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Subtitles for Volveras (2002).

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Volveras (2002)

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Look! Do you see them?
-What? -the dolphins.
No, they're a long way off.
Look! Did you see that?
Where are they?
Look, there!
What are you doing?
You can see better from here.
Carlos, you'll fall!
You won't see them if you don't get up.
You're a coward. You're scared.
Carlos, could we fly from here?
Would you like to?
Where are you?
Here, waiting for you.
Yes, everyone's here except you.
Why don't you work tonight?
Come on.
-A few of us have a studio. -Do you get enough for all of you?
-Not for everything. -I work for an architect.
He works for a chain of stores.
Yes, she's coming now.
She's still in the studio.
We're preparing some pools with Claudia.
In a village around here.
-Good book. -I've seen it before.
It's a great book. Thanks.
Now I have to find space for it in my bag.
Hi, how are you?
-Did you give him the present yet? -Yes.
The scolarship only covers accomodation.
-Not the trip? -Not that either.
I might stay there.
The idea is to come back and go into my father's studio.
I've got to go. It's getting late.
-Have you got a car? -Yes.
-Can you give us a lift? -Okay. Let's go.
Bye, Laura.
-See you. -Good luck.
If I don't see you, good luck over there.
Thanks a lot.
I made it. It's just the time...
You're not going with him, are you?
-He hasn't asked me. -Come with me.
You still haven't asked her? What?
-No, I'm kidding. -Oh, okay.
Man, this is worth a packet. Did you give it to him?
-No way. -You'd have to be in love.
My father gave it to me.
He wants to control your time too?
Sorry I'm late. How are you?
-No problem. -About time, eh?
-I'm going to do some work. -No.
-You're boring. -All right.
What's wrong?
I'm not sure.
Haven't you eaten?
I had a snack, but I'm hungry.
Where's Mum?
Having a nap.
I've got a surprise.
Excuse me.
-Can I get a tea with lemon? -Sure.
A surprise? Tell me.
I bought two tickets,
one for you and one for me.
Why did you buy one for me?
I want you to come with me.
Say something.
That's not the way it is.
Some things you need to think about, don't you?
Anyway, what do I do there?
The same as me.
It's not the same. You have a scolarship, I don't.
-Jesus, it's Carlos. -Carlos who?
Carlos, my brother.
Which one is he?
Back there at the bar.
You've got a brother?
Yes. What's strange about that?
Nothing. I didn't know.
Aren't you going to talk to him?
This tea's cold.
-What? -Nothing.
Here okay?
Yes, here. Thanks.
I'll get it.
I'm tired, Ignacio. You better not come up, okay?
What's going on?
Nothing's going on.
Well, then?
I'm tired.
-You could've said so before. -Well, I'm telling you now.
I'm sorry.
I'll call you tomorrow.
Drive on, please.
Hello. Is Carlos in?
No, he's not.
-Is he coming back? -I don't know.
If he owes you money, he won't pay it back.
No, he doesn't owe me anything.
Thing is, I'm his brother.
Do you know where I can find him?
I know a couple of places he might be.
I'm on my way out, if you want me to go with you.
-Good -Come in. Don't stay out there.
-Mind if I smoke? -No, it's fine.
Thanks for your help.
Where are you from?
Have you known my brother long?
About two years.
You know he never mentioned you?
Hi, Juan. Have you seen Carlos?
Hold on.
-Are you free? -I've got to go.
-We'll continue tomorrow. -Yeah.
-In The Face's bar. -Of course.
He's bound to be there.
-Want me to take you? -No, I've got a car. Thanks.
-Another time. -Another time. See you.
-It's not far. -Let's go.
All right.
You sure want to see him?
I don't care.
Don't worry about it.
-Everyone collects? -Everyone collects.
Everyone collects.
18 collects.
16... 18 collects. Collect...
and collect.
Out. 21 to the bank.
who's in?
Give me the tally.
About 700.
Manel, the pot.
Come on, Teo, give me a loan.
No, I'm not giving you a thing.
-Fifty. -No. Besides, you're a welcher.
-Teo, fifty. -No, you welch on the bet.
-Count the pot. -6,300.
-Jesus, Teo. -No, no.
What are you doing?
-What are you doing, dickhead? -You shut up.
Let me go! Fuck!
-Are you going to sit still? -Yeah, let me go.
Leave him.
-He'll behave. -Fuck!
Fuck! You're such a thug.
Jesus, Carlos, you're the limit.
He said he wasn't lending you anything.
You owe money and then ask for more.
You're in trouble.
-21 to the bank. -Jesus.
What with the fights and the 21...
and out.
-Good night. -Good night.
See you.
How are you doing, Carlos?
You brought me bad luck.
Sure. You never lose.
Of course.
Come on, sit down.
On the other side.
My hearing is bad on this side.
What do you want to play?
I didn't come to play.
Show me the cut.
An eight. What do you bet?
I haven't got much on me.
It's not for money.
A three. You win. I owe you.
Pick up.
An eight.
-I'm going. -No, wait. We'll all go, okay?
What's your hurry?
You after her pussy?
Then let's play for her. You've got an eight.
A king.
Everyone talks about luck,
but it's not luck, it's statistics and above all, faith.
Don't laugh.
Faith is essential for confidence and holding on.
The important thing is to hold on
and who holds on, wins.
Good cards always come in the end.
That's why they denied me,
because I hold on the longest. And I'd have won.
Sorry, I'm a sick man, always on the same subject.
No, I like listening to you, I do.
So, what are you up to?
Me? Well, nothing. Nothing much.
No, just life, and you've been through it.
No, Nacho, I've lived my own life.
-Are you still drawing? -No way. I gave it up.
How come?
That's right, you wouldn't know.
When you left, I switched to architecture.
Someone had to keep up the tradition, right?
-Do you like it? -Sure.
I'm going overseas on a scolarship.
-Where to? -Los Angeles.
What about girls?
Good. I'm going out with one.
Yeah? What does she do?
-She's studying with me. -Come here.
Give me a hand.
She's studying with me.
She shares a studio with firends.
She does competition projects, to see if something turns up.
-Do you like her? -Yes.
-You're really into her? -A lot.
And she's not going with you?
I'd like her to. She's thinking about it. I don't know.
I don't know.
-What are you up to? -Introduce me to her, you bastard.
Introduce me.
Come here, man.
Shit, Nacho, I'm glad things are working out for you.
I really am.
I thought you wanted money and I'm not doing well right now.
I don't know if you gathered that.
Need any help?
What do you mean?
To help you out, I could...
Did she say that? That I need your help?
No, she didn't. You just said...
Did I ask you for help?
No. Didn't you just say things are bad?
And you can help me?
Yeah, sure. I could... I don't know...
Is that why you came?
No, it isn't. I'm your brother.
I saw you in a bar and I came to see you.
You could've helped me.
They almost broke my arm in there.
I'm not going to argue about that.
No, we're not.
But here you tell me everything's great;
you've got a girl, a scolarship, and money to help me.
-Look, Carlos, I'd better go. -All right, then.
Jesus, Nacho, it's incredible.
-You haven't changed. -Neither have you, you bastard.
I didn't know what to do before.
You were right to stay out of it.
Yeah, you think so?
If you'd wanted to, you'd have started a riot.
Thrown a few punches.
Shit, man.
I'm glad you're here.
-What? -Shall we celebrate?
We'll have some fun. See that bar?
Yeah. So?
You go in,
get two drinks and do a runner.
-What? -I'm not doing that.
Go on, I'll help you. It's for the rush.
No, I've got money. I'm buying, okay?
You know what you are? A coward.
We haven't met up for years. Can you act normal for once?
-Admit it. You're a coward. -Not again. You're a drag.
-See that? -See what?
You're shit-scared, I mean it.
It's good for survival, all that stuff you told me,
but you're a coward.
Well, off you go.
-Hello, how are you? -Good evening.
-What'll it be? -Can I have a whisky?
-This one is all right? -Yes, that's okay.
-Good evening. -Good evening.
-Beer. -Right.
-Haven't you got any German? -Yes.
-Is this okay? It's all I've got. -That's fine.
-Thanks. -You're welcome.
Aren't you scared?
Scared of what?
It's the only bar open round here. You could get robbed.
With what's in the till, I don't care.
People don't steal to get rich.
Look what's waiting for them if they try.
-You got any snacks? -Yes.
Sardines, anchovies, sausages,
Can you get me another?
-Right away. -Some anchovies.
Come on, Puchi. How do you do it?
I got you again. Let's quit this.
-You do one for me. Go on. -I don't know.
Cards, dominoes, but bottle tops are for kids.
How much is it? I'm off.
No, I'll get you a shot. Pay me after that.
-Are you drinking? -I can't drink.
-It looks bad behind the bar and... -What about this?
One more game and if you lose, I'm buying. Okay?
What do you bet I can get this teabag paper over your head
-without touching it? -You'll lose again.
You think so?
-You win. About time. -Okay, get me a shot.
-What have you got? -What's that?
You've got Pedro Domech.
Yes, but it's really old. It's been there for years.
Even better. Get it down.
You might be right.
If it's too hard, forget it.
Did that kid pay for his drinks?
Who? Fucking hell!
-Hey, I'll get them. -Forget it.
There he goes, the bastard.
Hi, how are you doing?
-I can't sleep. -You should go to the doctor.
I know what he'd say. I know what's wrong with me.
Don't forget you have to go to court with me.
Do I have to go?
We have to stick together on these things.
You know who I saw the other tonight?
Tell me tomorrow. Go to sleep.
Don't make too much noise. Your mother's not well.
Right. See you tomorrow.
Your father's waiting.
Yes, I know.
Come on, wake up!
Why don't you go?
-I don't understand such things. -You should.
That's why he's here.
I'd come back crazier and I'm already crazy enough.
Feeling better?
Better than when?
Dad said last night you weren't well.
It was nothing. I think I drank too much.
Your dad worries about me too much.
Take it just in case. I don't feel quite right.
These things always help, Ignacio.
Are you up to this?
I'm fine.
I want to get this over and done with.
-Get the truth out. -That's why we're here.
You can take a seat. Are they original documents?
Have you anything else to present in your defense?
Yes, you Honor. Here are the papers,
expert reports...
-and the plans. -Very well.
Let's begin.
-Hi. -Hi.
-How are you? -Fine. what about you?
Well, a bit tired.
How come?
Know what I did last night?
Excuse me.
-Hey -What?
Are the loads like in an office
or a warehouse?
Like a warehouse.
I'm doing it like that.
What is it?
Nothing. Yesterday I looked for my brother.
-Did you find him? -Yes. You know what he does?
He's a gambler. How about that?
-You didn't know? -I haven't seen him for years.
I was at a game with him
and he lost everything.
He got cute and they almost beat the shit out of him.
He acted like it was nothing.
You got much left to do?
Well, yes. I have to do it all again.
Why don't we have lunch and you leave it till later?
Then he got me to do a runner from some bar.
Just to play around. That's his thing.
And you did it?
What else? I went in and left without paying.
-No -Shit yeah.
-You don't do that kind of thing. -I did, I swear.
Same as when we were kids, with his games.
Yestersay I was wathcing him in the bar...
He's a bit wasted.
And half deaf. He looks older than he is.
He's in a bad way,
and owes money, to top it off.
When are you going to introduce me?
I hope I don't see him again.
He almost got my head bashed in.
The barman ran after me with an iron bar, I swear.
-Hello. How are you? -Hello.
-Ham? -Yeah.
Sorry about the tickets.
-I should've told you. -It's in the past.
So you know, I'm returning yours today.
-Well, you don't have to hurry. -Now it's no!
I'm taking the afternoon off. Shall we do something?
We could go to the movies.
-Yes? -Hi.
I'm finished. What are you up to?
We're going to the movies. Coming?
No, I'm going home.
Okay, I'll find it.
See you later.
I have to start the project again. Are we going to the movies?
I can't. Something's happened to my brother.
-Is it serious? -I don't know. I'll find out later.
-Want me to come with you? -No, I'd better go alone.
Well, I'm going home.
-Hello. -Hello.
-Did you find it okay? -Yes, it was easy. What happened?
-Your brother's in the hospital. -What?
He gave them my number. They rang me.
-Have you seen him? -No.
-We can see him now if you like. -I'm not going.
Here's the address.
I can't take it any more. You don't know your brother.
-Shall I call and tell you how he is? -No, I don't care now.
-Marta. -Yes?
-Let's continue. -Coming.
But you can call me if you like.
Do you know who it was?
Of course. These things are done so you know who it is.
I guess you reported it.
It's nothing.
Besides, this isn't sorted out with accusations.
-No? How then, Carlos? -Money.
Look, Nacho,
if you want to help me, there's only one way.
You know who I am and what I do.
How much?
Too much.
I don't know, if you...
There's another solution, Carlos.
Yeah? What's that?
You could come home.
No way, that's the worst solution.
Besides, I only need part of it and I know where to get it.
-So what are you waiting for? -For tonight.
I've got a game. I'll play and I'll win.
Can't you do anything else?
No, Nacho. This is my life
and you can't come and change it now.
All right,
but I'm coming with you.
What are you saying, man? You won't fit in there.
I don't care. A bet's a bet.
You owe me for the runner last night.
Look at the state I'm in.
Do me a favor. Lend me your jacket?
Just for tonight.
-This is much better. -Stop.
It's too small for you. You tear it.
I won't tear it.
-Look at that. -Fucking brillant.
Do you know where we are?
Check it out, Nacho. Do you recognize it?
-Well, no. -Well, you should.
Dad built this.
It's his contribution to the country and his pocket.
Can you tell me where we're going?
You wanted to know who did this to me?
You're going to meet him.
Here it is.
Mendoza! Open up, you bastard!
Fuck! It had to be you!
Shit, making a scene like that.
-Look what they did to me. -Yeah, you deserve it.
I'd have given you worse. Remember that.
Come on, sit down.
And you sit there.
It's a habit. It keeps me company.
This is Sara.
Go back to bed, sweetheart.
She follows me everywhere like a puppy.
I can't understand a word she says.
Bastard likes them younger and younger.
Right then, you going to pay up?
This is Ignacio, my brother. He's an architect.
-Hi, how are you? -Jesus, Carlos.
You're full of surprises.
Mendoza's like my teacher.
Cut the flattery.
You know the answer to this problem.
Yeah. Got any food? We haven't had dinner.
There's something in the fridge.
Are you really an architect?
Yes, well, I'm finishing my studies.
Steer clear of him.
He won't teach you anything worthwhile.
Tell my brother what we used to get up to.
That was years ago.
He won more than he could spend.
I taught him everything he knows.
We played in small towns. He was really good.
You cheat!
Have you seen his right hand?
Is it my fault you lost?
He got caught red-handed, got me?
I got away, but not him.
He didn't know how to quit in time.
Fuck off! No!
Hold him up! Hold him up!
What are you telling him?
Let's toast.
To old times, okay?
You're always living in the old times.
It's all under control, Mendoza. Tell him, Ignacio.
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
Talk to me.
You going to pay what he owes me?
Don't invole him. He's not in on this.
then what the fuck's he doing here?
Look, I need a game.
Just 500 to get in, right?
You don't know when to stop.
Fuck you!
Fuck you! And stop drinking my wine.
Jesus, Mendoza.
Do you take me for an idiot?
And if you lose? Who'll pay me what you owe?
-Carlos. Let's go. -Hold on. You don't think I can win?
Look at you. Lookt at you!
You might not even see tomorrow.
-Fuck this. -Hold on, Carlos.
This is worth more than what Carlos is asking for.
-How do I know what it's worth? -If you don't believe it,
-give it to me. -Leave it out! Sit down.
We'll talk, all right?
You're not going anywhere with this money.
-Nowhere! -Yeah, chubby, all right.
But don't kid yourself.
If you don't pay up, you're not getting out of this.
This is my last favor to you.
And I want the money right here, tomorrow.
-Even if it's just the 500. -I vouch for him.
You said it.
You said it.
Don't take any notice.
I should have shaved.
You should have done it at Mendoza's house.
That would've been the limit.
Down here.
We're on time.
Close the door, Nacho.
-Aren't you taking your glasses off? -What?
Your glasses. Can you see?
Here, you hang onto them.
Hi, how's it going?
I can't see shit. Here.
Nacho, they're not for seeing,
they're for not being seen.
Put them on.
Never thought about going home?
-You ever thought about leaving? -What for?
You didn't want to be an architect.
We all change, don't we?
They've changed you, but they're still the same. Or not?
Hey, man. What's up? How you doing?
Carlos. Haven't you lost enough money around here?
No, I came to hold up your cards for you.
-Weren't you "retired"? -Nobody retires me.
Don't let me find that out.
this is a friend who's come to keep tabs on the game.
So no one's cheating me.
Anyone else coming along?
Yeah, my brother-in-law's coming.
We're set, right?
This is all right, yeah?
Are you game, Carlos?
Yeah, I'm here to win.
We're set.
Raise ten.
I bet.
-30 -I'm sitting.
I see.
I see.
I've had enough for today.
-Good night. -Get some sleep.
-Let's go. -Yeah, come on.
All right.
You're on a roll, man.
Do you want a loan?
Leave some for me.
No, no. Thanks.
Look at him.
Doesn't he look like a clown?
He thinks he's a big shot. What an asshole he's become.
When I met him, everyone wanted to be his friend,
and now nobody wants to know him.
He asked for it, didn't he?
Shut up, Gypsy, he's my brother. Watch your mouth.
-I see. -I see.
I see too.
What did the Gypsy tell you?
I've had enough of that asshole.
What I won tonight will shut Mendoza up.
-Tomorrow, you get your watch back. -Don't worry about the watch.
The important thing is you got what you wanted, right?
What I need is a couple more nights like this.
What about we go see Marta?
-We'll get her breakfast. -Will she like that?
Of course!
She's got a problem with me.
She can't stand it when things go right for me.
-Why do you say that? -I don't know.
I don't trust her.
Hey, have you two fucked?
What are you talking about? Cut the bullshit, okay?
Just as well.
Wouldn't surprise me if she tried.
Taxi! Fuck!
I still love her, you know?
She busts my balls
but she helps me out sometimes.
I think she's still hung up on me, you know?
I'm serious. Taxi! Taxi!
Marta, open up.
Gas! Gas man!
Ma'am? It's the gas man.
What are you doing here?
-What's up? -You asshole!
Take it easy!
Other people have to sleep too! That's enough!
See, Nacho? She's got a problem with me.
-I want you out of here! -Why?
When will you learn this isn't your house?
When? You bastard!
Don't be like that, Marta. It's not as bad as all that.
Why are you making fun of me? You're making fun of me!
How can I make you understand?
You tell me. You know I got off work
two hours ago...
and you wake me up.
Marta. We got some pastries along the way.
We'll have some coffee, a quiet breakfast, and we'll go.
-That's it. Calm down. -Eat your pastries and leave.
-Jesus, yeah! -You've got no self-respect.
Where do I put this?
I'll leave it here.
What are you looking at?
I'll help you if you like.
Nacho, tell her about the game.
If I tell her, she'll say I'm exaggerating.
I don't give a shit about your game!
Well, I won a bundle.
Here's your coffee.
Drink it and go.
You hear me?
How many sugars?
Are you all right?
Marta, are you all right?
Hey, calm down.
Feeling better?
Yes, thanks.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry, okay?
Hey, Dad.
Yes, Mum.
I'll be right down.
-Did you see what he had on? -Let him wear what he likes.
-None for me. -I found you a flat.
It's small, but near the studio.
I'd have preferred to look myself.
-You don't know the city. -It's a good way to start.
I don't think it's that easy.
It was for you.
Look for another if you like.
You're making the most of these last few days.
-So he should. -I'm not disagreeing.
When are you going to invite her here?
You know who.
-That girl, Claudia. -Why don't we change the subject?
-Go on, invite het to dinner. -Leave it alone, okay?
If you don't, I will.
Naturally she wants to meet her.
You've been away from home for two days.
-Do you know where I've been? -How would I?
I tried to tell you the other day.
What did you want to tell me?
I've been with Carlos.
-May I? -Yes, thanks.
Carlos, my brother. Remember him?
We met the other day.
And how is he?
Fine. He's fine.
What did he want?
Is that all you can think of?
Are you sure he's all right?
No, he's fine.
I went looking for him. We just talked.
What's he doing?
He gambles.
He gambles?
On what?
-That's what he lives on? -Yes.
Is he thinking about coming home?
I don't know. I don't think so.
Your brother's never known what he wants.
Sure, and you two do.
Our doors have never been closed to him.
You should think about your work.
That's all I think about, Dad.
Do you have everything ready?
-Hi. -Hi.
-How are you? -Fine.
It's a bit daring, but it's good.
-Thanks for coming. -That's okay.
How is your brother?
He had an accident.
He got beaten up, his business, you know.
What a way to make a living.
I'm meeting him for dinner, to say good-bye.
Can I come?
No, you'd better not.
It won't be much fun.
-He'll ask me for money. -Why are you going?
-Because he's my brother. -Right.
You didn't say good-bye. What'll it be?
A beer.
-You heard from Carlos? -No, nothing.
They're looking for him.
He should have paid today, so they tell me.
He knows what he's doing. He's a big boy.
If he doesn't pay in a few days, you're in trouble too.
Not me, I leave in 2 days. I'll be far away.
What a surprise.
You're the surprise.
But it didn't last long, did it?
When do you get off?
In about 7 hours. Why?
I was going to ask you to dinner,
but I may bring some rolls.
-I'll get the drinks. -Okay.
Excuse me,
can I get some more ice?
One thing.
I don't want my brother to know what happened.
If we already did it, does it matter?
Yes it does. I prefer he didn't know, okay?
-I don't know if you understand. -I do, but he already does.
How does he know? Did you tell him?
-No. -Then what?
We couldn't fool him, not about this.
No, he would've said something.
He likes to play, he's playing. You know him.
-Don't worry about it. -I am worried.
I should talk to him. Where can I find him?
I don't know, but I'll find out, I'll let you know.
Don't worry about him, worry about yourself.
-Hello. -Hello. Are you Claudia?
-May I come in? -Yes, of course. Come in.
My name is Carlos.
I've got a house on the coast that I want to renovate
and I want your advice.
Why me?
I was told about you.
Who told you about me?
He asked me not to say. I guess he wants to tell you.
-Is it very big? -What?
The house.
No, it's not worth much, but it's charming, you know.
-What about here? -Wherever you like.
What is it?
I thought Ignacio would be here.
I told my brother you'd figure it out.
-Here? -Yeah, sure.
What about the house?
There is no house.
Can't I have a house? Is it what he told you?
Well, he's right.
Is he coming or not?
Why would he be?
He told me he was having dinner with you.
Hello. What do you have?
So, do you want to go?
Why? I'm hungry.
A few snacks then.
-What's up, Tomás? -Hello.
-Where's Claudia? -She went out.
-When is she coming back? -I don't know, a guy came for her.
-A guy. Do you know him? -No.
I'll give her a call.
Anything wrong? You look worried.
No. I'm sure I had to do something, but I don't remember.
Well, I'm going to bed.
-Bye. -See you later.
When we were kids, I made Nacho believe that
from our balcony you could see dolphins leaping in the water.
Know what we did one day?
We got up on the railing to see better.
We never saw a dolphin,
but it was the fear,
the dare of it.
It was the best part of the summer.
I'm glad I met you. Really.
I had a great time tonight.
Is this a game?
-Don't you like it? -Not this type.
You can leave if you want.
Is that how it works?
That's it.
You know you have to go, but you can't get up.
You're starting to get what a real game is.
-Shall we go? -All right.
What's up with Ignacio?
He's getting into playing.
Playing? Playing what?
You should ask him.
Well, I'm going home.
Want me to get you a taxi?
-No, I'd rather walk. -All right.
See you.
What are you doing here?
Where've you been? I've been looking for you.
I don't want to talk. I want to be alone.
Were you with my brother?
What did he tell you?
You tell me. You were meant to meet him.
What have you been doing?
I didn't ask you for explanations, so don't ask me.
All right.
All right then.
Did you fuck?
-Did you have a good fuck? -What do you think?
I'm not going with you. I'm staying.
I'm finishing the project even if it's a failure
but I don't want to depend on anyone.
You haven't understood a thing. Not a thing.
I was talking about sharing.
I've still got the tickets, so you know.
Hey, Tara, what are you doing up?
Tara! Tara! Come.
Tara. Here.
Good girl.
-You want a glass? -No need, thanks.
Hey, "Eagle". I'm glad I found you.
Do you know Bruno? I'm Bruno.
How are you doing?
This is the Eagle,
the Poker King.
If you play with him, you lose
and if you win, he doesn't pay.
No problem for the Eagle.
No, you're wrong. I'm not with him.
You owe my friends money. Where is it?
You no pay, they want it now.
You dead now.
Look, I'm meeting a girl here.
You're going to pay now.
I'm meeting Marta, maybe you know her.
No, you pay. They want it.
No, I'm going, okay. Will you let me go?
You're going to pay.
-Let me get past. -You pay now.
Look, I'm not Carlos, okay? I'm his brother.
-What are you doing? -You okay for now.
-What? -Are you paying
or do you want more?
Look, here's Marta.
What's going on?
He owes me money and doesn't want to pay.
-Don't realize it's not Carlos? -I told him that.
If this isn't Carlos, you take me to him.
-I don't know. You find him. -I'm sure you know.
Why wouldn't they think you're him in those clothes?
Do you know where Carlos is?
At home.
He sneaked in again.
What a stink.
You could've cleaned up a bit before going to sleep.
I was doing yoga.
you've got to go.
Jesus, Nacho! What happened to you?
They thought I was you. What do you think of that?
What a fright, huh?
Now you know how much it hurts.
Are you stupid?
Carlos, they're after you.
What about the money you won the other day?
You don't have to worry about that, okay?
Don't play games with Claudia again.
That's why you wanted to see me.
I'm sorry about what happened with Marta, okay?
And what happened?
You think you're the only one or the first.
I don't care about that.
I care about her, not who she does it with.
But don't worry.
-I thought about it and I'm going. -Yeah.
-Did you hear me, Marta? -Yeah, I heard you.
Tomorrow I'll be rich
and I'm going to ask you to come with me.
Think about it.
I spoke to Mendoza and I'm paying him tonight.
Yes, I've got a game.
In case you're interested, I'm going to play...
I'll win, I'll pay up,
and they'll leave me alone for once!
You both happy now?
Every problem has a solution.
Come on, have a drink. You look terrible.
Well, Marta, how do I look?
You put it on. Look for yourself.
The shirt is a bit girlie, isn't it?
Try this one.
Take that off.
Whatever happens, be there on time.
-Don't touch me. -What's wrong?
-I don't want you to touch me. -Marta, trust me.
You'll come with me tomorrow.
Carlos, I'm never going with you. Understand that.
It's out of range.
I'd start dinner.
Meanwhile we could get to know each other better.
-Where's Carlos? -He's gone.
Yes, I have to go too.
I don't want to wait for him alone.
Why wait?
What else can I do?
Are you going with him?
Of course not.
And if he wins?
That wouldn't change anything.
And he won't win.
So what will you do?
I don't know.
Get out of here, of course.
I've had enough
I don't know how I stood it for so long.
I could help you.
Oh yeah? How?
Come with me.
You want to go and I've got a spare ticket.
That ticket's for someone, isn't it?
Yes, it was.
But she's not going to use it.
The plane leaves in the morning.
I have to talk to Carlos.
Okay, whatever you want.
Let's do this...
Let's meet at the airport at 7.
Right now, I have to go.
Why don't you come with me?
-Hello, got a cigarette? -No, I don't smoke.
-Give me a few coins. -You've got me on a bad day.
-You must have something. -What have we got here?
-This all right? -Thanks.
Good luck.
Hey, come here. Have a swig.
-No, I can't. -Have a swig.
-No, I'm in a hurry. -Sit down a moment. Have a swig.
-Thanks. See you later. -Good luck!
Weren't you going?
-Yeah, Carlos. We've got to talk. -I guess so.
What a game! Five sitting ducks.
-Sitting ducks! -Carlos!
What's up? What's your hurry?
-Did you win? -You don't need to ask.
-No, I do. Did you win or not? -Get me a drink!
It's on her! We used to go out.
-I still love her and all that. -Keep your voice down.
You know what? I'm lucky again.
Show me the money.
-Why don't you disappear? -Would you miss me?
I'll be right back.
She's gone to tell them.
Will you help me?
I'm leaving in a few hours.
I could stay and help you get the money,
but I'm not because it's useless.
I'm getting on with my life, with what I chose,
because I like it, I really do,
even if you don't believe it.
You're the one that chose all this shit, so...
you can keep it.
-You don't have to explain a thing. -I know,
but I want you to know, I'm not a coward.
I think you've got something for me.
Did you bring the money?
-No idea what you're on about. -You're wrong.
-Shut up! -I have to give it to you.
Shut up!
-And the money? -You got it all wrong.
-It's his problem. -Who?
The man that sent a hick like you.
-And who are you? -You should've started with me.
I'm Carlos, nice to meet you. You here for the green?
Why don't we go outside and talk?
-Why don't I give it to you here? -Okay.
Okay, but later. This is Nacho, my brother.
I'm saying good-bye. It's a family get-together.
Give me the money, then do what you like, okay?
Tell your boss I'll give it to him tomorrow, in person.
Boy, you're fucking up.
Get off me, asshole.
Hands off. He started it.
It's all right, we'll talk outside.
Don't get involved.
Why do I have to go? He started it.
Why don't you give it to me now?
-I don't know you. -Where are you going?
Don't touch me! Get out of here!
I've got nothing to say to you. Get out of here, asshole.
You gonna cut me?
-You haven't got the balls. -Want to find out?
-You asshole. -Shut up or I'm cutting you.
-Let's see if you got the balls. -Listen! I can pay you!
You okay, man?
Nacho. Are you all right?
Let me go!
-Hey, you! -What is it?
-Nothing. He fell over. -You sure?
-Are you all right? -Yeah, yeah.
-Take it easy. -Yeah, I'm okay.
Can I see your I.D.?
-Are you all right? -Get off me!
Can you check this?
You all right?
-It's nothing. -You sure?
Do you want us to take you to get checked out?
-No, it's not necessary. -Sure?
-They're in order. -Yes.
You can go.
-Sure you're all right? -I'm fine.
-He's my brother. -Look after him.
-Nacho... -Don't touch me.
Jesus, Nacho...
Don't crowd round the door, thanks.
-Evening. -Evening.
Do you know what happened?
Some kind of scuffle, nothing serious.
-Did you people call? -No, we didn't call.
Here's where we say goodbye.
So you're going to be an architect?
Looks like it.
Lots of luck, Nacho.
What time do you have to be at the airport?
A couple of hours.
Then get your bags.
and don't wake them up.
Better they don't see you with that face.
-Shit! -What is it?
I can't find my keys.
-What'll you do? -Ring the bell, what else?
Hang on.
What about I get your things?
Though the window, like when we were kids.
No, I'll ring it.
If they see you banged up, you won't leave today.
You helped me before. Let me help you.
Trust me.
Tara, Tara.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Good girl.
Go and find Ignacio.
Tara, downstairs.
Ignacio, what are you looking for?
Nothing, Mom.
Aren't you going to stay?
What took you so long? Did it all go smoothly?
It was easy.
-These are my keys. -They were upstairs.
-Is this everything? -Yes.
It's all here.
I took a suit. I don't know when I can give it back.
It doesn't matter.
Let's go.
-I'll take the bags. -No, take this.
Fuck, look at me.
A new suit will fix that. You must have one in the bag.
Can you smell me? They won't let me on the plane.
Come on, Nacho, you'll get a shower.
I've smelt like that many a time and look at me.
Look, an open bar.
One last coffee? You've still got time.
I called a taxi. It'll be here soon.
Drink it while it's hot.
What's wrong?
No, nothing.
It's all been a bit much for me.
One day you'll laugh about tonight.
Yeah, yeah.
Let's have our coffee. No sugar, so it's stronger.
Jesus, that's disgusting.
You lost, didn't you?
The important thing is to play, isn't it?
The important thing is to win. You don't have the money.
The money. You talk like Dad.
I'm not like him.
Take care you don't end up like him.
Dad paid for it.
He's finished as an architect.
What, he's still sick? That's a lie, Nacho.
I played your role before and now you're playing mine.
Don't tell me you don't know that.
I'll never fill your role.
I'm not an architect he'd have liked.
He wants an accomplice,
which is what you are.
By the way, Claudia was waiting for you.
Was the other ticket for her?
-You've got two. -I'm going to call her.
-Are you okay? -Yeah...
My glasses.
Nacho, I've got them.
Let's go. The taxi will be here soon.
-Don't go to sleep. -Coming, coming.
-I don't feel so good. -Taxi's coming.
Wait, Carlos. I'm going to call Claudia.
Let me help you.
-Help me, he's not well. -I want to call home.
Yes, get in.
-Let me get out, I'm going to... -Sit down, move over.
Let's go.
What did they do to you, kid?
I want to get out. Carlos, let me get out.
Those are my boots.
Who is it?
It's me, Dad.
-Can you walk okay? -Yes, you're hurting me.
I knew something had happened.
Two days away from home. We were worried sick.
Don't go into it now!
You want to tell me what happened?
-Call a doctor. -Call the police. He's been robbed.
You want to tell me what you've been doing?
Drink this. It'll do you good.
-You've got a visitor. -Hello.
How are you?
Fine, I'm fine. Dehydrated.
The doctors say I was given a very strong sedative.
They want to know what happened, but I don't...
remember a thing.
No matter. The important thing is you're all right.
Have they found out anything?
They've drained your credit cards.
Someone's posing as you.
Do they know who it was?
They don't know anything.
Well, I have to leave you. Your Dad's not well.
The trial's finally being held next week.
When are you going?
I don't think I'll go.
I don't want the scolarship.
And I don't think I want to keep living in this house.
Well, if you want, until you find something...
we could share a room.
Carlos, could we fly from here?
-Would you like to? -Can you?
-Of course you can. -What do I have to do?
Jump, Nacho, jump.
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