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Weapon of War CD1

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Good day Mam
Good day
Who is she, Mike?
I'm working on it
Fiona Birch
Alias Fiona Nielson born in London, England, 1 978
Wanted for murders in Spain Brazil and United States
And here you're gonna like this
It says here she was kidnapped from her parents when she was...
She was 1 2 years old
Madame M likes to start them young
I'm in the lobby. Where to now?
Look to your right
Take the VIP elevator up to 1 2th floor
He's in 1 238
Hey guys
What took so long?
Nobody sells take away around here Cappuccino, right?
Here you go, Mike
Why don't you cut him some slack He's new on the job
To be a good agent Jack you need to think fast
It shouldn't take you twenty minutes to get a cup of coffee
Sorry, sir. Won't happen again
So why don't we just arrest her?
The point is to let her escape so she brings us to Madame M
I like her technique
What technique?
You know, like Mata Hari
She uses her incredible body to either get the secret from the enemy
Or what?
Or she'd kill you
You wanna take your little picnic outside Jack?
Sorry, Mike
You got something else to eat?
Um, no
I think I need a sandwich, Jack
Yes now
Can I have 2 croissant sandwiches please?
Yes, sir
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit!
May I join you?
You are an amazing fighter
Would you like to have this?
It's yours if you want it
Go ahead and choose whatever you like
I can take you to
where all the best fighters go
You can become one of them
Do you want to come with me?
Oh shit!
October 1 1 th Another girl has been reported missing...
...bringing the total to 40
Their ages are all around 1 3 years of age
Although their nationalities and family background vary
it is interesting to note that each of these girls...
...excels in either martial arts or sport
Ever since the Rome incident
Madame M and her organization have not resurfaced
In the meantime, little girls are disappearing all over the globe
Could it be... one female assassin dead...
and dozens more being trained to take her place?
If that's the case, I'm afraid these girls will be scarred for life...
and can never be helped
This is your new home
And these girls are your sisters
I want to go home
I want my mommy!
For the time being you can think of me as your mommy
You are not my mommy You can't tell me what to do
Do you really want to go?
I don't like it here and I don't like you!
Alright, you can go now
I would love to officially welcome you to a brand new world
Here every exercise every meal and every class
will be with one thing in mind...
to create a team of world class fighters
Is that clear?
Yes, sir!
We are two hundred miles away from the nearest island
And if you try to run away, you'll be shot
Any questions?
No sir!
You're the one who came in with me today right?
My name is Charlene, what's yours?
I like the name, Katherine
Thank you
Everybody, come! Come on!
I say we go now
tonight, as soon as they turn the lights out
There's only one guard in the tower and one on the pier
If we can just get to that side of the bay before they see us
there's a boat we can use to make our escape
We'll have to row, but it's our only chance
I've seen that boat, we can't all fit in it
I didn't think everyone here has the guts to go
Alright. So who's in?
Raise your hands if you want to go
What are you doing? I want to go with them
You won't make it
Ready. First ready position!
1, 2...
Change sides
1, 2. OK
1, 2...
I'm too tired, Katt
Don't stop. Keep going, Charlene!
Look, it's Ann-Marie, Renee
And Susan
Come on, keep going!
Move your ass. Go!
You people are barbaric. Go! Go! Go!
Move! Move! Go!
Go! Keep going!
Come on! Go! Go!
Come on, move your ass!
Use your legs. Use your arms. Go! Go!
Come on go!
The central nervous system
and the delivery of electric pulses from the brain to the rest of the body
depends almost entirely on your skeleton network
and in particular the spinal column
Remember what I said about detaching the C-5 vertebrate
It cuts the nerve cortex
instantly paralyzing your victim
Death by suffocation normally follows
Keep your back straight. Your head still
Wiggle your hip. Now stop here And you pose
Stop. And turn
Today's lesson. Working through pain
To be a fighter, to be a killer
you must learn how to work with the elements
I don't care if you are wet...
or if you are freezing
Your environment is your friend
It's your only friend
The water is so nice
I was sitting at the bottom of the ocean Katt
So peaceful
Have you ever thought that we would have to kill someone
That we don't even know?
I don't dare to
It's not up to you, this is our fate together
We can't run from it
I know I can't do it
We'll make a lot of money for our lives from it
We cannot help to do it
Come on, let's go
This is not an exercise
Today's mission is to kill a group of enemy soldiers
They are all armed and ready to attack
They will not show any mercy
You have to fight for your survival
Good luck ladies
Let's go! Let's go!
Are you alright?
Look, we knew from the very beginning what this is all about
And eventually we would have to kill
We're just an experiment to her
That's all. Survival of the fittest
Everything we're learning here...
is what we're gonna need out there
I know that. But today...
today just makes me feel worse about everything
Forget about today
Think about our future
That's what I use to do as a kid
Then Madame showed up and saved me
You were awesome out there hanging upside down from that tree and shit
Snap. Man, you should teach me that sometime
Here let me help you
Hey you're tense. You should relax a bit
If there is anything, just ask I can help you
Man, did you see me today?
That fucker tried to sneak up on me
But I was really for that shit
It felt so good to kill him
When I first came here
I had a boyfriend back home
We use to ride our bikes everyday after school
My first memory is cleaning up around the boxing ring
I tried to stay away from such a lifestyle
and finally I chose to fight in the ring
You and I are so different, Katt
And yet I can't imagine my life without you
Listen up. Here is your assignment
Kill the nearest girl and bring her dead body outside
Anyone who isn't outside in 2 minutes...
will be shot
Wait, this is so stupid
Why are we killing each other?
Because there are ten guys waiting outside with M1 6s
If we refuse there is no way she can kill us all
There isn't time for this We have our orders
Congratulations ladies You are the survivors
You show your courage and your strength
in every imaginable situation
Take a good look around you
These girls are not your friends anymore
Only one of you will survive tomorrow's exercise
Who will that be?
Get some sleep, ladies
Tomorrow is graduation day for one of you
This is bullshit!
The whole thing was bullshit from day one!
I was wondering when it would come to this
Tomorrow is just another exercise
That's it
Katt, if we have to face each other
Promise me you won't hold back
Get some rest
Today is the day one of you will earn the right to survive
Some of you may feel that I have treated you unfairly
In fact, I'm afraid that I might have protected you...
too much from the harsh reality of the world outside
All of you will soon be given a number
Girl number 1 enters the cage first
She faces girl number 2 in a fight to death
The survivor must then face two more girls
number 3 and 4
The winner then faces three more girls
Number 5 to 7
But that's not fair!
That's right. Life isn't fair
You're sending us to our death
Maybe, but an assassin knows...
the path to your own mortality is only a footstep away
What if girl number 1 survives the first three rounds?
If she survives, she'll have to fight the last four girls
One on four
The fighting is over when only one of you remains
Behind you is a box containing numbers
Choose one and accept your fate
I want out of here. I don't want to die!
You have no choice
All you can choose is your weapon
Oh look, we're in the same group!
We can be like a team
I watch your back, you watch mine
It's a win-win situation!
From the moment I realized that I was an orphan
I knew I didn't have future
Charlene, if I die in this cage tonight
you have to remember me
We will always remember each other
Charlene, don't be stupid!
She took my number I'm supposed to go first!
Ladies, there is only one rule inside the cage
No matter what method you use to kill your opponent
you cannot leave, you cannot surrender
You have no friends, no support
All you can believe in is yourself
Today you fight until you die...
or until you are the last survivor
It's all very simple, ladies. Live or die
Do not disappoint me
We've been friends for six years
I don't want to kill you
Maybe now you understand survival of the fittest...
and the need to eliminate the weak
Kill her! Kill her!
Shut up!
Get off me!
Charlene, are you alright?
Oh my god!
You have to win
I will for both of us
Don't quit on me
If we join forces, we'll be invincible
Nobody can touch us
I am invincible
You have no chance!
Don't kill her
That's it!
Bravo, girls!
What a terrific performance
You have exceeded my expectations
I have decided to break my own rules...
and keep all three of you
I'm glad we can finally sit down and have dinner together
Let's do this more often in the future
To be honest with you ladies I'm still in shock about the other day
It was never my plan to keep three of you
But I'm glad that I did
Let's have a drink
Jing, taste your wine...
and tell me the year and the label
Petrus, 1 97 1
Katt, your's?
Vega Sicilia, 1 985
Hmmm. Good
It's table wine
Very good
You ladies know your wine
In a month
you'll leave here with new identities
You will be making more than five million dollars a year
you'll become three of the most wanted women in this world
In five years our contract be over
You can stay working for me or you can go free
Are you okay?
I feel weak. She poisoned us
Now. I've only given you...
a mild sedative to help you relax
After today your body no longer belongs to you
It is now your greatest weapon
You must be willing...
to do anything to please a man no matter how vile
Because a man's happiest moment...
is also his weakest
Okay, let's go
This way, this way
He's waiting for you
Yes more... please more
Do you know why you are here?
To please you
You are the most unusual young woman
I'm glad you think so
I'm sure my cousin thought the same thing...
before you killed him
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