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Vizontele CD2

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All you do is eat, drink and crap.|Some of you never tumble.
Some of you think you're partridges.|You are tumblers!
Some of you get away|with two tumbles a day.
l won't name names here.
But that's finished!
No more feed for non-tumblers.
You think l will tumble for you?
No tumbles, no feed.
Go easy on the guys.|They're just birds after all.
What's up, good-for-nothing?
My father sent for you.
What could the teacher want?
He is the Mayor!
What ever. Mayor then. He was my|teacher once. What does he want?
Quit moping.|Have some more feed.
But l'm expecting tumbles tomorrow!
Turn that wheel a little.
This one?
How did you manage|to build all these gadgets.
l learned from my master.
He asked me to hold a screwdriver|for him one day.
And l never put it down again.
He didn't pay me,|but he was a great man.
Stop, get out of the way!
What's going on?|Where are you going?
Are you crazy?|Where are you going?
What are you doing?
Darn, missed it again!
Emin, what are you doing?
That's my mom's favorite song.|l keep running up here... play it for her|on the radio,...
...but either the song is too short...
...or the grave's too far.
Once the song started just as l|was passing by.
But the battery ran out.
Then l made a battery|that never runs out.
A battery that never runs out?
So why does teacher want me?
-For the vizontele.|-What's that?
You haven't heard|about the new gadget?
What gadget?
You should see the look|on your face when l say gadget.
Get to the point?|What gadget?
No one knows for sure.|Radio with pictures.
Radio with pictures!|So they finally made one?
l'd thought of it. Really.
Let's go.
That maniac's running off again!
Where is it?
Where is what?
Why ask me?|Maybe the kids have it.
Don't try my patience.|l know you took it.
lt's state property.|What are you trying to do to me?
lt's the devil's property!
Says who? Mela?
That's what he says.
What did he say?
''lt's the dd... dd... dddevil's work''?
God preserve us.
Where is it?
lt will bring disaster on us.|Send it back.
My hand's about to cause|an accident.
Hi, Siti!
Welcome, Emin.
What's that thing on your head?
lt's for my eyes.|Where is teacher?
-Welcome, Emin.|-Thanks.
Where's the gadget?
ln the pantry, under the oven.
Hush child!
What a beauty.|Just look at it.
l knew they'd made one one day.
So we'll set it up on a high spot?
Can you manage?
l'll have to dismantle it|and take a look.
The vizontele.
What do you mean,|dismantle it?
Take off the cover and|have a look inside.
Open up a gadget like this?|Are you crazy?
Most people say so.
So... the wave hits this at right|angles. Not like the radio.
l should kiss the hand of the guy|who invented this.
Great job! They altered|the radio to...
You're driving me crazy!|Can you do it or not?
We'll put it back together,|and see.
l assume you can do that.
l suppose l can.
Suppose?|Maybe Basri was right.
Dad, can you step out for a minute?
-What is it?|-Look!
One meter higher|should do the trick.
At least one more meter.
Raising the wall so we can't watch.
Shameless bastard.
Worse than shameless. You're|the mayor. Just shut it down.
l can't. lt'd be like|punishing the people.
lf we can set up this|vizontele tomorrow...
...he'll get what he deserves.
Exactly! Who needs moviehouses|if we have vizontele!
We'll have a ceremony.|Put on something decent.
-So, isn't this all right?|-No! Haven't you got a jacket?
Not with long sleeves.
l'll get you one then.
No, thanks teacher.|l'll get one myself.
What's up Yasar?
How can nothing be up?|ls there such a thing as nothing?
ls Fikri around?
Fine. l saw him|on my way here anyway.
We had a misunderstanding the|other day, but he's not so bad.
When you said ''nothing''|you reminded me of something.
What's that?
Do you know the tale of the|vizier and the elephant?
-The vizier and the ant?|-Yes.
Just the vizier?
You couldn't have heard it,|l just learned it.
l'll tell you about it.|One day the vizier...
So, how are|the great revolutionaries?
Fine Emin. How about you?
You still haven't saved us.
Even we couldn't save you.
Come see the vizontele! We're|having an opening ceremony soon.
lf you're in charge...
Where'd you get this suit?
A friend gave it to me.
On the brink of war and look|what they're busy with.
Which son of a bitch did this?
Dad, they torn down the wall|and smashed the bricks.
lf they's just left us the bricks,|we could have rebuild the wall.
l'm just explaining|about the bricks.
What's up, snow man?
Nice suit. Going to a wedding?
We're testing the vizontele today|up on that hill.
Why spend money on something|that's just going to melt away.
Can l help you?
Mother, talk to me!
About what?
lt was an accident.|All this over a picture?
But it's my only picture.
Mom, l talked to dad.
What about?
l've got good news for you.|He'll take you to the photographer!
Hurry and get ready.
So, how did it happen?
l told him how important|it was for you.
And he went along with it?
Well, l told him there were some|new watches at the studio...
...and that he could put one on|for the picture. He liked that.
l'll get dressed.|Hang these on the line.
l'm going to this vizontele thing.
Tell us when you're going to come.
Rifat, are you well? Do you|have enough money?
Do you have money?
Nafiz, l wonder if you could, well,|take me to the vizontele thing.
l miss you so much Rifat.
Sure, of course we'll go.
Rifat, don't hang up!
Let's go.
-What about the telephone?|-Come with me.
lt's me, Asiye.
We're fine.
My parents are fine too.
How are you?
Yes, me too.
What? Where is that? Where?
So you think Nazmi did it?
Did it or had it done.
lt must be Siti. lt's just like her!
What's the poor woman got|to do with it?
Why do you say that?
What did l say?
That ''poor'' woman.
We're all grandparents now, and|you're still jealous of your sister!
She's no sister of mine!
My own sister asked at my wedding|whose wedding it was!
Made it seem like|you wanted her.
Thirty years later|you're still going on about it!
You loved her too. That's why|you call her ''poor'' woman now.
Go find something better|to do with yourself.
lt still bothers you, doesn't it?
Let's go see how the|vizontele thing turns out.
Dad, what about that matter?
You still haven't|aranged things for the boy.
l will in good time!
Levelled my wall, did they?
Testing... testing...
What are the good citizens up to?
Get a load of the suit...
-What's the matter, Mr. Goldilocks?|-Give the mike to our Mayor.
Dear citizens. We are gathered here|today for a most historical event.
Someone asked|what was historical about it.
l'll tell you.
Visitors always ask us:
How can you live in a place like this?
That's a tough question.
We have no choice but to love|our homeland...
...and there's no other way|to find true happiness.
lf you love this town it becomes|the most beautiful spot in the world.
lf you don't love the most beautiful|spot in the world... is no longer beautiful.
Newspapers arrive here|two days late.
By the time we hear something|city folk have all forgotten about it.
Vizontele will end all that.
We'll see whatever they see|in lstanbul. And at the same time.
Vizontele will narrow the gap|between our town and the world.
Everything will be closer.
May it be to the best for us all.
We're ready, teacher.
ln the name of God...
Look, it's a movie|about a blizzard.
Looks like we'll be climbing|another hill.
May it bring joy to our town.
Still snowing away.
lt was so popular|they made a sequel.
l think you can skip the speech|today. l mean, no one...
Turn it on.
Yes, sir.
Save the vizontele. lt's on fire...
lf only you'd seen it.|Up in flames, smoke pouring out.
The Mayor's a relative of mine.|Now they're ribbing me too.
They call him ''The Vizontele Mayor''.
Has a nice ring to it.
Get me some hot water, would you?
l told him it would never work,|but he wouldn't listen.
And l told him we should get a|technician from Ankara.
He and Crazy Emin set the|state's vizontele on fire.
How can l explain this|to the governor?
We'll probably see some real|fiery shows on that thing.
You'll all vote for him again anyway.
Not a chance.
And two people|were wounded they say.
So what are the two cleanest bears|in town talking about?
The vizontele fire.
lt'll go on burning. l'm a movie man,|myself. lt's something else.
Now, who was that tall actor?
Tarık Akan.
That's right. He's not that tall.|Just comes up to here.
l saw him in lstanbul once.|That's movies for you.
There's one more thing.|l was walking in Beyoğlu... last year.
Who was that guy|with the pencil line mustache.
Ayhan lsık.
Of course you know nothing|about Beyoğlu.
Who was the guy in ''Tourist Omer''?|-Sadri Alısık.
Right. He's got a thin mustache too.
Anyway, l yelled out ''Tourist Omer''|when l saw Ayhan lsık.
He didn't even turn around.
So if you shout out ''Ayhan lsık''|when you see Sadri Alısık...
...probably won't look back either.
That's the weird thing about movies.
-How are you Necati?|-Fine.
Good evening.
Welcome, Veli. How are you my son?
What the hell do you want?
Dad sent me.
He says you have to buy tickets|to watch the movie from the roof.
No more free loaders, he says.
They're my dad's orders.
Get the hell out of here.|No money for you!
Well, l'll tell him that's what you|said, then. Good evening.
What does he want?
He came here to sell tickets.
Oh, really
You want money?|Come and get it...
Don't even try it.
Just keep on watching.
l cooked stuffed vegetables|in case you were hungry.
At this hour?
Food's good at any time, darling.
l thought it might be my fault|that you want a second wife.
Your fault? Why?
l've let myself go. l've been wearing|the same bra for two years.
l got a new one today.
Wanna see it?
Your bra? Here?
Yes, it's here.
l mean, you wanna show it|to me here...
What are you rascals up to?
Shame on you! Go on home!
Teacher! Come here for a second!
What is it?
The fire started because|this overheated.
But Emin's got the answer.
-What?|-Watch this...
This fan will keep it cool.
But we need a battery for the fan.
Where can we get one right away?
Turn it off.
What's wrong?
lt's all over.
What do you mean?
l've made a fool of myself. They're|calling me ''The Vizontele Mayor''.
Let's get a technician from Ankara.
We can't quit now.|We'll show them all.
Especially Latif.|l know what to do.
They said to put it high up|on a hill.
We've been up on|every hilltop around.
And it didn't work.|So we have to go higher.
The highest hill of all!
The highest of all.
Are you out of your mind?
All we need is a battery.
Look, l haven't gone crazy yet. No|one's ever been up there! Forget it.
l'm sending the vizontele|to Ankara.
We're leaving this with you.|Take care of it!
Father, are you going up|Mount Artos?
Got a problem with that?
Mayor, have you lost your mind? How|can you go up there at your age?
Get down here!
For God's sake, father!
Shut up!
Mr. Mayor, l really must|tell you that you're too old.
And you're not.
What do you mean, sir?
Hop in. You're coming along.
l'm coming too?
Get in, Goldilocks.
Stop it!
May God give you wisdom!|What else can l say?
Going up Mount Artos.|He's really losing it.
What about that matter, dad?
Don't start with me.|l said l'd handle it!
You keep saying that, but...
You didn't sell even one ticket.|Get in and get to work!
The poor guy's lost his mind.|He's not fit to serve his mayor.
What's going on?
The car doesn't work.
Dad, the battery is gone.
You must have left|the headlights on.
lt's really gone, dad!|lt's been stolen!
Someone opened up the hood and|stole it. lf they'd left the battery...
What'd he say?
Crazy Emin told me you said|he could pick out any suit... payment for a radio.
As payment...
That's right.
-And you fell for it...?|-Yes.
Want some tea?
l'll get it to you. Go inside.
Stupid son of a bitch.
Keep your eyes glued to the|vizontele, Semsi! Got that?
lf anything happens|let us know. Got it?
Where did you get the battery?
Never mind.|A friend gave it to me.
Mr. Mayor...
Don't say a word. This is a matter|of honor for me.
l'll go all the way to the Himalayas|if l have to.
What can l say?|May God be with you.
Once we get a picture,|we'll celebrate with a bonfire.
Yes, sir.
The mayor's gone bonkers.|He's going up the mountain.
Emin, you maniac! l'll be seeing you|about the suit.
Actually, it does need some|alterations.
We'll walk the rest of the way.
People keep talking|about my father...
...saying that he was some kind|of holy man,...
...that that makes me|a holy man too.
Half of them think l'm crazy; half|think l'm some kind of a mystic.
Are they the same?
l know the real story.|He came here as a soldier...
...and managed to convince everyone,|including my mother...
...that he had special healing powers.|That's how l was born.
A bit of mystical, heavy breathing|and then off he went.
Being a bastard is not so bad.
Think of all the hassles l'd have|if l had relatives.
lf l had a brother he would|only mean trouble.
You've a point there.
lsn't it time to find|you a girl, Emin?
No, thanks. l've got a sweetheart.
She's in Denmark.
-Where?|-lt's a foreign country.
-What's she doing over there?|-She's from there.
How'd did you meet this girl?
She came here as a tourist,|l showed her around.
She wanted me to go to Denmark|with her. l asked her...
...who would look after|my birds?
You stayed here for your birds?
They'll die if l go. But when she|insisted, l said...
...l'd try to sort something out... l could go see her|next summer...
We had no idea you were|working on international relations.
l was just showing her around.|Nothing special.
We were eating walnuts.|She loved me, and l loved her.
When did all this happen?
While we were eating walnuts.
lt's not my fault.|l just did what she did.
What are you doing?
No Cristine, no.
When did she come here?
5 years ago.
What's her name?
Cristine. Spelled with a 'c'.
l hope it all works out.|Let's go before it get's too late.
What are you staring at?|lt's turned off.
Get lost! lt's the mayor's orders.
Your hair's thickening with|each mile, Sezgin.
That inimitable sense|of humor, Mr. Mayor...
Gone. You'll have to ask me|about your hair. Yes, it's thinning.
Shut up.
Get a move on, Goldilocks.
Are you ready, Emin?|lt's nightfall.
Ready, teacher.
Help us God. This is our last chance.
Look! A picture!
Just a minute.
What's this?
l think it's lranian vizontele.|They must have one too.
Excuse me, Mr. Mayor.
You took the word right|out of my mouth. Fuck!
Well, Emin? Wasn't it supposed|to work on the highest spot?
l'm not sure.|Maybe if we go to...
Stop it Emin, for God's sake!
That's right, Emin.|lt's your fault we're here.
Shut up, Goldilocks. Or l'll send you|back for the mirror.
l'm sorry, teacher.
What's going on?
ls it a wedding or something?
Put out the fire!|People will think that...
Let it burn...|Otherwise we'll freeze to death.
What happened?
We got lranian vizontele.
-But you built a fire!|-We were cold.
A Traditional Black Sea Wedding...
Mr. Mayor! lt's on!
Turkish vizontele is on!
Look mom, it's on!
Welcome, please come in...
May it be for the best, Mr. Mayor.
Thank you.
There's no business tonight, dad.
They've all gone|to watch the vizontele.
Don't worry. They'll be back in a|couple of days. lt's the novelty of it.
Turn it on, Mayor.
Right. Here, by the grace of God...
Turn it on, Emin.
Good evening.
Good evening.
The Turkish Armed Forces' naval|and air intervention in Cyprus...
...continues with|overwhelming success.
Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit|addressed the nation... a press conference|this morning:
''We are in Cyprus|to promote peace,...
...not to forment war.
We hope that our forces will not|encounter resistance...
...that will only lead to bloodshed.
We are there for peace,|not for war.
We're also there|to bring peace to the Greeks.''
The marine corps are successfully|holding Girne, at great cost... enemy ranks. Turkish forces|have suffered 5 fatalities...
2 officers and 3 privates.|Lost in action are...
Where is he?
My son, where is he?
The general called today. He told us|to be proud of our boy,...
...said he was a true hero.|They built him a tomb... the War Martyrs' Cemetery|in Cyprus.
He said it. One of the top brass.|Would he call just anyone?
-Our boy must have been great.|-Teacher, Mother Siti says to...
Don't do it ma'am.|lt's not the gadget's fault...
We're going to my father's house.
Where is everybody?
The Brazil match is on TV.|They'll come after the game.
Shall l put the head facing that way?
And a brand new Phillips television|from the groom's uncle.
Everyone clap!|Upon your feet, everyone!
Turn the antenna some more.
Like this?
Some more.
ls it on?
ls it?
Yes, we've got it.
Yes, we've got it.
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