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Waterboys 2001

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In lane 7,

Suzuki, of Tadano
Boys High School

In lane 8, Tsuchiya
of Kitahara Academy

On your mark!

No way!

Hurry up and get out!


The next routine
It already started!



You monster!

See for yourself, our swim team's so
pathetic it's been this way awhile

We're down to one last senior,
a wimp named Suzuki

But it's time for him to quit

If nobody new comes along
we won't have a swim team

Good morning
I'm Sakuma Megumi

I'll be joining the staff today

I'm a newcomer here, and I look
forward to your cooperation

I know Tadano High is really
serious about sports

My own...

My own training...

Excuse me

My own training is that
I swam through college,

so I'll be coaching the swim team

Unfortunately, it's a one-man
show right now,

so if any of you are interested...

Suzuki! Eliminated in the preliminaries?
Weren't you gonna quit?

Shut up, you just got hurt and
quit basketball, right?

I can't play in games anymore,
so of course I chose swimming

Ikeuchi from Karate,
Sakamoto from Gymnastics

Even Mochizuki from Track

All quitters with
nothing better to do

And that skinny nerd is Ota Yuichi
Guess why he signed up...

Quote: "To build my physical strength
and improve muscle tone..."

And the kid drowning over there...
is Kanazawa Takashi

Just decided to learn how to swim!

And that's Saotome
Hey, he's got the hots for you

Cut it out, make me sick

We're really scraping
the bottom of the barrel, huh?

Sniffing around like hyenas

What the hell!
I heard that!

Wow, look how many
of you turned up

Her skin's so delicate

She's damn cute

Aren't you going to get in?

Show us something

What's your favorite stroke?

Let me rub your back

One thing we do
have is muscles!

Yes... but...

But what but?

You wouldn't be interested

Because I...

Miss! Sakuma san!

What's wrong?

What'd they do to you?

I wouldn't get
too near those guys

I'm sorry

I knew it, I just can't
teach at this school

Why not?

I didn't...

know they were sending me
to an all boys school

Don't say that
Girls, boys, who cares

That's right, miss!
We're all beginners here anyway

Tell us anything
You can count on us

We want you to teach us, right?



Real synchronized swimmers perform
in deep pools, but we'll manage

I can't believe I got
stuck on that tiny detail

All that chlorine must
have gone to my brain

The truth is, I got super depressed
when I heard this was a boys school

I've always dreamed of
coaching my own team

But I'm really out of it
thinking that way, right?

Why can't boys do it?
OK, I've made up mind

Let's all go for it
Synchro swim!

Man, can you believe
the mess we're in?

Don't start!

I just wanted regular swimming...

Liar, you don't care
if you swim or not

I do too! I have to
learn to stay afloat

Wow, scary! What are you
so pissed about, you geek!

Don't call me a geek!

Hey, stop it!


How come you want to swim so bad?

Because the math doesn't work

The relative human weight is less
than the volume of water,

which has to create buoyancy

the logic of fluid mechanics suggests
stroking water will propel one forward...

And a 1, 2, 3, 4

5, 6, 7, 8

2, 2, 3, 4

Those fools are
really gonna do it

Bunch of idiots!

Synchro Swim Team, yes

Yes, yes, my Synchro
Swim Team

And a 1, 2, 3, 4

5, 6, 7, 8

Hey, Pavlov! Quiet

Synchro Swim Performance!!

What's that?

We premier at the
Tadano High School Festival


If we're going to practice,
might as well have an audience

I've left the date open

And those letters should
be bolder, brighter

But leave the details for later

All right, here we go!

Yup, we can do plenty
even with just 5 of you

I'm so happy I could just...

My heart is pounding

I'm... ill...

Must be the thrill

I mean, I thought
my period was late...

And my stomach,
I thought I was bloated...

Never dreamed I was 8 months!

Oh, this is my husband


I'm so sorry, but I have
to take a little maternity leave

You've got to ace
that Tadano Fest, OK ?

Our annual Tadano Fest
is on the second weekend

after summer vacation

It's the only time we ever
get girls from Sakuragi

and the other all-girls
high schools to visit,

so you guys better come up
with good ideas

This year, we want to nab
300 Sakuragi girls!

Let's see...
Early on, the swim team

put in a bid to perform
their synchronized swim

If you're still good for it,
I'll put it on the program

The basketball team gets the
pool for fly fishing

But, um...

It's too late now, right?

Late for what?

We're stuck with the
synchronized thing, right?

No, not at all
The program's totally open

Oh, really?
In that case, we'll bow out

OK then, the basketball
team gets the pool as usual

Damn, check out those
Sakuragi High girls

That was a close call

We almost got stuck
synchro swimming

Besides, who the hell wants to
watch guys synchro swim?

It only makes you barf

But what do we tell Sakuma...

No sweat, man

She's busy havin' that baby
She'll forget

What are we gonna do now?

Let's study,
we still have to get into college

Oh, right
We gotta study

Listen, I guess...

Full panty sighting!

I guess we can't really
synchro swim...

Totally impossible, and besides,
they were never serious

Just a bunch of horny geeks
And then she takes maternity leave

The worst
You know they're gonna flake out

They're hopeless no matter what
they do, just hopeless

Let's bet whether they do it or not

Sure, 1,000 yen they won't

3,000 yen

Somebody bet on them
or we're not betting at all

What a shock


What the...

Hey wait! We're gonna
use the pool after all

Too late, the fish guy already
put all the fish in

Don't be that way, man
We're old basketball buddies

Basketball, huh!
You're such a total flake,

you never made the team
Now your teacher's run out on you!

You didn't get injured in a game?

The way he cut practice?

Don't ever mention
our team again!

Well, I don't know what
all the flap is about,

but if you get all the fish out,
I can just take 'em home again

Go ahead

No way we can do that!

Cool! If you guys catch all
the fish, the pool is yours

You swear!


It's never gonna work

Quit yakking and help

Some swim team!

Emptying the pool is OK, but whose
gonna pay for the fresh water?

No, I watched 'em do it before

This water meter's busted
You can rig it

Get in, Sato

No way, you go!

Better hurry or they'll die


Bunch of idiots

I'm going home

Man, you're a downer

If you just did it,
it'd be over

If you're gonna fart around,
you don't need me

What are you doing!

Don't run!

Don't run!


Guess it's time we
called your parents

Oh, no, please

So, what are you
gonna do about it!

Pay you back out of our
synchro take at the Festival

How can I count on that!

Synchro? You mean
synchronized swimming?

You guys?

No, no, that's a matter of...

Yes we are!

For real? Are you guys good
enough to charge admission?

We'll start practicing

Well, let's have a look, then
And then we'll decide

You're on!
We'll show you in a week

Hey, Sato!

A week, then

But the water

You guys emptied it
I don't know how serious you are,

but if you are,
figure it out yourselves



How high's the water bill?

About like that

Um, actually, your
math's a little off

25 meters long
by 13 meters wide,

by 1.3 deep, so

Actually, it's more

Synchronized Swim Tickets
-500 Yen

Who's swimming?

We are

Oh, sorry, I really am

Can't sell one lousy ticket!

Oh, I know, maybe you should
try selling them at that place



You could just buy one ticket

Just enough for the water bill
Otherwise, we can't even practice

Will one of you promise

to come work here
after you graduate?

Why not start today

Just joking!

Say ladies, these boys are
synchro artists for the Tadano Fest

You boys are so cute,
I'll buy 10

I run a host club, I'll buy
a stack , a whole stack

Thank goodness!

He's so cute!

Oh dear, he's crying

What are you crying about?

Here goes

What are we
supposed to do?

Bent knee pose
Bend one leg, and

tuck the toes of the bent leg
behind the opposite knee

That's easy

Next, then, Ballet leg pose
Straighten the leg into the air

Raise your hips and bend the
opposite leg for the Flamingo pose

Hey, easy, easy!

Bent knee, Ballet leg,

Bent knee, Ballet leg,

Bent knee, Ballet leg,

Bent knee, Ballet leg, Flamin...

Hey, wait!

Bent knee, Ballet...

I got a cramp!


Outta the way!

Outta the way!

How's the synchro coming?

Who knows, I sure don't

Are they serious, or what?

What's the...

Are you sure?



What's up with that?

Let's check 'em out

I don't see 'em

Oh, no, they're here

What are they doing here!

Oh, shit

We gotta do it


Oh, shit, time out, time out

Dammit to hell!

What, what happened!
How do I look ?

Who gives a damn!
What the hell are you doing!

Why do you always flake out!

Can it! You use this stupid thing
but you can't pose!

What was that! You jerk !
Don't blame me!

You weren't supposed
to jump in!

But my string broke

Your wave crashed into me!

Stop wearing
that dumb thing!

Stop crying!
You queen!

What the hell are you guys doing!
You can't do this at the Festival!

As of today, the pool's off limits!

So you'll pay my damages...

I'm calling your parents now!

Buncha losers!

Stupid idiots!

Your summer vacation
starts tomorrow,

so take care of yourselves
and practice moderation

The Tadano Festival's
coming up after vacation,

and I'm sure some of you will
come to school to prepare


For you seniors, it's
time to give up sports

and study for
your college exams

For those of you planning
to take the Standardized Exam,

as you see on the board, for
English, it's Standardized English,

and for math, we recommend
Standardized Math

And as for Japanese...

What is this!


That's the trick

Oh, um, thank you...

Oh, that...


Indirect kiss!

I'm Shizuko from
Sakuragi High

Oh, I'm...

You're Suzuki from
Tadano, right?

What? How'd you...

I've always had a crush on you
Will you go out with me?


Oh, um... okay

You guys are
getting all steamy

Busting the air conditioner

Ditch that weirdo,
come play with us


Let her go
She's upset

Will you marry me?

You're Suzuki
from Tadano, right?

What? How'd you...

Suzuki - Tadano High



My brothers took me,
ever since I was little

I assumed all families
had tile cracking contests

But not likely, right?

And you?

Oh, synchro


Oh, synchro-songwriter club

That's so cool!

Just keep walking


There's a really weird guy
behind us who's been staring

It is you, Suzuki


Don't recognize me out of drag?

Oh, Mama san from the bar...

You know him?

Sort of

I see you're not wasting any time
How are tickets sales?

Oh, yes, well, so

Looking forward to
that Tadano Fest, take care

And who was that?

Just someone I know

What are you doing at the Festival?

I wanna watch, can I come see?

No, it's not really
set yet or anything

We might not even do it

Make up your mind

Like I said, I don't know...

I myself plan
to try really hard, but...

Like you're a guy and all,
but you synchro?

I told you I quit!

How way, way, uncool

Join our band for the Festival
It's the best way to get girls

That's right, even
this jerk got a girlfriend

What was that!

You don't like aquariums?
Why didn't you tell me?

No, it's not really that...

It's always something with you!
Make up your mind!

I do have a tendency
to get carried away...

It's no big deal, OK?


Giddyup, Giddyup

Thank you

Thank you, thank you

Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls

Grandpas or grandmas

Today's show is now over

Dolphins are so cool!

Ouch! Ouch, ouch, ouch

Um, excuse me


Oh, you're that synchro squirt

This area's closed to spectators

Please, teach us! How can
we put on a show like that!

Are you crazy?

I use dolphins
Whole different universe from synchro

But I want to move like that


I'll do anything!
I'll practice anything!

The way we are...
is so pathetic

Moving freely in the
water is no mean feat

You got what it takes!?



No probably

Then promise you'll
do anything I say



Is that your best!
You can do better, I know it

Now your deltoids

Push yourself harder
30 more seconds

Muscles! OK, let's go!

Good, nice work-out.!

Sato! Sato!

Hey, man!

What are you doing here!

Let's swim, man

Are you nuts? There's no way
The pool's off limits

We hijack the pool on Festival day
We train at the aquarium


That fish guy's going to
teach us stuff

Our finest days of high school

It's so dorky, just give it up
You'll wind up looking dumb

You really are the worst

I hate myself, too

Driver! Please!

So you made it
You synchro squirts!

You make them leap?

Of course not,
are you nuts?

They get all excited when they
see me 'cause I mean food

There you go, there

Leave your stuff and come down
Move it!

Thank you for visiting
Sea World today

What is this?

Dunno... ouch

What's this fish called?

I'm sorry, I'm not sure


What are you doing!
Hurry or we'll leave you here

Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!

Polish the plate glass till it gleams
And I mean spotless!

You've got until morning,
when we open again


"Anything I say," remember?

What the hell's going on, Suzuki?

Not me! I came here to practice
synchro, not wash windows!

Wow, look at those eels
They sure look tasty

Don't eat them

I won't

There's squid over here!

And crab over there

This aquarium's just like a sushi bar


Seafood Buffet
All you can eat

All you can eat
Odilayee odilayee hee hoo

Tuna belly, abalone, squid
All you can eat

Ark shell, mackerel, salmon roe
and shrimp, All you can eat

We did it! We really did it!

Thanks squirts
Looks good

Tomorrow you'll hit that tank


We did it...

We did it! We did it!

Good morning
Welcome to Sea World...

Outta here!

Hey, hey

What's this weird fish called?

An Elephant Nose

And that one?

Tiger Oatfish

A Nautilus

A Dragon fish

Trinecties Maculatus, Melanotaenia
Need a tour guide?

Oh, no, that's alright

Something odd about those kids

It's already been two weeks
How long do we have to do this?

Summer vacation'll be over

Maybe he tricked us

Oops, I'm sorry, sorry


This pool's for the dolphins!

You said you'd coach us,
so we came

But it's hard labor everyday
You're just a slave driver!

Shut up! You clean all the tanks?


What? All of 'em?
Even the fresh water fish?

Yes, we're finished

You've got to tell
us what's going on

Do we just stare at fish and polish
tanks or are you going to teach us?

Show me your arms

OK, next

OK, try the Bottle Nose Dolphin


Move like a dolphin

In the water, dammit!

Scull with your hands to stay in place

If you can't do that, all
your training's been wasted!

You call that training!

Shut up! You don't like it, you
hustle your butts outta here!


That doesn't even count as basic!
OK, next!

After Bottle Nose Dolphin, do
Sea Otter, Squid and Flamingo

Finally, do the Nautilus Roll!

Bottle Nose Dolphin

Sea Otter




You can swim!

You did it!


We really were learning

What do we practice next?

Huh? Lots of stuff
What do you know?

OK, here we are
Get out

Slept like a log

Where are we?

My butt hurts

You're into that?

Not me! You gotta do
this to get rhythm

You didn't bring us here for fun?

Who said anything about fun!

OK, here goes
Suzuki and Sato up first!


What is this, dammit!

Ota and Kanazawa, go!

Hey, Ota's not bad

Use it all

The whole 5,000?

Got a problem! It's only synchro
if you guys can synch

Keep it up 'til you're
all in synch, got it?

Dump 'em..!
Serves 'em right...

Dump 'em..!

Serves 'em right with gravy on top...

In its lonely tank

My dolphin

Sobs its eyes out

Crying with a sad voice

What? Hey?

What is this?


For real?
I can't believe it

Give me a break!


Excuse me, excuse me



I think we're really starting to
get the hang of this whole thing

Thank you so much!

Sea Otter, Nautilus Roll, raised leg!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Ouch, ouch

What the hell?

Oops, wrong species

Got a problem?

You sure it'll work ?

Worth a try
We can steal their act

Oh, I get it

Let's feed 'em


Oh, no!


Resuscitate! You gotta

What? Where?

There's a hole in its head

The mouth, the mouth!

It's there!

I know!

What a relief

How'd you find me?

You stopped showing up, I got
your number, called your house

They said you were camped out
at Sato's place, and they told me...

Why didn't you tell me?

What? Oh, um, it's...

Tell you what?

What? That you were here

Oh, that...

This isn't what I meant to...

I'm not very good at this stuff

Oh, I'll be waitressing at the cafe
during the Sakuragi Fest

Why don't you come?

Sure, I will
I promise

Oh, good

For a late bloomer
you're doing good

It's not like that

Oh, I'm sure it is

Hey, don't, ouch!

How did you land that babe!
You nerd

Oh, ouch, ouch!

My afro's natural...zzz...

Ouch, ouch

What's it gonna be, Suzuki?
Gonna cheat on your girl?

You mean Saotome's...?

God, you idiot
Isn't it obvious?

"I'm sorry... I like you,
but not like that...

"Then like what?

"I like you, but not
enough to love you

"All this time,
you knew how I felt...

"Why didn't you tell me sooner!
You were just stringing me along!

"Idiot! Chicken! Wimp!"

Yo, Suzuki!

I'll fill you in later

Shoot, what a bore

When two guys fall in love, um,
then what happens?

Hey, what's up!
Love trouble?

The thing is...

Yeah, yeah

In love with you


He doesn't need to
know how you feel

But he wants you to know

And he asked me to tell you...

You haven't realized, but he's been
watching you, ever since kindergarten...

Watching, watching...

Watching, watching...

Watching, watching...

Watching, watching...

You gotta hold his hands!
Do it right!

Thank you very much

Where's that coming from?

School starts tomorrow

Oh, I see, God, what a relief
You guys can figure out the rest

Should be some performance

Um... maybe you could...

Is anyone drowning here?

What? You nuts?

What? Those people notified us

Scoop, scoop! Corpses, corpses!
Scoop, scoop! Corpses, corpses!

This amateur video was shot
by a tourist family who

thought the swimmers were drowning
An ambulance raced to the scene...

To discover a synchronized
swim rehearsal

While that's not newsworthy
in and of itself,

we discovered the swimmers
are students at a boys school

Oh, gosh, sorry
We weren't drowning

We 're just rehearsing
for the Tadano Festival

Actually, we should be practicing
in a real pool, not an ocean

No, we're dead serious, we have
a whole routine ready to go

Shit! When'd they
get their act together...

We usually think
of synchronized

swimming as a women 's sport,

but personally, I can't wait
to see their act...

Shit! She can't wait
to see them perform!

Damn! Maybe it's
not so bad after all

How about you?

No, I think I'll pass..!

Did you see those guys on TV?


Go, Synchronites!

This is bad
Everybody knows

We'll never manage to
hijack that pool

Not exactly "never"
I calculated the odds last...

I knew we shouldn't have done...

You got it wrong

Hey! Over here!

You 5 from the swim team!
Come to the faculty office

What exactly did you
guys have in mind, huh?

You know the pool
is off limits!



Everybody knows
It's too late to bluff

...that we'd do it anyway

I figured as much
That's worse!

Since you intend to do it,
you'd better get permission!


Another one

Hello, Tadano High

Oh, yeah, synchro
Yes, they will, they will

That's the Tadano High Festival

Yes, in our pool
Yes, that's right

Over the weekend
Synchro's set for Saturday

Can't we be in it too?

Looked great on TV

Please! Let us in

What do you say?

A-n-d, go

Go, go, go, go

Any other inspirations?

Listen, what if we each
do what we're good at

Good at what?

Like I do karate
Sakamoto's gymnastics

Right! Like dive in
from a gymnastics move

What about us, the track team?

Sprint super fast and
run over water

No way, idiot!

Some lovey-dovey, too

A human pyramid at the end

What's that?

Ready, set...

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

No! You got it all wrong!
Watch me!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8


Just wait, wait
Back to your starting positions

Um, hold on here

Diameter - 12 meters,
speed - 1.5 meters per second

To spin off into 5 sub-circles...
12# / 1.5=8# seconds, right...

So the angle speed is 2 # / 8# =

2.5 radian per second...

OK, I got it
Adjust starting positions

Ready, go

Tadano Fest - Synchronized Swim
featuring the WATERBOYS!

Here, here, they're fresh, hot!
Eat them and work hard!

Thank you!

We'll come watch

Young men are so adorable!

Water Ballerinas!

Better shave your legs!

Huh? Hey!
What's this thing out front?

Oh, some Sakuragi girls put it up

Oh, I'll tape it over here
Gotta see the merchandise to move it

Hey, it's the same day...

You're kidding!

It's hard enough to draw a crowd,
now none of the girls will show

Probably not
Guess that's your loss

Tomorrow's finally the Festival

I'm ashamed to say, I've never
worked as hard as this

in 3 years of high school

So there's absolutely no
question it'll be a smash hit!

Tell it like it is! Right on!

And why am I making this
speech instead of Suzuki?

Because he has stage fright and
gets tongue-tied... but c'mon!

Right on! Say something!

Let's see, um...

Take it easy today so
you're ready tomorrow

That's it?

Let's see...

We've only got 6 more
months of high school left

We have to cram
for college exams,

so if we don't do it now,
we never will


Let's see...

Let's go for it!

Can you believe our advisor

gave us all matching suits
and goggles!

Spin around and go!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Tadano High Festival

See you tomorrow


Move away from the campfire

Oh, I can't make it to your
Festival tomorrow, sorry

Yeah, I know, we have them
on the same day, too bad

Hey, it's close by,
maybe I'll sneak over

Oh, no! Don't bother

No, I mean I think

I'll be way too busy
to see you... yeah


- Um...
- Um...

What? What?

No, um, it's...

At Tadano Fest, I...

Thing is,

Did you know I'm...

Are those fire trucks?

It's a fire

A fire?

Look, isn't that
over near Tadano High?

Where's that?

Look , it's really burning

Here come the fire trucks

Hey! What? Sorry, I gotta...

What? Hey... wait...

Don't come!

It's dangerous! OK ?

Hey, wait!

Burning, burning, fire, fire!!

I'm deeply sorry for this
I will punish the students

Be careful

I'm sorry
You guys apologize, too

They say it spread from
the kids' fireworks

They're lucky it's not worse

Started their campfire
a little early

My point exactly



We've got to try filling it up

All those rehearsals



Um... are you the head
of synchro?

Um, yeah...

I'm chairperson of the Sakuragi
Girls High Festival Committee

This is my deputy chairperson,
and our secretary

Uh huh

We know that you had planned
to perform in your pool

That's what we'd heard
But because of yesterday's poo...

I mean, fire, that your pool
isn't full enough

We discussed this with our principal,

who said, just this once,
you can use ours

Um... what do you think ?

Is our pool good enough?

Go for it!

Get a move on it!
We're moving!

There are no real locker
rooms for you,

so please meet in the
bicycle lot behind the pool!

Are you listening!

This is a special announcement
There will be

a change of venue for today's
Synchronized Swim program

It has moved to
Sakuragi Girls High

Where the hell is that?

I don't know

Where is it!

This is ruining my coiffure!

We're so deeply grateful

I myself am on my way
there now

Follow me!

Hey! Ms. Sakuma!

I've heard everything!
I'll see you there! Go for it!

Hey, they're here!

Change, please
500 yen

500 yen coming up
Thank you


500 yen please

Hey, don't!

Hey, what is that!
You can't use that!

It's a Platinum Ticket,
advance sale


Wait, please!

Tear the ticket!

Synchro! Synchro!

It's turned into a really big deal...

It's a 50 meter pool, man

It's so big!

Hey, it's that girl
She's a student here

I quit

What! Too late for that

Bet you never told
her about synchro

Actually, you're ashamed
of synchro, aren't you!

It's too late to stop now!

Hey, it's starting!



What are you doin'?

If you don't do it,

I'll take over...

Just kidding

When I asked you at the aquarium,
did you intend to teach us?


I knew it

But now, I really want
to see the performance

So you make a fool outta yourself
Better than feeling worthless all your life

How are they doin'?


What? Why?

Oh, no!

Don't, Saotome!

That feel-good sting

Of young hearts on fire

You sparkle for no reason

And you know you 're in love

Some day soon

And only to you

I have to confess

Every thing I feel

To get a little stronger

I'm rowing a way

In my broken boat

I'll have you, instead

Please don't, I'm serious

Are you ready!?

Look at you!

What? My suit!


He's in trouble

I'll just have to...


That hurt

Good lookin'!
Lookin' good!

Suzuki, you're cool!

Not so bad yourself
Will you look at that

Thank you!

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