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Subtitles for Viva la Muerte.

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Viva la Muerte

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After capturing and disarming the Red Army today...
official troops reached their final objective.
The war is over.
Traitors will be relentlessly hunted down.
If necessary, we will kill half the country.
Long live Death!
Papa, I don't want them to kill you!
You'll die, too?
- Yes. - What'll I do?
You'll be grown up by then.
I don't understand.
We must all die.
- When we die, is it forever? - Yes.
But what about heaven?
That'll come later.
- I'll bring you flowers. - When?
When you die.
I'll bring you poppies.
- Don't think about that. - Why not?
All right.
Will we meet in heaven?
That's good.
- Who invented it? - What?
And the rest?
What "rest"?
Then when you die, your belly'll be my drum.
Don't say that.
Is it a sin?
My son, when you feel the prickings of the flesh...
put on a hairshirt and say an "Our Father."
8 x 3 is 24, 8 x 4 is 32, 8 x 5 = 40...
A package came for you.
For me?
Remember your papa.
Uncle, I need your advice.
My husband's become a renegade,
endangering his family's future with his awful progressive ideas.
I think it's my duty to turn him in to the authorities...
so he'll be arrested right away.
...arrested right away... arrested right away...
Fando, that's my Dr. Plumb pipe.
Yes, Dr. Plumb. It's the only pipe I smoke.
Can I see it?
You can.
It's hot!
You're under arrest for military revolt.
If he knew who turned him in!
Smash the bastard's brains out!
The prison director informs you
your husband is under "special surveillance."
For plotting against the established order...
he's to be "punished" and placed in solitary.
Who did they take? Where's Papa?
The window! The neighbors'll see us!
Where's Papa? Is he dead?
Is he alive?
His political ideas have ruined your future and his.
Forget your father.
He was a Red...
and an atheist.
- Didn't atheists kill Jesus? - Yes.
- Don't Reds burn churches? - Yes.
- I'll be atheist when I'm big. - No!
- I'll be a Red. - No!
You're a good boy.
They take away his red flag.
He can't walk good 'cause my theater's made of wood.
They put Papa in jail.
They lock the door.
Papa asks to see me,
but the judges say he doesn't deserve to.
So Mama goes to see him in prison.
She puts on her shawl.
She goes slow
'cause she's afraid of dogs and vultures.
She reaches the prison.
She sees Papa.
She tells him to suffer 'cause he's been such a coward.
The judges come and take Papa out of jail...
but he's brave and keeps his pipe.
With a big knife they cut off his head.
Come on, time to go to sleep.
Are you coming?
Let's go, son.
Why the muzzles?
To keep them from eating the grapes.
Down with muzzles!
Down with muzzles!
Assassins! Assassins!
All towns have fallen, the war's over.
Our greatest fascist victory!
Last week...
our troops hit
the capital from the right, left and center.
Fighting was desperate and raged on...
till the heights at each end of the front were occupied.
Enemy losses...
were disastrous.
Constant bombing threw the enemy in disorder...
cutting off all retreat.
A total Red defeat was imminent.
Our heroic tanks and trucks...
rushed into the fallen capital as they did into all the Red cities.
The chief of state declared:
The bastard reign of liberal and socialist whoring...
is dead, killed by our valiant army.
The Nation has slain the anarchist dragon...
who now lies biting the dust.
Blessed by the Holy Church,
the army has the reins of power forever.
Air raids soon decimated the republican air corps.
Here a Red pilot parachutes from his plane...
the last one shot down
before the war's end.
Is the sky-man an angel?
Not so loud!
Don't you love me?
Oh, yes, you're the most beautiful mama...
of all the world's towns and provinces.
Prettier than the church's Virgin.
Get up! After your bath we're going to the cemetery.
Stop it!
I'm hot, I'm hot.
Be quiet!
Come on, Theresa.
Let the execution of these Reds be an example. Long live death!
Fire! I'm saved! I'm not dead! Saved!
It's the poet.
The faggot.
A faggot. Finish him off up the ass.
Left face!
Shoulder arms!
Forward march!
They've killed Frederico Garcia Lorca.
We must trust God and respect His wishes.
Yesterday you saw how He punished those who burn churches.
And the poem for your mama?
Mama is the prettiest flower.
Good. Then what?
...prettiest flower. And I love her more each hour.
Does it rhyme?
It's too prosaic.
God sees us and is always watching over us.
Even when we're on the toilet?
Arms like a cross and 2 dictionaries!
Get your cripple goin'!
Get him out there!
Look at him go, he's a champion!
Mine'll piss in your champion's eye!
My turtle's got no cock and no balls either!
If your grand'ma heard ya!
Holy Moses!
Let's go! They'll beat us up!
Go on! Kill 'im!
Knock his teeth out!
Red! Son of a Red! Red!
Red! Red! Son of a Red!
Come, Fando.
Use the hall. Don't be afraid of the dark.
Go on.
You said a bad word today?
Who squealed?
I know what you said.
Give me your finger.
That'll teach you not to say that.
This kid's a little girl.
Wears his spigot on the right, not left.
You can see his pa wasn't a Christian.
My pa made me walk alone...
in the dark...
with a torch. Awful shadows danced on the walls.
I wasn't afraid.
You're just a wet hen, a coward.
High time you looked after yourself.
Afraid of the dark.
His spigot on the right.
I'm not a chicken. You'll see!
Fando, get down. You'll kill yourself.
Fando, you'll kill yourself!
Gran'pa is very sick.
You must be brave.
Peace on this house and family. Amen.
The Lord forgives you all sins committed...
by scent...
by the ears...
the heart...
and all advances.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, so be it.
Come, holy saints and angels...
Take his soul and present it to the Most High.
May Christ who called you now receive you
and the angels lead you to Abraham's bosom.
Take his soul and present it to the Most High.
Come kiss your gran'pa who's just died.
By this holy agony and in His sweet mercy,
may the Lord pardon you all sins committed with your eyes.
Please, Lord, have mercy on our departed grandfather.
Don't punish him for his deeds...
for he meant to do Your will.
As true faith bound him to the Believers here...
now may Your mercy place him in the choir of angels on high.
Don't stand there, come in.
Ask for mercy.
Pray with me. May God keep granpa's soul...
and not punish him for his deeds.
We must make a sacrifice so he can go to heaven today.
Beat me!
I'm sorry. I didn't wanna hurt you.
You're my only friend.
You're not like Aunt Clara.
Hit him once!
3 times.
The other hand.
All right.
3 times real hard.
That's enough.
It's not your turn.
- Once, but hurt him! - Damn!
Your turn now. Hurry up!
Go on, a hard one.
Good! Not bad. The little ol' priest...
oughta bless your whip.
Cut his nuts off! Put 'em in his mouth, dirty priest.
Cut off his balls!
Cram 'em in his trap!
Oh, my balls!
How tasty they are!
Thank You, Lord, for this divine dish.
God, You gave them to me and took them away.
Blessed be Your holy name.
Light travels at 186,390 mps...
Iess than 1 second to go around the equator.
Most stars' light takes years to reach us.
The North Star takes about 40 years.
With a huge telescope, they calculated the distance...
to a star millions of miles away.
This star's light takes 10 thousand years to arrive.
We see it now as it was 10 thousand years ago.
Its light existed before the pyramids.
For centuries and centuries...
Into the closet with the rats!
The maquisards again!
It's the terrorists!
It's the Reds!
Why don't you ever talk to me about Papa?
Why should I make you suffer?
Why talk about your Papa?
Why tell you he was a traitor?
Thrown into prison, that he even tried to commit suicide?
I sacrificed my whole life for you and this is the thanks I get.
You must believe me.
Your father is dead.
Where're you going?
Come here!
Go on,
kill him!
What're you doing here?
Maybe my father's here.
His name's Tosan.
Sure, sure,
I remember him.
So you're his son?
Where is he now?
Better ask the court.
He tried to commit suicide.
We're investigating your father.
When we learn something, we'll notify your mother.
What's he got?
Lung trouble, as if the air here stifles him.
My poor baby.
Madame, your son has TB.
He must be sent to the clinic boat.
Burn his theater. It's contaminated.
I'm sick, maybe I'll die. I've got to find Papa.
I got Pa's Dr. Plumb and some shag.
I put some orange peel in the pouch yesterday.
Today the tobacco feels fresh.
Since the pipe's seasoned, when it goes out...
it gives off a nice smell.
It's Papa's Dr. Plumb pipe.
Maybe it was on his table when he tried to commit suicide.
The treatment began 6 months ago.
There's no improvement at all.
The cavity is worse. We'll have to operate.
Tomorrow you'll be operated on at the hospital.
Did you turn him in?
Not so loud. People can hear us.
You turned Papa in?
I only told the truth.
If he'd confessed, they'd have gone easier on him.
Thanks to my testimony...
and my submissive attitude...
they were more indulgent with him...
but he insulted me and said I'd betrayed him.
All my life he repaid my goodness with evil.
my husband's been corrupted by progressive ideas.
He's an enemy of the nation.
As a soldier and a man your duty is...
to prevent him from further endangering...
his wife, children and country.
Arrest him.
- Did you help him in prison? - I couldn't.
I suffered more than him.
Why do we always talk about the past?
We can't do anything to change it.
I wish you'd stop worrying...
and forget the unhappy past.
Why was he in a mad cell?
How'd you know that?
He didn't go mad in prison. He always was.
If not, how could he have committed all those sins?
May God keep me from speaking ill of my beloved husband.
He tried to commit suicide.
I should've been the one.
I could've gone crazy with pain...
but I had to stay sane to look after you...
and get you out of this mess.
I've failed.
A lifetime of sacrifice for nothing!
I had to turn him in for your good...
Your own good.
But now he's dead.
No, he's not dead.
I have proof for you.
The pipe your father always smoked.
It was in his jacket pocket the day...
he was executed.
Here's where the bullet hit it.
It's proof he's really dead.
That, Fando...
is my Dr. Plumb pipe.
Dr. Plumb?
Yes, Dr. Plumb. It's the only pipe I smoke.
You've already grown up, son.
Cut off your father's balls.
Fando! Fando!
Your father's escaped into the maquis.
Come on, we'll look for him.
Traitors will be relentlessly hunted down.
If necessary, we will kill half the country.
Long live Death!
Subtitles: J. WARNER
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