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Warriors The

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It's still on, and we're going.
Cyrus sent an emissary this afternoon to make sure.
Cyrus don't want anybody packed
or anybody flexing any muscle.
So I gave him my word that the Warriors would uphold the truce.
Everybody says that Cyrus is the one and only.
I think we'd better go have a look for ourself.
We ain't even been to the Bronx.
No sweat. This conclave's a big item.
Every gang in the city will be there.
We're going in with nothing.
We're going in like everybody else. Nine guys, no weapons.
You got the stuff? I want you to hit everything in sight.
I want everybody to know the Warriors were there.
You never what you're gonna run into. In our colours, we can't hide.
Who wants to hide?
Maybe we'll get to waste some heads along the way.
You just soldier and keep your mouth shut.
When we get there, stick close by.
Sure, I don't want to get wrecked.
One thing we might get out of Cyrus's get-together
is meeting some strange wool.
I wouldn't mind laying something down on the way back.
- You got a one-track brain. - What's up? You going faggot?
What do you know about Cyrus?
Magic. Whole lot of magic.
- What do you know about Cyrus? - He's the one and only.
When you're president of the biggest gang, you don't take any shit.
Fuck him!
I tell you something. I'll bet nobody's even gonna be there.
Can you count, suckers?
I say the future is ours...
...if you can count.
- Come on, Cyrus. We're with you! - Go ahead, bro!
Look what we have here before us.
We've got the Saracens sitting next to the Jones Street Boys.
We've got the Moon Runners,
right by the Van Courtland Rangers.
Nobody is wasting nobody. a miracle.
And miracles is the way things ought to be.
- Yeah! - All right.
I heard that!
You're standing right now with nine delegates
from a hundred gangs.
And there's over a hundred more.
That's 20,000 hard-core members -
40,000, counting affiliates,
and 20,000 more not organised, but ready to fight.
60,000 soldiers!
There ain't but 20,000 police in the whole town. Can you dig it?
Can you dig it?
Can you dig it?
Now, here's the sum total.
One gang could run this city. One gang!
Nothing would move without us allowing it to happen.
We could tax the crime syndicates, the police,
because we got the streets, suckers.
Can you dig it?
Right on!
The problem in the past
has been the man turning us against one another.
We've been unable to see the truth,
because we've been fighting for ten square feet of ground -
our turf, our little piece of turf.
That's crap, brothers.
The turf is ours by right because it's our turn.
All we have to do is keep up the general truce.
We take over one borough at a time.
Secure our territory,
secure our turf,
because it's all our turf.
The other way, against the crowd!
Keep your ass down! Down!
Get out of the way.
Watch out, man. Watch his head.
- What's up with that? - There wasn't supposed to be guns.
- Is Cleon all right? - I think he's up there.
- Are you sure? - No. Come on, move it!
There he is! That's him! That's the Warrior!
- He shot Cyrus! - I didn't do nothing.
- We saw him! - That's him.
He's the one. He's the one! The Warriors did it!
The Warriors did it!
Kill him!
Come on! Move it!
Everybody down! Shit!
- You all right? - Yeah.
Everybody quiet!
Everybody make it?
Just Cleon's missing.
- Fuzz must have got him. - Did you see him?
I seen him, then he wasn't there. I was haulin' ass.
- Look around. Make sure we're OK. - This is a graveyard.
What are we gonna do now?
We're going back.
How?! Fuckin' Coney Island must be fifty to a hundred miles from here.
It's our only choice.
Real simple. Except every cop in the city's lookin' to bust our heads.
There's something else to think about.
The truce, is it still on?
If it ain't, we're gonna have to bop our way back.
Shit, I wish we was packed.
If this truce is off, anything could hit us between here and that train.
If you get separated, make it to the platform at Union Square.
- We change trains there. - I only got one question.
Who named you leader?
I got as much right to take over as you.
It was Cleon's choice. Swan's War Chief.
Right now, Cleon's probably got a nightstick shoved up his ass.
I bet you can't even find the subway.
- Let's talk about this later. - What's wrong with now?
- I want to be War Lord. - Make your move.
- Hey, Ajax, lighten up. - Big boy, Swan's War Chief.
We better stick together.
Hey, you guys, the train's there.
Come on. Hurry up. Let's go.
Let's move.
- Don't worry about it. Stay loose. - Ah, fuck!
Rembrandt, mark this spot.
Hey, wait for me!
- Riffs! - Yeah, right!
Who are the Warriors?
There must be some word.
I want them all. I want all the Warriors.
I want them alive, if possible. If not, wasted.
But I want them.
Send the word.
All right, for all you boppers out there in the big city,
you street people with an ear for the action,
I've been asked to relay a request from the Gramercy Riffs.
It's a special for the Warriors.
That's that real live bunch from Coney.
And I do mean the Warriors.
Here's a hit with them in mind.
Be looking good, Warriors, all the way back to Coney.
You hear me, babies?
Good. Real good. Adios.
- What kind of crap is this? - What are we waiting for?
A train would help, unless you want to get japped on the platform.
- There ain't no one on the street. - We're acting like faggots.
Just keep talking.
That's the Turnbull A.C.'s.
- They forgot about the truce. - No shit!
Those lousy skinheaded fucks.
That's our train. We got to make it.
Jesus Christ!
Are we gonna go for it?
Hold the fucking train!
Go, go, go!
Close the fucking door! Shit!
All right, Warriors!
- Those guys were desperate dudes. - So was we!
We can take 'em. Bunch of chicken-shits!
- They didn't look too chicken to me. - Me, either.
Well, we made it. In an hour, it's C.I. - the Big Coney.
You got it. Give me that fist.
When we get there, we've made it.
Hey, no sweat, War Chief.
- I've got Coney Island! - How many stops to Union Square?
Come on, man. That's high math for Rembrandt.
It's all right. Nobody can read these maps.
What's the difference? We're home free.
We just heard from the Turnbulls.
They blew it.
- Shit. This train's had it. - This is fuckin' impossible.
What are we gonna do? This sucks!
Why couldn't it rain now?
We should worry about who set that goddamn fire.
Come on.
Yeah. How are you? I was just checking in.
Yeah, it was a real mess up there.
This guy Cyrus had an accident.
They did?
Well, that's OK.
These guys, the Warriors...
Yeah. They deserve it.
Yeah. We will.
Take care of yourself.
- We set? - We're set, all right.
Somebody should pick them up.
The Riffs sent out the word, they want 'em alive. We don't.
The sooner someone grabs them, the better.
You afraid the Warriors will talk before they get racked?
I'm worried. I don't want the Riffs after me.
They're looking for the Warriors, remember?
We can do some looking, too. Ought to make you feel better.
- What about the money you owe? - For what?
We've had it.
- I made 'em. Two there, one there. - I think they just made us.
You recognise them?
Orphans. So far down, they ain't even on the map.
- Real low class. - Numbers.
- Full strength, maybe 30. - A lot more than eight.
Not if they're wimps. I'm sick of this running crap.
Come on. This way.
Know where he's headed?
- Yeah, reinforcements. - We're gonna get japped here!
No matter what he says, nobody lip off.
Nobody get hot. I'll see what I can do.
When did you turn into a diplomat?
You ain't the State Department type.
Fox, come with me.
- Show me your invitation. - How do you figure?
Well, you come armying down here, invading our territory -
no permits, no parley.
We're not invading. I'm parleying now.
We were at the meeting in the Bronx. We're going home to Coney,
the train's messed up by the fire and dumps us here.
What are you talking about?
How could there be a meeting without the Orphans?
You didn't miss anything. A lot of heads got busted.
You think the Orphans ain't with it? That we ain't well known?
- We didn't say that. - We got a heavy rep.
Mess with us, you'll find out.
You see that?
Our raids are in the paper.
That's really heavy. The Orphans, right?
Our youth worker talks about you.
We ain't got one.
That's because you guys are so bad, they're afraid of you.
Nothing wrong with you making it through our territory,
as long as you're coming in peace.
Cut it, Mercy.
- You know what that is? - Yeah. Trouble.
Those vests are real nice.
Stop looking for trouble now.
- Should have slapped your mouth. - Who stopped you?
Come on. Give me one.
Just one.
I just want one vest. You can get another one, man.
No chance.
You letting armies walk through here any time they want?
- How will it look? - Get lost.
Soon, every gang will boogie right in, soldier right through.
I'll tell you, some man you are.
Take your colours off, you can walk through.
- We don't do that. - It don't mean we're at war.
You go as civilians, or I gotta come down on you.
Take off your colours.
You hear me?
Fuck you.
We're not gonna hide who we are because some whore shakes her ass.
Don't call me no whore. I ain't no whore!
Let's go.
We're marching to the next station,
right through these lame fucks' territory.
Now, let's move.
Yeah. That's right, Warriors. Just keep walking.
Real tough mothers, ain't you?
You guys don't show me much.
Why don't you dickheads walk all the way home?
- That chick's got some mouth. - You two were terrific.
You guys lipped them down, but good.
His ass gonna be ringin' for a month.
- We should have wasted 'em. - The station's this way.
Let me go! Let me be!
What do you got in mind?
Maybe I'm looking for some real action.
What about me? I got the big one.
- I'll give it to you, baby. - Let her go.
You gonna jump me?
We ought to pull a train on you. You look like you might like it.
- Fuck you! - Real tough chick.
You see what you get when you mess with the Orphans?
We're gonna rain on you, Warriors!
- Holy shit! - Now!
Move, move!
Where is everybody? Come on!
Whoa! Hold on!
Hey, wait a minute. I got to ask a question.
How come we're running?
I told you, they're a bunch of wimps.
- Union Station, here we come. - What about me?
So, what about you?
We got a report from the Bronx.
Some small-time clique ran into them. The Orphans.
- They're not on our network. - They rumble anyway.
They got wasted.
Let's get down to it, boppers.
We'll have to do better out there.
Our friends made it past a minor-league team.
Remember, boppers, be looking good.
All that's going on, eh?
Right. Great. Great.
Well? Well?
Some outfit almost got them, but they got away.
- We'll get them at 96th Street. - It'll be crawling with cops.
They're trying to get all the gangs in town.
- Me and you included. - How come you're so happy?
I'm having a good time.
Let's go!
How much longer do we wait? We could be here forever.
I'm sick of waiting for trains.
- Vermin, sit down and shut up. - OK, OK.
- Let's go! - Where?
Hey, hold it!
Come on! Stop!
Take the uptown.
Make it! Make it!
Wait up!
- Come back here! - Hold it!
- This way! - Over here!
That way! Go!
Down the stairs. Come on!
- The street! - Far enough, already.
This way!
Oh, shit!
Run! Just get outta here! Move!
- Goddamn you! - Let go of me!
- Union Square! - What about the others?
- We gotta go! - Keep after them! Keep on!
Stop that train!
Where are they?
- Maybe we'd better take off. - Yeah, right.
- Did we lose these fucking clowns? - Look.
Holy shit!
Let's hit it.
Snow, with me!
I can't make it!
- You sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
Good. I'm sick of running from these wimps.
I'm gonna shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle.
Come on.
Fuckin' A!
Come on, Cowboy.
I figured they were wimps.
The latest sports news off the street, boppers.
The Baseball Furies dropped the ball, made an error.
Our friends are on second base, trying to make it home.
The inside word is the odds are against them.
Stay tuned, boppers. Stay tuned.
Where is everybody?
We're the first ones here. We'll have to sit and wait.
They'll show up.
Looks like something else showed up.
Hey! Look at what you find in the big city.
We ain't got time.
Are you kidding? Time's what we got plenty of.
I guess she don't know parks ain't safe after dark.
We ain't got time.
We've got to get to Union Square.
Go ahead. I'm gonna get a little ex ercise.
You never were very smart.
I'll tell you something, War Lord.
I'm smart enough. And it's there for free.
You two comin'?
- Come on, man. - There's plenty of women at home.
Maybe all of you are just goin' faggot.
You feelin' all right, lady?
You need a little help or something?
Why don't you sit down? Keep me company.
Whatever you say, lady.
Look at those muscles. I bet the chicks like those muscles.
We better go back and look out for him.
He saved my ass back there. I owe him.
OK, I'll go look for the others.
You wanna show me how you play with the chicks?
- I'll show you how I play. - Hey! Not so rough.
Come on. We'll get it on.
You don't get it. I like it rough.
Your nights in the park are over for a while. You're under arrest.
- Hey, come on, lady! - Kiss my ass!
Come on, lady!
You don't want to play around with me!
Let me out of this thing! You hear me?
Goddamn it! Let me go!
Let me go!
You can't do this to me! Come on, you lousy bitch!
Fucking wimp!
What have we got here? Only one there?
- The others ran off. - Put this slime in the back.
Hey, wait!
There are cops all over the place.
- Where's the Fox? - Cop grabbed him.
So how come you hung around?
I don't know.
- Where'd you get the coat? - You ask a lot of questions.
Don't give me that.
I stole it.
Cops are looking for somebody in a pink top.
- Real tough chick. - You said that before.
If you're still heading for Union Square,
I'll show you where to grab the train.
OK, come on.
What is that? Hold it! Freeze!
Go on! Move it!
- Jesus! - Come on! Run!
Is this the place?
I hate asking questions, but where's the dudes?
Chicks like you always got dudes.
They went up to the Bronx. Don't worry about them.
They're lame, real cripples.
Come on.
When I got off that subway and saw you,
I thought, "Baby, throw it my way."
It's really great of you taking us in.
We know about the Warriors. They're a heavy outfit.
- How'd you hear about us? - Word gets around.
- I guess we are pretty well-known. - Come on.
You're the first friendly faces we've seen tonight.
That's the way we are. Let's party. Get something going.
- I can dig that. - You came to the right guys.
- Oh, hurt me, hurt me. - Don't thank us, man. Just relax.
Fall out. Take your pick.
Thanks. Great outfit. What clique is this?
We're the Lizzies.
- Lizzies. Just great. I like it. - Glad to hear it.
- We got to come here more often. - Yeah, right.
That's right. Got to.
Thanks a lot.
- Looks like you're the winner. - Yeah, right.
How much longer we staying here?
What's your hurry? We just got here.
Let's get back to Union Square. They'll be worried about us.
In a minute. No break in the action.
Can we stop for a minute? My legs are getting tired.
Come on, just keep walkin'.
What's you're hurry? Tryin' to set a world record?
- Just walk. - I'm walkin'.
Why don't you give me a break?
Be a little friendly. I don't even know your name.
My name's Swan.
Why do you care about names so much?
I like telling my friends if there's somebody particular.
Why don't you just tie a mattress to your back?
You don't care where it is, do you?
What do you got against me? You been picking on me all night.
- You want the truth? - Sure, go ahead.
I don't like the way you live.
The way I live?
I keep hoping I'll run into something better.
What kind of crap is this? You ain't any better than me.
You like how everything's going for you?
Maybe I do. Friday nights are pretty good.
Saturday nights are better.
Can you even remember who you get on Friday and Saturday?
Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. Who gives a damn?
I see what's happening next door and down the block,
belly hanging down, five kids,
cockroaches in the cupboard.
I'll tell you what I want. I want something now.
This is the life I got left. You know what I mean?
You get it, Warrior?
Get it?
How do you like it?
Come on. What's wrong?
Let's just get to the next station, OK?
No. Please?
Come on. Come on.
You're just part of everything happening tonight,
and it's all bad.
Go back to wherever you came from.
Hey, little man, you wanna dance?
Be right with you, babe.
So you're the famous Warriors, the guys that shot Cyrus.
Shit! The chicks are packed!
Watch it!
Come on, Rembrandt! Come on!
Oh, shit!
She cut me! She cut me!
Look, man. We've got to hold ourselves together.
If we go to pieces, somebody out there will get us.
- They think we shot Cyrus. - What are you talking about?
They think we shot Cyrus. Every gang must be looking for us.
- Holy shit! - We won't make it back.
We'll make it. We came this far. We're gonna go the rest of the way.
Let's go to Union Square and tell the rest of the guys.
Where's the rest of them?
Yeah, right.
Where's everybody else?
Cops got Ajax. We don't know about Swan.
- Oh, Jesus! - Are you sure about Ajax?
Real sure.
I bet he went out swinging.
We better go look for Swan.
God, I can't believe it. This is shit.
I need to talk to you.
See that dude with the skates?
Over there. He's after you. He's got others with him.
I know they're on my ass.
But now they know I know it.
What are you gonna do?
- Come on. - You change your mind fast.
I was rough on you back there.
- I can take care of myself. - Sure. Come on.
Wait a minute. I can't go in there. It's a men's room.
Are you kidding?
Let me down, kill that bastard!
Get him!
- What about our patrols? - So far, nothing.
But we've got somebody you ought to talk to.
He says he saw who shot Cyrus.
Big Cyrus, he was going to run the whole city.
What crap that was.
Cyrus was right about one thing. It's all out there.
We've just got to figure out how to steal it.
Sounds great.
You've just got to figure out what's worth stealing.
OK, come on, let's go.
Let's get out of here.
What's this for?
I just hate seeing anything go to waste.
This is what we fought all night to get back to?
Maybe I'll just take off.
You know I like travelling, too.
Where have you ever been?
I've never been anywhere. I just know I'd like it.
Come on. Let's go.
Stay right on their ass.
Wait a couple seconds after we move, then cut out the other way.
- Why can't I stay with you? - Just do what I tell you.
Come on! I can take care of myself.
I proved that.
Come on.
Warriors! Come out to play!
Warriors! Come out to play!
Warriors! Come out to play!
Warriors! Come out to play!
Warriors! Come out to play!
- Everybody packed? - Yeah.
All of you stay behind me. I'm gonna take them out to the sand.
What about you? You ready?
Let's do it.
When we see the ocean, we figure we're home, we're safe.
This time, you got it wrong.
Why'd you do it? Why'd you waste Cyrus?
No reason. I just like doing things like that.
Let's do it, me and you.
One on one? You're crazy.
You're dead, all of you, and you know it.
- You're dead. - Swan!
- Riffs! - Yeah, right!
You still looking for us?
We found who we're looking for.
No. No!
It wasn't us. It was them, the Warriors.
You Warriors are good, real good.
- The best. - The rest is ours.
Good news, boppers. The big alert has been called off.
It turns out the early reports were wrong, all wrong.
For that group that had a hard time getting home,
sorry about that.
I guess the only thing we can do is play you a song.
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