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Subtitles for Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura 2001) CD2.

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Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Shohei Imamura 2001) CD2

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[INFORMATION] [TITLE] [AUTHOR] [SOURCE]Subtitles captured by SubRip 1.14 [PRG] [FILEPATH] [DELAY]0 [CD TRACK]0 [COMMENT] [END INFORMATION] [SUBTITLE] [COLF]&HFFFFFF,[STYLE]bd,[SIZE]18,[FONT]Arial 00:00:00.00,00:00:00.10 00:00:00.05,00:00:03.68 We had a murder[br]after a drifter like you appeared. 00:00:04.38,00:00:06.61 A murder?[br]Here? 00:00:07.52,00:00:10.82 A long time ago,[br]before I was born. 00:00:21.90,00:00:26.31 He's getting old.[br]Tells the same stories oVer and oVer. 00:00:35.28,00:00:37.31 It's for you. 00:00:47.06,00:00:48.55 They're upside down. 00:01:49.02,00:01:49.89 Good morning. 00:01:50.86,00:01:51.59 'Morning. 00:02:03.97,00:02:07.50 I'm full.[br]Now, please. 00:02:18.82,00:02:19.98 Just a minute. 00:05:18.77,00:05:21.53 Again, thank you eVer so much. 00:05:22.84,00:05:26.00 Call me anytime.[br]I'll come right away. 00:05:28.58,00:05:30.84 To you I must appear like a slut. 00:05:31.61,00:05:33.20 You certainly do. 00:05:34.35,00:05:36.71 But I can't stop thinking about you. 00:05:39.19,00:05:43.18 Strange, this time[br]I filled up Very quickly. 00:05:45.89,00:05:47.88 Going straight home? 00:05:48.06,00:05:52.00 Yes. Then after I eat,[br]I'll take a nap. 00:05:53.00,00:05:54.86 I want to show you something. 00:05:56.10,00:05:57.26 Like what? 00:05:59.24,00:06:01.26 Grandma says it's okay. 00:06:06.01,00:06:10.28 "As calm as the ocean appears,[br]a wind is slowly rising" 00:06:10.82,00:06:14.72 "A small boat pitches and rolls[br]on the waVes" 00:06:15.62,00:06:17.39 That's "bad luck." 00:06:17.62,00:06:19.52 No, it's "good luck." 00:06:20.03,00:06:24.36 "A different atmosphere and place,[br]ill bring ease of mind" 00:06:24.60,00:06:27.33 "After trials, a man you'll find" 00:06:27.50,00:06:29.63 "Your wishes come true" 00:06:29.87,00:06:30.77 When? 00:06:32.24,00:06:34.43 In the end, it says. 00:06:36.01,00:06:37.07 See? 00:07:19.12,00:07:21.85 In this new research facility 00:07:22.62,00:07:26.82 we obserVe neutrinos which are generated 00:07:27.76,00:07:31.20 by the collision of cosmic rays and air, 00:07:32.20,00:07:35.64 through 50,000 tons of super pure water. 00:07:38.81,00:07:42.71 Neutrinos haVe poor reciprocal qualities, 00:07:43.41,00:07:48.21 so they penetrate most known substances. 00:07:49.85,00:07:52.68 They are unchanged when they[br]reach earth from deep space 00:07:53.06,00:07:59.39 and the center of the sun. 00:08:01.80,00:08:06.33 Something from the ends of the uniVerse. 00:08:07.17,00:08:11.33 We're linked to the far ends[br]of the uniVerse. 00:08:13.88,00:08:16.00 At any giVen time, 00:08:16.58,00:08:20.67 up to 100 neutrinos per cubic centimeter 00:08:21.62,00:08:25.78 are sharing the same space as we humans. 00:08:31.43,00:08:35.09 Through studies of these neutrinos,[br]we know 00:08:35.43,00:08:38.16 how the uniVerse was born. 00:08:38.73,00:08:43.14 We can also learn how[br]our sun will change. 00:08:44.11,00:08:48.74 Isn't this great?[br]It's so 21 st century. 00:08:53.45,00:08:58.58 When neutrinos collide[br]with this body of water, 00:08:58.89,00:09:04.38 a whitish blue,[br]"CherenkoV Light" is generated. 00:09:04.43,00:09:07.83 We must use super pure water 00:09:09.50,00:09:12.87 in order to preVent the light 00:09:13.64,00:09:16.30 from degrading. 00:09:16.91,00:09:18.03 Question. 00:09:18.34,00:09:19.97 Is this water drinkable? 00:09:20.41,00:09:23.21 Yes, but it would taste terrible. 00:09:23.25,00:09:24.18 Why is that? 00:09:24.58,00:09:29.85 Because it contains no calcium[br]nor magnesium. 00:09:45.00,00:09:46.47 Don't drink it all at once. 00:09:49.34,00:09:51.67 EVer hear of[br]"Ouch Ouch Syndrome?" 00:09:52.17,00:09:56.24 Yes. It was caused by[br]cadmium-polluted discharge. 00:09:56.41,00:10:00.64 The plant which discharged[br]the cadmium was here. 00:10:04.92,00:10:08.91 So, neutrinos are a new form of[br]"Ouch Ouch Syndrome?" 00:10:11.03,00:10:15.29 Many things are all somehow connected. 00:10:23.27,00:10:28.80 My mother, she died in this riVer. 00:10:33.12,00:10:38.64 Great god of our forefathers[br]who watches oVer us. 00:10:39.65,00:10:45.06 We beseech you to render[br]assistance to your deVotee. 00:11:14.29,00:11:19.02 May your holy spirit be[br]calmed by this plea. 00:11:20.13,00:11:22.22 We shall always look to you. 00:11:22.26,00:11:23.82 RemoVe from her the pain. 00:11:24.43,00:11:30.39 Restore her to her former self. 00:11:30.57,00:11:33.01 Stop this nonsense! 00:11:35.94,00:11:38.00 How many times must I tell you? 00:11:38.81,00:11:42.91 It's eVil to work on her superstitions. 00:11:43.72,00:11:46.65 - Back to hospital![br]- NeVer. 00:11:46.69,00:11:48.92 No doctor can heal her. 00:11:50.29,00:11:53.13 It is caused by the god's wrath. 00:11:53.43,00:11:57.92 Stupid superstition![br]It's a medical condition! 00:11:58.57,00:12:02.56 It's caused by man![br]It's cadmium poisoning. 00:12:03.71,00:12:07.47 Stupid, ignorant superstition! 00:12:08.14,00:12:13.17 What are you doing?[br]That is sacrilege! 00:12:15.55,00:12:18.14 Great god of Konsei! 00:12:30.33,00:12:32.27 Mommy! 00:12:33.44,00:12:35.30 Saeko! 00:12:38.91,00:12:40.50 Mommy! 00:12:45.48,00:12:47.38 Mommy! 00:12:47.98,00:12:50.65 Saeko, no! 00:12:54.96,00:12:57.25 Don't follow me! 00:13:11.34,00:13:14.40 She has to puke! 00:13:14.61,00:13:16.47 She's stopped breathing! 00:13:16.95,00:13:19.74 Resuscitation.[br]Call an ambulance! 00:13:21.05,00:13:23.75 Start breathing, kid! 00:13:24.19,00:13:25.41 She hasn't puked. 00:13:25.69,00:13:27.55 Pummel her. 00:13:43.94,00:13:47.34 Bigger stones will comfort her spirit. 00:13:55.68,00:13:56.62 You know, 00:13:58.12,00:13:59.25 I'm a married man. 00:14:00.72,00:14:01.98 Are you? 00:14:05.19,00:14:07.89 There was nothing dramatic in my life. 00:14:09.13,00:14:13.07 I neVer expected more than[br]boring predictability. 00:14:14.84,00:14:17.10 Then my company went bankrupt. 00:14:18.37,00:14:23.28 I thought my career, my family,[br]and eVerything was guaranteed. 00:14:25.28,00:14:27.31 That was a big mistake. 00:14:29.68,00:14:33.81 I had to sell my house,[br]moVe away from my wife, 00:14:35.49,00:14:38.43 and join the dole queue. 00:14:41.23,00:14:44.86 Sorry, you don't want to hear this. 00:14:50.84,00:14:55.14 I expected the 21 st century[br]to be different. 00:14:58.15,00:15:01.55 But nothing's changed. 00:15:17.33,00:15:18.89 - Hello.[br]- I'm back. 00:15:19.13,00:15:23.09 There's a tramp[br]been waiting for you since lunch. 00:15:23.54,00:15:25.63 The man's putrid. 00:15:31.68,00:15:32.94 Gen? 00:15:33.15,00:15:34.48 You know him? 00:15:35.62,00:15:37.81 Well, yes... 00:15:37.85,00:15:41.15 Right on the ocean,[br]it's freeZing here. 00:15:45.13,00:15:48.22 I'm starVing. 00:15:53.54,00:15:54.63 Inside. 00:16:04.15,00:16:05.81 It's warm here. 00:16:05.95,00:16:06.94 Excuse me. 00:16:14.29,00:16:16.78 It's got no taste at all. 00:16:18.63,00:16:22.69 It was a trial getting here.[br]I'm glad I found you. 00:16:23.36,00:16:26.39 Otherwise, I'd haVe[br]no way to get back. 00:16:31.44,00:16:34.14 Did you find the pot? 00:16:35.54,00:16:37.37 I found nothing. 00:16:38.15,00:16:40.55 You don't want to share it. 00:16:43.18,00:16:44.48 Ma'am. 00:16:45.69,00:16:46.98 Any tea? 00:16:47.02,00:16:48.15 Right away. 00:16:49.56,00:16:52.55 - Sak*[br]- One more? 00:16:56.93,00:17:01.89 There was nothing here.[br]It was just Taro's delusion. 00:17:02.34,00:17:04.83 So why didn't you come back? 00:17:05.71,00:17:10.51 I lucked into a job.[br]Helping out on a fishing boat. 00:17:11.31,00:17:13.14 Lucked into...? 00:17:15.02,00:17:18.01 Fishing is an[br]interesting line of work. 00:17:19.19,00:17:21.68 Half your luck, that is. 00:17:24.53,00:17:27.46 I'll be staying for a while. 00:17:27.66,00:17:29.32 No, you can't... 00:17:29.36,00:17:31.13 Why not?[br]You'Ve got work. 00:17:31.20,00:17:34.17 I'Ve got a family.[br]I can't afford you, too. 00:17:34.80,00:17:36.83 I'll look for the pot, too. 00:17:51.45,00:17:52.21 See you tomorrow. 00:17:52.69,00:17:54.05 Good work. 00:17:54.86,00:17:56.92 Where's he rushing off to? 00:17:58.43,00:17:59.65 To see the monster. 00:18:00.23,00:18:01.22 What do you mean? 00:18:02.20,00:18:06.00 The monster who sucks out[br]his Vital essence. 00:18:06.23,00:18:07.86 Gimme a break! 00:18:09.00,00:18:10.63 It makes me horny. 00:18:11.94,00:18:13.17 Let's go to a hotel. 00:18:13.71,00:18:14.97 So early in the day? 00:18:15.31,00:18:18.40 My Vital essence is oVerflowing. 00:18:19.78,00:18:20.91 You perVert! 00:18:49.98,00:18:54.81 Slacking off again![br]I'll run your ass off! 00:18:55.02,00:18:55.98 Good morning. 00:19:09.40,00:19:12.63 They're biting! 00:19:16.17,00:19:17.69 It's a big 'un. 00:19:21.21,00:19:22.40 Look at that. 00:19:22.78,00:19:25.14 Flounder![br]I don't belieVe it. 00:19:26.01,00:19:27.78 That's impossible. 00:19:28.28,00:19:32.52 See the eyes on the left side?[br]That's a flounder, no mistake. 00:19:33.72,00:19:36.62 I'Ve got an eel! 00:19:38.09,00:19:39.72 A saltwater eel! 00:19:43.26,00:19:49.36 I'll need a net to land it.[br]Grab it for me. 00:19:49.94,00:19:52.00 I'll go down there. 00:19:54.04,00:19:59.78 He don't know the difference[br]'tween a flounder and a turbot 00:20:19.40,00:20:20.99 Thank you. 00:20:22.14,00:20:24.97 Hungry?[br]I'll go fix something. 00:20:39.89,00:20:42.32 I'll feed you, too, parrot. 00:21:02.34,00:21:04.21 What in hell am I doing? 00:21:21.56,00:21:22.43 Hello. 00:21:23.23,00:21:24.89 Is that you? 00:21:26.03,00:21:28.83 I'm still not back in Tokyo. 00:21:29.50,00:21:31.06 Is that right? 00:21:31.67,00:21:34.47 Can you wait a little longer? 00:21:35.18,00:21:37.14 It's not about the money. 00:21:39.05,00:21:41.91 I think we'd better get a diVorce. 00:21:47.02,00:21:50.68 I'm sick of liVing like this. 00:21:53.33,00:21:56.69 Hey, wait up.[br]This is all so sudden. 00:21:56.86,00:21:59.26 Then you'll be free. 00:22:01.67,00:22:04.04 That's not the issue! 00:22:05.01,00:22:08.74 I'Ve thought it through.[br]My parents agree. 00:22:09.64,00:22:11.74 The sooner the better. 00:22:12.78,00:22:14.71 Because I can't proVide? 00:22:14.88,00:22:18.98 It's not that.[br]I just don't want to drag it out. 00:22:19.12,00:22:22.85 So what is it?[br]HaVe you found another man? 00:22:23.89,00:22:25.48 You neVer change. 00:22:26.53,00:22:30.36 You get confrontational[br]when you're challenged. 00:22:31.37,00:22:33.33 A perpetual loser. 00:22:39.07,00:22:43.53 What about Kyohei?[br]What about our son? 00:22:44.41,00:22:49.44 He's made new friends here.[br]He doesn't want to go back. 00:22:51.22,00:22:56.35 I'Ve sent you the diVorce papers.[br]Please sign them. 00:23:19.55,00:23:21.71 You should think more. 00:23:23.42,00:23:28.95 Keep on thinking until your[br]brain cells start to rot. 00:23:29.66,00:23:35.22 My boss always said I was[br]too hesitant, I thought too much. 00:23:36.63,00:23:41.36 That only proVes you[br]don't think enough. 00:23:44.11,00:23:46.40 The corporate culture... 00:23:47.38,00:23:51.61 : : : you see,[br]they don't want the workers to think. 00:23:53.18,00:23:59.31 They want fools who'll work all[br]their liVes without complaining. 00:24:01.76,00:24:04.19 Just like jail. 00:24:05.59,00:24:08.46 Feeling any better? 00:24:09.33,00:24:15.20 My gift is past its "consume by date,"[br]but it should be okay. 00:24:16.10,00:24:17.80 I appreciate it. 00:24:22.08,00:24:27.54 This layoff giVes you a good[br]chance to sit and think. 00:24:28.92,00:24:31.78 The real meaning of freedom, 00:24:32.35,00:24:38.22 is to think for yourself[br]and reach your own conclusion. 00:24:39.26,00:24:41.69 One that will make you happy. 00:24:41.90,00:24:45.06 What if I blow my brain[br]without reaching a conclusion? 00:24:46.10,00:24:49.09 Then it's in the hands of the gods. 00:24:49.50,00:24:51.73 Why not acquiesce to that first? 00:24:51.97,00:24:54.53 That's not right. 00:24:55.61,00:24:58.58 Don't let others make your decisions. 00:24:59.51,00:25:02.31 You haVe to do it yourself. 00:25:06.55,00:25:11.22 Lose your free will,[br]and you lose your humanity. 00:25:12.99,00:25:18.52 But in the end,[br]it's all in the hands of the gods. 00:25:40.45,00:25:42.55 - What the hell?[br]- Sorry. 00:25:44.16,00:25:47.36 - Thinking again, are you?[br]- Not really. 00:25:48.80,00:25:51.42 I reckon you think too much. 00:25:55.14,00:25:57.57 About that woman, right? 00:25:59.61,00:26:02.91 No offense, but be careful. 00:26:03.58,00:26:04.77 What do you mean? 00:26:06.61,00:26:11.57 For a while she was[br]hooked up with a fisherman. 00:26:12.42,00:26:15.25 He went craZy[br]and killed himself. 00:26:17.56,00:26:20.46 He went and drowned himself. 00:26:21.53,00:26:25.26 Fishermen don't drown easily.[br]He meant to. 00:26:27.87,00:26:29.70 There were other men. 00:26:30.94,00:26:34.27 One man wasn't enough for a monster 00:26:34.31,00:26:38.51 who sucked out a man's[br]Vital essence and killed him. 00:26:41.48,00:26:42.68 That's ridiculous. 00:26:43.15,00:26:45.14 Just idle gossip. 00:26:52.46,00:26:54.89 You're starting to dry up. 00:26:56.70,00:26:58.39 Finished for the day? 00:27:00.90,00:27:03.13 I'll be by at four. 00:27:03.87,00:27:05.07 What for? 00:27:05.21,00:27:06.80 To meet my father. 00:27:09.48,00:27:11.95 I guess I'll haVe to join you. 00:27:13.28,00:27:14.61 No you won't. 00:27:21.09,00:27:24.18 Can I get 1000 yen? A loan? 00:27:33.27,00:27:35.26 Women earn him money. 00:27:41.11,00:27:42.17 In here. 00:27:43.64,00:27:44.91 Here he is. 00:27:46.15,00:27:48.98 So you want to be a fisherman, eh? 00:27:49.35,00:27:51.22 I'm Sasano.[br]Pleased to meet you. 00:27:53.65,00:27:57.61 They are alike.[br]He is Koji's double. 00:27:58.89,00:28:01.23 Just like I told you. 00:28:01.53,00:28:03.90 It's like Koji's come back. 00:28:04.17,00:28:05.46 Who am I like? 00:28:06.03,00:28:10.06 Koji, a fisherman.[br]Remember I told you? 00:28:10.77,00:28:13.33 Shorter hair,[br]but he looked like you. 00:28:14.07,00:28:17.13 When I first saw you,[br]my heart stopped. 00:28:17.61,00:28:22.05 You're in loVe with[br]that lass from the sweetshop. 00:28:23.12,00:28:24.55 Sort of. 00:28:25.55,00:28:29.46 That's not why I brought him here. 00:28:29.99,00:28:33.93 We're one man short.[br]Can you afford him? 00:28:34.40,00:28:37.13 I'll Vouch for him.[br]He's a good worker. 00:28:37.33,00:28:39.23 We're leaVing. 00:28:39.53,00:28:41.06 Just a minute. 00:28:46.71,00:28:48.77 Be more damn careful! 00:28:48.98,00:28:50.31 You're absolutely hopeless. 00:28:52.91,00:28:54.21 I'm sorry. 00:28:59.79,00:29:00.98 Take care. 00:29:07.66,00:29:10.49 Old Grandma is still waiting, is she? 00:29:11.47,00:29:12.69 Waiting?[br]For what? 00:29:15.24,00:29:18.90 She's always there at the end[br]of the bridge. 00:29:20.21,00:29:21.87 Waiting for someone? 00:29:22.88,00:29:24.71 Didn't I tell you? 00:29:25.71,00:29:28.71 She's waiting for that[br]drifter to return. 00:29:29.05,00:29:33.25 The murderer?[br]That was years ago. 00:29:33.29,00:29:35.22 She was a fine looking[br]woman back then. 00:29:37.02,00:29:40.36 She used to haVe men[br]fighting oVer her. 00:29:40.83,00:29:41.62 How is it? 00:29:42.20,00:29:44.76 EVerything's fixed,[br]we're ready to fish. 00:29:45.73,00:29:48.17 So the drifter killed[br]the fisherman? 00:29:49.70,00:29:52.54 Right. There was a carpet[br]of fish that day. 00:29:53.17,00:29:54.97 What's a "carpet of fish?" 00:29:55.24,00:29:58.34 It was as if eVery fish in[br]the Sea of Japan, 00:29:58.68,00:30:02.71 had gathered here,[br]forming a carpet of fish. 00:30:03.02,00:30:04.35 I'Ve neVer seen that. 00:30:05.62,00:30:09.58 The drifter was up on[br]a number of charges. 00:30:09.89,00:30:11.59 He got thirteen years. 00:30:12.66,00:30:15.13 She waited for him all that time. 00:30:15.90,00:30:17.92 But he neVer came back. 00:30:18.60,00:30:23.47 He was incapable of understanding[br]a woman's self-esteem. 00:30:24.51,00:30:27.03 Self-esteem?[br]What's that mean? 00:30:27.78,00:30:31.61 You're too young to know. 00:30:31.85,00:30:35.54 When her mind went[br]she began waiting for him again. 00:30:38.95,00:30:41.85 Enough of these old stories. 00:30:42.32,00:30:45.05 Does he get the job or not? 00:30:47.19,00:30:52.33 Because of that woman[br]you'll giVe up eVerything? 00:30:52.97,00:30:55.90 You'Ve got a family, obligations. 00:30:56.80,00:30:59.17 Not any more, I don't. 00:31:00.57,00:31:03.07 You haVen't decided yet. 00:31:04.98,00:31:08.51 Come see me again[br]when you're certain. 00:31:09.65,00:31:13.81 Well, that was a waste of time. 00:31:37.28,00:31:40.27 That's checkmate.[br]In one moVe. 00:31:41.25,00:31:45.84 And a Very commonplace moVe,[br]I must say. 00:31:47.82,00:31:49.85 What's wrong with it? 00:31:50.12,00:31:51.96 It's got no piZZaZZ. 00:31:53.19,00:31:57.79 I once had a pal who died[br]on top of a woman. 00:31:57.93,00:32:01.70 He had his hand[br]up between her legs. 00:32:01.97,00:32:03.96 Now that was rare. 00:32:04.67,00:32:08.04 Ghosts, non-commonplace ones,[br]tend to be fat. 00:32:09.51,00:32:12.48 What's wrong with being commonplace? 00:32:13.11,00:32:15.41 Isn't life like that? 00:32:15.88,00:32:18.88 Who can say what's rare[br]and what's common? 00:32:19.79,00:32:23.75 Is it common to Vent[br]as much water as she does? 00:32:27.56,00:32:29.09 How do you know? 00:32:31.70,00:32:34.19 You loVe that warm fluid. 00:32:36.57,00:32:39.23 That's not your concern. 00:32:40.17,00:32:43.20 Fulfill your desires,[br]that's the way! 00:32:44.48,00:32:47.41 You side with the commonplace. 00:32:48.85,00:32:52.95 Imagine being a rook,[br]a knight, or a pawn. 00:32:52.99,00:32:55.22 Now there's a life for you! 00:33:01.33,00:33:05.59 It's a good life if[br]it ends well, that's all. 00:33:09.04,00:33:13.00 But the battle ends[br]when your dick goes limp! 00:33:50.31,00:33:51.83 Grandma? 00:33:52.91,00:33:54.35 Come on inside. 00:34:22.48,00:34:25.64 What's up?[br]Running short of Vital essence? 00:34:27.15,00:34:28.31 I'm okay. 00:34:28.52,00:34:30.88 Keep a sharp eye out or[br]you'll get hurt. 00:34:31.82,00:34:33.22 Now heaVe! 00:35:02.18,00:35:06.08 Hey, Minister![br]I'm in the Biwako Marathon. 00:35:06.59,00:35:07.58 Congratulations! 00:35:07.92,00:35:11.32 The road to my presidency[br]starts at Biwako. 00:35:11.73,00:35:13.42 A good coach helps. 00:35:37.55,00:35:40.08 There's not as much as there was. 00:35:49.10,00:35:51.03 About half of what it was. 00:35:53.80,00:35:56.70 Will it continue to lessen? 00:35:58.34,00:36:00.40 It's all because of you. 00:36:01.78,00:36:03.87 You're curing me. 00:36:10.68,00:36:13.31 I'Ve decided to stay for a while. 00:36:14.29,00:36:16.35 There's no work in Tokyo. 00:36:18.49,00:36:20.36 I'm so glad! 00:37:23.22,00:37:25.12 I'm no burglar! 00:37:25.43,00:37:28.95 A man asked me to[br]get something he left behind. 00:37:30.06,00:37:32.00 A golden Buddha or something. 00:37:32.07,00:37:35.56 Anyway, he hid it in a pot[br]he left here. 00:37:36.04,00:37:38.37 You know about it? 00:37:47.81,00:37:51.94 What's the matter, Granny?[br]Stop laughing! 00:37:58.36,00:38:00.72 Is my Taro... 00:38:00.99,00:38:02.59 good health? 00:38:04.97,00:38:08.03 No. He died a while ago. 00:38:09.34,00:38:11.93 He didn't suffer, though. 00:38:12.71,00:38:16.61 You were Taro's loVer, weren't you? 00:38:17.08,00:38:19.84 He always regretted it. 00:38:20.01,00:38:24.85 When he was drunk he'd say[br]he wished he had returned. 00:38:25.25,00:38:30.55 But he couldn't face you.[br]im being an ex-con and all. 00:38:36.03,00:38:38.86 So there's no pot of treasure? 00:38:39.30,00:38:40.46 There is. 00:38:44.81,00:38:47.83 But it's been empty for years. 00:38:55.35,00:38:59.25 No treasure to be found[br]in this old dump. 00:39:04.32,00:39:05.66 What's that? 00:39:06.79,00:39:08.26 Noto silk. 00:39:13.33,00:39:15.46 It's cool in summer. 00:39:23.58,00:39:25.70 It's his, you take it. 00:39:26.71,00:39:29.48 ExpensiVe, isn't it?[br]Are you sure? 00:39:31.89,00:39:36.98 It's a reward for telling me[br]what became of Taro. 00:39:45.03,00:39:46.66 May I ask a question? 00:39:48.57,00:39:53.13 Is that girl upstairs[br]Taro's granddaughter? 00:40:18.37,00:40:19.53 What's up? 00:40:20.23,00:40:23.50 I'Ve had enough.[br]I'm heading back to Tokyo. 00:40:24.10,00:40:27.84 No treasure here[br]and the food's lousy. 00:40:29.74,00:40:31.54 You be careful. 00:40:33.15,00:40:34.55 You, too. 00:40:35.88,00:40:39.25 We won't be seeing you back[br]at the camp. 00:40:41.42,00:40:43.62 I enVy old Taro. 00:40:44.96,00:40:48.33 No woman's going to cry when I die. 00:40:54.63,00:41:00.63 That was sudden.[br]I'll miss the old stinkpot. 00:41:10.58,00:41:12.35 Good time, Ramin. 00:41:13.45,00:41:15.72 You run best when you're hungry. 00:41:21.93,00:41:26.42 HaVen't seen Granny around[br]for a couple of days. 00:41:27.97,00:41:29.60 Probably giVen up hope. 00:41:31.44,00:41:34.20 Did you say something? 00:41:39.58,00:41:44.68 It's a sad thing to wait[br]all those years. 00:41:46.09,00:41:48.82 Especially in Vain. 00:41:49.16,00:41:53.46 You always had a thing[br]for her, didn't you? 00:41:53.63,00:41:56.60 Not just me.[br]You, too. 00:41:57.26,00:41:58.96 She was beautiful. 00:42:00.27,00:42:05.33 More beautiful than any of the[br]film stars back then. 00:42:05.87,00:42:08.90 She was really something. 00:42:40.97,00:42:42.34 That hurts. 00:42:48.95,00:42:52.88 Sorry, I can't. 00:42:53.32,00:42:55.62 It's okay.[br]Don't worry about it. 00:42:57.49,00:42:59.39 You're probably just tired. 00:43:04.80,00:43:09.46 But you're a good doctor.[br]You'Ve cured me. 00:43:09.87,00:43:11.46 So from now on, 00:43:11.94,00:43:16.20 I'll let you do it[br]wheneVer you want to. 00:44:10.26,00:44:11.63 I'll take these. 00:44:12.03,00:44:13.93 That'll be 1,280 yen. 00:44:18.94,00:44:21.74 - Do you want a coVer?[br]- Please. 00:44:58.78,00:45:01.68 - Can I borrow your scooter?[br]- Sure. 00:45:02.82,00:45:05.05 - The key?[br]- It's in there. 00:46:45.69,00:46:46.91 How come? 00:46:47.55,00:46:49.15 Damn and blast! 00:47:12.88,00:47:14.68 Good day! 00:47:14.91,00:47:16.78 - Cold, isn't it?[br]- Yes, it is. 00:47:33.87,00:47:35.36 Koji? 00:47:36.94,00:47:38.60 What's with you and her? 00:47:40.77,00:47:43.40 You look so much like him! 00:47:44.38,00:47:46.35 You gaVe me a fright. 00:47:46.38,00:47:48.47 What's with you and her? 00:47:50.08,00:47:54.95 I'm just out of jail,[br]I came to see Koji's old girlfriend. 00:47:56.66,00:47:59.06 She was wasted on Koji. 00:47:59.09,00:48:01.29 She's not Koji's any more. 00:48:03.40,00:48:05.16 She's yours, is she? 00:48:05.63,00:48:07.19 Yeah. 00:48:07.97,00:48:12.87 Okay.[br]Then let me be frank with you. 00:48:19.68,00:48:23.34 She's quite different, isn't she? 00:48:24.88,00:48:26.94 Her body, I mean. 00:48:28.92,00:48:31.75 She gushes like a fountain. 00:48:31.79,00:48:33.78 So Koji told me. Is that true? 00:48:38.43,00:48:43.63 I know a man who pays well[br]for oddities like that. 00:48:45.81,00:48:49.21 How's 50,000 yen a night sound? 00:48:52.45,00:48:55.38 Okay, 80,000.[br]Plus some amphetamine. 00:48:57.15,00:49:01.75 Before I take her to him,[br]I'll test her out first. 00:49:03.06,00:49:06.18 - What...?[br]- Stay away from her! 00:49:10.46,00:49:12.66 You know who you're talking to? 00:49:40.33,00:49:43.92 This Koji, he owed me money! 00:49:47.97,00:49:51.70 I reckon his woman[br]has to pay me back. 00:49:57.38,00:50:01.07 I'm taking her anyway. 00:50:01.11,00:50:02.38 You aren't married to her. 00:50:03.42,00:50:07.05 Anyway, you'll dump her[br]when you tire of it. 00:50:13.73,00:50:14.32 I'll kill you first! 00:50:14.49,00:50:16.69 Stop it! 00:50:19.47,00:50:21.49 You're too good for him. 00:50:22.94,00:50:24.90 - Hey, Shin![br]- Long time no see. 00:50:32.91,00:50:35.64 You and your drugs are[br]what killed Koji! 00:50:45.49,00:50:47.86 - Cool it, will ya![br]- Fuck off! 00:50:50.83,00:50:55.36 In trouble again, kid?[br]You're a damn nuisance! 00:50:56.30,00:50:57.46 Dad... 00:50:59.84,00:51:02.40 He's got it wrong.[br]I can explain. 00:51:05.88,00:51:07.90 Let me explain it to you. 00:51:12.99,00:51:14.98 It's a misunderstanding. 00:51:27.40,00:51:28.39 LeaVe that be! 00:51:28.60,00:51:30.76 You uppity little bastard! 00:51:38.11,00:51:39.70 You motherfucker! 00:51:46.92,00:51:48.85 Listen to me! 00:51:52.49,00:51:58.40 The fishermen you cuckolded[br]are waiting at the wharf. 00:51:58.63,00:52:01.07 Shintaro, I'Ve gotta go. 00:52:10.18,00:52:12.27 He's craZy about her, ain't he? 00:53:24.28,00:53:26.18 I saw you driVe past. 00:53:33.93,00:53:35.69 You don't trust me. 00:53:38.66,00:53:40.53 You're all the same. 00:53:41.67,00:53:47.44 When the water decreases,[br]they accuse me of being unfaithful. 00:53:47.47,00:53:49.67 That's bloody obVious! 00:53:52.38,00:53:53.74 What happened to you? 00:53:53.85,00:53:54.87 Nothing. 00:53:56.82,00:53:59.81 DiVine punishment for doubting you. 00:54:02.42,00:54:04.29 Okay, I'll tell you. 00:54:04.89,00:54:08.99 Grandma neVer sold up because[br]she was waiting for a man. 00:54:09.50,00:54:11.09 He asked me to come here. 00:54:11.63,00:54:15.00 He hid some treasure here long ago. 00:54:15.20,00:54:18.03 He wanted me to get it[br]in his place. 00:54:20.61,00:54:25.54 So that's why you first[br]approached me? 00:54:27.68,00:54:31.45 Well, I saw you stealing,[br]so I thought... 00:54:31.82,00:54:34.05 I'Ve heard enough! 00:54:35.55,00:54:40.49 At first it was true,[br]but once we had a relationship 00:54:40.69,00:54:44.82 I didn't care about the treasure[br]any more. Honestly! 00:54:47.00,00:54:50.06 For you it was just exotic sex, 00:54:51.40,00:54:54.57 but do you realiZe how much I suffer? 00:54:55.71,00:54:58.54 I tried to kill myself many times. 00:54:58.68,00:55:00.44 It wasn't just sex! 00:55:02.78,00:55:06.38 Only Grandma understands my agony. 00:55:09.29,00:55:11.76 She had the water, too? 00:55:14.69,00:55:16.52 That treasure... 00:55:19.23,00:55:21.29 ...was in her "pot." 00:55:30.04,00:55:31.48 What a fool! 00:55:33.08,00:55:35.81 You came all the way here for that? 00:55:37.68,00:55:39.71 Now you'Ve found it. 00:55:41.05,00:55:43.85 What do you say?[br]Are you satisfied? 00:56:14.42,00:56:17.88 Hey![br]Where are you? 00:56:25.50,00:56:26.73 Down here. 00:56:42.11,00:56:43.67 It's all oVer now. 00:56:45.28,00:56:47.75 You can go back to your wife. 00:56:48.52,00:56:50.08 I'm staying here. 00:56:51.82,00:56:54.45 I'Ve decided. I'm staying. 00:56:55.59,00:56:56.89 Do what you want. 00:56:58.40,00:57:00.80 Was Koji so much like me? 00:57:04.60,00:57:07.04 He was kind to me. 00:57:08.37,00:57:10.97 You chose me because[br]I look like him? 00:57:12.21,00:57:14.20 To atone for your sin? 00:57:15.05,00:57:16.48 That's Vicious! 00:57:27.16,00:57:28.79 Did you bring him here? 00:57:29.86,00:57:32.89 Don't![br]Don't come in here. 00:57:33.53,00:57:36.00 Am I just his substitute? 00:57:36.90,00:57:38.67 Yes, you are. 00:57:46.91,00:57:49.85 This place is a womb for you. 00:57:50.62,00:57:53.74 Koji was a real fisherman. 00:57:54.25,00:57:56.05 He was nothing like you. 00:57:56.99,00:58:00.58 You're just a salaried[br]office worker. 00:58:00.63,00:58:03.53 Can't a salary man loVe you? 00:58:05.03,00:58:10.16 You only loVe the water,[br]my shame! 00:58:11.70,00:58:17.44 Take a look at the real me![br]The me without the water. 00:58:17.81,00:58:19.80 Which is the real you? 00:58:20.68,00:58:23.05 You're real as you are! 00:58:23.48,00:58:27.18 No![br]I can't take it! 00:58:27.22,00:58:29.92 I loVe you so much[br]it makes me sick! 00:58:30.09,00:58:31.58 I loVe you! 00:58:32.59,00:58:36.05 Vent my water![br]Now! 00:58:36.23,00:58:39.29 I will.[br]I sure will. 00:58:39.87,00:58:41.53 I'll empty you.[br]You'll run dry. 00:59:23.51,00:59:27.24 You know yourself[br]it's an impossible tale. 01:00:00.25,01:00:03.18 A funeral at New Year's[br]is hard to pull off. 01:00:04.02,01:00:07.47 Imagine dying after choking[br]on a rice cake. 01:00:08.49,01:00:10.96 That's so like Grandma.
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