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Subtitles for Weekend Godard 1967.

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Weekend Godard 1967

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It's your office. Ring mother after, to check about the clinic
- I told you, I've done it - She's misunderstood you, then
When Roland drives your father home from the clinic... would be nice if they both died in an accident
- Did he get his brakes repaired? - No, I managed to make him forget
Seven people were killed at Evreux junction last Sunday
That would be lovely
But what will you do?
I'm not driving back with them; I'll say I have a cough
What are you thinking?
Is Roland getting suspicious? He gives me funny looks at times
No, I let him screw me sometimes, so he thinks I love him
Don't phone here again, it's dangerous
The row was someone hitting a bloke who'd broken their headlamp
I thought he was dead, for a moment
Yes, it would have been nice if it was her
No, the money first
Listen, I always say that because I love you
I've got to go careful, after the sleeping pills and the gas
She's stupid, but she'll catch on sooner or later
The main thing is for her dad to pop off
When Corinne's got the money we'll settle her
Sure I love you
You're my splendid bitch, you know that
Till Monday, then
When was it, then?
Tuesday... Tuesday after the swimming-pool
- You said it was two days ago - I was wrong
I know it was Tuesday because I took the last pill on Wednesday
Anyway, I wasn't scared about it
Why should you be? It wasn't the first time
Well, it wasn't like a women's magazine romance
I don't know... his eyes were so hard... his mouth, his words...
He started in the Mercedes
I told him I went for him, I wanted more than just a quick screw
We ought to meet again somewhere; cuddling in cars is dreary
I said to take me home and I'd call him in the afternoon
I wanted to fuck, but I'd rather wait
What did he say?
He talked about my body and how I turned him on...
...and how it was vulgar and unkind
- Did you think of me, too? - Of course I did
But he did drive you home
But we stopped in rue Molitor...
...and kissed for a long time in the parking place
He had one hand between my legs, the other grasping my neck
He stayed like that, without moving
And you?
I didn't move, either. I was cold
He guessed I wanted another drink, so we drove to St. Lazare
All the cafés were shut
He lives in rue Pasquier, near St. Lazare
I was tired and very cold
I realize now I wasn't drunk at all
I wanted him to fuck me then - anywhere, even in the lift
But I didn't say anything
His shoulder touched one of my breasts when he shut the lift door
- Why? - It just did
Monique came and opened the door
I was surprised; I thought she'd gone to Spain with that designer, you know
I don't know
We saw them once in that cinema queue
I didn't know she was his wife
They've only been married two months
Well, what then?
Well, she opened the door
Paul took off his coat and asked if there was a hot drink
Monique said there was only whisky and some vile red wine
She started laughing
Suddenly Paul began to look annoyed
I burst into laughter, too
He looked at us, then said he'd go and change his clothes
I went with Monique to her room. Not bad. There was a fire
I took off my raincoat
Monique looked at me
She asked why I seemed to be shivering...
...and if I was cold I could undress, no need to feel embarrassed
Then she helped me
To do what?
Take off my skirt and pullover
I was in my bra and panties
I went to the fire. I had my back to her, but I was sure she watched me
I asked why she said nothing. She didn't reply, so I turned around
She was by the window, her back to me
She sensed my gaze. She took off her dressing gown. She was naked
She asked if I thought her bottom was too big; I said no
She turned around, parted her legs and asked me to describe them
I said she had white thighs and her bush was a black smudge above them
She called Paul
She came up behind me
To unhook my bra
Then Paul came in
Wearing pyjamas, the coat open. He had a bottle of whisky
He made me drink
Then he told Monique to go on
- What was she doing? - Fondling my breasts
And then?
Paul stripped off, too, and flaunted his penis for me
He told Monique to take off my panties
He made me kneel and put my head between Monique's legs
Now my back was turned to Paul
I remember that she parted my buttocks...
...and he gazed at them all the time...
...then came closer and fingered them
The rest of the bottle was poured over my back
I felt the liquid run between my buttocks
Paul knelt and began to lick my arse
It wasn't unpleasant; it was quite wonderful
I felt Monique's bush against my neck...
...her hair mingling with my hair
While her husband caressed my buttocks...
...she put my hands on her buttocks and she fondled my breasts again
I felt her buttocks open to receive my fingers, then close upon them
And you?
They wanted me to talk about it, so that my sensations excited them
Only Gitanes? No American cigarettes?
In my jacket
None left
- Take a Gitane - I can't bear them
Is that all?
After a while, Paul asked Monique to change places with me
She kissed my bush while I helped Paul fuck her from behind
And that was all?
Then we watched each other masturbate
Then Paul cried: "To the kitchen, pussies!"
- What for? - I'm telling you
On the fridge there was a dish of milk for the cat
Monique said: "What will you bet me to sit in the dish?"
"I bet you wouldn't dare", said Paul
She climbed on the sink, to be level with the fridge, and sat in the dish
Never taking her eyes off us, she ordered us to masturbate
Paul told me to stop just as I was coming...
...and to climb up on the sink, too...
...and kneel in front of Monique
Then he took an egg from the fridge
I licked Monique's pussy, in the milk, and he put the egg between my buttocks
When I came the egg broke and ran down my legs
- Is this true, or a nightmare? - I don't know
I adore you, Corinne. Come and work me up
10 A.M.
Hurry up, or the motorway will be jammed
What make is this banger?
I know what it is, it's a clapped-out Facel
As clapped-out as your wife
A clapped-out Facel!
Mama, they've damaged the Dauphine
- Particulars must be exchanged - I'll kick your particulars!
Fancy some money? Shut up, then
Hey, 8805!
- See what you've done to my car? - Your car's all right
The bumper's dented
Bumpers are made to be bumped
Just because your father-in-law owns the block...
Just because you've got a dress from Chez Dolores...
Give me the paint thing from the boot
Little bitch from No. 16!
Bastard! Shit-heap! Communist!
Go on, then, telephone to Oinville
If you drove faster, we wouldn't be late
I'll drive the way I please
We must collect father from the clinic; mother mustn't arrange it
They're a real drag
I know, but if papa dictates a new will into his Japanese tape-recorder...
It wouldn't be valid
Maybe not, but don't risk losing your winter holiday in Mexico
You might end up in clink
Of course not. Don't worry, it'll work out
Then why have we been poisoning his grub every Saturday for five years?
Ring and say the motorway's blocked and we'll be late
See what happened to that Triumph? If only it were papa and mama
You bourgeois turd!
You oik of a peasant!
You killed the man I love! Why didn't you stay in your stable?
Why drive so fast? This isn't St. Tropez
You can't bear us having money while you haven't, can you?
You can't bear us screwing on the Riviera, screwing at ski-resorts!
Can't bear us chucking cash around all year while you can't!
And in spring we go to Greece, where grotty peasants like you...
...are clapped into jail along with their twitty tractors
No call to insult my tractor, Mademoiselle
I bet you don't even own it
It belongs to a yukky union or a crummy co-operative
Your foreign car!
Stolen, I bet!
The heir to the Robert factories gave it to me because I screwed with him
You impotent lot are incapable of screwing!
The government screws you and your twat of a tractor!
Without me and my tractor the French would starve
I don't care! Paul is dead!
- He had the right of way - Don't you be so sure
He had the right
He was handsome, young, rich
He had the right over fat ones, poor ones, old ones...
You shouldn't say that
You wretched great shit-heap, you!
You wretched little tart!
Your cut-price tractor!
It cost plenty for someone who toils with his hands
And my Triumph? A write-off. You don't give a damn, do you?
And now he's dead
You think you can shrug it off, do you? Well, I say you won't!
Witnesses! We had right of way, hadn't we?
Sorry, but we haven't time
You can't just go like that. We're all brothers, as Marx said
Jews! Dirty Jews!
Your short-cuts always waste time and that means money
Don't get at me
When did civilization begin?
You're worried about it?
No, it's the landscape
Anyway, I don't understand
Didn't you hear what he said? "We're all brothers, as Marx said"
It wasn't Marx. Another communist said it. Jesus said it
Anyway, I agree with you
I don't care, even if it's true. These aren't the Middle Ages
What's the time?
If I humped your wife and hurt her, would you call that a scratch?
Run them down
Will it rain?
Certainly it will
No, the sun's coming
I say it'll rain
Can you give me a lift?
- To Mantes la Jolie? - It's the other way
Then turn round
Silence! Even God has His police
If you've nothing to fear, prove it
Prove it!
Will you shut up?
Prove it how?
Well, we're married, we screw legally; I bet that's not true of you two
That's it in a nutshell!
Tell me your name, Madame
Me? I'm Corinne Durand
Durand's your husband's name. What's yours?
My maiden name? Corinne Dupont
Dupont is your father's name. What's yours?
You see, you don't even know who you are
Christianity is the refusal of self- knowledge; it's the death of language
Are you going to keep your traps shut?
- And what is your name? - Joseph Balsamo
Never heard of him
I'm not surprised, the way you look: A Reader's Digest look
You remind me of those who wouldn't move André Breton when he was dead
Anyway, I'll explain
Joseph Balsamo is the son of God and Alexandre Dumas
God's an old queer, as everyone knows
He fucked Dumas and I'm the result. Thus: I am God
Yes, I'm God, because I'm lazy
That's not true, my love
Will you shut up?
You, too, Marie-Madeleine
She's nice, but she's not too bright
Look, shut up. Pack it in, will you?
She's nice; she understands laziness
She understands about God, too. She obeys me
What exactly are you up to?
I am here to inform these Modern Times of the Grammatical Era's end...
...and the beginning of Flamboyance, especially in cinema
I've had enough. I'm stopping
I'll make you a proposition. Take me to London and I'll grant your wishes
Oh sure, you nit
Really, just look and see what's under the dashboard
Oh shit, a miracle!
A rabbit
Anything you wish, if you'll take me to London
A big Mercedes sports car?
An Yves St. Laurent evening dress?
A Miami Beach hotel?
Make me a blonde - a natural blonde
A squadron of Mirage IVs, like the yids used to thrash the wogs
A weekend with James Bond
I'll go for that, too
Is that all you want?
You creeps, I'll give you nothing
Quick, a miracle, you swindler
What, for arseholes like you?
That'll do! Get out!
Out, you whore! I'll make you run!
Vade retro. Go home
You see, the sun's come out
My Hermčs handbag!
Freedom is violence
Like crime
It seems to be the virtue of vice...
Is the knife under the pillow?
...desperately fighting against slavery
No, in the shed
Freedom will kill herself in the long struggle
Can the inconsistency of humanity be conceived?
And the axe?
Can one believe that man ordered society... order to be happy and reasonable?
Weary of wisdom, more like...
...nature's wisdom...
In the shed, too
...he wishes to be unhappy and witless
I see nought but constitutions...
...steeped in gold, pride and blood...
...and nowhere do I see the sweet humanity...
...and equable moderation...
...which ought to be the foundation of the social treaty
I cry into the void
The social treaty
I cry into the void
I cry into the void. I call you in the midst of night
Get a move on
Hallo, can you hear me? Are you having good weather?
Even here, in the rain, I breathe your air again
Here in the phone booth I'm cooped for all to see
I imagine you in a bar Looking out across the sea
Hallo, can you hear me? How's Laurent, Jean-Luc and Joelle?
Do they still fish off the islands At the spot we know so well?
There go the pips again. They tot up every word
I'm doing all the talking. Tell me what news you've heard
Tell me with whom you're dancing. What lies behind your words?
Hallo, can you hear me? Reply. Are your lips too slack?
Can't you speak any louder? Will you be there if I call back?
I must be ringing off now. People are waiting outside
Although I have been babbling I've hardly said a word
Hallo, can you hear me? They're getting impatient outside
In this world of dog eats dog Who cares for a love that's died?
Is it a Porsche gearbox?
Can you take us to the nearest garage?
There's only room for your wife, not you, too
- I can sit at the back - No, you'll clobber my hood
You'll break it
Clear off, or I'll smash your face
But you said I could go with you
If you like, but not him
Hold him while I start up
Do you know if there's a garage nearby?
Is Oinville that way?
These twits are dead
Here's someone
Do you come from these parts?
- Are you deaf? - Are you blind?
Robbed in Los Angeles, where one trades in dreams...
...I concealed the theft, committed by an immigrant such as I...
...a reader of my poems... I feared the deed might be observed by... animals, let us say
- Thank you, Miss Brontë - Not at all, love
Excuse me, but...
Which way is Oinville?
Poetical information or physical information?
We only want to know which way to Oinville
Physics does not yet exist, only individual physical sciences, perhaps
What a rotten film, all we meet are crazy people
It's your own fault. Take it or leave it
Perhaps fate knows everything and only appears to mishandle things
Hesitatingly, it gives seven years of happiness, then takes back two
- Thank you, Emily - Not at all, love
Mademoiselle, please!
- What is this? - A pebble
Poor pebble
Ignored by architecture, sculpture, mosaic and jewellery
It dates from the beginning of the planet, perhaps even from another star
Warped by space, like the stigmata of its terrible fall
It pre-dates man. And man has not embodied it in his art or industry
He did not manufacture it and thus decide its place
The pebble perpetuates nothing more than its own memory
Obviously, minerals are neither independent nor sensitive
That's why it takes much to stir them
The heat of a blowtorch, for instance, or an electric arc...
...earthquakes, volcanoes or aeons of time
Which way is Oinville?
And I ask you what this is
No. Poa nemoralis
Where's Oinville?
And what is that?
No. Castanea sativa
The start of a new day, in the grey dawn...
...vultures will take wing to far shores...
...flying soundlessly in the name of order
- Thank you, Mademoiselle - Not at all, love
We've been in an accident, people are expecting us
And I beg you to help me solve this problem
One. A kitten which likes fish is a good pupil
Two. No tailless kitten is ready to play with a gorilla
Three. Kittens with whiskers always love fish
Four. No kitten fond of study has green eyes
Five. No kitten with whiskers has a tail
- What is the answer? - No idea
And this one
One. No shark doubts that it is well-armed
Two. A fish that cannot dance the minuet is worthy of contempt
Three. Without three rows of teeth a fish is not undoubtedly well-armed
Four. All fish except sharks are kind to children
Five. No corpulent fish can dance the minuet
Six. A fish with three rows of teeth is unworthy of contempt
- What's the answer? - No idea
Mademoiselle Emily, cease punishing petty crime and big crime will die
Ponder that black night, in this vale of tears and horror...
...but exterminate the big thieves today...
...for it is from them that the chill and the night come...
...from them stems this world of horror
Be he black or white, I demand the death of the crocodile, common killer
This isn't a novel, it's a film. A film is life
Cover the flowers in flame, stroke their hair, teach them to read...
It's rotten of us, isn't it? We've no right to burn even a philosopher
Can't you see they're only imaginary characters?
- Why is she crying, then? - No idea. Let's go
We're little more than that ourselves
I said to myself: What's the good of talking to them?
If they buy knowledge, it's only to resell it
They want cheap knowledge to sell at a profit
They want nothing which would stand in the way of their victory
They don't want to be oppressed, they want to oppress
They don't want progress, they want to be first
They'll submit to anyone who promises them they can make the laws
I wondered what I could say of them. I decided it was that
We know nothing
We're totally ignorant of ourselves
We're as totally ignorant of what this worm is
We're both enigmas
Anyone who denies it is the most ignorant of all
Anyone who denies it is the most ignorant of all
Look, trousers from Chez Eddy
- How many days has it been now? - Today's Thursday
Your old man must have died by now; Monday at the latest
Your mother will be furious with us
It's too bad, not fair
I bet the old bitch will have altered his will. She won't share now
A little torture will change her mind
I remember a few tricks from when I was a lieutenant in Algeria
Isn't that a lorry coming?
Quick, off with those trousers and lie down in the middle of the road
Raise your knees! Open them wide, you fool!
Are you going Oinville way?
We must help with his concert; his helper's run off with a bird
There's music you listen to and music you don't
Mozart you listen to
Just imagine the royalties the poor man would get nowadays
Music you don't listen to is what's called modern "serious" music
No one goes to the concerts. Real modern music, paradoxically... based on Mozart's harmonies, you hear bits of Mozart... Dario Moreno, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or whatever
Fundamentally Mozart's harmonies
Modern "serious" music looked for others...
...resulting in what is probably the biggest disaster in the history of art
I'll continue the sonata, as all this bores you
No, it's best to start again
Extraordinary grace, isn't it? Just think, when the poor man died...
...he was dumped into a pauper's grave, like a dog
How sad, when you think of such melodic tenderness
Do remember that all Vienna attended his funeral, happily
A snowstorm drove them off, though. They were a pack of dogs. Unfeeling
Where had I got to, my dear? You ought to know
Don't think I play well, I'm no good
If you could have heard Schnabel. He was my master. He's dead now
He was a pianist, I'm just crap. You must excuse me playing like a pig
If only you'd heard him, his extraordinary tone
He rarely tackled Mozart, because he used to say:
Mozart's too easy for beginners and children, too difficult for virtuosi
It's this bloody cigar that's making me play wrong notes
Straight ahead
Your turn
What's this lot doing?
They're the Italian actors in the co-production
Are you coming?
I've had enough
Are you in a film or in reality?
- In a film - In a film? You lie too much
We'll find the way in the end
I've had enough, I'm going to sleep or I'll die
Die, then
Got a light?
- There's a bird there - What of it?
Is she your bird?
Are you going Oinville way?
Would you rather be screwed by Mao or Johnson?
Johnson, of course
Drive on, Jean. He's a Fascist
To Oinville?
- Who struck first: Israel or Egypt? - The bloody Egyptians
Pathetic ignoramus
Your turn
Your turn
- To Oinville? - Yes, jump on
Just one mouthful
A little bit more
That piece exactly corresponded with the fraction of the U.S.A. Budget...
...given to the Congo
Roland, help me
Monsieur, I'm hungry
Kiss me
Kiss me!
Pack it up!
I'm applying the law that the big oil companies apply to Algeria
What law?
The law of a kiss and a kick up the arse
My black brother will utter my thoughts
The optimism reigning today in Africa... not inspired by the forces of nature at last benefiting Africans
Nor because the old oppressor is behaving less inhumanely...
...and more benevolently
The optimism is the direct result of revolutionary action...
...political and/or military by the African masses
Recently, a large section of humanity...
...was shaken to the core by the outbreak of an ideology...
...Nazism, which brought a resurgence of torture and genocide...
...from the distant past
The countries most immediately threatened by Nazism...
...formed an alliance and pledged to liberate occupied territory...
...and to break the back of Nazism... destroy the evil at its very source...
...and liquidate all such régimes
Africans must remember that they also suffered a form of Nazism...
...exploitation, physical and spiritual liquidation...
...deliberately executed
They must attack its French, English, South African manifestations...
...and be just as ready to confront it throughout all of Africa
We Africans declare that for over a century...
...the lives of two hundred million Africans have been held cheap...
...denied, perpetually haunted by death
We must not trust in the goodwill of the imperialists
We must arm ourselves with resolution and militancy
Material development of material resources will not liberate Africa
It is the African's hand and brain which will set in motion...
...the dialectic of the continent's liberation
Given those conditions, we may allow ourselves to be optimistic
My Arab brother will speak for me
Now our hour of liberation is at hand, you scrape the barrel...
...hoping to find non-violent, pacific men... hardened by suffering - yet willing to pardon the outrage
That is not what I seek
I say a black's freedom is as valuable as a white's freedom
I say that to gain his freedom, a black has the right... do everything that other men have done to win their freedom
I say that you and I won't win our freedom... non-violence, patience and love
We won't win it until we make everyone realize...
...that it is our right to follow the example...
...of all who sacrificed their life and took the life of others...
...and that to win our freedom we are ready to follow their example
We blacks are at war with America and its friends
But we can't actually fight them...
...because we haven't enough arms or the knowledge to use them
Furthermore, we are less in number
We have chosen guerrilla warfare perforce
It is a tactic which is advantageous and easy to conduct
We work at strategic points: Factories, farms, homes of whites
It is easy...
...for us to sabotage and destroy, often without firing a shot
We can destroy telephone lines, railways, airfields...
...electric and electronic installations
Western communities...
...depend on electronic systems; they're paralysed without them
Town by town we will bring the West to its knees...
...ruin it economically
We will also undertake bloody acts of sabotage
It is not by accident that Viet Cong guerrilla warfare impresses us
Our black brothers fighting in Vietnam for white America...
...are gaining priceless lessons in modern guerrilla techniques
They'll be useful when they come back to our midst
Not only as fearless soldiers, but as guerrilla teachers
Of course, weapons are essential for bloody acts of sabotage
But all blacks have at home a rifle or a revolver at least...
...and Molotov cocktails are easy to make
Anyway, we have the means of acquiring weapons
I'll say that, but I'll give no details
Civilization means belonging to class society...
...a reality of contradictions
The development of productive forces is linked to the exploitation...
...of man by man
Slavery, serfdom, wage-earning...
...these are the forms of servitude characterizing civilization's epochs
Engels observed the steps leading to class society...
...and inter-class relations... beginning with the Greeks...
...and ending in industrial capitalism
When the three elements: Private property, monogamy and the state...
...combined in one society, it went from barbarism to civilization...
...and from a classless society to a class society
To be precise: Morgan, whom Engels drew upon...
...said man progressed from advanced savagery to primitive barbarism...
...when clan developed into tribe
Mankind advances from primitive barbarism...
...when individual tribes form a confederation of tribes
It achieves the highest stage of barbarism...
...when it passes from tribal confederation to military democracy
In its "heroic" age...
...on the threshold of civilization, of class society...
...mankind finds itself organized in a military democracy
As with Greece of the heroes, Rome of the "kings"...
...was a military democracy which had developed from the gentes...
...phratries and tribes
Even though the patrician nobility had gained some ground...
...even if the administrators were slowly gaining privileges...
...that did not change the fundamental constitutional character
The Greeks passed from tribe, to confederation, to military democracy
To understand this evolution one must understand its origin
The gens
Engels, after Morgan...
...assumed the American gens to be the original form...
...and the Greco-Roman form to be a derivation
He assumed that the Iroquois gens and particularly the Seneca gens... be the classic form of this primitive gens
By the 19th century the Iroquois had evolved a tribal confederation
Thus the Iroquois clarified the early history of the West
However, according to Morgan and Engels it was not the Iroquois...
...who represented the most advanced organization of American Indians
The great pre-Columbian civilizations...
...Inca, Maya, Aztec...
...had ended their independent history...
...had paralleled the Greeks at the end of their heroic age...
...and were about to change into class societies
It's Oinville! Now for a bath!
It wasn't our fault we weren't here when your father died
- What exactly did she say? - She won't split fifty-fifty now
All that for nothing
- What's this book? - It was loaned to me
"The hippopotamus lived on land, but he went to the Lord of Animals...
"...and asked to be allowed to live in water"
She's not getting away with it
"The Lord refused and the hippopotamus asked why
"'Because you are a monstrous creature', the Lord replied"
I'll sort her out
"'You'll eat all the fish"
"'I swear I won't eat one fish', the hippopotamus replied
"'Who'd believe that of such a monster? ' replied the Lord"
It just won't do, Roland
"The hippopotamus thought it over, then said:
"'I'll offer a deal. Let me live in the water. Whenever I shit...
"'... I'll fan it out with my tail to show there are no fish bones'
"The Lord considered the deal fair enough...
"...and the hippopotamus was allowed to spend his days in the water"
"The hippopotamus is quite different by day
"Night cloaks its ugliness, its bulging eyes, enormous mouth...
"...misshapen body, tiny legs and ridiculous tail
"Maybe it's the acme of beauty to a hippopotamus"
"...reveals how abject is his acceptance of collective life"
Roland, we must do something
A rabbit from Monsieur Flaubert
- Sixty-forty - Out of the question
- Seventy-thirty - Out of the question
- Eighty-twenty - Out of the question
Be reasonable! Ninety-ten
Impossible! We'd only get four million
- What shall we do? - There's the Doctor Petiot method
The neighbours would see the smoke
The Doctor Tar and Professor Feather method. Put her in the car boot
We'll find an accident on the way back and set fire to the lot
- The perfect crime - Happy ever after
With the millions
- I love you - I love you, too
I've doused it in petrol
Wait for me, you bastard!
Is this the road to Versailles?
Yves, the car! Claude, the food!
The poppet and you two, over there! Lie down, grandpa!
Hurry up, Yves!
Grandpa, lie down!
Pretty little spot
We've got money, I tell you
Listen, will you?
Are you crazy? I've got fifty million in the bank, I tell you
Come with us and we'll give you half
Found it, then?
What are you doing there, Gérald?
- Who's that? - A friend
We fought in Ethiopia together
- What have we? - Two middle-aged, one girl
That's for Ernest
You can fuck her before eating her, if you like
Battleship Potemkin calling The Searchers
This is The Searchers. I hear you, Battleship Potemkin
It was under the Trocadero Bridge in 1964
It was terribly cold, you remember
The famous winter of 1964
Alphonsine's hands were so cold...
...she'd grabbed my prick to warm them and she was wanking me
It was so cold, everything was frozen
Alphonsine said: "What a huge prick you've got"
"You fool, I'm shitting", I said
The sweater
The skirt
The bra
The panties
It's ready
Lie down
The fish
They're going
Go in thirty seconds
- Why disembowel him? - It's best that way
It's horrible
The horror of the bourgeoisie can only be overcome by more horror
All right, Mademoiselle Gide?
A touch of black would be nice, too
A little orange
Johnny Guitar calling Gösta Berling
This is Gösta Berling. I hear you, Johnny Guitar. Over
I intend... declaim in an unemotional voice...
...the following solemn, cold lines
Listen carefully to them...
...prepared for the painful effect they must have...
...on your troubled imaginations
Do not believe that I am at the point of death...
...for age is not yet branded on my brow...
...spurn any comparison with the dying swan...
...when its spirit flees...
...and see me only as a monster whose face you happily cannot see...
...though it is less horrible than its soul
However, I am not a criminal. Enough said
Ancient ocean! At first sight of you a deep sigh of sadness... your sweet zephyrs...
...ruffles the troubled soul, leaving indelible traces
Your admirers remember, sometimes unwittingly...'s rude awakening to the pain which has never since left him
Greetings, ancient ocean!
I suppose man believes in his beauty only because he is vain...
...and he suspects that he isn't really beautiful
Otherwise, why should he be so contemptuous of a face like his own?
Greetings, ancient ocean!
Ocean, often I have asked myself which is the easier to divine:
The depth of the ocean or the depth of the human heart
I may say that despite the depth of the ocean... cannot be compared in this respect with the depth...
...of the human heart
Psychology has much to learn. Greetings, ancient ocean!
From your dark, mysterious depths you pulse your waves...
...with all the coolness of your eternal power
Your moral grandeur, a reflection of infinity... as immense as philosophy's reflections, like love of women... the divine beauty of a bird
Tell me, ancient ocean, will you be my brother?
Ignorant of your secret destiny, everything about you interests me
Are you the abode of the Prince of Darkness?
Tell me, ocean; you must tell me...
...for I shall rejoice to know that hell is so close to men
So once more I wish to greet you, and bid my farewell
Ancient ocean, I lack the power to continue, I feel the moment has come... return to the brutal land of men
Let us make a supreme effort...
...and, conscious of our duty, fulfil our destiny on this earth
Greetings, ancient ocean
All right?
- Let me stay with you - Too late
Don't wait for me. Good-bye, Valérie
How happy I'd be if you knew
You, who I'm leaving tonight
That though it seems everything's through
To others it seems it's all right
A smile, though the heart may be torn
Pretend that it's not past mending
Write the last word, so forlorn
Just a novel with an unhappy ending
When your foot slips on a frog, you have a feeling of disgust
But when you as much as lightly graze a human body your fingers fragment... scales of mica beneath hammer-blows
And just as a shark's heart beats for an hour after death... our guts throb long after making love
I don't understand
Because of man's immense horror of his fellows
Perhaps I may be wrong in this, but perhaps I am right
There must be a malady more terrible...
...than the swelling of eyes after contemplating man's strange nature...
...but I still seek it
Well, Ernest?
Not bad
A mixture of pig and the leftovers of the English tourists
Those from the Rolls?
There must be a bit of your husband, too
I'll have a bit more later, Ernest
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