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War Zone The

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[Lock rattles and door opens]
[Heavy breathing]
[Man] Jesus!
I need to fix that.
Don't make a mess.
[Running water]
I've found a couple of, um...
marble fireplaces.
Nice stained glass window, you know. It's really nice.
God, this beautiful... this beautiful chandelier.
Late '20s, early '30s, you know. A bit deco.
I might keep hold of that. I've got a private for that.
0h, God, I'm aching.
[Man] How much?
Well, make us an offer.
Give us a price, Vince.
That's what I paid for it.
Well, I've got to earn a living.
It's a nice piece, Vince.
Hold on.
Leave it, darling, I'll do that.
Four hundred quid, Vince.
[Streaming water]
[Man] ln the book, they're twelve hundred quid.
We can all get a living out of this.
[Man] Well, see the piece.
Well, give us four hundred quid.
Sit down, Tom.
Sit down and shut the roof.
- Are you having fun? - Yeah.
It's freezing.
Want me to stop? Do you want me to stop?
Don't stop, keep going.
Sit down, the pair of ya!
0h, shit!
[Mum screams continuously]
[Dad] 0K, you lot... you lot try and get out.
[Mum] Help me out!
[Dad] All right, all right.
[Mum]! Help me out of here!
All right, darling. All right, you're 0K.
[Screams in agony]
[Baby cries]
Come here.
[Mum sobbing]
Come on.
I'll get the kids some tea.
Yeah, good.
Let Mummy get some rest now.
- Can I stay? - Yeah, yeah.
You all right?
[Mum] Just bring him something back, will you?
What do you think of her?
She smells funny.
How are you doing?
I feel terrible.
Do you want a cuddle?
She's all right, I guess. Bit tired and that.
So sweet and... Hang on a sec.
Don't tie up the phone, Jess.
Some nice tomatoes on toast, Tom?
Some lovely tomatoes on toast.
[Jessie] She's so sweet, honestly.
It's like, the tiniest little thing.
I mean, like Sammy was when he was little.
I don't know. Mum says so, but...looks more like her.
In the kitchen.
[Jessie] Yeah, I know. I can't wait.
All right, then.
Miss you too.
Right, bye.
Do you feel older or different having a new daughter?
Don't know - I feel a bit...scared, you know.
Get your feet off the table.
At the same time, I feel very happy.
Was it like that with us?
Was it? Um...
No, well, you changed... ..everything, you know?
I mean, I become a man. I got one in.
Now, him...he was forceps.
Can tell, he's got a long head. Face like a well-slapped arse.
I knew he was trouble from the start.
Is it more difficult having us, if one of you wanted to leave?
What, me or your mother?
You want a straight answer?
Well, it depends how selfish you feel.
You wouldn't last a minute without us, Dad.
0h, he's awake.
[Dad] When I was a little boy,
I was sitting on this wall waiting for me grandad, right.
I was watching this car coming towards me,
and it swerved, and as it swerved, it took off.
The boot opened and the spare wheel fell out.
Then it hit a wall.
As it hit the wall, the passenger door opened.
This woman got thrown out.
Her arm was up her back, caught in her coat, as she fell out.
[Phone rings]
As she hit the floor -
this was all in slow motion...
Could you hold the line, please?
As she hits the floor, the car hits the floor, right?
And rolls right over on top of her.
The geezer who's driving is screaming his head off.
I wanna help, but I'm only seven.
I'm sitting there in shock.
So he goes round and lifts the car off the woman.
Strength... It's amazing, innit?
Hello, Vince.
No, I'm just making the kids some tea.
Yeah, I've got a nice pheasant pie.
You never go hungry in the country.
They're here!
[Dad] Jessie, take care of Mum.
[Dad] Warm enough?
Yes, thanks, darling.
Ah, she's fast asleep, little baby.
She reminds me so much of you.
0h, Mum.
She's so gorgeous.
How come her head's askew like that?
That's how it is when they're first born...
- Are they always like that? - Yeah.
Hello, Tom.
[Baby crying]
Hi, Lucy.
Don't you all look a picture.
Hi, Lucy.
Not around the baby.
Thank you very much, Lucy.
[Phone rings]
Ah, doesn't she look like you?
[Dad] I thought you'd left the country.
[Mum] Lucy, you're soaked, take your things off.
Here, darling.
[Dad] It's a write-off.
Well, you insured it!
[Dad] Can I speak to the manager, then?
He's not there.
I ain't waiting six months for my premium.
Going to dry off.
[Dad] 0n my premium, it says hired car.
You too, Tom.
[Dad] You're stopping me from going to work.
No, you listen.
You're stopping me from going to work.
Someone's got a filthy mind.
Your hair's still wet.
[Phone rings]
[Whispers] You've got to get it.
Let it ring.
You've got to get it,
because it'll wake the baby and I have to get up in an hour.
Please, sweetheart.
Just tell them to ring back tomorrow.
All right. All right.
Is everything all right?
Couldn't you get that?
He's gotta liven himself up, him.
I took the phone off the hook.
[Dad] Get some sleep.
[Mum] Who was it?
You should get a corset.
I should get a corset.
[Dad] Missed you.
Yeah, me, too.
I missed you so much. You're so cuddly.
It's not so bad.
They forget how to speak English when the tourists leave.
It'll be better after Easter when you start your new school.
Maybe you'll like this one.
I miss my friends.
You'll see them again. You'll make some new ones.
Down here they all have giant foreheads
and fingers sprouting from their shoulders.
And that's a sick remark.
It's a sick world.
[Dad] No, he's just being greedy.
No, I'm not...
I'm not coming all the way to London on spec, Francesca.
You know what happens, I'll get up there...
and he'll offer me... yeah, he will.
- How's she been, Jess? - Quiet.
No. I got it for another customer now.
Put him on to talk to me.
Well, get him.
Water's gone - unbelievable in the morning.
Well, why can't he come to the phone?
I've got to sell it. What d'you think, I do it for me health?
Why should I come to London, if I can sell it here?
Well, what's the logic in that?
No, just put him on.
He's there counting his money, ain't he?
I'd like to be half a quid behind him.
Put him on...put him on.
How's Mum?
What's the matter?
What is it?
- I saw you. - Saw me what?
In the bath with Dad.
- What were you doing? - What do you think?
I got in and he got out.
That's not what I saw.
Well, that's all it was.
Where were you?
It's a pretty weird thing you're suggesting,
if you're saying what I think you're saying.
I haven't told you to fuck off or anything,
which I probably should've.
Nothing happened, 0K?
I'd tell you.
- You couldn't. - Yes, I could.
You 0K now?
Imagine this on a quiet night, Tom.
[Mum] There we go.
Is she asleep?
Put her down and relax.
[Door opens]
[Dad whispers]
[Dad] Do you want me to take her?
Get a drink, Tom. Get Mummy one.
I'll have a Rex. What do you want?
Just water, please.
What's he doing?
[Knocks on bar]
[Dad] Yes, please, mate. Yes, please.
I'll have a pint of bitter, a glass of water
and a lime and soda, please.
Ask your sister what she wants, Tom.
- Do you want a drink? - No.
- This is my little brother. - Hello.
- We're going to the beach. - Can I come?
All right...but you'll have to ask Mum and Dad.
Why do you think?
Come on.
This is Nick.
- Hello, son. - Hello, Nick.
We're going to the beach.
It's a bit late, innit?
You driving, Nick?
[Mum] That's your first, is it?
Can I go?
- Will you bring them home? - 0f course.
Don't be late, Jess.
- Night. - [Mum] Night.
[Dad] Tom, Tom.
Come here.
Who is he?
[Tom] I don't know.
Just make sure they don't go mad, right?
- Here, take that. - No, thanks.
- [Dad] You might get stuck. - It's all right.
[Mum] 'Night, Tom.
[Jessie] ls this where you bring your girlfriends?
[Nick] All of them.
Fancy a swim?
That water'd kill you.
Might be worth it.
- Ever seen anybody die? - No.
I saw my grandad die.
- Say something. - What?
Anything. I like your accent.
- You're taking the piss. - I'm not.
Don't you like his accent, Tom?
We won't be long.
Keep warm.
I'm sorry we left you.
You're doing it together, aren't you?
Not just what I saw in the bathroom...everything.
You and Dad.
- What do you want me to say? - What happened?
Nothing happened.
[Breathes heavily]
[Door opens]
[Dad] I told you be home by 12.
The last thing I said was be home by 12. Where you been?
- 0n the beach. - It's 7 in the fucking morning!
We lost track of time.
The police were looking for you.
Your mother hasn't slept
since the baby's been born and you're on the fucking beach?!
You! Go to fucking bed and stay there!
What are you doing to me, Jess?
What's the matter with your face? Did he fucking do that?
- Who? - You fucking know who.
There was a branch...
Don't take the fucking piss!
Don't hurt her!
Leave it!
That's enough.
Leave it.
We've been worried sick, waiting for you. Look at me.
[Dad] You can't come in here behaving like this, Jess.
I was worried. You could be fucking dead.
No, I'm all right. I don't wanna go to bed.
Come on, let's go to bed now.
[Mum] Come on. Finished.
[Dad] I'm all right. Hey, I'm cool.
No fucking respect for me whatsoever.
- To bed, now! - I don't wanna.
[Dad] I'm sorry, Jess...
if you hadn't raised your hands, I wouldn't have done it.
Up, now!
Excuse me, Tom.
I'm hungry.
I'm hungry.
Go to bed.
It's 0K. It's all right. There we go.
I can see you.
No, I've just got the message.
No, that's fine. The valuation seems fine to me.
0f course.
And does the fittings...the fittings all come with it, yes?
That's super.
I particularly liked the bath.
Victorian border... When can I come and see you?
I see, you're away for a week. Hm-mm.
No, that's fine. I'll...
0K, super. Thank you very much.
See you then. Bye.
It's not what you think.
I'll tell Mum.
It must be better than love. Better than anything.
How could you let him?
You're acting like a child.
He's our dad.
Why would I want Dad when I can have Nick?
He's old.
He's a prick. He's nothing.
This isn't about me and Dad, is it?
You just want to know about fucking, don't you?
You want to do it.
Do you want to do it with Lucy?
Do you want me to have a word with her?
I've got this.
I'm keeping it.
Do you think Lucy wanks on the toilet
when she's feeling neglected?
Because I do.
[Tom] You drink too much.
You shouldn't drink with the baby.
Well, that is parenthood.
You should try it.
No, thanks.
Jessie'll get there first, the rate she's going.
Now, what's that supposed to mean?
Is it the baby?
Is it just so different having Alice?
No... I like London.
Well, I like London, too, but we're HERE now.
We've got to make a go of this.
It's not easy for any of us.
I have to get working again.
We don't know anybody here.
[Baby cries, Mum sighs]
Well, maybe we will go back to London, if it doesn't work out.
Gotta take your boots off, Jess.
- Is she all right? - Yeah, she's fine.
[Baby wails]
So hungry! 0h!
- Want a cup of tea? - I'd love a cup of tea.
Want a cup of tea, Tom?
Jess, want a cup of tea?
Are you hungry, my cherub?
[Seagulls crying]
[Jessie] It's none of your fucking business!
[Door slams]
[Dad mumbling]
Which of those shall I send Granny... Tom?
This time next week you'll be getting ready to start school.
I want to go to London, to sort out college.
I got to go and see Vince. I could take her.
[Mum] That's a good idea.
That's such a lovely one of you. I'm going to send that to Mary.
[Dad] 0h, that's lovely, innit? Look at the face on that.
[Mum] 0h, that's beautiful.
- [Dad] Look nice in here, that. - [Mum] How much?
[Dad] About six and a half grand.
- [Mum] 1710. - [Dad] Yeah.
[Mum] They're auctioning it at Sotheby's.
Well, they've been making them for years, ain't they?
Imagine that on your wrist.
[Phone rings]
[Dad whispers] ..beautiful girl...
[Mum] Hello?
Yeah, yeah, it's fine.
The house is a tip, but we're getting there.
They're fine.
She is just so gorgeous.
Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear...
He's um...he's a baby himself, you know.
When are you coming?
Yeah? Yeah, any time, really.
[Dad whispers] Guess who's coming down to see us?
The wicked witch of the north.
Well, just phone us, tell us what train you're on...
[Dad whispers] ...and we'll blow it up.
0K, good. Call soon. Come soon, please.
[Dad] I can't wait, darling.
Yeah... We miss you. Yeah... Come soon, good.
- [Dad] Who was that? - [Mum] Mary. She's coming down.
[Dad] 0h, good.
[Mum] God, those stairs, my feet...
Do you want your mum? Do you want your mum?
She's done a number two.
0h, yeah? Come on, then...
..let's change you.
You're beautiful.
[Mum] None of my shoes fit any more.
[Dad mumbles]
Beautiful little baba.
I'll get you one of those, um...
..those, eh...foot massage, bubble bath things.
The electric ones, that the bubbles come up
- and massage your little toes. - Good.
[Phone rings]
I'll run you a hot bath in a minute.
You could do with a nice bath.
[Ringing stops]
Have you done something in your nappy?
[Dad] I'm going for a run.
[Mum] Aren't you waiting for a call?.
[Dad] Nah, I can't stay in here all day.
If Vince calls, tell him I'll ring later.
- Shall I take a message? - No. You staying here?
Yeah, I'll be here.
[Dad] Ta-ta, Tom.
[Mum] He doesn't know. He doesn't know about nappies.
[Dad] It's all right.
Turn over.
I'm not a boy.
I know, turn over.
Why don't you do it like you do it with Mum?
I mustn't do that.
Turn over.
[Dad groans]
[Dad groans]
[Dad pants heavily]
Here, come here. Shh.
I love you.
[Dad kisses her]
[Dad breathing heavily]
Put the kettle on, will you, Tom?
I'm finished.
[Door opens]
Get out, Tom.
You lied to me.
You're still fuckin' him.
I saw you together in that shelter.
I saw everything.
Do you get off on all this?
I fucking hate you.
Do you wanna hurt me?
Do'll feel better.
That's bollocks!
It's got to stop.
I mean it...or I'll tell Mum.
We're going to London tomorrow.
Who is?
Me and Dad.
Will you come with us?
You might enjoy it.
Maybe I can get you laid.
[Dad] Got to be up early tomorrow, got a big day.
If you're having a bath, have it tonight.
Same to you, Tom.
You gonna help me tomorrow, yeah?
What are you doing?
Just seeing some people.
- [Dad] Want a sweet? - [Jessie] No.
Anything else?
Vodka and tonic with ice, please, and ah...
Red wine?
Red wine and a coke for him.
- Right. - Thank you.
0h, I forgot, Mummy phoned today.
Alice gave her first smile.
0h don't start. Don't start fighting.
Let's go to a club.
No, not a club, I'm tired.
Let us go, then.
I'm not having him in a club.
- [Jessie] It'll be fun. - [Dad] No.
[Jessie] You can stare at all the dancers.
Make me sit at the bar and protect me.
Shut up, you're drunk.
[Dad exhales heavily]
Sit down, Tom.
[Woman] Jess?
- Hiya. - Hiya.
[Jessie] How are you?
- 0K, how are you? - All right.
Better now.
Where's Sammy?
Down at Monica's.
This is my baby brother.
- Tom, this is Carol. - Hello.
Can I talk to you?
Yeah, sure.
I could be your mother.
No, you couldn't.
Tom? Tom?
Come on, come on, Tom.
Come on, come on, love. I need you to wake up.
- Are you awake? - Yeah.
I need you to help me.
We have to go to hospital. Alice is ill.
I'll warm the car up.
I'll go and ring the hospital again.
You take the baby, please, Tom. You get dressed.
[Baby screams]
It's all right.
What's happened?
Nothing, they're just keeping Alice in overnight.
I'll stay with Mum. You 0K driving home?
Pick me up in the morning - pick us all up, hopefully, eh?
Go on, Tom.
Drive carefully.
All right?
Does he do it up your arse all the time?
Is that the only way you like it?
Just shut up, all right.
You're sick.
You, him...
your girlfriend in London.
Is that what you think?
As predictable as that?
You just want everything to be nice and sweet, but it isn't.
Does Nick know?
What does he think?
It's none of his business.
I don't care what he thinks.
Your mum sounded awful.
How's she doing?
She's scared.
I bet. Is your dad with her?
- Yeah. - Good.
Call me if you need me, 0K?
0K. Thanks.
- Take care. - And you.
Where's Dad?
He's gone. He had to take a taxi home.
Have you eaten, love?
Is something wrong?
- What is it? - Nothing.
Sorry, Tom.
- Again? - Yes.
I'll call Dr Phillips.
Have you ever fancied anyone besides Dad?
Is it something I've done?
It's not you.
Don't trust him. Keep him away from the baby.
No, I don't understand, Sister.
I have my rights. I'm her husband.
Just put her back on the phone so I can talk to her, please.
I'm, I'm not shouting.
Yeah, but I have the right to ask about my Alice.
No, I understand.
Thanks, Tom.
No, we'll be here... I'd be very grateful.
And thank you... God bless you, bye.
[Jessie sobbing]
I've had your mother on the phone,
screaming about the police,
asking me to leave. What's going on, Tom?
- You know. - No, I don't.
She won't talk to me. What you been saying?
What do you think?
I don't know. You tell me. What did you say to her?
- I saw you. - What do you mean?
I saw you with Jessie.
I'm always with Jessie, I'm always with you, I'm your dad.
I wish you weren't.
How can you say that? I'm your dad.
No, you're not. I hate you.
What have I done to you?
You're sick.
No, you're sick. You're making me ill.
I saw you fucking my sister and you've been fucking...
Don't you fucking talk to me! Get to fucking bed!
How can you fucking say that to me?! You're fucking sick!
You talk to me like that in front of your sister?!
You're ill! You go behind my fucking back to your mother.
You break this family up and I'll kill you.
You're so fucking sick, you're going into care, Son!
You're fucking going, you shit!
You tell me things like that?! You're a fucking animal.
Who the fucking hell are you?! You fucking talk like that?
You're fucking ill. You're going to a fucking home.
You're fucking scum!
What are you doing to me?!
What are you fucking doing?! You're fucking killing me.
Fucking kid. Fucking animal. How can you talk like that?
You go to your mother behind my back and talk shit?!
You're fucking sick in the head.
Something fucking wrong with you.
Two years! Two years I've had this fucking kid.
Two schools I've pulled him out of. Fucking trouble.
You're breaking my family up, breaking this fucking family up.
You break this family up and I swear, I'll fucking kill you.
I'll fucking kill you.
What are you doing to me?
What are you doing to me?
I'm going to the hospital... talk to your mother.
He's filth. You're going into fucking care.
I'll fucking sort this out. Getting fucking paranoid.
Everyone's getting fucking paranoid.
I can't fucking deal with this.
[Sobs quietly]
Are you all right?
Did he hurt you?
He's gone.
What did you tell her?
Do you want me to stay?
[Dad] Jess?
Go away.
[Footsteps receding]
[Door opens]
I don't fucking need this, Tom.
I don't understand this. You know it hurts us.
Are you just lying or do you believe it? It's gotta stop.
Can't have it, mate.
Sorry I smacked you, but you hurt me.
You don't know how I feel.
Mummy's all upset...
Is it an attention thing. that what it is?
Sometimes it happens when a baby comes along.
You know, it's the facts of life.
I'd never put you in a home. I love you, I'd never put...
You fuck me up my arse... you fuck me...
Why would you do that? It hurts.
See what happens when you put things into people's heads?
It steam-rollers on... and other people start to believe it.
You gotta get rid of these thoughts, Tom.
You gotta stop it. They're wrong, you know they're wrong.
You're not sick, you're just, erm...
just going through your teens. It happened to me.
Are you pregnant?
Is that what it is?
Is it?
See how you can put things into people's heads?
I suppose I'll be doing it with him next.
You can't keep saying these things, darling.
[Waves crash]
Is he dead?
Is Mum 0K?
What are we gonna do?
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