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Subtitles for Vojna (2002) CD2.

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Vojna (2002) CD2

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What've you got in here?
Nothing worth thieving !
That's a joke' right? What're you looking at?
Is that it then?
Stay down ! We'll be going through their border now.
Don't sweat it - they're our guys on the post.
See you round' guys!
You guys are totally fucking mad !
I'd noticed that he was filming everything
mumbling to himself' but so what?
When he spoke to me' I understood' but otherwise. . .
But shooting a film? You've told me' but I never would've guessed. . .
They're about to kill his woman' and he's filming.
They're strange.
It's funny - in English 'to film' and 'to shoot' are the same word - 'shoot'.
I didn't know. He told me later.
Anyway' we went on' just the two of us.
Keep up!
Shit' the map's too small !
You're working well.
Where's your owner?
Are you deaf?
He was nearly broken then.
I didn't go near him for the rest of the day.
He mumbled into his camera' I had a bit more to drink and slept.
I thought' if he keeps moaning' I'll hand myself in to our guys.
The bastards had all our military locations on their maps.
I even knew where I'd go.
But the next morning he's as fresh as a cucumber. 'Come on" he says' 'let's go.'
Waiting for a bus?
End of the road' darky.
Russian ! I'm just a shepherd ! I've been tending my flock!
Listen' scum' I know a lot. One word of bullshit and I'll shoot.
If you hear the word 'three" you're no longer living.
- Name? - Ruslan Shamaev!
- How many slaves? - No slaves' I just tend a flock. . .
One' two. . .
OK! Two' ages ago' but my brother took them for a debt I owed him !
When did you shave the beard off?
Two weeks ago! They made me! I'm a simple fellow' I live in the mountains!
Nizhny Alkun !
Where's Aslan Gugaev?! One' two. . .
- He was in Katan-Yurt. . . - Three. . .
Russian ! I know ! I'll show you ! Whatever you want!
Careful' scum. You're my slave now.
And if you screw up' I'll blow your head off.
Gugaev. One. . .
On the pass! Protecting the mountain pass!
Now we're talking !
Get up and show me on the map.
If I have any doubts about what you say' it's over - I've counted to three.
I don't know Russian so good. You speak fast.
I shoot even faster!
We're here. Where's Aslan?
Not here.
Well done.
You've passed the first test. Let's try the second.
Over there. My hand's tied' I can't point.
- Here? - No. There!
There' you've passed the second test.
Just the third one left.
Now' my shepherd friend' you show us how to get there fast and safe.
And so that you don't think I'm joking' I'll tell you straight:
me and the Lone Ranger are finished anyway' same as you ! Got it?!
But' if we complete our NATO mission' I give you my word as a Russian paratrooper:
I'll let you go! You can go tend your flock!
But' you know how difficult these things can be. . .
Albatross Four!
Albatross Four!
Ruslan Shamaev. Nizhny Alkun. Check his identity and report back.
If I'm not on the wire tomorrow' kill all his relatives. All of them. Over.
This is Beslan Khatuev's jeep.
His brother's disappeared. Everyone's looking for him.
We won't get there in this jeep. We have to go across the glacier.
Faster that way.
Ruslan believed us' especially when we dumped the Landrover.
Get up! Move it!
Get a move on !
I said move it!
Don't worry.
I've told them to leave your family for now. But they're fierce. . .
I'll do everything' Russian !
Let's take a break.
I know a way through the ravines.
There's no one round here. All the villages are deserted.
After the deportations' the Chechens didn't come back.
- You're from Moscow' yes? - Yes.
- You have a university there? - Yes.
You studied there?
Everyone in Moscow studies there.
My uncle lives in Moscow. He didn't study there.
But he's not Russian' is he!
My eldest son is very clever. I want him to study in Moscow.
Have you got contacts there?
Yes' but it's expensive.
I've got money. I want our clan to have a politician !
But he's not very good at reading.
That's not important anymore. You just need contacts.
You'll help' yes?
No problem. If your son survives.
Come on ! Hold on John !
Who did the jeep belong to?
Beslan Khatuev.
What's his call-sign?
I don't know Khatuev's - honest!
Who's do you know?
Loads. Who's do you need?
Get Gugaev.
Salaam' Aslan ! How's the lnternet doing without me? It's lvan.
Salaam' lvan. What do you want?
Just to say 'Salaam'. . .
I heard the Englishman is bringing the money.
He's late. I'm waiting' for now. . .
How are my friends?
They're fine.
I'm sure they are. He's bringing the money.
But first you promise before Allah that you won't trick us.
OK. Who'll hand over the money?
'OK' isn't good enough - promise before Allah !
I've got a witness here. A M uslim believer.
I swear before Allah ! When?
In four days time. Over and out.
We'll see how faithful you are to Allah.
We have to get there in two days. Got it?
We got there in a day and a half. Ruslan took us across some goat-tracks
in from the Georgian side which was totally unguarded.
All we had to do was make the exchange.
Russian' he won't keep his word.
I heard how he spoke. All Gugaevs are lying dogs!
Our grandfathers fought' even made peace.
In the second war they took 60 sheep from us.
'l'm a fighter' you're a shepherd" he says.
'Your father's brother wanted to kill my grandfather.
But he got scared' and you're just the same! ' he says.
Why're you telling me all this?
Tomorrow he'll kill the American' then you' and then he'll kill me.
You won't answer the radio' so my family will be killed too.
That's right.
So' proud Chechen shepherd' can you use thing?
Not all Chechens can tend a flock' but all Chechens can shoot.
You have a chance to save the honour of your clan.
Russian' tell yours to leave my family alone. They'll kill you . . .
maybe. . .
I'm your family now' got it?! Protect me' and you'll save them.
If I see it's all over for us' then I'll tell them.
Let's go.
In his book and film' John says you were beating the Chechen shepherd . . .
. . . and then you just give him weapons.
So what?
Weren't you afraid he'd shoot you in the back?
Of course not' I had his family as hostages.
Salaam' Aslan.
Salaam' lvan.
You're a mountain man' lvan.
I live on the plains.
We brought the ransom. Let's go.
- Where're the keys? - There.
Ruslan !
No! Obey your orders!
You won't get out of here!
Then you won't get the money. Tie his hands!
What about your oath' Aslan?
Go to the machinegun.
Tell your people already.
It's still too early!
Morning' Comrade Captain !
Hello' Sergeant. Give us a smoke.
We'd landed ourselves right in it. We couldn't use Aslan for cover.
No way back through the pass with the Captain.
We could go down through the village' but there were a lot of beards down there.
The Captain said it: climbing a tree is easy' getting back down's the hard part.
He's a great guy. He thought of using the river.
They weren't expecting that.
Comrade Captain' we need air support. We're finished without it.
We're too far off to use the radio.
Let's try the satellite phone.
You're well-stocked' Sergeant!
How does it work?
Simple - we need to catch a satellite.
I'll tune it in.
Hello! Give me HQ chief' Colonel Malykhin !
Captain Medvedev! Move it!
Great line! lf only we had these. . .
It's Captain Medvedev. Hi' Kolya.
Listen' we're surrounded - send some air support!
There's five of us' two English.
The Shatoi region' south of ltum-Kali' coordinate 34.
There's an abandoned village with a big old tower! We're in the tower.
Yes' they're firing at us!
I think we can hold out for an hour.
There's nowhere to land.
Alright then.
So? Are they coming?
Lads' give us a cigarette.
- Long to go? - Seven months.
- Just back from Chechnya? - From Grozny.
Here. It's a bonus from NATO
for the fight against international terrorism.
It' s English money - almost two thousand dollars.
You know the rest.
John made a film and became famous.
I'm being prosecuted for killing citizens of the Russian Federation -
I was a civilian' after all.
John put it all in the film' about the woman in the jeep
and the old man with his kid at Aslan's.
How did he shoot it all?
He wrote a book as well - 'My Life in Russia'.
He didn't come to the court case' of course. Gave evidence over there.
But the brave shepherd Shamaev turned up' detailing how I tortured him
how I cynically slaughtered Chechen women and children.
He lives in Moscow now. His son's at university there.
Margaret never did marry John.
I gave the Captain all the money -
I knew what was waiting for him back home.
His wife wrote' said they'd done some expensive operations.
He's stuck up for me. He's a good man.
I don't think they'll put me away' but who knows.
Our lot in Tobolsk keep looking to Moscow:
what will Putin say' will there be legal reforms?
Still haven't seen that film. It'd be fun to watch it now.
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