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I don't feel like going at all.
Then forget it|and come with me instead.
The whole thing|is total nonsense...
-Can I call you?|-Sure.
-And who's coming?|-Whoever.
Stop... Not now.
-Why don't you go on the Pill?|-I can't.
I didn't say you looked|like stuffed turkey.
I said the car will be|stuffed like a turkey.
-But because of me!|-Stop being ridiculous.
Except now I really feel|like a stuffed turkey!
A stuffed turkey|good only for cooking!
At least you know howto make|our dinner really special.
-May I...?|-Hello, Mother.
Ilona, is there anything|I can do to help?
I don't want any help|from anyone! No help at all!
Milada?! Is there anything|I can do to help?
No, Grandma. Everything's fine.
-Leon, don't touch that.|-He's just looking at it.
There were a few interesting|paintings I'd hang in my house,
though I prefer less abstract.|But Zuzana did a really good job.
Did you really do|the whole catalog yourself?
And the painting commentaries,|did you write them, too?
No, someone else wrote them.
Did they show any of your|paintings at the exhibition?
-No, they didn't.|-ls her name Solc or Spechta?
It looks like the jam Grandma|made from the inedible berries.
This jam painting happens to be|one of my favorites.
-What do you mean why?|-Why do you like it?
I don't know why. I just do.|You like it too, don't you?
Yes, but I know why!
-Give me your plate, Pavel.|-I don't think I shoul d...
-Come on, you have room.|-How old are those pickles?
-Mom, sit down.|-Grandma, don't give him more.
-I'm fine.|-Then you will be stuffed again.
-lt's a secret.|-Leave him alone, it's his dog.
-But it's really unsanitary.|-We'll be going soon.
I found a filthy|handkerchief in there.
-We are finished, Grandma!|-We can't let the food go bad.
We'll never get there|at this rate.
Don't forget to pack your pills.|We should've left in the morning.
We have to get there by tomorrow.|We can stay in a motel somewhere.
-That would be too complicated...|-What do you mean complicated?
-I'd like a chance to rest, too.|-Shouldn't you stay home?
In her state I think|she should stay home.
Holding a fake ceremony six|months after the fact is silly.
-Listen to me.|-I can hear you.
-Can't we take care of it here?|-Ask Grandma. It was her idea.
If Dad wanted it, we'd better|do it. It's not such a sacrifice.
No one's forcing you to go.
I'm not the one|who has a problem.
No, I am not there anymore.
Okay, we'll do it like you say.|I'll call you later.
Shouldn't Grandma ride with us?|She'll burn up in there.
You had to bring along|all these tiles of yours.
I bet you'll sell a lot...| the funeral.
I can say it's a business trip|and sell them on the way home.
Even so, we have room|for one more person in the back.
Zuzana shouldn't wear so much|lipstick. It looks harsh.
She's become harsh lately,|even with Pavel.
She should be nicer to him.
-Could you open the window?|-No. It affects my driving.
Why is she always|so mean to him?
Could you turn|that down a little?
Your Mom driving looks|like my Uncle on his motorcycle.
Your Mother never even got|her driver's license.
And if she ever did,|she'd look even worse.
I wonder if it's about sex.
Youth blow sex out of proportion.|They think it's everything...
-Did you pack Grandma's pills?|-Yup.
Where are they, then?
But then again you can't ignore|sex either.
-I like loud music in the car.|-Then turn it up.
I don't feel like it anymore...
We used to listen|to loud music in the car.
What are they doing over there?
I said we should've left|the pie at home.
How should I know you|put the urn on top of it?
You should be careful|where you put things like this.
Were we supposed to sit on it?
Poor Jura loved blueberry pie.|Especially the charred edges.
-Char? What's that?|-lt's something burned.
What happened?
Grandma couldn't deal with|having the urn in the trunk.
Milada said to go through Telc,|but it is not on our way.
Could you show her the route?
We chose this route.|So we will stay on it.
Look at how we messed up|the parking lot.
Why'd you tell him that garbage|about heaven? Do you believe it?
-I didn't want him to picture it.|-Does that mean people burn?
See? Now he'll have nightmares.
What nightmares? He's only|asking because he's interested.
Do animals burn, too?|Doesn't that bother them?
A dead animal doesn't mind.
You remember how Grandma burned|that chicken?
That's disgusting!
Tell him I burned Grandpa, too,|so the child will fear me!
No wonder he doesn't listen|when I have to look after him.
I wouldn't obey|an animal cremator either.
No one says|you have to look after him!
Damn it...
Here you are,|and hold on to your son.
That's the way it always was,|right?
I told her to buy a highway|permit if Vitek drives to Prague.
Now it's not worth buying|for just half a year.
I'm just trying to help.
-I don't mind being in the back.|-That's okay.
How do I move the seat up?
There's plenty of room here.|Don't move anywhere.
Why are you and Mom mad|at each other?
She's at our place all the time,|so I said not to come so often.
You did the right thing. If I|were Vitek I couldn't stand it.
-And he just might not...|-You should've told her before.
Let her feel at home once and|she'll find nothing else to do.
How can I throw her out.|Now, when she is alone?
I get lonely sometimes too...
And now she's mad. She seems|to be always angry at us.
-What is Pavel doing?|-Maybe he has a cramp
and he's trying to shake it off.
He should stop. What if he gets|a cramp in his other arm?
-Can I open the window?|-No. It affects my driving .
And you'll get an ear infection.|Sit back and buckle up!
Sometimes I get the feeling
that Mom sees Dad's death as|a kind of a punishment for us.
,, You liked him more,|so there you go!"
-You're out of your mind!|-I don't mean it like that.
At times I feel Mom and Dad|weren't right for each other.
I'm surprised they managed|to stay together at all .
It seems to me that llona only|took this trip to spite Vitek.
She shouldn't go anywhere now|that she's this far along.
This trip wasn't my idea.
-Do you have a sore arm?|-I'm giving Leon a secret signal.
-What were you telling him?|-That no one in here is arguing.
-Do you have any other signals?|-Yup,
"They're arguing again" and|"Stop the car, I have to pee ".
-No...|-Like this?
I'll call you back later, okay?
That was my work. The scanner's|not working again.
I'll call them once we stop.|The signal keeps fading.
-Highways should be covered.|-I can tell when it fades.
-Am I doing it right?|-You're doing it perfectly.
-Stop, Granny!|-I can't stop here. -Stop!
-I can't.|-Mom needs to pee!
I had no idea breasts|like that even existed.
-Have you seen such breasts?|-You mean in real life?
Well, I've seen pictures, too.|But I find it unbelievable.
It must be awful|to lug those things around.
Hers aren't so big...|-This one's pretty.
Which one do you like?
-No!|-You have to wash your hands!
-Come on, Leon.|-I won't go to the ladies' room!
But I can't go to the men's room.|Look! Only Zuzana's here.
Wash your hands, Leon! Sorry.
Can you watch Leon for a second?
Wash your hands, Leon.|Come on, stop being a baby.
-And now Char is stuffed.|-I heard animals never overeat.
C'mon...|I'll take you to the mill.
Wasn't your dog's name|different yesterday?
But now he's called Char!
No one in here is going|to bite it off. Don't be shy.
We're all people,|boys as well as girls.
But there are certain|differences, right?
I can hardly turn around|in the toilet stall.
What's wrong? Calm down.
Soon you'll be too old for the|ladies' room, so enjoy it now.
-What the hell was that?|-Can I touch your belly? -Yeah.
-I have to be careful.|-Try down here...
-Now you must've felt it.|-Yes, I did. -Here.
Isn't it unpleasant to have|something squirming inside you?
-Or is it pleasant?|-You mean you wouldn't try it
if it were unpleasant?|I think it's wonderful.
I can hear the baby making|some funny noises.
It's more likely you hear my|stomach growling. Try lower.
Still it's funny|to feel you up like this.
When was the last time|a woman felt you up?
I can't even remember being|felt up by a man.
-We should get moving. I just...|-There's toilet paper in here.
I have my own.|At least I won't use theirs up.
But there's tons of it here|Leon stuffed his dog with it.
Zuzana did the right thing|when she chose you.
She did better than llona.|Vitek is always on the computer.
She should tell him, "I'm here,|pay attention to me..."
She hasn't been taking|care of herself at all.
A woman|should look different every day.
One day wear a colored skirt,|the next, something sporty...
If you won't talk to her,|then I will.
-But you can't talk to her.|-Have you ever tried? But really?
When I told her I was pregnant,|she asked whether or not
she should buy|the new fortified milk.
Hold this before I drop it...
You shouldn't spend like this.
Don't eat it right away. It's|freezing cold. Let it warm up.
-llona, please...|-What can I do?
Take mine.|I'll go get another one.
-I don't want any.|-Why not?
Why should we be the only ones|eating ice cream?
-I can't eat it.|-Why not?
It hurts between my dentures.
He shouldn't eat it right away...
But then it'll start melting.|Ice cream is supposed to be cold.
-lt's warm outside.|-No wonder Leon has head colds.
This is a really nice car...
The ride's so smooth.
When you'll have kids|you will really enjoy it.
They returned the princess to|the castle and we welcomed her.
One of Dad's fellow|med students got him the job.
They always played|wounded men in war films.
As future doctors|they were good at faking wounds.
And the girl Dad was supposed to|come with, who was my roommate,
she got a costume that was|incredibly tight for her because
she wanted to look skinny.|But she couldn't fit into it.
She was so embarrassed|that she pretended to be sick.
Dad picked up the costume,|sad about missing out on the job.
And he asked me if I could fit|into the costume.
-I was pretty skinny back then...|-That's why Telc is on the way.
But the costume was tight on me,|too. I couldn't breathe in it.
But Jura had that|Slovak accent...
So I decided|simply not to breathe.
After that all his friends said|I was a meek girl because
the entire shoot I felt like I|was in a straightjacket so tight
-that I could hardly even speak.|-Just like The Little Mermaid.
-What?|-You don't knowthe story?
-Dad always read it to us.|-I see.
She wanted to dance with the|the prince, but when she did,
it felt like 1000 knives|stabbing her feet.
Only the corsette wires|stabbed me.
I have an idea.|Why don't we go in the castle?
-I'll carry him to the hotel.|-Thanks. I'm coming with you.
-Shall we go?|-You want to?
And the promenade...|We practiced it for three days.
This is where we turned...
You had to watch your trail...|And then you bowed.
And over there they paid us...
Excuse me.
Hello? I can't hear you.
Now I can hear you.|I'll call later, okay?
At eleven? Fine.
What number are you|calling me from?
Oh, Monika came too. I see.
I didn't know she was going.
What? Hello?
-Did you dance here, too?|-No, we didn't.
are you okay?
No, I'm not.
I have someone else,
someone other than Pavel.
I see...
You looked so strange...|I thought maybe you were sick.
He's an artist. One of the three|in the catalogue.
The one with a beard.
I know you like Pavel, I do, too.
-But it's not that simple.|-Okay, ladies. Closing time.
Yes, I did.
Okay, I'm waiting.|Hi.
I'm calling to tell you|that we arrived safely.
How would you like it|if I had bangs?
Stop sighing and just|tell me that you wouldn't.
No, it's okay.|I forgot to tell you
to save the smoked meat for|Monday. It'll last until then.
Eat the rest of Grandma's stewed|vegetables first. ...
It's fresh, from yesterday...
I'm fine. Jesus, all of a sudden|you've taken an interest.
Okay, let's not spend|too much money on the phone. Bye.
-Pavel, hi.|-Hi.
-Can I come in?|-Sure.
I just wanted to ask if|you had something to eat.
I don't understand why everybody|thinks that I eat all the time.
-I'm fat by nature!|-What do you mean? Look at me.
On men it happens|to look masculine.
I have a feeling Zuzana|doesn't find it masculine.
She always grabs|my love handles like this.
Like she's kidding around,|but she probably isn't.
Well,|no one grabs mine anymore.
Vitek thinks|I look like a stuffed turkey.
-Really?|-Yup. -I like stuffed turkey.
Come on, you are not fat at all.|You're just pregnant.
All the famous models have|their pictures taken
for magazine covers|when they're pregnant.
I think it's sexy.|I think it's amazing.
-May I?|-Sure.
Aren't you and Zuzana|planning something too?
Oh yeah, sure...
Did you ever have|anyone other than Dad?
I mean, after you were married?
No, I didn't...
I considered it, but|somehowthere was never time.
Who was it?
Now I'm glad nothing happened.|I'd probably regret it now.
It seems as if Dad|was here just a week ago.
-Or even this morning.|-I feel the same way.
About a month ago I almost|tried to call him.
You just have to put it|out of your mind.
-I'm not so sure about that.|-Why don't we go have a drink?
-I'll call Pavel...|-We should go back to the hote I.
-What are you writting?|-Oh, nothing important...
A letter?
Who could I possibly write|a letter to? Everyone's dead.
Just the other day I realized
there's no one left that|calls me by my first name.
Would you like it|if someone did?
It might make me feel younger.
So what if I called you|by your first name?
Wouldn't that be strange? But we|are relatives, so it might work.
Try it, so we can see|how it sounds.
You don't know what my name is,|do you?
Soon I won't be able|to remember my name either.
-lt's on your ID card.|-No, it's not! I lost it.
But it's in my passport...
Here - Valerie.|Valda.
So, then. Valda.
It sounds strange to me now.|As if it weren't mine.
So what are you writting, Valda?
-My will.|-What's gotten into you?
There's nothing better|to do here anyway.
-I can't even watch TV.|-Look at Mom and Zuzana.
They went to a bar|to have some fun.
Good. Milada is always|so sour and uptight.
Careful or you'll spear a fly.
-lt's slippery.|-Have some. -No, it's yours...
-I don't like cherries anyway.|-lt's delicious. Waiter...
-We should get going.|-He's ignoring me.
-lt slipped, sorry.|-Bring us both another drink.
And I'd like the one|with cherries like she had.
-So two Spring Loves...|-Do you know what Lubor does?
He sings to himself|while he's painting.
He has a really nice voice.
I know it's not important,|but Pavel sings way off key.
And whenever I play something he|knows,he starts to croon off key.
-Your Dad couldn't sing either.|-Two Spring Loves.
-Jesus...|-He hid it from you. I am sorry.
-Goddess.|-Thank you...
After a Spring Love|a dance would fit in, ladies.
Do you know what happened to me|the other day?
I didn't tell anyone because|it sounds really strange...
-Go ahead.|-Dad left me a message.
A message?
-I found it strange, too.|-What kind of message?
A written one.
It was handwritten on a yellow|post-it by the telephone.
Two weeks ago when he'd already|been dead for half a year.
It couldn't have been old. Vitek|didn't bring those note pads
until after Easter. They came|in one of those gift baskets.
-What are you talking about?|-I guess someone gave it to him.
There were cookies, a can of|snails, two ball-point pens...
I mean the message,|what are you talking about?
I thought it was strange, too.|I don't believe in such things.
What did the message say?
Cabbage, celery,|pepper and onion.
You know how he hated celery...|But the onion and pepper...
-The whole thing is odd.|-The note was from me.
It's a fat-burning diet.
A pal dictated it to me over|the phone when I visited you...
But it was Dad's handwriting.
We always left our messages|by the phone.
-I know his writing...|-But you don't know mine!
Otherwise you'd know|it was same as Dad's.
But you never noticed that.
You only cared that we wore|clean clothes,
that we had enough to eat and|were healthy, but nothing else.
Our opinions... What|our handwriting looked like... .
You never shared|opinions with me either.
And why? Because we were afraid|to tell you anything.
Like the time llona and I|got lice in school.
We were afraid to tell you|because you'd cut our hair.
We only told Dad, and then,|at night, so you wouldn't see,
he washed it with a special|shampoo and cut the nits out.
-This whole thing is ridiculous.|-Do you know why he did that?
-Why he cut the nits out?|-Yeah.
-I have to go to pee.|-Here, take this.
Maybe there won't be any paper...
Grandma was stressed out, so we|decided to come here and relax.
Zuzana just went to the ladies'|room. She'll be right back.
-Would you like some?|-Are you sure she's not sick?
Spring Love.|It's called Spring Love.
Watch your eyes!
Hi. Wait, I wanted to...
I was afraid|you weren't feeling well.
Did you have one of these, too?
Are you okay?|Your phone was busy...
I doubt|there's a signal in here.
-Why did you call me anyway?|-We didn't know where you went.
-What'll you have, Pavel?|-A beer. My signal is fine here.
Your phone's been acting funny|lately. Can I see it?
Do you want draft or bottled?|Come pick one.
A draft.
Go to check it to the ladies
to make sure|I didn't deny you some signal.
What's the matter?
I am tired. I want to go to bed.|We were about to leave anyway.
Just hang on a minute.|I ordered a beer.
-Or should I cancel it?|-I can leave by myself...
-I can cancel it. Wait. Waiter!|-That's okay, Pavel.
I'm kind of in the mood|for a beer. You two run along.
Grandmother hasn't finished|her Spring Love yet.
I probably shouldn't drink|anymore.
This is good for stress.|It'll dilate your arteries.
-Fruit won't save my arteries.|-Just try it.
Put it here.
A beer before bedtime.|That's the spirit.
What's wrong? Are you cold?
What's wrong? Get up...
You can't sit here...|Let me help you. Come on.
Come on...
Get up.
Hold on to me. It's slippery.
Calm down. Here's your blanket.
-I can't go on like this.|-Calm down... Relax...
-I can't take this anymore.|-What can't you take? Relax...
I have someone else...
I feel like I'm about|to lose my mind...
I've been making life hell|for everyone around me. ...
Who is he?
Lubor Spechta.|The one from the exhibition.
The one|who made the jam paintings...
Oh God...
Is there something I can do?
Is there something I should do?|I know you're unhappy...
Things probably aren't the way|you imagined they'd be...
No, no. This is my fault.|I know what I'm doing is wrong.
But next to you I always|have to be the bad one.
-I can't go on like this...|-So what happened?
Nothing. Nothing happened.
Are you bored with me?
I guess, I am.
Oh well...
I'm scared that
if I go on living like this|I'll never accomplish anything.
Life will just pass me by|and I'll be just like my Mom.
I'll sit at home painting cute|flowers on your stupid tiles.
-Oh, come on...|-God, how I hate those tiles!
I'm afraid to use a restroom in|case I see your damn tiles there.
You don't have to paint them.|I thought you enjoyed it.
What do you mean?!|How am I supposed to make money?
I can't think of anything other|than the tile designs anyway.
You know how embarrassed I am|when you brag that I paint them.
"They were specially designed|by my wife..."
-See? I told you.|-Try it again.
What's going on?
Grandma doesn't feel very well,|and I thought
Zuzana might have|something for a headache...
Sorry to bother you,|but with the trip tomorrow...
It's okay, but Zuzana's asleep.|Let me see what I can find.
Don't go there...
This is what she has.|Take two. They're pretty weak.
-Thank you.|-No problem. Goodnight.
That's what I mean.|You're so bloody nice!
And I can|suffocate under the blanket.
Should I have kicked their|asses down the stairs or what?
Or tell them that you are|sleeping with some jam-artist?
We could all have a nice chat?
If I tell your sister I'm boring|she could tell us a calming poem!
You only care about|what everyone thinks of you.
But I want somebody who cares|what I think about him.
-Pavel...|-Sorry. I need some air.
Pavel! Wait!
Hasn't Zuzana been|a bit temperamental lately?
Well, she has always been.|They'll sort it out, don't worry.
-Come on, Grandma.|-They've quieted down now.
Maybe she had a bad dream.|I used to have those, too.
Maybe. Swallow it.
What now?|Do you want to... move out?
I don't have anywhere to go.
I guess|I'm making a big mistake.
But something has to happen.|Something has to change.
But the problem is|I don't know what.
We should go to sleep.
We have to get some sleep.|You already told me...
But we have to resolve this.|We can't go to bed now.
So what are we going to do?
I don't know.
I feel really weird.
Me, too. Come here.
We can't sleep now...|Like this...
Wait! Watch out for cars!
-I'm sorry I woke you up.|-That's okay.
-What time is it?|-We should get going soon.
-I'm sorry I was hysterical.|-Let's talk about it at home,
once there aren't any mothers|or grandmothers around.
This doesn't look good at all.
I told you we may have to face|a flood. It's already in Austria.
-Are you okay?|-Yup, I'm fine.
I just wonder what Dad|would think about this trip.
He'd think we all went crazy.
-Would anyone find this sexy?|-All of us.
We should've let llona ride|with us. She'll overheat.
We'll be at the border soon,|then she can switch rides.
This is typical.
Now we won't make it in time.
Can't you do something?|Something that would work.
-What am I supposed to do?|-They won't make it through.
-I don't know.|-They won't make it.
Man, I'll be totally dirty.|I knew it. This is typical.
-What are you doing?|-I'm trying to dig it out.
Go behind the car and push.|I knew it...
-Was there an accident?|-They're just stuck.
-Are you pushing?|-Of course.
You'll only push it|in deeper that way.
He has to put something|under the wheels.
-Put a piece of wood under it.|-Don't stare at me!
Grandma saw it comming.
-llona, stop that right now!|-And you too, Mom!
-Somebody must help them.|-Why should it be you?
Ilona, you let go! Push it...
Pull the emergency break.
Come on, llona, get out|of the mud. Let me help you.
Isn't it weird that the women|are in the mud pushing?
Mother, Zuzana, please, get out.|You'll never get it out this way.
Let's move it! Ready? Now!
Put something under the wheel...
I wonder|who thought of this detour.
It was his baby!|He's going to be skinny again.
Stuff something else in there.|Toilet paper is not a baby.
A secret hiding place deserves|something more interesting...
-I'll drive off without you.|-Sure you will.
Here, wipe your face.|I don't know what got into me.
Everybody was just staring.|Then I felt like a fool.
There's a restroom at the border|where we can clean up.
Maybe it'd be better|if you rode with us now, Zuzana.
Ilona's been squished|in the back. She could rest
and you won't soil|the upholstery.
-I'd be happy to ride with you.|-We can put a rag under you.
-I'm dirty, too.|-You're less dirty. And pregnant!
-Suddenly everybody cares.|-But you seem to forget about it.
-Yuck, it's dried on me.|-We can ask over there.
Look, Zdenka...
There's a carwash over there.|I'll drive there now.
-Don't you want to wash up first?|-I'd rather go.
Zuzana? Are you okay?
I'm just going to the shop|to get some tissues.
-Do you need anything?|-No, thanks.
Hi. It's me... How are you?
I told Pavel about us.
He was really nice about it.
But I don't want|anything from you.
This is about me and Pavel...
It isn't like that!
The water is out on our side.|I won't use Czech guards' can.
They always look at us like|we're still in the middle ages.
Women think men never cry,|but it's not true.
They cry like babies,|well sometimes...
I could tell you.
I'm not showing you anything.|You have no right to do this.
-I want to talk to your boss.|-Who do you think you are?
I am the boss. I'm the person|in charge, so talk to me.
-What's the problem?|-They want to see Dad. -What?
You think it's okay to cross|with a dead man and no permit?!
How did they find out?|We're not at the border yet .
We didn't know|we needed a permit.
You have no right|to search our car here
and open our Dad up!
You're just lucky we were|the ones who found out!
Grandma spilled the beans.
If the police had caught you|smuggling a dead man,
they'd take you to|the station and confiscate him.
Jesus, there's no dead man|in here! It's just an urn!
Give it back to me! If Grandma|hadn't talked, you wouldn't know!
-But we know it now.|-So what are we going to do?
We'll find a solution.|Could you give us the permit?
Please, Lubko,|explain it to them.
If you want to cross with this|you have to go back to Prague,
to the embassy for permission|to export him to Slovakia.
How can you say such things?|My son was born in Slovakia.
Czechs and Slovaks were brothers|and now you bark at each other!
-Grandma!|-Lubo, leave her alone...
While we're at it, show me your|registration. How old is it?
We're still in the parking lot!
Don't give it to him.|We aren't at the border yet.
-Where the hell is Pavel?|-Your emission test has expired.
Who do you think you are? You're|not going to stink up Slovakia
with this old wreck|and that dead man of yours.
-I just didn't have time.|-You should have said something.
If you want to drive it,|you have to get it inspected.
But the garage said it was fine.
They told me it was|in line with the norms.
I don't care|what your buddies told you.
Go to Prague for the sticker...|Lubo, your button is undone,
...and permission to|export a dead man.
-Then we'll talk.|-Your button is undone, too.
No one is going|to force me to leave.
No one's going to take my son|from me! It was his last wish!
You're the only person|who heard that!
Let's forget about Slovakia.|No one's going there anyway.
Well, you forgot|the emissions test...
-That's enough. Talk to my boss.|-Grandma told them about the urn.
That hysterical woman said|to go to Prague for a permit.
-Our emissions are expired.|-lt will be O.K.
Don't worry. My colleagues|tend to get carried away.
don't need to be here.|-Zdenka... Goodbye.
-Wait, let's have some coffee.|-What's your problem?
-Can I open the window?|-No, it affects my driving.
Then let me drive for a while.|It's boiling in here.
You can hardly reach|the wheel over your belly.
I told you it'd be hot and|you'd be better off sta ying home.
You didn't say the car would be|sealed up like a greenhouse.
Look at me...
It's very roomy back here.
The tiles are really nice,
like this one.
Did you paint it, Zuzana?
It's nice of you to take me.
It was really hot in there.|I couldn't stand it anymore.
At least Milada and llona|can sort things out alone.
You're a really good driver.
Answer it.
Why don't you answer it?
I'm driving. You're not supposed|to talk on the phone and drive.
But you always do,|so why not now?
Just answer it.|Don't be so childish.
This is ridiculous.|Just answer it.
-lf you don't answer it, I will.|-Stop it!
Are you okay?
I am okay. Everything is fine.
We are all alive. Let's go,|Grandma? Can you walk?
-Zuzana? Are you okay?|-Yup.
Everything is fine then.|Can you walk?
Put it down, Leon.|I said put it down.
-You'll cut yourself.|-Are you okay, Zuzana?
Ilona,|take the boy away from the car.
-Zuzana...|-What's wrong?
This is terrible...
Quiet. Mom's coming.|We can't tell her about this.
She'd feel terrible.
So what do you want to do?|She'll see it anyway.
Pavel, make Grandma stay put,|so she doesn't see this.
Is this Grandpa? So little?
We'll never get|it all back in the urn.
Why does it have|to be so windy today?
Leon, please, stop it.
Here, wipe your hands.
But we can't leave him here...
Wow! These are really beautiful.
-Are they yours?|-Yes. Both of them...
-I meant those pretty tiles.|-Well, those are his.
-We'll never collect it all.|-We can't leave him like this.
Zuzana. Ilona.
-Come on. It's not so bad.|-What do you mean?
I don't want to shout.|Grandma could hear.
You knowthis isn't really|your father.
It's not Dad?
What do you mean it's not Dad?|Then who is it?
Not so loud. Grandma shouldn't|hear us. It's just not him.
Your Dad couldn't care less|about Slovakia.
He wanted to be buried|back home in Rakovnik.
It was Grandma's idea so she'd|get to see her hometown again.
-She could've gone there anytime.|-By herself?
She wanted to, but the doctor|always talked her out of it.
So where's Dad then?
At home.
-Where at home?|-ln a box.
I moved him there.
So why are we taking this trip?|Why didn't you tell us?
You've been making|fools out of us.
So who is this?|Some unknown soldier?
You wanted us to believe|that our Father was buried
in Slovakia, while you|actually hid him under your bed.
Not so loud.|Grandma would really be hurt.
Imagine how hard she worked to|think up this last-wish escapade?
So you organized|this trip just to please her?!
I didn't organize anything.|All I did was move him.
At least you could've told us.|We wouldn't have to come.
Yet, it's better than thinking
that Dad's ashes had been left|in some Slovak ditch.
So what is this? Who is this?
Just ashes. You know.|From the coal stove.
Leon? Leon?!
-What did they want?|-They'll bring a tractor
-to towthe car to a garage.|-Grandma...
Grandma? What's wrong?
Grandma, are you okay?
-Do you want another tissue?|-What time is it?
Leon, this is very important.|You can't tell Grandma.
She'd be very sad.
-I'll be over there.|-You can't tell it to anybody
because Grandma might hear you.|She'd be sad the ashes spilled.
-I'm worried Char may tell her.|-I'm worried you will tell her.
If you don't tell her,|then Char won't either.
Actually, you shouldn't tell|even Char about this.
But he knows. What if he tells|Grandma while we're asleep?
Yuck! You are a junkie?!
Do you think|I'm doing this for fun?
But Daddy said junkies pick|through the garbage cans
-and should be locked up.|-Am I picking through it?
What's a junkie, anyway?
A small animal that gets|in trash cans behind clinics.
Why should they lock them up|in trash cans?
Here we go. This looks good.|It's kind of sandy.
-There isn't a whole lot of it...|-I get at least something.
Hand me the bag.
Why did you throw it in here?|Now Auntie has to get it out!
You shouldn't do that!
I told you that it was nonsense|to take me to the hospital.
It was so embarrassing.
They'll take the car to Prague.|And you, Valda, you look fine.
We'll have to make two trips in|the Wartburg to make the funeral.
Pavel, in front of the girls|it's weird to hear you say Valda.
Hey, you mean like Valerie!|I was wondering what Valda meant.
If it weren't for me, no one|would call you Milada either!
Aside from you no one calls me|Milada. Jura called me Mila.
Look what a nice restoration|job they are doing here.
I'll go back and get them, Mom.|You've been driving for two days.
-Don't worry about it.|-You look tired.
I'm not tired. Grandma is fine.|Just make sure she stays calm.
-Wait, seatbelts.|-Right. Now shut the door.
Come, Leon.
-Where is she going?|-To pick them up.
Maybe it's all just nonsense,
this feeling of missing|or changing something.
Now it seems like nonsense.
Why were those Gypsies so eager|to help you? Did you pay them?
In tiles.
That bathroom of theirs|will be a real jewel.
You can be proud - now your work|is being shown abroad.
That wasn't nice.|Why do you want to hurt me?
So the great artist feels hurt!|What else hurts you?!
-You are hurting me now!|-And you think I'm not hurt?
What do you think I am?|Some kind of teddy bear?
-I knowthat I'm the bad one.|-lt's so easy to sob and wail!
"I'm such a bad person!|I have to take all the blame!"
But what should I do? Say I'm a|a stupid, nice guy and pity you?
How hard it must be for you to|carry the blame for both of us.
So what was wrong? Is it wrong|to be nice to the woman I love?
-I want you to do what you want.|-But I don't know what I want.
And am I supposed to knowthat?|You wanted to paint.
Nowthere's nothing to paint?
You have nothing to paint about!|So do something else!
Nobody can help you with that!|Not even that jam guy!
What do you think he's going|to do, become your model?
That he's going to console you|when you run out of inspiration?
Who says you must be an artist!|You say you're bored with me.
Aren't you bored with yourself?
Here - I brought you something!|things. Simple tiles!
But your damn pride|would never let me support you!
Shit! I'd be happy to feed you!
I'd make tiles and you would|have time to do your own stuff.
Your own stuff!
So just do it! Make up your mind|and do it! I can take it!
But don't ask me to console you.
Because I have my hands full!|I'm consoling myself!
Did you really never like them?
Well, I liked some of them,|but never this one.
-Why didn't you tell me that?|-Because it didn't matter.
-They always sold anyway.|-At least somebody liked them.
-Why is Mom taking so long?|-Are we going to make it?
She's leaving us here|on purpose.
I know her.|She's an old matchmaker.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Oh Lord who created us,|His Son who redeemed us,
oh Holy Spirit,|everything consecrated
will return into Your hands.
Let Your name|be praised and glorified
now, and for eternity, Amen.
You cannot throwtrash|on this grass.
Come on, zip up Char.|This is Grandpa here.
We didn't even bring him|any flowers.
-He didn't imagine it like this.|-Probably not.
-Do you think she noticed?|-I don't think so.
-There were some big chunks.|-They floated pretty well.
I was scared we might've left|some plastic in there.
I picked through it.
But that wasn't Grandpa.|I know where Grandpa is now.
I knowtoo. The main thing is|that Grandma doesn't know.
How do you know?|Only Char and I know!
Just don't tell Grandma.
And now we can go see the town.
Well, it's not exactly|how I imagined it.
-I don't feel like seeing Kata.|-Who?
-Kata, an old friend.|-Do you want some milk?
We can go there tomorrow.
At least you won't miss|the place, Grandma.
Now you can look forward to|getting back home to Rakovnik.
-This place is new, isn't it?|-What?
-This sweet shop.|-No. It's always been here.
-There was a variety store here.|-Forget it. It doesn't matter.
I'm telling you,|it's always been here.
But I remember.|Am I a fool or something?
We always used to come here from|over there, from school.
-What is it?|-More. I can't believe it!
Guten Tag.
Sprechen Sie deutsch?
No Deutsch here! Nothing! Nada!
Don't you speak Slovak?|No, no! Then go to the police!
Somebody fooled you|by telling you this is Germany!
How much did you pay them?|Another 1000 kilometers!
I have no Germany for you here!|We deal with this every day...
-Shouldn't we try to help them?|-What do you want to do?
-Do they live here?|-They're refugees, Grandma.
Somebody promised to take them|to Germany and deceived them.
Maybe we should take them|to the police station.
Police? There were|never any police here.
-What's wrong?|-Milada, please...
-Grandma. Are you okay?|-Lay her on her back.
-Are you calling for help?|-I'm calling.
-Open the window.|-lt will be okay.
Hello! Pavel!
I'm sure she would want|to be buried here.
At least we won't have|to bring her here.
Maybe that's why she wanted|to take this trip.
What's so funny?
She had this folded up|in her passport.
That's the will she wrote|in Telc. It's not valid anyway.
Give it to me. I always|decipher her shopping lists.
She wants to be in Rakovnik.
She wants to be buried|in Rakovnik beside her husband.
Maybe we could pretend we can't|read it? No, that's dumb.
-Fine. Let's cancel the burial.|-Okay.
And you'll have|to bring me back here.
It never occurred to me
that she'd want to lie beside|him for the rest of eternity.
-Do you think it's dark in there?|-Come on...
I didn't bring any condoms.
Maybe I won't have to be|an artist anymore.
Zuzana! See if Pavel's coming.
-I guess I ate something bad.|-Zuzana!
I should have stayed at home.|I don't know why I thought
Vitek would notice me more|if I was not there.
-Look, Zdenka.|-What?
That's our family.
But there are less of them here.
They're carrying a coffin.
See where they have|their Grandma?
That train over there...
-Should I go instead of you?|-I can manage.
I will go|if you take care of Leon.
-Do you want me to go with you?|-I will see you at home.
-We'd better turn left here.|-Why? This is the way we came.
-This is where the accident was.|-Hold on to Char.
-Wait, where exactly was it?|-Zuzana, llona,
could you pass me my sunglasses.|They're in the glove compartment.
-How's the sun in your eyes?|-lt just is!
Here you are.
-Look, there's something there!|-Stop the car!
Come look, Mom.|Somebody must've thought
that someone died in the crash.|Look. Isn't that sweet?
Watch out for broken glass,|Leon.
-Who could've done this?|-I don't know.
The Gypsies? No way.
It's nice that somebody still|thinks about these things.
Such pretty flowers.
-What's wrong? Are you okay?|-Yup.
Take off those glasses. You look|like Sophia Loren's sister.
What's wrong?
Well, the truth is that|it really was your father.
It was your father.
Then how did you...?
You looked so desperate|sitting here... So I made it up.
Then we'd just|hold a ceremony back home.
But I couldn't bear thinking|we would leave no flowers, so...
I stopped here|yesterday on my way.
I always mean well. But it all|gets twisted around somehow.
Like that time with the lice.
-What lice? -When you caught|lice in school and
Dad secretly washed your hair.|I bought the shampoo myself.
So why didn't you tell us|you know?
I couldn't betray him. Dad|promised you he wouldn' t tell me.
Maybe Dad would've actually|liked it this way. In nature.
-Now Grandpa is in Char.|-Come on, Leon.
He's right. A good person can't|just vanish, right, Leon?
-Now he'll be on in all of us.|-No, he'll be only in Char.
Fine. You can have him in Char.|We'll have him wherever we want.
-I'll keep him in a cellar.|-Oh, come on.
Don't you want|to open the window?
-lt would bother me.|-What?
It would affect my driving...
What kind of crap|does he hide in here?
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