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War CD2

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We'd got tails everywhere.
I noticed when I got our bags|from the station.
Guys watching, gangster faces,|harder than our Siberian guys.
They weren't looking for me -|they didn't need me.
And John was in the tram.|So the game was on...
Listen, where're you from?
Nizhny Tagil.
Almost my neck of the woods.|I'm from Tobolsk.
- In for much longer?|- Five months.
- Conscript?|- On a contract.
Been to Chechnya?
What do you think|we're doing here?
What do you want?
I really need to get into Chechnya.|Give us some help. . .
I'm here for the first time,|we never went in from this side.
Always through Mozdok.|I've got no idea here.
If I got over the border,|I'd find my way from there.
Leave something behind|over there?
I was captured over there.
I've been in civvies for a month,|but I've got a debt to pay.
Tell me who I've got to talk to,|and whatever I've got I'll. . .
- Well, what have you got?|- What do you need?
What size do you take?
What've you got in here?
Nothing worth thieving!
That's a joke, right?|What're you looking at?
Is that it then?
Stay down! We'll be going|through their border now.
Don't sweat it - they're our guys|on the post.
See you round, guys!
You guys are totally fucking mad!
I'd noticed that he was|filming everything
|mumbling to himself,|but so what?
When he spoke to me,|I understood, but otherwise. . .
But shooting a film? You've told me,|but I never would've guessed...
They're about to kill his|woman, and he's filming.
They're strange.
It's funny - in English "to film' and|"to shoot' are the same word - "shoot'.
I didn't know. He told me later.
Anyway, we went on,|just the two of us.
Keep up!
Shit, the map's too small!
You're working well.
Where's your owner?
Are you deaf?
He was nearly broken then.
I didn't go near him for|the rest of the day.
He mumbled into his camera,|I had a bit more to drink and slept.
I thought, if he keeps moaning,|I'll hand myself in to our guys.
The bastards had all our|military locations on their maps.
I even knew where I'd go.
But the next morning he's as fresh as|a cucumber. "Come on,' he says, "let's go.'
Waiting for a bus?
End of the road, darky.
Russian! I'm just a shepherd!|I've been tending my flock!
Listen, scum, I know a lot.|0ne word of bullshit and I'll shoot.
If you hear the word "three',|you're no longer living.
- Name?|- Ruslan Shamaev!
- How many slaves?|- No slaves, I just tend a flock. . .
One, two. . .
OK! Two, ages ago, but my brother|took them for a debt I owed him!
When did you shave the beard off?
Two weeks ago! They made me! I'm|a simple fellow, I live in the mountains!
Nizhny Alkun!
Where's Aslan Gugaev?!|One, two. . .
- He was in Katan-Yurt. . .|- Three. . .
Russian! I know ! I'll show you!|Whatever you want!
Careful, scum.|You're my slave now.
And if you screw up,|I'll blow your head off.
Gugaev. 0ne. . .
0n the pass! Protecting|the mountain pass!
Now we're talking!
Get up and show me on the map.
If I have any doubts about what you say,|it's over - I've counted to three.
I don't know Russian so good.|You speak fast.
I shoot even faster!
We're here. Where's Aslan?
Not here.
Well done.
You've passed the first test.|Let's try the second.
0ver there. My hand's tied,|I can't point.
- Here?|- No. There!
There, you've passed|the second test.
Just the third one left.
Now, my shepherd friend, you show us|how to get there fast and safe.
And so that you don't think I'm joking,|I'll tell you straight:
me and the Lone Ranger are finished|anyway, same as you! Got it?!
But, if we complete our NAT0 mission,|I give you my word as a Russian paratrooper:
I'II let you go!|You can go tend your flock!
But, you know how difficult|these things can be. . .
Albatross Four!
Albatross Four!
Ruslan Shamaev. Nizhny Alkun.|Check his identity and report back.
If I'm not on the wire tomorrow, kill all|his relatives. All of them. 0ver.
This is Beslan Khatuev's jeep.
His brother's disappeared.|Everyone's looking for him.
We won't get there in this jeep.|We have to go across the glacier.
Faster that way.
Ruslan believed us, especially when|we dumped the Landrover.
Get up! Move it!
Get a move on!
I said move it!
Don't worry.
I've told them to leave your family|for now. But they're fierce. . .
I'll do everything, Russian!
Let's take a break.
I know a way through the ravines.
There's no one round here.|AII the villages are deserted.
After the deportations, the Chechens|didn't come back.
- You're from Moscow, yes?|- Yes.
- You have a university there?|- Yes.
You studied there?
Everyone in Moscow studies there.
My uncle lives in Moscow.|He didn't study there.
But he's not Russian, is he!
My eldest son is very clever.|I want him to study in Moscow.
Have you got contacts there?
Yes, but it's expensive.
I've got money. I want our clan|to have a politician!
But he's not|very good at reading.
That's not important anymore.|You just need contacts.
You'll help, yes?
No problem. If your son survives.
|Come on! Hold on John!
Who did the jeep belong to?
Beslan Khatuev.
What's his call-sign?
I don't know Khatuev's - honest!
Who's do you know?
Loads. Who's do you need?
Get Gugaev.
Salaam, Aslan! How's the Internet|doing without me? It's Ivan.
Salaam, Ivan. What do you want?
Just to say "Salaam'...
I heard the Englishman is|bringing the money.
He's late. I'm waiting, for now. . .
How are my friends?
They're fine.
I'm sure they are.|He's bringing the money.
But first you promise before Allah|that you won't trick us.
0K. Who'll hand over the money?
"0K' isn't good enough -|promise before Allah!
I've got a witness here.|A Muslim believer.
I swear before Allah! When?
In four days time. 0ver and out.
We'll see how faithful|you are to Allah.
We have to get there|in two days. Got it?
We got there in a day and a half.|Ruslan took us across some goat-tracks
in from the Georgian side|which was totally unguarded.
All we had to do was|make the exchange.
Russian, he won't keep his word.
I heard how he spoke.|All Gugaevs are lying dogs!
Our families have always|lived close together
on either side of the mountain pass.
He's our blood enemy! They always|stole our cattle through the pass.
Our grandfathers fought,|even made peace.
In the second war they took|60 sheep from us.
"I'm a fighter, you're|a shepherd,' he says.
"Your father's brother wanted|to kill my grandfather.
But he got scared, and you're|just the same!' he says.
Why're you telling me all this?
Tomorrow he'll kill the American,|then you, and then he'll kill me.
You won't answer the radio,|so my family will be killed too.
That's right.
So, proud Chechen shepherd,|can you use thing?
Not all Chechens can tend a flock,|but all Chechens can shoot.
You have a chance to save|the honour of your clan.
Russian, tell yours to leave my family|alone. They'll kill you. . .
maybe. . .
I'm your family now, got it?!|Protect me, and you'll save them.
If I see it's all over for us,|then I'll tell them.
Let's go.
In his book and film, John says you were|beating the Chechen shepherd. . .
. . .and then you just give him weapons.
So what?
Weren't you afraid he'd|shoot you in the back?
0f course not, I had|his family as hostages.
Salaam, Aslan.
Salaam, Ivan.
You're a mountain man, Ivan.
I live on the plains.
|We brought the ransom.|Let's go.
- Where're the keys?|- There.
No! Obey your orders!
You won't get out of here!
Then you won't get the money.|Tie his hands!
What about your oath, Aslan?
Go to the machinegun.
Tell your people already.
It's still too early!
Morning, Comrade Captain!
Hello, Sergeant. Give us a smoke.
We'd landed ourselves right in it.|We couldn't use Aslan for cover.
No way back through the pass|with the Captain.
We could go down through the village,|but there were a Iot of beards down there.
The Captain said it: climbing a tree|is easy, getting back down's the hard part.
He's a great guy. He thought|of using the river.
They weren't expecting that.
Comrade Captain, we need air support.|We're finished without it.
We're too far off to use the radio.
Let's try the satellite phone.
You're well-stocked, Sergeant!
How does it work?
Simple - we need to catch a satellite.
I'll tune it in.
Hello! Give me HQ chief,|Colonel Malykhin!
Captain Medvedev! Move it!
Great line!|If only we had these. . .
It's Captain Medvedev. Hi, Kolya.
Listen, we're surrounded -|send some air support!
There's five of us, two English.
The Shatoi region, south of Itum-Kali,|coordinate 34.
There's an abandoned village with|a big old tower! We're in the tower.
Yes, they're firing at us!
I think we can hold out for an hour.
There's nowhere to land.
Alright then.
So? Are they coming?
Lads, give us a cigarette.
- Long to go?|- Seven months.
- Just back from Chechnya?|- From Grozny.
Here. It's a bonus from NATO
for the fight against|international terrorism.
It s English money - almost|two thousand dollars.
You know the rest.
John made a film and|became famous.
I'm being prosecuted for killing citizens|of the Russian Federation -
I was a civilian, after all.
John put it all in the film,|about the woman in the jeep
and the old man with his kid at Aslan's.
How did he shoot it all?
He wrote a book as well -|"My Life in Russia'.
He didn't come to the court case,|of course. Gave evidence over there.
But the brave shepherd Shamaev|turned up, detailing how I tortured him
how I cynically slaughtered|Chechen women and children.
He lives in Moscow now.|His son's at university there.
Margaret never did marry John.
I gave the Captain all the money -
I knew what was waiting|for him back home.
His wife wrote, said they'd done|some expensive operations.
He's stuck up for me.|He's a good man.
I don't think they'll put me away,|but who knows.
Our lot in Tobolsk keep|looking to Moscow:
what will Putin say,|will there be legal reforms?
Still haven't seen that film.|It'd be fun to watch it now.
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