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Subtitles for Waga seishun ni kuinashi 1946.

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Waga seishun ni kuinashi 1946

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"No Regrets For Our Youth"
The Manchau Revolution created an excuse for the warlords.
To expand their imperialism.
In order to unite the thought of the people.
They suppressed the opponents.
An example is "the Kyoto University Case".
The roles in this film are virtually created.
Smell of the soil is so refreshing.
The sky is so beautiful too.
The wind is so soft.
This makes people feel relaxed.
Here we can see the University.
Freedom is the Kyoto University.
You are a free, prosperous place for pursuing knowlege.
Now it's time to freely pursue knowledge.
The Manchau Revolution created Fascism.
Noge has begun to teach again.
Itokawa, are there any rehersals?
I saw some soldiers.
I like to listen to this music best.
The rhythm makes people comfortable.
How's that?
Any camels?
So tired.
Since you walked too fast.
"Year 8".
Freedom in the school is collapsing.
The problematic Prof. Yagihara is fired.
Professors feel angry at the Minister.
We must protect the school even if we have to withdraw.
Kyoto Uni Student Association.
The Japanese warlords are supported by the rich.
To make the Manchau in China become a semi-colony.
By using the warrior way.
To solve the thought problem.
That I believe is the real problem.
You say it is always the same.
Talk all about the Manchau Revolution, warlords and the rich.
I hate the leftists.
Since it's a chain relationship.
To realise the warrior idea.
To compulsively unite all the different thoughts.
My dad is a man of freedom, not an opponent.
A person against the warrior idea is said to be an opponent.
My dad is absolutely right.
The right-minded must win.
You dad had said the same thing.
And the professors resigned to beg the Minister to self-examine.
But the Minister is the leader of the powerful party.
It is normal for him to cooperate with warlords and suppress thoughts.
It's stupid to ask him to regret.
So what do you think good?
To say the cause of this case.
Caused by the militarism.
So it's right to fight against the militarism.
We can't convince the teacher.
The final loser is the University.
You look happy to wait for the result.
I said that for I hope they win.
However the teachers can't see that.
They only use the childish thought for failure.
Please stop this embarrassing conversation.
Never thought the world of many problems.
It should have a happy side.
Itokawa, I tell you some good news.
Please follow me.
This is your pitfall.
Why don't you seriously listen to the others?
So you can see your beautiful world.
Full of caring.
Never try to fall, never grow up.
Though your criticism makes me feel hard.
But frank talk are the most beautiful words.
Or it's a bubble.
Itokawa, give me the book.
- Wanna go home? - Yes.
Please send my regards to teacher.
He's coming, let's have dinner?
I have something to do.
- Are you back? - Wanna go back?
Don't say that again.
Do you know the Minister is proud of himself?
Even has no regrets to cancel all the degrees?
You are so great.
The professors at the north-east University would be in danger.
Perhaps the teacher would not agree.
Anyway I'd stay firm.
The brave deserve admiration.
But it should not conflict with the role of students.
Need to smoke?
Is it OK?
Itokawa, please sit down.
And apologies from me.
Apologise for what?
Just for what I said.
Hurry up?
What are you doing?
Don't do that, forget it.
Don't be angry with Noge.
He's rude to everyone.
He just tells the truth.
If it were you, you'd not say.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'm also a follower of academic freedom.
How can we keep silent now?
No energy to fight if you're Yukiegry.
He's something good.
I like this guy.
If I were a girl, I ought to be with him.
"United Student Association".
"The truth is academic freedom".
"To protect academic freedom".
"Don't let the friends at Kyoto University be teased".
"To firmly protect the school".
"Students must be united for freedom of speech".
"Detest the firm policies of Arts".
"Initiate collapse of prof.-ship".
"Some profs must resign".
"Make use of the name of reborn to fight against".
"To firmly protect the school".
"Object the Fascism".
"Minister is talking to the Force".
"Strange [Joint Conference]".
"Arts intends to suppress students".
"Police plan to catch protesters".
"Is academic freedom promised".
"The Head has decided yet".
"The Kyoto problem is unclear".
"The Kyoto problem is finished".
"Teachers and students are coming back to school".
How's Noge?
How's Noge now?
We must be stronger.
Don't be tired.
Treat the failure as victory.
Wish you'd think carefully.
We have lost this time.
However everybody.
Justice must win.
Though the flowers wilted this year.
To blossom in the right time.
No matter what the difficulties.
It is most important to learn a lesson.
We fight against the counter party.
In the hard time.
To have precious experience.
Is what we can't forget.
It's so far from Tokyo.
Even in this far off Tokyo.
Under the shine of Fascism.
Self-regulation and freedom can't stand.
Of course it needs to avoid self-abandon.
Self-abandon can't solve problems.
We won't do that.
Teacher, we have decided to fight until we die.
Even if we are asked to withdraw.
We have no regrets to a school without freedom.
Thanks a lot for the support.
But I can't agree with you.
Teacher, why?
Your parents may not allow it.
To withdraw before graduation.
What a giving thing.
You're looked after by your sister.
You'd also think about your sister.
Teacher, so what?
Though I understand you.
Isn't it the band of seven?
Only five left today.
It is rare.
And the absent are the key men.
How are Itokawa and Noge?
Went to the University.
For three years, for two years.
Although you do not care.
Mum is reckoning.
Finally it's the last year.
But dad can't see it.
Now it's useless to dream.
The assets he left to us.
Frankly we almost finished the savings.
It's good if Noge is here.
Itokawa is unacceptable.
That guy is always like that at the critical moment.
How's Itokawa?
He is a liar.
- Liar? - No.
Everything is not clear.
What he said today clearly tells us.
How about Noge?
Noge is not coming back again.
He disappeared one week ago.
Caught by the police?
Released, if he is released.
He's not satisfied only to do activities.
He's a man of perfection.
- Good night. - Good night.
I am so worried.
Those are the goodness of students.
I mean Yukie.
She and Noge...
I feel that she's good to Wlld.
Do they only quarrel?
When she's heard of the leftist activities run by Noge.
You mean Noge?
I am so worried.
I am worried about her.
Has everyone come?
All gone.
What have they decided?
About what?
To bet for studies or activities.
My dad objects seriously.
So no other objection.
It's so great.
You won't be said to be a liar.
I am willing to be a liar.
By doing so I also have some reasons.
You won't understand.
It's so far from Tokyo here.
Even in this far away Kyoto University.
Under the shine of Fascism.
Self-regulation and freedom can't stand.
Pain was over yesterday.
"Year 13".
Brave to victory.
Promise to go abroad.
How can we die before fighting?
Every time we hear the horn.
The flags are shown like waves.
This is good looking.
Yagihara's art is outstanding.
This is not possible.
Miss Yagihara.
How is that?
Teacher said.
Flower art should show the true side of oneself.
Just follow your thoughts.
How's that?
Perhaps I'll marry Itokawa.
Just joking.
Just joking.
Yukie, I know he's out.
"Please enter this way".
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Thanks for worrying about me.
- How much is it? - The fees.
"Free legal aid".
Anything wrong with the job?
Anything wrong to work for the public?
I don't mean that.
Teacher was a key man in the Kyoto University case.
Maybe the others discriminate.
This is lnspector Itokawa's viewpoint.
Please don't be angry.
No, I may have said too much.
Nothing happened?
Mr. Itokawa.
What do you think of Itokawa's work?
It's amazing.
Never think of her outstanding work.
Your way of admiration is special.
She's a girl but like a boy.
The games in primary school.
were all planes, cars etc.
Yes,l'll bring a man here next time.
It may make the family surprised.
Is Noge...
Mum, give it to me if you don't eat that.
Is Noge good?
He has changed a lot.
I send you to the main door.
Where is teacher?
Academics always leave the guests.
Sorry to bother you.
- Yes, Mr. Itokawa. - What?
- About the coming of Mr. Noge. - Yes.
Is it true?
What do you mean?
I am OK here.
However I think...
- Please don't do that. - What?
Don't bring Noge here.
Because I...
Feel scared.
Scared of what?
Foe instance.
The days I follow you are stable.
But it is sad.
I think the living style is too simple.
If it's Noge?
If it's with Noge.
I feel the bright sunshine.
Living would release sharp sunshine.
Though it's scary but attractive.
Today's Noge is different.
Five-year made a man changed.
You also changed to be more mature.
Also the five-year period of Noge.
Is the special period in prison.
It's lucky to be caught.
Recalling makes me sweat.
But it's a good chance to learn in prison.
One can study pilosophy and arts.
When were you released?
Just a year ago.
Had replacement sentence last winter.
It's hard to be released if nothing is changed.
This is not wrong.
Itokawa helps me a lot in lnspection.
To guarantee my ID and give me a job.
Human are small and weak.
It's unlike the former Noge.
He used to stand higher than I was.
The shine behind me would hurt you.
Yukie, how's that?
We need to go.
Noge'll go to China and he's not coming back shortly.
Please come again.
I should not have come.
How's that?
Yukie said she's leaving.
Is she leaving?
She's not a child of temper.
Honestly what's happening?
She said she wanted to live alone in Tokyo.
Why did she say that?
Have you perceived it?
Today when she saw Noge leaving?
She finally...
- I know her very well. - However.
She does the opposite of her thoughts.
I think Yukie loves Noge.
Do you really want to match them up?
But Itokawa hasn't decided when to take the appointment.
Yukie is 25 years old.
Do you think Wlld is serious?
I think it's clear.
This is most important.
I am not interested in this.
So why did you ask if Noge was serious?
Where is Yukie?
She's in the room.
I'm pleased to see her learn flower arts.
You wait for me here.
- Are you leaving this family? - Yes.
Now you still haven't decided, like a homeless person.
Sit down.
Are you confident to live alone?
I learned foreign languages and typing.
Maybe I can find a job in business.
It should be OK.
So it can be done in Kyoto.
You should think about your mum.
I hate everything now.
I must forget everything.
To find my own way.
This world.
Is unlike what you think to live.
I know.
I only feel meaningless to live now.
At least I wish to know.
What is living?
I must prove it personally.
I have nothing to say for that.
To personally develop my own way.
Indeed it's a important thing.
But Yukie.
You must be responsible about your decision.
It must pass through fighting for freedom.
And take the responsibility behind.
This point can't be forgotten.
"Year 16".
Left the lecturing room for 8 years.
And I met the prof. again.
It's amazing.
My wife has a flu.
That's no good.
It's not too bad.
Since the leaving of our daughter.
I obviously like to annoy.
How's your daughter?
Did she finally go to Tokyo?
She has been working for the firm.
But the business isn't good enough.
And she is wishing to go to China.
To China?
She's also unhappy.
But I understand the feeling.
Yukie, is it Yukie?
Good to see you here.
- Haven't seen you for a long time. - Neither Have I.
I heard you came to Tokyo.
How about you?
I was sent to here.
Are you in a hurry?
Have dinner together?
I wish to talk to you.
I am married.
Going to be a daddy.
This is a way to thank parents.
We have separated for a long time.
Remember the trip to Hill Gut?
That's also a long time ago.
I will come by myself.
We were young.
Please do not make a mistake.
And don't mind.
It's unforgettable.
Honestly speaking.
"Proposal on Sino-Chinese Problems".
Did you see Noge then?
He's now in Tokyo.
You know nothing about that?
There's a sign in Chuk.
"OPEC Study".
Very obvious.
He's the spokesman for the Problems.
And trusted by the financial sector.
It's hard to tell.
You are clever to follow him.
His living style makes people jealous.
Since he likes to climb hills.
Three of us used to play and talk.
But I was a companion only.
A guest.
Did not say the name.
Was a girl.
Where is the guest?
Did your parents let you do it?
When was it?
- Leaving home? - Yes.
The day you visited my home.
Which day?
It was three years ago.
And I changed three jobs.
Anyway it's for the living.
I really wish it comes true.
Do some things that make me take part.
My dad told me before I left home.
At the back of the beautiful freedom.
Is to take the painful responsibility.
I wish to have a job like this.
This is a difficult question.
Can a man come across it in life?
Same as whether lucky enough to see the Fortune Bird.
Do you have any secrets in your heart?
Please tell me.
I really want to know.
For I know that must be a good thing.
You look different.
How would you imagine my business?
Don't scold me again.
I was like this before.
No matter what I'd imagine for it.
But now...
I am stupid.
Suddenly shout out the secrets.
I am very embarrassed.
Treated as if I said nothing.
- But Itokawa is so worried. - Itokawa?
Perhaps it's nothing.
Just you work here.
Don't know if it's OK.
What do you mean?
Not necessary to know.
I don't quite understand.
My work here is under monitor.
I am afraid that I need to use the tunnel to quit.
Now it is not as easy as before.
What does he want to do to you?
Not being good.
Perhaps this moment is coming soon.
So I must try to do.
I am afraid the day is coming.
The road ahead is rough.
Don't worry.
I am not scared.
Why do you come? I have said it clearly.
To me.
Must save every minute every second.
Save the time to be with you.
To sew this cloth.
Don't know whether you have a chance to dress.
Have you written to dad?
Don't know what to write.
Tell him I have a happy family?
I feel sorry to him.
And the Mrs. Master and you.
Recall the living with no regrets.
Are these our words?
No matter how painful.
The present living makes me feel worthy.
I just find it difficult to write.
Look at the cloud.
Still remember?
Is it Hill Gut?
That time we were young.
To protect the freedom in school.
That little worm.
Very beautiful.
The little spots are fantastic.
Finished one important thing.
I really feel happy.
Let's celebrate.
That's good.
Although I don't know what's that.
But I am also happy.
That's not relevant.
You don't need to know why.
Just to support me.
What we are doing now in 10 years.
Will be appreciated by Japanese.
Do you understand?
What is it?
This thing?
This is my weakness.
My heart is the weakest.
Inconvenient to let me know?
You have the right to know.
Is about my parents.
We haven't seen for ten years.
It should be said that we can't see.
In the childhood I was scared of dad.
And scared to make mum cry.
Really thought myself so pitiful.
These problems with parents and children.
Give me some hints to my current job.
Indeed what I want to have.
Is living with no regrets.
I need to go abroad once.
Return before dinner time?
Let me buy you a gift.
I also prepare a great dinner for you.
I'll be back soon.
If you want to go home early, just tell us the truth.
Anyway we have the evidence.
When did you go with Noge?
When did you become the lady of Noge?
Open your mouth to speak.
Have enough time for you.
As stubborn as Noge.
Do you want to see him?
But what he is planning is a revenge.
Have you given up? Right?
He's been the spy.
It may be hard for him.
Noge used to be great.
You may be interested in what I said.
Special News.
Navy Army Headquarter 8/12 announcement.
The Army at the West Pacific Ocean in the morning on 8th.
Ready to fight with the British and USA.
"Year 16 December 8 Monday".
Yagihara Yukie, come out.
"A revenge of international spies".
"The Head is the researcher Noge".
"Tokyo Regional lnspection".
Sorry to make you worried.
My wife sends you regards.
No, I am afraid I can't help you.
I am the defending man for Noge.
The details are similar to your say.
Why all Noge does is said to be spying.
Itokawa, I have left the lecture room for ten years.
What have you done?
I wanted to guide his hot blood.
- I want to help Noge... - Teacher.
I must do this way.
- Although I am not young. - Teacher.
I've decided to be his defending lawyer.
Noge was suddenly dead in the prison.
Can you listen to dad?
Don't say anything.
- But Yukie. - Stop saying.
Aren't you Noge's wife?
Think about the meaning of Noge's fight.
Also in order to save Japan to give up himself.
You'd be proud of your companion.
When you left home.
Weren't you prepared?
To take responsibility for freedom.
What do you plan to do?
- We need to go to Noge's home. - Noge's home.
But Yukie...
Now only his parents are left.
But they won't come back for the corpse.
So I need to go Noge's home.
Do you need to go now?
Yukie, calm down.
I am Noge's wife.
What have I done wrong?
To deserve this punishment.
This being revenged son.
How can I see the relatives?
But that's a good thing.
Give me, there's nothing we can do.
You stay here.
We'll come back soon.
All the windows are locked by dad.
Our living is like being in hell.
"Home of spies".
Just to let me stay.
I'll do everything.
No matter what it is.
- Don't say that. - No.
However our living style.
Is totally different from you.
You mean I can't do it?
It's OK if you teach.
Just let me try.
Although it is.
I am prepared.
Although we want to do, we can't.
Do you know what the neighbours say about my family?
We are treated as spies.
Please let me stay.
I am Noge's wife.
I won't go back.
Won't go back.
This being revenged son.
I am Noge's wife.
I am Noge's wife.
What are you doing?
Dad asks where are you going?
If I don't wait until night.
I'll be teased.
To recall living with no regrets.
To recall living with no regrets.
Don't forget the responsibility for freedom.
What we will be doing now in ten years.
Will be appreciated by Japanese.
Do you understand?
To recall living with no regrets.
To recall living with no regrets.
Today I need to wake up early to farm.
How about you?
Don't do it if you are sick.
Your head is combed like hot water.
I don't care.
We have farmed a lot.
Don't keep quiet whole day.
Just talk to her.
Talk about some minor things.
She works so hard for us.
This rich wife does not blame.
To farm for us.
Why do you pretend to be blind?
Lung is also...
Why would it be that?
Who did it?
Did the neighbours destroy our farms?
Why were the neighbours so angry?
Where is Yukie?
Where are you going?
"Spy can go in".
"Spy can go in".
Old dad.
That's the result from our country.
Excuse me.
Is Noge's home nearby?
The surname is Noge.
Really shocking.
In fact auntie asked me to come.
I disagree you are put in the farm.
Noge is unfortunate to go the wrong way.
But you don't need to follow.
I can't convince you.
It can be said that passion.
That strong life makes me ashamed.
I always talk to uncle and auntie.
To worry you is stupid.
Please tell me where Noge's grave is.
I decided to wipe his grave by the way.
Not necessary.
Maybe normal people would thank you.
But I won't.
Even Noge wouldn't feel happy.
Perhaps in the eye of lnspector Itokawa.
Only is a unfortunate guy.
Which is the right way?
Time will give me judgment.
"Lost Freedom reborn day".
I wish he'd see the scene today.
Fight for the freedom in school.
Fight for the peace and blessing for Japanese.
The brave heros.
He's the pride of our school.
That Mr. Noge has passed away.
But the great spirit of Noge.
Would be with us forever.
I expect there'll be many Noges.
So I decided to step into the lecture room again.
Very quiet.
How many years like this?
The things that happened over the last ten years are like a dream.
The current things are the same as the previous things.
Today dad is also going to school.
If you want to stay.
Everything at home is the same as before.
Anyway do you need to go?
If Noge's parents all understanding.
Is your target fulfilled?
I have set up a home there.
Mum, please look.
The hands playing the piano aren't enough.
And the work at the village is plenty.
The living of farmers especially the girls.
Is especially hard.
I hope I can help to improve.
That's my value to life.
I am a village culture supervisor.
You really were born to work hard.
I never think about it.
- However. - No.
Don't feel pity about losing.
That's what Noge used to say.
To recall living with no regrets.
What I feel is happy.
The red flowers on the hill.
The Summer scene at two sides.
Don't tell the flowers in the city.
The Hill Gut under the shadow of the moon.
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