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Subtitles for Welcome Back Mr McDonald 1997.

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Welcome Back Mr McDonald 1997

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{y:i}Our troubles are behind us.|{y:i}Now our new life begins.
{y:i}Yes. This isn't the end.
{y:i}Not the end, no.
{y:i}Nor the beginning of the end.|{y:i}Just the end of the beginning.
{y:i}Now, as if in benediction,|{y:i}fireworks light up the sky.
{y:i}- Hold me tighter!|{y:i}- Like this?
{y:i}- Torazo!|{y:i}- Ritsuko!
{y:i}They join in fervent embrace...
{y:i}red in the sun|{y:i}as it sinks into Atami Bay.
{y:i}In Torazo's powerful arms|{y:i}she recalls...
{y:i}the words of Father Maruyama|{y:i}long ago:
{y:i}"Only through faith in love|{y:i}can love save you!"
{y:i}Drama Special:|{y:i}"Woman of Destiny"...
{y:i}by Suzuki Miyako...
{y:i}starring Senbon Nokko,|{y:i}Hamamura Jo...
{y:i}Hirose Mitsutoshi|{y:i}and Noda Ben.
{y:i}This is your narrator,|{y:i}Hosaka Suguru, wishing you...
{y:i}a pleasant good night.
Good work!
Sounds good!
A minute over,|but we'll move faster live.
Sumi! Coffee!
How was it?
Just wonderful!
Wait 'til we're on-air!
How can I thank everyone?
- Good work!|- It's cold.
Excellent work!
It's cold, I tell you.
We go live at midnight!
- Hiromitsu!|- Furukawa!
What brings you here?
- I'm managing Nokko now.|- Since when?
Set it 26 degrees Celsius.
- 25 is no good?|- 26.
Nokko!|You were great!
Was I?
I wonder...
Don't be ridiculous!
- Thank you!|- How was it?
Very good!
Really.|How nice to hear.
She is the writer.|It must be true.
Excuse me...|May I have a word?
I was thinking...
Mr. Furukawa!
Perhaps I might pitch my voice|a bit lower?
Make it a bit more calm?
Let's do it.
Is that okay?
Sure, why not.
I'll do that, then.
Is Nokko upset about something?
No, she's always like that.
Mr. Ushijima...!
Excuse me.
There are some things|about the script...
Could you go get us|something to snack on?
Oh, right. Sorry!
Anything,|it doesn't matter what.
Excuse me.
Didn't you get anything?|I told you to have a meal ready.
We're fine with just snacks...
- Go!|- I'll pay...
No, no!|Perish the thought.
The actors shouldn't have to ask.
Get them something to fill up on.
I thought|I might pitch my voice lower...
- Why not?|- I'll do that, then.
- Excuse me.|- See you soon.
It's cold.
The narrator would like|a word with you.
He'd like to go over|a few points in the script.
His job being what it is,|he's sensitive to every word.
If he goes too far,|I'll straighten him right out.
Shall we...?
Oh, wait...
Thanks, I've got it.
Do you think|I should pitch my voice lower...?
On a basic level|it's very well-written.
Thank you.
However,|two or three points concern me.
May I?
Page 12, line 3:
Narrator:|"Now Ritsuko, silent, lifts up her eyes."
That is redundant.
"Lifts up..."|That's like saying "an aching headache."
You wouldn't|"lift" something "down."
Do you mind?|We're having a meeting here.
Keep it down!
May I change this to|"She lifts her eyes"...?
Don't we say "lifts up her eyes"?
We do not.
I'll change it to "lifts her eyes."
Next, on page 24...
Look at all this stuff!
I couldn't make up my mind, so...
Sumi!|Where are we supposed to cook this?
Oh yeah...
I'll pass it around...
I'll do that!
- No, I'll do it.|- Sumi!
If you really don't mind...
Take these CDs back to the library.|Those too.
Let's get to it.
Don't let it get to you.
{y:i}It's not wrong to say "lift up,"|{y:i}is it?
- No.|- Isn't it?
- Not at all!|- It isn't, is it!
Then why would...?
Let him have his way.
They're still great though, huh?
Radio drama has|something TV doesn't.
For example,|if you do sci-fi on TV...
in order to compete with|Hollywood movies...
you need expensive special effects|and computer graphics.
But in radio, a narrator can just say|"outer space"...
and there you are, out in space!
You're right.
With radio you can go as far as|the imagination itself!
I love it, you know?|Radio drama.
Mr. Kudo, the library's locked|and I can't get in.
Put 'em out of the way, then...|Try over there.
We'll pre-record|your opening comment.
Oh... Just a second.
"...can you substitute?"|No, you cannot!
True or False No. 3:|From Maki in Nakano...
This is Bucky, our staff writer.
Going live tonight, huh?|Sure you wanna do that?
Unusual, isn't it.|Yet life demands adventure!
"I butter the toast,|then cover it with onion slices...
"add fish innards, then..."
- She's on a roll tonight.|- The postcards are mine.
See you.
I'll check back with you|at midnight.
"...and it tastes just like caviar!|Try it and see!"
Next: "Does cucumber with honey|taste like melon...?"
Hello, Studio A...
{y:i}Let's tape the Sensei's intro now.
We're on break.
It's Nokko's manager...
{y:i}Don't keep Sensei waiting!
May I get you a drink?
I'm fine, thanks.
I love your script.
I cried.
Hear that?
Did you cry?
I was working.
I didn't cry at all.
But it's such a great story...
That's what you call "great," huh?
Is your heroine based on someone?
Based on...?
On yourself, for example...?
Oh, no, I'd never...
- Is this your first script?|- Yes.
Planning to make a career of this?
It just sort of came to me,|actually...
'Cause I wouldn't.
She was the contest's|one and only entrant.
I was?
- I'll be back.|- What does Nokko...?
I know it's a hell of a thing to ask|at this point...
but you know how Senbon Nokko is|when her mind's made up.
What can you do?
What's she unhappy with?|It rehearsed so well, too...
The heroine's name.
The name?
Apparently|"Ritsuko" brings up bad memories.
She had an affair with a married man.
It got in the papers...|and the wife's name was "Ritsuko."
I see...
How about it,|can you change it?
Gimme a break!|She's had the script for days.
Something wrong?
{y:i}Nothing to do with you, Sensei.
Nagai?|Hot coffee, please.
- Going okay?|- Well...
Sorry I'm late.|The wrap party went long.
Here, Cozy Corner's cream puffs.|Let's all have some.
Which one'd you buy 'em at?
{y:i}Sensei!|{y:i}What a pleasure.
Please, sit down.|How was the rehearsal?
It was wonderful!
That's great.|It ought to be a fine show, then.
Mr. Horinouchi,|Nokko's manager wants...
Can we get started, please?
Huh? Wh-Wha...?
- The writer's intro.|- Oh, I see... Good.
- And?|- She wants a name change.
And why is that?
"Brings back memories."
- Then we better do it.|- Yes.
- So change it, already.|- Okay.
Hello? Speaking...
Oh, the proposal!|You bet I read it...
Sounds like fun!
Thanks for coming out,|by the way...
Whenever you're ready.
Shall we?
Yes, please.
We'll go straight through.
Roll it.
Good evening, radio listeners!
My name is Suzuki Miyako.
{y:i}I'm just an average housewife.
{y:i}I'm so honored that|{y:i}my very first script...
I see...
Scripts shouldn't be changed on|actors' whims, but...
No, but...
Still, we need the best performance|she can give us.
I understand.
May we change it?
Ushijima here.|We've got a name for you...
What'd we end up with?
How about "Yoshie"?
Uh... Hang on.
What about "Yoshie"?
I see. All right.
Just a minute.|I've got the writer here.
Her last boyfriend dumped her|for a woman named Yoshie.
Not too lucky in love, this one.
Just ask what she wants.
Any requests?
I see.|Yes, we'll discuss it.
...and so I'm very sorry, but...
the name for our heroine is now|"Mary Jane."
How could she have a name like that?
Her mother was American.
It doesn't affect the lines.|It's just backstory, okay?
Was it Nokko's idea?
{y:i}Does the Sensei agree?
Yes, she does.
Only the name has changed.|The story's still the same.
So when it comes to the name,|remember...
not "Ritsuko,"|but "Mary Jane," okay?
Why would she say a thing like that?
To cause trouble.
You think?
Of course!
But why?
Do you know why she's the lead?
Nokko and our hottest star are|under the same management.
No doubt arms were twisted.
"Barter," more like.
She's probably ticked at|having to ride the kid's coattails.
Was it really Nokko's idea to go live?
Studio recording takes too long|for her liking.
I see...
{y:i}Now hold on...
Why am I still "Torazo"|while she's "Mary Jane"...?
What could I say?
The hall's good enough for us,|but she gets a dressing room?
Relax, Mr. Hamamura,|okay?
{y:i}She is a star and,|{y:i}if only for being difficult, she is famous.
I don't care.|If that woman gets to be "Mary Jane"...
then I'm a foreigner, too.
Mr. Hamamura!
What else could I say?
You know actors.|They care only for themselves.
But all foreigners?
We'll have to set it abroad.
Change it that much now?
Just the names!|The story's the same.
Can you do that?
All foreigners?
Move it from Atami to New York.
New York.
Nothing else has to change.
If they say anything else,|I'll put my foot down for sure.
You'd better speak up now...
We can change it ourselves...
but it's better|you make the changes your own way.
I'd prefer that I do it, but...
Clear her some space.
I'm so sorry.
May I use the phone?
By all means. Here, use this.
May I? Thank you...
Make copies for everyone.
All character names are now foreigners.
{y:i}But I thought|{y:i}the Sensei was rewriting...
I haven't got time for an amateur.
Just do it, okay?
I'm sorry, but no!|New York is impossible.
Fix it? Please?
The heroine works in|a pachinko parlor!
That's right!
- None in New York, right?|- Nope.
Does it have to be pachinko?
Working where she does is|the meat of the story!
A delicatessen, then.
Give it up already!|We're just asking for trouble.
- Mr. Ushijima...|- I'll talk to the executive producer.
Yes, I just talked to|Mr. Kashiwagi about that.
That's what I'd like to do, yes.
I'll see the sponsor|early next week...
Uh-huh, that's right.
I appreciate it.|Thanks again.
And what do I do with this, huh?
- Wrap party?|- Bingo prize.
Someone's got to|talk to Senbon Nokko.
Guess so.
Will you?
Wait, give me a minute...
My stomach's awful lately...|Do you know anything I can take?
Horinouchi here.|Sorry to call so late... listen...
It's true!
Mr. Ushijima?|This is Nokko's new single.
If you wouldn't mind...
No problem.
Nokko! Hey, Nokko!
Anyway, be that as it may...
Now, about this script...
I couldn't possibly do it|the way it is now.
Of course not,|but there's no pachinko in New York...
So drop the pachinko.
Why didn't I think of that.
Make her something more glamorous...
- A career woman?|- Exactly!
Can we do that?
This is carbonated.
{y:i}You're kidding!!
- Get me something else.|- I'm sorry!
So where's that|tubby assistant of Nokko's today?
She quit.
Seventh one this year.
I'm waiting.
- Anyone else?|- No thanks.
Move it!
Say... What about a lawyer?
Oh, Nokko...
I wanna do a trial scene!
And I'd love to see it...
Better than pachinko,|that's for sure.
Can we do that? Please?
The heroine as a New York lawyer...|A good one, too!
Let's go with that.
Sure! Why not. read it over...
and make the heroine a lawyer.
By 11:45.
Four minutes...?
You're the only guy in the world|who can pull it off.
Got that right.
Excuse me,|I'm looking for Studio A...
- Copies all around!|- Got it.
- Careful of page inserts...|- I will.
We go with "Mary Jane."
Just a minute!
Please!|I'm very sorry...
What about pachinko?
We had to make some changes.|There wasn't any time.
What changes?
She's a lawyer.
"Mary Jane" is now a New York,|fast-track career woman.
Just exposition, okay?|A little. At the start.
Mr. Hamamura is now|"Michael Peter."
Mr. Noda is "Father Martin."
And Hiromitsu is..."Heinrich"!
- A German.|- Why?
Isn't Heinrich a German name?
Is it?
Play him German, then.
And this is whose idea...?
I don't know any foreigners.|It's all I could think of.
And this "Michael Peter"...|That's the best you could do?
I'm open to suggestion.
I have to call him whatever|you come up with, so let me know.
And what's this...?
The heroine's now a lawyer?
Well, I'll be.
What's going on here.
You don't want to know.
That woman again?|Why do you keep giving in to her?
The writer doesn't mind.
- Unbelievable...|- There's no time!
What's done is done.|Let's just...
Forget it!
It's unheard of.|I'm leaving.
- Mr. Hamamura, come on...|- I mean it!
- Mr. Ushijima...|- Mr. Hamamura!
All right!
Give me five minutes!|I'll go talk to Nokko again.
Do you think she'll give in?
Not a chance.
Why even bother.
You're not going?
What's the point?
I had to tell Hamamura something.
Come back for me in five minutes.|I'm beat.
I hardly recognize it...
Bucky,|this is way too complicated...
Mary Jane defends Giuseppe Romano.
No one thinks she can win!|It's her big scene.
Who's "Giuseppe Romano"?
A new character. Some cheap thug.
Mary Jane gets Romano off.
He confesses to the Stefano murder|then does himself in.
Who's "Stefano"?
Romano's half-brother, obviously!!
It makes no sense!
It's too late to rewrite!
What about these effects?
The machine gun's essential.|Violence is a major motif!
- Go get the effects CDs.|- But...
I didn't ask for this.
I'd go with the first script,|but I've got a show to do.
Don't give me that look.
So, mind if I stay with you tonight?
I guess not...
I just can't be alone tonight,|y' know?
I'll be back.
You'd think they'd care about the show,|but they don't.
All Ushijima ever thinks about is|avoiding conflict...
and women.
His boss, Horinouchi, is run so ragged|he's got nothing left...
And as for me,|I just do what I'm told.
If you want to do something|that'll move people...
I'd look into|some other line of work.
Pardon me.
Thanks for coming.
Is that the one?
Uh-huh. Thanks.
How is it?
The world of radio?|Tougher than I thought.
I apologize for losing my head earlier.
I'm no longer a child.
I gave you my word and|I'll stick to it.
Thank you.
On one condition, however...
I want something as glamorous as|her "New York career woman" thing.
Mr. Hamamura...
My being a fisherman won't do.|Make me a pilot.
Please, no...
If she's a lawyer, then I'm a pilot.
Another change will be chaos!
Be a fisherman... Please!
For me!
- I'm terribly sorry.|- It's all right.
If it weren't live, I'd ask you to|make the changes, but...
If only my script were better...
Not at all!
My husband.
Mr. Ushijima, the producer.
I appreciate|what you've done for my wife...
But it's she who's helping us...
- Suzuki.|- Ushijima.
I'm in auto sales.
You what?
Please help her with|the next script, as well.
{y:i}Mr. Hosaka,|{y:i}this is the Sensei's husband.
How do you do.
{y:i}Her car salesman husband.
I see you all the time|on the news.
- Here to observe?|- Dropping something off.
I wear a bandanna when I write.
It helps me get ideas,|so I asked him to bring it...
though I guess|there's no point now.
{y:i}Sensei, don't worry!|{y:i}No more changes, I promise.
Ad libs have been strictly forbidden.
- Enjoy the show.|- Thank you.
{y:i}They call you "Sensei"...!
So? Big deal.
So that's great!
They don't respect me for real.
Don't I look like|a salesman or something?
I mean,|why are they surprised?
Oh, I almost forgot!
- Nokko's new single?|- Put it on at the end.
Hey, hey...|We agreed to stop doing this.
But I promised!
{y:i}But why would enka music be...?
One verse, then!
Come on, people, let's do it.
Okay! Let's do it!
You're in good hands!
Let's do it, yes?
- I'm sorry, you can't eat in there...|- I'll be quiet.
Gonna be a long night.
- Let's do it, huh?|- Shall we?
Bucky!|It's been ages!
Hey there.
What're you up to?
The script, I wrote it.
Did you!
Miss?|Some coffee, please? Thanks.
Looking good, eh, Kudo?
- What's wrong?|- No sound effects.
- Why not?|- They're on CD.
The library's locked.
Cut the machine guns.
You can't do that!
We've got no effects.
But I need the impact!|Violence is a major motif!
Can't you get Security to open it?
Stand by, everyone...
- Here to observe?|- Uh-huh.
There's food over there.|Help yourself.
Let's get to it, huh?
- We cued up?|- Ready.
Nokko, Jo, in position...
Are we ready?
You know it.
Look!|We open with my big trial scene.
{y:i}Mr. Hosaka? Stand by.
I'm ready.
We go after the writer's intro.
You can go home now.
Just let me hear the start.
{y:i}Drama Special:|{y:i}"Woman of Destiny"...
{y:i}the dramatization of a script|{y:i}by Suzuki Miyako...
{y:i}winner of|{y:i}the Radio Benten Drama Competition.
{y:i}Good evening, radio listeners!
{y:i}My name is Suzuki Miyako.
{y:i}I'm so honored that my very|{y:i}first script has been so kindly chosen...
{y:i}for broadcast|{y:i}as tonight's radio drama.
{y:i}It's the breathtaking account of...
{y:i}an affair of the heart, in which...
{y:i}an average housewife is...
{y:i}dramatically swept up into romance.
{y:i}It's the kind of story which,|{y:i}if successful...
{y:i}is guaranteed to|{y:i}leave you thrillingly in tears.
{y:i}Earlier this evening...
{y:i}the producer said|{y:i}something truly wonderful to me.
{y:i}"Radio drama offers|{y:i}limitless possibilities, " he said.
{y:i}I think so, too.
{y:i}The truth is that,|{y:i}when I watched the rehearsal...
{y:i}and even though|{y:i}it was my own script...
{y:i}it was done so beautifully...
{y:i}with such a marvelous staff|{y:i}and such talented actors...
{y:i}that I was truly happy.
{y:i}All of you, I think,|{y:i}will bejust as moved as I.
Mr. Ushijima...
{y:i}I'll surely remember this night|{y:i}for as long as I live.
{y:i}Therefore, my hope is|{y:i}you'll be enthralled to the very end.
Stand by...
Going to theme!
Bucky...|We've got no effects.
Security says someone took off|with the key last night.
So now what?
What's wrong?
We'll skip the gun.
- You'll what?|- Never mind!
We need that machine gun!|Or the audience won't buy it.
What audience.
No machine gun, no script!
- Then we'll work it out!|- In what way?
- Do a machine gun!|- How?
The effects always used to be|done by people!
We're on-air!
One of the lot guards was|once an F/X man, a foley artist...
You mean that old guy?
He got downsized and|rotated to Parking...
Right! One time we heard waves|coming from the garage.
Then we found out|he'd been shaking beans in a basket.
Reliving the good ol' days, maybe?
- How long?|- Two minutes till the end.
He might have on records.
Go to commercial, then|back to theme!
And you want...?
We need sounds.
And you're asking me.
- Aren't you the guy?|- What guy.
- You look like him...|- Him who.
We heard that someone here|used to do sound effects.
No one like that here.|Sorry.
Let's go.
- We'll leave now.|- Please do.
- You've got to help us!|- A record, even!
I don't have records.|Sounds are things you make.
I need a machine gun!
There are so many kinds,|you see...
What kind you want?
The theme's ending!
Go to "New York, City of Crime..."
Mr. Ushijima...|Machine guns don't work for New York.
Why not?
It's for Chicago.
Yeah, so?
Machine guns mean Chicago!
Hey, he's right!
Make it Chicago.
- Change "New York" to "Chicago."|- Jingle's ready!
Get ready, people...
{y:i}I knew it was odd...
{y:i}Chicago, City of Crime...
{y:i}Lawyer Mary Jane defends|{y:i}murderer Giuseppe Romano.
Ladies and gentlemen, I ask you:|What is the jury system?
{y:i}What is it that's|{y:i}brought us here today?
- Sounds pretty good.|- Yup.
{y:i}The fate of others hangs upon|{y:i}people like ourselves.
All I ask is that|you do not discard your own humanity.
I thank you.
Has the defendant anything to add?
I ain't the one you want!|I'm innocent, I tell ya!
I been framed by the Tattaglia family!
{y:i}I wake up this mornin'and, Hey!|{y:i}What's that in my bed?
How long is this?
{y:i}What is it? I say.|{y:i}I turn back the covers...
How'd you come up with this?
It was supposed to be|a pachinko parlor...
I liked it better before.
So did I.
{y:i}Pachinko,|{y:i}like where we met!
You don't say!
She was working there.
Where's he reading from?
He's making it up.
- Kill it!|- Fade out, then commercial!
{y:i}A Stefano plot!|{y:i}It's gotta be!
{y:i}1602! Radio Benten!
Sounds just like a machine gun!
Old guy says|they use corn in the States.
Ah, but pistachios have flavor|all their own.
{y:i}Fly Dai-Sunda Air!
{y:i}Mary Jane was the child of|{y:i}poor immigrants...
{y:i}Her father was a boat builder.
{y:i}Her mother was a free spirit.
What's that?
Nokko's new song.
- What's it called?|- "Serendipity."
- And we're playing it?|- Only at the end. What a dud.
Cue it.
{y:i}Mary Jane's mother left her|{y:i}when she was only ten.
- Going okay?|- It's... going.
- Some water for my pills?|- Of course.
Ah, I'm a wreck!
{y:i}Mr. Horinouchi,|{y:i}this is the Sensei's husband.
Oh, hello!
- Mr. Horinouchi, the executive producer.|- How do you do.
I'm in auto sales.
- Thanks.|- I'm told those work great.
It's a very good script.
Is it?|I wouldn't know.
She wouldn't let me read it.|She'd get mad if I peeked.
Here, let me help you...
- We're running long.|- It's Bucky's monologue.
If we don't cut,|we'll run out of time.
How about the scene with the priest?|I'm thinking it's dull.
- How late.|- Three minutes.
Cut the priest... here... here...
- Yes, cut that...|- It can't be helped.
{y:i}Eventually Mary Jane met|{y:i}a German-American, Heinrich...
{y:i}and they got married.
{y:i}Guten Morgen...!|{y:i}Hey! Mary Jane! I'm home!
Welcome home, darling.|How was your day?
No cars sold today either.
Cheer up, dear.|Your day will come!
I think it came and went.
{y:i}Heinrich was a used-car salesman.
{y:i}Sometimes I think...
I'm just not cut out|to sell cars.
That's not true, Heinrich!|It's what you were born to do!
You'll eat yourself sick.
Did he just say|Heinrich's a car salesman?
- That's the plot?|- Coincidence.
You should've said so!|I could've been your source.
Go home, will you?
- After I finish this.|- Now.
And don't listen in the car,|okay?
You really are shy.
No self-confidence, more like.
Thanks for coming.
Take your time.|I'll have the bath ready.
{y:i}I'm home...!
{y:i}Hey! Mary Jane!
{y:i}Not here? Where'd she go?
{y:i}She had never left|{y:i}without a note before...
{y:i}A seed of doubt took root|{y:i}in Heinrich's heart.
{y:i}Just then...
Honey... I'm home.
But where have you been?
Hey!|What happened to you?
You're soaked!
It's nothing, Heinrich!
You're soaked!|And it's mid-winter, too!
Even your hair is wet!
I tell you, it's nothing!
{y:i}Indeed, what HAD happened to her...?
{y:i}Where are you headed,|{y:i}Mary Jane? Where?
Mr. Ushijima, this can get cut.
We don't need that, no.
"Romano" went on and on...|I knew we'd run long.
Yeah, but it was worth it!
Pages 38 and 39...
Cut the Mary Jane and Father Martin scene,|okay?
They'll meet twice|instead of three times.
Meaning now,|in the chapel scene...
they meet for the first time.
All right.
Gotta love live radio, eh?
{y:i}- "Romano."|{y:i}- Okay with you, Sensei?
- His lines will change...|- Will you fix them?
- Will you?|- "Romano..."
- I'm counting on all of you.|- No problem.
Mr. Ushijima...
I've discovered a discontinuity...
Please don't start...
We go to the flashback next, yes?
Mary Jane walks on a beach|and is swept away by a wave.
Local fisherman Michael Peter|saves her from drowning.
That's right.
And that's how she falls in love|with Michael Peter.
- Right.|- Where's the problem?
{y:i}Chicago doesn't have a sea.
I should've thought of that|when we changed it...
{y:i}Why didn't you?|{y:i}I knew it was odd...
We should've kept it New York.
It's your fault!
Machine guns mean Chicago!
- So now what?|- Now, we're in for it.
Isn't there a lake in Chicago?
Lake Michigan.
That'll work!
Huge waves off a lake?
- Wind causes it, then.|- No good.
- Why not?|- Lakes freeze in winter.
- We'll say it's summer!|- Heinrich said it was winter.
There, you see?
It's a drama! Who cares!
As an announcer I'm unable to|lower my professional standards.
That's right,|he also does news.
We cut the disaster.
Can we?
Just a minute!
That's when the heroine meets|Torazo again.
Who's Torazo?
Michael Peter.
Without it,|Mary Jane and Michael Peter never meet.
Hamamura will never go for it...
How about getting lost|in the mountains?
No good.
Then there'd be no reason for her|to be soaking wet.
{y:i}You just had to make it Chicago.
Commercial's ending.
Go to news.
Go to the newsroom!
We don't have much time...
I have found a way!
Is there a dam in Chicago?
There is.
Now that's serendipity.
That dam is going to break!
Breaking dam, huh?
There's no time...
Look, you don't do good work|when you rush...
But we're on-air right now...
I don't feel like helping any more.
Before,|I got caught up in the moment...
but I've since had time to regret it.
Oh, come on!
In the old days,|all effects were individually crafted.
They had a flavor to them.
Nowadays all sound effects are|mass-produced.
The birds all sound the same,|the rhythm of the waves...
They're all fake.|A real wind, now...
Enough already!!
I was just getting started.
Save nostalgia for later!
No one taught you in my day!
You made it up as you went along!
That's how you became an F/X man.
Figure it out yourself.
We're out of time!!
No matter how dumb it is,|we've got to see it through!
That's our job!
{y:i}And now, on a lighter note,|{y:i}Banbo, a chimpanzee...
{y:i}at the Kokura Zoo in Kitakyushu...
Here, take it!
Copy it!
- Well?|- We'll manage.
Toss these out!|Insides only.
What for?
I'll explain later.|Open this and dump it out.
Someone get me salt|from the cafeteria!
I'll do it.
Thank you!
Move it, Bucky!
There's a minor change.
Now,|instead of the beach scene...
Mary Jane is lost in the mountains|when a dam breaks.
It'll be a huge spectacle.
- Excuse me?|- No more major changes after this!
The rest of you will be|screaming villagers.
When's my part?
Right after this.
I need a favor.
We're getting the effects ready,|but we need more time.
Can you ad lib?
Solo? No way...
You were a DJ for 10 years!|What's the problem?
But now I'm Heinrich!|It's impossible.
- Use today's baseball scores!|- How would Heinrich know those?
Just till we get the effects ready.|Please!
Hi, Heinrich here!|No car sales today either.
{y:i}Perhaps you already know...
that I'm a used-car salesman.
But I'll bet there's lots|you don't know about me!
Roll tape...
Could you keep it down in there?
Ladies room!
The eldest son of|Bernhardt and Elke, I...
I'm sorry!
I'm sorry, okay?
{y:i}Speaking of which,|{y:i}I wonder how the Giants did today?
{y:i}I'll call my friend in Tokyo.
Hi, Heinrich here!|How did the Giants do today?
They lost?
17-0 to Yokohama, huh?|I see. Danke!
They're back!
- Can you do it?|- We have to!
Kudo! Your salt!
- What's that for?|- Aren't we breaking a dam?
That's our dam?
We'll play it back slow...|Kudo! Cup Noodles!
Here's the popcorn...
Not that! This!!
Here's the salt!
Come on,|I need all of you...
You heard him, let's go!
Run it very, very slow.
Quick!|He's winding down!
{y:i}Chicago, Chicago,|{y:i}what a wonderful town...
Hiromitsu, you're fabulous!
...and that's Heinrich for you!|Did you follow all that?
As for where our story goes from here,|let's all follow along, shall we?
{y:i}Mary Jane returns home|{y:i}soaking wet...
{y:i}How did it happen?|{y:i}We flashback three hours earlier...
What strange weather this is!
{y:i}Mary Jane, on her way home,|{y:i}gets lost in the mountains.
I shouldn't have taken that shortcut...
It's starting to rain, too.
{y:i}Just then...
The dam's breaking!|Run for your lives!
It's a flood!!
Look out!!
Somebody help!!
Lady, look out!
Had she been unconscious long?|Mary Jane came to...
and found herself atop a low hill.
What happened? Who saved me?
{y:i}Beside her stood a brawny young man.
{y:i}It was you...|{y:i}You saved me, didn't you.
I did.
{y:i}Thank you very much.
{y:i}Mary Jane looked at|{y:i}the young man's face.
Dear me! You're...
It's been years.|Who'd have thought we'd meet like this?
- Yes, you must be...|- My name is...
Donald McDonald.
I am a pilot.
Since when is he a pilot?
I can explain.|Mr. Hamamura made that up himself!
And that name!
Wasn't he "Michael Peter"?
He made that up, too.|It's the first I've heard of it, I swear!
This isn't funny!|Now we're stuck with it to the end.
Now that he's said it, yes.
And what about me?|I've already input "Michael Peter"!!
Told you I'd be a pilot.
But what would a pilot be doing|in the mountains?
Same as a fisherman, I guess.
The name is a problem.
It just came to me.
Nokko hates it.
Too bad.
Well, now you're Donald McDonald|till the very end.
I appreciate it.
So now Torazo... er, Michael... er,|Donald McDonald...
gets swept off his boat out to sea.
A pilot on a fishing boat?
It changes everything!
This is bad!|Bad, I tell you!
So we crash his plane.
He can't die. He comes back!
- Commercial's ending!|- Well?
Donald McDonald's plane disappears over|Hawaii and the body's never recovered.
How's that?
We'll go with that. Okay?|All right?
Get writing!
- I thought you went home.|- I didn't make it.
{y:i}That fateful day on which|{y:i}the dam broke...
{y:i}brought Mary Jane and|{y:i}Donald McDonald together.
{y:i}Again the flame of love|{y:i}burned bright between them.
Donald McDonald!
Mary Jane! I love you.
We're running way late.
Yes, I know.
I hate to ask, but can we cut|another Father Martin scene?
Do I ever go on?
Of course!
"Look out!" has been|my only line so far.
And that's as "Villager B."
{y:i}It's you I need, Donald!
{y:i}- Sensei!|{y:i}- Yes?
It's abrupt, but will you write|another Father Martin scene?
Short, but very intense.
Is that all right with you?
Make it quick.
I'll try...
Give it to Kudo. ASAP!
I appreciate it.
I'll do what I can.
{y:i}Mary Jane!
{y:i}Mary Jane is torn between|{y:i}Heinrich and Donald McDonald!
{y:i}A woman who lives for love,|{y:i}she must choose her destiny.
{y:i}She will leave Heinrich and|{y:i}go to Donald.
You idiot.
{y:i}What?|{y:i}What did you say?
{y:i}This is goodbye.
{y:i}Now wait a minute!
{y:i}I can't be with you any more.
{y:i}What is it?|{y:i}What'd I do wrong?
{y:i}Y- You're too kind to me!
Please, not now.
Heinrich wouldn't be me,|would he?
Is this us, here?
Is that why I couldn't hear it?
No! Look, I'm working.|Don't distract me.
- Is it true?|- No.
You've found someone else?|You can tell me.
I'm trying to work, okay?
{y:i}I'm leaving.|{y:i}You've been good to me. Thank you.
{y:i}Mary Jane! Don't leave me!
{y:i}Goodbye, Heinrich.
{y:i}Come back to me!|{y:i}Ma-a-ry Ja-a-a-ne...!!
Just then...
{y:i}Yes? Who is it?
Standing at the door is|a telegram delivery boy.
He gives her a telegram.
It states a terse message:
Donald McDonald missing|over Hawaii.
Mr. Ushijima...
Won't the sponsor be upset?
An air crash?
That's right!
- Who's the sponsor?|- Dai-Sunda Air.
Now we've done it...
What is it this time?
- We didn't say "crash," did we?|- Not exactly.
He "vanished" over Hawaii.
Sponsor won't like it.|I just knew it...
- So speak up, then!!|- I do!
Go on, get out!
Even if he comes back later?
Whether he does or not,|he still vanishes over Hawaii...
Why didn't anyone notice?|I asked you, didn't I?
Didn't I? Didn't I? Didn't I?
It's Mr. Horinouchi.
Ushijima here...
Ushijima!|Why did the plane crash in the script?
Did the sponsor call?
In record time.
Mr. Hamamura went and|made himself a pilot...
However it happened,|I don't care.
I tell you, this is serious.
The sponsor's very upset.|If you don't do something...
{y:i}it will not be pretty.
- What a disaster!|- What now?
Apologize later, I guess.|It's already gone on-air.
Crying over spilt milk, eh?
Mr. Ushijima! Don't do it!!
I have found a way!
Not all pilots fly planes.
Meaning what?
Rockets have pilots too.|We'll have him vanish in space.
Do it!|And get Mr. Horinouchi!
But over Hawaii...?
{y:i}Over Hawaii is outer space!!
What kind of story is this?|Dams breaking, now rockets...
Things happen.
A rocket, eh?|You don't ask much, do you.
Don't you have some|machine that bangs and booms?
I rarely use canned sounds.
What I use... is this.
One rocket. we're inserting a flashback...
in which Donald disappears into space.
I appreciate this.
It's my script, so...
We go to disaster from commercial.
Who plays this "Marcello"?
I do.
Getting a taste for it, are you?
We, ah, ran out of time...
"Lost in space..."
Does that mean|he won't return to Earth?
That's what being lost in space means,|doesn't it?
I guess it would mean that, yes.
But that can't be!
Donald will never see Mary Jane again!
{y:i}Donald has to come back.
He has to come back and|be with Mary Jane!
{y:i}Commercial's ending.
Go to theme.
She's right.
Then Donald comes back.|A miracle!
Mr. Ushijima...
Bucky!|This is all your fault!
How so?
It's unworkable!
{y:i}No one told me|{y:i}he had to come back!
Look,|there's no point in arguing now...
Can I say something? Can I?|Can I say it?
Far as I'm concerned,|who cares!
Who cares|if what's-his-face doesn't return.
So what if it's not some|big happy ending?
There,|no one cares if he comes back.
She leaves her husband,|her lover dies...
and Mary Jane forges a life for herself!|Sound good?
No, it doesn't!
Let's go with it!|Why the heck not?
There's not much time.|Let's get it over with.
All right. In that case...
Just a minute!
{y:i}Donald will not be coming back.
Here's our last scene:|Mary Jane stands alone in a field...
"After all," she'll say,|"tomorrow is another day!"
What happens to me, then?
I object!
So think twice|before becoming a pilot.
Come on.
Please, wait!
You can change the lines or the setting|if you like.
If mine aren't good enough,|that's fine.
But Ritsuko and Torazo|have to be together!
Mary Jane!
{y:i}Her finding happiness with Donald|{y:i}is the story!
- Theme's ending.|- Play it again.
- They'll think we're off the air...|- Then go to commercial!
I just want Mary Jane to be happy!
I understand, but...
But this...
Just this time!
{y:i}There won't be|{y:i}a next time for me!
You'll forgive me, madam...
but you must stop projecting|yourself onto your heroine.
Vent your frustrations|through your script if you must...
but kindly remember to consider|the needs of others, as well.
Who's thinking about who here?
You've mangled my story|to suit yourselves!
How can you even say that to me?
Will you all just lighten up?
It's starting to feel like work.
It's just a radio drama!|Why get so worked up?
We're here to have fun, right?
That's wrong!
For us it may be one job|in a hundred...
but for her,|it's once in a lifetime.
I'm with you.|It needs a happy end.
Also, I implore that|you do not forsake Father Martin!
So what do we do?
Mr. Ushijima...
No way.
I'm sorry.
But why not?
Don't you know yet?
Because Senbon Nokko says so!
Sneer if you want,|but that's the world I live in.
What're you doing?
- Stop this!|- That's enough!
Force the lock!
- Not good, Ushijima...|- I'm handling it.
What are you doing?
Please!|Just do it the way I wrote it!
Listen to me...
{y:i}We are not here to have fun.
{y:i}Fine...|{y:i}Don't say my name at the end, then.
{y:i}Just don't say it's my script!
Why not?|Let's go with that.
You don't get it.
Do you really think we're satisfied with|just a name in the credits?
{y:i}It isn't just you.
{y:i}Sometimes|{y:i}I'd like my name taken off too.
{y:i}But I don't,|{y:i}because I have a responsibility.
{y:i}Bad as the show may be,|{y:i}I made it.
{y:i}I can't escape that.
{y:i}It isn't about being satisfied.
{y:i}You compromise over and over|{y:i}till it doesn't matter anymore.
{y:i}But you know,|{y:i}there's still one thing we all believe...
{y:i}Someday we will do something|{y:i}we're satisfied with.
{y:i}Something to please everyone|{y:i}who makes it and hears it.
{y:i}Only trouble is, this is not that show.|{y:i}That's just how it is!
{y:i}I'm sorry, but your name stays.
{y:i}This is your script.|{y:i}No doubt about it.
Let me try...
Miyako,|can you hear me?
{y:i}I love you.|{y:i}It's my fault. I'm sorry.
{y:i}Gee, that helps.
{y:i}Like I said...
Leave now, and they win.
If you're a real writer,|you'll stay till the end.
Miyako, I'm sorry!
Furukawa! The script!
- Got it?|- We're okay.
Good man!
Let's do it!
Wait...|Mr. Ushijima!
Everyone, this is it!
Nokko,|can you do the last scene alone?
You bet I can!
You do that.|Bucky...
- Right here!|- Copies.
Go cry in the hall.|We've got live mikes here.
Let's do it!|Or do we wanna be here till next week?
Let's go, go, go!
Leave it open.
Foot okay?
Hurts a bit.
It's cold.
Positively freezing!
You sure about this?
Mr. Ushijima!
It's taken care of.
Don't use her any more.
He's right.
Let's do it!
- Listen...|- No time.
It's hardly her script as it is...
We've no right to do it.
Not this again.
- But do we have to...|- Do your damn job!
- But I...|- Just give me the cues!
Get to work!
Who do you think you are?
This is about us, not her.
You do cues instead.|Kudo, you're outta here.
Go to disaster|right after commercial.
{y:i}Dai-Sunda Air!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
{y:i}We resume our story|{y:i}with the events of a week earlier...
{y:i}That day,|{y:i}NASA pilot Donald McDonald...
{y:i}was heading into space|{y:i}at 3,000 meters per second.
Look, Marcello...|The Earth is so small!
And so beautiful, too...
Captain!|We're in trouble!
What's wrong?
We're out of gas.
You should have filled up|before we left!
The engine's cut out!
{y:i}Donald's rocket disappeared|{y:i}into the vacuum of space.
Good work!
It was cold in there.
Can you handle the sponsor?
It's okay,|I'll come up with something.
What a scare, huh?
{y:i}Donald!|{y:i}Why did you have to die??
{y:i}Donald? Who's Donald?
{y:i}- Where's the Sensei?|{y:i}- Still in the studio.
{y:i}You've been wonderful,|{y:i}but I can't forget him...
Get Otaguro.
Mary Jane, don't go!|Don't desert me!
I've made up my mind!
Can I talk to the actors?
Through the main control room, yeah.
You can tap directly into the line|from there.
I'll go on alone,|holding Donald in my heart.
{y:i}And so Mary Jane left|{y:i}Heinrich behind her.
She what?
I'm sorry, Heinrich...
It's nothing you've done.|You've been wonderful.
You've stood by me, supported me...
- Did you clear this?|- I need a favor!
- Who are you talking to?|- Bucky, listen to me...
Who's "Bucky"?
You've been a wonderful husband,|Heinrich.
I thought|we could be happy together...
But I was born a woman|enslaved by her passions!
I'm bringing Donald back.|Trust me.
Call me a fool if you want...
Just do what I say.
{y:i}Please understand!|{y:i}I've tried, God knows I've tried!
{y:i}But I love Donald with all my heart!
Mr. Hosaka...?
Mr. Hamamura!
Now just a minute...
Mr. Hamamura!
I can never forget Donald,|and so, I can't keep living with...
How heartless!
What'd Heinrich ever do to you?|That poor bastard!
And you are...?
I'm George.|How do you do.
{y:i}Mary-san,|{y:i}you're making a mistake!
Heinrich!|Are you going to accept this?
It's all right.|I'm resigned to it, actually!
C'mon, George. Let's go.
Goodbye, Heinrich. Goodbye, George.
{y:i}The next day,|{y:i}it was in all the papers...
{y:i}Heinrich had driven his car|{y:i}into Lake Michigan and drowned.
{y:i}Goodbye, Donald. Goodbye, Heinrich...
{y:i}and you too, dear George...|{y:i}They're all gone.
No thanks. I'm going home.
{y:i}I will live with my memories|{y:i}held deep in my heart...
{y:i}I am a woman who lives for love.
{y:i}Yes!|{y:i}My name is Mary Jane.
{y:i}Donald is dead, and Heinrich, too.|{y:i}I am alone.
{y:i}But I am not defeated.
What're you doing?|Stop it!
Welcome back.
Mary Jane embarks on a new life.
She stands alone in an open field.
Goodbye, Donald. Goodbye, Heinrich.
From here I shall go on alone.
{y:i}Oh sky, oh clouds, oh earth!|{y:i}Give me your blessings!
- I take full responsibility.|- For what.
I'm doing this on my own.
I'll apologize beforehand.
{y:i}I will be reborn!
{y:i}Nothing can hold me back!|{y:i}How can it?
{y:i}After all...|{y:i}Tomorrow is another day!
Just now...
{y:i}an unknown object appears|{y:i}in the skies over Chicago!!
{y:i}It glows red from the heat...|{y:i}is that a man astride it?
Yes!! It is none other than|Donald McDonald!
- Look!|- What's that?
It's a rocket!
Look!|Someone's riding it!
Who is it?
It's Donald!
Donald McDonald!
Our hero has returned!!
Great.|Nokko's going to kill us.
{y:i}It's a miracle! A miracle!|{y:i}It's... It's... UNBELIEVABLE!
Do something.
And now...
{y:i}Donald touches down!
{y:i}And now...|{y:i}He calls out the name of his beloved!
He... runs toward Mary Jane!
{y:i}Donald runs toward Mary Jane!|{y:i}Now he stops!
{y:i}And now...
{y:i}he... starts to run again!
{y:i}Donald runs toward Mary Jane!
{y:i}And then... He stops again!
{y:i}Now|{y:i}he calls out the name of his beloved!
It's cold.
{y:i}And then|{y:i}he cries out the name of his beloved!
{y:i}Mary Jane!
{y:i}As for Mary...
Nokko, dear...?
Mary Jane.
Welcome back.
{y:i}Mary Jane!
{y:i}Mary Jane!
You can let go now.
{y:i}I'm back.
{y:i}You're alive!
{y:i}It's a miracle!|{y:i}A miracle has happened.
{y:i}Oh, my love!
{y:i}Mary Jane...
{y:i}Mary Jane!
Don't mind me.
Our troubles are behind us.|Now our new life begins.
That's right.|This isn't the end.
No, not the end.
Nor the beginning of the end.|Just the end of the beginning.
No, not the end...
We're back to the top of|page 55.
{y:i}It's the end of the beginning...
{y:i}Not the beginning of the end.|{y:i}It's the end of the beginning.
What's wrong?
Now, as if in benediction,|fireworks light up the sky.
What's wrong?
{y:i}Now, as if in benediction,|{y:i}fireworks light up the sky!
- Fireworks!|- Hurry!
- Just a sec!|- Damn it!
Who's got 50-yen?
Quick,|he needs a ring-shaped coin.
Here, will this do?
I said coin!!
{y:i}And now, as if in benediction,|{y:i}fireworks light up the sky.
{y:i}They join in fervent embrace...
Hit it!
Red in the sun|as it sinks into Lake Michigan.
{y:i}In McDonald's powerful arms|{y:i}she recalls...
the words of Father Martin,|whom she's never met, but...
{y:i}who's generally thought to be|{y:i}an exceedingly fine person.
"Believe in the power of love!
{y:i}"Only through faith in love|{y:i}can love save you! "
Drama Special:|"Woman of Destiny"...
{y:i}by Suzuki Miyako.
{y:i}The Cast:|{y:i}As Mary Jane...
{y:i}Senbon Nokko.
{y:i}Donald,|{y:i}Hamamura Jo.
{y:i}Heinrich,|{y:i}Hirose Mitsutoshi.
{y:i}Father Martin,|{y:i}Noda Ben.
{y:i}And in the role of George,|{y:i}Suzuki Shiro.
This is your narrator,|Hosaka Suguru, wishing you...
a pleasant good night.
Thanks for understanding.
It was fun, though,|wasn't it?
Glad you thought so.
Nokko,|let's get together soon.
Horinouchi,|you always say that.
- I'll call you.|- I won't hold my breath.
- We'll be off, then.|- I'll call.
Good night!
I'm so sorry.|What my director did tonight, it was...
Relax.|If Senbon Nokko's happy, so am I.
Good work.|I'll be on my way.
- Let me give you a lift...|- No, no. I'll take a taxi.
Good night, then.
{y:i}And now for the weather.
{y:i}A high-pressure front moving north...|{y:i}will bring hot weather today...
So when is it?|Your next radio drama.
Don't quite know yet.
Well, give me notice.|I'll need time to prepare.
Thank you.
Try not to put so much faith|in your machines.
So where do we go from here?
I never dreamed you felt this way.
If you really can't forget Donald...
Stop it, will you?|It's only make-believe!
I can write it because it's not true.|If it were...
I'd keep it all to myself.
Stop worrying!|I'm not Mary Jane.
I bet you'd like to be her, though,|wouldn't you?
Not at all.|I'm perfectly happy the way things are.
So don't worry.
Here's a taxi coupon.|Sign it and give it to the driver.
Thank you.
Wonderful work.
Thank you so much.
Uh, could I take this...?
No, don't...
The boy'll be hungry.
Go right ahead.
It's all thanks to you,|Mr. Kudo.
It wasn't just about you.|It's not that good a script.
But our job is to follow it,|no matter how bad it might be.
Still, thank you.
You know,|Mr. Horinouchi asked me...
about a sequel.
I'm thinking I might try.
If I do,|I'd like you to direct.
- Not me...|- Please do!
Let me read it first.
- All right.|- 'Night.
Good night.
- How's Nokko?|- Gone home.
So it all worked out.
Horinouchi's happy, Nokko's happy...
And you?
Furious, of course.
I'd think you would be.
See me tomorrow.|You went way over the line!
But not far enough to fire you.
Write me an apology letter.
Good night.
Sometimes it gets to me, too.
Why do I even bother?
Bow and scrape to everyone...
What's the point of it all?
You said it yourself.|To make a show we can be satisfied with.
Will that day ever come...?
So, what's this about a sequel?
No, thanks!
{y:i}The Sensei's up for it...
But where do we go|from that happy ending?
Well,|if Heinrich were to come back...
Oh, please!|He drove his car into Lake Michigan.
Good work!
- Sorry about tonight.|- It was fun.
If I'm in trouble again...|I won't call you.
Didn't think so.|See you later.
Watch for cars.
You from the station?|What about you?
Well, are you?
Uh, sort of...
Tonight's drama was fantastic!
It really moved me!
Just let me shake your hand.
L-I'm sorry,|it's just... That Mary Jane!
Oh, how I cried!
What if we make Heinrich's car|amphibious...?
We never said it wasn't, right?
{y:i}WRITTEN and DIRECTED BY|{y:i}Mitani Koki
{y:i}EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS|{y:i}Murakami Koichi and Takai Hideyuki
{y:i}PRODUCERS|{y:i}Ishihara Takashi and Sakura Kanjiro
{y:i}Based on the Mitani Koki play|{y:i}"Radio no Jikan" by the Tokyo Sunshine Boys
{y:i}MUSIC|{y:i}Hattori Takayuki
{y:i}DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY|{y:i}Takama Kenji (J.S.C.)
{y:i}SOUND MIXER|{y:i}Segawa Tetsuo
{y:i}Inoue Jun
{y:i}Umeno Yasukiyo
{y:i}Okunuki Kaoru
{y:i}Ono Takehiko
{y:i}Kajihara Zen
{y:i}Karasawa Toshiaki
{y:i}Kondo Yoshimasa
{y:i}Suzuki Kyoka
{y:i}Taguchi Hiromasa
{y:i}Toda Keiko
{y:i}Namiki Shiro
{y:i}Nishimura Masahiko
{y:i}Fujimura Shunji
{y:i}Fuse Akira
{y:i}Hosokawa Toshiyuki
{y:i}Moro Moro'oka
{y:i}ALSO FEATURING|{y:i}Ichikawa Somegoro
{y:i}Sato B-Saku
{y:i}Miyamoto Nobuko
{y:i}Momoi Kaori
{y:i}Watanabe Ken
{y:i}Anytime, or anywhere|{y:i}I don't know what to do...
{y:i}There is someone who'll think for me|{y:i}When I need them to
{y:i}Even if it happens that|{y:i}I'm hung out on my own
{y:i}I know somehow I'll see it through...|{y:i}If just with bravado
{y:i}I may be down, but I'm not out!|{y:i}From down here, there's not far to fall...
{y:i}Those cheers may come from my tears|{y:i}But then, that's my job
{y:i}Let the world say what they may...|{y:i}Let them pelt me with their stones!
{y:i}The really scary thing to me|{y:i}Is not an angry mob
{y:i}Senbon Nokko's smile|{y:i}Packs a punch that is sublime
{y:i}So long as I've got that...|{y:i}I'll be satisfied
{y:i}Let the world come to an end...|{y:i}Let them take both house and home!
{y:i}It's far more comforting to me|{y:i}To know I'm not alone
{y:i}Senbon Nokko,|{y:i}I Wish you'd lay off for a while!
{y:i}Then I feel a song comes on 'Cause|{y:i}with you watching me I can't go wrong
{y:i}So long as you stay on my side|{y:i}I'll be satisfied
{y:i}So long as your mood remains good|{y:i}My dream can live on.
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