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Subtitles for Wanted 2003.

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Wanted 2003

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Put the torch on. -Its not working.
How is that possible? You bought it today.
Were there already batteries inside?
You didn't buy any batteries? -I got all what was on your list:
Gloves, pliers, torch... Batteries were not on it.
Apparently not. I don't see you buying a car with wheels on it either.
Come. Take the lighter. Careful, its...
Its me. -What are you doing here?
I didn't want to wait anymore. -You have to wait in the car.
You always emphasise my negative sides.
A positive attitude is much more according to my psychologist.
in your approach to others.
Where is the painting?
Light the lighter, but don't set fire to everything.
Don't move.
Give that here, before somebody gets hurt.
What are you doing? -We came to steal didn't we?
Don't do that.
And you were on the old man's side.
I heard you got shot in your asses last night.
What type of gangsters. A sort of black panther.
That term relates to rebellious Afro-Americans militants in the sixties.
You're probably thinking about the Pink Panther.
I don't give a damn. Stop being a smart-ass.
Chill out. You projected your anger at me, as a defence mechanism.
What are you on about?
I'm talking about being human and open communication.
You want to communicate with my dick? -Shut it. You guys give me a headache.
How is your brother?
Vincent is on a business trip to the US.
That: You catch him with two hands because you come with empty ones.
You don't have what I've asked for. -Thats cos of me.
I'll explain. -Mouth shut!
Why are you working with these imbeciles. -Because they're my friends.
Be happy with it.
Do you remember when was the last time you did something?
The word you're looking for is: never.
I'll give you one more chance. You speak English?
I have a task in the US.
Taylors from Chicago. She keeps her jewellery she told me, in a safe...
in her bedroom. She'll give you the details upon your arrival.
If you're succesful, we have a million to share.
Then we need somebody who knows the city.
I know somebody.
Its easier with this.
Go to the back, with Zero.
They have my brother.
It would only be set forward if you were caught.
Julien is dead.
That could have happened during any task.
Yes, but its not like that.
It happened during this task.
The task you put us on.
Where are the tapes?
Give me the tapes.
This is an order.
The time that you gave out orders is gone.
If you want to see your brother back, you gotta pay.
Then you'll never be able to return to Paris.
We'll take that risk.
One million dollars.
I don't have that amount.
I know about that Van Gogh.
I don't have it. Vincent was going to get it, but he got arrested.
Get the money.
Call my mobile, then I'll tell you where I am and come and pick it up.
Otherwise I'll destroy the tapes.
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