper said ...
Never mind, we'll just forget it.
- Any problems, just ask me.|- Yes.
Lovely weather today, isn't it?
- Yes. Enjoy your holiday.|- Thank you. You too.
I have to keep an eye on that man.
- He's rude.|- Yes, Sigurd.
Hurry up, Arne.
Look, Synnøve.|A hen!
But that's ...
- No!|- I'm coming now, Dad.
Oh, Christ, now what?
It's so unfair for this to happen.
That we should all end up here.|I'll go mad!
We were going to relax, and all|those ... It's like enemy territory!
What shall we do?|He's going to kill us!
- You're exaggerating.|- Hush!
Something's happening.
Why? Why? Why?
Oh, my heart! My heart.|Synnøve! Synnøve!
Get my pills.
Why are they here?|What do they want?
They're trying to drive me mad.|It's a conspiracy.
A conspiracy?|Why would it be?
Because Sweden's bigger|than Norway.
Oh, no, oh, no ...
There must be limits.|This is an outrage.
You're coming with me.|Be a good girl now, Vera.
What are you doing?|Stop that nonsense.
- Reidar, where are you going?|- I won't put up with this.
- Dad!|- Relax.
I'm not spending three weeks|with them. I can't handle ...
We'll just keep away from them.|Let's relax now. Please.
- Yes, yes!|- Thank God. You're so sweet.
Sorry, I didn't mean to do it.
Mr Kleveland,|I'm so glad I found you.
What have you got there?
Oh, you're the one who puts hens|in the pool. Did you bring it here?
It's prohibited. Let me take care of|it before the health authorities do.
Hello there. Stop!
What shall we do?|Where shall we ..? Oh, no!
There he is.|Quickly, we must hide.
Not a word, Vera.
- Where's the hen?|- Hen? I haven't seen any hen.
We'll soon find out.
Wait. This is serious. Have you|heard about salmonella and rabies?
Vera ...
Oh ... I'm so sorry.
What a bitch.
{y:i}- Señor Kleveland?|{y:i}- Sí, correcto.
- Reidar?|- Darling Bente.
I'll just calmly ask for a new house.|It's best for everyone. I'm not mad.
- Where are you going?|- To see the travel agency man.
- You're not going anywhere.|- Quiet, woman.
In war it's a question|of life or death.
- Sigurd, if you go now ...|- Be quiet!
I want to go to Sioux City,|and on a jeep safari.
- Where is everybody?|- Nils and Trine went to the beach.
- And Dad?|- He's talking to the travel agency.
I'll find him.|I'm sure he wants to come.
- He's mad!|- Oh, dear.
Vera!|Hang in there, I'm coming!
If you think this island's big enough|for both of us, you're wrong.
Just laugh, you Swedish nutter,|but I'll show you!
Just wait!
- What have you done?|- I bought cheroots.
Cheroots? But what ..?
- Maybe I drink too much.|- No, Preben. Too little.
What's this?|A melon? Yuck!
- Preben, did you order melon?|- No. Did you?
I'll tell him that if he|doesn't stop, it's over!
It's my frying pan!|What's got into you?
It's my frying pan. Give me the|frying pan, you swarthy spic!
I'm going to complain to ...
I won't put up with this.
If you don't home come|with me now, it's over. Got it?
Very well.
- Torben? Do you know that lady?|- No.
There you are.|I just wanted to ask you ...
Hi, Arne.
Well, I just wanted to ask|you very kindly if ... if ...
- If we can have another house.|- Why?
I think it would be best, because ...
- That's the way it is.|- Yes, that's right. I understand.
- I'll check out the possibilities.|- Thank you.
Can't we go to Sioux City and on the|jeep safari? It's a Wild West town.
- Good idea. It's a great trip.|- Yes, that sounds nice.
Now, Preben, I need a rest.
Now what?
I think it's possible.|The new flat is a bit smaller.
Is that all right?
- Great. Fine.|{y:i}- Señor Kleveland, teléfono.
- Preben? Are you moving?|- No ...
- I fixed the safari tickets.|- Are you going on a safari?
Torben, I'm afraid.
Kleveland's a nice fellow.|We'll get a new flat.
We're going to Sioux City|and on a jeep safari.
- Want to come?|- Sure.
There's a pyroclastic rock here|with an aerolite composite.
- What?|- Stones, Dad, and rocks.
It's too much for me.|A jeep safari in this heat.
I'd rather stay at home|if that's all right with you.
It might be smart to bring this.
- Coming, kids?|- Yes. Hurry up, Nils.
- Have a nice time!|- See you.
- I didn't mean it that way.|{y:i}- Sí, sí, sí.
It can't be.
- Rodrigo?|- Bente? Bente Frank?
- Yes. What are you doing here?|- I'm so happy.
My sunglasses. Can't you wait?
Hurry up, then. Come on.
You find it easier to kiss|in Gran Canaria?
Mummy wants me to stay here.|You go off. Have fun.
Go on, start!
This is just incredible.
Help! Stop!
I said stop!
Move! I can't stop this thing!
Mind your hens!|Can't you see that I can't stop?
I'm so sorry.
Can't we leave soon?|I want to look for stones.
Oh, Sigurd ... Just wait till|you come crawling back.
I'll be the one to say no.
Hello. Tell me, how does your|husband feel about frying pans?
Frying pans?
That man took my frying pan! Hello?
That man took my frying pan.
Hello? I demand to speak|to the Norwegian ambassador.
Norvega ambassadorus speakos.|Hello?
- In prison?|- He nicked a frying pan.
He did what?
- Leave him in prison.|- The police don't want him.
{y:i}Sí. Esto es correcto.
{y:i}Have courage you|{y:i}who are in distress
{y:i}out on the big wild sea
{y:i}you who ride|{y:i}the wave tops high ...
What I'm going to do? Nothing.|Let them do what they want with him.
I take no responsibility|whatsoever for that man.
Yes, that's right.
{y:i}... on the great wild sea
{y:i}you who ride|{y:i}the wave tops high ...
{y:i}Lord|{y:i}send help and grace
{y:i}to someone in distress|{y:i}out on the great ...
{y:i}Muchas gracias. Muchas gracias.
- I keep my flag flying.|- Yes, that's right.
I'll tell you something.|You got the wrong man.
It was the shopkeeper who|took my frying pan. That's right.
{y:i}Está bien. Está bien.
I demand that the police|arrest that man immediately!
- Be quiet.|- He took my frying pan.
Get into the car.
- Are you threatening me?|- Yes.
This is outrageous! The Norwegian|authorities will be informed.
What's got into you? This is|an unparalleled infringement!
- Get in!|- I'll complain to your superiors!
Do you think I will put up|with this treatment?
- Have you got any choice?|- I'll give you choice!
- This is a scandal!|- Exactly, this is a scandal.
In my 1 5 years here I've never|met a bigger idiot than you.
But I'll put an end|to your misconduct!
Come out.
{y:i}Medico neuropsiquiatria ...
- Are you sick?|- Yes, that's right.
I was sure something was wrong|with you. Is it serious?
- Can you wait here?|- Yes.
I'll only be a moment.
- What?|- He'll give you a sedative.
No, I don't want it!
What is this?|I don't want it!
Let go of me, you Spanish quack!
No, no! I don't want it!
Eat pills.
- Say hello to your wife.|{y:i}- Buenos días.
{y:i}"Días. "
- My name's Sigurd.|- My name's Donald.
What's the matter with you?
- Nobody likes me.|- Nonsense. I like you.
I like you.|Donald. That's a great name!
Will you ..? Will you be my friend?
We'll always be friends, you and I.
Now I'm happy again.
Sigurd?|Today I had to hunt down a hen.
Vera! I'm coming!
Hang in there!
Do you want to come in, Donald,|and see Synnøve dance for us?
No, thanks, I have to go to the|office. I have a splitting headache.
Me, too!|Want to meet up tomorrow?
- Sure. See you.|- See you. Drive carefully.
Hi, Synnøve!|I'm in great form now.
Let's become nudists|and dance naked on the beach.
No! I told you, it's over.|Go away!
But Synnøve, won't you let me in?
Don't these Spanish mopeds|have brakes?
Murderer!|Stop. Stop. Help!
Help! Stop me!|Stop! Help!
Mio bambino. Vera.
El chickeno. El chickeno. They|don't even understand Spanish.
Where is el chickeno?
How dare you treat an|innocent tourist this way?
Hands off me!
Vera ... Vera!
How typical for Dad.
Come on. Push!|Put your backs into it!
- We are!|- Yes, we are!
No. Not this, too.
- No. Dimwit!|- What?
We're out of petrol.|Some fool forgot to fill the tank.
- Here.|- This is empty, too.
- Where are you going?|- To get petrol. I'll be back soon.
Wait, Dad!|{y:i}Dónde está la gasolinera ...
Thanks, Arne. Thanks.
Vera? Can you hear me?
Come to Mummy, Vera.
Petrol ... petrol ...
Petrol ...
Vera! Vera, here I am.
Mummy's little darling.|My poor little darling.
Where are we?|We're lost!
Petrol ... petrol ...
- lce water.|- That's right.
- Unleaded.|- That's right. Easy.
That's right. lcy. Lots of it.
Reidar! Help! Help!
Reidar! Help!|Reidar! Reidar! Help!
Quiet, woman.|You're coming with me to Bergen!
- Bloody Will from Bergen!|- Reidar!
"A man's gotta do|what a man's gotta do."
- Mr Frank?|- Mrs Lindeblad?
- I'm so thirsty.|- Mr Frank ...
We must get back.|Look at Vera. Vera!
She's getting weaker and weaker.
It's all Kleveland's fault.
He tried to take Vera away from me.|It's terrible.
- Kleveland's an idiot.|- Yes, he is.
He said this was a nice trip.
The idiots are lost. But I have|a right to send people home.
- What do you want?|- Haven't you got Norwegian lefse?
Can't you ..?|Where is Mr Frank?
- He went to get petrol.|- From the place where we ran out.
- Don't tell me ... Where is he?|- No idea.
- What's that?|- Senolite molevine in basaltic rock.
- Effusive magmatic rocks.|- That's right.
In the Arinaga Desert?|I'll teach them! Understand!
Let go of me!
- Poor you.|- I lost my shoes in the desert.
It's so terribly hot. And I ...
Water ... water ...
Bloody hell!
Oh, bloody hell!
I don't just want a woman's hair,|I want all of her.
We'll go and see my friend|Miguel at our restaurant.
But we are at a restaurant.|Can't I finish my ice cream?
You're crazy.
- What's your first name?|- Alice.
Alice ... Alice. Reidar.
I say, Alice ...
You never thought about getting|a man instead of a hen?
Well, where would I find a man|who's got more brains than a hen?
You there! Stop!
What are you doing? Answer me!
- But we ...|- You'll be held liable for damages.
I've looked for you for hours.
My jeep is standing in the middle|of the desert. Who will get it?
So is mine, because you forgot|to fill up the tank. And ...
- Oh, my God. Nils and Arne.|- They've been saved ages ago.
- But you ...|- Don't point at me. Don't point!
If I see that hen again,|I'll strangle it on the spot.
How typical. To start a fight|with an innocent creature.
- Thanks, Reidar.|- I'm warning you.
I have the right to send home|people who get out of line.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
Animal hater!
We've been sitting here|for a whole day now.
What happened to you?|You were just going to get petrol.
Yes, but ...|Why are you sitting out here?
Mum and Trine aren't here,|and we haven't got a key.
I'm thirsty and hungry.
Come into my flat|and you'll get food and drink.
- Dare we?|- Yes, we're friends now.
Go with Alice,|I'll get an extra key.
Come on.
Mr Frank? Forgive me.
My dear Mr Vatne, what's wrong?
My marriage is over.|Synnøve has kicked me out.
I'm afraid I'll die of grief.|Help me.
Dear Mr Vatne, come down.|I'm sure it's not that bad.
Yes, it is that bad.
Forgive me.
- I want to make peace.|- Peace?
Yes, sure. Of course.
Come with me. I just have to|pick up a key at the office.
May I call you Reidar?
Of course you may ... Sigge.
- Do you think she'll forgive me?|- Sure. It was a misunderstanding.
- Buy her some flowers.|- This means so much to me.
- Couldn't you and I be friends?|- Yes, perhaps we could.
We're natural friends. Sweden|and Norway used to be united.
- What is it?|- Something you shouldn't see.
Excuse me,|I must go to the bathroom.
Don't you understand that this|stranger was courting your wife?
Nonsense. I trust my wife.|And there's Trine, too.
- You're back?|- Yes.
Your Spaniard got a headache|and he left.
What's this?
- What are you up to?|- Up to? What do you mean?
Hi. I need a key.
Just look at you!
I lost my shoes in the desert,|and ...
I've had it!
What idiot ..?
- You?|- What have I done, Donald?
- Out! Go away! Get lost!|- The man's crazy. Jesus Christ ...
The travelling agency will hear|about this.
Take it easy!
If anything else happens, I'll send|you two home on the first plane.
Do you understand?
Excuse me, but what are you two|doing together?
We're friends now.|The best of friends.
- You two?|- It's true.
Sigge is a real gentleman.
And Reidar is|a Swedish quality product.
Yes. Cute.
Oh, what a day.
I've had it.
- Where are Arne and Nils?|- At Alice's. Mrs Lindeblad.
- What happened?|- We've become friends too.
Bente, who is that Spaniard?
Someone I know. Rodrigo Alvarez.
- You knew him?|- Yes, of course.
We worked together a few years ago|at the hair dresser's in Pilestredet.
You drive me crazy!|Nothing in this family is normal!
- That's the great thing about us.|- I don't give damn what you do.
What the heck is that?
Get in, gentlemen.|We're going for a ride.
Synnøve? Dearest?|It's me.
Here, Synnøve.|Forgive me, Synnøve.
I'm an idiot.
I'm more than that.|I'm two idiots.
I love you.
Sigurd, I missed you so much.
- Can I come in?|- Yes. Forgive me, Sigurd.
You remember what I said.|But you didn't believe me.
I'll show you.
This way.
Thank you, Lord.|Now I'm going to have a rest.
Bente, that Spaniard,|are you sure ..?
It's nice to be seen as something|other than a domestic animal.
Maybe I should sleep|on the sofa tonight.
Reidar, really ...
Sometimes it feels as if|I'm all alone against the world.
I'm there, too. It's just not|very often that you notice me.
- Forgive me, Bente. I'm blind.|- Weak-sighted.
Come on.
No, not my feet! Not my feet!
- Mrs Frank?|- Yes.
It's my duty to inform you that|your husband and Mr Vatne -
- are on their way home right now.
My husband?
Yes. Yes, that's right.
Mr Kleveland,|I think you need a rest.
- Yes, I'd like that.|- Goodnight.
- What?|- Yes. Poor Mr Kleveland.
Yes, yes. Agree with him no matter|what he says, or you're in trouble.
Mrs Vatne. Your husband|and Mr Frank are no longer ...
- Yes, isn't it wonderful?|- What? Yes.
- Yes, that's precisely what it is.|- Goodnight.
Just think what those poor women|have had to endure.
What business of his is it|what Reidar and I are or are not?
- He was just happy, Sigurd.|- He's a troublemaker.
What a breakfast table.|Don't you think so, Vera? Just great.
I'm looking forward to it so much.|You'll stay in the kitchen.
I'm looking forward to this|breakfast so much. The table's laid!
Alice, you shouldn't have ...
Yes. We've never had a meal|together, but now we're friends.
{y:i}Sunny outside, sunny inside,|{y:i}sunny hearts and sunny thoughts ...
- I'll get the coffee.|- No, I'll get it.
I'll help you, Reidar.
- Here you go.|- Want some jam, Arne?
Pass the marmalade, please.
- Good morning.|- Good morning.
Sorry about yesterday. There'll be|some insurance matters to sort out.
Mrs Frank, Mrs Vatne, I admire you|as women and human beings.
Enjoy the rest of your holiday.
- Coffee's ready!|- It smells wonderful.
May I have the honour of serving it?
- I brought fruit for the children.|- Good morning, Mr Kleveland.
- Pass the goat's cheese, please.|- Gladly.
Didn't I put you|on the plane yesterday?
What utter nonsense!
Sure. Sure you did.
- Then you're not here now.|- No, of course we're not.
Good. Fine. That's right.
{y:i}Hasta luego.
It's tragic when people lose|their mental faculties.
But then you shouldn't be|sitting here now.
What is this? Do you want us|to eat breakfast standing up?
- He must be mad.|- You're here.
- I'll tell you something ...|- Relax, everybody.
Must he disturb us every day?|I want to eat breakfast in peace.
- Reidar!|- Don't start.
- Alice!|- Wait for me!
- Sigurd!|- Reidar!
- We've only been here for two days!|- Trine!
Get out of the way!
- Give me the net.|- Don't take my pole!
- It's mine!|- Stop, you hen hater. Vera!
- Excuse me.|- What the hell are you doing?
What are you doing|to my poor husband?
Nils! Help! Nils!
{y:i}- Haben Sie eine anderen?|{y:i}- Un momento, señor.
- Vera!|- Alice!
- Reidar!|- Reidar!
- Daddy!|- Daddy!
{y:i}Llamen a la policía!
- Somebody pushed me.|- Me? That'll cost you 500 kroner.
I didn't say that ...|I was standing here. And ...
Want me to call the police?|No.
If we settle it quietly|between us it'll be 250 cash.
- 250? Never!|- Oh, really?
{y:i}We have a message|{y:i}for Olav Kristian Fredriksen.
{y:i}Olav Kristian Fredriksen, please|{y:i}report to the information desk.
Preben?|I want to go home to Kollerup.
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