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My knight in shining armor.
My beautiful princess.
I'm looking out the window.
Uh-huh. How many?
Four. I see|four little angels.
I see "em too.
Two boys, two girls.
- Do you really, Art?|- Uh-huh.
- When?|- Whenever you wanna leave.
Oh, my God.
I love you.
I love you.
Where we gonna go?
To that special place|you told me about?
Where you"ll be happy forever.
Nothing will ever disappoint you,|even me.
Lie back,|close your eyes...
and listen to the rain.
Oh, God.
I"m not gonna be able to sleep.
Dream about your little angels.
They"re takin"you away.
Sleep well, my darlin".
I love you.
Goddamn, you scared|the shit out of me.
I got you good, huh?
Come here.
- It"s good to see you.|- You too.
- You look good.|- So do you.
Gonna make myself a cup of tea.|You want one?
How you doin"?
I"m good.
I"m all right. Whatever.|Up and down.
- Where you headed?|-Just north of Seattle.
Hop in. It"s been a long ride.|I could use the company.
Great. Thanks.
I don"t usually-- I mean, I never|really pick up hitchhikers.
Few people do.|I"ve been lucky so far.
I"m Art Stoner.
Adam Terrell.
Good to know you, Adam.
This is it?
Yup. The penthouse.
- When did you sell the house?|- I didn"t. The bank took it.
Three months after|you missed Dad"s funeral.
Did you keep the boat?
Oh, yeah.
- First thing that should"ve gone.|- Yeah, right.
And I wouldn"t have had a job.
You wouldn"t have had|a place to come to.
Or a sponsor.
I appreciate what you"re doin".
I know.
Actually, I"ve hitchhiked|all over the world.
I wish I had the nerve|for adventure. Never have.
Worry beads?
Got "em in Athens last year.
You worry?
No, I got the beads.
- Here. I got more.|- Hey, thanks.
Mind if I smoke?
How about...
an apple instead?
The forbidden fruit, huh?
Yes, I suppose you could say that.|I love "em.
Yeah, an apple a day.|What the hell.
So what you gonna be doing|in Seattle?
I"m gonna be a counselor|at a church camp.
I need to settle down a bit|before I hit the road again.
- You?|- I teach.
- Ain"t it teachin" time right now?|- Yes, but I"m on sabbatical.
I"m gonna write my fiirst novel.
You should see this place|where I"m going. One in a million.
- Really?|- Yeah. At least for me.
Hey, Kate, how are you?
- Hey, Tom.|- Good to see you.
- You remember Mike?|- Mike. Good to see you again.
I"m gonna let you two|get to business.
I"ll come by tomorrow.|All right?
All righty.
Be good.
The judge felt that it would be|more appropriate, you know, socially...
if my wife got sole custody|of our son Alex.
I haven"t seen him in two years.
No visitation rights.
That ain"t right.
- Art?|- Uh-huh?
I"m glad we, you know, met...
had a chance to talk.
I"m telling you that as a friend.
I feel the same way, Adam.
Hey, I"m just gonna take|a little look-see down there.
All right.
It"s not exactly|rocket science, is it?
Just the two rules.|That"s what you keep your mind on.
Somebody"s got to be here at night...
"cause if there"s trouble,|that"s when it"s gonna be...
and keep the glass for the light|clean from all the salt air.
All right.
Light breaks,|what do you do?
Call you.
No, broken light,|you call the Coast Guard.
Idiot tourists run aground,|you call the Coast Guard.
Kids carrying on,|you call the police.
Roof starts leaking,|that"s when you call me.
All right.
Anyway, you got that other guy|coming tomorrow.
Let him be the sergeant.
That"s about it...
except good luck.
Oh, and, Mike...
I know you weren"t|at the funeral...
but I"m sorry about your father.
He was a great guy,|and we all miss him around here.
I just wanted you to know that.
Where you hiding?
Come out, come out,|wherever you are.
Aw, come on.
You had me worried there, buddy.
Who said the sea|is the last free place on Earth?
That Hemingway?
Yes. The sea and the forest.
How many people|you think go through life...
without seeing|anything as beautiful as this?
I don"t really know|how to take that?
Take it any way you want, Adam.
- I"m not very good at this.|- I know.
I never expected|to meet someone like you.
Not on the road.
No one ever does, Adam.
No one ever does.
- Here"s your fiish heads, Gertie.|- Thanks.
So, Mr. Rock Star|makes it big in Chicago!
Aw. How about an autograph, Mike?
Sure. Yeah, I"ll sign that|and stick it right up your ass.
We keep looking for your records.|We can"t fiind them.
Maybe "cause|they"re in the polka bin.
Yeah, maybe.
- Hey!|- Sit down!
You idiots want to throw down,|take it outside!
That"s enough, Mike!
Goddamn it!
- Sorry,Jack!|- That"s right. Sis to the rescue!
You two assholes, outta here!
Do you know what I had to do|to get you this job?
- I don"t want the job.|- What?
You"re shovin" me|in a tower for six months.
Would you rather go to jail?
What"s the difference? Take me|fiishing with you. That"s a job.
Sorry. Season"s almost over,|you"ve got water phobia...
and you get sick on boats.
No, I"ll go fiishing with you.|I"ve changed.
"Changed"? You get a break...
and the fiirst thing you do|is fiind a way to screw it up.
You take this job and you shape up,|or you"re out of here.
I don"t even want|to talk about the drinking.
- This wasn"t--|- No, no!
Ma"am, excuse me.
I"m sorry to bother you, but I"m|looking for the lighthouse commission.
- Tom Blanton.|- Yes, ma"am.
It"s straight up the road about a half|a mile over the hill on your right.
The lighthouse is about fiive miles|up the same road. You can"t miss it.
- Thank you. Appreciate it.|- You"re welcome.
How"s fiishin"?
It"s good.
- I"m Adam. Adam Terrell.|- Mike.
Good to meet you, partner.
Tom Blanton said|you"d show me around.
Ground floor.|Bedrooms are upstairs.
How long you been here?
Since yesterday.
How do you like it? I see you"ve|taken great care of the place.
It"s all right.
Well, you"re quite the little|gung ho, eager beaver, aren"t you?
Okay, son, some ground rules.
Obviously I"m the senior guy here...
but I think we can work|as partners, okay?
Give me a couple minutes.
We"ll get this place cleaned up.
Up and down the coast,you got|more salmon farms than boats.
Theirs look like bodybuilders,|and mine look like Weight Watchers.
Soon I"m gonna be fiishing the minnows|the trawlers couldn"t vacuum up.
So, sell the boat.
To a museum?
Yeah, it"s seen a lot of water.
So have I.
I mean, I know what I want, but that"s|probably not gonna happen...
so I"m down to what I don"t want:|snarky old maid of the sea.
You"d rather be|a snarky old maid on land?
Defiinitely not.
- The usual,Jack.|- Comin" up.
- Hey, Tom.|- Kate. How goes the battle?
It"s goin".
I met the new guy.
College professor.
Finally got|one eligible bachelor in town.
I"ve seen him.|I gave him directions.
- You think he"ll get along with Mike?|- Two people, that lighthouse...
six months.
They don"t have a choice.|It"s that, or they kill each other.
- Boy, that was a great steak.|- Thank you.
I just cooked it with salt,|high heat, medium rare.
A little shallots and wine in the pan,|and there it is. Magnífiico.
Nothing complicated, really.
- I"m just glad it wasn"t fiish.|- You don"t like fiish?
It"s really just how you prepare it.
You know, I think if you|present things in their best light...
people will swallow|almost anything.
That"s my philosophy in life, anyway.|What"s yours?
I don"t think I have one, really--|that I know of.
Where you from?
- I lived in Chicago.|- Why did you come back?
I got kind of broke.
I was trying to get this band going,|and it didn"t really work out.
- You do time?|- No.
Well, almost. I--
I was hanging with these guys...
and, you know, they were doing|burglaries and drugs...
sellin" shit.
So when they got busted, I was in|the wrong place at the wrong time...
with the wrong crowd.
Got a suspended sentence.
Well, my sister vouched for me|and got me this job, actually...
so I wouldn"t|have to go to jail.
Oh, man, I gotta sweep up.|Can you fiinish these dishes?
Yeah, all right.
Well, I think things are|lookin" up for you, kid.
You"re in the right place|at the right time with the right guy.
Whoa. This looks mean.
Whoa. Hey.
That"s a flare gun.
Blanton said|it was for emergencies.
Like if something|really bad happens.
Well, let"s hope it doesn"t|come to that, huh?
- Hello. I see you found it.|- Yes, ma"am. Good directions.
That must be it.
I"m Kate. Mike"s sister.
Oh, small world.|I"m Adam Terrell.
I know.
- Is he around?|- He"s inside cleanin" up.
- Mike is cleaning up?|- Uh-huh.
- Hi.|- Hello there.
I"m leaving tomorrow,|so I thought I"d come by, say hi...
give you some junk|and see how you"re doin".
Mike is doin"just fiine.
I"ll go put this inside.
Listen, since you"re|headin" off tomorrow...
why don"t you|just join us for supper?
I can"t.|I got a real early start.
- Daybreak.|- Yeah.
She fiishes.
Maybe you can help us catch something.
This is paradise.|It really is.
You don"t think so?
I don"t know.
People that live in paradise|never truly appreciate it.
I just go out every two weeks...
catch a half a ton of fiish,|come back and worry about my bills.
That"s my paradise.
You make it sound so eloquent.
Sometimes I just wish|I did like my brother Mike.
Take off, don"t look back, explore.
He took a wrong turn somewhere.
Oh, Mike"s okay.|He just doesn"t know where he fiits in.
That makes two of us.
You know he"s not gonna eat|any of this, don"t you?
He hates seafood as much|as he hates this place.
I can talk him into it.
- Wanna bet?|- How much?
- Ten.|- You"re on.
We"ll see.
You don"t like oysters, Mike?|You wanna give them a shot?
- Come on!|- It looks like snot on an ashtray...
but how do you eat these things?
Like this.
Wait a minute.|Can"t have oysters without beer.
You don"t have to|if you don"t want to.
Come on.|A nice cold one.
Here"s to us.
You certainly have a way with him.
He"s just a kid.|I learned something.
A smile goes a lot further|than a kick in the butt.
That smile just cost me ten bucks.
- Oh, I don"t want your money.|- Ten bucks.
- No way.|- Take it.
All right. I"m gonna buy you|a cup of coffee or something.
Glass of wine.
- Maybe.|- When you get back.
I really appreciate|what you"re doing with Mike.
I think you two are gonna|get along just fiine.
So do I.
Hey, Sis!
Come back in one piece, all right?
I"ll try.
thanks for dinner, Adam.
You"re welcome.
Good night.
Good night, Kate.
- Good luck fiishin".|- Thanks. I"ll need it.
- We"re a hell of a team, Mike.|- All right.
Candy from a baby.
Yo, Kate!
Hold on.
- You"re up early.|- Yeah.
I brought you something.
- Adam, I can"t--|- Come on, girl.
I got this in a little shop|in Savannah.
The old woman told me|that it brings good luck.
It keeps away|the evil spirits of the sea.
Some old Viking legend or something.
Is it true?
- Sounds good, though, don"t it?|- Oh, yeah.
If it doesn"t work,|you can always give it back.
- Thank you.|- You"re welcome.
You take care.
You know how they got|that 4-H Club for farmers?
Well, I got my 4-Fclub.
Fuck fiish, fiishing, and fiishermen.
Ooh-wee. That sounds|like an opinion.
Yeah, well, it"s the only one I got.
What was your daddy like?
He was an asshole.
Best thing about him,|he was gone a lot.
Threw me in the water|when I was three.
I know. Kate told me|she pulled you out.
Oh, yeah?
She tell you|how he beat me up?
Right after?|Couldn"t even wait till I was dry.
Whack! Whack! "Boy!" Whack!
I was a lot like you|when I was young.
Didn"t know who I was,|what I wanted to do...
but you gotta pick yourself up.
It ain"t about how bad things get.|It"s what you learn.
You gotta stand|on your own two feet, for God"s sakes.
Seems like people|are just steppin" on mine.
It"s the weak that get stepped on.|Only the strong survive.
Find a place where you can stand|and get control.
You got control,|they can"t touch you.
Yeah, fuck"em.
It ain"t about fuckin".
It"s about you.
How strong you can be.|Get up here.
I know you"re afraid.|Don"t be.
You know, someone once said...
"You have nothing to fear|but fear itself."
And fear breeds failure.
Come on.
That"s it.
You gotta conquer your fear.
Mike the conqueror.
Go on and look at that water.
Get angry with it.
You know, it"s anger|makes the world go round.
- I thought it was love.|- Ah, bullshit.
Come on, man!
I got you!|Don"t fiight me, Mike!
Come on!
Get this off.
Your hands.
Get under there.
Come on.
How ya doin"?
Oh, still freezing.
Yeah, fiive minutes in that water|and you"re dead. Here.
This won"t hurt you.
Kate goes ape-shit when I drink.
Kate ain"t here...
and maybe you haven"t noticed,|but this place is a dead end.
Ain"t nothin" beyond here|but a whole lot of nothin".
Hell, you can see anybody comin"|for four or fiive miles.
Day or night,|you can see "em comin".
I don"t know about you, but that|makes me feel pretty secure.
I thought I was gonna go nuts|in this place.
And you were a pain in the ass.
Well, yeah, I"ll drink to that.
All right.
You know, Mike...
life"s about seein" it comin"...
thinkin" on your feet, not gettin"|ahead of yourself, you know.
Just fiindin" the perfect moment.
Perfect moments don"t exactly|come naturally to me.
I was standing on that stupid rock|and I nearly drowned.
Ah, well. That happens.
We don"t want to let your sister know|about that. We"ll keep that between us.
When she gettin" back, anyway?
Tomorrow, I think.
Yeah, right. Tomorrow.
You know, Mike...
she"s gonna wanna see|the good Mike--
you know the good Mike|hidin" inside you?
You up for that?
I"ll give it a shot.
Did you say "shot"?
I did.
You reach that little glass over here.
Well, here we go.
Down the hatch.
Get out of here!
What"s your book about?
My book?
Your move.
My book is about...
the life and hard times...
of Ed Kenneshaw.
People call him Ed, but...
he likes Eddie.
More friendly.
When he was three,|his mother divorced...
took him to South Carolina.
They were real poor.
Lived in a single room.
Bathroom down the hall.
worked in a textile mill,|day shift.
At nights...
she turned tricks.
She"d bring men to their bed...
and little Eddie, he"d have to get up|and go sit on the floor in the corner...
and watch.
Just watch.
Sometimes he"d sleep.
He"d have nightmares...
about his daddy beatin" him|and his mama half to death.
Sometimes the men beat her.
She"d blame him|and beat him next.
He didn"t have no friends.|Didn"t want any.
They called him a loser.
And he"d just sit at home and--
alone and cry.
Just cry.
His mama said he was a survivor.
But that didn"t sound right to Eddie.
"Cause a survivor ain"t nothin"|but a loser that...
ain"t dead yet.
No, Eddie"s a winner...
and he"s smart too.
He starts watching people.
You know, just watching.
And the more he watches,|he reckons that...
their lives ain"t half right either.
They"re unhappy; they"re lost.
They hate themselves.
But Eddie knows.
Eddie knows he"s got a gift.
He"s got the gift|to turn people"s lives around.
He makes "em happy|before they die...
and go to see|the angels in heaven.
Of course...
he doesn"t tell anybody|about this "cause...
they wouldn"t believe him anyway!
And he doesn"t want to take credit|for making "em happy before they die.
But that"s the gift.
And he"ll die, too,|before someone takes it away.
Well, fuck me!
I just checkmated myself!.
You better clean that up now, boy.
You hear me?
Shit. Idiot.
Oh, my God, man.
Oh, my God.
So where did you go this time?
The lighthouse commission.
They have to fiile a report every week.
So what do we say?
The truth.
Everything"s fiine.
- What have you been up to?|- Not much.
Just played some guitar.
That"s my boy.
- Worked on some songs.|- You bet.
Hey, you want a sandwich?
I was gonna make one.
We"ve got some ham and mustard.
Sure. That"d be great.
Cool. I"ll make us|some sandwiches.
There"s some milk too.
Shit, shit. Shit, fuck, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
- Tell me something, Mike.|- What?
Tell me about your sister.
You like her?
Don"t you?
Of course.
Hey, stranger.
- How was it?|- Pretty good.
- Better than usual.|- All right.
Guess I got lucky.
Lucky looks good on you.
So how"s my favorite brother?
Oh, Mike?|Well, he"s doin" okay.
I like him, you know.
What are those for?
Thought I might try my hand|at bird-watching...
but I don"t know|the fiirst thing about it.
Well, you fiind "em|and then you watch "em.
Yeah, yeah.
But you gotta know|where to fiind "em fiirst.
Don"t you?
Yeah. Wanna go?
Give me a couple hours.|I"ll swing by the lighthouse.
-Just got back.|- Yeah? How"d it go?
- Pretty good. Really good.|- Yeah?
Adam"s good luck charm|really helped out.
So, you keepin" busy?
Yeah, well, I guess.|I don"t know.
There"s not much to do around here,|except when Adam"s around.
He"s not around much?
Well, he"s...
workin" on his book|or something.
Ready to go?
- Yeah, sure.|- Where you guys goin"?
She"s takin" me bird-watching.
- See you later, okay?|- Yeah.
Mike, good work on the shutters.
Looking good.
And after the shutters,|you clean out the shed.
See ya.
Fuckin" piece of shit.
I told you, I kill fiish.|That"s what I do.
I smell of it.|I kill those things all day long.
- You sure there"s nothing else?|- Nothing that means anything.
You sure?
Well, very little.
A little"s a lot better|than nothing, girl.
How about you? Any deep,|dark secrets I should know about?
Yes, ma"am.
The suspense is building.
I have a son,|six years old. Alex.
So, you"re married?
I was with his mom about fiive years.
Split up four years ago.|She got sole custody.
I haven"t seen Alex in two years.
I"m sorry to hear about that.
It"s not like a deep, dark secret...
but it"s more like a wound|that won"t heal, you know?
Where is your son living now?
They moved to California.
Driving here, it struck me:
I could go north to the lighthouse|or south. I went north.
You wish you hadn"t?
I"ve thought about it.
Then I met you.
Didn"t we talk about|keepin" this place clean?
Man, I got all the time|in the world.
Shake it off, son.
Now, I"m sorry,|but it"s for your own good.
You sure do look pretty,|Miss Kate.
How"s it going|with that book of yours?
I"m workin" on it.
You gonna tell me about it?
it"s about this guy|in his mid-forties...
slowly dying|in his crazy little world...
and he can"t escape it.
That"s the basic story.
And there will probably be|a little six-year-old boy in there too.
Come to think of it, the story could be|from the point of view of the kid.
The young see things.
They remember things.
What do you think?
I think it"ll be great.
Written from the heart.
I try to be creative--
sculpt a little, draw,|make stuff.
I guess so.
I don"t usually mention it. I don"t|think I"m very good at what I do.
- I"d like to see your work.|- No, you wouldn"t.
Yes, I would.
I knew there was something other than|a girl that goes out and kills fiish.
There"s another Kate.
That"s the one I"d like to|get to know.
Oh, God! Oh, God!
Where you been?
The Rusty "Fuck."
Where were you?
I don"t think that"s|any of your business.
I thought we were supposed to|work on some songs.
That"s true.|I did say that, didn"t I?
What do you think?
I don"t know.
I don"t know. I think she"s|extremely talented. Don"t you?
Yeah? At doing what?
Maybe you can write that|on our little report, huh?
Anyone ever tell you it"s rude to|go peeking through people"s windows?
You little pervert!
Damn it, Mike!|Come on!
Don"t be so damn stupid!
You want your sister to call|your parole offiicer?
When you gonna learn, son?
Come on, Mike.
What the hell"s your problem? Adam just|called. Now you"re fiighting him?
I didn"t do anything.|It was him.
It"s always someone else"s fault,|isn"t it, Mike?
It"s never yours.|You were drinking at the Rusty Duck?
- I had a couple of beers.|- So you were wasted.
And you had to start|a fiight with Adam?
Bullshit! All right?
That guy, I"m telling you,|he fucking jumped me!
- He fucked my face up!|- Thank God he didn"t press charges.
He"s too busy pressing|something else, isn"t he?
- Nice.|- Fuck it. I"m getting out of here.
If you do that, I"ll call the police,|and you"re going straight to jail.
This is a fucking jail.|Look!
You could give a fuck about me.
You just wanna hang out with|your new boyfriend. I"m out of here.
Is that what you think, huh?
Fine. If you wanna leave,|then leave.
I just wish you were out|of my fucking life for good.
I can"t talk to you right now.|I gotta go.
She got a temper on her,|don"t she?
- Good afternoon.|- Is it?
I brought you something|for your boat.
I gotta take her out for a test.|I just replaced the fuel pump.
Mind if I come along?
Suit yourself.
I"ve been thinking, Kate.
I"ve been thinking six months...
is beginning to seem|like a short period of time.
What do you mean?
You know.
I can"t believe how great|that felt.
You"re a fool, Kate.
That"s Hemingway.
- I should have gone to college.|- Well, why don"t you?
- I don"t know.|- Try a semester.
Do you know you"re talking to someone|who almost flunked high school?
You would try harder now.
I am a teacher there.|I do have some pull.
I smell summa cum laude.
And I think I smell like fiish.
The "Old Woman and the Sea."
That"s Hemingway too.
I wish you didn"t have to go.
So do I.
But I am the watcher.
Duty calls.
I need to talk to Mike|for a couple of minutes, okay?
- I feel--|- Go.
He"s supposed to be here,|isn"t he?
Well, I don"t know.|Maybe he went out...
for a walk or something.
We"ll wait for him.
- Come on.|- Where we going?
It"s a surprise.
Come on.
Sometimes Mike is gone|for hours at a time.
That"s funny.|He said the same thing about you.
He did?
Why, that little rat.
Kiss me.
They say the murders started|in South Carolina.
Worked their way sort of zigzag|cross the country pretty close to here.
He kills his victims|with a knife.
One thrust right through the ribs,|straight to the heart. Always the same.
What do you mean,|"close to here"?
They found a woman in a trailer park|about 300 miles from here, same MO.
But then a couple days later,|there"s this male Caucasian...
just about a hundred miles from here|on up the coast.
There"s no prints, no ID|because the animals got to him.
So we"re waiting on the FBI|for a DNA check"cause one thing is...
the clothes at the scene|match the suspect"s.
So we"re thinking...
that maybe it"s the same sick bastard,|and now he"s dead.
Jesus. Poor women.
Twelve of"em.|Maybe more for all we know.
There"s no sign of violence,|except for the knife, but...
he did have sex with all of them.
A regular Casanova|with an edge.
- Can I get another one,Jack?|- Coming up.
Anyhow, put that up somewhere.|Keep your eyes open just in case.
- Got it.|- I"ll see you later,Jack.
Take care.
Jesus, Mike!
We need to talk.
- I don"t wanna hear about it.|- No, no, it"s important.
You don"t know him-- Adam.
He"s two people.
He"s totally weird.
-He"s--|-You"ve got a right to talk about weird.
I saw his writing.|It"s not even the same.
What are you talking about?
I mean that he wrote me a note,|and the writing in his book...
is totally different.
He says he"s a writer.|I"ve never seen him write once.
He never sleeps.
The guy cleans everything three times.|Makes sure he does it three times.
He stares for hours at nothing|through those fucking binoculars.
You"ve seen those weeds--
those stupid dead weeds|that he puts all over the house.
I mean, that"s bizarre.
Those beads that are always--|click, click, click.
It"s driving me up the wall!
He smacks me.
And then minutes later,|he"s all nice again.
Hold it.
Are you jealous?|Is that it?
That"s what it is, isn"t it?|"Daddy likes you better."
Well, he did, didn"t he?
You have no idea|what I went through.
You get your shit together|and grow up.
I know I"m a fuckup.
Could you just take a look|at this picture?
I mean, who is that?
He"s got the same hat, the same sweater.|Who is that guy?
Would you just please|leave me alone?
Kate, he"s really, really crazy.
And I heard the cops|are looking for this serial killer.
- So now he"s a serial killer.|- We don"t know who he is.
- I know who he is!|- Oh, yeah?
This is breaking my heart.
I brought you here because I wanted|to help you turn your life around.
That"s it.
I wanted to be of some help.
And now you"re drinking|and starting fiights...
and you"re disappearing|for all hours of the night.
You"re coming up with|these outrageous, stupid ideas.
Is this what I can expect from you?|Is this it, Mike?
Why don"t you just go?
- Kate, I--|-Just please, go!
Looking for this?
- What is it?|- We"re looking for Mike, Kate.
He came back home, barely said a word.|I went to clean the glass on the light.
When I came back down he was|speeding out, and I mean fast.
- Was his stuff still at the lighthouse?|- No guitar, no bag, no nothing.
I saw him this morning.|He was acting crazy.
I asked him to leave,|but I didn"t think-- You know.
I"ll go back to the offiice|and see if something turns up.
He"s an adult.|There"s no sign of foul play...
so I can"t fiile a missing persons report|for another 48 hours anyway.
Thanks, Bill.
Thank you, sir.
I hope he"s not gonna|do anything crazy again.
Can you go back to the lighthouse|just in case he shows up there?
- You okay, Kate?|- Yeah.
I"m just gonna check|a couple places around here.
Kate, you look like|you could use a drink.
No, thanks.Jack, have you seen Mike?|I can"t fiind him.
No. No such luck today.
If you do, tell him I"m sorry|and I wanna see him.
Sure thing.
It"s a serial killer.
They"re all looking for him.
Why"d you make me do it?
You don't know him--Adam.|He's two people.
You're a fool, Kate.
- I haven't seen him write once.|- I am a teacher there.
- I do have some pull.|- He smacks me.
Minutes later,|he's all nice again.
Those beads that are always--|click, click, click.
So now he's a serial killer.
You 'just wanna hang out|with your new boyfriend.
Are you 'jealous?|Is that it?
That guy, I'm telling you,|he fucking 'jumped me!
Get your shit together|and grow up.
He's really, really crazy.
I 'just wish you were out of|my fucking life for good.
I don"t know how to say this.
Damn it!|There ain"t no right way.
Being at the lighthouse with Mike...
watching him, watching you...
it just made me|start thinking about...
my boy growing up|without a daddy.
And that ain"t right.
You leaving?
Yesterday,|six months was a short time.
I found this in his room.
You were right, Sis.
I"m just a useless pain|in the ass.
I"m sorry I hurt you.
Now maybe you and Adam|can be happy together.
If I ever get good at something|except screwing up...
you"ll hear from me.
I love you, Sis.
Well, maybe it"s all for the best,|like he said.
Can I see the note?
It"s not like he"s gonna go out and|kill himself. That"s not what it says.
- What?|- Where"d you get that?
I found that on the floor.
Who is that?
That"s my best friend,|Art Stoner.
We teach together|in the literature department.
That"s our school hat he"s wearing.
Do you know who the boy is?
That"s my son, Alex.
Art"s his godfather.
Can I have this back?
Do you love me, Kate, huh?
Haven"t I made you happy?
I"m trying to hold onto you|as long as I can.
I want to make this night precious.
Say you love me, Kate.
I need to hear it.
You never say it.
Say it.
I used to do this with my dad.
Sail around the bay at night.
And I"d always hear Mike crying...
"cause he was alone...
and afraid.
I got so used to it...
I don"t even know|if I cared anymore.
But you know what?
No one ever heard me crying.
I hear you.
I love you.
Do you love me?
Just let me hear you say it.
I loved you.
So did Mike.
I don"t know what to say, Kate.|There"s no body.
We"ll keep looking, but he couldn"t|have survived long in that water.
Hell, I don"t even know how to do|the paperwork on this.
You want me to put out|that missing persons on Mike?
No, leave him be.
I"ll be talking to you later, okay?
"Dear Kate.
You always told me I should change.
Well, I have.
You'll see.
Love, Mike."
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