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Watcher The

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{y:i}Dead, I'm the one|{y:i}exterminating son
{y:i}Slipping through the trees|{y:i}strangling the breeze
{y:i}Dead, I'm the sky|{y:i}watching angels cry
{y:i}As they slowly turn|{y:i}conquering the worm
{y:i}Dead I'm the pool|{y:i}spreading from the fool
{y:i}Weakened want you need|{y:i}Nowhere as you bleed
{y:i}Dead I'm the rat|{y:i}Feast upon the cat
{y:i}Tender is the fur|{y:i}Dying as you purr
It's never quite that easy.
You go through the door, and they're never |just sitting there waiting for you...
with a welcoming smile | on their face.
Best you can do | is hope they fuck up...
and do what you can | to be there when they do.
And then blame yourself | for the killings ?
Oh, no. I blame | the asshole who did them.
This man's whole life | is about killing.
He studies it. | He knows forensics.
He understands | police procedure.
He prepares methodically so as to not |to leave any evidence at the scene.
After he picks his target, | he'll watch her for weeks.
He'll study every detail | of her routine--
When she comes home. | When she goes to sleep.
In the morning | before the sun comes up,
he can walk | right up next to her.
Even though the sun's still down, | no one perceives it as night.
Women who are careful at midnight, |walk around half-naked seven hours later.
Finally, | he'll pick a day.
Takes a kit of tools and props--
duct tape, handcuffs, a weapon-- | whatever he needs.
He'll let himself in.
That night, | she'll get home.
Go about her business, | unaware that he's in the house.
Oh... this is good.
Shall we dance ?
No, don't play hard to get.
This will be fun.
Shh. It's over. | It's all right.
I said, "Shut... up."
When she passes out... | from foreordain,
he'll revive her | over and over again to--
What were you | going to say ?
Time's up.
Why did you turn | away from me ?
Why was it so hard | for you to accept ?
'Cause you know | I did it for you.
You came so close to me | that night.
I remember clearly what I felt | when I heard your footsteps following behind me.
- Pride.
I thought it would keep us | together forever.
For me,
it was our finest moment.
I can still see the flames.
Oh !
Shit. | What the fuck ?
Oh, fuck !
I didn't see anything.
Wanda, you wanna run that in to Sarge ? | Right on it.
Hey, I'm Detective Mackie. | Welcome to my crime scene.
Can I help you find anything ?
I'm just going home. | I live upstairs.
Did you not happen to notice that |yellow police tape marked "Do Not Cross" ?
If you're done with that, I'll just | take it and go home.- Do you know this woman ?
I've never seen her. | What happened ? Is she dead ?
Oh, I haven't made | any reference to homicide.
Why would you hasten | to such a conclusion ?
Well, you got half the block | taped off, and you got what,
about a dozen cops in there, | fuckin' up your crime scene ?
It just doesn't seem like | someone boosting stereos to me.
Look here. Give me a call | if you think of anything.
All right ?
Hello. Yeah, this is Hollis. | Hello.
This is Campbell. | I'm the guy-- We met last night.
Yeah, Joel Campbell. | Our ex-F.B.I. friend from apartment 805.
We did a little checking on you after you left. | What can I do for you ?
I can hardly-- Are you busy ? | It sounds like you're in the middle of something.
Yeah, some genius jacked a Honda a couple blocks ago. | That's an '86.
- What, do you want me to call you back ? | - No.
When did she die, | the girl ?
Monday night. | Three days ago. Why ?
'Cause I know who did it. | And how might you know that ?
He mailed me a picture of her | still alive.
I got it three days ago-- | Monday morning.
Hold on a minute, Campbell. | Teen hoodis on the run.
Okay. | Sorry to keep you.
Now... you wanna meet me | back at my office ? All right.
Is it your custom to open your mail | four days after you get it ?
Nope. Sometimes | it takes up to two weeks.
Well, | this would appear...
to answer any questions we had |whether these two cases were related.
Goodness gracious.
Nothin' like a good serial killing | to kick off the holiday season.
Right in here.
Gimme a minute in that room. | Okay, Lieutenant.
We got him sending | his pictures in the mail.
Campbell, hell, we oughta get Bob Barker | in on this son of a bitch.
It's a damn game show.
His last alias was | David Allen Griffin.
I worked the case for three and a half years | in Los Angeles.
We attributed at least | 11 homicides to him.
- What's he doing in Chicago ? | - I assume he's still strangling young women with piano wire.
All the victims were left partially unclothed,| and all the swabs came back negative.
Exactly. | No touchy, no feely.
Have you ever seen | this guy ?
No. No one's | ever seen him.
Well, then we can't necessarily conclude | it's the same fella, can we ?
Come on. He sent me | fuckin' pictures.
Shoved the vic right up my ass | in my own fucking building.
- Sorry. | - It's quite all right.
You looked adorable.
This film stock says | it's for exterior sunshine,
but... how does it handle | in fluorescence ?
Uh, I'm sorry. | I have no idea what you're talking about.
I just work here.
- You do film processing here. | - Uh, yeah, one hour.
- Do you mind ? | - Sure.
- What are you doing ? | - I'm going to test it out.
I'm gonna shoot some pictures,
and you're going to | process them for me.
Yeah, chief of Chicago P.D. | already called.
Not surprising, | I suppose, they're inviting us in on this.
They're setting up a joint task force | as we speak.
I'd like to know if you think | you can handle it on our end.
I know that in L.A.--
Oh, no, this isn't L.A. | It's not my job anymore.
You know what ? The only reason |that your burnt-out, messed-up ass...
is standing in my office is because | you had a three-year head start on us.
This perp is set on putting you | in the middle of this shit whether we like it or not.
You're right. | The field office in L.A. has the relevant files.
I can't tell you anything | that's not in them.
I'm sorry.
Mike. Excuse me.
Mike, we got several sets of prints | off the FedEx envelope and the photo itself.
I'm sorry. This is none of | my business, but, uh,
you can run the prints.
You're gonna get me, | the driver, three guys from the warehouse,
Santa Claus... | a whole bunch of elves.
Definitely not this guy.
Who the hell is that ?
Run it.
Yes, sir.
{y:i}Can't anybody see
Well, you're young.
Do you plan to live on |disability your whole life ?
I take 200 milligrams of Seconal |just so I can sleep two and a half hours a night.
Twice a day, I take | 400 milligrams of acebutolol...
and 20 milligrams of lotensen | for high blood pressure.
I self-inject migraine medicine | whenever the fuck I please.
They don't... | mix well with work.
Maybe you're just afraid.
Fuckin' right.
I am afraid.
Let's talk about that.
I go places, | and I forget why I'm there.
I miss exits on the freeway.
I'm lucky to... | find my way home from the grocery store.
And if I do, then...
most of the time | I've forgotten my groceries.
But yet, you make it | here every week.
Twice a week.
You do.
What if the next picture | that arrived was of your daughter ?
Would you really want me | to be the one looking for her ?
Yes... I would.
{y:i}From this moment
{y:i}How can it feel
{y:i}This wrong
Hello. | Hi. It's me.
Me ?
Me who ?
It's freaking cold here. | Why'd you move here ?
What the fuck | do you want from me ?
You hardly leave your apartment. | And when you do, it's to eat...
at that same terrible Vietnamese restaurant | night after night.
You seem so bored. | I was expecting a warmer welcome.
I didn't fuckin' | ask you here, did I ?
The guy they | replaced you with--
I tried to make it work, | but we just didn't see eye to eye at all.
I was going to quit the game entirely, | but then I thought, "Chicago's not so bad."
At least you didn't move | to New Jersey, right ?
So, why don't you | grab a pen ?
I'll give you the name and number of the... | agent that's on your case.
You can... share your inner turmoil with him | 'cause I don't give a shit.
I know your job | is hard, Joel,
so I'm willing to take steps | to try and make things work between us.
- What are you talking about ? | - The photos, Joel.
I'll send you a picture, | and you can have a day to try to find her.
I'll give you till 9:00. | What do you say, Joel ?
I say I should have moved | to New jersey, asshole.
Good night, Joel.
Are you all right ? | I think so.
Shit !
Who is it ?| Flowers for Joel Campbell.
You didn't answer the phone. The door downstairs was open, | so I thought I'd just bring--
Put the flowers on the floor.
Thank you.
The photos, Joel.
I'll send you a picture, | and you can have a day to try to find her.
No, I've never seen her. | Is she dead?
I haven't made any reference to homicide. | Why would you hasten to such a conclusion ?
Are you just afraid ? | Fuckin 'right. I'm afraid.
What if the next picture that arrived | was of your daughter?
Really want me to be the one | looking for her?
Yes. | I'll send you a picture.
You can have a day | to try to find her.
I got this a half hour ago.
I want the case.
Can you handle it ?
I guess we'll find out.
What else did this asshole say last night ?
That's everything.
We already have a trap and trace | on that line and on your cell phone.
What is that ? | What is that, a bird ?
This is a poster. | Looks like it was shot inside.
Could be taken anywhere.
It was processed commercially.
See if these numbers are traceable. | If not, get me a list...
of every place in the city that prints | on this Kodak paper. You got it.
Is that mine ? | Thanks.
I'm sorry. I can't remember your name. | Mitch Casper.
Mitch, get this in the computer | and blow it up.
Find out what's behind her on the wall. | That thing right there.
Find out what kind of earrings she's wearing, | what kind of blouse that is.
- What's that on her glasses ? | - Reflection, yeah.
Find out something | about her. Anything.
Both girls are basically loners, | very little social contact.
The last girl's parents | were deceased.
No close friends as far as we can tell. | Is that his victim profile ?
No. I mean, the victims | were always young women,
but he's sending | pictures now.
He's only gonna target loners. | You know, women people don't notice.
He's not gonna send me | a picture of the prom queen.
Yeah. Well, listen. | Before we go any further,
we're gonna have to make a decision | as to whether to go to the press with this.
We gotta make it now.
Look. There's no decision to make. |There is shit else we can do for this woman.
Let's get him | in front of the cameras.
They're gonna like him.
All I can tell you | at this time is that...
All I can tell you | at this time is that...
we have substantial reason to believe | this woman's life is in serious danger.
The Chicago Police Department | and the F.B.I. are working in concert...
to try and locate her, | and we're gonna be grateful for any help...
you guys can give us | in this endeavor.
Every hour is critical. | That's all.
This young woman is missing.
Authorities are frantically searching for her. | They fear for her safety.
Any information on the whereabouts | or the identity of the woman...
police are referring to as "Jane Doe, | "please call the number on your screen.
This is the photograph | of an unknown young woman...
who they say might fall victim to a murder | if she is not located by 9.:00.
"What kind of earrings are those ? | What kind of blouse is that ?"
What are you bitching about ? | Oh, come on, Diana.
This was my case. Ibby opens the door | and in flies "Captain Barbiturate."
You know, I don't care | how well he knows this creep.
I say if his pupils don't dilate, | then we don't need him.
Ma'am, there-- There hasn't | been a reward established,
but I'm sure something can be done.
Okay. Today ? | Was that today ?
Okay, thank you. | We'll check it out.
- Anything yet ? - Eighty-five, ninety calls | in the last fifteen minutes.
I mean, lots of "maybes" | and "possibles."
We're trying to sift through the shit, | but there's a lot of it.
Despite a massive search | this afternoon,
police still have not located the anonymous woman | whose photo was received this morning.
They continue to rely on your help | in this frightening case.
What is that ? A sign ? | Uh-huh.
- See ? | - Yeah, all right.
I'll enhance the drum scan. We'll bring it | even closer, and we'll see what we got.
All right ? | Fuck.
Yeah. | The numbers are only relevant...
if you find the location | where it was processed.
- What about the paper ? | - The list is on its way.
Eleven hundred locations. | Eleven hun-- What ?
Do you know where there's | a Lou Mitchell's restaurant on Oak Street ?
Yeah, it's in the Gold Coast area. | We'll take it. Let's run.
Yep, I'm pretty sure | that washer.
She was wearing a headband. | Was she alone or eating with someone ?
Uh, she was alone. | When was the last time you saw her ?
I don't know. | Sometime last week.
Can you be more specific ? | What day ?
No. | Not without making shit up.
We don't want you to do that. I want every employee | that worked here in the last week...
in the restaurant within the hour-- | managers, cooks,
dishwashers, cashiers. | That's gonna be hard.
Life is hard. Pull every credit card | sale for the week.
Eliminate men, married women, anyone over 40. | We need to call every one of them.
Got it. I gotta be on the phone. | See if we can get some help.
Okay. | Can you spare anyone ?
I'll get you | all the help you want.
Good. We'll fax them a list of names. | They need to start making calls.
I'm on it.
Okay. Thank you very much.
Authorities are hoping | that as millions...
return home from work and turn on the television, | that someone will recognize this young woman.
They are taking this threat | on her life very seriously.
What the fuck do you want me to say ? | It's five to 6:00, for Christ's sake.
If they're not home, | call back in 45 minutes.
They're getting home | from work.
Excuse me. | Check this out.
You were right. | It's definitely...
"A-P" and the line | is an exclamation point.
Does that mean | anything to you ?
Add a "C-R" to it, | it spells "Crap."
No. What do you | want me to say ?
Yeah, that's true. | It spells "Crap."
One of your waitresses | saw her here sometime last week.
Look at the picture carefully | and tell me if you remember her.
Sorry, man. I make it a point to pay | as little attention to the customers as possible.
- Does it seem like | playtime to you ? - No.
Take a look at the fucking picture | and tell me if you saw her.
- I never saw her. | - You sure ?
Yeah. | That's too bad.
Thank you for coming in.
Come on, darling. | Click on your television set.
It's Thursday night, goddamn it. | "Must-see TV."
Earlier today, we told you investigators | were combing the streets of Chicago...
searching for this woman-- | a woman they are...
referring to as "Jane Doe. " | Put up the fuckin' number. Let's go. Come on.
They are still in need | of your help.
- Come on ! Don't take-- | - The city council approves a new budget.
If that's all the help they're gonna give us-- | What was the time of death on the other two ?
- What ? | - 9:00.
It's done. | We're notgonna make it.
We're not gonna make it.
Okay. Good night, Ellie. | See you tomorrow.
That was it. Third possible | sighting in Fox Pavilion Mall.
Grab some backup. | You wanna come with ?
You know me, | your hat's on backwards.
Talk to you later. Bye.
Guys, look.
She's been sighted here on | three separate occasions, okay ?
Everybody we see walking around here | is a possible witness.
So, I want you to find out. I don't know | if she works here, if she lives nearby.
Take these fliers. | Get them to everybody in the place.
I wanna show 'em, okay ? | You guys come with me.
Who spoke to | the most recent caller ? I did.
You ? Let's go. | Take level three.
Can you take a look | at these pictures, please ?
Speak to the gentleman back here. | Take a look at that, please. Thank you.
Take a look at that ? | Thank you.
If you see her, please give us a call. | No, I've never seen her.
Frank ? | Hey, Frankie !
How was your day, hmm ?
Oh, yeah ? That's nice.
Mine ? Not so good.
Excuse me. Are you | the person who saw her ? -Yeah.
Is this her ? | Where ? Yeah, that's her.
I saw her down there | in the food court.
There ? Right there ? | Yeah.
When ? | At 2:30 this afternoon.
Excuse me.
Hollis. Hollis !
What do you got ?
The photo store.
Where ? Where ? | The photo store.
Here. Right here. | This is where he shot it.
See ? There's our | little bird. Hello ?
- Hey ! Hey ! | - Sorry.
Do you know this woman ?
Uh, yeah. She just | started working here.
It's Ellie. I'll need her phone number | and last name. Right now.
Get her number now. | Okay. I have to call my boss.
- Do it. Do it ! | - Okay.
- Goddamn cows.
Mom ? Calm down. | What is it ?
No, I'm sure that | you're overreacting.
Gimme a break. | Why are you saying that ?
Look, Mom. I very much doubt that your pharmacist | is just trying to poison you.
Can we not do this right now, Mom ? | I'm in the middle of a movie.
Yeah, Mom, with a man.
Yeah, he's cute.
I-I don't know | if it's serious or not.
Look. If I tell you his name, | will you let me get off the phone ?
His name is Frank. | Good-bye.
- Come on. Come on.
Yes ?
Uh, I need to speak | to Ellie Buckner immediately.
Oh, she can't come | to the phone right now.
No, no, please, please. Put her on the line | immediately. It's a life-or-death emergency.
Not anymore it's not.
Wasn't that fun ? | It hasn't felt that good for years.
Wasn't it suspenseful ?
Oh, yeah, | that was a blast.
This way is much more fun.
It's amazing, isn't it ?
We're all stacked | right on top of each other,
but we don't really notice | each other anymore, do we ?
You notice me though, | don't you, Joel ?
Yeah, I notice you.
Ellie Buckner.
Single, 24, | parents live in Florida.
So far, no known boyfriend.
She has a cat named Frank. | Apparently, he doesn't watch the news.
Wonder what happened | to that cat ?
Pull the phone records, | okay ?
Diaries, journals, | letters, address book.
See if he's in contact | with these girls.
Hey, ma'am. | Can you spare some change ?
Hey, guys. | Hey, Dad !
Dad, don't you | recognize me ?
Hey, sir. Can you | spare some change ?
What are you | doing out here ?
Spare changing, man. | What's it look like ?
- Don't you have a job or anything ? | - Yeah, whatever.
Look. Are you gonna give me | some money, or what ?
- Only if you dance with me. | - Shut the fuck up.
- I'm serious. | - There's no music.
- I'll lead, you follow.
And one, two, three. | One, two, three. One, two, three.
Damn it. Having a tough time there, | aren't you, with that ?
I need a damn garden rake | to eat this.
It's all in the tool.
I'm done with that | for sure.
So, listen here.
What's the skinny on that radiant vision | of loveliness down at the feds ?
What's her name ? | Diana ?
What I wouldn't give for 20 minutes with her | at a drive-in and a decent bowl of chili.
Damn if you haven't found the worst | restaurant in the whole city of Chicago.
A really fine restaurant. The other night, | Griffin was giving me...
a hard time about it | too on the telephone.
What's up ? | What's up ?
What do you think the chances are | he's watching us right now ?
Hey. Hey ! | Get outta here.
Murder suspect heading west on Commerce, | near the intersection of Lincoln.
Blue, two-door sedan, | mid- '80s, maybe a Ford.
Fuck ! | Goddamn it !
I'm standing outside | the apartment of Ellie Buckner,
the woman who Chicago | has come to know as "Jane Doe."
The harrowing search came | to a tragic end about 9:20 P.M.,
when police discovered Buckner's | body at her Wicker Park apartment.
It is a murder that has shocked | this quiet neighborhood.
See you later. Bye.
Excuse me.
I can't stay long. | I just wanted to come by...
and tell you how much | I appreciate...
what you... | said the other day.
How have | the headaches been ?
About the same.
Are you sleeping ?
How's work ?
It's great. I'm building an excellent | fan base with the homicidal set.
How do you feel | about that,
about this man | following you to Chicago ?
Is it a vendetta ?
That's a strange question.
No, I don't think vengeance | has anything to do with it.
I think there's a story, | a ritual that he follows.
Over the years, I became | part of the story.
It probably didn't | make sense without me.
In other words, | he missed you.
Odd, isn't it ?
Did you miss him ?
What the hell | does that mean ?
Excuse me.
We received another photo. | I'll be right there.
Where is she sitting ?
Let's get somebody | from the city up here.
See if they can tell us something | about this section of sidewalk.
Is this the "El" here, | you know ? Parking meters.
Yep, I'm on it.
Mitch, let's get her picture | in tattoo parlors.
Got it.
What's your name ?
Well, usually, | Mr. Abraham,
I do an introductory session,
where we both explore what you | hope to get out of therapy.
If we both feel I'm the person | to provide that for you,
then we can decide | on a schedule together.
And-- And I like | to record my sessions.
But if you prefer--
Is that something that you do | with all of your patients ?
Yeah, with most of them.
- Would you prefer that I didn't ? | - Yes, I'd rather you not.
Okay. | That's-- That's fine.
So, you say that you might need help. | In-In what area ?
I'm not sure.
What kind of help | do you provide ?
Well, I-I work with patients | on many different issues.
Do you think... | some of your patients...
might pay to come and see you | because... you're very pretty ?
Let's keep this focused on you, | rather than on me, Mr. Abraham.
Nice trick.
I'm gonna try it again though, okay ? | Yeah, whatever.
A couple of years ago, they did | a neighborhood renovation...
where they put those benches | around some of the trees downtown.
Where downtown ? | Bring up the city.
Basically the Broadway | and Belmont area.
That's 15 to 20 city blocks. | Yeah.
There are five million | people in this city.
How can no one have known this person ? | Can you spare some change ?
How can this happen | in the communication age ?
Authorities have focused | the search for "Jane Doe #2 "--
Hey, Dad. Dad, it's me. Don't you | recognize me ? Leave me alone.
Come on, Pop. | I need you, man.
The city of Chicago is on alert.
Police are searching for a woman connected | to the photograph they have received.
It appears the murder may be linked | to a serial killer in the Los Angeles area.
At this point, the woman | police are calling "Jane2"...
has not yet been located...
-and all those involved are very | concerned about her well-being.
Yeah. We've got Jane Doe's | mother on the phone.
I'll be right there.
You know what ? Get a picture at every | skateboarding place and guitar shop...
that's anywhere near that | Broadway and--
Belmont. | Belmont. Exactly.
Wish I could find some letters. | There aren't any.
She never wrote anybody.
She called three times. | Did she say where she was calling from ?
She said all kinds of things. I never knew | what to believe. She has a new boyfriend.
- So tell me about the boyfriend. | - He's a lawyer. Yeah, right.
Can you remember anything else about the calls ? | Anything might help.
A few months ago, she called to announce | she's got a job at Seattle's Best Coffee.
Seattle's Best ?
Seattle's Best ?
Not good news. She does not work, nor has she | ever worked at Seattle's Best.
I don't care whether she works there or not, | she is sitting in front of a coffee shop.
I don't know.
It looks like a bench to me. | It could be anywhere. I'll be honest with you.
Look at the photo. | There are seven people in the picture.
Three of them are holding | the same kind of coffee cup.
She's sitting in front | of a fucking coffee shop.
Get someone into every | Seattle's Best in the city...
and any place that sells coffee | in the Broadway Belmont area.
Take a look at this. | Okay.
Is that too fast ?
Okay, okay. | Whoa !
You wanna kill me, sweetie ? Come on, get on. | I thought you were gonna impress me.
Yeah, yeah. | You're so tough.
Hey, you mind posting these ? | Thanks.
Ma'am, we're looking for this girl. | We're trying to contact her.
Totally, dude. | She comes in here all the time.
We found a kid that knows her. | Seattle's Best, Lincoln and Wisconsin. All right.
Thanks. | I gotta go, jess.
I'm sorry. | I'm so late.
Can I sneak into your room ? | No.
The last time we got caught, | my dad went ballistic.
Don't be sad, Jessie. | Forget about it.
Yeah, I let her use the bathroom, you know. | I told the other dudes.
I don't give a shit what you told the | other guy. I wanna know where she lives.
I wanna know where she is. | Dude, she lives on the street.
{y:i}As our light goes out
{y:i}There's nothing left to say
{y:i}There's nothing left | to say or talk about
{y:i}You can't say | anything I don't know
{y:i}I already understand
We gotta find this woman. Call the police if | you find this woman. Help us out here.
Somebody, help. | Look at this.
Call the police if you find this woman. | Help us out here.
Leave me alone.
Hey. | Get back here.
Look at the fucking picture, all right ? | Look at the picture.
You seen this girl, huh ? | No.
Excuse me. | Have you seen that girl ?
Look at the picture | before you answer.
You seen this girl ? | Thank you. No. Sorry.
See that. | That's what I want, okay ?
Excuse me. | You see this girl ? Huh ?
No, I haven't. | All right, thanks.
You seen her? | Have you seen that girl ?
Sir, have you seen this girl ? | Have you seen that girl ?
Hey, hey. Stop, stop. | But I didn't do anything !
I never said you did. Just look at the picture. | Have you seen this girl ?
She's about your age. | Fuck you, cop. I don't know shit.
{y:i}You can't say
{y:i}Anything I don't know
Hey. | That sounds great.
Yeah ? You like it ?
Then here, | let me turn it up.
If you don't tell me where she is, your friend Jessica | will be dead within the hour.
All right.
She stays | on the top floor, man.
Please, God. | Please, please.
Please, God. | Help me please.
Just up the way there.
Just up the way there.
Get him out of here. | Come on, come on.
Campbell, you okay ?
Campbell, open the door.
Open it.
Campbell ? You here ?
Joel ?
He's freezing. | Mitch, call a paramedic. Shit.
This morning investigators | are stilling search...
for the serial killer responsible | for last night's rampage.
Three policemen were killed | and one young woman was murdered.
The F.B.I. agent in charge of the task | force has been hospitalized.
Hey, hey. Come in.
You didn't have to come here.
Yeah, well. I didn't think you | could get to me.
Besides, I don't have that many patients yet, | so I really can't afford to lose one.
I've never seen you outside the office. | You look so different.
Really ? Hmm. | 'Cause you look exactly the same.
Have you eaten ?
Do you need to eat ?
All I got is jell-O.
You wanna eat ? | Yeah, let's eat.
In other words, he missed you. |Odd, isn't it ?
Did you miss him ? | What the hell does that mean ?
In other words, he missed you. | Odd, isn't it ?
Did you miss him ? | What the hell does that mean ?
Look, I'm sorry. I can't talk now. | I'll call you back, all right ?
Excuse me, Agent Casper ? | This just came for Agent Campbell and I just--
- How did you get this ? | - The post office forwarded it from his apartment.
Thank you. Shit.
Good morning. Thank you | for your attention.
My comments today | will be brief.
Uh, as many of you | know already,
we have received | another photograph.
No, no, no.
I am not going to answer | any questions today.
I just am here to pass out | this photograph...
and to request that you continue to assist us | in this investigation.
That's all. |Police Detective Hollis Mackie...
informing us that this horrible game | of cat and mouse will continue today.
Here is the photo | of the killer's latest target.
You all right ? You sure ? | Yeah.
I think so. | I'll be right back.
Help me. Help me.
Help me!
Hi, Joel.
How's the heart, pal ?
You want a beer ?
It would make it | feel better.
Tell me something.
Did you move 2,000 miles to live | near this woman's grave ?
You did, didn't you ?
Man, you've gotta | get out more.
I mean, is this | a satisfying relationship ?
You know, she loves me. | She's decomposing.
She loves me. | She's decomposing.
What are we doing here ? What is this ? | You here to give yourself up ?
Why didn't you tell anyone | you were fucking her ?
Just 'cause she was married?
We don't seem to be communicating. | Let me be clear with you.
I have no problem with shooting you | dead where you sit.
Well, you do | have one problem.
If I'm dead,
your friend Polly is going to meet | a rather gruesome fate...
involving candlelight and quite | a large pool of kerosene.
And you know something | about attractive women burning, don't you ?
Tell me, what was it like ?
Could you smell | her flesh burning ?
You've already killed her.
Come on. You know me | better than that.
That's not even her blood.
Take me to see her then.
Oh, I don't know about that.
Can't we just sit here for a little | while and talk, Joel ?
We'll talk once I see her.
I just need to know | if there's anything to talk about.
Go on, take it.
I just need to see that she's all right, | then we'll talk.
Well, fine.
Let's go.
It's good to see you, Joel. | It really is.
Wow, it's loaded.
We're going to make it | through this, aren't we, Joel ?
I think that's more | up to you than it is to me.
You look older | since you were in L.A.
You're a good friend.
You're like a brother to me.
Did you know that ?
Do you have any real | brothers or sisters ?
What the fuck | What is that ?
I'm trying to have | a real conversation,
and you're psychoanalyzing me.
- What are you, Dr. Polly now ? | - I was just curious.
Look at me when I talk to you.
You're trying to control this situation. | Stop trying to control this situation.
Can't you just leave your job | out of this ?Just this once ?
I'm telling you. I think you're spending | too much time with that Polly bitch.
What do you need ?
I want you to think | about what you need.
It's up to me to try and get that | and make an exchange.
Anything you need | for Ms. Beilman's safety.
What I need is you.
Hold on.
I knew if I just came here | and talked to you in person,
you'd understand me | better, Joel.
Fuck me, he's got | Campbell ! Trace it !
You were the only one | who thought about me,
who really knew me.
For a long time,
I was the only one you had.
And then you met Lisa.
Pull in here.
Give me a second. | Give me a second.
Okay, he's about 20 miles | north of the city.
Yeah, you're gonna have | to do better than that. Now come on.
No shit ! Give me another minute and | we'll have his exact location.
I got him ! I got him. | He's right on the water.
Come on in.
Polly, Joel. | Joel, Polly.
{y:i}She freak out at a damaged life | like a jailbait in the park
{y:i}A teenage wolf and a bloody knife | going down in the dark
{y:i}How to make a monster baby
{y:i}How to get it on
{y:i}How to make a monster baby
{y:i}How to get it on
{y:i}Go, go, Zombie | Go, go, yeah, yeah, yeah
{y:i}Go, go, Zombie | Go, go, yeah, yeah, yeah
{y:i}Roots in hell and time will tell | if your baby is insane
{y:i}A child bride with bloody eyes | and Satan on the brain
Wakey, wakey, Joel.
That hurts, doesn't it ?
I've heard that flashing lights | and migraines don't go together at all.
You're no fun.
- Oh, no, Polly. No, no, | I'm not gonna kill him.
We need each other. | We define each other.
We're... yin and yang, | black and white.
- Isn't that right, Polly ?
Polly ?
I said, "Isn't that right ?"
I don't understand | the question.
Did you or did you not, | in your professional opinion,
reach the conclusion that Joel and I need | each other in order to give meaning to our lives ?
Yes. Yes, but I--
See ?
Take your fucking | hands off her.
I said take your | fucking hands off her.
Sit down, Joel.
Sit down.
I'll sit here and listen to you talk all night. | Just take your hands off her.
Come on, put the fucking gun down. | We both know you're not gonna do it.
And why do we know that ?
Because you can | only kill her once.
He's right.
He's right.
Upsy daisy.
How's this for deja vu ?
We've got the fire.
We've got the pretty girl.
Only instead | of bringing us together,
you move to Chicago.
The guilt must | have been unbearable.
Or something like that.
Is that what | you want me to say ?
I feel guilty a woman is |dead because I made a terrible mistake.
No, no. | That wasn't the mistake.
The mistake was turning back | instead of pouring all you had into us.
What do I want you to say ? | I want you to say thank you.
I want you to say thank you for coming here | and saving your pathetic life.
David, do you know how many serial killers | are active in Chicago right now ?
Five. | In the Midwest, at least a dozen.
I could work on any one of them | without even packing a bag.
You get hit by a bus on a Thursday, |I'm working on a new guy on Monday.
You're my job. | You're paperwork.
I can't believe you still don't know | who you're talking to.
No, no, no !
No, please don't--
I have to do this. | He's not going to understand anything else.
You heard him. "Paperwork. "
Thank you.
- What did you say ? | - I said, "Thank you."
Tell me again.
I said, "Thank you."
Get out of here.
Let's go ! | Run, run !
Joel ! Joel !
Give me your hand ! | Reach for it !
Ready ? Reach.
Here you go. | You all right ?
Give me that blanket.
Where's the girl ? | Is she all right ?
She's right over there.
Let's get the fucking body out. | Okay.
It's never quite that easy. | You go through the door.
They're never just sitting there waiting for you | with a welcoming smile on their face.
The best you can do is hope they fuck up |and do what you can to be there when they do.
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