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Subtitles for Volle Maan (Full Moon).

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Volle Maan (Full Moon)

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Full Moon
It's now 10 am.
The exam starts now.
Have a pee and straight back.
I want a shit.
Hans, what's your port?
What was the question?|- The second port in Asia?
Shanghai.|- I told you.
Hey, swatter!
Your father!
How did you get on?
Hans?|- Sure, fine...
Steve...|- That's me.
Mr Nijboer...|- Natasha...
Thanks.|- Esme...
Thanks.|- Andrea!
Thanks Dad!
Since when do you call him Dad?
Where's that Kuperus boy?|- He's over there.
There?|- Dad?
Dad, that's Rcky!|The biggest nerd in school!
It's my boat and my rules.|Just watch this.
Kuperus? My son's going sailing|for a week and wants you to come.
Wouldn't you, Hans?
Yes...|- lnterested?
Here's your ticket. Have a good time.
His father runs planning.
They want new houses|outside the village...
...and we want to build them!
Because we treat them.|That's ''good will...''
Don't worry. You'll find out|when you start work.
Congratulations, Mr Nijboer.
Kuperus! Your son's going sailing.|How about that!
How can you do that?
What? You don't like it?
Yes, but...|- What?
''... & Sons''.|Sons... you think Tiss wants that?
It's time he came home.
Tiss wants to make music.
You don't get the boat free for a week.
At the end of the week,|you bring Tiss home.
We will make the company great,|Mum would be proud of us...
...if she were still alive.|- Mum'd want Tiss to be happy.
And leave us in the lurch?
You both need a car...
...on condition you come back|with Tiss. Deal?
It's a deal.
How are you?|- Fine!
Don't you remember me?
School prom, two years ago?|We danced together.
I remember. Okay
Come on, let's go aboard.
That's Tiss' room.
The rest is ours.
Sorry, this is for me and Hans.
It's great!
Hey Hans, Esme and I sleep here.|Our last week together.
Last week? what d'you mean?
Soon we won't see each other...
...when I go to study in Rotterdam...
...and you stay in Zwaanlo.
You're going to college locally...
So what?
Why our last week?
It's too complicated.
What is?
It's complicated having a relationship|over such a distance.
I don't want to claim you.|You won't see me for a while.
Who knows what might happen.
Any room?|- No!
Where was I?
Esme, what's up?|- I'm not staying here!
I'm not ending it.
You want to go after girls in Rotterdam.
You want to break it off?
No way.|I'll sleep somewhere else.
We can sleep there now.
Get lost.
Shall we share?
I already promised Stephan.
There's only one bed.
Are you sure?|- Stephan!
How long have we known each other?|You never had a girlfriend.
Admit it: you don't fancy girls.
It's hard work!
Come and help!
Hans, keep its nose in the wind!
Put this on.
Stephan! Enrique lnglesias!
That's for gay sissies!!
Take in the Genua!
Hans, lower the main sail.
Hide the beer. Hurry.
Let go, Hans!
Let it go!
What's all this?
Okay... fenders ready.
Hans? What's that nutcase doing here?
Mad Wolf never wants to come.
You talked to her?|- I want to talk to her?
Pills, you're epileptic.
Open your mouth, swallow!
Sorry I'm late.|- How did you get here?
I didn't want to...
...but Mr Bosboom said...|- Who's he?
...I need to meet people,|so I came on the school trip.
School trip?|- This isn't a school trip.
It's not?|- Lucky doll?
You can't let her stay!
What else?|- She's a psychiatric case.
What then? Throw her overboard?
Not a bad idea.
Eivissa, 3 nights before full moon
Christ, you look like a monster!
I am.
Can I borrow your gel spray?|- Of course.
Where did you get those pills?
From Mr Bosboom.
We can see you're crazy.
I'm not crazy, I'm manic depressive.
I see...
Sometimes the world's okay and|I feel good about myself.
Everything's fine and I have energy...
...then it gets dark and|I hate everything! Myself and...
...and you most of all.
Rcky, come on, play cards!
Some make you cheerful, briefly.
No thanks.
He gave you all them.
No, I found these on the table.
That sounds better than crazy.
I don't want her around.
Well what?
How's the music?
As long as I enjoy it.
Can you earn a living at it?
You sound just like Dad.
Sail a bit, play a bit...|- You can't do that for ever.
Playing guitar is a hobby.
You need to work.|- You think that's all?
Even without music,|I still wouldn't work for Dad.
Why is it important to you?
Dad promised you a scooter|if I came back?
Really, Hans!|- Of course not.
I made a mistake.
I thought you'd run the firm with me.
We're all he has.
Dad's crazy.|- He's sad.
I suppose so.
You think of her often?
Every day.
That's not true.
When I first came here.
But it gets less.
That's okay.
Quite right.
It's like in that nursery rhyme...
...that Mum sang to you.
Nursery rhyme?
{y:i}Hans the spider|{y:i}climbed up the spout
{y:i}down came the rain and|{y:i}washed the spider out
{y:i}Out came the sun and dried...
Dad promised me a car|if I bring you home.
What car?
A Landcruiser...
Not bad.|- There's one for you too.
Ablue one, or racing grey.
The bastard thinks he can buy anything.
Tell him I won't do it.
It's not the car.
It's you.
Without you, I'm not interested either.
No, I never do anything sociable...
...not with others.
That's scarey!
No, it used to be scarey,|but now I'll be sociable.
Do things with other people,|Mr Bosboom said.
Smoke... sure, smoke. That's it!
Ask for a light and have a chat.
The advantage is you can stop smoking.|Good for your image.
People admire your perseverance!
Who's a virgin here?
Rcky, you?
Bobby, have you had...?
What do you think?|- I'm a virgin...
...but I can't go to fashion school like that.
So I'll get laid this week.
Deflowering is very sociable.
What's Spanish for ten beers?
You having a Full Moon party?|- No way. lt's just trouble.
Where is there one?
On Formentera?|- No idea...
Get me a crate of beer.
What was it?
Hey doll, you brought me a drink?
They're for upstairs.
You want one?
No, I have to go on stage.
You mind me carrying on?
Yes, no, carry on!
Go ahead.
That looks steady as a rock!
Fruit flavoured lipstick.
Let's taste...
For our Dutch guests: Sasha!
Here you are.|- Thanks.
What's your name?|- Esme...
I'm Bobby.
Hi Bobby, I'm Esme.
It's your round.
Who are they?|- Friends of Chris from Amsterdam.
Why aren't you up there?
You're good. lf not, you should|come and work for Dad.
I'm not ready to perform.|- You said that for years.
Can't my brother come and play?
Fine. When?|- Tomorrow.
Stop it!
He's right. You're booked for tomorrow.
Come with me.
Esme, wait!
How did it go?
I had a good time.
I'm going to bed. Nice shirt...
Nice blouse...
Will you always stay with me?
Even if things change?
What will change?
What are you up to?
Making lucky dolls.
...this one's with sugar.
You want some coffee?|- Sure.
Thanks.|- Can I try?
Sure. Take over.
Have you written lots of songs?
What?|- You went away to write songs...
...and you'd come to Amsterdam|when you'd written lots.
Hold your course.
You see that rock?
Keep the bow pointing at it.
You have a room in Amsterdam?|- No...
I'm going to live in Amsterdam,|you could come and live with me.
Christ, horrible.
Sorry, I don't like sugar in my coffee.
Bobby!|- I thought you were a fish!
Don't fuck with me!
This is easy.
112, is that a lot?
That's very good.
What's that?
A game I made.
It's for a Playstation.
But I designed it.
It's all commercial.
How did you manage that?
It was a programming contest.|Playstation released the winner.
Let me see!
It's not just a game, it's an IQ test.
You have to solve problems...
Spacial insight and speed|determine the score.
Your score is also your IQ.
How much did you get?|- Afew Euro.
Only a few? Silly!
How many?|- 46, is that good?
IQ is based on average scores.|100 is the average.
So 46 is pretty dumb.
I need to warm up. A new game?|- Press space.
Have you designed any others?|- Not yet.
Not yet?|- No, but...
...I'm going to work for a games firm.
An average of 41.
Pretty clever...|- It's no good!
You're no good!
Be sociable...
What are you all doing next year?
Esme, what do you want to be?
Vet.|- Vet...
You too Bobby?
No way!
You want to be something?
Stephan, what are you doing?|- Moving to Amsterdam with Natasha.
Study Dutch.
And Andrea? You?
We're getting married.
And I'll work as a temp.
Hans... what do you want to be?
I'll be a contractor.
Do you want that, or is it your father?
I asked what YOU want.
Of course he wants that.|- He can answer.
You really do?
You have no choice?
What do you want?
To be deflowered.
A roller blind...
So everyone pulls me... keep out the sun.
Rcky... there you go!
Don't do that, Bobby!
Stop it... let me down.
Look, he can fly, Bobby!
Great fun!
Great... come on!
Eivissa, 2 nights before full moon
Tiss Nijboer!
You can't get away from them!
Where are you from?|- Rotterdam.
You have to come. Ties Nijboer's on.
Friends, friends!
This is a historic night!
Look at Nijboer 1 and Nijboer 2!
Nijboer 1, the talented...
The one who chose his own way.|Tonight he'll be a star!
When he's famous,|you can say you saw him now.
''I was there that night!''
Nijboer 2... a coward and when he dies...
...he won't have achieved anything in life.
But then you can say...
You could see that too.
I want another beer...
You want one?
Take three. Feels great.
Teach me to French kiss and|you can have them for free!
Stephan?|- No thanks.
Because I'm a girl?
Get lost!
What's that?|- First a French kiss...
Oh no!
Give me the pills.
How was that?|- Not up to much.
When did you first know for sure...
On a school trip...
The prettiest girl at school fancied me.
So I went with her...
...she got undressed...
...but nothing happened.
Then I was sure.
But... worked fine with boys.
It's about me and a girl...
...I wrote it in Holland.
ln the country, yokel!
{y:i}Together, hand in hand
{y:i}Together in the sand
Shut up! Guys!
{y:i}Together through the land
Wait a sec...
Natasha, leave him be!
Great, a fight!
Hans... Hey!
Romantic songs... Tiss Nijboer...
Golden sex...
Hans, I'm stopping.|That's enough of this shit.
Tiss Nijboer isn't a musician!
The name suits a farmer.
I'll go back with you.|- What d'you mean?
We can race around building sites.
That's the blue one.
Rcky, what I don't get... that Bobby isn't really dumb|but scores less.
He's not dumb nor very clever.
Look, for a new game... press enter.
But Bobby starts with the space bar.
46?|- See?
I programmed it so that|the space bar never scores over 50.
You can't be serious!
Tonight, us two could...
Why break it off before|you know you passed?
I don't want to break it off.
When the results come and you failed...
That's possible with your IQ.
Fuck the IQ, of course I passed.
Imagine that... didn't break it off...
What do you want of me?
It's on again.
You know I'm going to study...
You don't understand, do you?
Esme, please!
Both the same age?
He lacks trust...
You can trust...
You know why?
You're emotionally mature.
Sorry I left yesterday.
Hey, dude...
Esme, come on! We're leaving!
We are?|- Yes.
Are you leaving?
Go on then.
Tiss, what are we doing today?
You can sail.
Go on then.
We can?
Go and help him.
Stephan, cast off.
Fine. Cast off the ropes.
Where are you going?|- Never you mind.
Esme, coming?
Where are we going?|- Vedranell.
Who's going to sail? You Popeye?
Yes, Esme, we're leaving.
Let's race.
The first to Vedranell.
I'll go with Luc.
Okay, let's go.
Andrea... take in the???
Rcky, prepare the mainsail.
Stephan, mainsail!
Hey Bobby... nose in the wind!
Set a fender!
Watch out! They're too close!
Andrea, in between!
What's going on?|- They want to race.
Race?|- Get a move on! Let's race!
This isn't a toy! Out, Bobby!
Hans, stop that!|Have you gone crazy?
Up yours, crazy Belgian!
Okay Hans, mainsail!
Off you get.
Here Hans, perfect!
Watch out or we'll jib!
What's jibbing?|- I don't know!
You want to win the race?
ls this all?
Rcky, come here!
Keep sailing straight.
You can't do that!
It's time for the blister!
Ladies, give me a hand.
What's the blister.
Get it out.
Ladies, lower that.
Bobby, pull hard!
Are you coming or not?
You don't need me.
Hey Bobby! Come on!
Come on boys! Rght to the top!
Our yokel can sail!
Well done.
Hey, what a coincidence.
Coincidence? Aren't|you going to Formentera?
What for?
Full Moon party!
Yes indeed.
Can you ride?
Rde? Sure!
I thought all yokels could ride.|- All you townies think that.
We ride motorbikes.|- Two wheels, no brain!
That animal's making a fool of me.
Our local rock hero|lived in Amsterdam too once.
Only for a few weeks.
I've been offered a job in Zwaanlo.|- Great.
That sounds good.
You think so?
Your rock hero is still singing.
Amsterdam has a 1000 bands|all the same.
You have to be original.
Don't worry about your accent|or being a yokel.
Just sing about what you feel.
Everone's afraid of looking foolish|on stage.
Are you ever scared?
No, yeah. Always for the first minute.
You're not the only one scared.
Anyone can think of an excuse not to.
Do what you want.
Are they recordings of you?
Don't turn it on.
None of them finished.
All rural rubbish.
I wrote in English too.
Listen to this.
What's it about?
Who knows?
Right. Not about anything.
It's nothing to do with you.
Why not sing in Dutch?|- You know.
You don't care.
I do.
You don't dare perform and|won't play for me.
What are you scared of?
Of yourself!
In my thoughts, you come with me
{y:i}In my dreams. I'm not alone
{y:i}Who's it about?
No...|- Long lost girlfriend?
No, it's about my mother.
Your mother? You talk to her?|- Yes, but she doesn't talk back.
She's dead.
You have to say:|''Sorry. I had no idea.''
Why don't you perform this song?
l heard you have medicine for boredom.
What do you want?
What have you got?
Not here.
Hey, man!
Had enough of that loser?|- Child!
No, take three and it's great.
I'll take six.
Hey, come with me.
What's up?|- Dad just phoned.
What? ls Grandma dead?
What then?
We're bankrupt.
What?|- We're bankrupt.
The firm folded.
Christ, how come?
Do you mind a small wedding?
Don't get uptight about it.
If you do that...
When my Dad went bankrupt,|he was dead within two years.
You have to fight.
But this is serious.
We're a million in debt.
So what. We'll get back|the million and carry on.
We'll come back.
I don't want to live like that.
We have to make...
...a living first...
We don't need to marry next year.
Vedranell, 1 night before full moon
Can you feel anything?
D'you think I'm ugly?
I think you're sweet.
And now?
Everyone is beautiful.
Will you deflower me?
Your boots...
Your boots!
He's dead.
...calling King.
Super-grover calling King.
Come in Super-grover...
You were going to deflower me,|remember?
Don't take Prozac when...
Was the bass player any use?
I never had a better fuck.
I thought she'd never been...
Hey Tiss, doing anything today?
You want to go to the Full Moon party?
You know where it is?
I know where the party is!
What's up?|- I passed!
How do you know? Who's on the phone?|- Eeftinck... here he is!
Stephan here.
Yes, thanks!
Esme here!
That's wonderful!
We know that.
That's a shame.
No, this is Zweers.
Of course.
I only have to resit one.
Hans here.
That's clear.
What's the matter?
You didn't?|- You didn't fail?
Surely not...
I failed Geography.
What?|- You?
That's impossible!
It's okay. You don't need a diploma|to work for your father.
{y:i}Hans the spider|{y:i}climbed up the spout
{y:i}Down came the rain and|{y:i}washed the spider out
{y:i}Out came the sun|{y:i}and dried up the rain
{y:i}Hans the spider climbed up|{y:i}the spout again
You're not bankrupt!
Hans here.
What's this crap about bankrupcy?
1) It's not true and|2) the rumour could bankrupt us.
{y:i}You understand?
So you failed. {y:i}Resit them.
You can't resit four.
What happened?
You got top marks in the trial exams.
Next year you can go to private school.
{y:i}I need you at work, but|{y:i}not as a run-down student.
I don't want to work for you.
What?|- I don't want to work for you.
What then?|- What I said.
I don't want to join the firm.
Impossible. It's all arranged.
That's just it! Everything is|always arranged!
Always, everything. No one|ever asks me what I want!
Maybe I want to arrange something!|{y:i}- What?
That's not the point!
But since I learned to talk,|I've only had to listen!
What tone is that?
I'll call around to get|you a school for a year...
...and it'll all be fine.
Why do you think I failed|despite top marks?
Because I didn't WANT to pass!
That's why I fucked my exams!
What are you doing next year?
I don't know?
If you don't know, what about me?
What do you mean?
What about me if|you don't know what to do?
That's the point.|You don't HAVE to do anything!
Niether of us HAVE to do anything.
No hassles!
We're going ashore. Coming?
Stay with me.|- What?
Let the others go.
We two can stay on board.
What for?
ljust want the two of us...
What can I do with you?
You don't want anything.
You don't want to go to the party...
...or work for your Dad...
Don't you...
Don't you think you need more?
You might live in Zwaanlo|without experiencing a thing!
I've never been to Amsterdam!
So what?
Let's go shopping there next year.
They're open on Sundays!|- I don't want to shop.
What do you want there?|- God knows!
But the next 60 years are|already planned out!
I don't want that!
It scares me.
Aren't you?|- No.
You only care if the shops are shut!
Listen to me, Hans!
We've been together for 3 years...
You said you'd take over Dad's|business and now you won't.
Yes.|- So you lied?
Yes... No! I wanted to, but not any more.
Don't you wonder what I want?|- What?
We agreed you'd take over the firm.
That's what you want.|- Yes.
But if I don't?
What if I want something different?|What if I work behind a bar next year?
What can a barman earn?
I don't want a loser.
I'll do what I came for.
I came to party.
Where's Hans?|- Hans is a loser!
All men are losers!
Take Rcky: he sells his game to|Playstation for a couple of Euro!
1.40 Euro per game.
Per game?
You thought l'd just get a few Euro?
How many have been sold?|- First: 100,000.
What?|- And that's sold out...
Next week they're making|another 200,000.
Christ!|- But that's... a lot!
420,000...|- Euro!
Awoman like you doesn't need boys.
The moon will be late today.
It will?
A great night to watch stars.
To enjoy the full moon takes tranquility.
You like champagne?
Will you go back to Zwaanlo?
I don't know.
What else?
I can't stay here for ever.
Dad will get his way.
Where are you going?|- To the party?
Stay a while...
Come too.
- No... -
I don't feel like it.
Here you are.
And bite!
Hey, the band is playing.
Shall we go?
There's time.
Did Esme say when she'd be back?
If you look hard, you can see Lucius...
And beside it, the star Esme-ius.
No, I don't want that.|- You do!
No, I don't want to!
Let go!
You flirted all week!
Watch out!
The song's called ''Think of me''.
Let's see if the yokel can sing!
What's wrong?
I can't do it.|- What?
Christ! You have a great voice.
Yokel, yokel!
Is it King?
Because you're a yokel?
Let me tell you about King.
He came to Amsterdam from|the south 3 years ago.
You know why he's called King?
Because his name's ''Bert''.
He's ashamed of that.
That's why he's a loudmouth.
You have ten times his talent.
You're a fool if you|don't prove yourself.
Then stay a yokel!
{y:i}Deadly quiet, yet I hear your voice
{y:i}to tell me I'm not alone
{y:i}You let me go to stay with me
{y:i}because no one can take|{y:i}what you gave
{y:i}No one can take it
{y:i}Think of me and whisper my name
{y:i}I give you my soul forever
{y:i}Think of me and you can understand
l want to be with you.
{y:i}feelings deep inside me
{y:i}Dare to dream
{y:i}I'll leave you free
{y:i}In my thoughts, you come with me
If you take off your glasses...'re very handsome.
{y:i}I hold you tight and won't let go
{y:i}Follow me blindly
{y:i}Think of me, whisper my name
What did you do with|all the money, Professor!
{y:i}Dare to dream|{y:i}- I'll leave you be
I'll surprise him!
Had a nice night?
What's wrong?
He was with that bitch Sasha!
He didn't see even me.
Why are you back?
Weren't there any nice boys?
I'm not gay.
No? You don't have to deny it.|You'll find out.
No, why do you think that?
You never have a girlfriend.|- Or boyfriend?
I've been mad about you for years.
We spent all week in one bed...
Darling...|- Don't touch me.
Looking for something?
Yes, my bag.
Hey, come here!
Hey, give it back.
Apill cheers you up?
That's ridiculous.
You just get addicted.|- What do you know?
It says so.
Have you read what's in it?|- Yes.
Enough to end it all if I take a lot.
Have you ever taken a lot?
Why did you miss 2 months school?
What do you want?
I can see it...
You're just as bad as the rest.
You just want gossip to share|with the rest!
It's not true.
I'm not like that.
Let's share one.
Christ! Why did you do that????
Hans, open the door.
What's up?
Hans locked himself in our room.
I'm going.
When will I see you?|- We'll see...
Hans...|- Is he there?
Of course he is.
Hans, please!
Quick! Turn him over and|empty his stomach!
Get water!
Get a doctor!|- Yes, call a doctor!
Hans!|- What did he take?
Hans, drink!
Hans, come on, drink!
He's not drinking...
Quick, a knife!|- You can't cut him open!?
Drink this!
Well done!
Are you there?
Come on, give him some room.
What were you planning?
Life's too good to stop now.
Listen to me! I mean,|there's lots to enjoy...
I don't mean that.
Parents say that.
And they don't understand.|They are born old!
I did it once too.
I took all the pills.
Paracetomol eat your kidneys!
It isn't easy.
It's still...
But this week wasn't bad...
Sometimes good...
I have to learn to make my own choices.
I can choose to be happy or not.
You have to make your choices too.
It's important. D'you promise?
It's good.
I shouldn't have left him alone.|- We all went to the party.
Sweetie, come here!
What a glum lot!
Someone died?
Hans tried to commit suicide.
{y:i}Up came the sun and dried Hans
{y:i}And Hans the spider climbed back up.
Sleep tight.
How is he?
He's still asleep.
I don't understand.
Why did he do it?
You can say you have a problem.
Some people don't listen.
Like your father.
You can't blame your father.
It's everyone's fault, Andrea, mine too.
We should have made time for him.
I suppose it's my fault.|- You too...
All of us...|He can't stand all those expectations.
Why do you think I left?
To get away from the crap.
But I did as I was told.
I didn't mind.
Hans takes over the firm.
Hans will marry Andrea.
If he told me what to do,|I didn't have to think.
He's still alive!
Next time, let me die in peace...
...or you can't come again.
Don't do it again.
I wasn't planning to.
Play this.
If you know how.
You just need instructions.
You're delicious.
Okay guys, get to work!
What are you doing?
Put a cover on the boom.
Andrea, help with the sloop.
I'm staying on the boat.
You don't mean it.
Rent me with the boat as skipper.
I can take a year out.
Tiss wants to go to Amsterdam.
He can use my ticket.
What about Dad?
Fuck Dad!
Look after yourself, kid.
I sure will.
It isn't difficult.
There we go.
I'm coming to Amsterdam with you.
To do what?|- Make music?
I'll make beautiful music.|- You're not in love, are you?
If a nice guy says something sweet,|I'm all his.
But there are so many nice guys.
I'm not in for a steady partner.
Not yet, anyhow.
I don't know why you're coming,|but if it's for me...
...think hard about it.
I do like you.
But it's the music.
You'll get it back one day.
Where's Mad Wolf?
Where's Rcky?
Rcky got his hand stuck in the laptop.
Rcky!|- Mad Wolf!
Mad Wolf and Rcky!|- My name isn't Mad Wolf.
My name is Tracy.
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